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5 Reasons It’s Time For The GOP To Dump Sarah Palin And The Tea Party

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5 Reasons It’s Time For The GOP To Dump Sarah Palin And The Tea Party


The Scam Is On Republican Donors

Tea Party I'll Remember In November

The Tea Party that was pushed by Fox News in 2009 led to the creation of thousands of organizations that took ownership of the brand. Tea Party Nation and Tea Party Patriots were two of the largest.

Last weekend, the suspicion of many appeared to be confirmed: “A Washington Post analysis found that some of the top national Tea Party groups engaged in this year’s midterm elections have put just a tiny fraction of their money directly into boosting the candidates they’ve endorsed,” the Post‘s Matea Gold wrote.

Red State’s Tea Partier-in-Chief Erick Erickson defended his fellow fundraisers, pointing out that “71 percent of the money it spent went to its non-electioneering operations. That looks terrible. But it is not.”

Erickson often pontificates about how much primaries matter. So if he’s happy with where the money is being spent, why are the results in the primaries looking so miserable for his movement?

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  1. Stuart April 30, 2014

    Still quoting national polls. I guess I’ll have to keep repeating myself. National polls are irrelevant.

    Red state voters don’t care what national polls show. Therefore, red state politicians don’t care what national polls show. If they did, they would enact legislation that agrees with national polls. So, why don’t they? Because local polls get them elected. National polls don’t.

    So, stop quoting national polls.

  2. Sand_Cat April 30, 2014

    How could you have possibly gotten it down to just 5?

    1. ORAXX May 1, 2014

      My thought exactly.

  3. Lynda Groom April 30, 2014

    Number five nails it. After watching the way the baggers behave once in office the voters are finally thinking about the character of the candidates before pulling the handle. Well at least some of them are.

  4. charleo1 April 30, 2014

    It seems to me, if you keep going to the same well again, and again. Cut
    spending by hammering income groups that are already being clobbered
    by an economy set up to funnel 90/95% of the gains, (money,) to the top
    one, or, 1/2 of the top 1%. And people are still looking for work, still having
    their hours cut, still trying to keep their heads above water. If all people ever
    hear coming out of the Right Wing, is how they can hardly wait to take back
    control of the government. And not to make it more accountable. More in
    tune with the problems of regular Americans, and the challenges of getting
    the economy back to full strength, with thousands of jobs being continually
    outsourced to a global economy. They want control to begin a dismantling
    process. First, starve the beast. Allow the top 1% that has enjoyed most of the economic gains, since the recession. Gains that can be attributed in large part to the millions of Americans who are just working their hind ends off. Well, make sure those top 1%, get even more tax breaks, more subsidies, and more workplace power over the individual worker. Then begin in ernest hacking, and chopping, and eliminating the various programs designed to enable the remainder of the economy, to secure their futures. Build a nest egg, educate their children, find affordable healthcare, and invest in a home. In other words, take most lopsided, skewed toward the haves, hostile to the have nots, we as Americans have seen in 80 years, and make it worse.

    1. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh May 1, 2014

      But, Charleo, remember the top 1% needs those tax breaks so they can continue being “job creators”… in Asia.
      I have been out of the Navy for over 20 years now, but when you look at my buying power today compared to 1991 (my last full year in the Service), even though my wife and I make close to two times what we made back then, costs of food, gas, energy/utilities, housing, clothing, etc. are significantly more than twice what they were back then. Add to that we have a daughter in school, and there is even less buying power.
      For the last 8 years, we have gotten between 0 and 2.3% in raises (more years less than 1.4) while the CEO of our company has received direct raises close to 8% a year (he has a 7-figure base salary), plus bonuses (usually 7-8 figures) for meeting sales expectations and holding down costs. Part of holding down costs was not keeping employee pay in pace with inflation. And this is what the GOP wants to reward by lowering taxes these guys get charged!

      1. charleo1 May 1, 2014

        “Some inner city men suffer from a culture that does not value hard work.” House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan said Wednesday.
        To that I say, Amen. There is a culture, Rep. Ryan is enabling.
        An culture of corporate management, that does not value hard work, one penny more than the market allows. The bank
        and financial sector failures created a glut in the labor market. Big business is taking full advantage of, and realizing record profits because of it. Ryan’s statement about inner city, men, where unemployment is running at 20/25% is offensive, and racist. If only he owned a basketball team. Incredibly, what Ryan is suggesting is people need to derive their rewards of hard work, based on something other than their paychecks. How arrogant is that? How screwed up does one politician’s world view need to be to go in front of a camera, and spew out such garbage? And evidently not have the slightest inkling, of what a blabbering idiot he comes off as, in that inner city. Or, to Americans working longer, and harder for less, living in these, real United States. The pay/wok equation, operates something like this. People can trust their employers to have the moral integrity to pay them them a living wage. Because it’s the right thing to do. And, because, maybe, they are patriotic, and want to see their Country more prosperous. Or, they remember how difficult, and unfair life can be, when one is living hand to mouth. And they don’t want their company to be a part of all that. That they believe in the, “value,” a well paid employee brings to their business.
        The problem is, those are not actually Ryan’s words, they are the words of the people he works for. As a labor force, most
        of us have depended on our employer’s good graces, inherent morality, and good business sense, to pay a living wage for the better part of 40 years now. And what has that gotten us? It is a fact, people need more, the economy needs more than just the employers honor. When every dime taken out of each paycheck, is another dime that winds up in his pocket. Then, before long, the only “reward,” we’ll be working for, is the euphoria we’ll feel when we die, and finally get relief from our aching backs, and our endless struggle of trying to make ends meet on salaries half the size they need to be.

        1. idamag May 1, 2014

          An analogy as to what creates to that culture: If every time you opened the door, a hammer hit you on the head, you would quit opening the door. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t keep telling the child he is dumb or fulfill your expectations of him.?”

        2. plc97477 May 27, 2014

          That doesn’t take into account that a living wage also makes the bottom line better. If workers have money to spend businesses get more business. More business means a better bottom line.

          1. charleo1 May 27, 2014

            Exactly! We all do better, when all of us, or at least the large majority of us, do better. Right? It’s an interesting, and troubling development. That in the last few years too many are being convinced, that not only is that not true, but never was. But, just 10 years ago, certainly 20. If one stood before any random group of Americans and made that statement, 97/98%, would have agreed without question.They would have agreed that, you bet! That that’s what makes our system great, and sets us apart in this Country. Whereas, we don’t have an Oligarchy to support, like so many impoverished Nations. This same audience would also have most assuredly have attributed our unparalleled advancements in so many fields of endeavor, to the fact that we have the freedoms to pursue our dreams. And that creates innovation, and innovation opportunities. And by the very nature of a culture that holds laws above men, and the law applied fairly and equally. Then, each of us will ultimately be a little better, our Country more secure, our futures, and our children’s futures brighter, for every successful business. Or when another American’s dream is realized. But no more. They dismiss that kind of thinking as, collectivism. And the worst kind of wealth redistribution. That holds that the entire bulk of the masses should feel entitled to a share in each success. That’s preposterous, they claim. And, moreover, it’s what is fundamentally wrong with the Country. Why taxes are so punitive, and unfair. Or what Paul Ryan the other day said, was killing the work ethic, and creating a culture of shiftlessness. It is a message that is anti-brotherhood, anti-unity, anti-cooperation, and anti-e pluribus unum. That says they have achieved what they have achieved, by, and of themselves. And owe no one. I know you read the comments everyday, by those ordinary Americans, who have evidently forgotten, or never properly understood how their secure Middle Class standard of living came about in the first place. And I consider that, if it spreads, to be a very undermining thing for everyone. Because, if we forget where we came from, how can we possibly choose the right course going forward?

  5. terry b May 1, 2014

    The best part about Palin is that she always makes the GOP look as the party of the stupid. She makes Dan Quayle look like a genius! Takes some major acts of stupidity to accomplish that but she has flourished in this area.

    1. Elliot J. Stamler May 1, 2014

      I’ve often thought your thought…nobody thinks about Vice President Quayle who’s alive and well. I watched a speech of his about 2 or 3 years ago…he is Pericles and Solon compared to Sarah Palin.

      1. idamag May 1, 2014

        Sarah never shuts her mouth with her belligerent opinions. Dan Quayle made a few gaffes, but he wasn’t mean.

    2. Sand_Cat May 1, 2014

      They really don’t need her help, but I guess most people aren’t paying attention, and maybe she gets a few more headlines.

    3. plc97477 May 27, 2014

      The gop did their part to push the view along.

  6. Just another indian May 1, 2014

    This is tangential, but still cogent. I keep getting emails with way too many exclamation marks from the Democratic Party and members thereof, asking for money to ‘kick the Tea Party out of Congress.’ My question is: Why in the world would the Democrats want to do that? This bunch of kooks has contributed mightily to the forecast of a long run of Democratic presidents. Yes, Congress is dysfunctional, but believe it or not, there has been precedent for a gridlocked and ineffective Congress.
    By the way, I resent the use of ‘primary’ as a verb. Who writes this stuff? Who edits?
    But by and large in agreement with the statements and beliefs expressed here.

    1. Allan Richardson May 2, 2014

      A Tea Party controlled Congress may help the Democratic party to reach the White House on a short term basis, but it is not good for the nation, and eventually will lead to a Republican President being elected, which would be even worse for the nation (not to mention for the Democratic party), especially if the Congress were still controlled by Republicans of ANY kind, Tea Party or not.

      Basically, if Democrats cannot get done what they want to do because of Republican obstruction, voters will assume that NEITHER party wants those problems solved. And the nation, and the planet, will suffer because of the lack of progress. This is not good in the long run for either party.

  7. Elliot J. Stamler May 1, 2014

    I LOVE SARAH PALIN. I JUST LOVE HER`!!! I want her to stay on and make as much tumult as she has…she is a gift to us Democrats, moderates, liberals, centrists that keeps on giving. And giving. And giving. (Tina Fey says she doesn’t want to be typecast but I bet she feels the same way.) In a sane country Sarah Palin would be a cartoon character.

    1. neeceoooo May 1, 2014

      I agree, keep her coming

  8. paulyz May 1, 2014

    There is absolutely Nothing Moderate or Centrist about Obama & the Democrat Party. Their policies over 6 years have been a disaster with debt, taxes & spending escalating without results. Compared to the Socialist left turn of the Democrat Party, a Moderate will be seen as extreme. Obama, the Democrats, & the GOP “leadership” are ALL hurting this Country & it is getting worse…………

    1. charleo1 May 1, 2014

      So it’s settled. Cliven Bundy for President. I think the ignorance that
      pervades throughout a certain segment of the population you seem to do one fine job of representing, has dragged the progress of a
      badly wounded economy down, like thick oozing mud. The overriding belief of this cynical, know nothing crowd is, I believe in nothing. And, that’s exactly the policies they’ve wholeheartedly supported. Exactly what that segment of their political representation has accomplished. And yet, nothing is never enough is it? There’s always backward to consider. Where is your happy place? What does that look like?

    2. Sand_Cat May 1, 2014

      There is absolutely nothing true or rational in your idiotic post.

    3. Mortalc01l May 1, 2014

      Bunch of counter-factual B.S. Corporations in the USA are sitting on the biggest pile of cash in history; Apple has more cash in the bank that all but 12 COUNTRIES in the entire World.! The USA is economically stronger than any other country in the World right now. You seriously need to read some actual facts rather than living in your hermetically sealed factless bubble.


      Obama is no more a Marxist than Reagan was – you need to look up the definition of a Marxist; Obama gave money TO the banks and TO General Motors and he gives $billions TO Big Oil… the exact and diametric OPPOSITE of Marxism, you deluded, under-educated sap.

    4. DennisRL May 1, 2014

      Over the past 6 years taxes and spending are down not up. The debt is higher mainly because the republicans do not want to raise taxes at all on the wealthy and therefore refuse to negotiate on the debt. You’re a perfect example of someone on the right who is totally out of touch to what’s really going on because your only source of info is fox or right wing radio. The idea that Obama is a socialist or the Democratic party has turned to the left is absolutely laughable.
      I am not a far left liberal and used to vote republican all the time, and I say that the biggest problem with Obama is that he’s too conservative and has given in to the republicans on too many issues.

    5. ORAXX May 1, 2014

      The stock market had more than doubled in value, and the deficit has been cut in half. Every economic metric out there is better than it was when Bush crawled out of the White House. Not that this will matter to anyone determined to hate the president.

      1. Elliot J. Stamler May 2, 2014

        You are 100% right. But facts do not matter to the extreme conservatives. People who do not believe in evolution, think climate change is a leftist hoax, think that Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Donald Trump have the personalities and intellect to be president, can’t be reasoned with. Much easier to just stick to your ignorance and indulge your limitless urge to hate.

      2. Mark Sales May 2, 2014

        That’s the annual deficit, of course – but compare to the not quite shovel-ready-union-crony spending sprees of the first years. One may, for reasons of conscience, argue whether a wartime deficit compares to a turtled response to foreign threats in terms of the rationale for deficits; but given the draw-down of military expenditures, the sheer size of the current deficits includes vast social spending on a host of ill-conceived, witless programs.

        By what rationale do you equate stock market “doubling” to an improvement in the Economy? Isn’t it just the 1%ers just counting coup on regular working stiffs?

    6. WhutHeSaid May 1, 2014

      There you go lying again, Putzy. The truth is that Obama has been lowering the deficit at a pretty steady clip — no easy matter after the economic catastrophe under the Bush administration. And you forgot to mention that history shows us who the REAL runaway budget-busters are over the last 50 year: Republicans. EVERY SINGLE Republican President increased federal spending at a higher rate than EVERY SINGLE Democratic one.

      Have you ever written a single post that wasn’t full of whoppers? I challenge you to try writing one — just one — post that isn’t full of lies. And for Heaven’s sake please learn to wash — with soap, if you please.

    7. Elliot J. Stamler May 2, 2014

      You are not just simply wrong…you are an imbecile. Do you also believe the world is flat? The sun revolves around the earth. If you do not see the difference in the economy between today and the day Pres. Obama was inaugurated then you are so blind and so stupid you couldn’t be employed to clean the toilets at the Republican National Committee. No-I am wrong..you could be.

      1. plc97477 May 27, 2014

        He could be elected to office through the republican party.

    8. Jo Clark May 27, 2014

      Do you really think anyone can take anything you say seriously when you can’t even get the most basic of facts right? Facts are immutable. They don’t change with the tide of opinion. You may not like the facts, but you can’t come here and represent your lies as facts and not expect to be called out and ridiculed.

      Move on over to the edge, the fringe where you belong. The adults here are trying to run a country.

  9. Daniel Jones May 3, 2014

    The Tea Party is J. Danford Quayle as a political entity.

    They exist, have existed, and will play to the bitter end as a combination of relabeling and a means to make the cynical establishment look better by comparison.

  10. janderson2000 May 6, 2014

    If they did that they’d be Democrats and be destroyed.

  11. howa4x May 14, 2014

    It doesn’t mater if the tea party is strong or not, they already had their impact by pulling the GOP rightward. Now the core of the party is afraid of immigration reform, sensible gun safety and of course they commit to the orthodoxy that climate change is a myth. All GOP candidates are against contraception coverage and allowed the TP to goad them into cutting food stamps for hungry children. The party is shamelessly in favor of income inequality against expanding college loans and refuses to endorse evolution. Repeal of the ACA is now part of every republican’s lexicon. They are so pro business that any attempt to curtail it’s excesses is blasphemy and they refused to keep unemployment insurance going. There is no plan to fix the crumbling infrastructure. On the State level the TP has done the most damage, by pushing voter suppression, refusing to expand Medicaid, and enacting absurd gun laws.
    All the damage is done. The core of the party caved in to the right and now the disaffected voters can’t see the subtle difference between the establishment and the far right. The Base(American Taliban) will continue to pull any candidate far from the center. So it doesn’t mater if there is no Sara Palin or Ted Cruz there is no center in the GOP and 1000 talking heads yammering all day long creating a profile of the party that will repel anyone not white. There is trouble in river city

  12. Lucas Boulderguard July 22, 2014

    Okay, I finally figured it out. Let the West Coast (blue states) split off and form their own country. Call it Westica, or better yet sell the naming right on Ebay (like you do for ball parks). Let the East Coast (blue states) break off and form their own country (same deal on naming rights). And the red states can keep what’s in the middle, call it Redneck Utopia.

  13. Tony McArthur September 9, 2014

    Sarah Who?


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