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5 Ways The GOP Refuses To Learn From History

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5 Ways The GOP Refuses To Learn From History



It’s not entirely their fault.

The 2014 map looks as if it were designed to make sure the GOP does not change. With a House majority they maintained in 2012 even though they won 1.4 million fewer votes than Democrats and as many as 11 chances to pick up the six Senate seats they’d need to control the upper house, Republicans are almost guaranteed to make gains in November.

Yet they “could make those gains without addressing any of the cultural barriers that confront them in presidential contests, which draw a larger, younger, and more diverse electorate,” the National Journal‘s Ron Brownstein wrote.

Again and again, Republicans continue to repeat the mistakes that cost them the 2012 election and could cost them again in 2016 — if Democrats can deploy the remarkable coalition that President Obama has mobilized in the last two presidential elections.

Here are five ways the GOP is showing it refuses to learn from its mistakes.



  1. Sand_Cat March 5, 2014

    Americans still blame Bush for the economic mess more than they blame Obama because Bush is far more to blame than Obama, although the article seems to imply it’s something else. What is news, and should concern people, is the astonishingly large number of people who blame Obama for things done before he even declared his candidacy and things done (or rather not done) despite his position that would have improved the economy. “Despite” is the right word, too. Much of the opposition was pure spite.

    1. Independent1 March 5, 2014

      What I find even more appalling is all the things Obama has accomplished in the face of absolute obstructionism from the GOP that not only the GOP but the vast majority of Americans appear to give him no credit for.

      Just some examples:

      .Ending the war on Iraq as he promised

      .Keeping the country from falling into another GOP created depression by following through on the auto bailout and stimulus

      .Reviving the auto industry from the depths of bankruptcy in the face of absolute GOP opposition

      .Keeping up the search for bin Laden and other al Qaeda operatives and not only getting bin laden but decimating the original al Qaeda

      .Keeping enough pressure on terrorists around the world that his 5 years in office have been by far the safest for America’s overseas offices in the past 35 plus years

      .Despite constant GOP fear mongering, keeping enough of a level head and steady economic guidance such that there has been 4 years of positive job growth with more jobs created in 4+ years than Bush created in 8

      .Cutting deficit spending in 1/2 within 4 years like he promised while bringing the deficit down faster than any president since Truman

      .Being the smallest spending president since Eisenhower with 1.4% average spending increases compared to Reagan and Bush 2 average increases of 8%/yr for their 8 years in office

      And here’s a list you may have seen that includes these and many others:



      1. paulyz March 20, 2014

        Obama had control of the entire Congress his 1st. 2 years, and the last 2 years under Bush. Bad excuse.

        1. Independent1 March 20, 2014

          You’re wrong once again. Ted Kennedy died less than 7 months after Obama took office (8/15/2009) taking away the Dems majority in the Senate to prevent filibusters (this is when McConnell started using them more than 400 times to prevent the Dems from accomplishing anything). Although Kennedy was replaced by a Dem in October, Ted’s loss had upset things so much it took time for the Dems to pull things together again and by then Scott Brown had replaced Kennedy in January 2010 and from then on McConnell just kept using the filibuster to create total GOP obstructionism!!!

  2. Dominick Vila March 6, 2014

    The first thing we must understand is that winning a presidential election with a 1.4 million vote margin means absolutely nothing when it comes to midterm elections where every state and district has equal weight regardless of how small it may be. The GOP will keep control of the House in 2014, and it has a very good chance of getting control of the Senate. There are many reasons for their popularity in Southern states and the Bible belt, ranging from ideology, to religious values, cultural bias, to ignorance.
    I have heard relatives and friends blame President Obama for the 2007 Great recession, even though he was not in office and his nomination was still a question mark. They blame him for the outsourcing of millions of jobs that began when President Nixon re-established diplomatic and trade relations with China in the 1970s, and our textile industry was busy opening “maquiladoras” south of the border in the 1980s. They blame him for abortion laws that were in place when Obama was a kid riding his spider bike. They blame him for championing the implementation of healthcare reform to end draconian practices such as the pre-existing condition clause, caps that forced tens of thousands of Americans to sell everything they had to get the medical care they needed to survive, and for extending preventive medical care to millions of Americans who never had it before. They blame him for presiding over the largest reduction in deficit spending in a decade, while clamoring for spending reductions. They blame him for loss of international credibility, at a time when our credibility is at an all time high thanks to his foreign policy. They blame him for Benghazi, while ignoring the fact that a Republican president was in the White House and the GOP had full control of Congress when 9/11 occurred, and when 12 terrorist attacks were carried out against U.S. embassies and consulates. They blame him for trying to reduce gun violence in the USA. They blame him for focusing on inequality, which they describe as a divisive issue. Above all, they hate seeing a product of Affirmative Action in the White House. And the list goes on…
    The truth is that facts and pragmatism are irrelevant to those whose opinions are influenced by hatred, intolerance, and/or greed. For them, what is at stake is not the reality of our circumstances, or the fiscal and economic progress that ought to be obvious to everyone, but issues that demean our capacity to act responsibly or fairly. The GOP is likely to gain seats in November, not because they deserve it, but because they represent the interests and values of a segment of our society and business community that puts ideology and greed ahead of national interest.

  3. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh March 6, 2014

    Republicans have never allowed facts to interfere with their beliefs in how things are.

  4. howa4x March 6, 2014

    The only reason the republicans have a chance in the mid terms to take over the senate is that the democratic Obama coalition usually stays home. they don’t see them as sexy and usually allow the tea party activists to steal seats. In a perverse way the republicans probably dread having both houses. then they would have to enact all the nutty things they have used to rile up the base, like repealing Roe Wade, Obamacare, and preventing any immigration reform, or rise in the minimum wage. they have also voted in caucus to privatize social security and Medicare. Obama could just sit there and veto everything and make them over ride it. He could then run around the country making speeches against what the republican have just done. All of these are wildly unpopular and would assure a Hillary landslide and a recapture of both houses. So republicans be careful what you wish for.

    1. Michael Ross March 6, 2014

      In an odd way, winning the Presidency would be disastrous for the Tea Party too. The only reason they continue to survive is because they can always hide behind blaming Obama for the disasters of their own design.

      Of course, when George W. Bush had a Republican-controlled House and a Republican-controlled Senate and their policies blew up spectacularly in their faces, the Democrats didn’t really need to say anything. EVERYONE knew who was to blame for those fiascoes, and the only defense they had was “It’s unpatriotic not to support the President!”

      The Tea Party can only survive for as long as they can evade responsibility for their actions. Which, given the number of them who have embraced Armageddon prophesies, I suspect they don’t believe they can keep up for much longer.

      1. howa4x March 7, 2014

        You can really see the republican/tea party disasters in places like Texas where they have the highest rate of uninsured in the country and refuse the Medicaid expansion, and Mississippi where they have the worst health outcomes in the country and still refuse it. The red states under republican leadership lag in job creation, and will begin to lag in education with the push to teach creationism over science. The tea party is pushing the republican party farther away from the center where they need to be to win national office.

    2. paulyz March 20, 2014

      Yes, it will be nearly impossible for the GOP to correct the tremendous debt & terrible economy after the last 6 years.

      1. howa4x March 20, 2014

        What terrible economy? the stock mkt went from 600 when Bush left office to over 16000, unemployment is down also. the only problem we have is that the 1% refuse to hire and want to sit on their wealth. Republican Idea is to give them more

      2. Independent1 March 20, 2014

        You just never give up those lies and distortions do you Pauly, even though your lies have been pointed out countless times. You’re the perfect example of a GOP lover, lies, lies, lies, lies and more lies hoping that by repeating them often enough they may some day become true. Sadly, the only place lying will get you and you’re GOP loving compatriots is Hell!! Hope you’ll be ready!!


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