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5 Worst Ideas From Louisiana’s Tea Party Government

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5 Worst Ideas From Louisiana’s Tea Party Government


Bobby Jindal LA State Legislature

In the state whose governor warned Republicans to “stop being the stupid party,” Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal and his colleagues repeatedly ignore that very advice — proposing one ridiculous law after another. Laws such as those that aim to limit women’s rights, make it a felony to drive while undocumented, and allowing concealed weapons in places of worship are only the tip of the iceberg.

Here are the five worst ideas to come from Louisiana’s Tea Party Legislature:

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  1. dtgraham May 22, 2013

    I never did think that they were really getting it when Jindal gave that speech about how the GOP should stop being the stupid party, because right after he delivered his speech, Rick Perry got up and gave the GOP rebuttal.

    Yes, they’re the party to lead us all into the 18th century, although they may have a point on evolution. After reading all of these National Memo articles on the ‘five worst ideas from so-and-so’s Tea Party Government’, I’m not sure I believe in it any more either.

    1. Daniel Murphy May 23, 2013

      I concur.

  2. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh May 23, 2013

    These guys do realize that the Nullification issue was settled in 1865, don’t they?

    1. Allan Richardson May 24, 2013

      And some of them, like 1920’s Germans, are trying to arrange a rematch.

      The Civil War established that states do NOT have the right to VOTE DOWN the basic rights of part of their population, and that, since the purpose of government is to PROTECT rights, the federal government has the power, when necessary, to stop lower levels of government from violating anyone’s individual rights (14th Amendment). The Depression also established that states, or in the event of their failure, the federal government, also has the power to stop NON-GOVERNMENTAL SOURCES OF COERCION, such as oligopolistic and oligopsonistic (look up oligopsony) corporations from oppressing people with their ECONOMIC power, through consumer protection and labor relations laws.

  3. adler56 May 23, 2013

    I lived in Louisiana for 2 years while in the Navy. I don’t need reminders of how stupid those people are. They should all be deported for treason.

  4. Germansmith May 23, 2013

    I like the Tobacco Tax idea. If it is true that it mostly affect the lower income people, so much the better.

    People with no money to waste should not smoke. It is costly and harmful to their health and those near them and NOW that we are all paying for their healthcare, it is not that we should be paying more to keep those idiots alive with lung cancer or COPD.

    I hate to sound cruel and insensitive, but in my experience trying to help poor people, I have come to realize that in the land of opportunity, the largest percentage of poor people are not poor due to lack of educational opportunities, or racism or birth status, they are poor due to poor habits, no discipline, laziness and just plain stupidity.
    The fact that as a nation we encourage this, by providing all sorts of government subsidize support without asking for anything in return is just going to perpetuate the problem from one generation to the next

    1. Melvin Miller May 23, 2013

      What an idiotic statement and typical Louisiana Republican. Because of your twisted ideology and that of the people who believe it, Louisiana will continue to vote for guys like Jindal who continue to pillage the State. As a whole Louisiana is one of the states that consistently votes against its own best interests.

      1. Germansmith May 23, 2013

        People vote with their emotions, not their logic
        If logic was a determine factor in elections neither Bush Jr. or Obama would have become Presidents. Gore and Hillary or McCain (when running against Bush in 2008 primary) would have been elected instead.
        It seems to me, you are a partisan and that you value no opinion that does not confirm your established point of view. This makes you no better than the right wing fire breather, but you are entitled to your opinion. But my opinion is based on my experience and evolution.

        1. MVH1 May 23, 2013

          I hope you don’t consider your diatribe logic. That’s even worse than I thought. Based on your experience and evolution? That doesn’t put you very far down the road of experience nor evolution. Remarkable.

          1. Susan Dean May 23, 2013

            Agreed. Especially with all those spelling errors in his posts.

    2. oldtack May 23, 2013

      In reference to your comments on the poor coupled with my experience of working with these people I tend to agree. In times of problems and disasters it is the “inborn” response of human beings to give aid and comfort to those who have been affected – and this is good. But – this action should be limited to a “hand up” ie immediate assistance to get them back on their feet so they can go forward. It should not be a continuous “hand out” as is evidenced in all of our Social relief programs.
      Those programs were enacted originally as “hand up” programs and through time have evolved into “hand out “programs that have totally eroded the abilities of many to handle life’s problems.- problems we face in our daily existence. We have taken away these individuals sense of responsibility.

      I work with the American Red Cross on DRT Teams (Disaster Response). Our job is to be on the scene with initial relief. Most people take the relief then handle their own problems – then we are left with those that have a continual hand out. In hurricane Katrina it took a Court order to evict these people from emergency shelter ONE YEAR later and they wanted to sue us.

      I attempted to aid a “family” in Iowa that was destitute and finally abandoned the effort. There were three adults – all young – but none of them were “able” to work. They exist on welfare and food stamps and bemoan their fate but, all three have a serious tobacco habit – each smokes average two packs a day. Conservatively that equates to over $900.00 a month to support a habit. But they need assistance to pay their utility bills. And all three have decorative tattoos (not cheap).

      We need to protest to ou rGovernment to do the benevolent thing and give the needy a “hand up” but stop giving them a “hand out”.

      1. Germansmith May 23, 2013

        That is my experience as well as my point of view

      2. Siegfried Heydrich May 23, 2013

        Yup . . . we have homeless here (bums, to be blunt about it) whose priorities are (in descending order) cigarettes, the cheapest form of alcohol available, and the free breakfast the local church serves them daily. They all get $200 in SNAP each month, and all frequent a local convenience store that sells them beer and wine as ‘groceries’ so their card pays for them. That store is in the process of being investigated for fraud, and the homeless are all up in arms about it, as it looks like it’s going to get shut down (lots of drug dealing there as well) . . .

      3. Robert P. Robertson May 23, 2013

        I absolutely agree with the hand up solution. All of the social aide programs such as unions, the Freedman’s Bureau, relief, public housing, food stamps, welfare, public education all started out as hand up programs that initially worked, but there’s always this certain element that would come along that turns it into a generational hand out, disparage it because of what it was manufactured to become, and end it. When it ends, it does what? Creates more poverty which equals economic crime. Institutions such as the WPA, Manpower, Workforce, and American Youth Core provided vocational and educational skills that trained many people to be productive, hard working citizens, but look what happened to them. the same as the Johnson era Affirmative Action program and his War on Poverty. those were hand up programs, but look what happened to them. President Obama has a Jobs Bill that would provide work for every able bodied American. Where is it? . . Just like you said, hand ups work but they don’t when doors are closed that would make them work. 2014 will be the opportunity to get the obstructionists out of the way.

        1. oldtack May 23, 2013

          Robert P. Robertson

          This problem has existed in our Government programs for years.
          Hopefully 2014 will be the turning point.
          Have a good evening

      4. Robert P. Robertson May 23, 2013

        Whether its a continupous hand out or a hand up, bitch, who the fuc k are you to decide that. You a scum sucking white trash motherfucker who doesn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out. You get on this post thinking you got solutions, but its sorry bitches like you that is the problem. You don’t have much longer on this earth, and the sooner you go the better for everybody. what you need to do is mind your fucking business bitch and suffer in solitude like a good pussy.

    3. Madelaine Ayers Henne May 23, 2013

      Well if this is so, that poor people should quit smoking because they can’t afford it, then I want all of you to stop eating fast food restaurants because I’m tired of paying for your EM visits for heart attacks which make my insurance premiums go up!! Also quit giving tax breaks to big companies that then stash their money over seas instead of paying taxes so we CAN educate the people that need help!! You are a low life and I hope you never end up needing a hand up!! There are abusers for every government program. Quit lumping everyone together!!

      1. Germansmith May 23, 2013

        And you are a sweetheart, your heart must be filled with love….
        I pay for my own health insurance, thank you very much (no subsidy or Medicaid here)
        You do not know me, why are you calling me a “lowlife”? Just because I agree that raising taxes on Tobacco is a great idea and that low income people (or anybody) should not smoke?
        Should we instead encourage bad habits with subsidies?
        That does not sound too progressive to me….

        1. MVH1 May 23, 2013

          You really don’t know what you said, do you?

      2. oldtack May 23, 2013

        Madelaine Ayers Henne

        There is not one iota of logic in any of your posts. Not one!

    4. Robert P. Robertson May 23, 2013

      Would it occur to you that the reason many many people are poor and irresponsible is because they are manipulated into it? Have you heard of words like “deprivation”? What about “disadvantage”? Wait, one more— “disparagement” which is exactly what you’re doing. reading the above article about Booby Jindal tells me a lot about what has historically been going on since the first prison ship dropped off a load of criminals from Ireland who became slaves in the New England territoies in 1612. Yes, the very first slaves that arrived in America were Irish and Czechs who had been slaves for thousands of years in Europe before that. You could be deprived and disadvantaged into the same situation if you make too much noise against someone who is powerful enough to stop you in your tracks and ruin your life. Many, many people are poor and helpless right now and are doing what seigfried mentioned because they have no other means to support the addictions their lives were manuevered into. They are only culpable for surrendering and embracing their degradation. The real criminals in this is the cold, cruel system that promotes severe poverty, and the other criminal is the one who is taking advantage, like the store owners and such.

      1. Germansmith May 23, 2013

        I came to this country as an immigrant, English is my 3rd language. I had no advantages, or money or support (with the exception of a couple of cans of government’s cheese that I found delicious at the time). I lived in an “urban” environment playing with teens that later became criminals as well as some success stories.
        My point, if I can make it and thrived. And if many people that I lived and grew up with can also make it (by taking advantage of the free compulsory education and by working hard) there is no excuse for other people to live in degradation and surviving with what “The Man” give them….just because my GGGGDaddy was slave or they decided to live in the hills or in the bayou.
        Most people would do what you incentive them to do. If you give them money not to work, they will not, if you give them money when they have more kids, them they will have more kids.
        Man is greedy and lazy by nature. The Communists thought they could create a system where everybody work equally for the benefits of all people…they forgot the nature of man/woman and we know the rest of the story. Go and ask Cubans and Korean how they like their lives in those “FAIR” systems.

        1. Robert P. Robertson May 23, 2013

          One point you made that stands out is you came to America as a immigrant from wherever it is you came from. You were unable to make it wherever it is you came from because some dic-taker or monarch ruled over you and its people with a iron hand and obstructed your family and your progress. Do you see the irony in what you said? If you are so resourceful, could pull yourself up by your boot scraps, and you work so hard and diligently, why didn’t you do it wherever it is you came from? That half-cocked philosophy you regurgitate is not real human nature. If it were, none of us would be here. Work is the essence of life. Do you understand what “foraging” and “hunting and gathering” is? Do you understand how civiliztion was built? WORK. I don’t know how religious you are or whether you’re a Christian, Muslim, or whatever, but the Bible tells me that “Hard, cold, and cruel is a man who has paid too much for what he’s got.” That sounds like you. But Christ said “What you do to the least of these you do unto me.” Think about that. I’m not criticizing you for being what you are. Do you, my friend. But you are your brother’s keeper.

          1. Germansmith May 23, 2013

            Mr. Robertson
            People and institutions have been helping people in need since the beginning of time…before the Bible.
            It was a direct help that also forced those helped to face their situation and do what is necessary to pull their own bootstraps and get ahead because they had to face their benefactors and knew they could not continued to leech on other people permanently. The only excuse anybody should have for permanent help from others is a serious disability making then unable to get ANY work.
            I help other people as well…but directly and teach them how to fish so they could gain their fish and own self worth.
            I just do not think a government bureaucrat sitting 500 miles away is a good conduct for help and this bureaucrat do not care how much money he/she throws out to help the undeserving…it is not their money.
            Simply put, Police needs their criminals, bureaucrats need their charity cases and taxpayers pay for it all.

          2. Allan Richardson May 24, 2013

            And when the children of these charity cases grow up, they keep the police in business most of the time. There are people who overcome their origins, but this is partly due to luck. If, by some miracle, 100 PERCENT of the population of a ghetto neighborhood suddenly began thinking and acting like the sales-rally-stereotype of successful people, only 5 or 10 percent of them would get the successful RESULTS, because 100 percent would be competing against EACH OTHER for the top jobs, and SOMEONE (the majority) would not win.

          3. Germansmith May 24, 2013

            You are aware that there are actually millions of jobs with no takers in the US? The reasons those are not filled by Americans are lack of the right education, or unwillingness to work for less money (why work for a minimum wage, when you can get by with government assistances).
            There will always be poverty because you will never get 100% of poor people to make the right decisions and also quite honestly sometimes bad things happen to good people (and therefore those people deserve some help for them to get up and go again)
            Poverty is not just a “ghetto thing”. Go to West Virginia or similar places and you will find rural people with many acres of land living of government assistance. They may have never attained any education, but if you want experts on government benefits…you will find them there.
            I believe in a safety net, to save your life when you fall…not to live permanently there like many people have been doing for years.

        2. Allan Richardson May 24, 2013

          Most people will do what they are incentivized to do, IF IT IS WITHIN THEIR ABILITIES, and I am referring both to PERSONAL abilties and INSTITUTIONAL/SOCIAL abilities. When the same forces which want to “incentivize” people to work ALSO send the best jobs overseas, what good are the incentives? If you offer someone a million dollars to flap his arms and fly, he will not win the million. Likewise, the unemployed-by-choice so called may have personality issues causing no one to hire them EVEN in a good economy; and remember, jobs have been gradually disappearing in this country for decades, it is only since 2007 that it became obvious. I would gladly give them free counseling to help solve those issues; and in some cases, once an employer breaks the CYCLE of getting a job, believing one cannot succeed, then of course not succeeding, that may be all the counseling that person needs. Of course, the only employer that can afford to hire a “difficult” worker and turn that worker’s attitude around is the government.

          Yesterday, while this post was being written, the Interstate 5 bridge over the Skagit river in Washington State collapsed, fortunately at a low traffic time of day. This is the SECOND major bridge in a decade to collapse, and engineers say that hundreds of other bridges need repairs, reinforcements or replacements, but like these two, no maintenance has been done on them for many years, because of lack of funds. Or to be more accurate, MISAPPROPRIATION of funds to the war in Iraq and tax breaks for companies moving jobs overseas. It is past time for another CCC or WPA to work on all these infrastructure COMMON ASSETS, and that could be used to provide job training, and job attitude training, for welfare recipients.

          1. oldtack May 24, 2013

            Usually, on the forums, I just make a statement and sometimes find myself upset with some blogger and let my temper overrule logic.

            Today I took the time to click on your name to scan your previous posts – and spent quite some time reading them.

            I might not agree 100% with all you say but I do appreciate your view and the fact that I never found where you lost your temper and went into diatribes.All post were based on logic.

            In the future when I find myself about to “lose it” and go into a disjointed diatribe, I think I will take a break and reflect on your posts before I get back on the forum to reply to someone.

            This is a compliment by the way.


          2. Allan Richardson May 25, 2013

            One thing that “tough love” people usually say is “teach a man to fish and he will feed himself for life” which is usually good advice. However, the huge multinational corporations come along and, as soon as people have learned to “fish”, they “drain the lake” or “poison the stream” so that the fishing skills they have worked so long to develop, and others have worked so long to teach them, are no longer productive.

            This not only applies to fishing as a metaphor for earning a living, it also, unfortunately, applies to LITERAL fishing; the corporations poison the streams, rivers, lakes and even the OCEANS because it is the “cheapest” way to get rid of their wastes. This saves (thus, earns) individual companies money, but it is paid for by the wealth AND health of unrelated people all over the world.

            As noble as it is to pull oneself up by the bootstraps, the most effective way to acquire wealth for oneself is no longer to CREATE it through work; it is to get OTHERS to create it through THEIR work, then take it by manipulating the system. I am not referring to the small number of poor who do not try, and collect a pittance from taxpayers, but to the wealthy who make the laws (or PAY others to make the laws they want) so that whatever they do, however EVIL in the moral sense, is perfectly LEGAL.

            Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world. Once we, the working people, recognize THAT, we will realize that we have to UNITE to fight back. ONE can no longer pull ONESELF up by ones OWN bootstraps, but WE can pull OURSELVES up together by our COLLECTIVE bootstraps. Why are labor unions feared by the wealthy? THEY have their own unions, yet they want to deprive WORKERS of the right to form them. A twig is easily broken, but a bundle of twigs tied together becomes a strong beam that can be used as a tool or weapon.

            I congratulate Germansmith for his ambition, combined with luck, that has been so good for him personally. But he does not realize that coming up from poverty is like a lottery. Just because someone won the lottery this week, it does not follow that buying a lottery ticket will make everyone wealthy. His ambition would have been futile without the element of luck, and millions of other who have ambition, or who ONCE had it, have been discouraged by the lack of winning results. The biggest trick the ruling class has is to trick us into trying to make it ALONE, like John Wayne in the movies, rather than CO-OPERATING to achieve a goal together. Rosa Parks sat down to protest, but if no one else had JOINED TOGETHER in a movement, she would have been a forgotten victim of a lynching that the law would not have tried to solve, and the Jim Crow system would STILL be in effect.

          3. oldtack May 25, 2013

            I like your analogy.
            What we need is Solidarity to combat what is enveloping our existence.

      2. oldtack May 23, 2013

        Where is your logic? Am I to understand that all of these slaves were victims of themselves that caused them to be put into involuntary servitude? Did all of these remain in this existence or did some -like some of the black slaves make their escape into freedom where they could better themselves?.And, by the way – there were Turk slaves here before 1612. Their descendants are known as Tri Racial Melungeons.

        The only person to blame for one’s place in life it that individual. Blaming it on your home environment or your station in life is bullshit. You can pull yourself up out of that miry beginning or you can take the easy way and sit on your butt and bemoan your bad luck and let the world support you. But don’t try and transfer the blame to “the cruel world”.

        1. Robert P. Robertson May 23, 2013

          wait a minute, dumb ass. I was agreeing with you! this is the second time i’ve tried to have a reasonable discussion with you and you’ve turned on me like a fucking dog. i don’t give a fuck about you, what you think or how you feel, you low life white supremacist pussy. I don’t know what medication you’re on or what you’re smoking, or whether you and germansmith are homosexual lovers, but its obvious you two faggots should be in bed somewhere instead of on this post.

          1. oldtack May 23, 2013

            My sincere apology. I will admit that I Scanned your post without taking the time to read it.
            I think I’m the wrong culture to be a white supremacist and I’m male so I don’t have one of those. I’m notsmoking anything and I’n not of the faggot disposition either.

            I did not mean to offend you. I will carefully digest you posts and think twice before I reply.

            Keep posting and I will keep reading. OK?
            Take Care


          2. Robert P. Robertson May 23, 2013

            no problem.

          3. CrankyToo May 25, 2013

            You two dirtbags want to be alone?

        2. Allan Richardson May 24, 2013

          See my previous post. People who are defined by the institutions of power to be barred from certain avenues of expression did not do anything (except perhaps choose when, where, and in which body to reincarnate) to deprive themselves of those benefits.

          The white “slaves” were more likely INDENTURED servants, working under a contract that provided, IF they survived so many years (typically 7), they would be freed and get a small plot to farm on their own. One reason for becoming indentured was to finance a new opportunity; another was being caught committing minor crimes. The reason Europeans went to Africa for slaves is that they had already decided that “Christians” should not be enslaved permanently, the Africans were handy, and not already Christians (some slaveholders did not ALLOW their slaves to be converted by missionaries for that reason), and best off all, they LOOKED TOO DIFFERENT to blend in with free people. Add to that propaganda to get free (i.e. white) people in lower income brackets to fear and hate them, and vote in slaveholders as the state government, and there you have colonial America, and the roots of the Confederacy.

          1. oldtack May 24, 2013

            Thanks for the clarification.

    5. MVH1 May 23, 2013

      Nah, you don’t hate sounding cruel and insensitive. You don’t hate it one bit. In fact, it sounds like you really really love it. Of course if you never think for yourself and never get the facts straight, you can just go on loving what ignorant, wrong things you and your buddies have to say.

      1. oldtack May 23, 2013

        You and your Ilk are the one’s that are responsible for the degrading our Hand Up government programs into the mess of Give away today. YOU are the one’s responsible for the millions lying around on their butts expecting the world to supply their needs. If you will get your head out of a sociology Book and get out and work among these people you will find their backgrounds as children and young adults not much different than anyone else. Have you worked DRT work? Have you ever helped at a Food Bank? Have you ever volunteered anywhere?

        I am not a first generation like germansmith but I can identify with him. I came out of a Southern “Mill Village”. For you information The Mill Village is rows of four room shacks on graveled streets that nestle behind the Textile Mill. The wages there were very low which sometimes made it necessary that young people dropped out of school to work in the Mill – not for spending money but to help put food on the table. We also had a name from the “elite” we were “Lint heads”.

        .Every child in this 100 or so houses lived the same type of existence Some excelled in life overcoming their inauspicious beginning while some went to Prison and some sit today on the public dole and bemoan their ill fate in life.

        I “ran away” from this place at 16. From then until I was 17 I worked at jobs I never dreamed existed and some I would as soon forget – but- i worked because I knew that there was no one out there that was going to give me a damned thing. At 17 I enlisted in the Service with a faked parental permission. Afterward I finished my education including College.

        I’m not “tooting my own horn”. I’m stating facts.
        Don’t give me this garbage that these people are victims of their environment. If anything – they are victims of all the hand outs from bleeding hearts like you.

        1. MVH1 May 23, 2013

          I stopped at “your ilk.” What on earth makes you think you know a thing about me, you fool.

          1. Robert P. Robertson May 23, 2013

            That oldbiddy learned a new phrase, “hand up”, and thinks he has it made. But look how he juxtaposes it with words like “garbage”, “ilk”, “bleeding hearts”, “liberals”. that’s a turn coat yellow dog with a yellow streak up his back. he barks behind his fence and when you charge at it, it tucks its tail and hunches his back just like a running dog two-faced neo-Confederate. he’s the kind of bitch that would pull you up from the ground, then talk behind you back about how you got on the ground in the first place. Look at what he said about helping victims of Hurricane Katrina then call them moochers living off of hand outs who had to be kicked off of disaster relief. That’s what people in new Orleans call a Jenny Woman, a old-biddy who peeks from her curtain all day them gossips about her own neighbors where she herself lives.

          2. MVH1 May 24, 2013

            I didn’t even read it’s full post and won’t. It’s too out of control. What’s going on with people who come to just spew hatred and fury? These are topics that are rich with elements we could all start trying to put together as solutions rather than hate and rage. Imagine what kind of day he always has. And the dreams. Probably bad things always coming after him. They’re going to get him if he keeps this up.

    6. Renshia May 24, 2013

      You will like this. A book called The poor are not trying.

      I think it is right in line with what you are saying.


  5. JDavidS May 23, 2013

    Pretty much the standard “hit list” for the GOP…(Goofy Odious People). Target women…they’ve got them thar magic vaginas. Target education. That shit could lead ’em to think…can’t have that goin’ on. Tax breaks for our rich friends…check. Gays an’ shit?…I mean really. Yup. GOP operating as the GOP. No surprise here folks…

    1. Mark Forsyth May 23, 2013

      OH MAN! A big thank you for your new definition of GOP.Hit the nail on the head and made me laugh.

      1. Siegfried Heydrich May 23, 2013

        Well, there’s always the ‘Geriatric Old Party’, the ‘Get Obama Party’, the ‘Greedy Old Plutocrats’, and the ‘Geezers On Pills’ . . .

        1. Robert P. Robertson May 23, 2013

          Would “Grand Obstructionist Party” work?

          1. Siegfried Heydrich May 23, 2013

            Dunno . . . ain’t nuttin’ Grand about ’em . . . ‘Grumpy Old Poots’?

          2. Robert P. Robertson May 23, 2013

            That’s even better!

        2. Mark Forsyth May 23, 2013

          Absolutely Siegfried and you too Robert.They all work.You will have to stop now ’cause my gut is starting to hurt from all the laughing.

          1. Robert P. Robertson May 23, 2013

            In 2014 they’ll all “Go Out Pooping”!

          2. Mark Forsyth May 23, 2013

            That is most appropriate,seeing as how they all are a bunch of turds.

          3. Robert P. Robertson May 23, 2013


    2. MVH1 May 24, 2013

      And thinking would be considered elitist. It’s pathetic when so many seem to embrace dumbness.

  6. Robert P. Robertson May 23, 2013

    ___oo___ Is it over with yet?

  7. Kansan May 23, 2013

    Piyush Jindal, with Koch brothers funding, has been traipsing all over the U.S. pushing these ideas and supporting other Tea Party governors. It isn’t just confined to the south. He was there for Scott Walker, John Kasich, Rick Snyder, etc., when they got themselves into serious trouble. They’re all big on corporate bailouts. Piyush wanted to sell state prisons and other facilities to for-profit ownership. Kasich actually did so, when he sold a prison to the Corrections Corporation of America in Conneaut, Ohio, and Snyder has tried to close state prisons to fill a GEO Group prison in Baldwin, Michigan.

    1. Madelaine Ayers Henne May 23, 2013

      Ask Kascih how that’s going for him! LOL

      1. Allan Richardson May 25, 2013

        It’s going well for HIM so far, but not so well for the people of his state, whether in prison or out of it.

  8. Robert P. Robertson May 23, 2013

    Pa’ush “Booby”Jindal is a joke to Louisiana. Atleast the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled that his “voucher” program to attempt to privatize public education was unconstitutional and the loud protest to stop the state’s income and corporate tax and raise state sales taxes to recoup revenue was blasted by the people of Louisiana. Louisianans have awakened to this POS, and the sooner he is out of the State’s Capital the better. He only got into governance from a wave of neo-Confederate Tea Bag anti-Obama sentiment, and his second run was supported overwhelmingly by the Rove/Koch/ALEC money machine. Louisiana has learned a lesson from this butcher, and he should not be allowed to hold public office again.

  9. Mark Forsyth May 23, 2013

    Perhaps Louisianans should elect an alligator hunter to office.Would it be any worse?

    1. Robert P. Robertson May 23, 2013

      Alligator hunter would be better. Atleast we can all get alligator sausage.

  10. Sand_Cat May 23, 2013

    Nothing new here. If the Republicans weren’t the stupid party, none of these guys would be members.

  11. David Turrentine May 23, 2013

    And I thought Texas was a the top of the stupid heap

  12. David Turrentine May 23, 2013

    Leaving the burden of supporting the state upon the poor and middle classes

  13. JSquercia May 23, 2013

    It sure looks as if Joe Lapinto didn’t learn MUCH for his $100,000 .

  14. Lovefacts May 23, 2013

    While Jindal gives lip service re the Republican Party needing to stop being the “Stupid Party,” his very actions and beliefs prove he’s a perfect example of the “Stupid Party.” His actions and those of the T-Party are also why LA has one of the poorest ranking school systems in the country. Heck, even our founding fathers were more enlightened.

  15. Daniel Murphy May 23, 2013

    There exists more long term depth and reason in a cloud that floats by, than in all the incoherent legislation from Jindal’s jagoffs. I know some conservative people whom are salt of the earth folks. The problem is: they’re completely oblivious of the harmful consequences of these idiotic – inhumane bills put forth by insanely stupid, nuckle dragging chimpanzees (my apologies to the chimps).

  16. catnip2430 May 23, 2013

    Looks to me like Louisiana is trying to catch up to North Carolina in the race of who can come up with the biggest bone head law.

  17. howa4x May 23, 2013

    This is why Jindal’s Ideas won’t sell outside Louisiana, and why he is no national candidate. He can get all the corporations to come there to pollute the earth, but won’t have a population smart enough to work in them. come to the east and west coasts with this nonsense and see how far you get. I only pray that he is the republican nominee. If he is even considered for president the republican party’s best hope is secession.

  18. Gerald Rogers May 31, 2013

    This is what you get from the Southern States, where inbreeding seem to distort the mind.

  19. LotusJoan June 11, 2013

    Why it is that the party who proposes to love the US Constitution and the “founding fathers” want to legislate in violation of the US Constitution? Knowing that a law is in conflict with the constitution appears to be a reason to vote for it rather than against it.

    They also promote austerity until it comes to unnecessary law suits. Tea Party led states have paid a hefty legal bill to promote their agenda and have lost most of the
    time. We do have a spending problem in deeply red states – they spend far too much on legal challenges to bills most people do not support.


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