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5 Great Signs For Obamacare

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5 Great Signs For Obamacare


The Affordable Care Act

Republicans have tested the limits of hyperbole in attacking Obamacare. You can’t really top then-Minority Leader John Boehner warning that passage of the Affordable Care Act would be “Armageddon.” Well, we’re still here.

These days, the best the GOP can do is echo soon-to-be-former senator Max Baucus (D-MT), who warned that implementation of the law would be a “train wreck.” While the senator was calling for better education and promotion of the law, Republicans — who cut the budget for that to below the amount spent to educate people about the much-less-complicated Medicare Part D — pretended he was speaking about the law itself.

There’s no doubt that this new system that requires a health care marketplace to be set up in all 50 states will be complex and onerous to put in place — especially with Republicans purposely trying to engineer a disaster. But they’ve set expectations so low that there’s a good chance Obamacare will actually impress, especially in the blue states that are taking advantage of the landmark law.

Since Baucus’ “train wreck” remark, there’s actually a been a lot of good news for taxpayers who want to see the law work. As a result, supporters are becoming optimistic. Maybe even too optimistic. “Predictions that Obamacare will be a big political issue are probably right — but not in the way gleeful conservatives imagined,” writes The New York Times’ Paul Krugman.

Could America’s first near-universal health care system end up being the boon for the Democrats Bill Clinton imagined it would be years ago? The fact is we already pay for each other’s health care — just in the dumbest way possible — and the Affordable Care Act is the first serious attempt to fix that.

Here are five auspicious signs for Obamacare.


  1. dave jones May 24, 2013


    1. Fern Woodfork May 25, 2013

      Now If Only The GOP/Tea Party STOP Wasting Our Tax Payers Dollars!!! 37 Times!!! Stuck On Stupid Bullshit!!!! 🙁

      1. bearone7777 May 25, 2013

        You seem to have a second grade education—-What are you referencing?? The fact that they are trying to get rid of a piece of B.S. legislation?? Do you even know?? Most likely from what you have said here not, a clue as to the over all damage this piece of crap will have, Maybe when your hrs. at work, if you even work are cut down, or as they say parred down to under 30-hrs. a week you will ask why, and they when they tell you, you will say nah!!!!!—–That was not in the bill, and ohhhhh yea it is in the stupid bill!!!!!! You do not seem that stupid??—If you are that stupid, you had better wake-up soon, or you will be your own worst enemy!!!!!!!!

        1. Fern Woodfork May 25, 2013

          You Can Kiss My Ass Bitch I’m A Nurse Troll Why In The Hell You And Your No Good Ass Bunch Of Koch Brothers Ass Kissing Trolls Keep Coming Here??? We Don’t Give A Damn What You Say Or What You Think!!! Brain Dead BITCH GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

          1. Randy May 26, 2013

            you think where care what you think when it is obvious that you are an idiot, that is brainless.

          2. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            Look A Here EWe Got Our Self A New Koch Brothers Ass Sucking Troll!! Hey Randie Go Fuck Yourself You Hear!!! Little Pussy Ass PUNK!!

          3. BDC_57 May 26, 2013

            Randy is probably likes sucking on the Koch Bros dick

          4. BDC_57 May 26, 2013

            if don’t care what fern says then why are you in here

        2. Fern Woodfork May 25, 2013

          You Seem To Have NO Education Maybe Some Tea Bagging Home Schooling Take Your Hateful Ass Some Where Else We Care Less What You Think Asshole TROLL!! And Take The Rest Of Your Trolls With You BITCH!!!

        3. Dominick Vila May 25, 2013

          Are you insinuating that the reason millions of Americans have been working less than 40 hours a week during the last couple of decades is because Obamacare will be deployed in 2014? One of the most importat reasons for the Affordable Care Act, besides the need to provide preventive medical care to 30 million uninsured Americans, end some draconian insurance clauses, and reduce escalating costs is the fact that more and more companies are opting to hire part timers to reduce operating costs and increase profits by denying them a benefit package, including health insurance coverage.

          1. idamag May 27, 2013

            There are always those greedy vultures who do anything to cheat their employees and get rich on the backs of those who work.

        4. Coupons Douglas May 25, 2013


          1. Randy May 26, 2013

            You are obviously one of those uninformed voters that has no clue. The Republicans are the only ones doing anything, all the bills they pass just get tabled by the senate and they do not even bring them up for discussion.

          2. BDC_57 May 26, 2013

            quit lying teabagger

          3. idamag May 27, 2013

            look again. The information is out there.

          4. idamag May 27, 2013

            You are right, but please don’t shout.

      2. Randy May 26, 2013

        The latest poll showed that Americans want it repealed by a 22% margin, so who is wasting our time. At least they are in touch with what the majority of Americans want to do with this pos.

        1. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

          Shut The Fuck Up ASSHOLE!!

      3. plc97477 May 26, 2013

        One thing you can say for them is when they are busy trying to get rid of aca they are not doing something even stupider like trying to get ryan’s budget passed.

      4. BDC_57 May 26, 2013

        that why the tea party rating was at 37% and obamas rating was at 53%

        1. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

          You Got That Right My Friend!! 🙂

      5. dave jones May 26, 2013

        agreed fern. nice photo, btw.

        1. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

          Thank You Dave!! 🙂

          1. dave jones May 27, 2013

            don’t tell your husband!

          2. Fern Woodfork May 27, 2013

            LOL !!

  2. OpKode May 24, 2013

    From your website

    “without the kind of propaganda, ultra-partisanship and overwrought ideology…”

    Interesting. That’s all I seem to find on this website.

    1. plc97477 May 26, 2013

      Go away then.

  3. Lynda Groom May 24, 2013

    Facts do matter regarding the ACA and its implementation. Unfortunately, for a large percentage facts are not as viable as a good anti-Obamacare talking point.

    1. howa4x May 27, 2013

      The problem that the act had to address was how to insure 32 million people. This is a republican plan though up by the heritage foundation and put into place by Mitt Romney then governor of Mass. That is a fact to wake up conservatives. the main points of the act are: 1 you can’t be dropped for pre existing conditions. 2 if you are over 65 preventive testing is free. 3 the fed will subsidize you if you can’t afford insurance. 4 the market places will drive down costs. 5 states received 100% of Medicaid expansion for 3 yrs and 95% for another 5
      That is a start

  4. Dominick Vila May 25, 2013

    Obamcare, like every other Federal government program, will have to be adjusted as time goes by, but there is no question that it is much cost effective and inclusive than the system we had before. The facets of Obamacare that have already been instituted, such as the elimination of the inhumane pre-existing condition clause, caps, women wellness care, and a few other changes designed to improve quality of life, have been a huge success and benefitted large segments of our population The next and final phase, providing preventive medical care to 30 million uninsured Americans, and make exchanges available to small business owners who cannot afford high insurance premiums, is bound to be as successful and it is likely to change the minds of most Americans. That is the reason the GOP is desperately trying to find ways to block its final deployment.

    1. bearone7777 May 25, 2013

      There is no adjustment to this piece of crap legislation, there is only scrapping it, and doing it over again, THE RIGHT WAY THE FIRST TIME. THIS WAS A DISASTER FROM THE WORD “GO”!!!!! THE LEFT LEANING UNIONS KNOW IT NOW, AND THAT IS WHY EVEN THEY ARE SAYING GET RID OF IT!!!!!!!!

      1. Larry M Bunson May 25, 2013

        Stop yelling and calm down. You lost. Obama won. Move on and get over it.

        1. Coupons Douglas May 25, 2013


          1. 4sanity4all May 26, 2013

            Hey! I’m white and I love the first family. I think President Obama is the best president we have had since Bill Clinton. He has been amazing in what he has done for our country, in spite of how hard Repubs have made it. I think history will judge him as one of our greatest presidents.

          2. idamag May 27, 2013

            First, there is not need to shout. Second, you are promoting racism. I am caucasion and I have fought long and hard for human dignity and equal rights. Are you fighting for… or just fighting?

        2. Randy May 26, 2013

          Obama did won, and American lost.

          1. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG May 26, 2013

            If America has lost it is because of the Republican Obstructionist currently in Congress collecting a pay check and benefits and having their expenses reimbursed for doing nothing.

          2. Randy May 26, 2013

            27 + jobs bills passed by republicans, where are they, Idiot democrats tabled them in the senate and did not even bring them up for discussion as to Obama’s orders. It is his way or the highway. You must be one of those low information voters, get a clue. Spout off that they have done nothing when you don’t have a clue. It is the senate that has done nothing. Even the democrats did not pass Obama budget nor did they like his job bill.

          3. CrankyToo May 26, 2013

            The Repugnican House has passed a number of bills addressing a plethora of policy issues since 2010. But the vast majority of those bills never had a snowball’s chance of passing muster in the Senate or being signed by our President because they were specifically designed to be detrimental to our economy, detrimental to the rights of women, detrimental to the future of our children, detrimenal to the health of our seniors, detrimental to the welfare of our workers, detrimental to the environment, detrimental to our veterans, and on and on ad nauseum. To my knowledge, there’s not been one piece of beneficial legislation advanced by the House since the much-despised Tea Party hijacked our government three years ago – unless you consider the naming of a Post Office or a bridge or a park particularly helpful.

            A perfect example of the futility of the House’s endeavors can be seen in its attempts to repeal the ACA. It’s passed 39 bills toward that objective, knowing full well that the Senate would not take up those bills, and that President Obama would not sign them even if they did somehow get through the Senate. In other words, everything the dirtbag House Repugnicans do is done strictly in the name of symbolism, with no view toward compromise and no view toward productive governance. It’s all theater – for the entertainment of wingnuts like yourself, courtesy of the Speaker, supreme dirtbag John Boner.

            Moreover, if you weren’t such an ignorant POS, you’d know that the reason the Senate has done nothing (in 5 f##king years now) is because a minority of scumbag Repugnican Senators have filibustered every attempt to move the ball forward on a multitude of vital issues. In President Obama’s first term alone more than 400 pieces of legislation went to the Senate to die, along with 150 or so Presidential appointments.

            Shitbag Senators like Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, Jim Inhofe, Mike Lee, Roy Blunt, John Cornyn, Jeff Flake, John Barasso, Rand Paul and, of course, their so-call “leader”, Bitch McConnell, have done everything in their power to sabotage our recovery from the disastrous policies of the Bush 43 administration. They’d just as soon see the whole country on fire than contribute to the success of the black guy in the White House.

            At bottom: Repugnicans are scum, and so are you for supporting them. So either get your head out of your ass or STFU!

          4. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG May 27, 2013

            What were all those bills for? Perhaps they had to do with abortion? You say it is President Obama’s way or the highway, but it was Republican’s who met on 1/20/09 at the Caucus Room and game up with the Just Say No plan. It was Mitch MC Connell who said our only goal is to make Obama a one term President. It was Republicans who said we do not compromise . Senator Toomey said when explaining why Background checks did not pass; “There were some on my side who did not want to be seen helping the president do something he wanted to get done, just because the president wanted to do it,” Toomey said. Others have said similar statements about just being against whatever Obama is for. That is not a party willing to work with this President since 1/20/09.

          5. idamag May 27, 2013

            You need to back up that silly claim with facts. people can read and people can check government sites and people can watch c-span, so your phony rhetoric doesn’t hold water.

          6. BDC_57 May 26, 2013

            only you lost stupid teabagger.

      2. Justin Napolitano May 25, 2013

        Bearone, we know you work for some insurance company or private company that does not want to put out one dime for health insurance for your employees. Tough shit about that, Obamacare is the law of the land and all of your rantings will not change that. There is nothing so pathetic as a poor loser.

        1. Randy May 26, 2013

          The latest poll shows that Americans are in favor of repealing Obamacare by 22 points

          1. BDC_57 May 26, 2013

            you are a lying idiot if you believe fox fake news

          2. Randy May 26, 2013

            That was not reported only by fox and it was not as fox news poll. Your the idiot that does not take time to research anything before you spout off your stupid mouth.

          3. BDC_57 May 26, 2013

            if you don’t like keep out cry baby teabagger

      3. Bruce Baldwin May 25, 2013

        You do know Obamacare was a Republican plan until Obama embraced it don’t you? Obamacare was all free market Republican ideas to avoid health car nationalization but since the Democrats latched onto it and passed it Republicans had to switch up and oppose it. It looks like it’s going to be a very successful program and guess who will take the credit? You guessed it, Democrats, even though it came from the best minds of the Republican party. It’s like Bill Clinton’s surpluses, a product of Republican ideas which the Democrats take credit for. Our problem in the Republican party is that we’re just opposing everything and not leading so the Democrats who are the only party actually doing what little leading is going on will get the credit for everything new that gets done. Republicans need to get in the game, stop being the party of no, and come up with ideas that the democrats can agree with them on (they always will compromise to take a bow) and then claim the credit for what they actually did. The truth is Republicans cannot forever be the spoiler party of no and expect to win a majority in this country we need to wake up and lead.

        1. Madelaine Ayers Henne May 25, 2013

          Wouldn’t the GOP like to take credit! Too late! Romney already said it was a mistake! Romney said a lot things that aren’t true and he lost!!!

          1. Randy May 26, 2013

            He lost partly because of all the lies that Obama told. We are all finding out now that he lied just as much this time around as he did last time.

          2. Dominick Vila May 26, 2013

            Hold that thought. It may help us win seats in 2014 and win by a landslide in 2016.

          3. Randy May 26, 2013

            People are realizing the truth especially about Obamacare, that will help them lose the senate in 2014 and the election by a landslide in 2016

          4. BDC_57 May 26, 2013

            you already lost if you think like that

          5. elw May 26, 2013

            Randy, good job and taking responsiblity for your choices. Romney lost because he ran a very poor campaign, did not appeal to 53% of the voters and made a whole lot of very insensitive statements.

          6. Randy May 26, 2013

            Those statements were the truth and were ok for the audience he was talking to. I would have said the same thing to the public but would have said it in a different way. He was also slaughtered by Obama’s lies, before he had money to combat the lies.

          7. BDC_57 May 26, 2013

            what lies ass hole

          8. elw May 26, 2013

            Many of Romney’s statements were not true. He got caught over and over making untrue statements. I just find it so ironic that Romney got 47% of the vote. I also find ironic that that same 47% still blame his loss on the President or the people who didn’t vote for him. Face it, how true can your statement be, the GOP had more money then the Democrats most of the election cycle. He lost because of how he presented himself and because most of the voters did not like what they saw or heard. BTW it doesn’t matter how many time you change the words, but say the same thing – it still means the same thing and if people didn’t like the first way you said it, they will not like it the second or third way you say it. You do realize that most everything gets recorded today, so if you pretend to be what you are not, you will get caught. It was clear that Romney didn’t get that.

          9. idamag May 27, 2013

            There was the lie about Ford Motor Company moving to China. There were things we heard from Romney’s own mouth. His disdain for the 47%, and his telling about his factory in China where the working girls work 16 hour days and are locked in at night. We heard him say those things.

          10. idamag May 27, 2013

            How about Romney likes car racing, in fact, some of his friends own race cars. Or, when a local bakery bakes cookies special for Romney, he thought they came from 7-11? His dog likes to be strapped to the top of a car on the freeway. Romney isn’t a bad person. He lives in his castle on the hill and doesn’t know the common folk. BTW, Lincoln said the Lord must have loved the common people – he made so many of them.

          11. BDC_57 May 26, 2013

            what lies prove it dickwad

          12. idamag May 27, 2013

            I am not a Democrat and I did not vote for Romney because 1, he didn’t keep his stories straight and 2, he represented vulture capitalism.

          13. plc97477 May 26, 2013

            They probably will try when it is successful. We will hear how romney started it in mass.

        2. Michael Ahlum May 26, 2013

          Don’t worry they won’t!

      4. Madelaine Ayers Henne May 25, 2013

        Just can’t let it go can you! YOU LOST!!

      5. Coupons Douglas May 25, 2013


        1. BDC_57 May 26, 2013

          I bet he/she is on welfare

      6. Siegfried Heydrich May 25, 2013


        1. Michael Ahlum May 26, 2013


      7. idamag May 27, 2013

        It beat what has been done in the past and it beat every other option offered by the house – which was none.

    2. Larry M Bunson May 25, 2013

      Thank you for this thoughtful assessment. Obamacare is not perfect by any means, but we cannot allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good. It is a step forward.

    3. Larry shank May 25, 2013

      From what experience are you saying this will be more effective? Less costly? This thing is a Train Wreck. Give me 5 Government run anything that come under or at budget, and does what it say? You are a Liberal Communist hack.

      1. Madelaine Ayers Henne May 25, 2013

        And you are just a hack!!

      2. Siegfried Heydrich May 25, 2013

        Ya know, when I hear someone carrying on about ‘communists’, I think of my grandfather back in the 1950s . . . where you are still living.

        1. Dominick Vila May 26, 2013

          The must amusing part of the GOP name calling is that it is often directed at people who support ACA, a program administered by for profit insurance companies. The fact that they do not see how illogical their claim is, especially when they benefit from and demand Reagan’s government subsidized ER freebies confirm that their childish claims have more to do with immaturity and ignorance than knowledge of socio-economic philosophies.

          1. Siegfried Heydrich May 26, 2013

            Logic and consistency causes a neuron failure cascade among them . . .

        2. BDC_57 May 26, 2013

          their on a witch hunt

          1. Siegfried Heydrich May 26, 2013

            Yes, but you don’t understand the genius of it all . . . think of all the bridges that they could build!!!

      3. Dominick Vila May 26, 2013

        Our Armed Forces are a government institution, and they are second to none. NASA accomplished more since its was founded than all astronomeers and researchers in the history of mankind. We have the best air control system in the world. Our medical researchers at the Center for Disease Control have managed to contain the spread of deadly diseases since that organization was founded. Our food inspectors have helped contain the spread of debilitating diseases for decades. And the list goes on.
        The saddest part about the work done by highly qualified and dedicated civil servants is the fact that those who spend their day playing video games, texting, or sniffing cocaine are continuously demonizing the work they do, and don’t acknowledge how critical their services are to our society and to the security of our country.

        1. Larry shank May 26, 2013

          Comrade Dominick,

          First of all NASA’s fame was due to private industry research and development and building all the goodies NASA used. The Military is one job the Government is SUPPOSE to do under the constitution, but that in it self as caused massive overspending. Again all things mentioned have massive cost overruns and are not very effective in the way they are run. Take down the Chairman Mao Poster and look around.

          1. elw May 26, 2013

            If you were truely honest you would have mentioned the private industry research was funded by NASA, regulated by NASA and followed NASA’s guildelines. Without the NASA funding most of those private companies would never have existed. They are literally an arm of NASA. Clearly you have no idea how the private sector benefits from Government.

          2. Dominick Vila May 26, 2013

            Obviously, it is a two-way street, but you are absolutely right, the private sector would not have engaged in any of the space missions we have engaged in had it not been for the “cover” offered by NASA. Government guaranteed revenue and profit to contractors without investment or risk, and that is something conservatives don’t seem to understand, or understand but prefer to distort it to score political points. The contract I was on was a cost plus incentive fee award contract. The government covered all our expenses – from salaries to benefits, to recruiting and training costs. We literally did not have to invest or risk a dime. If we did a good job we got incentives that varied dependent on the extent of our successes, our ability to stay within budget, our ability to complete our tasks on time, etc.

          3. elw May 26, 2013

            I know I worked for a large defense Contractor for a number of years. Without their government contract they would have been nothing. When contracts fell away or were lost, so did the number of employees. I worked in health and safety, so my job was always secure, but I dealt with the scientists and engineers and they were often on edge about their job. Conservatives just do not understand how deeply intertwined the government of private sector are.

          4. idamag May 27, 2013

            A lot of private companies do research on government grants.

          5. Dominick Vila May 26, 2013

            Thank you for reminding me of what I did during my 40 years at NASA. Contrary to what you believe, NASA officials, including Werner Von Braun and his team of German scientists, distributed the funding for the various programs we engaged in, from manned missions to robotics. They also provided the vision, developed and approved the concepts and requirements for each mission, provided oversight, and made sure contractors remained within the scope and met their contractual obligations. I was a contractor manager at NASA, and I take pride for the small role I played during my tenure, but one of the things I appreciate the most is the opportunity I had to work alongside highly intelligent, dedicated, and experienced civil servants.
            The NASA team, including both civil servants and contractors, accomplished more during the last half century than every previous generation did in the area of space exploration since the beginning of mankind. And that was accomplished in spite of the ignorant criticisms and false accusations made by people like you.
            As for our Armed Forces, of course that is one of the most elementary functions of government. So what? Does that mean government should not take credit for running the most remarkable fighting force in the history of mankind?
            Instead of the usual Tea Party talking points, why don’t you guys try to say something constructive and factual?

          6. idamag May 27, 2013

            Of course you are going to put actual verifiable figures out there to back up your claims.

      4. idamag May 27, 2013

        I shall give you two. The VA insurance and Medicare. Before the ACA stepped on using subscriber money for investments and paying stockholders, insurance company administrative costs were 68%. Medicare is 26%, mostly because Medicare does not have a bottom line on the stock market page in the Wall Street Journal. The AFA dictates that 80% of premiums paid must go back into healthcare.

  5. Scott Ladd May 25, 2013

    Good God you people on the left are blind, or just stupid. Barry care hasen’t really started yet. Hello…do you know that? When it is fully in play, he (Barry) won’t be in office. The interesting part of this is…when it kicks in fully, only then will you wake up. A little too late, though. I’m not very bright, most of the time, but I can still do math. Try getting your news, and numbers from some other place, then a comedian.

    1. Jim Myers May 25, 2013

      Obviously you never knew someone with a pre-existing condition who was denied medical coverage. Or someone who could not get medical coverage at work. Or any one of many other obstacles to obtaining coverage.

      Of course, if you are wealthy enough, medical coverage is moot.

    2. geraldhoey May 25, 2013

      Actually if the comedian is Jon Stewart you’d find that his credibility rating as a news source is higher than Fox News.

      1. bearone7777 May 25, 2013

        To total morons—Are you one??

        1. Larry M Bunson May 25, 2013

          Nice response. Takes one to know one.

        2. ralphkr May 25, 2013

          Hmmm, bearone7777, I gather that your parents hired a total moron to tutor you in an effort to raise your IQ or you would not even know the term “moron”.

      2. ralphkr May 25, 2013

        Actually, geraldhoey, Jon Stewart credibility is higher than almost any news source other than BBC or CBC. For that matter, I can not think of ANY news source with less credibility than Fox News and that was proven by a study showing that regular consumers of Fox News knew less than people who NEVER watched, read, or listened to any news source.

        1. CrankyToo May 25, 2013

          Do you hear that? That’s right, I’m talking to all you Fox Noise idiots (you know who you are). There’s empirical evidence that you’re actually dumber than people who NEVER get any news. Good thing you don’t believe in studies, huh? (Unless they come from a Fascist group like The Heritage Foundation).

          Question: Can one find intelligent life anywhere further down the food chain than people who readily admit to being ignorant of the facts?

          Answer: No. No intelligent life forms exist below clueless – just Fox News devotees.”

          Question: How reprehensible is it that Repugnican politicians are happy to kiss your ignorant asses?

          Answer: It’s disgraceful! But what could one reasonably expect from a gaggle of dirtbags who’ll do and say anything to get elected because they know that once they’ve got a seat at the table, they’re set for life. Not only do they have the elites throwing money at them while they’re supposed to be doing the people’s work, but when they’re done pumpin’ our rumps, they get a nice little pension from Uncle Sugar AND a cushy executive position at some company or lobbying firm that they greased the skids for. (Short Answer: Repugnicans are scum and you’re dumbasses for voting for them.)

          Multiple Choice Question: Why would you pull the lever for any Repugnican anywhere on your ballot in the first place?

          a. You’re a Country Club conservative
          b. You’re a Sunday School conservative
          c. You’re a racist
          d. You’re homophobic
          e. You’re zenophobic
          f. You’re worried the Feds are going to raid your armory
          g. You’re a complete frickin’ moron

          Answer: Any and/or all of the above.

          Thanks, Ralph. That’s great reporting on your part. And thanks also for letting me hitchhike on your post. Sorry about the rant but these morons make me cranky.

          1. plc97477 May 26, 2013

            It is starting to look like the heritage foundation is even too left for the idiots in the repug party because aca comes to us from the heritage foundation.

    3. bearone7777 May 25, 2013

      Scott——I think the word you are looking for, or term is “DENSE FOOLS”. This past week, the major union that fought for it, now says it is a TOTAL disaster, and they are saying it should all be scrapped and done over. So whom are we to believe the MORONS here on YAHOO, or plain talking every day”REAL” AMERICANS that enough common sense to read what this fools plan entailed, and would do to this country. You Scott seem to have it together, and for that I say GOD BLESS you keep up the fight, one way or another we can get rid of this trash, and the other trash as well.

      1. Justin Napolitano May 25, 2013

        Bear, making shit up seems to be what you do the best. You should be a fiction writer.

      2. DurdyDawg May 25, 2013

        Sorry, I’m just a little late (as you’ve spewed your BS already) never the less, this aught to get rid of your putrid, one-sided hate induced mind thoughts.

        1. Robert P. Robertson May 27, 2013

          Damn, Dawg, I needed a can of tha troll whip-ass yesterday!

      3. Madelaine Ayers Henne May 25, 2013

        So because they are in a union that makes them “real Americans’?? Creep!!

    4. Larry M Bunson May 25, 2013

      Scott, namecalling and insults seem to be your stock in trade. In that respect, you are no different than bearone7777 who also specializes in namecalling, and many other of your Tea Party colleagues. Get a clue–namecalling is not a substitute for thoughtful analysis. Start thinking for yourself and stop watching so much Fox TV.

    5. Archie's Boy May 25, 2013

      Scott Ladd said, “I’m not very bright, most of the time…” We appreciate your honesty. 🙂

    6. Justin Napolitano May 25, 2013

      Tough shit Scott, most of us care about people that are not as privileged as you. And we care about the people that will greatly benefit by having health insurance. Sorry you are a uncaring troll. I also need to correct you by pointing out that you are not very bright all of the time.

    7. Madelaine Ayers Henne May 25, 2013

      Turn off Fox news and learn something!!

      1. Siegfried Heydrich May 25, 2013

        But . . . but . . . but . . . where will they get their daily outrage fix?

        1. plc97477 May 26, 2013

          They can go listen to faux news if they must but do they have to come here and make our lives miserable afterwards?

          1. Siegfried Heydrich May 26, 2013

            For the same reason that Mormons and evangelical Christians show up at your door when you’re getting out of the shower.

    8. CrankyToo May 25, 2013

      Scott, I have to admit that there’s an element of truth to what you said – the “I’m not very bright” element. But even that is only a half-truth because the fact of the matter appears to be that you’re actually much dumber than even you think you are. Keep up the good work, Numbnuts.

    9. Coupons Douglas May 25, 2013


    10. Siegfried Heydrich May 25, 2013

      Does that mean that when he’s out of office, all of a sudden you’ll like the ACA? That all of a sudden you’ll go ‘Hey! this is really a conservative plan! I like it!’. What you can’t stand is that a black man passed it, and you’re batboop crazy as a result. If Mitt had proposed it, you’d be all over it like sausage gravy over biscuits.

      1. Randy May 26, 2013

        yea it is horrible because Obama is Black and no Black man can do anything that is good. Are ya just stupid. This is a total disaster and the good parts of it which there are one or two do not make up for all the bad in this law. Latest poll, Americans want it repealed by a 22% margin.

    11. neeceoooo May 26, 2013

      You hit the nail on the head, you are not very bright.

      1. BDC_57 May 26, 2013

        you got that right its a total idiot

      2. gvette May 26, 2013

        Well I can read. I guess you can’t. I’ll bet you haven’t got a clue, what’s in the affordable care act.

        1. BDC_57 May 26, 2013

          neeceoooo has more of a clue than you do

          1. gvette May 27, 2013

            Your clue will come in another year, when your boyfriend Barrys care is in full swing. Then you’ll be a little smarter. then again…

          2. Robert P. Robertson May 27, 2013

            And when ACA works, Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bads will be flushed down the toilet for the next 20-30 years!

          3. gvette May 28, 2013

            When President Obama was selling his health care legislation to Congress, he declared that “the plan I’m proposing will cost around $900 billion over 10 years.”

            But with the law’s major provisions set to kick in next year, a new analysis by the Congressional Budget Office projects that the law will cost double that, or $1.8 trillion.

            That’s trillion with a “T.”*
            I realize, money is no object to the left. By the way, do you know where true wealth starts?

  6. Fre20741 May 25, 2013

    Wait for this cluster fuck to go totally into effect – then lets hear from the libs

    1. DurdyDawg May 25, 2013

      What do you think it’s going to do exactly? Cause the major corporations to cut everybody’s work hours to 30 so as not to have to furnish insurance? Their already doing that now boy, what rock have you been living under.. Nothing that the g’ment does affects big corp as they simply ride the gray lines of corruption vs profit and trudge on caring little if any about the workers they effect. By getting rid of unions, your ilk has insured all things pre 1940 will be reintroduced and this is what you choose to pass on to our children. Privatization? It worked for the wealthy in the 1930s, it can work again.

      1. BDC_57 May 26, 2013

        name a couple is papa johns and applebees

      2. Robert P. Robertson May 27, 2013

        Hot Dawg! You’re hitting all cylinders!

  7. DurdyDawg May 25, 2013

    We don’t have to go thousands of miles to confront America’s enemies, their right here in our own back yard.. Sucking the same (free?) air that we breath.. Sending our future enemies through the same educational system that we send our kids through. You have to wonder, why are they so aggressive toward their own neighbors? Why do they insist that whatever the Democrats do is wrong for this nation then you have to ask, with all the programs that the Dems want and all those programs that the Pubs say is poison, just what would they do if they had the opportunity to create their programs.. What would they actually enact? Certainly not anything that would help the nation’s 47% or even most of their own kind because what’s trying to become law, the programs that WOULD help the majority of Americans… They want to destroy! Ask yourself Mr.Pub.. Just what is your agenda? Never mind.. I think the majority of us know exactly what your agenda is and it makes as much sense as fried ice cream.

    1. Dominick Vila May 26, 2013

      Every time the GOP controlled the White House and Congress the size of government and spending went up. What civil servants and contractors feared the most was a Democratic administration because of their focus on reducing the size of government to reduce spending. The axe man during my last few years in government was Al Gore who went around with a scalpel cutting many of the lavish and unnecessary government programs that Reagan had put in place. The reason “conservatives” have engaged in their ridiculous claims, is as a pre-emptive strategy to deflect attention from their record of spending and raising the ceiling of the national debt.

    2. Robert P. Robertson May 27, 2013


  8. Mainstreeter May 25, 2013

    I still maintain that Obamacare is just a nationwide version of Romneycare and therefore is a conservative healthcare snow job defending against real universal health care, single payer. In this regard, the main benefit Obamacare has perform is moving healthcare reform off the 90 year dime. No mean feat and Obama should get credit and accolades for doing this against great odds and resistance, but it not the end all to end all by no means. Look for a big push for single payer Health care reform during the next Administration, particularly if Hillary becomes president. By then it will become obvious that Obamacare, as currently constituted, is a profiteers dream for big insurance and big pharmacy and leaves too many Americans still without adequate health care.

    1. plc97477 May 26, 2013

      Better than nothing but a long shop from being great. We need to get more of those that fall through the cracks.

  9. Watchdogman May 25, 2013

    And DEATH PANELS just thrown in for some flavor!! You non-producing libs will find out how great this fiasco is.

    1. Garry Owen Ault May 25, 2013

      For your update regarding Ms Palin. Fox dropped her like the Naive, unlearned person she is, But, so are you.

    2. ralphkr May 25, 2013

      Hey, Watchdogman, don’t listen to anyone who says that DEATH PANELS don’t exist. In 1998 my mother died because a DEATH PANEL doctor convinced me to terminate care. I thought he was her doctor but learned later that he was on her INSURANCE COMPANY’s payroll. I am not sure if ObamaCare outlaws insurance company death panels but I do know that there are NO death panels setup under that law & that ObamaCare death panels only exist in the fevered drug induced imagination of Conservatives..

      1. CrankyToo May 25, 2013

        Ralph, my respect for you grows in leaps and bounds. Well said.

      2. plc97477 May 26, 2013

        My condolences about your Mom.

      3. neeceoooo May 26, 2013

        I have to agree with cranky and plc. The insurance companies have a lot of money that they pass around and they try to run the show but we as Americans need to speak up-.

        1. ralphkr May 26, 2013

          Why do you think that ObamaCare was set up in a way to guarantee profits for insurance and pharmaceutical companies? Simply because that was only way to get ANY bill passed since so many Congressmen are own by big pharma and insurance companies. We can speak up as much as possible but there is no way to out shout the big business whispers in Congress ear..

      4. idamag May 27, 2013

        Back then, if a person died because they could not afford health care, that was a death panel.

    3. dtgraham May 26, 2013

      I always thought it was kind of ironic that Sarah Palin coined the term death panels, as she was the one who pulled the plug on the MCcain campaign 4 1/2 years ago. I think David Axelrod was calling Sarah Palin speeches campaign ads at that time.

    4. elw May 26, 2013

      If only they existed outside of the alternative universe of the radicalized Right.

  10. howa4x May 25, 2013

    When Republicans had both houses and the presidency during the Bush years, the problem of the uninsured existed and no plan was put forward to deal with this issue. When W left office there were about 32 million uninsured. This so called compassionate conservative did nothing. A Harvard study estimated that out of the uninsured number 50,000 died due solely to lack of access to medical care. This did not bother the republicans one bit. They allowed more deaths from this than auto accidents. Instead of yelling about the law, for once I would like to see how the republicans would handle the uninsured issue. Since Obamacare is based on a plan offered by the conservative Heritage foundation to thwart Hillary care, and adopted by then republican governor Romney, what would republicans do differently? The plan is based on individual responsibility to take care of one’s family and self by buying insurance. What would they change? It is almost like Ayn Rand wrote part of the law. Democrats wanted the public option which in some respects the Medicaid expansion is, but the core of the plan is bedrock republican.
    This as always should be interesting

    1. BDC_57 May 26, 2013

      they only kissing the rich buddies asses

    2. 4sanity4all May 26, 2013

      I had pretty good insurance coverage all my life, until George Bush’s term, when it became okay to exclude previous conditions. My deductible skyrocketed, so that I could even afford insurance, and everything up to $5000 is out of MY pocket. ALL bills for my pre-existing condition are out of my pocket; they do not count toward my deductible, and will never be covered under my insurance. I am so looking forward to 2014, when the ACA kicks in and this type of thing is not allowed. I expect to be able to see a doctor again without going broke. I have not been seeing doctors much, because paying for the insurance AND paying out of pocket expenses is too much. This is what the trolls that rant do not get- I don’t know why. Do they have good insurance with their job, or are they so wealthy they don’t feel the pinch, as I do? Or are they just ignorant about what people who worked all their life, like me, are now going through?

      1. howa4x May 27, 2013

        I know the ignorant fools who think this is tyranny don’t know anything about health economics. They just support greedy people who don’t want to give benefits to their workers. You’re right pre existing conditions was a formula the ins companies devised to throw people off of coverage. Insurance companies are publically traded on Wall st so each Ins co had to get a 20% profit or the stock would be down graded, so investors drove health care decisions. One year Aetna could only achieve an 18.5% profit and the stock was down graded. That year Aetna dropped 8,5 million people with pre existing conditions from coverage. In this country health care is a for profit industry. Even the doctors are Llc’s.. Big pharma realized they could make more money by maintaining people’s illness’s rather than curing them. This is why people live with chronic condition’s like High BP, diabetes, ulcers and cancer. Doctors and hospitals all profit from people’s diseases. the entire system economically depends on a chronically ill population to get their wealth. This is why HC costs are so high. The entire system is based on greed not people’s health

        1. 4sanity4all May 27, 2013

          Thank you for the extra information. Now I know WHY I got gypped. I wish those that are against universal coverage understood all aspects of the issue, not just the talking points on rant radio and Fox news.

          1. idamag May 27, 2013

            Those people are against it because right now they don’t need it.It is the narcissistic generation that doesn’t think “we”, but “Me.”

          2. howa4x May 27, 2013

            The problem is money and greed. Illness intervention is big bucks and that is why the republicans and their allies in industry spend millions so you can’t understand the issues. Healthcare is complex with many moving parts so it is easy to pick out one and make an issue over it. I was on my state’s health planning board and on the board of a hospital so I know more about it than the average person. Basically the ACA(Obamacare) was more about insurance reform than reorganizing healthcare. It left the existing system in place. Insurance companies are still publically traded on wall st so investors still drive decisions on profit. The major difference in the law is that you can’t be dropped for pre existing conditions, and they have to insure everybody regardless of risk. That was a concession the ins co’s made to stave off a public option(socialized medicine like Medicare) there is also things in the law to bend the cost curve on HC costs. You would have to understand how a hospital works to understand how they would do it. I wish you well.

  11. Rich Keeler May 26, 2013

    Dominick… Bravo!

  12. I Zheet M'Drawz May 26, 2013

    Everyone needs health care insurance. They all just need it.
    The US is one of a few civilized nations tht don’t provide this benefit as part of the tax paying experience. Instead tax dollars go towards making weapons that kill and maim.
    The moral compass is malfunctioning.

  13. elw May 26, 2013

    Another thing in the Democrats’ favor is the GOPs frenetic chase for a scandal has hurt them more than helped them. They are doing a great job of burning-out people interest in scandals that are not scandals at all and they are quickly turning themselves into the biggest source of material in 2013 for late night comics.

    1. plc97477 May 26, 2013

      They are also giving me a few chuckles off and on also.

    2. Fern Woodfork May 27, 2013

      You Got That Right My Friend And Not Winning None Of Them Only Makes Them Look Even Worst!!! LOL Sour Grapes Anyone?? LOL

  14. Germansmith May 26, 2013

    The US is not just another country.
    Other countries have a healthcare system that are government employees.
    Other countries controlled costs before establishing healthcare for everybody.
    Other countries do not have the immigration this country have or the large percentages of poor population that will need subsidies.
    Other countries do not have the medical care costs of the US…we have the highest costs for all medical services.
    Also, is it fair to ask healthy young people to pay more to subsidize the old, fat and unhealthy? Is it not enough our young are going to pay future higher taxes in the future because our excesses.
    It is pointless to argue anymore….Time will tell and when the cost spiral out of control , them you’ll have to hear “we told you so”

    1. Robert P. Robertson May 26, 2013

      Is that the sentiment of the people of Massachusetts, Romney’s home state, that has been enjoying Affordable Healthcare for the last twelve years?

      1. Germansmith May 26, 2013

        Mass is one state with only slightly over 6 millions in population of which only 11.7% live under the poverty level. They also implemented price controls for healthcare costs and the program would not exist if it was not for large federal subsidies.
        Affordable…ha ha ha ha !!!……you should try your hand at comedy.
        Of course, as long as government pays…most democrats do not care. Tax those filthy rich people and businesses so I can have my poverty in air conditioning watching my 55″ LED flat screen TV set !!!!
        Not hear say, I have met plenty of those, willing to pay to lease a new C300 but not willing to buy health insurance for their kids from the state program at 1/3 of the price they pay for car lease.

        1. Robert P. Robertson May 27, 2013

          Maybe you should lower your sorry assed standards and get you some free stuff instead of sounding like a spiteful, jealousy ol’ Jenny woman complaining about what other people are doing, or maybe you should mind your own business. Your life is not the standard for anyone else to live. Who the fuck you think you are? You’re only one of nearly 500 million people in this country, and you’re not even from here. You probaby have your green card in a frame on your wall. You’re a bitter immigrant who should go back to wherever it is you came from if you’re not happy here. BTW, people who work will pay for ACA, dumbass. Medicaide for the helpless will still be in effect. Anyone who wants ACA will be able to buy it. Anyone who want to remain with their own private provider can do that. It takes nothing away from no one. Whatever you think ACA is, you’ll find out better because IT WILL BE IN EFFECT NEXT YEAR!!!!! Once your private insurance start to sticking it to you in your time of need, you will be the first to beg and kiss ass for some ACA.

          1. Germansmith May 28, 2013

            Gee Mr. Robertson, you sound like an stupid idiot that do not even know the population of this country or that NOTHING is free (unless maybe the goodies you get from Uncle Sam that you defend so vigorously)
            Yes I am an immigrant that came to this country after my own country was indirectly screw-up by American policies. Since I have been here, I have served, I have been an outstanding citizen paying my taxes and helping my fellow man and I am grateful to had the opportunity to become an American and to contribute to this country and I am entitled to my opinion without being insulted by the likes of people like you.
            You may not like my opinions, and I really do not care, but by your comments you are disrespecting OUR country and our freedom of expression.
            I pay for my own insurance and I also help pay for the insurance of my employees…ACA means I will also be paying for the insurance of free loaders like you in a way of increased taxes.
            Enjoy your freebies, I will be paying for them and probably a couple of generations of my descendants as well.
            Remember, “It is not what your country can do for you, is what you can do for your country”

    2. elw May 27, 2013

      Many of the industrial countries who have national insurance use a combination of private and public sector organizations, companies and self-employed professionals to cover their citizens, some do not. Many have large numbers of people who have immigrated to their country. They all deal with similar issue as us. It is true we have the most expensive medical care in the world, every other Industrial country has lower medical costs and most of them beat us on quality of care, patient satisfaction, and innovation. They beat us because they have universal coverage paid through taxes and can control the margin of profit and bargain for cost of drugs and durable goods. Yes it is fair for the healthy, no matter what their age, to pay into the healthcare system. Just like it fair that everyone pays taxes. Everyone gets old, sick (sooner or later) and no one is immune to accidental injury. One more thing, you are right it is pointless to argue because Obamacare is here to stay. Time will tell and I would advise you to not count on that “we told you so.”

      1. Germansmith May 28, 2013

        Time will tell, but I would not bet that Obamacare will not evolve into something more reasonable and less cumbersome.
        The current crop of Republicans seem clueless and out of touch, but I would not bet they would stay stupid for long and Obama is loosing a lot of luster

        1. elw May 28, 2013

          I would expect no other response out of you. The current crop of Republicans are radicalized conservatives, they will never get smart. They are on a crusade. The biggest problem people like you have are not knowing when to get off a dying horse.

  15. Robert P. Robertson May 26, 2013

    Is anybody on this National Memo site from Massachusetts? No bullshit. This is serious. No Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bag trolls, zombies, or imps, please. We’d like to hear from posters from Massachusettes on how Affordable healthcare is working for you? Thank you.

  16. Robert P. Robertson May 27, 2013

    Not only will ACA be in effect in 2014, President Obama should push for a federal homeowner’s insurance and reform the wretched homeowner insurance companies screwing Americans in times of disaster! Just like the National Flood Insurance who is as fair and balanced as any insurance program should be, there should be a National Homeowner’s Disaster Insurance. . . Just throwing that out there.


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