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5 Reasons Barack Obama Isn’t George W. Bush

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5 Reasons Barack Obama Isn’t George W. Bush


October’s jobs report — which estimated that 271,000 Americans found work last month — left Republicans befuddled or dredging up statistics that they did not know existed a few months ago, mostly showing Baby Boomers are finally able to retire.

After years of demanding, “Where are the jobs?” we’re in the middle of what could be the second best year for job creation of this century — after 2014. This relative boom in employment has come after taxes have risen on the rich and as over 17 million Americans have gained health insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

Still, Republican candidates for president are torn.

Most of them think America should go back to 2008 before all of Obama’s economic stimulating, health insuring, and regulating of Wall Street ruined everything. Others think it is 2008 with America’s economy, foreign policy, and image cratering around the world. Only Donald Trump seems to agree that both now and 2008 were terrible. Apparently the billionaire racist would like to bring America back to the mid-1980s, when our deficit was skyrocketing and we were about to face a record stock market crash. (By the way, Trump was trumpeting a slightly different varietal of his xenophobia as he blasted Reagan in the 1980s. But back then his target was the Japanese.)

Regardless, Republicans are all running for president based on the premise that Barack Obama is a failure on the magnitude of George W. Bush.

This argument makes sense to Republican voters, who tend to shield themselves from science, facts, and basic anatomy lessons. But it is simply insane to anyone else.

In early November 2007, Bush’s Gallup approval rating was 32 percent. At this comparable moment in his presidency, Barack Obama’s approval is at 49 percent, reaching toward the 50 percent mark he hasn’t hit since just after his re-election.

Eventually, Republicans will have to speak to people who think an America that’s safer, stronger and has better access to health care than at any time in our existence in history isn’t all that bad. To prepare them, here are a few charts that show clearly why Barack Obama isn’t George W. Bush.

1. Job Growth under Obama has come entirely from the private sector. Job growth under W. came entirely from the public sector.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 9.49.54 AM

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Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 9.49.45 AM

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These charts from The Washington Post‘s Philip Bump reveal that George W. Bush was a much better socialist than Barack Obama.

2. Unlike W., Obama has made extraordinary leaps toward making America energy independent.


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A lot of those gains have come from increased oil drilling and fracking. But thanks to the green energy revolution sparked by Obama’s Stimulus, America’s solar industry now exists and is growing like “kudzu,” explains Politico‘s Mike Grunwald, who wrote the seminal book on how the Obama Adminstration prevented a depression while remaking our economy.

3. People are actually gaining health insurance under Barack Obama.


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Now Republicans may think this is bad thing. But many Americans actually prefer 17.6 million people gaining health insurance to 7.9 million losing coverage.

4. The deficit is actually falling under Barack Obama as government spending is growing at the slowest rate since the 1950s.


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The deficit just hit an 8-year low. As the creator of these charts — OurFuture.org‘s Dave Johnson — notes, government spending shouldn’t be this low. Not when we could be borrowing money at incredibly low interest rates and rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. But it is. So attacking the guy who cut the deficit every year of his presidency to the guy who blew the surplus to deliver the first decade without any net job growth since the Depression, probably isn’t a great idea.

5. Barack Obama hasn’t had any 9/11s yet.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 10.10.59 AM

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I hope I didn’t jinx us. I know this is a horrible thing to brag about, and President Obama never would. But with Jeb Bush making the ridiculous boast that his brother “kept us safe,” we should consider this a key metric.

We should also consider this:

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 7.59.17 AM

There are plenty of reasons to criticize President Obama. But as usual, none of them are heard from Republicans.

For instance, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are definitely disasters — as they were when Obama came into office. The difference is only a few Americans are dying in these disasters each year, rather than the dozens of casualties a year that the president inherited in 2009.

But by almost every measure, America is better positioned now than it has been in this century. Of course, that leaves us with much to improve. Yet Republicans should try to understand that comparing the guy who dug us into a ditch to the guy who dug us out makes them appear craven and delusional. Which is possibly why the Republican base enjoys it so much.



  1. Dominick Vila November 9, 2015

    The charts in this article highlight some of the most import differences, based on accomplishments, between the failed Republican policies adopted during the Bush II era, and the policies of President Barack Obama. What was not included, perhaps because the author decided to avoid subjectivity, was the difference in personal attributes between these two presidents. The former was, clearly, intellectually challenged and lazy. The latter is among the most intelligent presidents this country ever had, and one of the hardest working politicians in U.S. history. The results, for anyone with an ounce of honesty and objectivity, should be obvious to the most casual observer.

    1. TZToronto November 9, 2015

      Should be obvious, yes, but when one’s opinion is based on the low-hanging fruit (that is, the easiest thing to notice), one does not care about achievement. All one (i.e., the far-right Republican) needs to know is that GWB is white.

    2. idamag November 9, 2015

      Sadly, the present GOP thinks stupidity is a virtue.

  2. bobnstuff November 9, 2015

    There they go again blaming everything on Bush. You would think Bush had run the country. He could take all those vacations because he really wasn’t running things. Dick Cheney was in charge so you can’t blame George.

    1. Magnus Thunderson November 9, 2015

      oh yes you can blame him for exactty that as Blush failed the county even worse then Regan who spent unfunded money like he had a printing press and created a large chunk of our debt. in fact I think the last good republican president was Nixon as he like all former presidents drove our debt ratio down and the economy was not that bad

      1. Independent1 November 10, 2015

        Yes, but mainly during his 8 years in office. While Reagan’s brainwashing of Republicans to believe: that our government is the problem in everything; unions are to be hated and therefore investors served over employees; and that the rich are benefactors of the poor (trickledown); is the main reason that Americas political processes are in such disarray today (30 years later). Reagan has had a more lasting negative impact on America than even GWB and is the worst president America has ever had – considering the long-term devastation his presidency has created for our country.

    2. Corey Mondello November 9, 2015

      Please, the GOP have the “blame it on the last president” patented. EVERYTHING that went wrong under GWB was blamed on Clinton, take 9/11 for example, who GWB was warned about by Clinton.

      1. David November 9, 2015

        You are so right!!!! Barack has never blamed Bush for anything!

        1. Corey Mondello November 17, 2015

          he has? where? either way, have you heard, two wrongs dont make right?

    3. Stuck in Kansas November 9, 2015

      I can and will blame George W. Bush. He chose Dick Cheney to be his vice president and then did nothing to control Dick.

      1. @HawaiianTater November 9, 2015

        It’s not his fault. Dubya just isn’t very good at handling Dick.

    4. oldtack November 9, 2015

      Dick Cheney was the 43rd President of The United States. Little Lord Fauntleroy was just a Poster Boy. Sadly little Grorge never realized that until his last year in Office.

  3. Magnus Thunderson November 9, 2015

    6 bush was a drunk Obama not
    7 Bush thought everyone should own a house so relaxed lending laws so much it caused the housing collapse Obama not
    8 bush was deep in debt to big oil Obama not

    1. paulyz November 9, 2015

      You are completely misinformed on the housing market collapse. The Democrat Dodd-Frank subprime loan disaster started in 2006-2007, when Democrats had Complete control of Congress. This of course led to the Great Recession. This article likes to mention who was President during certain periods, ignoring who controlled Congress. If there is good news they credit the Congress or President, if bad news, visa-versa.

      Just the last 2 months the economic reports were terrible, but when there is a decent month, this Liberal site rides it for all it’s worth. The actual unemployment rate is over 10%, & our National Debt is around $19 Trillion, not the deficit. Just more of misinformation instead of actual real positive economic news. What is really remarkable is that the private sector even though hindered by Democrat policies, show the greatness of our Capitalist society, while the Public sector struggles. Socialism isn’t the answer. After 7 long years of economic misery I would certainly hope we are coming out of this mess, but the National Debt will cripple the future.

      1. @HawaiianTater November 9, 2015

        If there is a Republican president, you blame the problems on the Democrats in Congress. If there is a Democrat president, it’s all his fault and the Republicans in Congress had nothing to do with it.

        So says Pauly, so it must be.

        1. idamag November 9, 2015

          I don’t even read that troll’s prattle. Paul lyz and lies and lies.

          1. @HawaiianTater November 9, 2015

            In Pauly’s defense, I don’t really think he is lying. I think he actually believes the BS he spews is the truth. It’s more delusion than it is lying.

          2. Paul Bass November 9, 2015

            Yes, I agree, proving the D-K effect!

          3. @HawaiianTater November 9, 2015


          4. Independent1 November 10, 2015

            Joe Schmuck and Louis are two more RWNJs that fit this mode exactly.

        2. RED November 9, 2015

          And so goes the Con sickness, deeper and deeper each day in to the depths of stupidity and unending ignorance, a darkness in the soul.

        3. Paul Bass November 9, 2015

          Look up the Dunning-Kruger Effect. (look it up, great study, it explains so much about the GOP) It is the statistically proven study that shows stupid people THINK they are smart and will generally argue more vehemently than smart folks.

          This is because they lack the exact skills needed to determine their expertise. In other words, because they don’t know anything, they are too stupid to know they don’t know anything.

          Paulyz and otto are both prime examples of this.

          1. @HawaiianTater November 9, 2015

            I am very familiar with the concept. I witness in every day life. You’ll find that very few people are actually as smart as they think they are.

          2. Independent1 November 10, 2015

            Boy, did you ever get that last sentence right!!!!!! It’s hard to believe there could be two dumber people on the planet.

      2. Stuck in Kansas November 9, 2015

        Dodd-Frank was not even proposed until July of 2009 and was signed into law July of 2010. I fail to see how it could have been the cause of the sub prime mortgage crisis

        1. Magnus Thunderson November 9, 2015

          Clinton was responsible for removing the red lines that prevented people with proper credit from getting a loan in a depressed red zone it was under but under bush who stated everyone should own a home and changed the lending policy so much that you did not even need income verification or any money down

          1. idamag November 9, 2015

            Bush did not do that because he thought everyone should own a home. He did that for the bankers.

        2. Independent1 November 10, 2015

          You need to understand that Paulyz just makes up stuff that seems to fit his demented mind – it doesn’t matter whether what he/it posts makes sense or not!!!

    2. idamag November 9, 2015

      The Obama haters are chafing in unmentionalbe places and will deny facts that do not support their hatred.

    3. idamag November 9, 2015

      He relaxed the banking laws that protected the people so the banks could do as they pleased.

  4. Paul Bass November 9, 2015

    When you elect people who don’t believe in governance (the current GOP) to the government, you get people like Bush in power and people like Trump attempting to catch that power.

  5. Bob Eddy November 9, 2015

    But, but, but, Obama is a Socialist, Fascist, Communist, Atheist , Muslim, anti-Christian who spent 25 years in Rev. Wright’s Christian church!

    1. oldtack November 9, 2015

      Oh thou righteous one. Where do you worship and to whom do you pray? Do you walk on water?

      Would you please share your researched, documented, verified information concerning your allegations ie. Socialist, Fascist, Communist, Atheist, Muslim, anti christian. I’m sure everyone on the forum would be glad to read this.

      Do you realize how many oxymoron statements are in your allegations?

      1. yabbed November 9, 2015

        I believe Bob was being sarcastic.

        1. oldtack November 9, 2015

          hopefully so

        2. drdroad November 9, 2015


  6. David November 9, 2015

    Interesting way to not accurately present the truth — I.e. Deficit spending down but national debt over 19 TRILLION. Thank the Republican Congress for trying to reduce spending. This author is nothing more than a propagandist for the Democratic Party.

    1. yabbed November 9, 2015

      Nonsense. Republicans in Congress are rampaging on a social / religious agenda. They cut taxes on the rich so they can deprive school children an education, the elderly their rights to Medicare and Social Security, and our poor the opportunities to move into the economic stream.

      1. David November 9, 2015

        What comic book do you get your “facts” from? Cite some authority for your ramblings.

        1. Independent1 November 10, 2015

          All you have to do is get your head out of your rearend and pay attention to the debauchery that’s going on in Congress.

          1. idamag November 11, 2015

            Every hearing cost $47 million dollars.

    2. Otto Greif November 9, 2015

      Democrats complain Republicans have prevented them from “investing” more money at the same time they take credit for deficit reduction.

      1. jiro tanaka November 9, 2015

        It is written on the wall of lies of the Greedy Opportunists Party (GOP).

    3. jiro tanaka November 9, 2015

      Well you just don’t know how the system works and maybe you need to go back to school and learn. Hateful Greedy Opportunists Party (GOP) is a bunch of morons and lunatics.

      1. David November 9, 2015

        Conservatives get mad when told lies.
        Liberals get mad when told the truth.

        1. Independent1 November 10, 2015

          In other words, conservatives are mad all the time because GOP politicians do nothing but lie!! As does Faux News, Rush Limpbag, Glen Beek, Hannity and virtually every RWNJ outlet on the internet!!!!!!!!

          1. idamag November 11, 2015

            What david says is just blabber

      2. idamag November 11, 2015

        And he doesn’t even consider the cause of the national debt. If I buy a car on a 36 month loan, 12 months into the loan, I am still going to owe on the car. That is an analogy of the national debt. If my living costs exceed my my income, that is a deficit. If we reduce the deficit, we will have money to pay on the national debt if the t party doesn’t use it to hold hearings over and over.

  7. pmbalele November 9, 2015

    You’re right. Obama matches Reagan in job creation? Yesterday, I asked psychologists to rush to rescue souls at FoxNews such as Bill O’rielly, Sean Hannity, Eric Bolling, Andrea Tantrums and their boss Achiilles. These have been going to church to pray that Obama fails. But President Obama has been stead-fast ensuring everybody in this country has a job. As the chart show r in 2008 the country was dripping in seams: banks were dry-no money, the nation was bankrupt, GM was folding; this country was buying engines for Space program and copters from Russia. This is when same engines and copters could be produced in Minnesota and Oshkosh Wisconsin. Now the same engines are being assembled in Wisconsin. Bin Laden would not have killed if Obama said No. You know Biden and many of his advisers doubted the mission to kill Bin Laden would succeed. With Obama magic wand, Bin Laden, Yemen and Benghazi morons were decommissioned. We are safer now than during Bush or Reagan. Now I see a lot of people smiling – they have good paying jobs; they are eating in restaurants and giving tips to waiters; and are driving new cars and SUV. Americans are in heaven again like during JFK and Reagan.

    1. sdwesley3 November 9, 2015

      Yea right….”47 million on food stamps more then double from when he came into office. Plus the deficit has doubled from $10 Trillion to almost $20 trillion! Worst then that is our debt to GDP, the third worst in the world behind only Greece and Japan! Unemployment figures are skewed as they do not take into account the ones who have been unemployed so long, they are not eligible according to the Obama admin. to be considered part of the UE! Here is an even larger eye opener for you, 1/3 of our population is receiving government subsidies nearly doubling since Obama came into office!

      1. idamag November 9, 2015

        And you got your information from where?

        1. sdwesley3 November 9, 2015

          Google will get a lot of info for you!

          1. Independent1 November 10, 2015

            And the vast majority of that federal aid you’re talking about is being deliberately sucked by GOP run states so they could cut their budgets and taxes on the rich. Putting millions of red state residents out of work and onto unemployment and welfare.

            Of the 24 states in America that have the most people living below the poverty level needing welfare, 21 of them are GOP-run states. The increase in people needing federal aid, including food stamps, has nothing to do with Obama, it’s all because the GOP was determined to do everything it could to try and make Obama a one-term president. Instead of doing what they could to slow down job losses, they did everything they could to make the job losses worse (unlike what states used to do during a recession).

          2. David November 10, 2015

            Federal welfare going to illegal aliens you DA!

          3. Independent1 November 10, 2015

            Only a clueless idiot like you would believe such nonsense – that illegal aliens would risk being exposed as such by trying to register for welfare.

            Sorry clueless, but the vast majority of those folks in red states collecting welfare are people working min wage jobs that pay below the poverty level because idiot republicans have passed ‘right to pay you nothing’ legislation in virtually every state. So people in red states; so people in red states earn 18-23% less than people in blue states.


          4. David November 10, 2015

            That is where you are wrong. They are using it quite a bit. According to USA Today, over half of illegal aliens are receiving some form of welfare support. Try again, Einstein.

          5. Independent1 November 10, 2015

            Hogwash!! Provide a link please to the article in USA Today making that claim. If the article is based on info from CIS, it’s as bogus as the day is long. The CIS was created by a RWNJ who hates immigrants and produces biased misguided data.

            Politifact checked out a bunch of claims about illegals getting welfare and debunked the majority of the claims. Even the CIS admitted that only about 1% of households with illegals get any monetary welfare. And the majority of other welfare that goes to households headed by illegals is going to the American citizen children of the illegals – not the illegals themselves.

            See this from Politifact:

            However, very little cash assistance is going to illegal immigrants. According to CIS, less than 1 percent of illegal-immigrant-headed households included anyone receiving direct government cash assistance, such as Temporary Aid for Needy Families (TANF), Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or state-run cash aid. This is not surprising: Illegal immigrants are generally barred from receiving such payments.

            Instead, 27 percent of such households received coverage from Medicaid, the federal-state health care program for the poor, while 33 percent received food assistance, such as free or reduced-price school lunches, food stamps, or benefits from the Women-Infants-Children program (WIC). As noted earlier, many of the recipients of these programs were actually citizen children of illegal immigrants.

          6. David November 12, 2015

            Oh, I am so sure that all of food purchased is only going to the myriad “anchor babies” the illegals are breeding. Your Politifact says 43% of food stamps go to illegal alien headed households; Truthmeter puts it at one-half; majority usatoday.com; 62% theconservativetreehouse.com; majority freebeacon.

          7. David November 12, 2015

            In fact, The real trouble will begin in 2017. Obomo has given over 500,000 SSNs to illegal aliens. That is when they will start collecting benefits. Washington Post
            Tell us Independent1, how does it feel to be an uneducated serf for the Demorats?

          8. Independent1 November 12, 2015

            Boy, you never miss an opportunity to lie do you. The politifact article says nothing of the sort. That idiotic comment from a RWNJ like yourself – that 42 percent of food stamps go to illegal aliens – is exactly what politifact was proving as being an OUTRIGHT LIE!!

            Since when do illegal aliens live in the 421 of 456 counties in America that voted for Mitt Romney in 2012 and suck over 90% of food stamps??

            You are such a blatant pathological liar that it’s astounding but also common place for you RWNJ idiots!!!

          9. David November 12, 2015

            Only 456 counties in America voted for Romney? There are 254 counties in Texas alone. What are you trying to say?

          10. sdwesley3 November 11, 2015

            17 of the 19 larger cities in the US are near bankruptcy or in bankruptcy, and are run by Democratic mayor’s! Illinois can’t even pay the lottery winners even though people are buying lottery tickets, if they win they write them an IOU. They’re not gonna be able to pay their state pension funds for November or December. Illinois is the most corrupt state in the union and has been run by democrats for years! The state finally voted in a Republican because they were fed up with the corruption.

          11. Independent1 November 11, 2015

            Sorry, but Illinois is not the most corrupt. Below is a list compiled by study group 24/7 Wall Street; and 8 of the 10 most corrupt states are GOP-run States:. Illinois is number four and the state is struggling because people like Mitt Romney running corporate pirate companies have bought up and destroyed in Illinois numerous manufacturing companies that were the backbone of the Illinois economy;just to ship them overseas and pocket millions.

            8of the 10 most corrupt states are RED STATES: Mississippi, Louisiana,Tennessee,Illinois, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Alaska, South Dakota, Kentucky and Florida.

            Here’s another list you might like:

            9 of the 10 most miserable cities in America are in RED STATES: Huntington/Ashland, WVA, Charleston, WVA, Redding, CA, Spartansburg, SC, Hickory–Lenoir-Morganton, NC, Beaumont/Port Arthur, TX. Columbus, GA/AL,
            Shreveport/Bossier City, LA, Mobile, AL, Evansville, In/KY.

            All 10 of America’s poorest cities are in RED STATES: Brownsville-Harlingen, Texas, Dalton, Ga., McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, Texas, Gadsden, Ala., Lake Havasu City-Kingman, Ariz., Albany, Ga., Monroe, La., Cumberland.W.Va., Fort Smith, Ark.-Okla, Pine Bluff, Ark;

            While 9 of the 10 richest cities are in Blue States: San

            Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, Calif., Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, D.C.-Va.-Md., Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, Conn., San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, Calif., Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, Mass.-N.H. ,Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura, Calif., Anchorage, Alaska, Honolulu, Hawaii,
            Manchester-Nashua, N.H., Napa, Calif.

            All 10 of America’s most miserable states, those with the least “well-being factor” for their residents are RED STATES with the worst being West Virginia and then: Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama, Ohio, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma and last but not least – Louisiana.

          12. sdwesley3 November 11, 2015

            Uh huh…As the writer stated, all brought on by ” liberal governance”.
            Cities That May Face Bankruptcy After Detroit

          13. Independent1 November 11, 2015

            And if all that I just posted isn’t bad enough, here’s a list that shows what hypocrites Republicans are: despite all their preaching about family values, 25 of the 26 states with the most people claiming to have been divorced, are you guessed it RED STATES!!! (And remember, if there’s a sin that Jesus made clear was a sin, it was being divorced and remarried.)

            Only 1 of the 26 states with 10 or more people /1000 identifying as divorced is a ‘true’ Blue State

            Here’s the 26 states with the number/1,000 saying they’re
            divorced: AK-14; AL-13; AR-13;KY-13;OK-13;NV-12;ME-11;GA;11;TN-11;MS-11;TX-11;AZ-11;WV-11;MO-10;MT-10;NM-10;NC-10;IN-10;WY-10;VT-10;OR-10;CO-10;IA-10;KS-10;LA-10;UT-10.

          14. sdwesley3 November 11, 2015

            Kind of hard to follow you because your grammar and spelling is very poor. Plus, you don’t stay on point! I would like to debate with you, but your all over the place and you’re just difficult to understand. Also, why do use three different login IDs?

          15. Otto Greif November 11, 2015

            Why would you look at it at the state level? That’s retarded. If you look at individuals Republicans are slightly less likely to get divorced than Democrats are.

          16. idamag November 10, 2015

            Sorry, kid, but you are not ready for serious argument. There is a difference in argument and quarreling. Google is not a source of information. It is a gofer. You type in what you want Google to find and it finds every instance that a word is used on the internet. Much of the stuff Google finds is unsubstantiated drivel. When you get more mature you will be able to know the difference.

          17. sdwesley3 November 11, 2015

            First of all “Son,” your not familiar with me or my bio, I am old enough sonny, to be your father! Because you’re young, and unprofessional, you don’t have the wherewithal to utilize a search source to be able to find the link that gives you the correct information. Not something from Bill Maher, the Wall Street Journal, CNN news, the New York Times, Rachel Maddow, Bloomberg, The View, or SNL! Any time you wish to show me how wonderful Obama is, I will give you an educators perspective, and not a Kmart blue light liberal liturgy!

          18. sdwesley3 November 11, 2015

            Kid? I believe I’m old enough to be your father! You are unaware of my bio and as a retired educator, principal of an energy company, my perspective allows me to examine all mistruths or socialistic propaganda. Google is where I start and you should try to! Unlike the Kmart bluelight liberal liturgy that so many left-wingers like to expound on!

          19. sdwesley3 November 11, 2015

            By the way, there is no difference between an argument and quarreling! I think you might’ve meant debating and argumentative….

          20. idamag November 11, 2015

            No. I meant arguing. Arguing is two sides iwth difference of opinion stating their beliefs and each side at least pretending to ponder the other’s views. Quarreling is refusing to believe anything that does not reinforce their ideology. Argumentation at least tries to present verifiable facts. Arguing just presents opinion. If you are arguing, it is up to you to present your sources. If you are quarreling, jut put your fingers in your ears when you hear an opposing opinion.

          21. sdwesley3 November 11, 2015

            From wordreference.com notice verbal is the key word or violent altercation sometimes using curse words or threatening tones!

            -Debate is when two people are both expressing opposing views, seeking a result.

            -Argue/argument is when one person might be right when the other may be wrong when they are both having a disagreement, this is what altercation means to me as well.

            -Quarrel is when things starts to get violent with very loud confrontation and curse words, same as brawl and fight (verbal) leading to physical assault (violence).

          22. sdwesley3 November 11, 2015

            Either way your your using two different identities, not much info on either one of you … If you are two people. My is guess is your the same, doing some ghost writing for a liberal group funded by Soros!

          23. idamag November 12, 2015

            My Collegiate Websters Dictionary says:
            Argument: (noun) An exchange of diverging or opposite views.

            An attempt to persuade someone that an action or an idea is right or wrong.

            Quarrel: An angry exchange between people.

            It isn’t important to me so we shall go with your version.

            Now, as for your accusation that I am a demagogue:

            I do not believe in political parties. I feel as Washington, Jefferson, and Madison did about them. They are divisive and cause chaos. Someone thinks they will benefit by dividing up the nation. As Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand. Or the National motto: United we stand, divided we fall.

            Yes, I am liberal in some areas and conservative in others. Most people are.

          24. sdwesley3 November 13, 2015

            Ok, I can live with that… Now, we can debate logically.

          25. idamag November 11, 2015

            First, it is hard to believe you were an educator. I still teach. Ideologues have been proven to have less intelligence than thinking educators. Maybe you were a Southern Baptist Sunday teacher. That is not an educator.

          26. sdwesley3 November 11, 2015

            Son, your rude and unprofessional! Not worth my time or for that matter anyone’s! By the way, I think your more of a demagogue!

          27. Geoff November 16, 2015

            If you ever taught anyone, it was a miscarriage of education and your students should either have their tuition refunded (if they paid) or be compensated for damages. You are exactly what’s wrong with the American educational system. An unintelligent clown ………..

      2. Independent1 November 10, 2015

        Yeah!! And you can thank your local GOP state representative for the majority of those Republicans on food stamps!! Fact is that GOP reps in red states cut state services and budgets throwing millions of red state residents onto food stamps after 2008. More than 75% of food stamps go to red states or counties in Blue States run by Republicans.

        Of the 456 counties in America that suck the most welfare, including food stamps, 421 of them, more than 90% voted for Romney in the 2012 election. Of the 17 States that get the least federal aid per dollar to taxes they pay, only 3 of them are red states, and they get back between 96-98 cents on the dollar. it’s 14 Blue States that get back less than 85 cents on the dollar, a number of them as low as 60 cents on the dollar that are really paying the taxes that are keeping America running.

        Even Lawrence Wilkerson, who was Colin Powell’s chief of staff, said recently in a speech given in Houston, that if the southern states didn’t have the tax dollars from California and New York to suck for federal aid, the south would be just like Bangladesh!!!

        1. Dominick Vila November 10, 2015

          The funniest part of their claim about millions of Americans receiving food stamps is that hard working Democrats are paying for the laziness and lack of qualifications of Republican dependent on handouts!

  8. idamag November 9, 2015

    I have a nephew who was raised in a small farm community of about 1000 people. He went into real estate. During the bush years he lost his house and was in dire straits. I felt sorry for him. Now, he is considered well off. He lives in a nice home. Still he is a rabid troll type ideologue.

    typical of people who are raised in the boonies.

    1. sdwesley3 November 24, 2015

      You use the same language in all of your identities! Hello ghost writer jeffy!!!

  9. yabbed November 9, 2015

    It has repeatedly been proven that the economy prospers under Democratic administrations and suffers under Republican administrations. We cannot afford to elect Republicans and expect to thrive economically. We need to think realistically about electing Republicans into the Congress because it is Congress that taxes and spends and Republicans are spendthrifts who simply cannot manage a budget.

    1. plc97477 November 9, 2015

      I am not even sure many of them can add and subtract.

      1. Chris19741949 November 9, 2015

        Much less read.

    2. sdwesley3 November 24, 2015

      Take a better examination of all the large cities that are run by Democratic mayor’s. Look at the states of Illinois and California both democratically owned and operated by Democrats! And Obama comes from Illinois the most corrupt state in the union

  10. Otto Greif November 9, 2015

    Jobs growth has been anemic.

    1. jiro tanaka November 9, 2015

      It is ba cause you haves not anemic life and delusional.

    2. CrankyToo November 9, 2015

      Why are you so ignorant? Can you not read?

      1. Otto Greif November 9, 2015

        Just stating a fact.

        1. Mortalc01l November 9, 2015

          It’s not a fact when all the facts prove you to be wrong, Otto.

          1. idamag November 9, 2015

            I had to go for a surgical procedure and the facility provided shuttle transportation. On the way, the driver informed me that 92% of the Mexicans, in this country were all welfare. I asked him where he got his figures. He said, “Everybody knows that.” The thing that proves prejudice is they will not give credit where credit is due. A fact is a bit of information that can be proved by reliable sources. The fascist movements are not reliable sources.

        2. CrankyToo November 9, 2015

          The implication being that you can, in fact, read, but that you choose to be ignorant. You must be a Turd Party supporter.

          1. Otto Greif November 9, 2015

            You must have turds for brains.

          2. Independent1 November 9, 2015

            And there was just a Conservative outlet named Newsmax who acknowledged that Obama just accomplished something that only he and Reagan has supposedly accomplished: actually cutting the unemployment rate more than in half during their presidential terms. There’s only one difference – it took Reagan a full 8 years to cut a 10.8% unemployment rate to 5.3%; while Obama cut a 10.3% unemployment rate to 5.1% in just over 6.5 years!!

            So in reality, Obama accomplished one heck of a lot more than Reagan ever thought of: and Obama didn’t have the benefit of a compliant Congress and America being in the throes of what should have been the biggest economic driver of the 20th century – the PC computer revolution where virtually every company involved in today’s technology driven sector were either born or greatly expanded while Reagan was in office – it was really the PC revolution that drove job creation in Reagan’s 2nd term absolutely nothing that he did create that!!!!!

          3. Otto Greif November 9, 2015

            Jobs and economic growth were much better under Reagan, that’s a fact.

          4. Independent1 November 9, 2015

            Absolute HOGWASH!! HE CREATED A PALTRY 4 MILLION JOBS HIS 1ST TERM: and the 2nd term job growth was the result of the PC revolution!!!!

          5. Otto Greif November 9, 2015

            Under Reagan there were 23 months when the economy added over 300,000 jobs. Under Obama how many months has the economy added over 300,000 jobs?

          6. Independent1 November 9, 2015

            That was in the beginning of his 2nd term driven by the PC revolution that was pent up demand. And you notice toward the end of his 2nd term the economy fell into recession. Just like with virtually every GOP president.

            And then the economy floundered during H.W., Bush’s 1st term with paltry jobs growth because after the PC revolution kick started the jobs growth, Reagan had done nothing to keep it going. In fact, he did the absolute wrong thing and lowered the max tax rate even further which believe it or not, actually results in killing the economy.

          7. Otto Greif November 9, 2015

            Answer the question.

          8. Independent1 November 10, 2015

            I don’t need to answer the question. It’s a moot point. Even if tons of jobs came from shale oil development, they only came because Obama set up the economy so Big Oil was willing to take the chance to developing shale oil even when the price of oil was way below the price needed to support such an effort, and the demand for oil had plummeted because of the Great Recession.

          9. Otto Greif November 10, 2015

            You refuse to answer the question because the answer highlights how anemic job growth has been under Obama.

          10. Otto Greif November 9, 2015

            How many jobs you attribute to Obama were because of the shale oil boom that Obama thinks is bad?

          11. Independent1 November 9, 2015

            Yes, but unlike Reagan, who did nothing to spur the PC revolution it was Obama going through with the auto bailout and his stimulus package that not only kept America out of a depression but also gave investors the confidence to start shale oil exploration (oil was going for about $30/barrel back then and no oil company was going to invest in the expensive shale oil recovery unless they were confident oil prices would rise. It was Obama resurrecting the auto industry and being willing to invest in the economy that gave oil companies the incentive to go forward with shale oil exploration. So Obama’s even why that has gone on and helped the economy.

            And the same is true with alternative energies, Obama investing 26 billion in green energy leveraged over 100 billion of private sector investment in green energy projects. Reagan never did any of that!!

            And Reagan wasn’t saddled with a congress hellbent on trying to make him fail.

          12. Otto Greif November 9, 2015

            The auto bailout was bad policy and mostly a bailout of Obama’s union supporters. The stimulus was a waste of money. Green energy ” investing” is wasteful, too, and also corrupt, given how much of the investment went to Obama donors.

          13. Independent1 November 9, 2015

            More of your nonsensical nonsense: virtually ever economist who is honest will admit that without the auto bailout and stimulus America would have undoubtedly slid into a depression. To suggest that saving America’s only large manufacturing sector, the auto industry with it’s 1.5 million plus jobs at a time when America was already on the brink of a depression, is not only foolhardy but a clear example of your outright STUPIDITY!

            And there’s actually a book out written by Michael Grunwald that outlines the ‘Genormous’ impact that Obama’s stimulus package has had on our economy and green energy development – which it also cleary outlines you’re absolute stupidity. Trying to carry on an honest discussion with you is like trying to relate to a six year-old!! You better go get a better brain somewhere because your post are virtually all nonsensical!!

          14. Otto Greif November 10, 2015

            You people want more rules and regulations, then you ignore all the rules and regulations to bailout companies when it is politically expedient and advantageous. The economy probably would have grown faster without the stimulus. Michael Grunwald isn’t an economist, he’s a partisan hack journalist.

          15. Independent1 November 10, 2015

            Oh yes!! Let’s ignore the fact that when Hoover took over in 1929 there was a mild recession (as usual for a Republican at the end of Coolidge’s term) and Hoover blatantly refused to apply any kind of stimulus and it was only about 7-8 months when the stock market crashed. And despite that, hoover still refused to apply a stimulus to kick start the economy even as the recession worsened and guess what; the economy did just what most reputable economists looking back at the Great Recession say would have happened had Obama not bailed out the auto industry and applied a stimulus; the economy and world fell into the Great Depression. But let’s disregard what virtually all reputable economists say – the only criticism some of them have is that the stimulus should have been closer to 2 trillion than one.

            But then, having the six-year old’s mind that you apparently have; let’s just not use any common sense and prettend that everything would have been peachy without Obama doing anything. What the heck , when you have the mind and common sense of a six-year old – anything might happen, right?? We can always live in fantasy land when we’re the equivalent of a six-year old!!!

          16. Otto Greif November 10, 2015

            The stimulus didn’t have the effect it’s proponents predicted, so they changed their story and claimed things would have been worse without it and it should have been bigger.

          17. Independent1 November 10, 2015

            And there goes that six-year old making up stories and living in Fantasy Land!! Go stuff your head in a toilet dirtbag – that’s where it belongs!! Like I said. I’m tired of discussing things with a six-year old. Good bye!!!!!!!

          18. Otto Greif November 10, 2015

            You can easily verify the failed predictions of the stimulus proponents.

          19. Otto Greif November 10, 2015

            Hoover increased government spending.

          20. Independent1 November 9, 2015

            And aside from what I just posted, you need to go take a look at the results of all the bailout efforts from our government – you might be interested to note that instead of all those bailouts costing the American taxpayers – the government has actually made about 60 billion dollars when all was said and done based on the repayments made and the interest earned. And that doesn’t even take into account the more than 150 billion in taxes that companies and workers involved with the auto industry have paid into the government coffers that would have been lost had Obama not bailed out the industry. And that 150 billion doesn’t take into account the billions our government would have had to pay in unemployment benefits had the bailout not gone through.

          21. Independent1 November 9, 2015

            And here’s a chart that shows job growth was far better under Carter than under Reagan. And Reagan didn’t even match Nixon with respect to job growth!! You are a pathological lying fool!!!!!!

            You clearly listen to far too many right-wing propagandists!!!

          22. Otto Greif November 9, 2015

            It’s hilarious you think the economy was good under Carter.

          23. Independent1 November 9, 2015

            10 million jobs created. An average GDP growth of 10.9%/yr compared to Reagan’s paltry (at the time) 7.3% average annual GDP growth. And in doing that Carter reduced America’s GDP to Debt to the lowest it’s been in the 20th century, to under 35%. How can you argue with those numbers. You also believe the Reagan created propaganda about Carter, don’t you?? He was ten times a better president than Reagan – Reagan was America’s worst president ever!!!!

            I’ll tell you want, you let me be president and throw more money at the economy, about 2 trillion (about 6 trillion in today’s dollars) – and more money than all the presidents since Coolidge to Reagan had spent – and I’ll guarantee you I could have done everything Reagan did. Let me sit around and dream up crap like Star Wars to throw money at and get in illegal deals with foreign countries…and who couldn’t do what Reagan did????

          24. Otto Greif November 9, 2015

            Go look up what inflation is, though I doubt you will understand it. GDP grew more under Reagan than Carter.

          25. Independent1 November 9, 2015

            Yeah! In the contrived minds of a bunch of GOP politicians who created these fabricated numbers on who great GDP growth was WHEN IT WAS NOT— all just to jurn a mediocre president into something he was not!!


          26. Independent1 November 9, 2015

            And sorry, that chart doesn’t lie, given the paltry job performance his 1st term, a better than the job growth in his 2nd term wasn’t going to turn around how pathetic it was in the 1st term!! Overall he was mediocre!!! LIVE WITH IT!!

          27. lorilaj82 November 23, 2015

            You would not know a fact if it punched you in the face and broke your nose.

          28. CrankyToo November 9, 2015

            Ouch! You really hurt my feelings with that clever little comeback.

          29. @HawaiianTater November 9, 2015

            Otto doesn’t have a normal, functioning brain like you or I. There is a brain there to be sure but his neural pathways are more akin to an MC Escher painting. It produces what looks like words but is mostly just jumbled nonsense.

          30. CrankyToo November 9, 2015

            Right on target, Bro. As always…

            PS – I wasn’t familiar with MC Escher. Thanx for that.

          31. @HawaiianTater November 10, 2015

            Crazy stairs! lol

          32. idamag November 9, 2015

            The party that thinks stupidity is a virtue. look at what is running for the presidential nomination.

          33. CrankyToo November 9, 2015

            You’re exactly right! Stupidity is a virtue to these people! They’re the Duck Dynas-Tea Party.

            It staggers my imagination to read the nonsense posted here on the National Memo by knuckleheads like Otto Greif, Paulyz and a few others (you know who they are). Can they actually be as ignorant as they seem to be? Apparently so.

          34. idamag November 10, 2015

            It is that stupidity that will destroy our Democracy. While we are getting dumber our potential enemies are getting smarter.

          35. joe schmo November 10, 2015

            You people never read, never research and rarely state facts.

        3. Insinnergy November 9, 2015

          No… didn’t think so.

        4. concernedobserver01 November 10, 2015

          umm….. no…. “Jobs growth has been anemic.” is palpably an opinion. This is evident from the presence of the adjective “anemic” – it qualifies “jobs growth”.

          If I was you, I’d look carefully at the difference between a fact and an opinion….

        1. Independent1 November 10, 2015

          When are you going to stop trying to foist these right-wing propaganda sites on us – not one here is dumb enough to bring up those sites except you mentally retarded RWNJs!!!!

          1. idamag November 13, 2015

            I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t in the same league as the son of nazis.

    3. Eleanore Whitaker November 9, 2015

      Only in Republican states. Guess why? When you hang on for dear life to fossil fuel industries and OPEC won’t play kissy kissy and reduce oil production or prices and your prison industries are locking up more criminals in red states than blue, you bet job growth is anemic. The only job growth is Ryan’s.

      1. joe schmo November 10, 2015

        You can’t cut of your nose to spite your face now can you?

        1. Eleanore Whitaker November 10, 2015

          The plumbers, electricians, engineers, construction managers and manufacturers in NJ would tell you you are wrong. Solar energy has made NJ No. 3 in the US. Hi-tech industries in NJ make us No. 1. Take a ride along the Rt. Silicon Highway near South Brunswick and Princeton. Use your cut off nose to see the largest facility is more than a mile long and it’s called Dow Jones..you do know who that is? Don’t you moron?

          You are the kind of lunatic who falls over board and stars to drown and when someone throws you a life jacket, you throw it back. That’s what kind of a dopey numbnut you are.

          1. idamag November 13, 2015

            When hitler went into Russia and murdered entire villages and nearly 100,000 people froze or starved to death in the siege of St. Peters burg, Russia was angry at Germany. They witnessed the horrors of naziism in their own country. They were a little meaner to the East Germans than we were to the West Germans. Then the anti-communist mania hit the United States. Many of the former nazis, in this country were spearheading the communist hysteria. We started helping nazis escape from East Germany and brought them to this country. I am sure they held on to their ideology. Joe the schmuck is a son of nazis

      2. idamag November 12, 2015

        What would you expect from a nazi’s son?

        1. Eleanore Whitaker November 13, 2015

          Ida, for me? The scariest anti government thing I’ve ever heard was in this week’s GOP debate. Rand Paul stood there ballsy as he pleased and said and I quote, “I want a government so small, it can’t be seen.”

          You know what this means? It is a treasonous declaration of forcing the end of the US government. He should be removed from Congress for that remark.

          I’ve said from the get go that the GOP is no longer a party but an anti-government ideology out to replace government with a National corporation with no rules, regulations or taxes.

          At NO other time in US History has a right wing ideology been more dangerous. When a Kentucky Twerp like Rand Paul can make a public statement to turn the government into a small dictatorship run by corporations on our tax dollars, they have to be stopped.

          How small can a government of the people, for the people, by people who number 350 million+ be? You know what Rand Paul wants most is a dictatorship.

          1. idamag November 13, 2015

            I was a child during WWII. It bothered me that an entire country could follow a crazy person. Homicidal maniacs are born all the time, so hitler wasn’t a surprise. Because of my questions, I have read hundreds of books about nazi Germany. A good read is The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. I also read the English version of Mein Kampf. Hitler’s Brown Shirts were thugs so like the KKK and other neo nazi groups. Germany was in the throes of a serious depression. hitler started a blame game. Blame their government. Blame the communists, blame the trade unions. Blame the Jews. The best way to destroy a government is turn the people against it. Shrink it until they can drown it in the bathtub. We had an active nazi party in the United States prior to and during WWII. They infiltrated our defense plants and gave the plans for our bombsight to hitler. They couldn’t call themselves nazis anymore. Eventually, the nazi communist fighters became something else. It is our government. It is suppose to be the government of we the people. We need to defend it against all enemies, even the tea party. Yes, there are serious problems, but that means we have work to do to fix them.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker November 14, 2015

            Ida, I so agree. More than anything, ideology accounts for the massive growth of international terrorism often promoted by American ideologues.

            When all the smoke and mirrors are cleared away, it is ideology that has created the worst loss of unity among Americans. The problem of ideologues is their militancy and ideas of taking control. These are misguided individuals who cling to ideas they hope will help them have some shred of a belief system, how ever violent, belligerent, willful and autocratic it may be. It comes from men with too much power and money whose ideologies have long been in question.

    4. Independent1 November 9, 2015

      That idiotic statement flies in the face of facts: over the last 18 months there have been several 3 month stretches where more jobs were created in 5 months than George Bush created in 8 6 years.

      And with 67 months of positive jobs growth, more than a year longer than at any other period in our history, your comment is just as idiotic as you are. Your posts are absolute pieces of nonsense!!

      1. Otto Greif November 9, 2015

        You can get as hysterical as you want but it’s a fact jobs growth has been weak.

        1. Independent1 November 9, 2015

          You can stop with those pathological lies. There’s no one here that’s going to believe you. When Obama has had the most consecutive 200,000 plus per month jobs growth of any president. Comments like yours only come from a complete fool such as you are!!!

        2. Independent1 November 9, 2015

          And I forgot to point out – Classifying jobs growth over the past 6.5 years that has driven a 10.3% unemployment rate down to 5% (cutting it more than in half) faster than at any time in American history as weak – only a total moron such as you would ever believe such a ridiculous idea !!

          1. Otto Greif November 9, 2015

            You keep changing the subject from the actual jobs numbers, because they are weak. The labor force participation rate is the lowest its been since Jimmy Carter. I get the sense you don’t know how unemployment rates are calculated.

          2. joe schmo November 10, 2015

            Dude, what jobs? Where are they? We see plenty of unemployed around us….. Maybe you are considering all the Illegals that have jobs.

      2. joe schmo November 10, 2015
        1. Eleanore Whitaker November 10, 2015

          bwhahahahahaha….the right wing toy gets his ….again. Don’t you EVER give up?

        2. lorilaj82 November 23, 2015

          No clearly it’s you, you are so much of an idiot you don’t even know that you should keep that fact a secret.

    5. jamesowens November 9, 2015

      your a moron recent study show unemployment at its lowest give up fox look for tthe truth

      1. joe schmo November 10, 2015

        It’s ‘you’re’ not ‘your:) Your liberal education is showing Mr. Low-info.
        900,000 million out of work. Thanks to your Illegal population that Obama just lost his executive authority over. Love it.

        Supreme Crt is his last chance. Not going to happen.

        1. lottogirl846 November 13, 2015

          Gee, more people out of work than we have in our population; how can that be?

  11. latebloomingrandma November 9, 2015

    I’m sure that if right now we had a President Romney, he and the Republicans would be applauding themselves for all these metrics and taking credit for the whole thing.

  12. Powers Boot November 9, 2015

    The President is the Best

    1. joe schmo November 10, 2015

      Barf. You are nothing but a ‘useful idiot.’

      The term “useful idiot” is thought to have been coined by communist mass murderer Vladimir Lenin. It describes naive communist sympathizers in the West (liberals). While Lenin and the Soviets held these stupidd liberals in utter contempt, they also saw them as useful tools for dispensing propaganda.

      You will often find useful idiots (aka liberals) lounging about in a Starbucks with friends, discussing the shortcomings of America over a frappuccino. Useful idiots are a mix of urban hipsters, brainwashed college kids, busy bodies, self righteous do-gooders, silver pony-tailed hippies, (now college professors), quirky wannabe-intellectuals, hysterical females, girly-men, and Michael Moore devotees.

      Useful Idiot Liberals aren’t necessarily bad people, and in many cases, are exceptionally warm and kind hearted. Many have high IQ’s and hold advanced degrees. They can hold files full of factoids in their brains, but lack the capacity to weave them together to find a coherent pattern. Though they fancy themselves as “free thinkers”, they are actually the most authority worshipping (politically correct) and servile creatures you will ever meet. When it comes to independent critical thought, they are astonishingly stupid …..and very dangerous! Liberals are “the unwitting hand maidens of the Communists.”

      1. Powers Boot November 10, 2015

        Gloves off…..blow me

      2. lightharry November 12, 2015

        It should be noted that joe schmo was locked in his bathroom for 3 hours while writing this comment. Becare when touching his notebook.

  13. Eleanore Whitaker November 9, 2015

    NY has already proven the success of the ACA and all those Republican campaign donors of HMOs and Big Insurance are under the microscope to prove why healthcare in the US should be any more expensives than in any other country of the world.

    Jobs in clean energy have risen by over 4% in Democratic states and continue to rise.

    George W. Bush’s Daddy is now whining that his former cronies Rummy and Cheney bashed JEB’s chances for the White House. Not true. His brothers’ legacies of bankruptices did that well enough for JEB.

    The difference between President Bush and Obama is like night and day. Bush kept the US in the dark with his executive privilege based on mass secrecy. President Obama shines daylight on the corruption the right wing and Republican crooks hate.

  14. fortunev November 9, 2015

    The turd party GOP (Gang Of Punks) are reaching for straws. They have nowhere to turn except to lying fantasy mirages of delusions of putrid grandeur. Our Great President Obama will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents the country has ever had, defeating rethuglicon stooges who tried to block his every attempt to improve life for the residents of the US: yet succeeding in spite of their irrational hatred. Just consider the moranic party’s present candidates for president: Every one a mendacious lying fool. The idiots complain about each other in their debates or condemn President Obama ignoring all the good Mr. Obama has accomplished. Hillary Clinton will be a magnificent continuance of excellence for our country’s future.

    1. jamesowens November 9, 2015

      well said

    2. joe schmo November 10, 2015

      Unfortunately, your lord and master will Never be considered one of the greatest presidents this country has ever had. He will go down as one of the most divisive, most bias, most bigoted dictators this country has ever had. In fact, he will go down as worse than Carter. Reagan is already one slated as one of the best so you can’t change that.

      Prey tell, why don’t enlighten us with his accomplishments. I really haven’t seen one thing that he has succeeded at. GDP is nearly at 0%, 900 million out of work. The stock market is being falsely held up. Internationally he has been a catastrophe. Obamacare is a disaster. People don’t even realize how much their premiums will go up. Many people are opting out. Trump predicts it will implode in 2018. Outsourcing continues. The influx of ILLEGALS continues, PC has gotten out of control. Black lives matter groups has caused anarchy. Authority such as police have been flayed. Geez, how has he contributed to AMERICAN society? He hasn’t. We the American people are tired of this carnage. We’re tired of catering to the freaks. Kentucky just voted in another Repub governor. Ohio voted legalization of pot out and Texas is getting rid of PP. There are now more Red states than Blue states, and you still don’t get it? Get this….Utopia doesn’t exist an Obama was the worst president we have ever had. Liberals don’t have any common sense.

      1. lightharry November 12, 2015

        Check your sources and rewrite this comment!

      2. lottogirl846 November 13, 2015

        900 million out of work? I don’t think we have that many people in the US.

    3. sdwesley3 November 11, 2015

      Go Rubio!!!

  15. Whatmeworry November 9, 2015

    Stoer Safer SERIOUSLY

    1. Chris19741949 November 9, 2015

      Blah blah blah.

      1. whatmeworryisfatDan Ketter November 10, 2015

        ←5 reasons why moron whatmeworry (real name Dan Ketter) is a good tea party reflubican (yuk yuk):

        1. Supports the military fully, yet coward Dan dodged the military draft during Vietnam with an in-school deferment.

        Is a military impostor on his online profiles, claiming to be a retired
        Air Force Colonel and pilot, yet is not a veteran in any service.

        3. Claims to also be a retired college professor, but was only a “teaching assistant” during his draft evasion days of college.

        4. Hates all races and genders except fat white bald headed old men like himself

        5. Hates welfare, yet Dan supported himself and his family on welfare and
        food stamps for 5 years after school while unemployed, until he ended up
        on Ford Motors payroll in 1977 as a desk clerk in sales.

      2. Daniel Max Ketter November 10, 2015

        Barack will go down in history as one of our greatest presidents, purhaps behind honest Abe Lincoln

        1. sdwesley3 November 25, 2015

          Stupid says what stupid believes!

    2. whatmeworryisfatDan Ketter November 10, 2015

      ←5 reasons why moron whatmeworry (real name Dan Ketter) is a good tea party reflubican:

      1. Supports the military fully, yet coward Dan dodged the military draft during Vietnam with an in-school deferment.

      2. Is a military impostor on his online profiles, claiming to be a retired
      Air Force Colonel and pilot, yet is not a veteran in any service.

      3. Claims to also be a retired college professor, but was only a “teaching assistant” during his draft evasion days of college.

      4. Hates all except fat white bald headed old men like himself

      5. Hates welfare, yet Dan supported himself and his family on welfare and
      food stamps for 5 years after school while unemployed, until he ended up
      on Ford Motors payroll in 1977 as a desk clerk in sales.

      1. idamag November 11, 2015

        The dumbass doesn’t even have practical sense. If I buy a car on a 36 month plan, twelve months later I am still going to be paying for that car. The deficit has been fixed. We are not bleeding trillions a day as we were. That gives us money to pay off the national debt. The national debt that occurred during the bush administration

    3. Whatmeworry November 10, 2015

      I hump my Ted Cruz blowup doll every sunday after church

    4. Daniel Max Ketter November 10, 2015

      I sure wish the UAW at Ford would have accepted me, but they apparently don’t represent overweight balding sales clerks with ugly wives. I will continue to shake my fist to them.

    5. Daniel Max Ketter November 14, 2015

      I’m so fat, I need to wobble with a cane. Too many years of laziness at Ford Motors. Cant do nutting about my ugly hag linda rae though

  16. joe schmo November 10, 2015

    Oh good one. LOL. For sure Bush is not Obama

    1) GW loved the Military, Obama hates our men in uniform.
    2) GW was a RINO, Obama is a communist
    3) GW loves America, Obama hates America and wants to change it to meet the standards of a 3rd world nation.
    4) GW didn’t inflict Obamacare on the nation.
    5) GW had more respect in the world than Obama ever will.
    6) GW was not racially divisive and bias, Obama is.

    1. Excal November 10, 2015

      1) Yep, loved them. That’s why he sent so many of them to die while doing nothing to increase their pay, veterans’ benefits. You can tell Obama hates soldiers by how few of them have died under his watch.
      2) Yep. That’s why the economy, which was in freefall when Dubya left, is doing so well now. Communism.
      3) Are you calling Denmark and the Netherlands part of the 3rd world? If so I guess that’s correct.
      4) True. His only health care plan was a massive giveaway to drug companies that cost MORE than Obamacare and did far less.
      5) Hahahahayoucantbeserious
      6) True. Pretty much every race disapproved of Bush by the time he was done.

      1. Magnus Thunderson November 10, 2015

        Denmark and the Netherlands and Sweden are not communist but socialists’ and to be true were a socialist democracy as well as pubic school Medicare Medicaid unemployment k1-12 Pell grants and our interstate highway system are all socialist

        1. idamag November 11, 2015

          The strange thing about Scandinavian Countries is there is no poverty,

          1. Magnus Thunderson November 13, 2015

            So true there safety net is much better the ours but so is their taxs but as there cover education and heath care the worry’s that plagued the USA are simply not there

      2. David November 12, 2015

        What country are you living in? Example– National debt now over 19 trillion!

        1. lottogirl846 November 13, 2015

          President Obama did NOT add that $19 Trillion. When President Obama prepared his first budget in 2009, he had to add the two UNFUNDED/ILLEGAL wars and the Medicare Part D that Bush 43 did not add to his budget. So in total Bush 43 actually spent 11 trillion during his eight years in office. President Obama has only spent approximately 4 trillion; while reducing the deficit by 63%.

          1. David November 13, 2015

            Sorry, the national debt was 7 trillion when Bush left office, it is now over 19 trillioI know, it is Bushs

          2. lottogirl846 November 13, 2015

            2014 $17,794 $17,522 102% The Fed owned nearly $2.5 trillion of U.S. debt, thanks to Quantitative Easing. This kept interest rates low. Many accused the Fed of simply monetizing the debt.
            2013 $16,719 $16,728 100% Sequestration reduced government spending, at the same time the end of Obama’s payroll tax holiday raised revenue. The U.S. debt hit $17 trillion a few days after the end of the fiscal year.
            2012 $16,050 $16,228 99% Obama extended Bush tax cuts, combined with $900 billion in defense spending.
            2011 $14,764 $15,587 95% Obama Stimulus Act (ARRA) spent $120 billion.
            2010 $13,529 $15,058 90% ARRA budgeted $400 billion. For more, see National Debt Under Obama.
            2009 $11,876 $14,384 83% Economy contracted 8.9% in Q4 ’08, 6.7% in Q1 ’09, lowering tax revenues. ARRA spent $241.9 billion. War on Terror cost $79 billion. Fed funds rate lowered to 0%.
            2008 $9,986 $14,843 67% Economy contracted 3.7% in Q3 ’08, 1.8% in Q1 ’08. War on Terror cost $197.6 billion, Bank Bailout Bill cost $350 billion.
            2007 $8,951 $14,570 61% Iraq War cost $131.6 billion.
            2006 $8,451 $13,909 61% Katrina clean-up was $24.7 billion, swine flu added $6 billion, War on Terror cost $120.4 billion. Ben Bernanke became Fed Chair.
            2005 $7,905 $13,205 60% War on Terror cost $107.6 billion.
            2004 $7,355 $12,368 59% War on Terror was $94 billion.
            2003 $6,760 $11,625 58% Unemployment at 6%. War on Terror cost $53 billion.
            2002 $6,198 $11,037 56% War on Terror added $33.8 billion.
            2001 $5,770 $10,640 54% 9/11 attacks worsened the 2011 recession. Bush tax cuts further reduced revenue.
            2000 $5,629 $10,357 54%

        2. Excal November 13, 2015

          What pray tell is that an example of? You being impressed by large numbers?

          1. sdwesley3 November 18, 2015

            Impressed Excal?? Impressed by all of the accumulated debt? Ex Cal must refer to California, that makes sense for most of the absurd remarks come from that liberal state!

          2. Excal November 19, 2015

            Can any of you nitwits actually provide a response that isn’t complete non sequitur? I’d explain the Latin but I’m not convinced you understand the English.

          3. sdwesley3 November 19, 2015

            Now your identity jumps to…..what six different people? You’re a big phony!

          4. Excal November 20, 2015

            That’d be a “no” then.

          5. sdwesley3 November 21, 2015

            Sorry 8 or 9 different identities you phony GHOST WRITER!

          6. sdwesley3 November 23, 2015
          7. Excal November 23, 2015

            Lazy. Come back when you’ve got something entertaining.

          8. sdwesley3 November 24, 2015

            You remind me of the southbound end of a northbound goat. Except he knows where he’s going you don’t, phony A.

          9. sdwesley3 November 23, 2015

            Excal, you give a like with a different identity that you’re a part of! You phony SOB…

    2. lightharry November 12, 2015

      I really have to ask myself what state of mind are you in, to put this opinion on the Internet. If you took the time and researched every item that you listed then you would have to admit that you have diarrhea of the brain.

      1. lorilaj82 November 23, 2015

        Good response Harry, but clearly wasted on the idiot above, I bet he read the article too. Facts don’t matter to these “people” they are deaf dumb and blind to anything that resembles truth and facts. I do agree however with your conclusion.

        1. sdwesley3 November 25, 2015

          So now your a woman….jeffy, Excal, etc.,etc., your scary!!!

      2. TonyJ3 March 1, 2016

        He’s an American just like you probably are (human maybe cyborg, can’t tell based on you’re weird and creepy profile picture). Everyone has a right to say what they want, even if it conflicts your ideas. Ok so here you go since you want links to the above things he mentioned:
        1) Military hates Obama: (in this article it discusses how military gives Obama a 15% approval rating which is lowest in history and was originally at 35% when Bush left office) also this article was back to 2014, I’m sure the opinion is even lower after Iran deal, Iran arresting US sailors and after NK having/testing nukes
        2)Obama isn’t a communist, thats just dumb and simply isn’t true
        3)Also an opinion
        4) Bush didn’t force universal healthcare (aka Obamacare), so this guy is right about that.
        5) Bush had higher approval in US from both parties than Obama does from both parties. The article shows how Obama has lower approval ratings from important countries worldwide than the Bush administration did.
        6)This article shows how white/black relations have gone significantly down since Obama. This is primarily because a lot of racial incidents such as Ferguson have come out and because media enjoys publishing race bate topics because they don’t like to publish actual news. (I do believe racism still exists, obviously, but the media makes it out to be a lot worse than it actually is)

  17. bcarreiro November 10, 2015

    Bush caused the demise to this country and there is no comparison.

  18. lightharry November 11, 2015

    Most of the Americans seem to forget, very fast, that their fellow country men when traveling abroad were hiding behind the Canadian flag when asked where did they come from. Bush was the crazy uncle that you could just not hide when you needed to. Regarding Bush in Iraq, most Europeans remembered when another nation when into Russia killing everything in it’s path for the sake of bringing their culture to the east. Germans got healthcare in 1871 and every school child in Germany knows that this was the doing of a conservative. There really seems to be a dent in the mentality of Americans who look at the present selection of Republicans running for President and complain that Obama is the worst at the same time the rest of the world finds him the best.

    1. sdwesley3 November 13, 2015

      First of all the rest of the world doesn’t know what’s going on in our country just like we don’t know what’s going on in theirs. But the Italians do, I work with the Italian government! So does Israel! Add Russia to that list!

      1. Geoff November 18, 2015

        Well too bad for the Italians. They have enough issues that they don’t need to get duped by some phony blowhard “I was an educator” fool. Bus driver does not equal educator. Good try.

        1. sdwesley3 November 18, 2015

          Jeffy, or demagogue, or whatever identity your using today, your grammer, needs Work! Lil boy, enroll in an English H.S. Freshman class to learn how to punctuate, and how to demonstrate mores!

    2. sdwesley3 November 17, 2015

      You still think the rest of the world considers him the best?

      1. lightharry November 17, 2015

        Suggest that you do a comparison of the present candidates, one by one against Obama and then you have the answer.

        1. sdwesley3 November 18, 2015

          Check the popularity of your king and see why many more are viewing the republican debates rather than the democrats discussions on how to allow more Syrian refugees in our country, or how to be more government dependent!

          1. dpaano November 25, 2015

            More watch the Republican debates mainly to see what other inane comments can be made by Trump and his cohorts!! I watch it for the entertainment because it certainly isn’t informational in the least!

          2. sdwesley3 November 25, 2015

            Ooooooh another identitity, and a woman nevertheless,
            Eeeeeek, you are a dangerous individual, with multiple personalities! Your problem goes much deeper than just placing different identities behind your vitriol diatribe!

          3. dpaano November 30, 2015

            Not particularly sure what you’re talking about…I’ve only posted under a single name for years and have NO other names that I use to post. I don’t need to post under any other name to get my point across.

  19. sdwesley3 November 17, 2015

    Idamag, independent1, pmbalele, and Jeff … I mean Geoff, how many more identities are you young fella?

  20. TonyJ3 February 29, 2016

    Yes you are right Bush isn’t like Obama. Bush wouldn’t allow insane military states such as Iran or North Korea to have nuclear missiles, which I promise will one day end more innocent lives than 9/11 ever did. The fact that you even have the nerve to blame 9/11 on Bush alone makes me realize how biased and shallow minded you are. The US had and still has a problem with proper screening at airports, which if you are aware Bush was the president of the government and not of American Airlines and or the TSA, which he created because we didn’t have proper security clearance for flying. That’s as narrow minded as me going to spend 10 minutes making a poorly constructed bar chart on excel saying Bush had zero Boston Bombings, zero Santa Barbara incidents, zero Newtown incidents and so on and then putting Obama for 1, for each of the previously listed. I am not even a Republican and I think what you are saying is false and you spread unnecessary hate. Also Bush wasn’t able to increase U.S debt to 19 trillion dollars. Forgot to mention that. Bush was a terrible president but if you think Obama is perfect or even close to being considered a good president than you need to take a lap.

  21. Alex May 16, 2016

    The job growth you speak of are low-end minimum wage jobs. The good jobs keep flowing out of the country. Few people benefited from ACA, unless of course you want to include the insurance companies. The only real triumph Obama has had is gay marriage and allowing perverts legal access to little girls bathrooms


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