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Saturday, February 16, 2019

When Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed into law one of the most restrictive pieces of abortion legislation in the country, women in the state didn’t just get mad. They got viral payback.

One anonymous do-gooder created a Facebook page and then a Twitter account explicitly calling for women to contact the governor’s office to report on the status of their periods. And they’ve complied:

Just got through to Governor Pence's office. (The operator must be on break.) Me: Hi, is this the operator, or the…

Posted by Periods for Pence on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The bill, HEA 1337, which is similar to restrictions North Dakota enacted in 2013, criminalizes any woman who has an abortion based on the disabilities, race or sex of the fetus. Under the bill, doctors — who must have admitting privileges at a hospital — are also liable for these abortions, and fetal tissue or remains must be cremated or interred. This includes miscarriages, and it doesn’t matter how far along the pregnancy is. Patients are likely to pay for the added bureaucratic cost of disposing biological tissue.

Fertilized eggs can be expelled during a woman’s period without a woman even knowing that she might have had the…

Posted by Periods for Pence on Monday, March 28, 2016

“The more I read this bill, the more vague language I found and the more loopholes, and it just seemed incredibly intrusive. So I wanted to give a voice for women who really didn’t feel like they were given any kind of input into a bill that would affect our life so much,” said the woman behind the campaign, who prefers to remain anonymous, to Indianapolis’s WRTV.

In an op-ed in the Washington Post, Indianapolis-based ob-gyn Katherine McHugh wrote that the new law isn’t just an encroachment upon women’s rights but also that it actively harms “the doctor-patient relationship at one of its most vulnerable, sensitive times” — it’s bad medicine.

“Indiana now expects women who live here to experience [pregnancy and childbirth] without trusting their doctors’ knowledge and with strict limits on how doctors may treat patients — limits driven not by science or research, but by politics,” she said, explaining that under this law, women could be forced to carry to term stillborn babies, and children who are likely to be born — and then die shortly after of — “severe and disastrous genetic abnormalities.”

Many Republicans in the state, even those who have written and supported pro-life legislation in the past, felt HEA 1337 was too draconian.

According to NPR, they said the measure, which bans abortions performed because of a fetus’s characteristics, demeans women and lacks compassion: “One lawmaker said it signals a return to the time of back room abortions. Doctors urged the governor to veto the bill, warning that patients could feel pressure to lie to their doctors.”

Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky has denounced the law, which is scheduled to go into effect in June, though they said they will “ask a court to block the measure before that can happen.”

In the meantime: push away:

Photo: Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana. Via Flickr user Gage Skidmore.

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21 responses to “Women Tell Indiana Governor About Their Periods To Protest Restrictive Abortion Bill”

  1. Carolyn1520 says:

    Thank you for reporting this, Stephanie. After I stopped laughing, I thought what a novel idea!
    I think women in every state with similar restrictions should follow suit, just until they stop the nonsense.
    Kudos to these women in Indiana!

  2. Lil' Kitten Girl says:

    It’s this kind of stuff that make women look like whiny stupid idiots. Yay feminism….. *rolls eyes*

    • RED says:

      Whiny stupid idiots? Calling their governor makes them look like “whiny stupid idiots?” It truly saddens me the ignorant, self centered, morons this country seems to produce in abundance.

  3. Elliot J. Stamler says:

    Another relief act for high-billing lawyers. This law will go down as unconstitutional. If you followed Pence’s record when a Representative you know he is as extreme and radical as Steve King,Louie Gohmert and the other crazies. But remember, in the final analysis the president nominates appointees to the Supreme Court…and all we need is a few more Scalias and laws like this might be upheld…SO, YOU DAMN WELL BETTER CONSIDER WHO REALISTICALLY CAN BE ELECTED PRESIDENT THIS YEAR….A NON-DEMOCRATIC LEFTIST SOCIALIST FROM A TINY STATE; OR A FORMER SENATOR, SECRETARY OF STATE AND FIRST LADY WHO IN FACT IS A SENSIBLY PROGRESSIVE, BRILLIANT, EXPERIENCED!

    • RED says:

      Hmm, can you help me with the word progressive? ‘Cause I thought I was a progressive but apparently I may be wrong. Maybe you can help. See, I thought progressive meant being against income inequality, not being in favor of endless wars, and incarcerating anyone and everyone except bankers but especially minorities. In fact, I kinda thought progressivism was very related to socialism in their ideas of the rights of all to receive healthcare and a a fair and decent wage. Can you explain what progressive means to you? I suspect that it only means the usual social issues the establishment loves to dwell on as way of making sure you don’t look behind the curtain and figure out that the Dem’s are just as guilty as the Cons when it comes to neo-liberalism and pay to play politics. Don’t get more wrong those issues are important but it is the underlying economic and political situation that allows them to occur and is the way to redress them. And that begs the question, do you believe the Cons are owned by their donors? If so why? And if they are how is it that Hillary is not owned by her donors? Are we to believe that donors give money to Cons solely for self serving purposes but they generously give to Dem’s for altruistic motives?

      • Elliot J. Stamler says:

        I don’t have the time or space to engage with you. Like most leftists you live in a delusional world. You should take a few hours to read one of the many books on Hitler’s rise to power and the posture of the huge German Social Democratic Party at that time, the then largest party in Germany, and how by adhering (as did their rivals, the Communists) to YOUR kind of policies, they helped bring Adolf Hitler into the Reich Chancellery. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET YOUR WAY POLITICALLY BECAUSE, SORRY TO SHATTER YOUR ILLUSIONS, YOU ARE AS MUCH A MINORITY AS THE TEA PARTY. So the issue is: do you want President Trump/Cruz and a SC of 6 Scalias? Because if you do you, and all of us, will experience what Germany went through when two of its largest parties refused to compromise and “stuck to their guns.”

        • RED says:

          Fascinating!!! Amazing how you managed to find the time and space to engage with me when you said you didn’t have any!! I guess you must have been a bit delusional, huh? So, being progressive, opposed to continued inequality gap, and believing everyone is entitled to healthcare will lead to Hitler? Wow, who knew? I guess I better pick a newspaper and see what the Hitler’s all over the world, like Germany, France, Britain, Canada, etc are up to. I wasn’t aware that our choices were limited Hillary or fascist dictator? Your clear vitriol and assertions of my minority political status is quite reminiscent of a the Cons. Are you the silent majority as well?? Of course, majority of what? The U.S.? Not the world. Plus, I find it fascinating how you have determined that I am opposed to compromise. Seeing the fact that your candidate Hillary has not been a progressive does not mean I am uncompromising. But I guess when you sort a candidate who has always been willing to compromise her positions, her views, even her ethics, then maybe I’m not as compromising as you and your candidate. I’d love to berate you more about your simplistic understanding of the rise of Hitler and how you clearly have an extremely limited understanding and biased analysis, but maybe later.

          • Elliot J. Stamler says:

            Just like both the conservative Republicans and the Bourbons of France, you learn nothing and you forget nothing. What I have forgotten about both history and politics you will never know. Mrs. Clinton, who was an excellent senator from my state, has been willing and able to compromise because compromise is at the heart of getting things done in a democratic society. One learns as you never have that you can not always get all of your way. Why don’t you join the Socialist or Green Party — or maybe the Communist Party — where you would be happier as would Democrats.

          • jmprint says:

            Trump and Cruz aren’t any better by a long shot, at least Hillary has experience. No matter how many lies you want to believe.

          • RED says:

            I’m trying to figure out how you get that I’m shilling for Trump or Cruz? ‘Cause my Sanders avatar is just a false flag operation??

        • ralphkr says:

          My, my, Stamler, you have certainly messed up in your evaluation of Hitler and USA politics. In reality, the real comparison to Hitler’s campaign in the US is today’s right wing Republicans and their loving adoration of Fascism.

          • Elliot J. Stamler says:

            You misunderstand me..I fully agree with your contention, Ralph. That’s the point: the intransigent, uncompromising “progressives” will bring about the right-wing neo-fascist Republicans by sticking with someone who cannot defeat them. The highest vote the nazis ever got in Germany in free elections was 38% of the vote…but their opponents, a majority, wouldn’t compromise and unify, especially the socialists and the communists…especially the latter but also the former.

    • RED says:

      Hey, can a candidate who is the subject of an FBI investigation be realistically elected?? Can you tell the me the other Presidents who were elected while they were the subject of an FBI investigation? Or maybe just the ones who were nominees of the two major parties?

    • RED says:

      I also love how you have hurled the word “leftist” as a clear insult. My original question was about being progressive? Is progressive no longer considered left? Is the Democratic party not the party of the left? Weird, apparently you suggest you are a democrat but have a problem with “leftists”?

  4. Bill says:

    Good to see the GOP get what they asked for!!!

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