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5 Reasons The GOP Is In Worse Shape Now Than It Was In 2012

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5 Reasons The GOP Is In Worse Shape Now Than It Was In 2012


Predicting doom for Democrats and taking Republican-inflated scandals seriously is a job description for much of the media. And while in full pearl-clutching mode over the Democratic frontrunner, as they usually are, they’re missing the real story: The Republican Party, after eight years of plotting the demise of Barack Obama, is in far worse shape than it was the last time it lost the presidency.

What is supposed to be “the best field of Republican candidates in a generation” is being trounced by a birther, a fetal-tissue-experimenting doctor, a disgraced, anti-vaxxer CEO, and the guy who is only known for shutting down the government.

Oh, yeah, the birther is also an anti-vaxxer.

It’s only August, but the Republican right is on the verge of duplicating or tripling down on every mistake its leaders told themselves not to make after they lost last time, while inventing new flubs beyond the imagination of mortal satirists. Sure, the Koch network has doubled its spending commitment from 2012 to close to a billion dollars and it’s difficult for any party to hold the White House for three straight terms. But conservatives are at war with themselves, while their candidates are spouting nonsense and purposely alienating precisely the same voters they need to be winning over.

Why aren’t the media pointing this out?

“I know that it’s disturbing to read columns that portray the entire field as a bunch of cranks,” The New York Times‘ Paul Krugman wrote. “But it would be a dereliction of duty, basically an act of dishonest reporting, to pretend that they aren’t.”

So let’s do our duty and point out why this August is even worse for Republicans than the summer of Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Herman Cain.

1. Donald Trump is the most anti-immigrant frontrunner of a major party imaginable.
Birtherism made him a conservative hero. Xenophobic rants where he simultaneously promises to bring back jobs from China and cut wages in America speak to a real angst among the white working class that has been battered by conservative and neoliberal policies. But it’s Trump’s promise to deport 11 million immigrants that is most corrosive to the Republican brand. His newly released immigration plan would have denied citizenship to a couple of his competitors and wives. To even have a chance of winning Florida, the GOP needs to do at least as well with minorities as it did in 2004 — pre-Katrina, before the conservative backlash on immigration.

Immigration isn’t the only issue Latinos and Asian-Americans care about, but even Mitt Romney’s embrace of “self-deportation” conjured up images of broken families. Trump seems to be vowing to deport even U.S. citizens who had undocumented parents. The idea of mass deportations may appeal to a large segment of GOP primary voters, but we rarely discuss how suggesting people be jammed into buses and trains damages a party that’s spent decades relying on the frame of smaller government. Promoting a police state powerful enough to turn humans into cargo marked for destinations unknown, combined with promises to close marijuana shops in Colorado and Washington, while seeking to overturn Roe v. Wade so miscarriages can be investigated as murders — these eccentric ideas may well combine to taint the party’s image, possibly beyond repair.

2. Real conservatives know Trump is their worst nightmare.
Simply put: 2016 is the most important election of our lifetime, especially if you’re a GOP donor who sees the chance of building a solid majority of seven conservative justices on the Supreme Court. Many of these high-powered donors and establishment figures see Trump for what he is: a thin-skinned megalomaniac who holds few if any conservative beliefs beyond the basic impulse to make himself richer. Even scarier to them is seeing a guy who can go to war with hives of villainy like Fox News and RedState — and win.

When establishment conservatives face off against Trump supporters, it’s like turning over a rock and releasing the hate-infested, bigoted microbes that grew in the dank, moldy environment of Nixon’s Southern Strategy. Understandably, they’re disgusted by what they’ve created, and some sense of justice deep in their collective conscience likely fears that they deserve to be consumed by it.

Watching as Trump validates every Democratic argument against Scott Walker’s jobs record or Carly Fiorina’s lack of business acumen must feel like a repeat of Newt Gingrich’s highly successful assault on Romney’s business record at Bain Capital. But the difference is that Trump isn’t playing with Adelson’s money, and he isn’t dependent on Republican benefactors to keep him in the .01 percent.

Trump has little to no chance of winning the GOP nomination, but he has a decent chance of leading the polls even as the establishment candidate racks up the delegates necessary to win. The damage that would do to the party is as impossible to imagine as Trump’s ridiculous campaign itself.

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  1. Dominick Vila August 17, 2015

    It is true that there is a major struggle going on for control of the Republican party between the establishment and Tea Party advocates, and that The Donald has managed to capture the imagination of those fearful of change, consumed by prejudices and hatred, and seeking solutions focused on stopping the socio-political changes they abhor. That, however, does not mean the Republican party is about to implode. If anything, they are as united as ever in their determination of defeating whomever the Democratic party nominee happens to be, and they are spending records amounts of money towards that end. We have to go no further than considering who is dominating public opinion, manipulating the media, and controlling the agenda to understand that the GOP is as strong as ever. Under estimating their ability to win is the worst mistake Democrats can make.
    It is also important to consider the uncertainties and angst that exists within the Democratic party, a fact that is evident by the enthusiasm shown to Sen. Sanders everywhere he goes, and the indifference shown to Hillary Clinton almost everywhere she appears. I am not suggesting that Hillary is not the front runner, or that she does not have a chance to win the general election, but denying that her candidacy has been hurt, and that she is struggling to regain the support she once enjoyed from enthusiastic supporters, is disingenuous.

    1. TZToronto August 17, 2015

      Let’s say, for a moment, that the GOP gets a stern rebuke from the American people in 2016. That is, they lose the Senate to the point of a 60-seat Democratic majority, and lose the White House to Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, or whoever and have their House majority cut to a few seats. Two things could happen. Either the GOP would have to change drastically with a move toward the middle, or they would double down on their right-wing craziness, with the Tea Party faction emboldened and the “traditional” GOP driven out of existence. I wouldn’t doubt that the Tea Party (the Koch creation) would say that they simply didn’t have candidates who were far enough to the right to appeal to the mass of the American people and that next time they’d need truly fascist candidates (er, true patriots) to get what they want. Of course, the GOP will probably maintain their big majority in the House, but they may well lose the Senate. The Democrats will not have 60 seats in the Senate, but a Democratic President is still likely. Unfortunately, with fewer than 60 seats, getting a couple of progressive justices on the Supreme Court will be very difficult. The best that could be hoped for would be a couple of real centrists, but even that would be tough.

      1. charleo1 August 17, 2015

        I have no doubt they’ll double down. Their base will call for a purge of the Party establishment. The dysfunction in government, and deep delusions that have led to the hard core Right’s anger, and frustration, will continue to be stoked by the demagogic nut jobs on Fox, the internet, and clear channel radio. And that angst will continue to be harnessed by the corporate lobbies to defeat regulatory, and tax regimens proposed by environmentalists, and economists intent on responsible fiscal policies. And, I’m not at all sure if they’ll be buried by changing demographics, or manage before that point, thru some circumstances of events to once again, as under the Bush Administration, to do some real damage to the Country, before a resurgence of the nativists, isolationists, and know nothings, is finally broken. Ironically, I think Trump in his call for a policy of mass across the board deportations, instead of reforming a deeply flawed immigration system, may actually favor the later scenario over the former. By gaining the attention of a sober, and sane America, to stand against that what they have always rejected in the past. And his comments, widely published, will serve to finally, and fully engage, the growing Latino vote. Now that their very families, and way of life, are being openly threatened by a leading GOP Candidate. To align in greater numbers, and ever more solidly, with the Left. Demonstrating that such a “politically incorrect,” policy, might more accurately be called, a huge political blunder.

      2. johninPCFL August 17, 2015

        The Tea Party wasn’t a Koch creation. They started as a coalition of folks wanting less, cheaper government. Once their message gained traction, they were taken over by Dick Armey and the Koch money. Lacking the broad stage of the American federal government, together they formed ALEC to formulate laws to attack at the state level.

        Armey sees himself as the better, brighter Gingrich – able to build a movement that can control the state and federal governments for generations. ALEC-written laws were funneled to state legislatures and passed by GOP majorities, and suddenly the gerrymandered districts that elected the GOP majorities in the first place were dynastic. GOP-controlled redstates, where federal money flows in at twice the rate its taxpayers pay out, are the norm in Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” states now. So long as California continues to pay Kansas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, and Missouri’s bills, why would they change?

        1. TZToronto August 17, 2015

          Funny (and sad), isn’t it, that so many folks in these red states that continue to take from the federal coffers much more than they put in are so vociferously against providing the poor with the basics of life and would, if they could, force women to have more children than they can afford to support. And oddly enough, it is these same red states that have within their borders so many of the people who benefit from the forced generosity of the more prosperous blue states.

          1. Steve Johnson September 13, 2015

            Incorrect, it is Democratic voters in Red states that are taking up the federal coffers.

        2. Carolyn1520 August 17, 2015

          The Tea Party is the old Religous Right/Moral Majority who couldn’t run on a religious platform so they embraced the patriotism agenda instead. The Koch Bros were happy to finance their efforts and let them rail about social issues knowing they would leave oversight, tax reform , regulations and any issues that would affect their bottom line alone. So in that sense they are a Koch creation.

        3. plc97477 August 18, 2015

          The tea party is the reemergence of the john burchers.

      3. Dominick Vila August 17, 2015

        If such scenario became reality, the most likely outcome, in my opinion, would be the emergence of a major third party; with one party representing the Center, and the other two representing the far left and far right.
        Unfortunately, considering all the gerrymandering and the fact that there are more RED and PURPLE states than there are BLUE states, both the House and the Senate are likely to remain in GOP hands. I hate to sound pessimistic, but I just don’t see anything happening in the near future that would change the opinions of voters in the South and the Bible Belt. If anything, they are likely to be more entrenched in their beliefs and wishes than ever.

    2. FireBaron August 17, 2015

      Dominick, the problem the Democratic Party has is Hillary has assumed she was the “presumptive candidate” and “heir apparent” to the President the day after he sewed up the 2008 nomination. As a result, she has never bothered to reach out to the voters. Bernie Sanders is reminding her that she is not the only horse in the race, and that she is no “Secretariat”! Will she get the nomination? Probably – especially as she is significantly better funded than Webb, O’Malley, Chaffee and the aforementioned Sanders, UNLESS she spectacularly fails in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.
      As for our “friends” on the Right, “Jeb!” has a similar problem. Even though, by ancient unwritten tradition, the guy who comes in second in the previous Republican Primary is normally considered their “Heir Presumptive”, nobody wants Rick Santorum. So, “Jeb!” is considered the default candidate, especially by the “establishment”. Unfortunately, nobody told the other 15 Republican Candidates that I can think of that “W’s Smarter Brother” is supposed to get the nomination, so they can all go home!

      1. Carolyn1520 August 17, 2015

        Hillary will win because den women will vote for her. She hasn’t lost her ability to stir up a crowd. She’s playing her cards close to her chest and letting the faux email scandal blow over, as it will. It’s to her advantage to let the clowns on the right talk. The more they do, the better she looks even while she’s seemingly doing nothing right now. Low key is serving her well at this time. It’s over a year to the election and when there are dem debates, when she has to answer the hard questions, she’ll come through. All the clowns have to talk about is what they’ll deconstruct and their typical slash and burn.

    3. FT66 August 17, 2015

      I disagree with you Dominick. Bernie Sanders is getting huge crowds in the North East Coast and in the North West Coast (those are heavily democrats states) nothing from Mid-America, New York, Black Bloc, Latino Bloc, Millenium Bloc, Women Bloc. That is not the recipe to win election. On GOP side, they have a HUGE problem I prefer not to write about it, let them fumble themselves there.

    4. plc97477 August 17, 2015

      Bernie is getting tens of thousands of the democratic base, which looks impressive, but he is going to have to get tens of millions of voters in the center to make it to the white house. I wish he could but have my doubts.

      1. Dominick Vila August 17, 2015

        Especially when people start asking the obvious questions: Your proposals sound great, but how are you planning to pay for them? The probability of higher taxes would scare the majority of those who complain about an increasing national debt, but refuse to pay for what we need and benefit from.

        1. Independent1 August 18, 2015

          My problem with Bernie, is that he’s going around throwing out grandiose proposals, like implementing single-payer insurance, and like Trump, not thinking about whether something like that is really doable given the current situation of our current debts and economy.

          I really don’t think that at a time when tax revenues are still down, and although unemployment is technically at 5.3% but with a large segment of our population not actively in the job market, is a time to be talking about implementing single-payer. So to me, Bernie is getting a lot of people psyched up, with respect to doing progressive things that we just simply could not pay for today; just like Trump is doing with the right-wing nonsense he’s saying he would do if elected.

          Medicare is adding about 500 billion (3% of GDP) to the deficit each year to insure what percent of our population?? 15% maybe??; and while we’re already running 250-300B in deficits?? People want to extend Medicare to what – 5-6 times more people?? While trashing how many Americans’ jobs that are engaged currently in our current private sector insurance industry??? Maybe up to a million?? Has anyone sat down and really extrapolated those numbers?? Someone has got to really convince me that doing something like single-payer is even a rational thing to think about today – yet Bernie is pushing that in his campaigning.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 17, 2015

    It’s appropriate and richly-deserved that these shameful creatures be given as much rope to hang themselves as possible. The more they bay at the moon the more demonic they appear to all discerning Americans and the rest of the world.
    Seriously, has anyone ever seen such a motley collection as these pathetic beings? Has anyone known politicians so narcissistic as to sacrifice proper comportment for the chance to show what jackasses they can be regardless of how lasting the tarnish on their collective image will be?
    As Spock of Star Trek would have said upon gazing at these ill-mannered “children”:

    1. David August 17, 2015

      I have seen worse– the Demorats, including Hildebeast, Pelosi, Boxer, Reid, Biden and Obomo.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 17, 2015

        It’s readily apparent that you have trouble discerning the difference between bad and worse. But keep trying—you’re bound to figure out the difference. By the way, the current President’s last name is Obama–not Obomo. (Foreign sounding names do tend to pose a problem for peanut butter and jelly sandwich types).

        1. plc97477 August 17, 2015

          Plus there are 5 whole letters in Obama. That makes it hard for some posters on the rant.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 17, 2015

            Right you are—things do get tricky for some when the number of letters in words they wish to use reaches 5 or more. As I recall, Jeb doesn’t particularly favor non-monosyllabic words either.

          2. RED August 17, 2015

            Apparently the Bushes are ignorant in two languages!!

          3. Vic September 22, 2015

            All should call the Man President Obama. which he is !! If he is not your President to need to move elsewhere !!

        2. Max_ August 18, 2015

          peanut butter and jelly sandwich types? isn’t that now considered racist? Shame on you…

        3. David August 18, 2015

          Actually, I was wrong with the name. I think it is “Obozo”.

      2. stcroixcarp August 17, 2015

        David, Sweetie take your meds like a good boy. Name calling is not nice or Mommy will have to put you in the naughty corner for a time out.

        1. David August 17, 2015

          Thank you for your reply. Names get earned. Hilliary and Obomo deserve worse! But, if “Mommy” is a Playmate of the Month, I ready to go to my corner!

          1. Independent1 August 17, 2015

            Why don’t you go soak you’re head in the nearest pot of crap!! That’s about all your worth LOWLIFE!!! Get lost somewhere!!

          2. David August 18, 2015

            Maybe we all could get lost in the now over one hundred classified emails that Hildebeast ran through her personal server. One can logically assume that there will be many, many more.
            What will you do when your Queen gets prosecuted? Maybe Willy worked out a deal with Obomo during their golf outing this weekend?

          3. johninPCFL August 18, 2015

            They haven’t been classified yet, and may never be classified. They’re under review.

            Too bad Powell and Rice ERASED ALL OF THEIRS or we’d find out whether Condi was involved with the lies that got us into Iraq.

          4. David August 18, 2015

            Again, left wing effort to distract the conversation. What Bush did or didn’t do is not the subject. It’s all about Hildebeast. 305 as of yet are classified as secret. Gen. Petraeus
            was fired for far less. Whatever should happen to the Hildebeast?

          5. johninPCFL August 18, 2015

            Well, you’re just as sharp as a marble!


            Get it now? Innocent until PROVEN guilty. Except to you, of course.

          6. David August 18, 2015

            What I get is that Hildebeast either did care about what was in the emails or was too stupid to know. How is it that the SOS is using her private server to conduct government business?

          7. Vic September 22, 2015

            What’s the matter ?? you can’t spell Hillary ?? She was legal..

          8. Vic September 22, 2015

            Hillary was clear of all wrong doing… Sorry Haters !!!

          9. Max_ August 18, 2015

            I wouldn’t put my head in her mouth, that would be the nearest pot of crap, wouldn’t it?,..

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 17, 2015

    Oh, and one other thing—Trump should be given a special exemption and be allowed to personally lead the troops on the battlefield into Iraq with the title “Generalissimo Donaldo El Trumpo”. He may adorn himself with as many metals as he deems worthy of his exalted rank(compared to the rest of us slobs who do honest work for a living).

    1. FireBaron August 17, 2015

      Tell him the rest of us will catch up with him at some point.

    2. latebloomingrandma August 17, 2015

      LOL. I’m sure he would love that title!

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 17, 2015

        I thought it fitting to come up with as grandiose and flowery a title as possible to titillate his sense of self-importance.

  4. @HawaiianTater August 17, 2015

    I’m not so certain Trump can’t win the GOP nomination. Either way, I stand by the belief that him entering the GOP primaries is the best possible thing that could have happened for the future of our country.

    1. FireBaron August 17, 2015

      You really need to lay off the Maui Wowie and take a look at reality, amigo.

      1. @HawaiianTater August 17, 2015

        And what reality is that, pray tell?

        1. Looner August 17, 2015

          You WANT Trump as POTUS, H. tater?

          1. @HawaiianTater August 17, 2015

            Go back and read what I said. Did I say I wanted Trump as POTUS? Nope. What I said is that Trump “entering the GOP primaries is the best possible thing that could have happened for the future of our country.” Think about what that means.

        2. Carolyn1520 August 17, 2015

          That Trump is a self absorbed windbag who really believes his own hype. This is a guy who pays people to come sit in his audience and pretend they like him. Look it up. He does the same thing with wives.
          In our wildest dreams, he’s trolling everyone, playing a part, showing republicans for what they really are and still embraces liberal values as he did for many years.

          1. @HawaiianTater August 17, 2015

            Yes. Exactly.

          2. Carolyn1520 August 17, 2015

            It’s hard to tell sometimes on here. You didn’t give off the vibe of a true Trump supporter and in your picture you aren’t breathing through your mouth. 🙂

          3. @HawaiianTater August 17, 2015

            What I said makes perfect sense if you really think about it. I support Trump in the sense that I want him to win the GOP nom because there isn’t a snowballs chance in hell of him winning the general election. I think the conservative psychos in this country might just be crazy enough for him to win the GOP primaries too. Even if he doesn’t get the nom or run third party, just being involved in the primaries has been causing the GOP to implode. It is all out civil war between the extreme far right nut jobs and the establishment.

            Trump is single-handedly destroying the entire Republican party and I could not be more happy about that. The only thing that could possibly make any of this any better is if Bernie were to get the Dem nom.

          4. CrankyToo August 17, 2015

            Prescient remarks, Bro – all except that “single-handedly” bit.
            The breathtaking douche-baggery exhibited by today’s GOP is a reflection of the combined efforts, over a period of nearly four decades, of a cadre of self-important, avaricious a$$holes who have zero regard for our most revered ideals. The Donald is only the most recent of his ilk in a very long procession. On the plus side, he may be the tool which drives the final nail into the Greed Old Pricks’ coffin. One can only hope…. and vote.

          5. plc97477 August 18, 2015

            No the republican party destroyed itself. trump just showed them how they were doing it.

          6. @HawaiianTater August 18, 2015

            Think of it this way.. the GOP built a china shop and Trump is now the bull in the china shop. Yes, the republican party was already fragile but Trump is the bull that is destroying everything from the inside. Does that make sense?

          7. dpaano August 18, 2015

            As I’ve said before…..I think Trump is a “closet” Democrat and is merely trying to show the GOP just how ridiculous their candidates are.

          8. Carolyn1520 August 18, 2015

            I’ve been thinking the same thing since Trump brought Obama’s birth certificate out in the spot light. It was just so bizarre and then theres Trump’s past allegiance and support to dems. I’ve been saying he’s pulling the best troll but people keep telling me, no he’s just a jerk. I think he’s egocentric but I don’t think he’s stupid and his behavior almost reminds me of what Steven Colbert use to do.
            I sure hope so. 🙂

      2. Steve Batchelor August 17, 2015

        I think Tater is meaning that Trump is the best thing to happen to our hopes that enough people get out and vote to realize a Dem landslide against the idiocy that Trump is showing himself and the rest of the clown car to be. At least I hope that is what he is implying!

        1. Carolyn1520 August 17, 2015

          LOL I hope so too Steve!!!

        2. David August 18, 2015

          Right! Maybe like the Dem landslide of 2014?

      3. Buford2k11 August 17, 2015

        ummm…the “weed insults” no longer work…as the GOP has lost all touch with reality, and they are not weed enthusiasts…so there ya go…

        1. @HawaiianTater August 17, 2015

          For the record, the pakalolo here in the islands is fantastic.

          1. CrankyToo August 17, 2015

            True dat, pakalolo-head.

        2. Carolyn1520 August 17, 2015

          If only they would embrace it. I’m sure most of them would at least qualify for the medicinal dose.

        3. JPHALL August 17, 2015

          Yeah, tranquilizers or Vicodin are more their style.

      4. Daniel Jones August 29, 2015

        Nah, I get what he’s saying.
        Trump’s laid bare what all the doubletalk and BS terminology of the refined Southern Strategy really meant.
        Basically, as long as Trump blathers, the GOP’s puppets can’t come up with polite or misleading words to say the same damn thing.

  5. JJSchwartz August 17, 2015

    First, define “real conservative,” The conservatives of today are not true conservatives as defined by the politics and ideologies of true conservatives of the past. Conservatisim has been hi-jacked the same way that ‘Islamists’ have hi-jacked Islam. A government shutdown over the topic of ‘Planned Parenthood.’ Give me a break! Place the welfare of the nation at risk over the thin ideology of pro-life and the single institution that provides competent options for women. I’m quite sure that there are other issues that are much more pressing to the general welfare of this nation.

    1. Steve Batchelor August 17, 2015

      Yes, there are much more pressing problems facing the nation as a whole but the conservative’s flirting with defunding and destroying Planned Parenthood is nothing more than their pandering to the misguided religious morals of their constituents.
      The slogan…”Land of the FREE” means nothing to the religious right and if we don’t get out and vote come 2016 and stop the right wing encroachment on our freedoms then we are sadly in trouble.

    2. RED August 17, 2015

      I hear this all the time, not a real Conservative. You hear it from people complaining mostly that someone is not Conservative enough. And we hear from those like yourself, suggesting that Conservatism was not always so crazy. And maybe it wasn’t always crazy but the facts are that today Conservatism is a sickness, a blight on humanity, a compilation of the worst traits in humanity given a voice and acceptance by the mob. It’s a bit like the Confederate Flag, at one time it was a battle flag for the army of Northern VA, and yet today it has absolutely nothing to do with the army of Northern VA and everything to do with racist ignorant morons. Maybe Conservatism was once a decent philosophy (I doubt it) but like the flag today it has everything to do with…., you know the rest.

      1. JJSchwartz August 17, 2015

        You imply that I am a conservative. I am not. I tend to be a moderately liberal Independent. I was just making the observation that at one time conservatives seemed much more rational in their thinking. I could actually listen to them and see their point of view without cringing. Today’s conservatives, though they don’t say as much, would like to see the United States travel back in time to the 1950’s.

        1. @HawaiianTater August 17, 2015

          They want to go back to the 50s except for that whole pesky New Deal and the high tax rates on the rich.

        2. JPHALL August 17, 2015

          Actually they really refer the times before Teddy Roosevelt. The so called”Gilded Age” after the Civil War. Lots of corruption and corporate greed. Minorities knew their place and women did not vote except in Wyoming.

  6. latebloomingrandma August 17, 2015

    I also am not so sure that Trump can’t win the nomination. It seems that no one or no outrageous thing that he says can sink him. The Repubs are for sure getting freaked out. Serves them right for playing to the crazy fringe for so long.

    On Morning Joe, they were fawning over The Donald shamelessly. Bob Woodward was trying to get his point made that the news media are not covering substance, just the celebrity of Trump. Joe wasn’t getting his point, mostly by speaking over him. “Morning Joe” would be much better without Joe.
    Remember when Senator Obama was mocked as equal to Paris Hilton because of his huge crowds, especially abroad? He was called an empty suit. No such thing for Donald. No mention of his shallowness or reality show of a campaign.
    Then they unloaded on Hillary and the e-mails. She made a lame joke about them and was chastised for joking about something so serious. Yet Donald, who so disrespected the Presidency by being a leading birther of Obama while he was a duly elected president, gets a pass for just being Trump.

    This is not the guy to make America great again. By he way, can you imagine Michelle Obama using that slogan?

    If the so called liberal media can’t abide Hillary, why are they not covering Bernie Sanders more? He’s getting amazing crowds, talking of substantive issues, yet just covered superficially as a fluke who will never get nominated. If Hillary is in trouble, then they better start covering Bernie seriously. He is connecting with people.

  7. Steve Batchelor August 17, 2015

    Trump winning the nomination might not be the best scenario. The better scenario might be for the rightwing nutz to piss him off enough to run on a 3rd party ticket which would squander votes for whichever clown they do nominate.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the neanderthals conservatives haven’t had secret meetings to question whether or not to assassinate Trump. I can see Cheney leading that discussion easily.

    1. Dominick Vila August 17, 2015

      I don’t know about assassination, but there is no doubt in my mind that they have been having lots of strategy meetings trying to figure out how to Dump Trump.

      1. mike August 18, 2015

        I can only guess the strategy meetings by democratic leaders with the continual drip, drip of the self inflicted wounds and Clinton’s possible implosion. This is about CHARACTER and the American people have found her to have very little.
        Now 300 emails with classified information. The smartest women in the world, the most qualified women in America, in your eyes, but yet she can’t tell the difference between an email with classified material and one about her her yoga class. Hillary was one of 20 Obama authorized to classify information and yet she couldn’t discern if a satellite photo was secret or not. After being instructed by FBI and signing a pledge that it was her duty to protect the national security and secrets she already had her own server maintained by the IT guy from her 2008 campaign.
        And you believe she is suited to be President. To bad your head is up her A$$.

        1. Vic September 22, 2015

          after all the investigation, she was cleared of any wrongdoing.. sorry GoP Haters…

          1. mike September 22, 2015

            “after all the investigation”, you idiot they are still on going. You ignoramus she hasn’t been cleared by DOJ, FBI or any other department when it comes to her use of a private server.
            Pull your head out of your a$$ where the sun doesn’t shine.

    2. drdroad August 17, 2015


    3. plc97477 August 18, 2015

      Let’s hope trump has better sense than to go on a hunting trip with darth cheney.

  8. Daniel Jones August 17, 2015

    The reason the mainstream media is not reporting this is that there is no such thing. Aside from services established specifically to be liberal, the media is either seeking to not go broke or has already been bought out by Big Conservative Money.

  9. CrankyToo August 17, 2015

    I agree with those who would admonish Democrats against being lulled into a false sense of security by the apparent disarray of the Repugnicans. My fondest hope is that progressives will turn out in heretofore unseen numbers to not only win the presidency in 2016, but to throw the cons a beating they’ll never forget; one of biblical proportions. Perhaps that would compel the GOP to cleanse itself of the stink of the Turd Party, and at least begin to restore itself to some level of respectability.

    Insofar as the Democratic Party nomination is concerned, I’d love to see Hilary withdraw her candidacy in favor of a Sanders-Warren ticket. My guess is that the oligarchs would be pooping in their Pampers at the prospect of the country being led by honest-to-God, no-sh!t liberals.

    1. geraldhoey August 17, 2015

      Your Sanders-Warren ticket would be the GOP’s wet dream. The only hope the Republicans have is to hope the Democrats turn against their best candidate to nominate Bernie. That would greatly please the far left of the party but would never fly with the middle voters a candidate needs to win.

      1. CrankyToo August 17, 2015

        Perhaps the GOP’s apparatchiks’ wet-dreams feature Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, but I’m pretty sure they’re the stuff of nightmares for the rank and file. And let’s face it, their party leadership has made one egregious miscalculation after another this past 10 or 15 years, to the point where nearly three quarters of the electorate recognize them for the avaricious scum they are.

        Insofar as moderates are concerned, my guess is that when confronted with a choice between an extreme of progressive thinking versus an extreme of conservatism, the astute ones (who I believe are in the majority) will choose the former, having had enough of the latter to last a lifetime. In any case, what better time than now to roll those dice?

        1. plc97477 August 18, 2015

          I think we could end up with president walker. Are you willing to risk it?

          1. Carolyn1520 August 18, 2015

            I’m not.

          2. CrankyToo August 18, 2015

            Walker would get trounced in a general election. Too much baggage.

          3. Carolyn1520 August 18, 2015

            I agree. I think pic was going for worst nightmare in that example but I’d be hard pressed to rate them from best to worst. There is no best, only deplorable choices
            I like Bernie but I have to say I’m not willing to gamble on this one. Too much hangs in the balance. Plus there is the female factor for me. We may not get another one with the credentials and experience for awhile who can do the job. I believe Hillary can. I’d like to see a qualified woman in the job . There’s also the glee I’d feel in having a woman follow a 2 term winning person of color as a collective middle finger to the right. One thing Hillary doesn’t have to worry about is showing grace so she doesn’t appear as an “angry black man”, something the right can never accuse President Obama of being. I guarantee the right has no idea what they are in for and she can’t be insulted either. They used that up long ago.

          4. CrankyToo August 18, 2015

            Very astute remarks, Carolyn. I wholeheartedly concur.

          5. Carolyn1520 August 18, 2015

            Thank you. I’ve voted for men all my life and Obama was my choice when he ran against Hillary, so her gender is not the primary reason I’m supporting her now, She’s gained a lot more experience in that time and I think she’s well prepared now. I also happen to think Bill’s political capital makes it a great package deal. Each is a force in their own right. We need that now.

          6. CrankyToo August 18, 2015

            I’ll ask again, what better time than now to roll those dice? This is the perfect time for progressives to go all-in.

          7. geraldhoey August 18, 2015

            This election is too important to just roll the dice on a progressive-progressive ticket. A loss would give the Republicans a stranglehold on the Supreme Court for decades. Think of Roe v Wade being overturned, Obamacare ruled unconstitutional and Citizen’s United cemented in place.

          8. CrankyToo August 18, 2015

            And that sums up the only nagging doubt I have in this regard. I know it’s a risk, but it’s a calculated one – and fortune favors the bold.

          9. Allan Richardson August 23, 2015

            Or the ENTIRE Voting Rights Act being overturned, together with a movement to repeal the anti-poll-tax Amendment with another Amendment to the Constitution. Maybe even an Amendment to require ownership of property (as an extreme, UNMORTGAGED real estate) to vote! How many Americans of ANY racial or ethnic group would be eligible then? Or even without the “unmortgaged” qualifier, how many homeowners would be foreclosed for no reason by their banks just before an election, with the “paperwork errors” corrected with apologies (for the ones who are good customers) after the votes have already been cast?

          10. S.J. Jolly August 19, 2015

            Aye, Scott Walker is the one I worry about. Totally ruthless, totally shameless, and totally adept at swimming in the sewer of our corrupt political system.

          11. Vic September 22, 2015

            That Game is Over.. walker walked…

  10. janis mcdonald August 17, 2015

    When is the last time anybody who could be described as a “real conservative” actually won?

    1. Whittier5 August 17, 2015

      Is there any such animal?
      The GnOP is loaded with Reactionary, Anti-Progress, Authoritarian, Sociopath and 4 year old types. They and the 17 self-proclaimed themselves to be “conservative”, but they really aren’t.

      Democrats appear to be the True Conserves.

    2. Robert Eckert August 21, 2015

      Herbert Hoover

  11. Godzilla August 17, 2015

    Hillary For Prison 2016
    This is the gist of the entire Progressive movement, corrupt traitors and anti-freedom. I’m not quite sure which is sadder, the idiots that author these nonsense article or the brain dead minions who believe it. On a better note, the whole of both parties should be arrested and charged with treason. Frankly, anyone who votes for these thieves should share the cell with them.

    1. S.J. Jolly August 19, 2015

      Meaning, your solution to the nation’s problems are, “Lock ’em up!”, “To the wall with them!” and “Get a rope!” ?

  12. Robert Hunt August 17, 2015

    Voter suppression, indictments, war criminals, and propagating bigotry, hate, fear, and war over the wishes of our allies is a GOP device Godzilla, factual, not based on propagandized speculation like the GOP attempts to undermine Hillary. The GOP has used fear, bigotry, hate mongering to promote an agenda that puts corp, profits ahead of all else, the nation, the human condition, and the future of this country, it’s democracy, and it’s economy. Now those tactics are becoming more obvious, needfully more extreme as the envelope must be pushed further and further, and more and more difficult to control.

  13. Whittier5 August 17, 2015

    The GnOP are in an even worse situation than they realize as 4 more years of deaths have occurred among their thinning ranks.
    The Democratic candidate, whomever that happened to be, starts out only needing only 20ish Electoral votes to win, while the GOPper needs over 100.

  14. Bren Frowick August 17, 2015

    Good article here: http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/donald-trumps-six-stages-of-doom/
    describing why Trump should not be taken too seriously. And this came out BEFORE the debate, from which debacle Trump has limped with steadily falling numbers. Yes, he is still leading, but he has clearly peaked.

    I had long thought that this was Jeb’s to lose, yet he appears to be doing just about everything possible to destroy his own chances, like a crazy man madly drilling holes in the hull of his own sinking boat to “let the water out”.
    And his closest rivals are hardly better… Walker began to self-destruct the moment he opened his mouth again, as many of us predicted he would, and has now sunk to THIRD in Iowa, which he has staked his entire campaign on, while Rubio, despite being widely credited as a “winner” in the debate (he didn’t hopelessly embarrass himself, anyway) still comes off as an eager, not-ready-for-prime-time neophyte spinning that exercise wheel as frantically as he can in a race to catch up with the grownups. None of whom are present in this GOP field…

  15. xbj August 19, 2015

    ALL THREE Cable news networks want Jeb Bush in the White House.

    Fox needs no explanation.

    CNN, for Israel.

    MSNBC, for favorable merger deregulation for its owners.

    MSNBC in particular has pulled this “bait and switch” tactic before, turning hardcore rightwing while pushing the weakest Democratic candidate.

    All three networks are united in trashing Trump, the weakest GOP candidate.

    Open your eyes.

    1. groversyck August 24, 2015

      As long as Mr Good Hair stays in the spot light he keeps draging the others into oblivion in 2016.

      Trump, loud and long, until the primaries are over. He will help to insure an easy race for the democrats.

      1. xbj August 24, 2015

        All hail the Donald! No better Odysseus could have been dreamed up.

  16. suburbancuurmudgeon August 20, 2015

    Is it just me or does that caricature of Trump look more like Stephen Tyler?

  17. groversyck August 24, 2015

    The article warms my hart. The ever greater possibility that the republicans will fall on their sword in the 2016 is some of the best news I have herd in a long time.

    We MUST have a democratic president and a strong democratic majority in the senate.

    1. Steve Johnson September 13, 2015

      Your hubris is tasty.

  18. Daniel Jones August 29, 2015

    You know, I recall a recent Memo article wherein a Democratic candidate had her own bailiwick’s progressive supporters back up the “Legitimate Rape” moron, then dump him like a white-hot dime once he was the official competition.
    Has it occurred to anyone that at least half of Trump’s apparent support is from backers of the Democratic Party hoping to do the same tactic on a Presidential level?

  19. joe schmo August 29, 2015

    Gosh, the people the liberals are calling losers and clowns seem to be deeming tons of attention from the media, citizens etc…. Why isn’t it the same for the DNC?

    1. Jessica Thomas September 3, 2015

      This is a federal election, not American Idol. Media attention is not what determines the winner.

      1. joe schmo September 23, 2015

        It always partially has tried to influence the masses in this country. Only the masses are getting smarter. We conservatives no longer care what the media says.

    2. Baker Street Irregular #36 September 13, 2015

      duh, the media are owned by the same billionaires that own the GOP, regardless what the anchors may think

      1. joe schmo September 23, 2015

        Dude, guess you haven’t noticed. The liberal leaning media has been in control since I was a kid. They really have you democrats by the balls. The Conservatives are no longer following like sheep to the slaughter…..

  20. Steve Johnson September 13, 2015

    What this article is ignoring is that much of Trump’s support comes from the political middle. This should have been easy to spot with the correct observation that the more fundamental parts of conservatism does not like Trump.

    Also, downplaying the scandals against Hillary and up-playing it’s complaints against Fiorina[especially given most antivaxxers are liberals], Carson, and Cruz is interesting hubris and spin. The Democrats are in a tailspin with their anointed choice floundering amidst the consequences of her actions as a terrible Secretary of State and the surging Sanders having almost no appeal to the political middle or to the more reasoned portions of the democratic electorate.

    I agree the GOP field is not as ripe as some say. Those I like ideologically and performance-wise lack experience, and those with experience waffle towards the middle or accept too many of the bogus left-wing tropes the media throws at them.

    I really don’t like Trump, but other than his misogyny and narcissism he is acting a lot like what I wish all Conservatives would act like, for instance: when he took down the pitiful illegal immigrant journalist Jorge Ramos by refusing to accept his manufactured outrage over his use of “anchorbaby”. During the encounter Ramos came up with a bogus, long-winded alternate term simply designed to make advocacy against the type of lawlessness Ramos endorses into a tiresome effort of run-on descriptions. Trump rejected the absurd appeal to political correctness and so should everyone else.

    1. Virginia Liberal September 13, 2015

      Just to let you know Steve, Dem’s are anything but in a tail spin. You keep talking yourself into that way of thinking. We are very strong and more committed than you can imagine. Your post is hypocritical. We all know that Hillary did nothing wrong and that this is something that again, has been ginned up by the right wing rumor mill. Democrats deal in facts, not rumors. Unless you have first hand knowledge about how the government operates when it comes emails and the like, you have no argument. That’s why we don’t sweat these lies that Republicans constantly pay their staffers to come up with. In short, you don’t know what you are talking about.

      1. Steve Johnson September 13, 2015

        “We all know that Hillary did nothing wrong”

        I do not, in fact, know this and neither do you.

        “Unless you have first hand knowledge about how the government operates when it comes emails and the like, you have no argument.”

        A laughably defensive statement that only serves to show the depths that you are willing to indulge your ignorance in. The laws are clear. She broke them to escape oversight. There is no “Right Wing Conspiracy” here, as Hillary insists, there is only the amoral Left Wing thinking the laws don’t apply to them and sheep like yourself enabling this slouch towards authoritarianism.

        1. Vic September 22, 2015

          Maybe if you were to read a little of the truth you would see Hillary has done nothing wrong . the email farce was all legal…

          1. Steve Johnson September 23, 2015

            Oh please, Vic. No intelligent person could possibly believe that.

          2. joe schmo September 23, 2015

            No one in the government is allowed to have a ‘private’ server at home. Give us a break! The Clinton’s have been slimy from the get go….

    2. joe schmo September 23, 2015

      Stand your ground Steve. We need a tough leader this time around. The world has an insatiable appetite to want to destroy US and Western civilization. Unbeknownst to them, the liberals are helping them.

  21. Virginia Liberal September 13, 2015

    It boggles the mind that for a party who touts about freedom, are so set on killing it. They are a party of convenience for the ultra rich. The sad part is that the people who support them are uneducated dogmatic individuals the country has ever know. They still operate from a position of fear, hate and small mindedness. These people are just going to have to be voted out permanently in order to save our Democracy. It is the typical war between good and bad and will not be over for some time.

    1. joe schmo September 23, 2015

      No my dear, the liberals are killing it! You commies are destroying the very freedom you say you stand for.

      1)The ultra rich are liberals: Story entitled why are there so many rich liberals:

      2) I have a master’s degree. Many conservatives are also educated. Unlike many liberals in the minority who are not. Liberals feed on the innocent and the poor.
      ‘Yet another new survey shows that Republican supporters know more about politics and political history than Democrats.

      On eight of 13 questions about politics, Republicans outscored
      Democrats by an average of 18 percentage points, according to a new Pew
      survey titled “Partisan Differences in Knowledge.”

      The Pew survey adds to a wave of surveys and studies showing that
      GOP-sympathizers are better informed, more intellectually consistent,
      more open-minded, more empathetic and more receptive to criticism than
      their fellow Americans who support the Democratic Party.’

      By the way, we only have to look at Europe to become fearful. I have family in Europe. What a MESS!

      3) Government rule does not dictate a democracy.

      Sure it will not be over for some time. The more you liberals try to control us we will push back!

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