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5 Things To Tell Your Republican Relatives At Christmas

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5 Things To Tell Your Republican Relatives At Christmas


The guy your aunt met on ChristianMingle.com is going to be in such a good mood.

His third “Make America Great Again” hat just came in the mail. He’s certain that his prolific Internet commenting as “RINOHUNTz69” has singlehandedly dismantled the candidacy of Jeb Bush. And the last two years of off-year elections have helped Republicans gain more power at the state and local level than at any time since the Republicans led us into the Great Depression.

So what if some choice refugee scaremongering wasn’t enough to overcome a prostitution scandal and eight years of Bobby Jindal?

A Democratic governor in a red state doesn’t change the fact that the Paris attacks represent a “positive development” for the GOP presidential candidates, who got a boost in the polls from their competition to see who can act the most terrified of the Islamic State, while focusing on issues that have nothing to do with the actual attacks.

So there’s not much you can say to bum out your uncle-to-be. And no matter what you say, he won’t hear you.

More than half of Republicans believe that the unemployment rate has risen under President Obama — even though it’s been sliced in half. The other half of the GOP has been trained to shout about the labor participation rate — a “last refuge for scoundrels” that mostly indicates Baby Boomers are retiring at an appropriate age.

No, Republicans need to believe that Barack Obama is a failure on par with George W. Bush and nothing you say will change that. But if politics come up, either put on some Adele or make these points for the benefit of any relatives who are not immune to facts.

1. We’re experiencing the best job growth of the century.
Last year — 2014, the first year Obamacare went into effect, the year when the American economy was supposed to shatter into a catastrophe of job killing — was the best year of job creation since 1999. This year, 2015, could be the second best year — if the last two reports aren’t revised down and we average 220,000 new jobs for November and December, which seems possible given that we’ve averaged 234,000 new jobs a month since January 2014. Average jobs created per month under George W. Bush? A mere 65,000 if you don’t count his disastrous final year — and if you do, 20,000 a month. So things aren’t perfect. But they’re better than they’ve been so far in this century.

2. We have the lowest uninsured rate in American history.
Another piece of news cheering up conservatives is that United Healthcare , the nation’s largest insurance company, says it’s not making enough money from Obamacare. They hope this will lead to the demise of the health care law, which has helped more than 17 million Americans gain health insurance. What the United Health announcement actually shows is that premiums have been lower than expected and fewer employers have dumped their employees into the exchanges. More affluent, middle-class people are needed in the exchanges, but major insurers aren’t echoing United Health’s concerns. Regardless, America has never had so few uninsured people — ever. And that trend promises to get even better as red states like West Virginia and possibly Louisiana finally expand Obamacare.

3. We survived Ebola and we’ll survive a few thousand refugees.
The scaremongering led by the right against destitute refugees is so offensive that the United States Holocaust Museum felt the need to object publicly. The opportunistic attempt to feed off people’s fears is nearly a doppelgänger of the GOP’s highly effective freakout over Ebola — a disease that killed exactly zero Americans who contracted the disease in this country. Accepting refugees is safe and makes us safer. And getting tough on the victims of ISIS is the exact opposite of getting tough on ISIS. In fact, it’s exactly what ISIS wants us to do.

4. The U.S. has led the fight against ISIS. But without local ground troops, we’ll just get a new ISIS.
Every time a new country begins bombing ISIS, conservatives immediately praise them and suggest that Obama should do the same. For some reason the right wants to ignore the fact that the U.S. has launched nearly 3,000 air strikes against Daesh — more than any other country by a factor of 10.

Image via @Walldo

Image via @Walldo

This military campaign clearly hasn’t defeated ISIS. And even though the group has lost ground this year, you can argue that the attacks in Paris show it’s not contained. What you can’t argue is that the U.S. can do much more than it’s doing. “From the American intervention in Somalia, in 1992, through the French intervention in Mali, in 2013, industrialized countries have been able to deploy ground forces to take guerrilla-held territory in about 60 days or less,” Steve Coll writes in The New Yorker. Marines could take the ground ISIS holds and unless there’s a local force to hold it, we’ll be back there to fight ISIS or worse again, and soon. Trying to defeat ISIS using the methods that created it is so insane that the only people proposing to use U.S. ground troops are the same people who still back the Iraq War. We’re paying the costs of ignoring reality in the Middle East. And the costs get higher each time a new Bush decides on a new war there.

5. The deficit is too low — and Republicans want it to be way higher.
If you love cutting the deficit, Barack Obama must be your hero. Spending that exceeds revenues we take in as a nation is now lower than it has been since 2007. Given that we’re still recovering from the Bush Recession and our infrastructure is tragically decaying, we should be borrowing at record low rates to rebuild roads and bridges while investing in high-speed trains and other prudent, necessary expenditures. Republicans won’t do that now, however, because they know it would boost the economy. But the GOP candidates for president have proven they could not care less about fiscal discipline by proposing tax breaks mostly for the rich that are “basically insane.”

Republicans have reasons to be happy. If they win the most important election of our lifetime, they’ll add the most conservative Supreme Court in the modern era to their control of the House, Senate, and state capitols. But their insistence on ignoring reality while alienating precisely the voters they need to win over, could result in a shattering defeat.

Then we’ll see who’s smiling next Christmas.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

This is an updated version of a post that ran Nov. 23.



  1. @HawaiianTater December 24, 2015

    #6: Ha ha!

  2. Phil Christensen December 24, 2015

    This is article remains as factually challenged as when it ran Thanksgiving week.

    1. Buford2k11 December 25, 2015

      where is it factually challenged?

      1. Phil Christensen December 26, 2015

        “If you love cutting the deficit, Barack Obama must be your hero.”

        Cutting the deficit after posting record numbers is not a success story. This administration will leave this nation 20 trillion dollars in debt when they are done, even after all the sequestration pillow fighting with congressional repukes.

        1. Buford2k11 December 27, 2015

          sorry that is not the data I have been seeing….wrong again pal…

          1. Phil Christensen December 27, 2015

            Then you should try looking at data that is written in something other than crayon.

            Barack Hussein Obama; Mmm-Mmm-Mmm.

          2. Buford2k11 December 27, 2015

            resorting to your childish statement is all the information needed to conclude that you are not very smart…

          3. Phil Christensen December 27, 2015

            Mmm, Mmm, Mmm.
            I’m not the one idolizing the worst president since Wilson.
            Mmm, Mmm, Mmm.

          4. Independent1 December 27, 2015

            You cemented your position as a total idiot with that last comment!! You have your head so far up your rectum you can’t see the light of day!!

            Obama leads all presidents in having presided over reducing deficit spending furthest and farthest during his 7 years in office (spending has been reduced by more than 1 trillion/yr ).

            Obama leads all presidents in having presided over 66 straight months and counting of positive jobs growth (more than one year longer than any previous president).

            Obama is the 1st president to be in office when America achieved the distinction of being the largest producer of oil and gas on the planet – surpassing Russia and Saudi Arabia.

            Obama has been credited by numerous economists for having prevented an anticipated depression by insisting on applying a stimulus and going through with the auto bailout (no other president has accomplished this).

            Obama instituted a war on fraud in the defense and healthcare sectors within months of taking office and because of that his administration has brought more crooks to justice trying to defraud our government, recovering billions of dollars, more than any two previous presidents combined.

            Obama followed through on more than 250 promises he made while campaigning for president – something not done by any previous president.

            And I could go on outlining more than 30 more accomplishmens that Obama has achieved – more positive accomplishments for America than every GOP president in office since Teddy Roosevelt combined!!!

            Here are articles from Forbes you need to read:

            Obama Outperforms Reagan On Jobs, Growth And Investing


            President Obama’s Trifecta – Democrats Continue Economically Trouncing Republicans


            Economically, Could Obama Be America’s Best President?


          5. Phil Christensen December 28, 2015

            20 Trillion in debt by the end of next year. Note how a single line or two from me provokes a gushing tirade from you entire tirade from you. I guess you enjoy being my bitch. Mmm, Mmm, Mmm!

          6. Independent1 December 28, 2015

            I guess the Bible was right – you can’t have a worthwhile discussion with a fool!!!

          7. Phil Christensen December 28, 2015

            At least you’re embarrassed by your Obamaphilia. Admitting there’s a problem is the first step.

          8. Independent1 December 27, 2015

            And here’s a little chart I came across which somewhat substantiates some of my previous comments – check it out – every Democrat in office since Coolidge has outperformed every Republican (and that includes Obama though not in the chart) in jobs growth and economic growth. And Reagan didn’t even perform as well as Nixon – showing just how much Republicans lie!!!!!!

          9. Phil Christensen December 28, 2015

            Huh – a powerpoint slide. With the congressional “joint” economic committee’s initials on it! How could I have been so blind? Alright, I’ll join the club. Do I get a life-sized Obama cuddle pillow with certificate of authenticity?

        2. charleo1 December 27, 2015

          Spoiler alert for all you anti-government budget hawk, zealots. Recessions cause deficits, or they run into Great Depression like events. And, in the case of the United States, the World’s largest economy by far, Worldwide depression events that can very well cause political upheavals, threaten friendly governments, and the security of the Country.

          1. Phil Christensen December 27, 2015

            Sure… and running up enough debt for the system to collapse of its own weight causes no harm at all. (Remember when running up debt was “unAmerican?”)

            That’s not a spoiler alert, btw. That’s something that’s obvious to anyone with a lemonade-stand understanding of economics.

          2. charleo1 December 27, 2015

            Well, it’s a good thing we’re not running a lemonade stand on a shoestring. Or, ciphering out a budget for a gov, of 312 million people around the kitchen table. The Right’s economic rhetoric amounts to simple sound good solutions for simpletons.

          3. Phil Christensen December 27, 2015

            OK, now you’re making a sound counterpoint. One with which I don’t agree, but its sound.
            It takes a bureaucracy to manage a government, the purpose of which (ostensibly) is to maintain a nation-state. Yes, that takes money. A lot of it. The problem is that in the post-war era the government has taken on the persona of a daddy that can’t say “no.” Once we socialized the military, everything else was fair game. Now we’ve come to a point where there is no possible way to turn back. “Sequestration” will arrive at some point whether we like it or not.

        3. Independent1 December 27, 2015

          You have a nerve to make a comment like that when since 1900 there have been 20 recessions and depressions with14 of the recessions and all 3 depressions occurring when a Republican was in office – and with the majority of them occurring either in the Republican’s 2nd term or when they followed another Republican into office like Hoover and Bush 1!! And with what some people think was one of the GOP’s better presidents, Eisenhower, actually leading the pack in creating recessions with 3 of them – 2 occurring in his 2nd term!!!

          And when under Obama there has been the longest number of consecutive years without another recession starting than under any other president since 1900??? More than 6 years!!

          1. Phil Christensen December 27, 2015

            Listen to yourself. “You have the nerve…” You are too funny, 2dependent.

        4. Independent1 December 27, 2015

          And say, why don’t you explain to us how you can have any confidence in a GOP president when since 1900 America’s GDP only averaged 2.6% annual growth while a Republican was in office, while it averaged 4.3% annual growth when Democrats were in office: considerably better growth!!,
          And why the stock market averaged ZERO net gain since 1930 while Republicans were in office but over 300% net gain when
          Democrats were in office!! Explain all that to us will you!!

          1. Phil Christensen December 27, 2015

            “And say, why don’t you explain to us how you can have any confidence in a GOP president…”
            That’s a question for a GOP member/supporter, presuming we can find a sliver of truth in your rantings.

    2. charleo1 December 25, 2015

      It ought to give one pause, that after President Obama took office in the midst of the deepest recession since the Great Depression, losing more than 800,000 American jobs per month. With both our foreign, trillion dollar plus, military entanglements, launched over the past 7 years by the previous administration, failing. The Country mired in debt, running the highest year on year deficits since the Second World War. Our reputation around the World in shambles. That Republican challengers, at the end of this President’s second term, are having to make up gloom and doom scenarios, fear monger over a religion, and act like we’re fighting the Huns, over a terrorist organization without an air force, an aircraft carrier, and less than 30,000 rag tag tribal zealots for an Army.

      1. Phil Christensen December 26, 2015

        Right… and our reputation today is soooo much better.

        1. charleo1 December 27, 2015

          This is an oft made accusation by the political Right, that our standing in the World has deteriorated under Obama. So, I’m curious Phil. Given our rockbottom situation with the World Community post the Bush Administration’s invasion of Iraq, and the subsequent financial crisis emanating from Wall Street that nearly collapsed the European economy. On what evidence do you base your belief that President Obama, his actions, foreign policy, or economic stratagems etc. has served to lower our international standing, or reputation as a World Leader Nation?

          1. Phil Christensen December 27, 2015

            Perhaps all the spinning centrifuges in Iran?
            “Obama is the weakest of U.S. presidents, he had humiliating defeats in the region. Under him the Islamic awakening happened,” – Ali Younesi.

          2. charleo1 December 27, 2015

            To say something like Obama is the weakest, or the best, is a totally subjective conclusion, (opinion.) And without some kind of corroborative examples, it’s a purely partisan statement. As far as the humiliating defeats, I think the facts show if they were humiliating, they were already baked in the cake he,[Obama] inherited. Look, if 4 trillion dollars, 4,500 U.S. Troop fatalities, 36,000 wounded, 200,000 civilian dead, another 2 million displaced, all taking place over a period almost twice as long as WWII. doesn’t produce anything but a status of forces agreement that directed the removal of all foreign coalition forces…. But again, “humiliating,” is a subjective description. Who was humiliated? The Bush Administration? Those members of Congress who voted to approve the invasion based on doctored, or false intel? The troops who were wounded, or killed in action, and their loved ones? Or was it the American people, who were misled on WMDs, and unaware of the most salient of the consequences of the Iraq War? Like creating a ally for a nuclear affectionate Mulla in next-door Iran? So, if you’re only counting centrifuges, you’re missing the larger point. And ignoring the history of Iran’s access to nuclear technology in 1957. And the considerable investment in that technology by the U.S. Russia, France, and others in the years before, and after the Islamic Revolution in 1979. And so now Barack Obama is supposed to do what? Threaten invasion over WMDs? After Bush, and his neocons ran that flag up, and down the pole, who was going to rally and salute it again? Oh, if he, [Obama] were just, stronger, not so feckless, did more chest thumping, liked Putin, and Netanyahu more? Weren’t a secret Muslim supporting the Caliphate? Do you suppose it ever occurs to those accusing this President of being weak, the best thing they could do to strengthen their President’s hand is to shut their mouths?

          3. Phil Christensen December 27, 2015

            You asked on what evidence do I base the claim of the current President’s weakness. Just say thank you and move on.

          4. charleo1 December 27, 2015

            I’m sorry, I thought you based your opinions on some salient fact, or facts, or something. My mistake.

          5. Phil Christensen December 27, 2015

            No, I simply base facts on facts. Your lack of critical thinking skills is on display. So sad.

          6. charleo1 December 27, 2015

            Just another of your subjective opinions. Note here, everyone has them. They are common as flies in a barnyard.

    3. Independent1 December 25, 2015

      I second Buford2k11 – provide some statistics from non right-wing propaganda sites that refute anything said in the above article!!

      1. Phil Christensen December 26, 2015

        Time to switch your denial into overdrive.


        1. Independent1 December 27, 2015

          As I expected- a link to more right-wing propaganda. Only right-wing morons would put any credence on today’s U-6 numbers which are in no way comparable to the U-6 numbers of 20-30 years ago – which I’ve proven numerous times by posting actual numbers showing that.all the right-wing U-6 rhetoric is nothing but their usual unsubstantiated hoopla!!!

          1. Phil Christensen December 27, 2015

            Yeah… NBC is really in the tank for the Right. Nice try, 2dependent.

          2. Independent1 December 29, 2015

            Let’s see, MSNBC runs about as rightwing a program as you can get called ‘Morning Joe’. And NBC loves to partner with the Wall Street Journal which is owned by Faux News owner the ultimate right-winger Ruppert Murdoch. And it was even the NBC/WSJ poll in 2012 that tried to influence the election by claiming it would be a Romney landslide. Hmmm?? Live in our own fantasy land much???.

          3. Phil Christensen December 29, 2015

            “Morning Joe” is right wing? You need to get out more.

            I’m not sure to which poll you are referring, but I found one from September 2012 which shows Obama leading Romney by 5 points:


            Hardly predicting an Obama “landslide.” Checkmate. Be a good sport now, and tip your king over.

          4. RED December 28, 2015

            Now, you know you can’t argue with the ignorant Cons with facts and realities. They’re morons and should be treated as such.

  3. DEFENDER88 December 25, 2015

    Like the article says “No matter what I say you will not hear me” but here it is anyway:
    Remind your Democratic friends of
    #6 Crime and gun crime are at historic low levels in the US despite historic high levels of gun ownership.
    Its not the “Guns”.

    1. Independent1 December 25, 2015

      Just because crime is down and guns are up does not mean Guns are a solution to the problem. You are such a pathological liar it is astounding.

      Crime is down because of the large influx the past several decades of immigrants who have a far lower crime rate than native-born Americans!! And not only that, but you lie by suggesting that gun ownership is up when the opposite is true. Gun ownership as a percentage across the nation is down considerably over those same decades.

      But what hasn’t changed is the fact that homicide rates and people dying at the hands of guns is the highest in the red states that have the higher gun ownership rates!! All 10 of the states with the highest levels of violence and death by gun are red states with gun ownership rates of over 35%; whereas the lowest rates of gun related homicide are almost all blue states with gun ownership rates under 20%.

      And you’re a friend of sand-cat?? A pathological liar???????

      1. DEFENDER88 December 25, 2015

        Merry Christmas to you too.

        1. Independent1 December 26, 2015

          Christmas greetings don’t mean much coming from someone who is willing to lie in his efforts to entice more people to buy guns, knowing full well that in doing so, he’s just setting them up for a much higher risk of dying. Studies have shown that people packing guns, are 4.46 times more likely to be shot, and maybe killed, in a gun-related altercation. And not only is the gun owner at much higher risk of being killed, so are women and children who live in the home where a gun is kept- they’re up to 5 times more likely to be killed by a gun than people who live in a gun-free home. And despite your lies, studies have also shown that suicide rates are far lower in countries where guns are restricted – thousands of people kill themselves every year via gunshots who would not have attempted suicide any other way – because people know that gunshots are virtually always lethal – unlike many other ways committing suicide which are not.

        2. Independent1 December 26, 2015

          And there’s a couple countries that prove your comment “It’s not the guns” is a flat-out lie: Honduras. Honduras is a vision of what people like you would like to see in America where there are soldiers and police virtually everywhere carrying guns – in virtually every public building and street corner, and yet, Honduras has by far the highest homicide rate on the planet.

          And England. In England where guns are banned, there are less than 400 gun-related killings per year when adjusted for differences in our population, compared to over 10,000 in America. Aside from the enormous difference in gun-related killings, almost every other violence related statistic between the U.S. and England are comparable when adjusted for the differences in population.

          So the high homicide rates in America ARE IN FACT ALL ABOUT THE EXCESS NUMBER OF GUNS IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!

  4. Böcker December 26, 2015

    Republicans don’t do facts, they do bullsh*t they hear on Fox and am hate radio.


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