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7 Reasons The GOP’s War Against Saying ‘Happy Holidays’ Is The Dumbest Thing Ever

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7 Reasons The GOP’s War Against Saying ‘Happy Holidays’ Is The Dumbest Thing Ever


Over the weekend the National Republican Congressional Committee took down a much-mocked shirt that read “‘Happy Holidays’ is what liberals say” in the worst possible font. The back featured “Merry Christmas” in a much more resplendent typeface.


A spokesperson for the group claimed that the shirt sold out, which would be convenient. But perhaps the NRCC recognized that they’d smeared many of the heroes of their own party with the “L-word”—the fourth worst insult in the conservative language behind “RINO,” “empathetic,” and “professorial.”

UPDATE: There is now a mug version of the t-shirt.

Because you know who else has used “Happy Holidays”?

Senator John McCain (R-AZ)

“I’m John McCain. Happy holidays and thank you for listening.”—Weekly Republican Address, 12/18/09

Sure, but McCain is a RINO, you’re saying.

How about…

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)


Senator Dean Heller

And then there’s…

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC)


So if the NRCC isn’t representing Republicans in Congress, whose views are they pushing when they mock the use of “Happy Holidays”?


  1. Suralin December 3, 2013

    People seem to get offended too easily these days. Yeah, I’m a fairly secular liberal, but I don’t mind at all if someone wishes me a Merry Christmas, or says “God be with you”, etc. I’ll take it in the spirit it’s offered, and reply in kind. 🙂

    It’s odd to see so many right-wingers going into conniptions over the fact that non-Christian holidays in December are even remotely acknowledged (hence “Happy Holidays”, plural). When you realize that a lot of the more vocal ones live in (or claim to represent, or are selling to) areas where the Christian percentage of the population is in the very high 90s, that sort of culture shock becomes a bit more understandable, but I still think it’s an overreaction.

    (Side note: I feel the same way about the handful of people on the left who get offended when someone says “Merry Christmas”. Nobody’s perfect; live and let live.)

    1. Jane Caspar December 4, 2013

      This is all so silly. Holidays(Holy Days) is so beautifully inclusive. There are so many.Pentecost, St Nicholas Day, Christmas,Hannukah,Thanksgiving, All Saints Day, St Stephen’s Day, Holy Innocents ,the pagan days Saturnalia , scientifically’ the Solstice- all sorts of things , We are happy that the days are getting longer and there are so many things to celebrate! There are so many reasons to have good feelings to everyone. Whatever one says in a pleasant and loving manner should be welcome and reciprocal whatever the specific wording of the good will greeting.

      1. bikejedi December 4, 2013

        All the Liberals who want to use Happy Holidays just don’t realize that you are being brainwashed to be Anti Christian from the Party that Boo’d God …Ask yourself if your Leader would have you say Happy Holiday to a Muslim on Ramadan ? No right ? It is only Christianity that is under attack…. for Islam you are supposed to show sensitivity . Now ask yourself why and then ask yourself about the divisive Stereo types Obamas promotes when he talks about bitter clingers ? Why should any American be denied and why is it only Christianity that the Dems Obama and Liberals pick on ? Ok in Chicago we have our CHRISTMAS TREE and now the athiest’s don’t like that so they were allowed to erect a big A next to the tree …. Let them try that next to a Mosque and the same Liberals who let them erect it next to a Christmas Tree would make them take it down out of deference to the sensitivities of the Muslims …How do you people live with your own hypocrisy ? And is it any wonder the terms Liberal and Hypocrite when used together is redundant . … Merry Christmas Liberals … God Bless you . ( by the way I’m not overly religious or a bitter clinger )

        1. WhutHeSaid December 4, 2013

          Are you really that much of a stupid, whining asshole? Happy Holidays is just a kind and harmless wish that doesn’t even necessarily have to involve Christmas at all. I say it when I want to cover Christmas and New Years, and even *gasp* Hanukkah.

          Don’t you people ever wake up in the morning and just sit there wondering how you came to be such a miserable, hateful walking turd?

          1. bikejedi December 4, 2013

            So you are going to deny your party boo’d God promotes tolerance and sensitivity to Islam who crashed planes into towers and then wants to disrespect Christianity ? Yeah didn’t think so because you cant …Then you talk about hate while calling someone else who told the truth a turd …. Yep you are a special kind of immature intolerant Liberal .

          2. WhutHeSaid December 5, 2013

            People should tolerate all religions equally — that’s my belief. More murder and mayhem has been created in the name of Christianity than any other religion, as far as I can tell.

            Terrorists and murders aren’t extensions of any religion that I know of, rather, they merely hide behind that religion. No organized religion that I know of promotes mayhem. You don’t know of any either.

            Nobody booed God — that’s just a lie so that you can ride your pink foreign bike with your belly flapping in the breeze and hate on people for no reason other than you have nothing better to do with your sissy self.

          3. bikejedi December 5, 2013

            Name one TERRORIST attack done by Christians …and if you want to go back to the crusades maybe you should get some real history instead of the Liberal one … The Muzzies started that …I agree with you about hididng behind a religion but in the case of Islam it is their tenets

            They boo’d God and voted against him


          4. WhutHeSaid December 5, 2013

            Are you drunk? There are so many it boggles the imagination.

            How about Timothy McVeigh, a Republican Christian who held the record for the deadliest terrorist attack in US history until September 11, 2001.

            Nobody booed God — you are just lying because it’s what despicable, bigoted knuckle-draggers do.

          5. bikejedi December 5, 2013

            You are stupid right ? I mean you know it and your friend knows it right ? McVeigh did not do his deed in the name of Christ and never once said it was a religious strike . His faith ( or lack there of ) had nothing to do with his actions and only a Liberal who has been brainwashed to hate Christians by his Muslim Ruler and other Progressives would put that on McVeigh …shame on you …Its just like the way you are all being taught to be self loathing if you are white …YOU ARE STUPID ..
            Another example that proves you are STUPID … I posted the video showing the Dems Booing God at THEIR Convention and you still claim I am Lying …You are STUPID HATEFUL IMMATURE INTOLERANT BRAINWASHED SELF LOATHING ANTI CHRISTIAN AND STUPID SOME MORE …I have no further need to talk to you …Have fun in your self loathing and hate K

          6. WhutHeSaid December 5, 2013

            Of course you will wimp out and run off like a thief in the night — that’s how you lying, bigoted, redneck pussies always behave when confronted.

            McVeigh was not only Christian, but he was a Republican Christian. Murder, mayhem and terrorism has been committed by Christians since the days when Christ was still alive up to this very day. The incidents are too numerous to recount even if one devoted an entire life’s work to nothing else.

            As with any other terrorist, McVeigh wasn’t following the teachings of his religion when he committed his vile acts despite the fact that he would probably insist such was the case. There is no difference between a Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Christian or any other religious follower in this respect. None of them are following the teachings of their respective religion even if they claim to do so.

            So the reality is that you have no valid point — you are merely another sordid bigot. No charge for the lesson — teaching something to the truly ignorant is it’s own reward.

          7. bikejedi December 6, 2013

            You really are special . A SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID . First you don’t even address your Party BOOING GOD . Then you show how brainwashed you are to be self loathing and full of hate for Christians ..You learn Obama’s anti Christian brainwashing extremely easy proving your own lack of intellect and self determination . You say “Murder, mayhem and terrorism has been committed by Christians since the days when Christ was still alive up to this very day. The incidents are too numerous to recount even if one devoted an entire life’s work to nothing else. ” while not being able to offer a single example besides McVeigh who NEVER cited religion . YOU ARE A BRINWASHED USEFUL IDIOT REPEATING OBAMA AND THE LEFT”S RHETORIC OF HATE . You have been programmed to hate Christians because a lot of them have Conservative values .

            You go on to say ”

            As with any other terrorist, McVeigh wasn’t following the teachings of his religion when he committed his vile acts despite the fact that he would probably insist such was the case. There is no difference between a Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Christian or any other religious follower in this respect. None of them are following the teachings of their respective religion even if they claim to do so.” REALLY???? REALLY ???? You are a special kind of stupid and the problem is that you don’t even know how stupid you are or sound . Have you read the teachings of the Quran ? Have you looked at their history of converting infidels at the tip of the sword and killing those who resist ?????? Have you not seen the thousands of terrosists attacks where they yell ALLAH AKBAR as they kill …You are really a special kind of stupid and you are also have accepted the Liberal brainwashing to hate Christians well ., You are the perfect Liberal Sheep …A Brainwashed tool to be used and clowned by Obama ….

          8. WhutHeSaid December 6, 2013

            I hate Christians? That’s a completely idiotic statement to make since you don’t even know my religious beliefs.

            It’s complete assholes like you that are the very cause of terrorism the world over. You are a lying, bigoted asshole who believes that his religion is better than any other, but you are a sorry example of Christianity yourself. There’s nothing about your behavior that adheres to Christian principles. If Jesus were here in person he would probably beat you down on sight because he didn’t tolerate vile and despicable fools gladly.

            It’s because of morons like you that some people hate Americans. I don’t defend terrorists of any stripe, and none of them can lay claim to being a living exemplar of their supposed religion. This includes you, although I doubt if you have enough balls to ever commit an act like Timothy McVeigh. I’m absolutely certain that you would if you weren’t a coward, so in this case your lack of spine works out to be a good thing.

            You made the ridiculous claim that I couldn’t cite any Christian terrorists and I immediately proved you wrong. I could cite examples all day long, but it wouldn’t mean much because you only deal in bigoted hate and don’t know how to handle rational debate. Instead of admitting that your ignorant claim was dis-proven you only started spewing more of your ridiculous, bigoted bile.

            Your kind is being systematically eradicated from the Earth, and that’s a good thing. You can whine, whimper and snivel like the bigoted little pussy that you are, but your future will still be the same. Get used to it, boy.

          9. bikejedi December 6, 2013

            Yep a YOU ARE A SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID and with each post you show your stupidity immaturity and hate . You cited McVeigh and said you can cite others . First you CANT cite McVeigh because unlike the Muslim Terrorists who commit their crimes and murders while screaming ALLAH AKBAR …McVeigh didn’t do that …and then you prove your own stupidity by not being able to cite any other example . You then wish ill will on anyone who disagrees with you and claim that they are being eradicated systematically …yes you are a special kind of stupid and I just love to expose you … You call me a pussy but you certainly wouldn’t to me face BOI …Your future will be spent alone in your mommies basement …your sex life is your hand …get to work BOI … Fester in your hate …Obama wants you to hate

          10. WhutHeSaid December 6, 2013

            You have no idea what McVeigh may or may not have said and it wouldn’t matter anyway. He was a Christian terrorist — period. Who cares what somebody does or doesn’t shout when they commit despicable acts? Nobody but a nitwit like you — that’s who.

            You sordid bigots are less and less welcome with every passing day. The younger generations no longer accept your vile and despicable views. You have to hide your true beliefs behind lies and can never just come out and say what you really believe because you will either be a) ridiculed and scorned, or b) beaten to within an inch of your miserable life – possibly both.

            I would not only call you out to your face, I would most likely beat the living stupid out of you if you were bold enough (or stupid enough) to run your despicable yap as you do here. I never felt guilty about slapping around you redneck bigots because you don’t feel pain like real people do, and, anyway — God did put you here for that very purpose.

            Don’t like it? Either stop being a bigoted asshole or accept your fate. Those are your only choices, Bubba.

          11. bikejedi December 7, 2013

            STUPID PUSSY …You give a whole new meaning to Stupid because only someone as Stupid as you could possibly allow themselves to be brainwashed as easily as you have …It would also take a real pussy …I guess you didn’t see that Harvard IOP Survey or the latest Pew Research one that shows that young people are abandoning the Obama in droves did you ??? But that is because you are too stupid to look . Listen pussy Boi if you are ever in the Chi feel free to look me up …Judging by the fact you are too scared to post a picture of your unbathed self as a profile pic I can only assume you are ashamed of your physique or physical appearance …You were the last person picked in gym class right ???hahahahaha Pussy BITCH…Have fun with your hand Must be a great romance hahahahahah

          12. WhutHeSaid December 7, 2013

            Listen, Tinkerbell — I don’t care about polls and surveys. If Obama does that’s his problem, not mine. Stop boring me by trying to sound tough. I know all about redneck bigots, and they always talk the same right up until talk time is over. I grew up around redneck bigots, and it didn’t take long to realize that beating them down was part of God’s plan.

            Because you are a bigoted moron you hate Muslims. Because you are racist, you hate Obama. I’m curious if a simpering pantywaist like you can reconcile the fact that Obama is responsible for so many Al Qaeda and Taliban deaths via drone attacks. It must make you happy to see Muslim extremists being killed (you probably enjoy the killing of Muslim children by accident also), but because a black man is responsible for it, and you are a racist, it surely must just tear you up inside trying to figure out whether you are allowed to support it.

            So what does the redneck bigot handbook say about Christian (but black) Presidents who order the killing of Muslim (but mostly white) terrorists?

          13. bikejedi December 7, 2013

            Of course not because you don’t care about facts if they disagree with you right ? I mean I posted the video and you cant even come up with anyone other then McVeigh . in summation you are embarrassing yourself go romance your hand and for God sakes take a shower …and Please stop proving how stupid you are and just shut up …No one wants to hear your hate and intolerance not even your fellow libs who are embarrassed by you

          14. WhutHeSaid December 7, 2013

            I can come up with plenty of examples of Christians committing terrorism, but that’s pretty irrelevant since you cannot admit that you were wrong about the first one.

            Now you’ve painted yourself into another bigoted corner. You made a claim — I disproved it easily. Now you want to act like your point wasn’t exposed as bullshit — but it really was. So you are angry and embarrassed because you’ve been made to look like a monkey in public. It’s really simple — just say the words ‘OK, I was wrong’ and move on. But you won’t, of course, because doing so would challenge your beliefs and force you to stop lying at least a little.

            Oh yes, don’t think I’ve forgotten about how many times you failed the ‘bigot test’. You claim to hate Muslim terrorists, but you can’t bring yourself to admit that you approve of them being killed by Obama’s drone strikes. Why is that? It’s because you are a vile and despicable bigot, and since Obama is black you cannot bring yourself to approve of anything he does.

            So now we are left with one question: Do you oppose the targeting of Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists? You must oppose it, because Obama is black. So that means you wish to protect Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists, which makes you a Muslim terrorist sympathizer.

          15. Ydnar51 December 8, 2013

            1st. off, Christ was not born in December, we know that for a fact. . December had several pagin holidays who early Christians had always celebrated and did not want to give up. So the church did a smart thing, they stole Christmas from the pagins by putting the celibration of his birth in December.

          16. bikejedi December 8, 2013

            Im cool with that ….Merry Christmas to you

      2. ThomasBonsell December 4, 2013

        OK, Jane, where is St. Patrick’s Day?

        That is my birthday as well as that of actor Patrick Duffy and former all-American basketball player and Boston Celtic official Danny Ainge (whose mother was my childhood buddette and part-time relative), late football star Sammy Baugh, singer Nat King Cole, soccer star Mia Hamm, actor Rob Lowe, and a whole host of others, great and unknown, who demand we be worshipped as others are.

        1. Jane Caspar December 5, 2013

          I’m perfectly willing to say “Happy St Patrick’s Day.” In fact I do since I play in a Celtic Band and am very partial to Sy Patrick and to all things Irish including my ancestor Patrick Brophy who came to this country in 1814. But I tend to say it in the middle of March rather than in December. In December I say either Merry Christmas because I am used to it ,or Happy Hannukah if I am speaking to a Jewish friend but usually in general”M,C and no one has ever been offended. A greeting said with good wishes and smiles is hardly ever repudiated by anyone except by someone looking for a grievance or a fight. Top of the morning to you!

  2. Lynda Groom December 3, 2013

    The war on Christmas is a total fiction. I just got back from doing a little grocery shopping in the mall. In each store Christmas songs were playing, the parking lot street lights were made up as trees. The bell ringers are in front of the stores, the clerks wearing Santa hats and yet I’m suppose to believe that somebody saying ‘happy holidays’ is somehow a war. Give me a break.

  3. holyreality December 3, 2013

    I’d be more sympathetic if the war on X-mas were emphasized. Blatant commercialism that makes Snoopy look modest should offend a devout conservative far more than an honest Happy holidays.

  4. Dominick Vila December 4, 2013

    I say Merry Christmas because that is what I learned from my mother, and because of tradition, rather than religious implications. If conveying joy and good wishes was influenced by religion, I would have no choice but to change my habits and wish people a Happy Holiday since the Season is important to more than just the followers of Jesus Christ.
    The reason the GOP is raising issues like this is to distract the general populace and deflect attention from their failure to propose meaningful changes or solutions to the problems that afflict us. This is a none issue, except for the arrogance of those who believe that other must cater to their beliefs and priorities or risk being considered un-American.

    1. jointerjohn December 4, 2013

      In addition to the distraction game they play with everything they also are pandering to a piece of their base. The portion that sees our country becoming more diverse and it frightens them. Look how they go wide-eyed over bi-lingual anything, multiculturalism in any form, and immigration. They have voters who imagine Muslim bogeymen under their beds. They are terrified of an America that does not resemble an episode of Ozzie and Harriett. Sharing the season with non-Christians is acknowledgment that America is not their exclusive little tree-house.

      1. Dominick Vila December 4, 2013

        Yep, and that paranoia is not new either. I still remember the days we practiced against a nuclear attack by the commies, the domino effect, etc. You are 100% correct regarding the fear of ethnic diversity, and how it will affect our wonderful Norman Rockwell society.

    2. bikejedi December 4, 2013

      Hey it isn’t the GOP that is making this an issue it is the National Memo Obama Dems and Liberals … All any Conservative wants is the same respect and sensitivity that you people give to Islam .

      1. WhutHeSaid December 4, 2013

        Stop lying. You whining, lying bigots already get FAR more respect than you earn, so you should be thankful.

      2. iamproteus December 5, 2013

        Thanks for the laugh! You’re beginning to get the hang of sarcastic humor. Maybe there is some hope for you after all.

        1. bikejedi December 5, 2013

          Well you guys do boo God and you wouldn’t do this to Islam but Im glad you noticed the satire mixed in with the truth

          1. iamproteus December 6, 2013

            Truth?? I must have missed that! FYI, I do not, nor would I ever, “boo God”. In fact, I don’t know anyone who would (as far as I know). And believe this: you most definitely want a good deal more than the same respect and sensitivity that I give to Islam.

  5. john December 4, 2013

    Sarah Palin wrote a book about the war on Christmas so it must be real!

  6. Bill Thompson December 4, 2013

    I personally think there is a war on Thanksgiving. The Christmas barrage used to start the day after Thanksgiving now Christmas is taking over Thanksgiving stores are open people have to work all because of Christmas holiday money and greed.
    I wish people Merry Christmas when I am amongst other Christians when I’m around people of other Faiths, out of respect I say happy holidays to them. I simply would not wish a Jewish friend a Merry Christmas as I would not want to be wished a happy Hanukkah by them. Happy holidays also includes the holiday season Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s it covers just about everything. It seems a little strange to me how people fall for this year after year, at Thanksgiving time the perceived anti-Christian anti-Christmas playbook comes out in an attempt to make people nuts. If Christmas is under attack you would never know it by my town its lit up like Time Square already.

    1. stcroixcarp December 4, 2013

      I would be happy if someone wished me a Happy Hanukkah or Happy New Years on Chinese new year or any holiday that is not of my tradition.I love being included in other culture’s joyful times.

  7. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh December 4, 2013

    Lemme see if I can understand this. The Right is claiming there is a war on Christmas, and now all the prominent Repubs are wishing folks “Happy Holidays”. Yeah! Right!

  8. Kurt CPI December 4, 2013

    The “war” is on restricting free speech, folks. However silly the Fox News premise is, the point is anything but silly. Censorship, especially at this fundamental level, should not be condoned. Don’t let the language of the article bait you, the objection is to denying people the right to say “Merry Christmas”. It hurts no one. What’s that you say? It offends you? Tough. Get over it. This is America – it comes with a free-speech mandate.

    1. ThomasBonsell December 4, 2013

      Ye be silly, Kurt.

      The right of “free speech” is in relationship to government, and no government in the United States has ever enacted a law, ordinance, or regulation restricting anybody’s right to say “Merry Christmas.”

      But you seem to be opposing the right of others to say “Happy Holidays,” or encouraging “Christians” to be respectful of other believer’s holiday observances.

      1. Kurt CPI December 4, 2013

        I’m not opposing anyone’s right to greet me in whatever joyful, festive, Christian, Jewish, secular, or any other manner that suits their personal sense of tradition. Amazing how people that oppose “Merry Christmas” always try to equate supporting the right to say it to condemning “Happy Holidays”. Where did I say I oppose “Happy Holidays”? Both are appropriate, neither should be forbidden.
        On your other point, you are correct, no one has enacted any legislation restricting anyone’s right to say it. But when a corporation forbids employees from saying “Merry Christmas”, that corporation is infringing on their employees’ free speech. “Merry Christmas” is not hate speech. It fully qualifies as being protected under the Constitution. I’m absolutely thrilled to be greeted with “Happy Holidays”. Same goes for “Merry Christmas”. How ’bout you?

  9. Lovefacts December 4, 2013

    After this comment, I will no longer waste another moment on this non-issue. It’s phony and was created to keep money flowing into the coffers of these talking heads. They do this by insuring their listeners/followers are angry and feel threatened because they believe they are under consistent attack. These vile individuals are interested in only two things: money and power.

  10. William Matthew Lee December 4, 2013

    The politically correct squad need to be placed before the wall and shot. It is getting absolutely ridiculous. You have to watch what you say about anything now days, Hell you can’t even call hookers by that name anymore you have to call them morally challenged free lance entertainers now days. You see people complaining about so many Christmas stories on television because the atheist are offended by having to watch it on t.v. IF I am not mistaken, I BELIEVE that there is a thing called a remote control to change channels if they wish not to watch the shows..With all of the different groups out there airing their complaints on t.v.about the need for more politiacal correctness i have just about stopped watching t.v. and spend a lot of time reading. it is a shame that there are SO FEW TROLLS OUT THERE making life miserable for the rest of society. No what is really sad is the rest of us are just going along with them.

  11. kanawah December 6, 2013

    My preference is “Have a cool yule, and a swinging first”.

    The christmas holiday was stolen form the pagans. Also, there are at least 4 other stories which are all basically the same as the Jesus christmas story.

    A virgin impregnated by a god.

    Born on 12-25

    Killed “for his beliefs”

    And arose from the dead, (in 3 of 4 cases ) 3 days later.

    It is all MYTHOLOGY.

    the god of Christians, is so much like the old gods of Babylon, Egypt and
    Persia that even the church scholars are embarrassed by the similarities.

    Mithra, sun-god of
    Persia, was born in human form from a rock on December 25th. Shepherds
    were his first adorers. The first day of the week, Sunday, the day of the
    sun, was the Mithraic holy day.

    Osiris, the
    greatest of the Egyptian gods, was born on December 25th and addressed as King
    of Kings and Lord of Lords. He was put to death by treachery and rose
    again entering into heaven.

    Isis, the great mother of Egypt and wife of the god Osiris was made pregnant by
    light and thus gave birth to Horus on December 25th, the winter solstice.

    Tammuz-Adonis, the
    vegetation god of Syria and Babylonia was born of the virgin Myrrha also on
    December 25th. After meeting with a violent death, Adonis descended to
    the underworld where through the intervention of Aphrodite he was resurrected
    and ascended to the upper world at the time of the spring solstice.

    wine and vegetation god of Greece, was born on December 25th. He died a
    violent death and is said to have come to life again. A goat or bull, and
    in some places a man, substituted for a lamb, was torn to pieces and his flesh
    eaten by the followers during a ritual marked to celebrate Dionysus’s
    death. At these rites, the priests “magically” turned water
    into wine. The worshipers of Dionysus believed themselves to be killing
    their god, eating his flesh and drinking his blood.

    altogether, the coincidences of the god Jesus with these other gods are too
    close and too numerous to be accidental.


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