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6 Gubernatorial Races To Watch In 2014

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6 Gubernatorial Races To Watch In 2014



With midterm elections next year, several states are sure to experience some of the nastiest—and most competitive and expensive—gubernatorial races in the country. With partisan divisions ripping Congress, these states are looking for change.

The GOP is already preparing for the coming elections; this week marks the annual Republican Governors Association meeting, led by new chairman (and successful 2013 candidate) Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey.

Here are six of the most interesting gubernatorial races that are sure to dominate headlines throughout the coming year.

Photo: League of Women Voters of California


  1. Liberalism is Nonsense November 24, 2013

    After a century of centralized control imposed in the names of this or that superstition du jour, it seems clear that the once vibrant countries of the West are faltering under the weight of bureaucratic socialism’s leaden threads.

  2. Defend Liberty November 27, 2013

    Those of the liberty school understand that voluntary associations of free men are capable of far more than detached central planners operating with inferior information and selfish political motives.

  3. Liberalism is Nonsense November 27, 2013

    Except in cases of impeachment, criminal trials shall be by jury and shall be held in the state where said crimes were committed.


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