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REMINDER: The Number Of Uninsured Americans Increased by 7.9 Million Under George W. Bush

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REMINDER: The Number Of Uninsured Americans Increased by 7.9 Million Under George W. Bush


The week President Obama took office, initial jobless claims, the statistic that immediately gauges layoffs, hit a 26-year high with 637,000 applying for unemployment insurance in one week. It was clear that the president was inheriting a record deficit, a cratering economy and two floundering wars. But buried in all those crises was an unspoken slow-motion disaster that people rarely mentioned: the steady crumbling of our health care system.

“When [former president Bill] Clinton left office, the number of uninsured Americans stood at 38.4 million,” Ron Brownstein wrote in 2009. “By the time [former president George W.] Bush left office that number had grown to just over 46.3 million, an increase of nearly 8 million or 20.6 percent.”

The numbers were just as bad when you looked at the share of the uninsured.

When Clinton left office, 13.7 percent of the population was uninsured. Bush left with 15.4 percent lacking coverage. And the only health reform the last Republican to occupy the White House enacted in his eight years was to add an unfunded prescription drug benefit that guaranteed cuts would need to be made at some point.

So the 15.4 percent of Americans Bush left uninsured in 2008 continued to rise in 2009 to 16.1 percent, then peaked at 16.3 percent in 2010. In 2011, it dipped to 15.7 percent, the biggest drop since 1999. The last census report showed that 48.6 million Americans were uninsured — that’s 15.4 percent. Exactly where it was in 2008.

It would easy to credit the recovering economy for the rise of insured Americans — initial jobless claims last week were half of what they were when Obama took office. But the percentage of the uninsured is now lower than it was in 2006, before the Great Recession hit.

The New York Times‘ Paul Krugman calls the Affordable Care Act’s role in bringing health-cost growth to its lowest rate on record the law’s “secret success.” But the other secret success is how Obamacare is helping to reverse the growth of the uninsured population. This began in 2011 with children and young adults being able to stay on their parents’ plans until age 26, covering more than three million. And it continues this year with millions of Americans being added to the Medicaid rolls and millions likely to sign up for private plans, if the law’s health care exchanges begin working well enough.

Still Republicans are playing up the estimated 5 million cancelations of plans due to Obamacare the same way they played up the deficit and faltering economy President Obama inherited as if it had been his fault.


  1. Buford2k11 November 29, 2013

    I have had employee insurance twice in my forty years of labor…the first one was 100% coverage for a reasonable price…back in the seventies and we were in the Union….the second employer offered one plan for us, and one plan for the bosses…not equal but???? In those ten years, every time enrollment came around we found we had less and less coverage, more deductibles and so on…They told us “In lieu of a pay raise, we will remove more health coverages and add deductibles”…talk about eyebrows being raised…then the added bonus was “there’s the door if you don’t like it”…This was a non-union employer…It is a shame the Unions have been decimated by the propaganda that continues to this day…

    1. Lynda Groom November 29, 2013

      Amen brother. The campaign against labor has been successful at keeping those who need the clout of a union from even considering membership.

    2. Independent1 November 29, 2013

      You can thank President Reagan for being a big reason why you’ve seen the increasing demize of unions. Ronnie was a big union hater – he actually was fired as president of the Screen Actors Guild when it was discovered how much he hated unions.

      When the Air Traffic Controllers Union went on strike, illegally by the way – being that they worked for the government they weren’t suppose to strike – Ronnie pretended to negotiate with them and then suddenly turned and fired every air traffic controller. His firing of the Controllers greatly increased the risk of a major air accident for quite some time as the supervisors that were left working long overtime hours trying to maintain control of the air, also had to work to find replacements. Ronnie’s extremely fortunate that this foolish move didn’t end poorly with people being killed in an accident.

      But although there wasn’t an accident from his firing of the ATCers (the actual workers), the firing did send a message to virtually every CEO and entreprenuer in America – if the President of the U.S. can summarily fire every ATCer, why are we worrying about negotiating with unions in good faith?? And so it was not too long into Ronnies presidency that companies started forgetting about the unspoken bond between a company and its workers (if you work hard for me, I’ll do right by you), and companies started to focus more on the bottom line in order to appease a company’s stockholders. (Of course Ronnies fantasy of trickle-down economics didn’t hurt in establishing that precident either – wealthy stockholders are more important than peon workers.)

      So the current trend was started where since Ronnie’s disasterous presidency for America, companies across the nation started dropping one employee benefit after another, and often even letting their best employees goes who generally were making the most money – especially if they could do that before they had earned significant retirement benefits; of course even that isn’t a problem for most companies today, as the majority of them have even dropped pension plans and even what they’ll match of employees contributions to 401Ks – if they haven’t already dropped those too.

      Americans need to keep in mind that had the GOP had its way over the past 80 years or so, there would be NO Social Security, NO Medicare and it’s also likely companies would never have started offering pension plans or even 401Ks. The American landscape today would be filled with millions more homeless who couldn’t support themself when companies let them go close to retirement age, and the longevity in America would be much worse than it already is due to the GOP throwing people off Medicaid and cutting as many state and federal benefits as it can for the poor, elderly and otherwise needy.

  2. Socialism is Evil. Organized. November 30, 2013

    Without the buffers of private property and free enterprise, collectivist charlatans are more easily able to force people to chase superstitions such as “social justice”.

    1. Mike Barnes April 11, 2014

      Insurance is collectivist. If you pay your premiums and don’t get sick, you don’t get a refund. The insurer uses the money to pay for somebody else’s healthcare.

      What’s wrong with wanting everybody to be part of the system? In fact didn’t Heritage originally propose the individual mandate so everybody has ‘skin in the game’ and can’t just sign up when they get sick?

  3. bernieo November 30, 2013

    “Reminder”??? I pay a lot of attention to this issue but the $7.9 million stat is new to me. The vast majority of Americans have never heard about just how many lives have been ruined by our abominable system but they sure do know a lot of right wing talking points. Democrats and our faux-balanced mainstream media are to blame. They just roll over and play nice in the face of right wing propaganda onslaughts. They even allow the right to frame and name the debate – Obamacare is used by many Dems. Ditto for Frank Luntz’s poll-tested term privatize. How hard could it be for Dems to use the term “profitize”? It is more accurate.

    1. Dominick Vila December 1, 2013

      I agree with you, and that is one of the reasons I seldom donate to the party I belong to. The Democratic party, and a complicit media, have been doing a lousy job at exposing the dangers of what the right wing has been doing and continues to do. Issues such as the ones highlighted in this article should dominate the airwaves in the USA, instead, all we hear is how lousy the Affordable Care Act is because the Federal website was not working correctly when the best healthcare program in our history was rolled out.
      Yes, there are likely to be problems with ACA, the same way every large government program has encountered problems in the past, but those problems are all solvable and none represents a major impediment to the full deployment of ACA. What should be highlighted – and not forgotten – is the positive impact of ACA on 40 million Americans, how it has already influenced changes on insurance policies such as the pre-existing condition clause, caps, and expensive RX, and how it is likely to have a positive impact on small businesses.
      We have allowed the GOP to control the agenda, and we are paying dearly for it.

      1. Independent1 December 1, 2013

        One thing that’s not helping is the right-leaning ownership of many key media outlets: Rupert Murdock owning Faux News, I believe the WSJ and some other news outlets; and maybe even now the Washington Post. (It seems that since Jeff Bezos bought it that the Post has published some even stronger right-leaning editorials – one which Elizabeth Warren has strongly spoken out against.) So when you add Clear Channel owning a number of key TV and Newspapers across the country and even the Koch Bros I think picking up some, all this makes it even more important for those with centrist and left-leaning views to be more active at getting their message out. Unfortunately, there only seems to be a couple of them really willing to do that: Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. I get a lot of emails soliciting donations from others looking to support centrist and lef-leaning movements to help them bring out the message, but those sending these out don’t seem to be willing to do more in getting into the news or on key programs themselves to get their message out.

        1. friedrich5 December 2, 2013

          Like NBC, ABC,CBS,CNN,MSNBC, NYtimes, and all the major city newspapers are not left-leaning?

          1. Progressive_Joe November 2, 2015

            They certainly are when you’re looking at it from so far right you’re considered a nutjob.

      2. JSquercia December 1, 2013

        Where is the Republican PLAN ? Allan Grayson spelled it out “don’t get sick and if you do DIE quickly”

        1. friedrich5 December 2, 2013

          Unfortunately, the Dems refused to listen to it when it was offered and now the very things the left was complaining about is coming to fruition.

    2. JSquercia December 1, 2013

      Profitize , I LOVE it .I loved when Senator Franken asked question “do you know how many French went Bankrupt thanks to Medical expenses ?” The answer is Zero . He asked again ” Do you know how many English went Bankrupt due to Medical expenses ?” The answer again was Zero . Europe provides Universal Coverage and as result people are NOT pauperized by being sick .Unlike HERE and many of those impacted HAD Health Insurance.

  4. elw November 30, 2013

    I really believe no one knows for sure exactly how many people’s health insurance was cancelled this year. Every time I see reference to it there is a different amount. I have see numbers quoted that range anywhere from 100,000 to as high as 90 million. In addition, no one has given a comparison to what the average number of annual health policies cancelations are. I know that when I was in the individual market for health insurance, my policies were cancelled annually. I also know that most businesses renegotiate their coverage on an annual basis, because I often was part of the committees that worked on it. So I agree with the authors premise that most of what we hear from the Right are numbers taken out of context, which makes them meaningless. For example, our total debt is the results of decades of growth contributed by both Republican and Democratic Administrations, so talking about the total is nonsense. The more important number is the individual contribution of each President and whether that contribution went up or down during their time in office. The same applies to the number of cancelled policies this year, it will only be a negative thing if the numbers of people without health care coverage goes up and if when all is said and done more rather than less people are unhappy with their coverage. Until we have that information every negative comment and big promise is meaningless political rhetoric.

    1. Independent1 November 30, 2013

      You were somewhat right with your statement: “For example, our total debt is the results of decades of growth contributed by both Republican and Democrate Administrations….”. Unfortunately, that was only true until Reagan took office. From the beginning up until Carter, presidents added or took away a few million some years and then up to 2-300 billion in others. America’s total debt when Carter left office with all the presidents adding and taking away from it had grown to about 1 trillion dollars.

      But then Ronald Reagan doubled the debt to 2.9 trillion in 8 years – he actually spent more money (almost twice as much) in 8 years than all the presidents before him had spent combined. And then president Bush Sr. added another 1.5 trillion. And despite the fact that Clinton actually had his last 3 budgets with surpluses, due to the fact that he inherited a debt of 4.5 trillion, debt service and trying to bring deficit spending down from Bush Sr. resulted in the debt going up another 1.3 trillion to 5.8 trillion; which Bush Sr. doubled in 8 years to 11.9 trillion. And in the process passed on to Obama a budget with 1.9 trillion in deficit spending (600 billion of it had been spent before Obama took office); so despite the fact, that once again a Democrat president tried to bring down spending, the deficit increased under Obama from 11.9 trillion to our current 16.7+ trillion.

      And that’s despite the fact that Obama has been the smallest spending president since Eisenhower; averaging only 1.4% budget increases/yr (in contrast to Reagan and Bush jr at over 8%/yr) and has cut deficit spending more than in half during the 4 years he’s budgetted. From the 1.9 trillion in Bush’s last budget to around 683billon for 2012-13. All this has resulted in the fact that since Reagan, he and the two Bushes are really responsible for around 85%-90% of our current debt.

      So it is worth talking about. Since Nixon’s 2nd term, he and the other GOP presidents after him have spend like drunken sailors, while Carter, Clinton and Obama have all been forced to work at bringing deficit spending down AND ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR LESS THAN 10% OF OUR CURRENT DEBT. Despite what the GOP would like Americans to believe – it is Republicans that are the big spenders NOT the Democrats!!!

      1. friedrich5 December 1, 2013

        Independent1, where are you getting your numbers? Obama has added more debt in the first 4 years than both of the Bushes together in their 12. Just remember, both Bush and Obama entered office with monthly unemployment claims relatively close but Bush was able to pull the economy out of the recession in about 2 years while we are in year 5 under Obama and we still have high unemployment with about 3% of the working population not even counted since they have been out of work so long.

        1. Independent1 December 1, 2013

          Sorry, I’m not even getting into a discussion with someone who is delusional enough to believe that the bump-in-the-road recesslion that Bush inherited is even remotely comparable to the total economic disaster that Obama inherited when the country was shedding 900,000 jobs/mo when he took office with thousands of companies having gone belly up!! You have to be truly demented to even want to try and compare these two recessions. The Great Recession was a far worse economic disaster than even the Big Depression and it took FDR working tirelessly almost 13 years to get America back to its original self. Go somewhere and fly a kite!!

          1. elw December 1, 2013

            Friedrich5 is the perfect example of the type of person I was trying not to confuse by limiting details in my initial comment. HUH, I guess that is completely impossible since you cannot undo delusional with logic. Hope you had a good turkey day:)

          2. friedrich5 December 2, 2013

            Sorry Independent1, I think you better check your history on Roosevelt. The 13 years were a results of many failed attempts due to the poor understanding the the effects of interest rates and economics on the economy. Only WWII allowed Roosevelt to exit the recession due to the high demand for war goods and the lack of workers ( most men went into the military), This recession ( 2008-2009) was the opposite where the government attempted to leverage prosperity by making home ownership for everyone and the Wall St greed accommodating the government with the financing of all kinds. The explosion of that bubble and the large loss of equity resulted in pull backs in both business and personal areas to maintain adequate cash flow and the resulting black hole that these actions create. In both cases, demand makes the economy grow but Obama continues to focus on trying to create demand in areas where “most citizens” do not desire “more”. He needs to focus on jobs and work with both parties to incentivize the private sector to create the jobs. I think everyone including the “demonized GOP” is in favor of healthcare but when the lowest percentage of Americans in over 30 years are actually working ( lower than when Obama took office …… http://data.bls.gov/timeseries/LNS11300000 ) it is more and more difficult for citizens to maintain their homes……( the black hole continues ). This by far needs to be the priority and not healthcare, thus the blockage or whatever you call it.. Today we have lost more people as a percent of the workforce since 2010 than from the high during the Clinton administration to the beginning of the Obama administration….and that is only from 2010 when Obama began claiming he was adding jobs. I’m sorry, Independent1 if you are unwilling to discuss anything or even furnish where you are getting your information, you will never make any improvements and be just talking to yourself and believing what ever you want. I was not happy with what Bush did during his tenure but it amazes me that you cannot see how much worse is the course Obama is taking.Please, at least look at the BLS data from the link above and when we fix this we can talk about healthcare and the fixes that would make sense to all Americans because without jobs, nobody can pay for the rates being quoted on the Healthcare site. Remember, these people need to pay these inflated rates for able 15 months until they file their taxes and can claim the credit. Between now and then, they will need to cut back expenditures even more to pay the rates hurting the economy even more.

          3. rocky April 19, 2014

            I have read some of these comments and I do not know you but I see someone who actually will disregard facts and statistics that prove the Dems are right in their debate. YOU want to constantly be on the defensive and spin as much as FOX news…..Most intelligent people understand that FOX is a total extreme right wing company and their goal is to turn the facts to portray the RIGHT as HERO’s and the LEFT as BAD!….Koch brothers and Murdock have an agenda and it is to change the course of American History in their distorted view of how things should become. Reagan was a bad president. I was awake and aware during that time. He was a puppet and I felt sorry for him because his mental state was lacking and they tried to cover it up as long as they could. He was just to old and sick for the job. WHEN Obama took office, all the cost of the IRAQ war was suddenly pushed into the spotlight and was not and had not been counted in our national debt. I do not care how you spin it, not all the debt we have belongs to Obama. THOSE are facts. Another FACT is that BUSH created the worse economic time in this country in the history of America. It was not easy for Obama to get us out of the major recession we were in, and the Republicans didn’t want to solve the problems they just wanted to play the BLAME GAME and divert the attention from BUSH to Obama REALLY fast!……….

          4. friedrich5 April 20, 2014

            Rocky, let me see if I can understand your argument.First, I am not on the defensive.I have no dog in this fight. I just want to get the bulk of the population back to work with decent jobs. Now, you say I “spin”. Can you tells me specifically tell me what you feels I am spinning. Now you state that “most intelligent people” know that FOX is a right wing company. Where are you getting that talking point? The only people I know that state FOX is an “extreme” right wing company are the Dems, excuse me the extreme left wing Dems. Ok now you are accusing the Kock Bros and Murdock of trying to change America. Again, where does that talking point come from….no facts yet. Reagan is your opinion but the facts don’t always bare your opinion as correct, At least he turned the economy around in his eight years.Oh, and now the Bush blame game comes up. Just so you know, Bush did not create it, please read the book by Michael Lewis, The Big Short for the real story. Finally, the republicans are not necessarily helping things but, Obama is has not done anything to help either. he continues to try to execute his extreme left wing agenda and his lack of understanding basic economics does not help. Please understand the country needs jobs, jobs, and jobs and Obama is doing his best at keeping the unemployment high. In fact, if Bernache did not step in and take over the economy by his monetary policy, this country may be in worse shape than when Obama came to office in 2009!

        2. JSquercia December 1, 2013

          One reason for Obama not being able to pull the out of its unemployment woes is the Obstructionist Republican Party which has yet to propose a jobs program .
          Another is that Obama was handed the WORST Economy since the Great Depression .Indeed were it not for new deal programs
          such Unemployment Insurance it might well have been a repeat of 1929 all over again .
          It hasn’t helped that those states with Republican Administrations have slashed Public service JOBS .

          1. friedrich5 December 3, 2013

            JSquercia, so Obama can’t function until the GOP proposes fixes? If that is the case, you are reinforcing the poor leadership of OBama argument. Yes, the economy was bad as I explained above, but the DEMs controlled the House and Senate for the first 2 years and did NOTHING to help Obama get the economy going. The people got annoyed with the lack of leadership of any any area of government and vote many of the house and senate out for a change. Since Nevada Harry would not allow any senate proposals to be brought to the floor unless he agreed with it created the gridlock that continues today. n the state level the states that are following the Presidents lead are doing nothing but the states that are favoring the private sector over the public sector are beginning to move forward….do the research.The liberal NE is doing nothing except drain more tax dollars from the residents….I live there, I worked in local government and I can document it.

        3. Progressive_Joe November 2, 2015

          Your idea of Obama’s debt is 2 unfunded wars and a tax cut for the rich by Bush. Your unemployment numbers aren’t even worth commenting on they’re so ridiculous.

          Time for a reality check, and quit watching Fox News.

          1. friedrich5 November 2, 2015

            Your response shows your ignorance. Both Bush wars and the tax cut you mention created less debt in Bush’ 8 years than Obama has done in 6 years.

          2. Progressive_Joe November 3, 2015

            Both wars were UNFUNDED until President Obama took office. Passing the buck, you might say. The tax cuts are still in effect and the simple fact of the matter is less tax income equals higher defecits.

            You know, deficits, that thing that Clinton had in the black by 250 Billion dollars.


      2. elw December 1, 2013

        Hi Independent1, you are, as always, correct with your details. I did simplify the total debt and how it got there to the limit. I was trying to make a point without confusing the crazy right with too many details. My point was actually that the right is always jumping to conclusions based on information taken out of context and continually concluding it is the end of Obama Administration and the final failure of the ACA; and, they have always been wrong in their predictions because it is just wishful thinking on their part and has nothing to do with reality. I probably should have just said it that way, nothing works better than straight forward.

        1. Independent1 December 1, 2013

          Hi elw, I hope I didn’t come across as being critcal in any way, I always appreciate and agree with your posts. I guess I may be in a rut here in wanting to make it clear to anyone reading our posts which party is really mostly to blame for America’s current 16.7 trillion plus in current debt. Despite my efforts at trying to expose the GOP lie, even this morning I’ve had a couple right-wing nuts trying to tell me that Obama has driven up our debt far more than Bush. It’s like they just insist on continuing with their lies!! And now another GOP lover trying to compare a run-of-the-mill recession that Bush took over with the Great Recession. I find it hard to believe that someone can really be that delusional.

          1. elw December 1, 2013

            You did not come across as critical at all and I did not mean to imply that in any way. I always enjoy reading your post and know without a doubt that you and I are coming from the same place.

        2. Independent1 December 1, 2013

          Actually Friedrich5 in suggesting that anyone with one ounce of common sense could compare Bush fixing the 2001 recession in 2 years while Obama is still working at fixing the Great Recession in 5, made me realize that Bush really never fixed the 2001 recession at all. From the time of the 2001 recession until the Great Recession, not only the economy itself, but the growth in GDP, growth in personal incomes and even the 2% growth in job creation, were the most lackluster in 7 decades. Which if you really think about it, Bush’s failure to really get the economy going during his 8 years is the reason the economy has been struggling over the past 4 years to get going again: Bush never really did fix the economy during an 8 year period (not too mention that the GOP has obstructed everything they could block that would have helped it gain momentum).

          The economy just slogged along in full or half recession for 8 years, really not going anywhere, and then suddenly falling into the biggest economic disaster to actually ever hit America. Again, if you think about it, there was a lot more to destroy in the country in 2007-2010 than there ever was back in the 1930s. Far more companies that went belly up, far more people who lost their jobs, millions more investors in the stock market who lost fortunes and on and on. Therefore, a lot more to be destroyed making a lot more to fix; and it took America 13 years to recover from the Big Depression. So anyone really expecting America to be back on its feet after the Great Recession within 5 years is simply delusional in their expectations.

      3. Progressive_Joe November 2, 2015

        I think one of your Bush Sr references in your comment should actually be Jr. Also, your comment sounds shockingly similar to me rambling on to my nut-job right-wing in-laws at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

        And, thanks for reminding me, need to bone up on my numbers for this years Thanksgiving spanking I shall dole out.

    2. Dominick Vila December 1, 2013

      My former employer changed insurance carrier, routinely, during my 40 year tenure to get the best deal possible. You are 100% correct, the attempts being made to suggest that what is happening is unprecedented and that, Heavens forbid, we may have to change doctors is almost laughable. Unfortunately, people tend to remember the latest claim and seldom make an effort to compare what is happening today to what happened as recently as 5, 10 or 15 years ago…and that’s what the GOP is counting on.

      1. elw December 1, 2013

        True, but it is fueled by more than short memory. Most people get their insurance through their employer and have no idea what’s involved in maintaining it. Everyone is use to their personal costs going up every year, but those who get their insurance through their employer have never really experienced a 100 percent increase in their personal cost or being told that their chronic condition and it associated costs will no longer be covered. Most people are never even aware when their employer has changed carriers or whether that change is voluntary or because the Insurer has cancelled that particular employer coverage – which does happen. However, most employer can easily find other coverage and the employee never actually get notice that their insurance has been cancelled. Therefore it is easy for them to believe that what the Right is pushing is unprecedented. What is so unconscionable to me is the fact that the GOP is misrepresenting what is happening on purpose and understands why people will believe it.

  5. Dominick Vila December 1, 2013

    I guess I am among the lucky ones who had excellent healthcare insurance, a month paid vacation a year, and a private pension plan that allow me and my wife to live comfortably throughout my professional life. Sadly, benefits like those are now limited to a small fraction of our population, while the rest struggle to put food on the table, have to do with substandard insurance policies, are lucky to have a 2-week paid vacation, and live paycheck to paycheck. The most amazing part is that in spite of deteriorating labor conditions, there are still many fellow Americans who criticize our workers because they are not saving enough to cover their retirement expenses, and that some make so little that the only way they can feed their families is to rely on food stamps, without ever offering a solution to a decaying standard of living and, on top of that, demonizing the Unions that are still trying to preserve average salaries and benefit packages. Our transition to a plutocracy is alive and well, and if the trend continues for another decade or two, the formidable middle class that was once the envy of the world will be no more.

    1. Independent1 December 1, 2013

      All we can hope for, is that those who continue to vote the Self-Seeking Party back into office will at some point wake up and realize which party it really is that is holding them back from being able to at least strive to work toward achieving their dreams. One would like to think that at some point, the American electorate will wake up and realize that the party that can truly lead them into the future, certainly isn’t the party of NO!!

      1. Dominick Vila December 1, 2013

        It is going to be a long time before that awakening takes place. This morning, a very close relative of mine, posted a picture of Bush and Obama on Facebook asking friends to click like if they thought Bush was a better President than Obama. Bush was leading by 500,000 votes…
        Short of suffering from an advanced state of Alzheimer. amnesia, or having our brain wired backwards I can’t imagine anyone voting from one of the most inept Presidents in history, a deceiver, the man who was in office when the worst foreign attack took place on U.S. soil, the man who proposed and ordered crusades designed to help his friends and propel his popularity at home, the man responsible for the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, the man who tarnished the image of the USA by authorizing the use of torture, and yet, a large number of Americans love the guy and would not hesitate to vote for a clone of him. That kind of mentality is, by far, the worst problem our society is facing.

        1. Independent1 December 1, 2013

          My only guess is that what we’re seeing is due to the constant brainwashing by the right-leaning media that cherrypicks facts which distort what’s really happening and which demonize Obama and everything that centrists and left-leaning folks stand for. One of our friends tends to associate with Tea Party types and passed me a number of graphs which portend to show how great a job Bush was doing with some graphs not only cherrypicking facts but others actually showing flatout distorted facts (lies if you will). As an example, one graph showing the affects on America’s debt during the time Dennis Hastert was Speaker as being negative but when Nancy Pelosi took office our debt suddenly skyrocketed (as if the Dems had total control of the budget process during 2007 and 2008 when that wasn’t true – the GOP had to of agreed to any spending during that time as the Dems didn’t have filibuster proof control of the Senate. And they only had filibuster proof control of the Senate for less than 7 months in 2009). I think unfortunately, as tight together as many conservatives have become, this falsified information spreads quickly and millions of Americans are brainwashed into believing total lies.

          1. Dominick Vila May 14, 2016

            Let’s not forget that the only real increase in the debt caused by President Obama’s policies involved the stimulus package, used to save our economy from the collapse predicted by George W. Bush in 2008. The rest of that debt involves the sale of Treasury notes to pay for our crusades and irresponsible fiscal policies (refusal to pay enough taxes to pay for what we need and benefit from), obligations such as Social Security and MEDICARE, which all Americans contribute to and expect to benefit from, and interest on the debt. With deficits cut by 2/3 during Obama’s tenure, the suggestion that the debt increases are the result of his policies is hogwash. We are paying for the irresponsibility of W’s policies and actions, for the effects of trickle down economics, and for our refusal to act responsibly.

          2. MV May 15, 2016

            Exactly, Dom! Clinton Paid Off the RayGun/Bush Deficit, replaced it with a Back to Back Record SURPLUS, & had a plan to Erase the Debt in short order, before Scalia INSTALLED bush! (And Diebold) Lest we forget, Obama has been Paying $6 Trillion to pay up on the bush 43 deficit “Per Year!” Not to mention the War Debt that bush Failed to even put on the books! USA? USA? USA?

        2. MV May 13, 2016

          Even ‘W’orse, republiKKKlans are now posting that bush was handed a recession from Clinton, & bush handed Obama a good economy! Skull Wash! What did bush leave us with again? Who will answer?

          1. Dominick Vila May 14, 2016

            He left us with an economy that, by his own account, was on the verge of collapse, 800,000 jobs lost a month, record deficits, escalating debt, and the total destabilization of the Persian Gulf and Middle East, not to mention the emergence of ISIS, the Sunni movement we are now dealing with.

      2. friedrich5 December 2, 2013

        You spelled it wrong. They are the party of KNOW!

      3. MV May 13, 2016

        A republican Installed judge Installed bush, then the courts became political, allowing the states to redistrict, gerrymander, reject certain votes, & disallow certain groups to even register to vote by hook & by crook! They Took us from Surplus to Cesspool, & now they prosper from Obstructing This President Elect X 2 during his Recovery! USA? USA? USA?

    2. MV May 13, 2016

      You won’t be seeing this post cheered about on FOX Noise any time soon. Or Ever! But Why?

  6. Although collectivists tend to claim that society has been “designed”, those of the liberty school understand that civilization has resulted from the decisions and actions of innumerable individuals over long periods of time.


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