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5 Reasons The GOP Needs To Be Punished For Trump

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5 Reasons The GOP Needs To Be Punished For Trump

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Some would like to pretend that the Republican party is just an innocent victim that had an alien named Donald Trump suddenly crawl out of its stomach.

How could a party that gave us a sensible, sober-minded guy who looks like he escaped from a four-blade razor commercial be blamed for the sudden rise and imminent fall (to be followed, possibly, by another rise) of a brutally bombastic bigot?

Well, let’s recap how the Republican Party destroyed its immune system to make itself the perfect host for infection by a man who inherited his career and spent his life grifting off the grace and sweat of workers — a man with no public service, a genius for scapegoating, and a generosity that he only extends to his potential heirs.

For the sake of brevity, we’ll skip the part where conservatives decided to, as Nixon aide Pat Buchanan advised in 1971, “cut the Democratic Party and country in half” using “dog whistle politics” with the goal of ending up “the larger half.” Instead, we’ll start with the GOP’s decision to reject the legitimacy of the first black president on the night of his inauguration as America was in the midst of the worst fiscal crisis since the last time laissez-faire conservative economics led us into a depression.

As our Joe Conason wrote,”The billionaire bully and his angry mob are their own shrieking chickens, finally coming home to roost.”

Here are five reasons the GOP needs to be rebuked up and down the ballot for giving us Donald Trump.

  1. Abandoning judicial norms.
    Republicans are closing out President Obama’s second term with an unprecedented act of obstruction — refusing to even consider his final appointment to the Supreme Court, leaving a seat open for a record length of time, hoping it will be filled by Donald Trump. Slate‘s Dalia Lithwick explains that this egregious act is the culmination of decades of GOP hyper- focus on the courts. In 2009, Obama’s Seventh Circuit Court nominee David Hamilton, “a well-regarded judge, recommended by a senior Republican senator [Dick Lugar of Indiana], was blocked for no reason other that Obama had named him.” This persistent stonewalling has led to a vacancy crisis on the federal courts that would surely be worse if Senate Democrats hadn’t sharply limited the filibuster. John McCain, now locked in a battle to keep his Senate seat, even vowed to block any nominee sent up by President Hillary Clinton. “We are now hearing arguments that posit the choice between electing the most lawless president Americans have ever encountered, or indulging serious arguments about the necessity to blow up the court, the executive branch, and the Senate itself, in order to preserve the Constitution,” Lithwick explained. This is the natural consequence of a party that values its power to make law through the courts above everything — even basic decency.
  2. Abandoning legislative norms.
    Republicans have spent seven years reminding America that not one Republican voted for Obamacare. The strategy of absolute obstruction was their plan from the beginning. But this narrative leaves out how Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee purposely spent months slowing down the process, to make a plan based on conservative reforms implemented by Governor Mitt Romney in Massachusetts even more business friendly. Today Obamacare is an extraordinary success that has insured over 20 million. “In fact, for the majority of Americans with employer-based coverage, the average annual premium increase since Obamacare became law in 2010 has declined 40 percent compared to the increases of the previous decade, saving the average family nearly $3,600 a year,” Politico Magazine‘s Mike Grunwald explains.”  And Obamacare’s cost savings have extended the solvency of Medicare by 11 years. But there is a serious problem of escalating premiums for Americans who earn too much for subsidies and get insurance through the new exchanges — about three percent of Americans, Grunwald estimates — and the GOP’s solution is to let those people suffer while pursuing repeal. After six years of promises, the party has no plan for replacing the law that can be scored in any reasonable fashion. Meanwhile Republican states have blocked Medicaid expansion for more than four million of the poorest yet hardest working American families. And then there’s the filibuster. “Republicans went into full-bore filibuster mode the day he took office, and they’ve kept it up ever since,” Mother Jones Kevin Drum and Jaeah Lee explained. “For all practical purposes, anything more controversial than renaming a post office has required 60 votes during the entire Obama presidency.” And let’s not forget how the House GOP refused to even vote on a Senate immigration bill despite warnings from inside and outside the party that refusing to embrace reform could end up costing the party the vast majority of Latino support in perpetuity. A gerrymandered majority that relies almost entirely upon white votes, manically obstructing a historic presidency, while doing nothing to reach out to minorities — including fixing the Voting Rights Act — turns out to be a perfect invitation for the rise of a white nationalist demagogue.
  3. Nurturing conspiracism.
    How do you end up with a birther as your party’s nominee? You refuse a full-throated condemnation of such racist conspiracy theories and instead, you stand on stage and accept the endorsement of a birther. You also make delegitimizing the president a key part of your legislative agenda by defunding ACORN — a group that has not existed since 2010 — over and over and over and over and over because you know your base believes that group helped steal the 2008 election, which President Obama won in a yuuuge landslide.
  4. Threatening to wreck the economy to implement a radical conservative agenda.
    Speaker of the House Paul Ryan loves to play the good soldier, forced to rescue a party torn between those who think Donald Trump is a terrible racist and those who think he’s a wonderful racist. But Ryan was the key player in using the crisis President Obama inherited as an opportunity to punish the poor and retirees. Republicans nearly sparked a global economic catastrophe by refusing to raise the debt limit to pay for funding Congress had already approved. The president was ready to cede to the right’s demands somewhat if Republicans would ask the rich to pay slightly higher taxes. Ryan and the GOP decided to relent but only after securing promises to starve the government as America tried to recover from the recession. Their hope then is still their hope now — securing bigger cuts and huge tax breaks for the rich. How does the GOP end up with a self-proclaimed billionaire who is proud he doesn’t pay taxes? You spend decades convincing America that the fortunes of the nation depend on coddling the rich, and then you try to make the poor pay for a crisis that wealthy investors inflicted on the world.
  5. Aiding and abetting Trump. Not long before Donald Trump beat him in his home state’s presidential primary, Marco Rubio delivered a teary-eyed speech explaining why Donald Trump must not allowed to become president. He’d previously called Trump “a lunatic trying to get a hold of nuclear weapons in America.” And he’s still endorsing him for president.

The Republican Party is largely silent as its nominee — whom it forced to sign a pledge to remain in the party — is actively trying to wreck our democracy by calling our elections “rigged” with no evidence to back up his accusation.

“One moment crystallized precisely what the 2016 election is about. When asked whether he would respect the election results, Trump shrugged. ‘I will look at it at the time,’ he told moderator, Chris Wallace. ‘I’ll keep you in suspense, OK?’ No, not OK. Not at all. This isn’t the build-up to the season finale of a reality show. This is the basis of our representative democracy,” Nicole Hemmer, assistant professor at the University of Virginia’s Miller Center, told Politico Magazine. “Americans are not supposed to be waiting to hear Trump’s verdict on election night; he is supposed to be waiting to hear ours.”

America needs to render a verdict on the Republican Party that welcomed and enabled this man. And it must be harsh.



  1. PrecipitousDrop October 24, 2016

    The best rebuke would be to use our own power at the polls to send as many Republicans as we can straight back to their old jobs, the jobs they had before they decided to run. We can do that, you know. The entire House of Representatives has to be reelected every other year. All of them. Our votes can eliminate the House Republican majority. We just have to pay attention, and then DO IT. Senators’ six-year terms are staggered. We vote them out when it’s their turn for reelection.
    This is serious. Who seriously prefers another four or eight years of obstruction?

    1. FireBaron October 24, 2016

      Jobs? Most of these guys have never had real jobs. They inherited what their daddies and granddaddies made. Either that, or they worked their way up from school board, to state legislature to Congress, never having held a real job in their lives.

      1. AgLander October 24, 2016

        That is funny in light of the fact that Clinton is a member in good standing and leader of the corrupt plutocrats who rule the Democrat party, check after check, after check, after check!

        1. FireBaron October 24, 2016

          At least she worked for a living as a public defender. Not that I am making excuses for her. Her record as a lawyer was such that I would not consider ever hiring her, myself! I think in that you and I can both agree.

          1. AgLander October 24, 2016

            She’s a free roaming felon only because of equally corrupt (or bribed) government officials at the DOJ and FBI providing her cover from prosecution…….62% of Americans believe the evidence presented justified an indictment

          2. bobnstuff October 24, 2016

            Over 40% believe in bigfoot, 49% believe in UFO’s. Tell me how many millions of tax dollars have the republicans spent trying to nail Clinton. You see public opinion isn’t based on facts, just on what the talking heads tell them.

          3. marriea October 24, 2016

            Thank you (smile)

          4. AgLander October 24, 2016

            That’s o.k. sweetie……let the man do the heavy lifting for you while you do your nails but still loudly complain that you want to be treated as an equal. You are a study in contrasts….I know, I know, you don’t see it. Your kind never does.

          5. marriea October 24, 2016

            You’re right Aggy, Your kind never does.

          6. idamag October 24, 2016

            OMG, would the world be better off without people like the boonie scratch and spit.

          7. Mama Bear October 24, 2016

            14 million so far on Benghazi alone.

          8. dpaano October 24, 2016

            Yes….all of it our hard-earned taxpayer money!!! We should all be mad as hell! I know that I am! The GOP Congress has wasted so much money on so much BS….imagine how much infrastructure could have been repaired, built, etc., and how many jobs could have been realized if they had used this money for good?

          9. Mama Bear October 24, 2016

            not to mention the fact that this is not the first time embassy people have been killed:
            241 U.S. Marines were massacred at the Beirut airport when Reagan was President.
            Over 100 people were killed as a result of eleven (11) U.S. embassies and consulates being attacked when W was President.

            It actually takes nerve for Republicans to broach this subject.

          10. idamag October 25, 2016

            Yes, but back then we were real Americans and came together in outrage as a country. Now, the fascists politicize it.

      2. PrecipitousDrop October 24, 2016

        Yours is the very best argument for lining up at the polls — every time they open. There is no more efficient way to short-circuit the long climb of career politicians.

  2. AgLander October 24, 2016

    “Punishing” your political opponents? The Brown Shirts of the Democrat party are out in force and reminding us what a Clinton administration would look like…..1930’s Germany. At least they are being honest about it!

    1. FireBaron October 24, 2016

      You mean as opposed to the neonazis who support Teflon Donnie and who are looking forward to exiling anyone who doesn’t look like them?

      1. AgLander October 24, 2016

        Sorry if I hit a nerve but I’m just using your own words, words that have specific meanings and are being used freely by Democrats in the most threatening of ways…or perhaps the English language is not really one of your strong areas of understanding.

        verb….to treat someone in an unfairly harsh way, inflict a penalty or sanction in retribution for an offense.

        Hitler fully understood the meaning of the word “punish” and he sure did a lot of punishing…to the millions who suffered the ultimate and most inhumane end, they too knew what the word “punish” meant.

        1. FireBaron October 24, 2016

          No one can deny what was done in Germany in the 1930s and 40s. However, a significant number of Teflon Donnie’s followers ARE Holocaust deniers. They are also the same ones who wish to impose a 1950s America that never existed except on “Leave it to Beaver”. An America where all Blacks are invisible, all women are subservient and obedient to their fathers and husbands, and laws should be Separate and Unequal in their enforcement.

          1. AgLander October 24, 2016

            Yet what you describe in treatment of women is going on today all around you in the Arab world (and Islamic conclaves within the U.S.), yet you support the candidate who has accepted hundred of millions of pay off dollars funneled through the Clinton Foundation from women abusing countries……and you don’t feel even a bit conflicted?

          2. Eleanore Whitaker October 24, 2016

            In case you missed it Ags….the US is not a sectarian religious nation. And oh boy, don’t you wish it was. That way YOU could play Pope, infallible in matters of politics, canonize yourself St. Aggie of the Dipsters and then proceed to lay down the laws you want. Do you EVER get tired of being a bossy big mouth bully?

          3. AgLander October 24, 2016

            You are so silly like stupid. I’d love to see you grabbed up and jetted off to an Arab conclave where you can live your dream life in subservience to a man! Maybe then your puss filled eyes would open and focus, but I doubt it.

          4. marriea October 24, 2016

            Be careful what you wish for for others. You might end up living in your own fancy.
            Look at what happened to the Republican Party.
            Will you never learn?

          5. idamag October 24, 2016

            If he sends out ugly wishes for others, his Karma might sent those things back to him.

          6. Sterling Harris October 24, 2016


          7. bobnstuff October 24, 2016

            The Arab nations didn’t have to funnel money to Trump, they just give it to him. The money the Clinton Foundation gets goes to helping those oppressed people, the money Trump gets from them goes into his pocket.

          8. idamag October 24, 2016

            Since the Clinton Foundation is helping third world countries around the world, what is wrong with other countries giving donations to such a good cause?

          9. idamag October 24, 2016

            I read “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.” Hitler was going to “make Germany Great Again.”

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 24, 2016

    The GOP has managed to transform itself over the preceding decades into one of the single-most destructive forces on the planet, all while dressed nattily in suits, ties, and skirts, smiling while gloating, and with neatly combed hair(those who still possess it).
    Not only has this political club of scoundrels adapted themselves to live quite comfortably off of tax-payers money and voted themselves raises on a regular basis, but have the best medical care and retirement package that exceeds all others on the planet, aside from sheikhs and princes in oil-rich countries.
    Not content with the booty they’ve accumulated for themselves, they begrudge anyone else outside their sphere to be given even a morsel of the good things America produces, while stiffing mom-and-pop owners from making a better life for themselves and their families.

    Therefore, we can safely conclude that the GOP has literally morphed into a monster that mirrors the very worst qualities of humanity.

    1. AgLander October 24, 2016

      Ah, Aaron…..what’s the temperature and weather like back home in your beloved Oman this morning? Is sharia court scheduled today for those who have not adhered to the strictest puritanical practices within your Ibadi sect of Islam?

      1. FireBaron October 24, 2016

        Probably warmer than Moscow where your masters are.

        1. AgLander October 24, 2016

          But not as glorious as the weather on pedophile island where Bill Clinton is probably awakening this morning after a late night flight on his buddy, Jeff Epstein’s, “Lolita Express”…..I think I just heard Bill crying out: “O.K., let’s have some breakfast and then get to checking out today’s batch of girls!!”

          1. Eleanore Whitaker October 24, 2016

            Good idea Ags….Actually, you’d do well up there in Siberia. I understand your Russian cohorts are doing big things in coal mining. Don’t let the door out of the US hit you in your rather too large BUTT.

          2. Dan S October 24, 2016

            You know Aggie I’d like to Thank you right wing minions for nominating Trump the sex addicted philanderer. The icing on the cake is his offering $10K to adult film actress Jessica Drake to spend the night with him. Something tells me even if he offered a cool million she’d still pass. At least we know she has some standards regardless of her profession. Because of this undisciplined wreck of a candidate he’s given us President Hillary Clinton. Good job ????

          3. bobnstuff October 24, 2016

            Trump’s phone numbers, 13 of them are in Epstein’s phone book and Trump like hanging out with him in New York. But Bill Clinton is not running this time and Trump is. The court date for Trump is set for the 27th of November.

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 24, 2016

        Still rabid in thought and delirious in temperament. A church upbringing has been totally wasted on you as you’ve decided to turn your back on God and all that His Messengers have taught, and still do.
        Your allegiance is no longer to God, Agatha—instead, your allegiance is to all un-mighty and minaiture Trump, and by extension to Satan. Unless you change your tune, and quickly, an infernal abyss awaits you, Agatha.
        In the meantime, no one will hold a gun to your head to act and think properly. That responsibility is solely yours.
        How you respond depends on how much you can suppress your cynicism and your over-weening ego.

      3. RED October 24, 2016

        Ahh, stupid speaks. It illustrates perfectly what a moron you are and how sick you have become when you think your comment about Oman is an insult. And your comment of puritanical practices reveals even further the depth of your deep ignorance. Hey, guess where the word puritanical comes from? Puritan?? Sound familiar, frigging moron. I realize of course that your mind numbing stupidity is both incurable and terminal so really I point it out for my amusement and any others who find amusement in your self inflicted disease.

        1. AgLander October 24, 2016

          And the origin of the word “red” is from the German word “rot” and from an Indo European root shared by the Latin word “ruber”. So using your playground logic I guess we should be more accurately calling you the “rotten rubber”!
          Now….do us all a solid and go stand in front of a mirror and yell “IDIOT” at the image you see!

  4. Mama Bear October 24, 2016

    Just my opinion…it all started when they got into bed with the evil-gelicals (think Jerry Falwell). Catering to the fringes became their brand. This is the logical place it ended up and if I saw that when Jerry wormed his lying conniving way in surely they saw it too.
    Their motto became “bring me your fringe crazies”.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 24, 2016

      Right you are. And one might say that they got into the business of divisiveness when a major dividing force in America, the “Dixiecrats” switched their allegiance from the more progressive wing of the political landscape, and decided to take their corrupt baggage and backwards orientation over to the Republicans and Nixon in the 60’s.
      It has been down-hill for the Republicans ever since.

      1. dpaano October 24, 2016

        You’d think they would have learned that this wasn’t going to work….they’ve been at it long enough!

    2. 788eddie October 24, 2016

      Spot-on, Mama Bear, although I was referring to the the religious-right as “evil-genitals” since they seem to want to focus on things sexual.

      1. Mama Bear October 24, 2016

        I cannot stop laughing, Eddie. Thank you for that!

      2. PrecipitousDrop October 25, 2016

        Christ yes, Eddie!
        God save us from the crotch-sniffers!

    3. idamag October 24, 2016

      Evil-genitals – it is a good thing you put it that way. The evil-genitals never get their minds off that area of the anatomy. It used to be that there were ten commandments and the evangelicals only focused on one and it did matter if the other nine were broken. Now, with the coming of trump, they are making allowances for that commandment to be broken. They have boiled it down to abortion. Trump’s screaming about late term ending of pregnancies, will make up for his P***y grabbing and multiple marriages with multiple commitments of adultery. They didn’t even consider the inanity of his statement about committed abortion days before the baby was to be born. They “rip” that baby right out of the womb. Two days prior to the due date, it would be called a caesarian section. Late term endings of pregnancy are done when the baby is dead in-utero. Or there are other problems. Right-to-lifers are some of the most hypocritical people there are. One the baby is born they don’t care about food, clothing, shelter or medical care.

      1. plc97477 October 25, 2016

        They have nearly reached the point where a live birth would be wrong for them. Apparently they haven’t gotten over the fact that they are no longer safe in a womb somewhere.

        1. idamag October 25, 2016

          Looks like trump has been trying to get back into that opening for a long time.

    4. Lets_Think_Again November 6, 2016

      Evil-genicals. I like that. Very true; and concise. May I borrow it, please?

      1. Mama Bear November 6, 2016

        it’s all yours:)

  5. FireBaron October 24, 2016

    Unfortunately, we cannot just say “you made your bed, now sleep in it.” The effects of the 1968 election have continued to this day. The “Southern Strategy” resulted in Segregationist Democrats (Dixiecrats) becoming Republicans.

    Then, in 1980, Reagan entered into an Unholy Matrimony with the Religious Right, practically promising them full control of the government by offering their recommendations for Judgeships for their support of the GOP.

    In 1994, Newt Gingrich offered a “Contract with America” promising a new era in American politics. It soon became business as usual as newly elected GOP members decided to disown the “Contract” they swore to uphold before they were elected. What happened? They were given a bit of power and decided they did not want to go back to the farm.

    Then in 2000, they hit their stride! They controlled both Houses of Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court! Wayne LaPierre thought he was moving his office to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and Karl Rove declared his Hundred Year GOP government! The newly elected Vice-President and his sock puppet proceeded to eliminate the budget surplus by cutting taxes to those who didn’t need it, but still maintaining the same levels of spending, then getting us into two wars neither of which ever saw a line on their budget submissions.

    In 2008, the country elected the first Black President, and, as he was a Democrat, the Republican party became the “Party of NO!” Their spokespeople were a Senator who vowed to make Barak Obama a “1 term President”, and the strident Governor of Alaska, who effectively tanked her own candidacy as Vice-President by going rogue on her Presidential Candidate, and preaching her “They’re not like us” speech to any crowd of intermarried second cousins who would treat her like royalty and get her the best room in the local Holiday Inn!

    So now we are in 2016 with a man with a history of infidelity to his spouses, cheating his debtors and suing anyone who said he was anything but the most perfect being who ever trod on the face of the Earth.

    Over that 38 year period, we have seen our economy grow while the buying power of individuals has shrunk. We have seen the costs of health car and higher education skyrocket while their access and availability has decreased. We have seen the return of monopolies and cartels along with the reduction in Unions. Our banks have gone from being the local institutions where the manager knew all of his customers to institutions that are too big to fail, and who illegally create accounts in their customers’ names so their sales folks can keep their jobs.

    Yes, friends, we are all suffering from this bed the GOP has made, and all must sleep in it.

    1. 788eddie October 24, 2016

      Well written, FireBaron!

    2. CrankyToo October 24, 2016

      Great post, FB!

    3. idamag October 24, 2016


    4. Anna Maria Yoakum October 24, 2016

      Heartbreakingly true !

    5. dtgraham October 25, 2016


    6. PrecipitousDrop October 25, 2016

      It’s time to chip in, kids.
      We need a new bed.

  6. jimrussell October 24, 2016

    Republican’s have been blowing their intolerance dog whistle since their cynical ’60’s “Southern Strategy” to recruit the nations ignorant intolerant and turn the South red after the passage of the civil rights and voter rights acts and become their national refuge. Now their 50 yearold recruited Frankenstein monster has become their majority, thrown out the old, angry, white, CC, establishment and elected THEIR mirror image ignorant intolerant candidate and revealed exactly who they really are and the dog whistle has become a siren. Adios GOP and good riddance.

  7. FT66 October 24, 2016

    Oprah Winfrey’s words of wisdom has stuck in my head. She has told her audience that they don’t need to like Hillary, they have to vote for protecting and cherishing DEMOCRACY at the same time love the nation. They have to think about what Hillary will do for them and the entire nation. Oprah is quite right. Hillary had the shinning approval rating when she was serving the nation as Secretary of State and folks liked her a lot because of what she was doing. If elected as President, she will perform very well there too and automatically folks will like her again. Back to republicans, they gave us Trump. The man wants to kill what the entire world know of US being good at and thats DEMOCRACY. Those who brought this democracy killer (Trump) must be swept out from top to down. Starting from Trump going down to all those republicans seeking to represent anyone.

  8. Eleanore Whitaker October 24, 2016

    Republicans became the party of spiteful, belligerent little boys the minute they faced the shame of disobedient Nixon and Water Gate. It never got much better after that.

    One reason Trump will not win this election is because Americans know they cannot risk the kind of tyranny and treason the Republican Party has been after since Nixon forced them to create back room presidents who “obey” like good little doggies.

    Was it a coincidence that Reagan was chosen to run from their party? Or was it that Bush ’41 as former head of the CIA got his boys to investigate Reagan’s medical history and discovered as Gov. of CA, he was already in the 1st stages of Alzheimers and would be an obedient little puppy? He was white, a known name and a governor. That he was not going to make it through 8 years of the presidency without help was what the GOP banked on.

    Then, there was Bush ’41, another obedient little doggie. After all, he, Rumsfeld and Cheney were the brains behind the Nixon administration hidden behind the curtain of the GOP Control freaks. He too was a known name the GOP relied on for PR.

    Same with Bush ’43. But the best part of Bush ’43 was that like Daddy, he was a “yes” and extremely lazy and easy to influence.

    Every Republican President since Warren Harding has had a recession and a major scandall with the exception of Eisenhower whom the back room didn’t dare try to force to march to their tune.

    1. AgLander October 24, 2016

      The birds in your brain are loose again Ellie……grab your meds before they crap and add even more of that smelly substance to what already fills your head!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 24, 2016

        awwww…The psycho is posting his BS again folks. You do have to wonder about Ags….Is it possible his hatefulness is because he hates himself more than anyone else? Most psychos do but they find it anathema to admit they are mentally ill.

        Try to stop your drugging sluggo.

        1. idamag October 24, 2016

          Usually, his type is scared. Since it is uncomfortable to be scared, they turn it into hate.

          1. AgLander October 24, 2016

            Amateur psychologist or just releasing one of your brain farts to relieve the pressure?

          2. plc97477 October 25, 2016

            And they are very easy to frighten.

      2. Mortalc01l October 24, 2016

        I notice that all you have are childish put-downs and playground rhetoric; no substance to rebut her argument, no facts, no logic… No wonder Trump has a base following, with people like you to lead around by the nose.

        You do understand that Trump has lied to YOU every step of the way, right? There could NEVER have been a wall, he asked his mistress to get an abortion, he lost nearly ONE BILLION DOLLARS in a calendar year, he regularly screws working Men and Women out of money he OWES them and would rather litigate than pay his bills, he had hundreds of illegal immigrant Polish workers working on his construction projects in New York; his own Wife seems to be an illegal immigrant.

        He can’t get ONE SINGLE institution in the USA to lend him money anymore, THAT is why he is $600 MILLION in debt to Russia, Germany and China; he has burned every financial bridge in the USA through criminal mismanagement of his finances. He managed to put three Casinos into bankruptcy, leaving creditors with over a BILLION DOLLARS in losses, yet he walked away with money in his pocket.

        Trump is a serial sexual predator, who IN HIS OWN WORDS, ON TAPE admitted to trying to cheat on his pregnant Wife Melania, with a MARRIED Woman that he says he “moved on like a BITCH”..

        To support this supposed Man, you have to have something VERY wrong with your emotional and logic circuits.

        1. AgLander October 24, 2016

          So you’re looking forward to those glorious days happening again where “Doctor Bill” hangs his “Doctor of Gynecology” sign outside the door of a room in the White House where he can welcome the new flock of female interns with his required gynecological exam using cigars as his probing tool? Gotta make sure the girls are healthy, right?! And if his exams go beyond the doctor/patient relationship don’t worry because Hillary will have the “Bimbo Eruptions War Room” back in full operation with her as its CEO and director of strategic operations!!

          1. Mortalc01l October 24, 2016


          2. AgLander October 24, 2016

            FLASH NEWS REPORT for members of the clueless left……HE’LL BE RIGHT THERE, ROAMING THE HALLS OF THE WHITE HOUSE!! Worse, he’ll be more perverted and dangerous than ever with all that time on his hands and gullible female interns at his disposal!

          3. Mortalc01l October 24, 2016

            You live in a deeply disturbed, self-created fantasy World. Reality and you, just don’t get along do you. So sad to see such a public manifestation of mental illness. Your hatred and dogma have rendered you incapable of rational or logical thought, it has poisoned your ability to think.

          4. AgLander October 24, 2016

            Wow……you really hammered me…..I feel devastated…..just as devastated as getting a tongue lashing from Pee Wee Herman!

          5. marriea October 24, 2016

            Are you jealous?
            Assuming your wierd imagination is true, are you somehow lamenting that ‘it should be me’?
            I asked once before, i’m going to do so again.
            ARE YOU REALLY LINDA TRIPP using an alias?

          6. AgLander October 25, 2016

            Since we’re asking questions, are you actually a cigar salesman hoping for a bulk order from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with instructions to classify them as medical diagnostic tools?

          7. marriea October 25, 2016


          8. plc97477 October 25, 2016

            Talk about woman scorned. Wow, she was the classic case.

        2. idamag October 24, 2016

          You are asking that scratch and spit, from the boonies, to get smart. (Choke) I can’t believe you expect that of him or her. In the first place, the backward area they come from still believe the world is not round and that Galileo should have been hung for suggesting the earth revolved around the sun.

  9. Joan October 24, 2016

    Shouldn’t we be punishing them because they lack both a plan and the will to tackle the problems facing us. Can you mitigate the destruction of climate change while calling it a hoax? Can you solve income inequality without empathy or compassion. Can you start to fix the ravages of a broken criminal justice ysyem on communities of color with a racist dog whistle in your mouth? Won’t that same racist whistle get in your way when addressing comprehensive immigration reform? Shouldn’t we be saying to them what they have been saying to every progressive piece of legislation, no! Just say no to the re election of your GOP representative.

  10. marriea October 24, 2016

    I still have the tape of the funeral service that Obama spoke at last summer when members of a church were shot down for no reason other than because they were black by a would be white supremast Dyann Roof.
    In it he related that Roof wanted to tear and break down the parishioner.
    But they were stronger in that they forgave him.
    Then he started singing Amazing Grace.
    From my perspective, the Republican Party has all but destroyed itself.
    They ended up with Donald Trump as their nominee.
    Now they have to explain why thay have have one of the most vile persons ever running as the head of their party, they should remain at the head group of our country. They are the ones who gave birth to this monster
    It is so my hope that their supporters become so disillusioned that their guy is falling so far behind that they stay at home.
    It is my hope that the people voting for the DEM party, warts and all, don’t believe the polls tht Clinton is far ahead and come out and vote in droves and that they retake not only the Senate but the House as well.
    It is my hope that the DEMS find themself in a good position and hopefully don’t blow it with B/S
    It is my hope that Hillary Clinton will become an even more effective president than even President Obama, whom I love, and prove all of her naysayers wrong.
    It is my hope that even after 8 years, after proving to the U S populace that indeed a woman can drive just as good or better than a man, and that one’s sex has nothing to do with it, that folks will come to believe it is indeed OK to have a woman steer the ship.
    Donald Trump is just what this country needed at this time in history. He represent all that the Republican Party has been for years, decades.
    Hopefully, they will be able to look back at what they have done wrong and in the future (hopefully a long way down the road), and realize that they are supposed to represent the people of this country and not the other way around.
    Finally it would be like the cherry or sweet strawberry on top of the cake if Clinton will somewhere down the road, nominate President Obama to the Supreme Court.
    He has the qualifications in more ways than a few. And a precedent has already been set by William Taft.
    But even more so, just as it was with the elction of President Obama, I hope that there is a least a 90% voting for the DEM ticket.
    Even a warted DEMS ticket is better than the GOP has to offer in more ways than one.

    1. CrankyToo October 24, 2016

      That’s a wonderful response to a very good article. Kudos to you.

    2. stcroixcarp October 24, 2016

      I wish I had written this. Peace.

    3. Mama Bear October 24, 2016

      thank you.

    4. jmprint October 24, 2016

      God is Good, and has a way of showing those that think they are perfect, just how imperfect they really are.

  11. idamag October 24, 2016

    Trump is who the Republican Party is. I do not believe in political parties and usually view them as ideologues who put party over country. I see the Republicans, in Congress, violating the constitution they vowed to uphold and defend. I see them committing treason and lying is one of their strong traits. Hate comes in there as one. Promoting fear in order to maintain their status is another. Many of them claim to be Christians, yet go against everything Jesus taught. I have said that if Jesus, or God himself, came to them and said you cannot have me and your party, so you must choose. They would choose party.

  12. Jon October 24, 2016

    The Groping Oppressive Party practice of hatred, bigotry, corruption, lies and prejudice with elected officials representing zealots, racists, white supremacists/nationalists, xenophobes, misogynists, Islamophobes, homophobes, radical Christian terrorists, evangelicals, and the ultra-rich needs to be rejected up and down the ballot as not representing the American values of our forefathers or of patriotic Americans today. I realize that even the dull and ignorant have a right to have their voices heard but when those voices result in violence against their fellow Americans who are different from them in any way and attempts to destroy American democracy by suppressing votes, claiming rigged elections, gerrymandering, and voter intimidation they have gone far beyond what is right and what is acceptable. The GOP represents the worst in America. It is time to show everyone what is best about America and refuse to vote for any them.

    1. jmprint October 24, 2016

      May I repost your word.

      1. Jon October 24, 2016

        Yes. Please do.

  13. David Tait October 24, 2016

    I wish more Republicans would recognize the hate their party’s platform represents. For example, in that platform as finalized at the RNC, it states they want to elect SCOTUS justices who will overturn Roe v. Wade and Obergefell v. Hodges. Neither the Log Cabin Republicans nor more fairly-minded conservatives were able to negotiate this latter matter off the platform. So, if they were to get their way in Obergefell, it would evidently mean that the gay marriage option goes back to the states. What does it mean for all of those already married in red states? Do they really want this issue wasting thousands of hours in courtrooms across the country until enough old people die off to reach the inevitable conclusion: gay marriage OK again in all 50 states?

    Why doesn’t the large base of Trump’s support (the uneducated) realize that his tax proposal to lower the highest income tax bracket from 39.6% down to 30% would only hurt them and benefit the very rich, thus only exacerbating income inequality. The 39.6% bracket is the marginal rate applied to income above $413K! Why don’t Republicans realize that his proposal to eliminate the estate tax would do the same. Currently an individual can have an estate of $5,450,000 before it’s subject to federal estate tax ($10,900,000 for a couple). Again, this proposal of his only benefits the wealthy.

    P.S. I wish Hillary would have given these stark examples in one of her debates with Trump.

    1. Thoughtopsy October 24, 2016

      Based on repeated casual observation of interviews with Trump supporters, giving clear examples was considered to be a waste of breath.

      These people are longing for a daddy figure who will “fix everything” for them. This is not a rational position, and therefore you can’t engage it rationally.

    2. plc97477 October 25, 2016

      Math and numbers are way to difficult for the trumpeters.

  14. patty7beth November 10, 2016

    Well, that was certainly wishful thinking wasn’t it? Punishing the GOP for the vile, narcissistic, serial liar and predator authoritarian and wanna-be dictator Donald Trump? Here’s what “punishment” looks like as of Tuesday: total dominance of all 3 branches of government. Unfettered power. Contempt for the weak, poor and marginalized. Wow, looks like we won’t be “punishing” anyone. The GOP always knew, but never to this degree, that lying works. Smear campaigns work. Disinformation works. Voter suppression works. Confusing voters works. Pitting people against each other works. Suckering young resentful leftists into turning against their own causes works. Hate works. Face it, the only ones that will be punished in this new Trump World will be anyone Alt-white haters and their useful idiots think deserves punishment.

  15. Stoic Patriot December 26, 2016

    Pssst! Donald Trump has been elected PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! Enjoy your sulking! =D


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