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8 Reasons Chris Christie Shouldn’t Be President (Other Than Bridgegate)

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8 Reasons Chris Christie Shouldn’t Be President (Other Than Bridgegate)


New Jersey governor and unabashed loudmouth Chris Christie is no stranger to scandal. He may or may not have known about Bridgegate, but way before his cronies decided to punish Fort Lee mayor Mark Sokolich for not endorsing Christie’s re-election bid in 2013, his past was littered with controversies, conflicts of interest, and lawsuits, so much so that it torpedoed his chances of becoming Mitt Romney’s running mate a year earlier.

On Tuesday Christie will launch his long-expected, virtually hopeless campaign for president. Here are only some — some — of the stink bombs hiding in his closet.  “Telling it like it is” indeed.

1. He had ties to Bernie Madoff.

One part of Christie’s biography that he’s likely to gloss over in his announcement speech is his years spent as a lobbyist, representing the Securities Industry Association, where he was successful in getting securities exempted from New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act. At the time, Bernie Madoff — mastermind behind what’s considered the largest financial fraud in the country — was a top SIA official.

2. Dubya and Karl Rove got him to where he is today.

Christie raised so much money for George W. Bush in 2000 — about $350,000 — that he became known as a “pioneer,” using his personal networks to help Bush win the presidency. In return, Bush appointed him U.S. Attorney for New Jersey, a move that was nakedly cronyist since Christie had no experience in criminal law, and Karl Rove was essential to Christie’s appointment. His term as U.S. Attorney paved the way for his run for governor — and from there, he set his sights on the presidency.

3. He was sued for libel and found guilty.

While running for a seat on the Morris County Freeholder Board (a county legislative position much like a city council), he ran an ad that said his opponents were being investigated by the county prosecutor — a blatant lie.

According to political journalist Olivia Nuzzi, writing in Politico, the commercial ran 400 times during the Devils-Rangers Stanley Cup playoff series and during CNN Headline News. In it, sitting next to his wife and infant son, Christie proclaims that he entered this race “for the promise of a better future for my family and yours,” and then the words “Supports Strict Ethics Code” appear as the camera zooms into his face.

He successfully ousted his opponent — and then was served with a lawsuit for libel. He appealed the guilty verdict, but was forced to apologize publicly, in the pages of The Daily Record, in 1996.

4. He’s weaselly about science.

Chris Christie has what you might call a complicated relationship with science. Betraying an utter lack of both intellectual honesty and curiosity, he bends to political winds, shifting his official position on issues such as climate change and the efficacy of vaccines, based not on the most recent study or expert advice, but on whatever seems to be most expedient for his political prospects at that moment.

In the case of global warming, he flirted with denialism, saying as recently as 2010 that he was a “little skeptical,” and that he needed “more science” to be convinced. “To be honest with you, I don’t know,” Christie said at the time. “I can’t figure this stuff out.”

In 2011, he was unequivocal, stating that “climate change is real,” and that “human activity plays a role in these changes.” He affirmed, “When you have over 90 percent of the world’s scientists who have studied this stating that climate change is occurring and that humans play a contributing role, it’s time to defer to the experts.”

Christie has more or less held this line ever since, asserting this year that he believed “global warming is real,” but — so as not to worry conservatives who loathe environmental regulation — he said that there was little point in the U.S. moving forward to curb climate change on its own.

Regarding vaccines, Christie again hedged his bets. When the bogus controversy over anti-vaxxers broke out earlier this year, he said that while he vaccinated his kids, he didn’t think it was right to compel parents, whose views might differ, to do the same, because “parents need to have some measure of choice in things as well so that’s the balance that the government has to decide.”

5. He doesn’t want anyone to know what really goes on in government.

Despite many laws that require public officials to release documents pertaining to official business, Christie has repeatedly denied requests for such information. The Record, the ACLU, and the Asbury Park Press have all sued the governor and his administration — some of them multiple times — for failing to disclose information on a broad range of topics, including state police policies, emails regarding Bridgegate, and the governor’s travel expenses (see below).

WNYC’s Christie Tracker lists 18 separate incidents — as of January 2014 — when the governor’s office refused to release information. As of August 2014, according to The Record, Christie’s administration was involved in more than 20 simultaneous lawsuits for keeping government documents out of the public eye. North Jersey Media Group alone had eight pending lawsuits against the administration at the time.

Christie won’t even release copies of his calendar or visitors’ logs. (It is common practice for governors and the president to make such logs publicly available.)

“They’re putting up any roadblock they can,” said North Jersey Media Group General Counsel Jennifer Borg to the Associated Press, describing “a pattern and practice of thwarting” access that prevented reporters from obtaining even basic documents, such as payroll records.

According to Republican operative Roger Stone, Christie’s arrogance and cover-up tactics recall Nixon’s during Watergate.

6. His administration mismanaged Superstorm Sandy relief funds.

Although widely praised in the immediate aftermath of Superstorm Sandy (and criticized by Republicans for embracing President Obama), he wasn’t the effective leader his bluster touted. The Fair Share Housing Center, as a result of an Open Public Records Act request, found that 79 percent of applicants whose housing aid applications were rejected were actually qualified. A state official blamed it on FEMA, saying that the rejections were based on “inaccurate damage assessment data.”

The contractor hired to distribute relief funds, Hammerman and Gainer, Inc., had contributed $25,000 to the Republican Governors Association, through their New Jersey-based attorneys at Capehart Scatchard. The RGA, of which Christie was chairman in 2014, then contributed almost $2 million to his re-election campaign, according to the Daily Beast. That contractor was later fired, although details were scant.

They were hardly the only firms to give money to the Republican Governors Association — four other companies hired by the state in the aftermath of Sandy donated more than $110,000, according to Internal Revenue Service disclosures reported by The Record.

Furthermore, $6 million in Sandy funds were allocated to a housing project in the Essex County township of Belleville that had been conceived years before the storm struck. Despite its downed trees and power outages, Belleville was not severely affected enough to displace residents. But shortly after the funding was announced, the town’s Democratic mayor formally endorsed Christie — part of a statewide pattern of quid quo pro and high-level blackmail that finally blew up in Christie’s face with Bridgegate.

Christie was also the subject of an investigation to see whether he misused federal funds to appear in a state tourism ad. Instead of giving the job to the lowest bidder, the “Stronger Than the Storm” ads were produced by the East Rutherford PR firm MWW, which had proposed that Christie appear in them, ostensibly as a way to introduce him to out-of-staters who could potentially vote for him for president. MWW’s competitors did not offer to feature Christie. MWW, whose logo graces a tall building seen from both Route 3 and the New Jersey Turnpike, is a politically connected agency that has donated to both parties, according to details published by the Asbury Park Press.

7. He lied about pension reform.

When Christie was elected governor of New Jersey in 2009, he assured the state’s police officers and firefighters that, “Nothing will change for the pensions of current officers, future officers or retirees in a Christie administration.”

“It is a sacred trust,” Christie said at the time.

The intervening six years have shown just how little that “sacred trust” is worth to the Garden State governor, who signed legislation in 2011 raising public employees’ pension contributions and curbing their benefits, while, in return, requiring the state to make regular payments into the system. Christie’s office failed to deliver those payments — a move that a judge later ruled unlawful — driving the pension system even deeper into debt.

Three years later, Christie turned around and tried to sell public employees and legislators the same bill of goods, part of an effort to close the state’s budget gap, casting an unwelcome spotlight on the fiscal disasters that have occurred on his watch.

8. He likes everyone else — including taxpayers — to pick up his bills.

Despite cultivating an image as a outspoken soldier for fiscal austerity, Christie has treated himself to the best things in life — often letting others pick up the tab, including New Jersey taxpayers.

According to a report published earlier this year, the governor had blown nearly $1 million in travel expenses, whether he was touring the country in his capacity as chairman of the Republican Governors Association, or just swinging down to Dallas to catch a Cowboys game. This tally didn’t even include the cost of paying overtime for a New Jersey state troopers’ security detail. All told, the governor spent 137 days in 2014 out of the state

New Jersey Watchdog found that in five years he spent $300,000 of his state-funded allowance on “food, alcohol, and desserts.”

The New York Times did an overview of the governor’s penchant for living the luxurious life, flying in private jets and staying in five-star hotels, on the largesse of the likes of Sheldon Adelson and King Abdullah of Jordan. The Times also reported that New Jersey taxpayers paid for Christie and his family to fly down to New Orleans for the 2013 Super Bowl.

In perhaps the biggest slap in the face, according to the Wall Street Journal, Christie’s administration doled out $7.6 million to pay a phalanx of highly paid attorneys to defend the governor and his staff against federal prosecutors investigating the Bridgegate scandal. It’s not bad enough that New Jersey commuters got used as pawns in the sick administrative power play at Fort Lee; they have to pay through the nose to make sure Christie gets away with it.

Screenshot: Chris Christie, from a 1994 ad running for a seat on the Morris County Freeholder Board. Comments he made here were found to be libelous. (lhfang86 via Youtube)



  1. Independent1 June 30, 2015

    In addition to being a clown show, the 2016 group of GOP candidates for president may be setting some kind of record for being the most corrupt group of Americans
    to have ever run for the presidency with candidates like Christie, Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Scott Walker and some others in their lineup. You almost would expect to see many of their campaign portraits to include a plaque at the bottom with some numbers on them.

    1. charleo1 June 30, 2015

      I think they’re playing the numbers, Run enough crooks, and one is bound to be elected sooner or later. Look at George W. It only takes one!

      1. Louis Allen July 4, 2015

        Yeah, and look at Obama, Biden The Clown, Pelosi The Witch and HiLIARy!!!!

        It only takes four!!
        LOL !!!

        1. charleo1 July 4, 2015

          Absolutely look at the Obama/Biden Administration! What is truly remarkable, and I what I believe believe history will show. Is the first African American Presidency has also been the most transformational one since FDR. certainly since Reagan. And, it’s legislative agenda, unlike Reagan’s budget busting, supply side failures of the past. President Obama’s policies of National Healthcare, financial reform, and now marriage equality for same sex couples. Will form the foundation of a more equal, inclusive and prosperous America for decades into the future. So how’s that for some yummy, applesauce?

          1. Louis Allen July 4, 2015

            Yeah, right.
            Go to the beach or to the nearest 4th of July celebration. The computer is making you see mirages.

  2. Dominick Vila June 30, 2015

    Christie and Trump are two arrogant and greedy men whose only qualifications to run for President include their embarrassing records, their despotism, and ego. Neither has a chance to win the GOP nomination. We should not waste our time paying attention to people that do not deserve it.

  3. silas1898 June 30, 2015

    Christie seems to fantasize about being some all-powerful godfather when he’s nothing but a two bit bully.

    He’s about to get a big fat rolled up newspaper whacked across his ugly snout. His approval is down to 30% in New Jersey. Sandy was the best thing that could have happened to him but he totally screwed that pooch because of his titanic ego.

    He deserves all the abuse he gets.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker June 30, 2015

    I’ve lived in NJ all my life. It has always been a bellweather state. North Jersey looks as if it is more Democrat. The underlying reality is that it is dominated by men like Christie. Who wield power from back rooms, sidle up to top wealth and then parlay that into control of the masses.

    Since Christie became governor, he’s forced property taxes up even higher than they were thanks to his economic games. As always, he’s the first to blame Democrats. If you pay taxes, you should get what you paid for. Instead, Christie Republicans think taxpayers should help keep Big business in existence so those businesses will fund campaigns. How aren’t taxpayers contribututing to GOP campaigns when Big Businesses feel no obligation to pay back in kind for the massive doses of tax cuts and tax subsidies taxpayers pay for? They don’t hire or create jobs. They just lap up CEO bonuses and salaries and then get to claim their donations to the GOP as “charity?”

    1. Louis Allen July 5, 2015

      You have lived in NJ since before it became a state!!!!!!
      LENNY, you take yourself so seriously.
      That’s only ONE of your problems, dear.
      Lighten up.
      Enjoy life.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker July 5, 2015

        Since you know me so well, tell us…what year did my parents buy the farm they owned in NJ and where did each live before they married?

        Hey everyone…I’m asking Pig Boy Louis Allen a direct question…he can’t answer it because he doesn’t know me. So…now the ball is in his court to answer and prove he knows me so well.

        Come on Screwball LouBall…what are the answers?

        1. Louis Allen July 5, 2015

          Your father and mother NEVER married, you screwball. They lived together for a while but, after your Papa Ferrantis saw how UGLY you were, he decided he did not want to stick around any more.
          You never forgave him for that….

          1. Eleanore Whitaker July 6, 2015

            Wow…Gotcha ASShat…My Dad was married the first time in 1916. His first wife died and left him with 6 children. My mom was divorced in 1938 and had one son of her first marriage.

            They were married in 1943 in St. Leo’s Church in Newark NJ…I just prove what a jackass liar you are.

            You must love making a jerk of yourself. But then, that makes sense for a man who jerks off every 10 minutes.

            So…tell us…what is my middle name? In which hospital was I born.

            I’m sure your mother didn’t want you since you are illegitimate and she was a hooker. I’m sure you never knew your father since it could have been one of many men.

            I also know you are not who you pretend to be. Gets you in even more hot water…but do keep up your BS…the more lies you post, the more you make a jerk of yourself.

            It makes a lot of sense that a jerkoff like you would prey online on women. After all, having a mother for a hooker who brought men into your home and performed her services right under our nose would mentally damage you.

          2. Louis Allen July 6, 2015

            “… right under our nose…”?? So now you admit to our 3 years together?
            Where were you born, dear, you ask?
            You were born on the White Lilly Insane Asylum in Newark, NJ where your mother was taken to deliver you after being informed that you were “brain-defective” (she bravely decided that she wanted to give birth, …. but, sadly, after she saw you, she changed her mind; by that time it was already too late).
            You left White Lilly at age 19 after being diagnosed as a “barely-functioning ‘human’ being”.
            At age 56, after our “div****”, (you see?? I didn’t say the word!!), you decided to terminate your conservative and Republican links and, for some as yet unexplained reason(s), cross the fence into The Darkness of liberalism, maniacal feminism, and mental retardation, …. again.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker July 7, 2015

            Wrong again Liar ASShat….I was born no where NEAR Newark NJ. According to my birth certificate, I was born in a Central NJ hospital. Now…ASSFeces which hospital was it? Since you lie and claim you know me so well.

            You can’t answer the questions because you are a shitbag liar.

            Rant, rant, rant while you need Mommy’s help to wipe your butt?

          4. Louis Allen July 7, 2015

            Oh Lenora. You are such a pathetic simpleton.

          5. Louis Allen July 8, 2015

            How the f**k would I know in what hospital were you born??!!
            Why the f**k would I care ??!!
            Then again, how could I know about a birth 98 years ago ??!!
            Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic…..
            Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk ….

          6. Louis Allen July 8, 2015

            Your words: “After all, having a mother for a hooker who brought men into your home
            and performed her services right under our nose would mentally damage
            I sent this to Joe Conason and told him about all your (empty) threats to me and to him.
            He says that I should not pursue this, and that he won’t either, because you are a FREAK of nature and you are not “playing with all your marbles.”
            …. I agree with him …

          7. Eleanore Whitaker July 9, 2015

            That a man like Joe Conason even knows a pimple on the butt of humanity like you is a laugh. Good..Please do send your own lies in our posts to Conason.

            As for Conason…let him email me. Or is this another of your delusions due to your mental insanity?

            I never threatened Conason you liar SOB. But do go on…you are falling into your own trap…you stupid lunatic.

          8. Louis Allen July 9, 2015

            Oh Lenore, you are crazier by the hour, dear.
            You DID threaten Conason with suing TNM, of which he is one of the directors, along w George Soros, dear.
            Go se a “pyschiatrist” about your mental state, about your idiocy (nothing can be done about that), about your alcoholism, about your hateful persona, and about your proclivity for issuing empty threats.
            Go, go !!!!

  5. Eleanore Whitaker June 30, 2015

    One line from the movie, “Godfather II” spoken by the character, Hyman Roth, rings so true to what the GOP’s back room is really after: “…a true partnership between business and government.”

    This is what Christie is after. Government and business so partnered, there is NO distinction between the two.

    1. Fed up June 30, 2015

      Its called facist

      1. Eleanore Whitaker June 30, 2015

        Sadly, I don’t see this “partnership” ending any time too soon. Not when you consider the massive advantages of obscene profits.

        In the minds of omnipotent big business men like Trump, Adelson, Charles and David Koch, why settle for power over one or two states when you can control all 50? From their view, profits from one or two states is a mere bag of peanuts. But, profits from 50 states? Now, there’s an everlasting profit kingdom fit for a rich man.

    2. Louis Allen July 2, 2015

      Yeah. And Billy & HiLIARy Cling-on are as clean as a whistle.
      Nobody can run against HiLIARy because “it’s her TURN” (and because she is a woman; never mind her qualifications).

      1. Eleanore Whitaker July 3, 2015

        Yes. They are. Ken Starr spent $12 million US tax dollars trying to implicate them in WhiteWater..that didn’t work. Then, the GOP under womanizer of the century Gingrich, sabotage Hillary’s healthcare reform plan…so do tell…did that make healthcare more affordable?

        Hillary will win in 2016 if for no other reason than to defy men who insist a pair of testicles IS their right to dominate government and business. Time for these autocratic bulls to be put out to pasture.

        1. Louis Allen July 3, 2015

          Lenore, dear:
          Your delusions have become worse: “Hillary will win in 2016 if for no other reason than to defy men who insist a pair of testicles IS their right to dominate government and business.”
          WOW, Lenore, you are such a FANATIC.
          P.S. – Joe The Con Man still has not banned me from this site as you “threatened” (as if I cared !) Your rants to the effect that you never made empty threats were laughed at by everybody.
          P.S.2. – YOU, dear, are the one who should be banned; “… a pair of testicles…”, you men-hater.
          P.S.3 – HiLIARy is seriously FLAWED, Lenore. Ugly facts about her and her participation with, and assistance to “The Horny Rabbit” will be revealed way before the 2016 election.
          She will NOT be her (corrupt) party’s candidate.
          Mark my words, you Looney Airhead Tunes.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker July 3, 2015

            Drop dead fool. Those “crabs” in your jeans and that syphilis has finally gone to your brain.

            Hillary is more intelligent than you are. She passed the Bar exam..you can’t pass a drug test.

            She became a lawyer…You just love law breakers.

            She was First Lady, a NY Senator and a Secretary of State…keep up sluggo.

            You? You are bone idle, lazy, lacking in any gainful employment and totally without mental stability.

          2. Louis Allen July 3, 2015

            Lenore dear:
            You are worthy of pity. And you are a pathetic “human” being.
            Mental stability, you say? Honey, you have an ever-worsening mental problem.
            That’s only one of my reasons for having divorced you, …ooops!! Sorry, I forgot you don’t like me bringing that up.
            P.S. – Do try to avoid those crazy rants as “Those ‘crabs’ in your jeans and that syphilis has finally gone to your brain.”
            …. they only make you look more foolish (as if THAT were possible!) in the eyes of your fellow HiLIARy un-conditionals.
            P.S.2. – I repeat, dear: HiLIARy is seriously FLAWED, Lenore. Ugly facts about her and her
            participation with, and assistance to “The Horny Rabbit” will be
            revealed way before the 2016 election.
            She will NOT be her (corrupt) party’s candidate.
            Mark my words, you sociopath.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker July 3, 2015

            Sorry…I don’t waste my time on subhumans like you. Bye.

          4. Louis Allen July 3, 2015

            Oh, but you did. For 3 years !
            Oooops !!

          5. Eleanore Whitaker July 4, 2015

            Note to National Memo…If you do not stop Louis Allen from spreading this lie that I was married to him, I will sue National Memo. I think you’ve had enough time to ban him from your site. If you choose not to do that, I have no recourse but to sue National Memo.

          6. Louis Allen July 4, 2015

            Ms. Ferrantis:
            We are in possession of a long list of your posts in which you evidently show not only your hate towards men in general, but also utilize obscenities in your description/evaluation of Mr. Louis Allen and several other gentlemen (accusations of having syphilis and others even worse).
            Please bear in mind that this site purports to be fair and even-handed (even considering our obvious leftist slant) and thus can not comply with your wishes, even less so considering your demeanor, attitudes, obvious rancor, and improper language.
            Mr. Allen has as much right to state his “truth” as you have your right to state yours.
            If you so choose, please feel free to terminate your poorly phrased posts on this site.

          7. Eleanore Whitaker July 5, 2015

            Hey Pig Boy…You posted more than I have…Over 2500 according to your page.

            As for National Memo, it is obvious, that it is supporting vicious, liars and won’t learn until someone sues them for allowing men from insane asylums to post lies and drivel.

            Ask Louis Allen to give specifics of the lies he is telling and he can’t. Delusions is all Louis Allen has. Oink oink oink …pig boy can’t find another trough to slp around in and no one comes within 10 miles of his reeking pig odor.

          8. Louis Allen July 5, 2015

            Ms. Ferrantis:
            Why don’t YOU go ahead and sue us?
            We are waiting for you to deliver on all your threats and, frankly, we are getting tired of waiting.
            P.S. – If you are going to keep score of Mr. Allen’s posts against yours, the best method is by a system of points: 5 points for an outstanding, common-sensical post; 3 points for a reasonable post; 1 point for a “dud”; 0 points for a total moronic idiocy.
            The FINAL SCORES:
            Mr. Allen: 256 posts; 1,168 points
            Ms. Lenore Ferrantis: 418 posts; 18 points
            Conclusion: Mr. Allen had a razor-thin advantage !!!!

          9. Eleanore Whitaker July 5, 2015

            Mr. Allen is a PHONY…Why are you presuming to speak as National Memo? You do know that pretending to be National Memo has serious implications for you.

            I don’t keep score of Allen’s posts…I do keep track of his insanity since he is a threat to national security and is a homegrown terrorist via his constant lies.

            Mr. Allen has over 2,000 posts according to his record on National Memo…

            Mr. Allen has NO advantages…Mr. Allen thinks he is invincible and all too powerful.

            Mr. Allen also thinks there are NO limits to his stalking me. His posts are proof enough.

          10. Louis Allen July 5, 2015

            Poor Lenora.
            Her condition gets worse by the hour.
            Go to the park or beach, Lenore.
            It’s Sunday!!!!

          11. Eleanore Whitaker July 5, 2015

            Poor Louis Phony Boy Allen…The hair on his face is competition for Wolfman….His armpits reek of pollution. His double wide butt has callouses from never leaving his computer chair. And His mouth is like a cowsass.

  6. FT66 June 30, 2015

    Christie has no discipline, no diplomacy at all, treats people as if they are not human beings. I lost respect completely on this man, since that time he caged the nurse who came from West Africa where she rescued lives of Ebola victims.

  7. Polana June 30, 2015

    Still NJ people stupid enough to retain him as a governor just like Wisconsinitres w/Scott Walker. Money talks BS walks. If people in Repukes states don’t wake up and smell the fraud, they will be living in 4th world. Raise the flag.

    1. stcroixcarp June 30, 2015

      Wouldn’t Christie and Walker make great running mates? Two crooks and liars.

    2. ReallyJustKidding June 30, 2015

      Scott Walker is not morbidly obese, nor an egomaniac. Governor Chubby is going nowhere fast.

      1. dpaano September 10, 2015

        No, Walker is just stupid!

  8. pmbalele June 30, 2015

    Chris is too fat for the WH job. He will need a military copter to move him around during his campaign. After all people hate fat people for they eat too much.

  9. Bob Eddy June 30, 2015

    Wait! Give me even ONE reason he should be president!

    1. dtgraham June 30, 2015

      Mmmm. Well, it would be historic. He’d be the first President you could see from the international space station. Ok, too cheap and gratuitous a fat joke? Yeah alright.

      1. robertbenefiel@att.net June 30, 2015

        True since there were no space station when Taft was President.

      2. Bob Eddy June 30, 2015

        Yes it is, but so far no one has come up with anything else!

        1. dtgraham July 1, 2015

          The best fat joke among none, no matter how lame it was. Aaah, some days you take what you can get.

          I see that patrick g van meter has made an attempt.

  10. patrick g van meter June 30, 2015

    The only running this guy should do is run around the block. From what I just watched, he should take his family with him. Also, you will never hear him talk about what the people want. Everything is about him. I, I, and I.

  11. ReallyJustKidding June 30, 2015

    #9. A pig who has no self control over what he eats struggles with a lack of self control in his life

  12. dtgraham June 30, 2015

    He also let Exxon settle for less than 3 cents on the dollar after New Jersey won every round in 10 years of litigation against them. An 8.9 billion dollar settlement won, and then gone because of their financial contributions to the RGA, the GOP, and Christie personally. Also due to his utter disregard for environmental issues which he’s displayed over and over.

    He then had the gall to blatantly lie about it. He told citizens at a meeting that there were some additional moneys coming on top of that to clean up. It wouldn’t be just 250 million. There would be more, and he claimed to be responsible for negotiating it. Those additional moneys were part of a different and previous settlement that Christie had no part whatsoever in. A completely different lawsuit settled earlier. The man is a bald faced liar and not very subtle about it.

    He is truly one of the more corrupt, unethical, immoral politicians that I’ve ever seen. Never saw a politician ever talk that way to voters either. He is unique.

  13. DOC June 30, 2015


  14. AgLander June 30, 2015

    Eight? That’s pretty tame when compared to Clinton who has accumulated at least 273 reasons for not electing her president.

    1. charleo1 June 30, 2015

      Problem is, they are all important reason to the voters who aren’t voting for her for only one reason. She’s a Democrat.

    2. dpaano September 10, 2015

      I would love for you to list all 273 reasons for not electing Hillary…..don’t think you can, and if you can, most of them are probably BS!

      1. AgLander September 10, 2015

        How about I list just one of them…#149….because you support her and I don’t vote for candidates supported by zombie-like Democrat groupies!

        1. dpaano September 10, 2015

          Interesting… for some reason, I thought the US was a free country and a person could vote for the candidate of their choice…no reason to call someone names just because I don’t agree with you and merely asked a perfectly reasonable question since you brought it up. If you can’t answer the question, then apparently the 273 reasons you mentioned are questionable. As for my being a member of Mensa or my political persuasion….these have nothing to do with my original question. Again, can you list the 273 reasons or not?

          1. AgLander September 10, 2015

            Calling names? Cut the hypocrisy, missy. I’ve seen examples of your other posts on various topics and you are a wing nut extremist….a sycophant to all things fed to you by the Democrat party and a condescending bigot in your comments aimed at the Republican party and its philosophy. Now carry on, and stop misrepresenting yourself, agreed?

          2. dpaano September 10, 2015

            Typical Republican…can’t answer the question, so you deflect. Again, my political leaning has nothing to do with my question….either answer it or admit you can’t. I’m not the one who needs to stop misrepresenting myself. And, I have not called you ONE single name here….so quit changing the subject and simply answer my original question. If you can’t, at least admit you can’t and get over it! I’m honestly curious as to the 273 reasons you brought up.

          3. AgLander September 10, 2015

            No, you are the one guilty of deflection, a common trait among sycophant followers of Clinton and, I might add, a most necessary tactic considering her scandal ridden career…..and anyone with half a mind would have identified my use of facetiousness in referring to Clinton as fatally flawed as a candidate in hundreds of ways…..especially someone claiming to be a dues paying member of Mensa! Perhaps you might want to double check those test figures to verify if you are paying dues for an organization to which you aren’t qualified…..do they give refunds?!

          4. dpaano September 10, 2015

            Okay, I give up…..since you seemingly can’t answer a simple question, I don’t have the time to keep asking it. As for my qualifications to be a member of Mensa….apparently it truly bothers you because you keep bringing it up. Again, if you can’t answer my simple question and list the 273 reasons why Hillary shouldn’t be elected per your original post, then I’m done. Please don’t bother to respond unless you can actually answer the question. I have more important things to do than to keep asking a question that you can’t seem to answer.

          5. AgLander September 10, 2015

            A couple of obvious observations…..

            I already answered your question which indicates you’re either challenged in reading comprehension or you didn’t even read my reply. For your sake, I hope it is the latter.

            No, it does not bother me in the least that anyone would be a member of Mensa……what I find boorish is the pretentiousness associated with one whom I suspect has a self esteem problem and feels the need to self elevate herself to internet strangers by an unsubstantiated claim of being “a cut above” by claiming to be a Mensa member.

            Does that clear things up for you? I sure hope so because you seem more than happy to blather on and on in your own circular conversation.

          6. dpaano September 11, 2015

            First of all, you did NOT answer my question, which was to list the 273 reasons not to elect Hillary that YOU brought up in your original post; secondly, YOU were the one that brought up Mensa, not me; and lastly, I do NOT blather on in a “circular conversation.” I asked a straightforward question, you deflected, and that’s the bottom line! Nothing circular about that. If you’re going to make a statement, at least be able to back it up Have a nice day!

  15. robertbenefiel@att.net June 30, 2015

    Of course, he is not going to either get the Republican nomination and of course, will not be elected President. But just think of all the fun we will have when Trump and Crisco go at it during the debates. First, they will brag about themselves and then they will attack everyone in sight

  16. robertbenefiel@att.net June 30, 2015

    Reading the comments it appears that just his weight would cost him many votes.

  17. Polana July 1, 2015

    Match made in heaven.LOL

  18. Louis Allen July 2, 2015

    Yeah. And the Cling-ons (Bill & HiLIARy) are as clean as a whistle.

  19. dpaano September 10, 2015

    Pretty sad…..and now he’s running for president! Personally, I think the only reason he’s running is to get the money…..he’d probably die of shock if he actually won and would be lost!!


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