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4 Reasons The RNC Should Demand This Bigoted Member’s Resignation — But Won’t

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4 Reasons The RNC Should Demand This Bigoted Member’s Resignation — But Won’t



Party chairman Reince Priebus delayed the Republican National Committee meeting so committee members could participate in the March for Life — in case there was anyone in America who doesn’t know that the GOP is anti-abortion rights.

But when the meetings get going after the march on Wednesday afternoon, the chairman will have to deal with a more pressing controversy. After months of mild condemnations for the bigoted comments of national committeeman Dave Agema, actual Republicans are calling on the former member of Michigan’s House of Representatives to resign from his prestigious party post.

The party has no means of recalling a member so it’s up to Priebus to call for Agema’s resignation or pass some sort of resolution condemning his continuing outbursts. And no one in America expects him or the party to do that.

Here are four reasons that the RNC should take a stand against this member at this year’s winter meeting —  and one reason it won’t.

Photo: @DaveAgema via Twitter



  1. marcpaige January 22, 2014

    Why would they want to remove this man from Republican leadership? He’s perfect for the Party of hate.

  2. Jambi January 22, 2014

    Another GOP “Purveyor of Propaganda in a Pretty Picture”

  3. CPAinNewYork January 23, 2014

    Prince Reibus looks like he’s made of wax. He has a good looking wife, though.

  4. G26 January 23, 2014

    If democratic processes are to help preserve liberty, then liberty’s preservation must be the main objective of our elected representatives.


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