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And Then There Were Three: Democratic Candidates Hold Court In MSNBC Forum

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And Then There Were Three: Democratic Candidates Hold Court In MSNBC Forum


It may have been held in an echo chamber. (Aren’t they always?)

But, despite the roaring enthusiasm coming from within the university auditorium, the Democratic presidential candidates forum Friday night cast a spotlight on the difficulty the party faced drumming up support just outside the room. To wit: the Democratic party’s inability in recent decades to secure a foothold in the American South.

Each of the three Democratic candidates sat down with MSNBC host Rachel Maddow at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina for an individual one-on-one Q&A session. And the questions arose more than once: Why was there no Southern Strategy for the Democrats? Why have the Democrats failed to argue effectively that their economic policies could actually work for Southerners?

Bernie Sanders, the independent U.S. senator from Vermont and the second candidate to speak, told Maddow that the party could not give up on states like South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi, and that he intended to speak to white working class people, and ask them why they continued to vote against their own best interests.

Candidates, he said, needed to bring white working class people back into the Democratic party, and convince them that their enemies are not gay people, not immigrants — but rather the billionaire class.

Martin O’Malley, now the only Democrat in the race polling in the single digits, repeatedly touted his 15 years of executive experience, as mayor of Baltimore and governor of Maryland, and his progressive triumphs: passing gun control legislation, marriage equality, and the Dream Act in the Old Line State.

He and Sanders both lambasted the decision to go to war in Iraq, and O’Malley emphasized that the country’s failure to close Guantánamo Bay had served well as a major recruitment tool for Islamic State. “For us to maintain internment camps,” O’Malley said, “is contrary to our principles as a people”

When Sanders was asked if he — a senator from a state that is 95-percent white — could connect with African-Americans in the South, he affirmed that the issues that affect the people of South Carolina and the South were the same that affect the people of Vermont.

And while he asserted that there was no candidate with a stronger record on civil rights, acknowledging his participation in the 1963 March on Washington, he pivoted, as he has before, from racial inequality to economic inequality, a move which has drawn criticism before, emphasizing the need to raise the minimum wage and expand social programs.

Despite the emphasis on progressive causes, the Black Lives Matter movement and the deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of police were scarcely mentioned, and not at all during conversations with O’Malley and Sanders.

On the issue of climate change, O’Malley argued that even though Democrats were “the party that actually believes in science,” they had failed to connect the issue of climate change to the economic benefits of building a green energy infrastructure.

“I think we’ve made a big mistake as a party when we talk about climate change,” he said. “We rush to connect the dots, but it all leads us in a straight line to hell. … [W]e need to connect climate change to the opportunity for more jobs.”

“If we are not extremely aggressive transforming our energy system away from fossil fuels,” Sanders said, the planet would likely become uninhabitable. Regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline, which the president rejected Friday, Sanders claimed that dismissing the proposal “was kind of a no-brainer” and that he had “said no to the Keystone on day one,” contrasting himself with another politician whom he declined to name — but didn’t have to.

Maddow mentioned the recent reports that Sanders had admitted he disagreed with Hillary Clinton on “virtually everything”  — to which the senator responded “’virtually’ being the key word.”

“Media drives me nuts,” he said, emphasizing his exasperation with the drama the press tries to induce into politics. The senator said he couldn’t walk down a hallway in Congress without people begging him to attack Hillary Clinton.

In contrast, when O’Malley and Clinton have tried to attack Bernie from the left, they have had an inviting window — what has been characterized as the senator’s less-than-progressive views on guns — specifically his votes against the Brady Bill and his 2009 vote to allow passengers on Amtrak trains to carry firearms in checked baggage.

Sanders affirmed that he did want to do away with the so-called gun show loophole and also see a radical change how the county deals with mental illness. He further claimed that he was in support of background checks, and the regulation of “weapons solely designed to kill people.”

But, he cautioned, “if we are going to make progress on this issue, as a nation, we’re going to have to stop shouting at each other.” The most strident anti-gun advocates, he said, would have to find middle ground with people who believed that owning a missile launcher was somehow a constitutional right.

He spoke of his intention to expand voter turnout and his contempt for Republicans who have passed legislation designed to limit the number of people who can vote.

Everyone over the age of 18 should be registered to vote automatically, he said. “End of discussion.” In his political career, Sanders said, “it has never occurred to me to deny the vote to people who might vote against me.” Those who do so are “political cowards,” he said.

While Bernie Sanders, the self-proclaimed “democratic socialist,” dutifully called for a “revolution,” Hillary Clinton, the protean frontrunner, parried her questions with characteristic aplomb.

On the subject of capital punishment, Clinton said that terrorism and racially motivated crimes (like the mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina) warranted a conversation about the use of the death penalty — but too many states (predominantly, but not exclusively, in the South, she said) had been too quick to send people to death row.

Maddow challenged Clinton on her recent remarks in defense of her decision to support the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Clinton said that in 1996 DOMA was “a defensive action” to forestall a constitutional amendment that would have prohibited gay marriage outright, a claim which has been disputed.

Clinton said that conversations about such a constitutional amendment were occurring privately, but not publicly, and cited as evidence the Republican party’s decision to push state constitutional amendments barring gay marriage on ballots in 2004, which negatively impacted John Kerry’s presidential campaign.

The important thing, she said, was that even though DOMA was gone — struck down by a 2013 Supreme Court ruling — “discrimination… still exists.”

“People can legally get married on Saturday and get fired on Monday,” she said, and mentioned the “very successful” fear-mongering tactics that the far right had used to successfully kill an anti-discrimination ordinance in Houston this week.

Without the distraction of crosstalk chatter, or the grandstanding opening and closing statements that dog the debate format, bandying with Maddow within what undergraduates might call a “safe space,” each of the Democratic candidates came across as a distilled, well-honed version of themselves:

O’Malley the vanilla John Edwards throwback, Sanders the curmudgeon idealist, and Clinton the consummate politician who, when asked if she was an extrovert or an introvert — about as black-and-white a question as you can get — gave a vintage Clinton response.

The former secretary of state demurred, and then responded slowly, carefully: “I am an extro-intro-vert.”

Sam Reisman

Sam Reisman is the former managing editor at The National Memo, where he still writes the weekly "This Week In Crazy" column. His writing has appeared in Flavorpill, The Huffington Post, Columbia Daily Spectator, and Bwog. He was the publisher of the 2010 edition of Inside New York, an annual guidebook to the city for students and young professionals.

Since 2011, he has co-curated and hosted Peculiar Streams, a showcase for NYC-based writers, musicians, comedians, and filmmakers. He is a staff writer at Mediaite, and blogs at SamReisman.com.

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  1. Dominick Vila November 7, 2015

    The most welcoming part of this event was its contrast with what happens during the GOP debates, when the participants complain about the questions they ask, demand specific topics and conditions, and act like spoiled brats in front of a national audience. The wide array of relevant questions, the depth of the responses, and the mature behavior exhibited by the participants, may not resonate in South Carolina, but it certainly does at a national level.
    The answer that impressed me the most was Sen. Sanders’ response to climate change. I agree with him 100%. In addition to the obvious need to stop aggravating a major threat to humanity, the most perplexing part of the opposition to taking action on this matter is the fact that the opponents are ignoring the positive economic aspect of taking steps to mitigate the effects of global warming. From protecting coastal areas against rising sea levels, to the need to help the transition from fossil to alternative energy sources in a manner similar to what is taking place in other developed nations, to finding ways to better manage potable water and irrigation resources to avoid a major calamity in the not too distant future, Bernie managed to articulate, succinctly, but clearly, something that our politicians, entrepreneurs, and our society at large should consider.

    1. bcarreiro November 7, 2015

      Second the notion.

    2. Independent1 November 7, 2015

      From my perspective, the GOP is adamantly anti climate change for at least 2 major reasons both involving money: 1) a large segment of their donors have big stakes in fossil fuels (so their willing to sell their future lives and those of their families and descendants down the tubes for money) and 2) the diehards have to keep up the pledge made at the beginning of Obama’s 1st term to not allow any good to come about in the economy if they can prevent it to ensure that they can stay in political power (also for money). So GOP politicians couldn’t care less how much addressing global warming would help the economy and America’s future – in fact they would prefer not to let any of that happen.

      What disturbs me the most is the fact that Republican politicians will put the lives of not only their current families, but also their future descendants at risk of having to live in a greatly deteriorating world, over nothing but money – by continuing to do everything they can to mislead the American population about the true long term ramifications of global warming.

      1. Dominick Vila November 8, 2015

        The consequences of not preparing for the effects of global warming, and our refusal to invest in infrastructure modernization and improvements, became evident a couple of months ago when flimsy dams collapsed in South Carolina and several people lost their lives as a result.
        I find the argument presented by some when some of us compare our infrastructure to those in Western Europe, which is centered on the fact that the old continent has a smaller population than ours, ridiculous. Our GDP is second to none, the fact that we have a larger population means, in theory, that we are more capable to collect higher government revenues to fund the projects we need to survive and compete, not the opposite. The greatest fallacy is that investing in projects designed to mitigate the effects of carbon emissions, global warming, and a crumbling infrastructure would not only help us overcome the effects of natural disasters, but would help us create good jobs, would stimulate our economy, and would make us more competitive globally. Who knows, maybe that’s why the Republicans oppose it….

        1. @HawaiianTater November 8, 2015

          “Our GDP is second to none, the fact that we have a larger population
          means, in theory, that we are more capable to collect higher government
          revenues to fund the projects we need to survive and compete, not the

          Doesn’t it just make you want to bash your face through a wall every time one of them tries to make the claim that since we are a bigger country, we can’t afford to do the things for our country like universal healthcare and infrastructure maintenance that the smaller countries seem to manage just fine with fewer people and fewer resources?


        2. Independent1 November 8, 2015

          I think that is why at least the GOP leadership and most GOP politicians will not admit to global warming – they are not about to do anything that is about creating jobs and helping the economy – especially if there’s a Democrat in the presidency and another presidential election is coming up.

          As you’re aware though, despite Rick Scott’s denial of global warming, there are in fact Republicans in southeastern Florida who don’t deny global warming as the politicians in 4 Florida counties are working together to mitigate the effects of global warming and to save as best they can the Florida infrastructure along the shoreline being impacted due to the rising seas. Two of those counties are headed by Democrats and two by Republicans. So when it gets down to those in the trenches; Republicans who are not directly controlled by the monies from donors who are heavily involved with fossil fuel extraction and sales, do not deny global warming. In southeastern Florida than can readily see its effects and realize they need to do something to at least mitigate the damage that global warming can cause to our planet.

  2. yabbed November 7, 2015

    Here’s reality. Reuters: Clinton 72%, Sanders 23%; NBC: Clinton 62%, Sanders 31%; South Carolina: Clinton 71%, Sanders 15%. She’s going to win the presidency. It is primarily GOP operatives who are pounding the keyboard for Sanders because the Republicans know they can landslide back into the White House over him in the general election. We cannot allow that to happen.

    1. dtgraham November 7, 2015

      The poll amalgamation website Real Clear Politics might give you some pause as to Hillary’s inevitability in the general. I hadn’t seen this until today. Only Trump gets consistently beaten by any Democrat imaginable. RCP had their own poll a day or two after this that hadn’t yet been added, that had Sanders beating Rubio handily. 46-41 I think.


      1. @HawaiianTater November 7, 2015

        The only thing that matters are electoral votes and the polls are entirely irrelevant to the electoral map.

        1. dtgraham November 7, 2015

          True, but aren’t electoral votes delivered on a state-by-state basis determined by the popular vote in that state?

          Anyway, I was surprised to see this as it’s not reflective at all of what I’d seen earlier. It’s just really hard to see Hillary losing to anyone from that group in the general.

          1. @HawaiianTater November 8, 2015

            Yes, electoral votes are delivered state by state and there are certain states guaranteed to be either Dem or GOP. I’m in Hawai’i and our 4 votes always go to the Dems. This will help you understand my confidence in next year’s election. http://www.forbes.com/sites/johnzogby/2015/05/26/the-political-landscape-for-2016-the-democrats/

            The real presidential election is between Hillary and Bernie. Whoever gets the Dem nom will be the next POTUS. I wouldn’t worry about what the polls say about head to head matchups. The Dems will be going into the election with 251 of the 270 needed to win. All they need is 2-3 swing states to take the election, while the GOP would have to take nearly all of the swing states. It’s a heavy advantage for the Dems. When you add in the fact that you can’t win the presidency without a certain percentage of the minority vote and single women vote, both of whom the GOP has been pissing off, I consider next year to be a lock for the Dems.

          2. Independent1 November 8, 2015

            I’m sure many of us here sure hope you’re right because America could simply not survive another GOP administration – especially if the GOP winning the presidency would mean them also keeping control of Congress.

            The GOP has already allowed America to fall behind the vast majority of similarly industrialized nations with respect to our infrastructure which is absolutely criminal (especially mass transit); and another GOP administration would most likely mean doing nothing to mitigate global warming for at least another 4 years which would almost guarantee significant unreversible devastation for many areas of America and the world.

          3. @HawaiianTater November 8, 2015

            You’re correct. I don’t think we would survive either. IF the current extremist GOP got their hands on both sides of Congress and the WH and managed to stack the SCOTUS with ultra conservatives that would last for decades to come… well, I really don’t think we would make it long enough to see that play out. The rest of the world already hates us. If the GOP gets in and causes another full blown Great Depression, you can kiss the USA goodbye. Our enemies would pounce and then it wouldn’t matter who the president is because there would no longer be a country.

      2. Bee Nice November 8, 2015

        How do you beat someone “handily” when the poll has not accounted for 13% of the polled?

        1. dtgraham November 10, 2015

          46-41 is handily. Not sure I follow as far as not accounting for 13% of the polled. I’m not clear on what you mean. At any rate, I don’t know what methodology the various polls were using.

  3. Buford2k11 November 7, 2015

    There really is no debate on who would be the better president…It would be any of the three Democratic Candidates…as opposed to the GOP, who have no substance, they have nothing to offer the USofA, other than more suffering…

    1. paulyz November 7, 2015

      You must be discussing the 7 years of much suffering under Barack Obama the blamer, & the Democrat-Socialist Party right? They had everything their way for quite sometime, and puleeeze, don’t BS on “obstructionism” , the obstructionists are Obama & Dingy Harry Reid.

      1. Buford2k11 November 7, 2015

        not the way I see it…the gop were and continue to be an impediment to good governing…to good anything…these guys are bad for this nation…period…republican policies are not for the people…I can see this…It is obvious…to any one who can read…

        1. paulyz November 7, 2015

          Obama’s Socialist Transformation certainly hasn’t been good for the People, as we have clearly seen over 7 long years of it.

          1. @HawaiianTater November 7, 2015

            You forgot about the Muslim part. I’ll forgive you this time.

          2. paulyz November 7, 2015

            Thanks for your biased ASSumptions!

          3. @HawaiianTater November 7, 2015

            Thanks for the entertainment. You amuse me, Pauly. Keep up the good work.

          4. paulyz November 7, 2015

            Your welcome.

          5. @HawaiianTater November 7, 2015

            “Your welcome”

            You misspelled “yer”.

          6. paulyz November 7, 2015

            You’re welcome, can’t get one past you elitists.

          7. @HawaiianTater November 7, 2015

            It’s yer welcome, idiot. Get it right!

          8. paulyz November 7, 2015

            Ok Dummy, which I usually reserve for Independent 1

          9. @HawaiianTater November 7, 2015

            Is an “Ok Dummy” a Dummy from Oklahoma or is it just an “okay” dummy? Inquiring minds want to know.

          10. paulyz November 7, 2015

            Get a life.

          11. @HawaiianTater November 7, 2015

            I’m sorry you’re jealous of my life in Hawai’i but if you drink your milk and eat your vitamins, one day you can grow up into a real man too! I have faith in you, Pauly! You can do it!

          12. Independent1 November 7, 2015

            So more jobs created in 6+ years than were created in 8 under Bush hasn’t been good for the people??

            67 straight months of positive job creation – more than a year longer than under any previous president hasn’t been good for the people?

            A stock market that has almost tripled in 6 years when it had floundered over the previous 8 years hasn’t been good for the people??

            Auto corporations making profits the past 5 years that they hadn’t seen since the 1990s under another Democrat hasn’t been good for the people??

            Government spending that is lower than it has been in 3 plus decades with deficit spending reduced faster than under any previous president hasn’t been good for the people??

            America becoming the largest producer of energy on the planet for the first time in history hasn’t been good for the people??

            Need I go on DUMBCOFF????

          13. paulyz November 9, 2015

            Please don’t, you will just look more foolish. Adding jobs that don’t, or barely keep up with population growth is hardly good economic news. Especially when many of those jobs are low-paying or part-time. AND, adding Trillions to our National Debt with bad results yet! (DUMMY)!!

      2. @HawaiianTater November 7, 2015

        Would you prefer to go back to 7 years ago when Dubya crashed the economy and we were losing 800k jobs a month? You probably think that is Obama’s fault too.

        1. Dominick Vila November 7, 2015

          …and a DOW Index at 3,000 points, and an incumbent U.S. President having to acknowledge that the U.S. economy was on the verge of collapse. Needless to say, Pauly and others like him don’t want us to talk about the GOP’s refusal to support higher taxes for those earning over $250K, or the proposal to close down the Gitmo prison camp, among other things. The obstructionism that Mitch McConnell acknowledged was, according to Pauly, a figment of our imagination.

          1. paulyz November 7, 2015

            Not counting the small number of those earning over $250,000, many of which are small business owners that create the most jobs, that have “loopholes”, most already pay way more than other Americans, hardly fair. The well has run dry, the debt is Huge, you can’t get enough revenue anymore from just blaming the (wealthy), & constantly raising the debt ceiling, you need to Stop Spending!

          2. Dominick Vila November 7, 2015

            A lot of professionals make over $250K a year. There are so many deductions and loopholes available to small businesses and the wealthy that many of them pay less, proportionately, than their secretaries or servants do.
            The debt is not the result of too much spending. It is the result of accumulation of past debt (money that was spent long ago), interest on the debt, and liabilities. As for having to raise the debt ceiling to meet our fiscal obligations, the all time record belong to Ronald Reagan. BTW, are you aware of the fact that Congress controls the purse?

          3. @HawaiianTater November 7, 2015

            You notice how he mentioned the almighty creators of jobs. We cannot tax the rich people because they create the jobs! They never get to the part about living in a consumer based economy and consumers not having any money to spend on the economy, so the job creators have no reason to create jobs for the business that is not there. Gee, I wonder why they never mention that part.

          4. Dominick Vila November 7, 2015

            Job creation in a consumer oriented economy such as ours depends largely on consumer confidence and spending. As demand for goods and services goes up, companies have no choice but to hire more workers to satisfy demand and ensure customer satisfaction. When President Obama was Inaugurated in January 2009, consumer confidence was in the dumps, our economy was on the verge of collapse, a bank bailout (TARP) was needed to prevent the collapse of U.S. banks, and a devastating blow to capitalism, and we were losing a whopping 800,000 jobs a month. It takes nerve for a Republican to talks about the economy, job creation, or foreign policy.

          5. @HawaiianTater November 7, 2015

            It takes nerve for the ones who actually understand all of this. For most of them, it simply takes delusion.

            One aspect that truly blows my mind about the Faux News propaganda viewers is that they have actually been convinced that Democrats want to “take other people’s money” to create an entitlement society of voters who are dependent on government handouts. In a way, it is truly impressive that they have convinced the people who are being robbed blind by the rich to defend the very people who are robbing them blind.

          6. Independent1 November 7, 2015

            When you were mentioning job creation earlier, what these RWNJ idiots refuse to admit is that far more jobs are created when Democrats RAISE taxes on corporations and the wealthy than when they reduce them. Fact is, job and economic growth has been far better when tax rates have been high than when they have been low.

            Carter didn’t reduce taxes and there were 10 million jobs created during his 4 years and annual GDP growth averaged 10.9%/yr during his term; while after Reagan cut taxes on the wealthy almost in half, there was a paltry 4 million jobs created in his 1st 4 years and annual GDP growth only averaged 7.3%/yr during his 8 years.

            Many will point to the 12 million jobs created in Reagan’s 2nd term but that had nothing to do with Reagan’s failure at governance; it had everything to do with the pent up demand for personal computers and technology advancements created by virtually every current player in the computing field today, having been greatly expanded or born during Reagan’s 1st term; Reagan governed during the 1st eight years of the personal computer revolution when our nation’s economy should have skyrocketed, if it had not been stymied by his failed policies. By his 2nd term, even his governing failures could not hold back the pent up demand created by companies just looking to burst forth to bring personal computing and more to the world.

            But as out point out, the moronic RWNJs posting on the NM have their heads so far in the sand they either can’t grasp reality when they see it, and would rather buy into a myth created around what was clearly a very mediocre presidency just like all the other GOP presidents since Teddy Roosevelt.

          7. @HawaiianTater November 8, 2015

            TBF, Eisenhower was pretty good for a Republican.

            “the moronic RWNJs posting on the NM have their heads so far in the sand
            they either can’t grasp reality when they see it, and would rather buy
            into a myth”

            As you may have noticed, I don’t generally give them real responses. I troll them for my own amusement because that is about all they are good for.

            What’s crazy to think about Reagan is that as bad as he was, as criminal as he was, as much blame as he deserves for starting us down the path of trickle down economics… he was still not nearly as bad as the current GOP and he also raised taxes back up after he saw how badly his huge tax breaks were working. IIRC, he raised taxes like 11 times. None of the current GOP would do that. They believe in tax breaks so much that they are out there taking actual pledges to never raise them. They would let them stay low, no matter how bad it got, economy be damned.

            You mention facts about the economy but they don’t particularly care about facts. This is about ideology for them. They’d rather destroy the entire country than comprise their beliefs in any way. They will either succeed their way or will not exceed at all and they don’t give a damn if they take the rest of us down with them.

          8. Independent1 November 8, 2015

            But don’t forget, when Reagan raised all those taxes, he raised them in such a way as to even foist more of the tax burden on the middle and lower class. Remember, he even dropped the max rate to 28% before leaving office.

            Reagan is the reason that the GOP is so bad today – it’s Reagan that started the mental retardation that has created the GOP monster we see today. Reagan was the most devious, evil person who ever sat in the White House. If you really think about what the mentality of most GOP politicians is today: hating government; hating unions; thinking the wealthy are benevolent benefactors of the poor (trickle down BS); being willing to use torture (Reagan supported Saddam’s use of chemical weapons on the Iranians), and on and on – IT ALL BEGAN WITH RONALD REAGAN!! A total pariah for America!!

            And this evil Devil’s Party called the GOP thinks this evil person was a saint as politicians go!!!

          9. @HawaiianTater November 8, 2015

            You’re preaching to the choir. I’m not defending Saint Ronnie. I was simply pointing out that what he started has gotten much, much worse since his time.

          10. Independent1 November 8, 2015

            And I guess Eisenhower could be considered a pretty good Republican as he leads all Republicans in creating recessions. He was such a cheap skate that America struggled in recessions (3 of them) during his 8 years being in recession almost 4 of his 8 years in office.

          11. @HawaiianTater November 8, 2015

            Well, I did say pretty good “for a Republican” LOL

          12. paulyz November 9, 2015

            Uhh Dummy, I suppose that is why N.Y. City offered businesses that relocate there 10 years of no corporate taxes, because they need the businesses to Create Jobs! The Liberal policies & high taxes caused the businesses to flee in the first place. You getting an idea on how things really work now Dummy?

          13. Independent1 November 9, 2015

            It’s actually the relationship between the capital gains rate and the max tax rate. When there’s more than a 20% disparity between those as there is now (15% and 39.6%) it’s more advantages for many companies and investors, to just leave monies in their investments which lets them with all their tax loopholes reduce the 15% CG rate down to next to zero. When they can do that, why should they pour a lot of money into risky company expansion and creation efforts?? When even though their investment returns are far less than what they may earn running their company, by the time they pay taxes, they actually keep more from the investment monies; and of course with far less risk.)

            So by the Dems raising the tax rates, I’m really talking about putting the CG rate back to where it should be at about 28%. With only a 10% spread, companies and investors are more incentivized to take their money out of invesiments, like some of the 2 plus trillion corporations have invested overseas) and put them back into expanding their companies – and investors doing the same with the billions they have invested overseas.

          14. Dominick Vila November 8, 2015

            Especially when we consider that the alleged takers contributed into the social programs that they are entitled to receive benefits from throughout their entire life. Programs such as SS and MEDICARE have nothing to do with welfare. We pay into those programs with the understanding that when we reach the eligibility age we will receive the benefits we paid for. The difference between those programs, and for profit insurance, is that they are more affordable, more reliable, and don’t increase premiums/fees continuously to satisfy the expectations of shareholders.

          15. @HawaiianTater November 8, 2015

            There is a way to lower the rate of the “entitlement society” they so often complain about but the GOP will never go for it. They want people off the government dime but won’t take the necessary steps to ensure people don’t need the help. Which, mainly, is creating an economy where people make enough money to support themselves without government help. There are only 3 basic choices here.

            1: Pay people good wages.
            2: Pay them poorly and give them help.
            3: Let them suffer in poverty.

            They say people need to work harder but never have an answer when faced with the information that people are already working harder and still need help. They make the claim that there are healthy, working age adults out there just lazing around and collecting welfare checks, when in reality, that is a very tiny percentage of the people getting help from the government. The overwhelming majority are children, the elderly, the disabled or the people already working.

            You want people who are not subsisting on government “handouts”? Fine, then create a society that spreads enough wealth around so people don’t need that help.

          16. Dominick Vila November 8, 2015

            The Republican opposition to government handouts depend more on who is getting the handouts, than doing without. We have to go no further than consider which states get the largest share of welfare with respect to taxes paid to understand that unfortunate reality.

          17. @HawaiianTater November 8, 2015

            The insane GOP voting base is so far down the rabbit hole that I don’t think even cutting off their food stamp money would cause them to stop voting Republican. They’re trained to believe it’s their own fault for not working hard enough. Or something. It hurts the brain the fathom.

          18. Independent1 November 7, 2015

            Right now, our deficit spending is the result of the unfunded legislation passed by Bush and irresponsible GOP congresses. The fact that those earning less than 400,000 are still getting the Bush tax cuts; that the Medicare Drug benefit was not paid for, the fact that each year we’re still writing off costs for the Afghan and Iraq wars; and the fact that there is still unfunded state mandates to the states that are running up deficits like the No Child Left Behind fiasco that was never funded.

            Without all those ongoing UNFUNDED pieces of Bush legislation still creating deficits, it’s quite possible that we would now be running surpluses.

            And don’t forget that a great deal of the deficits wrung up under Obama have been due to reduced tax revenues the past 6 years due to all the millions who lost their jobs; all the companies that went belly up, etc. etc. For at least the 1st couple of years we were losing over 1/2 trillion/yr in tax revenues.

          19. Dominick Vila November 7, 2015

            …and paying unemployment benefits to those affected by the 2007 Great Recession. I really don’t know what to think when I read some of the comments made by so many “pseudo conservatives”. I don’t know if their comments are influenced by a lack of understanding, or because they don’t remember their legacy, or because they think Americans are too dumb to realize that they are selling us another trickle down “solution”, more deficit spending, and more accumulation of debt.

          20. @HawaiianTater November 7, 2015

            It’s the latter. And they’re right. We have proof right here in this very thread of people who are too dumb to realize it.

          21. paulyz November 9, 2015

            Yes, the Great Recession caused by Democrats Dodd-Frank.

          22. Dominick Vila November 9, 2015

            The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act signed into law in 2010 caused the Great recession that began in 2007?

          23. @HawaiianTater November 7, 2015

            Creating a mess and blaming the Democrats for it is a GOP staple. Our idiot voting masses make it possible, so they continue right on doing it.

          24. @HawaiianTater November 7, 2015

            All that was the fault of the Democratic Socialist party. Just ask Pauly. Mitch the Turtle’s obstructionism is also the fault of the Dems. He would not be in this position if we weren’t trying to turn the country into a Kenyan Muslim Atheist Communist Socialist Heaven. Good ol’ Mitch is just saving us from the Demoncrats.

          25. paulyz November 7, 2015

            Your take, not mine. By the way, Mitch is NOT liked by Conservatives, just the Establishment of both sides.

          26. @HawaiianTater November 7, 2015

            I feel bad for conservatives. It must get confusing at times to call a turtle a rhino.

        2. paulyz November 7, 2015

          I believe you are referring to the Democrat sub-prime loan disaster of Dodd-Frank that started the whole mess. Did you “forget” the Democrat-Socialists had Complete control of Congress during Bush’s last 2 years.

          1. @HawaiianTater November 7, 2015

            LMAO *applauds* There is nothing in the delusional mind of a RWNJ that cannot be blamed on the Dems. It’s not particularly factual but it’s fun to watch them jump through hoops for my own entertainment. I’d toss you some peanuts if I could. You’ve earned them.

          2. paulyz November 8, 2015

            Crunch crunch, tasty.

          3. @HawaiianTater November 8, 2015

            Yer welcome!

          4. joeham1 November 7, 2015

            Paulyz, remember the sheep on this site think executive orders by Obama are a good thing. They long for a dictator!

          5. paulyz November 7, 2015

            Yup, just like 3rd. World hell-holes that promise the masses everything, but they get nothing!

          6. @HawaiianTater November 7, 2015

            Hey! That’s not fair. Not even third world hell holes deserve to be compared to Obama.

          7. paulyz November 7, 2015

            Oops, didn’t mean to insult 3rd. World hell-holes.

          8. joeham1 November 7, 2015

            The Democrats sick minds focus their energy on hating the GOP. WHILE they blindly follow the socialist currently in office. The sad previous Democrat debate where Hillary and Bernie fought over who would give more of other people’s money to those they were trying to pusuade to vote for them. It’s baffling to watch this country being destroyed by these people and their sheep go along with anything they say.

          9. @HawaiianTater November 7, 2015

            It really is fascinating to me that people can be deluded into believing stuff like this. Please, continue. Tell me more about Obama the socialist. Be specific. Tell me how he is a socialist. Tell me what his socialist policies are. I want a closer look into the mind of a FOX viewer.

          10. joeham1 November 7, 2015

            FIRST, let me say i feel bad for people like you who are blind to a any truth. Do realize that fox is a right leaning news organization, and the national memo is a left leaning news organization?

            The number one absolute proof Obama is a socialist is the ACA. A clear wealth redistribution policy. His EPA policies and growth of entitlements are his crowning socialist achievements. Btw the only difference between fox and the national memo is you hear both sides of the argument on Fox.

          11. @HawaiianTater November 7, 2015

            It is difficult to not laugh while replying to anyone who thinks Fox is “news” but I will do my best.

            So… the ACA, which is mostly still a capitalist scheme because it involves for-profit insurance companies and people paying out of pocket costs, is your absolute proof that Obama is a socialist? LMAO! By your logic, Nixon was a socialist because he is the one who started the EPA. It’s so laughably idiotic that your one undeniable proof is mostly a capitalist scheme.

            Thank you. The level of stupid out of you trolls make me laugh every single time.

          12. joeham1 November 8, 2015

            You don’t watch fox news. It’s a news station. Yes it has some very right leaning programming, but it is a news station. I know your told to not like fox and your told if you turn it on your skin will burn. If hearing both sides of a story is against your lefty law just stay blind but don’t act like you know what your talking about. The ACA IS “MOSTLY CAPITALIST”? LOL. What is the rest of it? You are a tater! You extreme lefties are sad. You do exactly as your told. You question nothing, and you all use the same names like trolls, rwnj, and so on. There is no Santa tater! The far left and far right are both succeeding in ruining this country. ANY IDIOT knows that. Bush and Obama have been the 2 worst presidents this country has had. After Clinton was president the national debt was 6 trillion. These last 2 jokes have raised it 13 trillion in 15 years! Both parties have their sheep’s like you blaming the other side!

          13. Independent1 November 8, 2015

            Sorry, Faux News is NO NEWS STATION!! Faux News is a Propaganda Outlet!! Where at least 60% of what it publishes ARE LIES!!!

            ‘Pants On Fire’: Analysis Shows 60% Of Fox News ‘Facts’ Are Really Lies

            MINNEAPOLIS — Analysis of Fox News suggests that the
            TV news network is a leader in lying to the American public, beating out CNN and MSNBC for the amount of falsehoods broadcasted.

            The analysis comes from Punditfact, a partnership between the Tampa Bay Times and Politifact.com, which maintains scorecards on the accuracy of major TV news networks. As of January, about 60 percent of facts reported by Fox News were false.

            Criticizing the accuracy of Fox News is not a new pursuit — comedians like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert built substantial portions of their career out of spotlighting the network’s lies and misdirection. Stewart is so well-known as an opponent that he made headlines in March for admitting Fox had actually been correct in one, specific instance.


          14. joeham1 November 8, 2015

            You again! Calling fox news faux news really childish. Fox news is the most accurate news station unless left wing outlets say it tells lies. I wouldn’t expect a hack like you whose name independent us exactly what your not. Your analysis is like Bill Clinton saying Hillary is more honest them Bernie sanders and you like a good little minion buys it. Don’t waste my time anymore go talk to a fellow sheep

          15. Independent1 November 8, 2015

            I call them Faux(fake) News because when they were sued for telling so many lies, Faux News actually hired lawyers to represent them in court as BEING AN ENTERTAINMENT OUTLET NOT A NEWS OUTLET.!!

            Somewho when the won the case which allows them to lie openly when being a news station that would be troubling – the court did not require them to change the name to Fox Entertainment!!

            Any resemblence of Faux News being a true news station is purely coincidental. Study after study by numerous organizations has proven that Faux News is A PROPAGANDA OUTLET that actually makes its listeners more ignorant of the true news than people who don’t watch any news at all!!

            So don’t get on your high horse sport because Faux News IS FAMOUS FOR ITS LYING!!!!!!!!

          16. Independent1 November 9, 2015

            For your reading pleasure, here’s 50 Fox News Lies in 6

            seconds from Politifact:

            The Daily Show posted a Vine Wednesday titled, “50 Fox News lies in 6 seconds.”

            We’ve fact-checked almost all of the statements they cited. For the record, we originally counted 49 claims, not 50. The Daily Show said No. 50 was left off due to a technical error. They’ve updated their Vine, which we’ve included here.


          17. @HawaiianTater November 8, 2015

            You shouldn’t assume to think you know what news I absorb just because you have seen me at NM. Just because you’re a brainwashed Fox troll doesn’t mean you have to assume. Of course I hear both sides of the story. I regularly troll Breitbart. That place and their crowd makes Fox News and their sheep like you look sane by comparison. Think about that. There is a crowd out there that is even more insane than you are. What’s funny is they attack Fox News as much as I do but for different reason. They attack them from the even further right and call them a bunch of RINOs. It’s hilarious. You should check them out sometime. You might find that you fit right in.

            I know this might be tough for you to believe but Fox News is nothing more than a right wing propaganda machine. They went to court and won a case that says they have no legal obligation to tell the truth. Fox News isn’t even registered as news. It’s registered as entertainment. They are under no legal obligation whatsoever to report accurate news. They put spin and otherwise fabricate what they want sheep like you to think and of course, the gullible rubes eat it right up. It’s a fantasy that you either choose to believe or are too stupid to know is a lie.

            I know you hate evil “socialism” because you have been brainwashed into doing so but what you fail to realize is that we already live with socialism and we always have. The roads you drive on? Socialism. The fire department who rescues your trailer when the meth lab explodes? Socialism. The free elementary school you will send your spawn to should you ever breed? Socialism. The military and the Pentagon are the two biggest examples of socialism in the USA and the right wing loooooves those. Republicans love their socialism as long as it benefits them and they always have.

            You hear that? It’s the sound of your delusion working on a response.

          18. joeham1 November 8, 2015

            You don’t troll breitbart and you don’t get any news except from a left wing rag or news station. Fox is s news organization although it is right leaning like msnbc is left leaning. You big government idiots always say the same thing. Of course any system has some socialist aspects, but you of course missed the point. Sheep like you aren’t allowed to hear both sides and You wouldn’t know if fox news is accurate. Go on stay oblivious, keep squirting nonsense! Your food stamps and unemployment check will be there Friday!

          19. @HawaiianTater November 9, 2015

            Buahahahaha! I went off script and you had a meltdown. That was classic.

          20. joe schmo November 8, 2015

            No Tatertot. We have looked up enough for you morons. This time you need to do that for yourself. It’s all out there in plain sight.

          21. @HawaiianTater November 9, 2015

            Hey, Joe Schmuck! No discussion of delusional trolls can be complete without you.

          22. Independent1 November 8, 2015

            If a bunch of crooks barged into your house and started destroying everything in it that they could see, wouldn’t you kind of hate them?? Well that’s exactly what the Republicans have done since Reagan hoodwinked the American people into believing the lie that Carter wasn’t a good president and that Government was the problem to everything in their lives and since then have been working to destroy every facet of what was a great American life. Hate of the Devil’s Party (aka the GOP) is more than justified!!!!!! Wake up clueless!!!!!!!!!

          23. Louis Allen November 8, 2015

            I would advise you, as the close friend that I have always been to you, to get professional help.

          24. Independent1 November 8, 2015

            Why is it you RWNJs love to live in denial??

            Tell you what – list for us here ONE THING that the GOP has done positive for America over the past 80 years aside from Eisenhower pushing for the interstate highway system (which he did so for military purposes), and Nixon setting up the EPA.

            And from your perspective, shoveling trillions of taxpayer dollars into the pockets of corporations and the already wealthy.


          25. Louis Allen November 8, 2015

            # 1, I call you ingrate a “close friend” and you call me a “nut job”??
            # 2, “live in denial”??
            You mean like the liberal press hiding from you Useful Idiots the many Obama LIES (“My father served in World War II’ — that was just ONE of his many WHOPPERS !)
            Get a life, looser.

          26. Independent1 November 8, 2015

            Sorry, I’m not buying into RWNJ made up lies!! The only source where you can find those lies is on RWNJ propaganda sites!! Doesn’t that give you a clue LOWLIFE???

          27. joeham1 November 8, 2015

            The facts always get skipped when you write your moronic posts. When Carter left office interest rates were over 15%, unemployment was 10% percent,the military was a disaster. (I was in the navy from78-81)In the 8 years Reagan was president 23 million jobs were created, unemployment was down to 5% and he ended the cold war with the soviets. You are a freaking moron! Take your crazy left wing lies and cram it! Don’t respond to this your way to dumb to talk to!!!!!

          28. Independent1 November 9, 2015

            Everything you posted is a flat out lie!!

            The unemployment rate when Reagan took office in January of 1981 was around 7% and interest rates were around 10%. It was Reagan doing nothing for almost 18 months after taking office to help the economy that let the unemployment rate hit 10.8% around the spring of 1982 with mortgage rates hitting 21% and the prime rate at about 16%. When Reagan finally reacted, he did the wrong thing by cutting the max tax rate more than in 1/2 to around 32% and the capital gains rate to 15%; history has shown that reduced tax rates actually dampen economic growth because wealthy investors and even corporations can make more money from investment interests without having to take risks with starting or expanding their companies.

            And 23 million jobs is what was created during Clinton’s 8 years in office NOT REAGAN’S. Only 16 million jobs were created during Reagan’s 8 years – a paltry 4 million his 1st term and 12 million the second because of the pent up demand created by the personal computer/tech revolution that began when IBM announced the ‘PC’ six months after Reagan took office in the summer of 1981. Which started the expansion and creation of virtually every major company that’s a player in today’s technology industry – virtually every you can think of in today’s technology industry was either born or greatly expanded between 1981 and 1985.

            Reagan earned the worst 2nd year favorability rating of any president in the summer of 1982 with only 35% of Americans thinking of him favorably. It has been nonstop 24/7 Republican propaganda about how great a president he was, when he was clearly mediocre, that has falsely caused millions of Americans to think positively of him.

            Here see this chart which shows that Every Democrat since Coolidge has economically outperformed every Republican:

          29. Louis Allen November 8, 2015

            “… Democrat debate where Hillary and Bernie fought over who would give more of other people’s money to those they were trying to persuade to vote for them.”
            I call that hitting the nail on its head.

          30. paulyz November 8, 2015

            Why the Democrat-Socialists always oppose a balanced -budget Amendment, because they wouldn’t be able to constantly raise the debt ceiling to offer more debt for votes. Also why they always push for Amnesty, to gain a permanent majority. These are the Only way they have any chance! Real nice politics huh?

          31. joe schmo November 8, 2015

            Paulyz, they have never experienced communism. Won’t they be surprised to find out how suppressive it really is and how it will never look after them. It will pull the rug out from under their belief system and leave them with suppressive poverty.

          32. joe schmo November 8, 2015

            Will they be in for a rude awakening should Trump win the office and all those executive orders are torn to shreds. LOL

          33. Independent1 November 7, 2015

            More flat out lies!! The Democrats did not have control of the Fed which sets all those policies and even if they did have control of Congress, they never had enough control to override a Bush veto so nothing got accomplished in Bush’s last 2 years than Georgie Boy didn’t want accomplished.

            And you know that old – Had Complete Control of Congress during Bush’s last 2 yeas IS A FLAT OUT LIE!!! And you’ve been told why more times than I can count!!! (The Dems didn’t have ‘full control of Congress until 2009 and then only for 3-5 months.)

          34. paulyz November 8, 2015

            Again you show the world your ignorance, (well, at least the tiny number of extreme Leftists of the Memo.) The Democrat-Socialist Party had “Complete” control of Congress during Bush’s final 2 years as well as Obama’s first 2 years. That’s when all the SHTF!.
            A usual, you always have an excuse, ALWAYS, for all of the Democrat-Socialists failures. Here is an interesting little tidbit, Obama has an IQ of only 102. I believe Trump, Carson, & Cruz’s are MUCH higher. Have a Dummy Day.

          35. Independent1 November 8, 2015

            Tell me. Are you still wearing diapers?? Any savy politician knows that having majorities in both houses of congress IS NOT HAVING CONTROL OF CONGRESS!!


            AND THE DEMS ONLY HAD A 60 SENATOR MAJORITY OF THE SENATE FOR 3-5 MONTHS OF 2009!!! That’s 3-5 months in the past 20 years!!!!!!



      3. Böcker November 8, 2015

        Oh you mean the 6 years of McConnell abusing the filibuster??

      4. joe schmo November 8, 2015

        ….don’t forget Peloser….. We are SO weary of PC. I predicted this a year ago. LOL

        1. Eleanore Whitaker November 8, 2015

          Now the Schmomo wants you to believe has second sight and it’s all due to his cockeyed conservatism. Don’t expect any common sense or truth out of this dipshit.

          1. Louis Allen November 8, 2015

            “dipshit”?? Are you referring to yourself, Lenora dear?

          2. joe schmo November 8, 2015

            Eleanore, come on now, I have proved you people wrong so many times…… Do you even have a brain?

  4. latebloomingrandma November 7, 2015

    I’ll be ready to scream when the Republicans complain about the Dem’ s “softball” questions. Which leads me to wonder why so very few Republicans agree to be interviewed by Rachel.

    1. joeham1 November 7, 2015

      The same reason the Democrats would refuse to debate with Hannity as the moderator. Maddow is a left winger

      1. latebloomingrandma November 7, 2015

        Big difference. Rachel is highly educated, does her homework, understands the issues, and always treats her guests with respect, even while asking substantive questions. Hannity is none of those things. I have heard him badger and attempt to humiliate someone of the opposite party. I don’t think he’s very smart. Idiot comes to mind.

        1. joeham1 November 7, 2015

          Wow nice try. Your nuts if you really believe what you wrote. Maddow and Hannity are exactly the same but on opposite sides. Your a lefty hack and that’s why you don’t think Hannity is smart. They both have the same agenda. Hannity is a right wing extremist and Maddow is s left wing extremist. I watch both of them, obviously you don’t.

          1. Böcker November 8, 2015

            Hannity is a former drywall hanger, Rachel is a Rhodes scholar. Big difference, you claim to watch them both, now that I doubt.

          2. joeham1 November 8, 2015

            Maddow is a hack like Hannity. Both their shows are mirror images of each other. Sneak out some night find a place that your sheep herder won’t catch you and watch Hannity. Both their shows do the exact same thing. BLAME THE OTHER SIDE! The only real difference is Hannity admits he’s a righty and Maddow wont admit she’s a lefty. Until the extreme left and right break free from their masters you will continue to blame the other for all the problems. Both extreme wings of the parties are equally destroyIng this country.

            Study Gingrich and Clinton. They “together” made our system work!

          3. joe schmo November 8, 2015

            Dude,nowadays, it’s a different world out there,

          4. Insinnergy November 8, 2015

            It’s indicative of your mental disease that you think Maddow and Hannity are somehow comparable.

          5. joe schmo November 8, 2015

            Doens’t mean she has any common sense. Most highly educated people don’t. They become ‘useful idiots.’

            The term “useful idiot” is thought to have been coined by communist mass murderer Vladimir Lenin. It describes naive communist sympathizers in the West (liberals). While Lenin and the Soviets held these stupidd liberals in utter contempt, they also saw them as useful tools for dispensing propaganda.

            You will often find useful idiots (aka liberals) lounging about in a Starbucks with friends, discussing the shortcomings of America over a frappuccino. Useful idiots are a mix of urban hipsters, brainwashed college kids, busy bodies, self righteous do-gooders, silver pony-tailed hippies, (now college professors), quirky wannabe-intellectuals, hysterical females, girly-men, and Michael Moore devotees.

            Useful Idiot Liberals aren’t necessarily bad people, and in many cases, are exceptionally warm and kind hearted. Many have high IQ’s and hold advanced degrees. They can hold files full of factoids in their brains, but lack the capacity to weave them together to find a coherent pattern. Though they fancy themselves as “free thinkers”, they are actually the most authority worshipping (politically correct) and servile creatures you will ever meet. When it comes to independent critical thought, they are astonishingly stupid …..and very dangerous! Liberals are “the unwitting hand maidens of the Communists.”

          6. Eleanore Whitaker November 8, 2015

            No Balls Schmomo hates women because it’s been a while. He hates liberals, moderates, centrists, socialists and thinks conservatism is a license to be a crook and a liar.

          7. Louis Allen November 8, 2015

            You dare calling joe a “No Balls” after he just said, referring to you, that Useful Idiot Liberals aren’t (necessarily) bad people ??!!
            God, are you an ingrate !

          8. joe schmo November 8, 2015

            Elenora, when will you finally get it into that dense head of yours that I have a vagina? How prey tell, am I a crook and a liar? Hillary is. That’s not my department. Maybe you’re upset because I can best you every time? Poor Eleanora. What a sad life you must have.

    2. joe schmo November 8, 2015

      LOL, Just like the Republican candidates the Liberals need to be interviewed by the lkes of Limbaugh, Levin and Hannity. Unfortunately for the liberal candidates. They are too used to playing softball that by the time they HAVE to play hardball, they will fail to have any comebacks. Sitting ducks to be exact. Your people better start asking the hard questions. Your candidates will have no practice.

      1. Insinnergy November 8, 2015

        When you copnsider the whining after the last GOP debate your remarks look moronic.

  5. paulyz November 7, 2015

    Ewwww, Rachel Maddow from MSNBC! Could the Democrat-Socialists possibly get a more friendlier, partisan interview? LMAO…. of course they just had to bring up race, (White States), as always, always divisiveness, instead of just States.

    1. latebloomingrandma November 7, 2015

      Hmmmm—-I wonder why the ewwwww?

      1. joe schmo November 8, 2015

        We have no use for that ugly beeach!

        1. Louis Allen November 8, 2015

          Rachel Madcow is not a beeach.
          She is an ugly, stupid “Butch” lesby.

    2. joe schmo November 8, 2015

      LOL, good one. I always said PC would get old. I think it was about a year ago or so on this very site. Another I told them so moment:)

  6. Whatmeworry November 7, 2015

    The only take away from the 3 hours was it did nothing but increased the speed of Global warming with all the hot air

    1. @HawaiianTater November 7, 2015

      But Global Warming is a hoax, didn’t ya know?

      1. Whatmeworry November 7, 2015

        So is the ice shelf is meting, Polar Bears are drowning, Solar AND Wind energy don’ create any environmental problems

        1. @HawaiianTater November 7, 2015

          Don’t worry. Be happy.

          1. Whatmeworry November 8, 2015

            So i’m a moron

          2. @HawaiianTater November 8, 2015

            You’re free to be a Mormon all you want to be. Ain’t religious freedom great?!

        2. Daniel Max Ketter November 8, 2015

          Why global warming is going on. I was just telling my darling Linda Rae about that the other day when she fell off the ugly tree.

        3. Whatmeworry November 8, 2015

          Yes dan ketter is a fully functioning moron

        4. Staci Kittern Disbrow November 8, 2015

          You ignorant baby!

    2. 788eddie November 7, 2015

      I guess you didn’t watch it; it was only TWO hours long.

      BTW, you sound like Ben Carson (were you offered a full scholarship to West Point, too?).

      1. Whatmeworry November 7, 2015

        Must get your political news from the State Run Media

        1. Independent1 November 7, 2015

          That’s much better than pulling it out of your rear end as you always do.

        2. Daniel Max Ketter November 8, 2015

          Me & Linda only watch MSNBC, even though shes dang ugly enuf to stop a clock.

          1. Whatmeworry November 8, 2015

            My rear end is bigger than my darling Linda Rae’s

        3. Whatmeworry November 8, 2015

          So is dan ketter a moron or what

        4. 788eddie November 9, 2015

          That would be Fox. I actually use a number of news outlets, even Fox (entertainment).

      2. Eleanore Whitaker November 8, 2015

        Nah the Ketter Twerp tells Egyptians those pyramids were nothing more than grain silos an King Tut was left out in the desert.

        1. Louis Allen November 8, 2015

          And Hil-LIAR-y still claims that Benghazi was caused by a video (the crazy bitch).
          Oh, and lest I forget, Hil-LIAR-y says you are just like her (the sincere bitch).

    3. Daniel Max Ketter November 8, 2015

      Global warming was going on back in the days when I was dodging the military draft. God bless organized labor in the automotive industry, especially Ford Motors.

    4. Whatmeworry November 8, 2015

      Yes, whatmeworry/dan ketter is Williamsburg Virginia’s village idiot

    5. whatmeworryisfatDan Ketter November 8, 2015

      Yep,dan has a fat rear end, and so does his linda rae. Sitting on a desk clerk stool all those years at Ford motors has made dan’s keyster look like a blimp.

    6. Staci Kittern Disbrow November 8, 2015

      You a fat fool dan ketter!

    7. Whatmeworry November 8, 2015

      It was the teamsters who forced Ford motors executives to make their cars more safer and environmentally friendly. God bless organized labor for their meritorious services to our society

    8. whatmeworryisfatDan Ketter December 8, 2015

      Bwhahahahahahahahahahahaha FAT DAN KETTER

  7. Böcker November 8, 2015

    It was refreshing, you heard from 3 adults, unlike the republicans where all you hear is whining.

    1. joe schmo November 8, 2015

      No whining. Honest concerns. Everything is hunky dorey over in Leftist fantasyland. There is no honesty, scruples, integrity or fairness. Seems the consensus of adults in this country want ‘honest’ change before it is too late.

      1. Louis Allen November 8, 2015

        “Scruples”?? “scruples” ??!!!
        What’s THAT ???!!!
        -Eleanore Whitaker-

    2. Eleanore Whitaker November 8, 2015

      I think you’ll find that the Schmo gets out of bed…picture this, gritting his teeth like a wild hungry lion ready to pounce of a fresh kill. Once out of bed by noon, he bathes in sunshine and not much else. Should a single threat come the Schmo’s way, he open his big yap and roars……roars…..roars so he is heard on every continent on the planet. Now ask him how he earns his crook living.

  8. joe schmo November 8, 2015

    The Crook, the communist and the no name…. So what’s new from the left? Nothing.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker November 8, 2015

      Ah yes…the words of BS from the low life Schmomo. Can’t stand it can you? The Dem debate was enlightening. So tell us low life, why is it the GOP asshats are afraid to be asked any questions that might pinch their little tushies?

      Is it because they are big babies just like you?

      1. Louis Allen November 8, 2015

        Lenora dear:
        joe schmo is a smart person and not a “low life”.
        You, on the contrary, are a bigoted, misandrist, crazy, venomous, dumb-assed, lesby, alcoholic scumbag.
        SIT !!!

        1. Independent1 November 8, 2015

          Smart compared to who?? You?? With your 50 IQ!!

          1. Louis Allen November 8, 2015

            # 1, I was talking to the Vice-President of the “Useful Idiots Club” (UIC), not to you. You are the President.
            # 2, When I (recently) added Eleanore plus you, I got a total of 38 IDIOTS.
            …. go figure ….

          2. joe schmo November 8, 2015

            Louis, let’s just face it. they will never get it because it is over their heads.

          3. Louis Allen November 9, 2015

            Prof. Gruber was right: they are the ignorant/stupid (understatements !) voters; …. and there are so many.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker November 10, 2015

            This from the two least educated most mentally ill men in the US?

          5. Louis Allen November 10, 2015

            NO. No.
            NOT from Independent1 and Insinnergy.
            From joe schmo and from me.
            Now, ….. SIT !!

        2. Insinnergy November 8, 2015

          Ha. Joe Schmo barely registers on an EEG.

          As for you, I can draw a number of conclusions from watching you sitting on a Liberal leaning forum and spending so much of your time wasting our time.
          You must lead an incredibly fulfilling life, Louis.

          It’s even somewhat worth it for those who have some intelligence and the ability to discern the difference between political idiots and actual candidates worthy of voting for, to have you around.

          You are a constant reminder of the wilfully ignorant, pseudo-intellectual Republican voter.
          – You spray (largely Fox) fact-free talking points without evidence…
          – When this is pointed out you, you still fail to supply any…
          – When opposing actual evidence/facts are presented to you, you change the subject…
          – When you can’t change the subject you resort to ad hominem attacks. Example above.
          – Your ad hominem attacks reveal a nasty person. See: “misandrist”,”lesby” and “alcoholic” and the inference that Eleanore is a dog, above. There’s usually race-based slurs as well, but I’m not going to bother hunting out an example.

          Essentially, like most trolls, you’re the argumentative equivalent of a moronic graffiti artist. Here to spray your mark on everything due to the mistaken impression that somehow p1ssing your signature onto things makes you important… or useful.

          In reality (not a concept you’re familiar with) you’re a sad little man with a persecution complex, a wellspring of suppressed bile, and a keyboard. None of which qualify you to speak in these forums.

          Your one redeeming feature being, through your drivel, you provide an excellent example of the type of wilfully ignorant idiot voting in the Republican base.
          An incredibly sad example… but possibly useful.

          Not Joe though. He’s just a moron.

          1. Louis Allen November 8, 2015

            No energy:
            You are funny, pathetic, but funny still.
            joe by himself, and I by myself, and much more so joe and I together, can run rings around a Gruber idiot like you.
            Funny how when I added you plus Lenora I got 47 idiots; go figure.
            P.S. – Lenore is still a bigoted, misandrist, crazy, venomous, dumb-assed, lesby, alcoholic scumbag, and so are you (except for the fact that, instead of hating men as she does, you prefer making love to them).
            Now go back to your kcockroaches nest.
            SIT !!

          2. Insinnergy November 8, 2015

            I love it when you confirm my analysis, little man. 🙂
            I also liked the LGBT slur you managed to throw in there as well. Obviously little Louis is a bit worried about his sexuality….

            I’ll be here in 2016 looking for you, Louis.
            Your tears are going to feed me.

          3. Louis Allen November 8, 2015

            Being the dumbass little slave “political correctness” that you are (don’t worry; as President, Ben Carson will make political correctness a thing of the past), you didn’t notice that it wasn’t an “LGBT” slur that I “managed to throw in”, it was an outright gay slur (no L, no B, no T), you liberal yyidiot. And considering that you are gay, and proud of it, it is not a slur.

            Talking about 2016, you DemocRats will get the whipping of your worthless lives. I would bet a case of Johnny Walker Black Label Scotch if:
            a) I thought that you would have the honesty/gumption to pay up (I don’t and you don’t), and,
            b) If I thought that a gay ssskumbag like you would drink and appreciate a good Scotch.

            You are a pathetic, worthless little cretin.

          4. Insinnergy November 10, 2015

            Keep digging, Louis.
            You are doing a wonderful job of showing everyone who you, and your ignorant like-minded base, actually are.
            I find your inability to see this incredibly amusing.

            I’ll be here next year when your world comes apart and you either run away or end up making up excuses and whining about how unfair it all was.
            Expect me.

          5. joe schmo November 8, 2015

            Since when ‘lack of energy’ do you state facts?
            Since when ‘lack of energy’ do you do any research?
            Since when ‘lack of energy’ do you leave the confines of the liberal think-tanks?
            Since when ‘lack of energy’ do you not put your hands in the governments pockets?
            Since when ‘lack of energy’ do you take from life experience?
            Since when ‘lack of energy’ do you think for yourself?
            Since when ‘lack of energy’ do you not spout bullshit out of your pie hole?
            If you knew anything about Conservatives you would realize that we are doing more listening to the radio, talking online, looking at news overseas and using our common sense (something that you morons lack)

            You are actually wasting your breath on me. I am quite educated. Probably more so than you. Education empowers the individual to think for themselves. Oddly, in the case of the liberal, I have found education to be a handicap. Seems the liberal loses all sense about himself and resorts to governmental conformity. Don’t ask me why you chose to be part of the collective. It is a foreign way of thought for us. It imprisons merely by concocting ludicrous lies against all that is humanly fair by imprisoning the masses that do not want to be suppressed. Free thought is dangerous to an overpowering government. so while you remain ‘useful idiots,’ we choose to be free thinkers which ensures our independence from tyranny:)

          6. Insinnergy November 8, 2015

            Wow, you say the weirdest things. I don’t believe my primary argument (that you are a moron) stated any of the things you opened with. Ahh well… I’ll leave that as one of the great mysteries.

            As for the rest of your pap:
            – I’m sure there are many conservatives who use common sense. My point was: You are not one of them.
            – I am surely wasting my breath on you. But it’s mine to waste and you’re an amusing target.
            – Only a true, dyed-in-the-wool idiot would consider education a handicap. Viewers… you heard it here. Joe feels that too much edumacation is likely to handicap you in politics. Please note: Joe has just confirmed my entire point. Stop your kids going to school now! They too can be wilfully ignorant Republican voters!
            – Oh Joe…. How can I put this in way you’ll understand? The only “Collective” is found in the homogenous paradigms of the low information Republican crowd sitting in the Fox bubble and… as you stated so very well above… carefully ensuring they don’t get too educated.
            See… with education comes diverse viewpoints, new knowledge and challenges to the ‘known’ or status quo.

            As for the rest of it, I’m not sure what weird conspiracy riff you’re strumming, but I’m afraid I don’t know that tune. The point of education is to introduce you to foreign ways of thought… expand your mind…provide new viewpoints…

            But that is not your way… nor that of your crowd… as evidenced by the zombie lies, and debunked talking points that get trotted out over and over.

            I have no idea who is the most educated… I’ll leave that up to the reader. But I do know who is smarter and has the wider viewpoint… and it ain’t the guy afraid of too much education, buddy.

            And yes, if you choose not to use your brain critically or think logically, then, irrespective of your tertiary study achievements, you’re still a moron, Joe.

        3. joe schmo November 8, 2015

          Thank you for the kind words Louis:)

        4. Eleanore Whitaker November 9, 2015

          You still here you phony loser? Do I have to post how many times now you’ve posted you are ‘not coming back…ever?”

          In the court of public opinion you rate in the lowest category of flea bitten mental midgets.

          1. Louis Allen November 9, 2015

            Ellie dear,
            You want to see a real mental midget?
            Go to your bathroom medicine cabinet (yeah, that one, where you keep you barbiturates) and look in the mirror.
            P.S. – And don’t get your hopes high because I am NOT coming back, …… to what was a terrible marriage.
            P.S.2. – Your friends, the Burkes, called yet again asking about your (mental) health. I told them you were a little bit better.
            ….. liar that I am …..

          2. Eleanore Whitaker November 10, 2015

            I thought you were NEVER coming back? The aliens from Saturn must have dropped you out of their UFO accidentially.

            You and I? You must be joking? I throw trash out in the garbage that is worth more than you…What a laugh! A piece of trash thinks he is man any woman would want. Go take a cold shower and stop playing with yourself…it’s damaged your brain..you are a waste of human life. ..yours.

          3. Louis Allen November 10, 2015

            You see? The combination of alcohol with barbiturates can really, really destroy your mind & your soul, dear
            P. S. Call the Burkes. You owe them a call at least.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker November 10, 2015

            Awwww sweet…Little Louie loves to argue and has no one who wants to play his games…poor lil Louie…his mother took one look at him at birth and dropped him on his head…deliberately, explains the brain damage, ranting and idle threats he makes and then can’t keep.

          5. Louis Allen November 10, 2015

            Lenora dear,
            1) You, dear, DO “play my games”. You are doing exactly that at this very moment. I guess it’s hard for you not to recriminate yourself for having made a mess of our marriage.
            2) I can, and I have, run rings around your pathetic persona.
            3) It was YOUR mother, dear, who dropped you on your head at the age of 1 day when she realized that you were not “normal”.
            4) She again crushed your head (despicable cruelty) when you turned 18 and she realized that you were not only devoid of a brain but, worse, devoid of a heart (you did not even have the “bleeding heart” of a true liberal, LOL !)
            5) it is you Ellie, again, who makes idle threats that you can’t keep:
            a) Remember when you threatened me with forcing The National Memo (bless their souls) to BAN me from this site if I kept mentioning the reality of our (sour and soured) marriage? You failed. I am still here.
            b) Remember when, after being unsuccessful at that, you then proceeded (the plain, unadulterated ignorance of liberals) to (again) threaten The National Memo with a lawsuit if they didn’t ban me from this site?? You failed. You never sued.
            c) Remember the message posted by The National Memo in response to your (accustomed) foul language and vulgarity??
            Remember? Remember??

            You are a pathetic being.
            When it comes to common human decency, you are not even a “wannabe” .
            The only “person” here more $stupid, more crazy, and more ignorant than you, dear, is Dependent1, …… and the jury is still out on that.

            SIT !!

          6. Eleanore Whitaker November 11, 2015

            You have yet to invent a game I’d be remotely interested in playing. I want everyone to see what a maniac is like when he goes off the deep end. And you fill that position perfectly.

            You have enough other posters, crazy man, who know what a nut you are. I realize when your Mommy forgot to tell you who your Daddy could have been, your psychotic tantrums began. Must have been hard listening hour after hour to her mattress squeaky with your ear to ther bedroom door key hole right?

            You are the man who posted that you were NEVER coming back and yet, you are still here? Why? What about the word “never” do you mental cases not get?

            You have yet to post anything that doesn’t exit a cow’s butt. You are a worthless piece of cow manure who can’t admit you have mental problems. Every poster you argue with proves that. Every post you spend your obsessive/compulsive time concocting only makes you look like what you are: a rabid dog who can’t fend for himself.

            I take great satisfaction knowing that many others see you for who and what you are…dog meat.

          7. Louis Allen November 11, 2015

            Your alcoholism is driving you to bigger and more worrying degrees of hatred, dear.
            Go, please go, and get “PYSchiatrist” (remember?) help.

          8. Eleanore Whitaker November 11, 2015

            Let me spare you any further humiliation and from making the biggest fool of yourself…The only reason National Memo allows you to keep coming back is because they know you are a joke.

            By the way, I type over 210 wpm…you? You can’t pass a bowel movement in less than 5 hours…Constipation brain.

            I do have so much fun toying with a dipshit who announces to the entire National Memo that he is NEVER coming back and then NEVER goes away..But that’s what you call sanity?

          9. Louis Allen November 11, 2015

            You are an incorrigible alcoholic who can’t or won’t proofread what you write, and a complete retard.
            I rest my case.
            I win
            You lose.

          10. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2015

            Babble, babble, babble…blah, blah, blah…and Screwy Louie rants on and on in his imaginary world of fantasies…Any takers how soon this lunatic will go off the deep end?

            I NEVER lose…that’s what I am a success and you’re are a LOSER.

          11. Louis Allen November 12, 2015

            A loser like you claiming that she “never” loses?!
            Wow! You ARE pathetic and worthy of pity.
            Get help, dear.

          12. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2015

            A loser like you? You’re lucky some woman hasn’t put your balls in a blender and turned it to the highest speed. That way you have matching brains.

          13. Louis Allen November 12, 2015

            Dear Ms. Whitaker:
            Mr. Louis Allen has brought to our attention the fact that you have again started to use especially foul and vulgar language on this site, foul language that our automated system, not designed to catch references to men’s “balls in a blender” and “crushed nuts”, has obviously not been able to catch and censor.
            We are hereby putting you on notice that, should you continue this undesirable trend, we will be forced to perform a mammogram on your pitifully small tits with our gigantic, new, Carson Model 2016 Tits Squeezer/Crusher. This machine is exactly the one Bill “Bent Willy” Clinton used on his wife Hillary.
            You have been warned.
            Change your ways and your discourse.
            TNM Editors
            P. S. – A Mrs. Sarah Burke wants to talk to you. Please call her from your suite at the “White Lilly Home for the Mentally Deficient & Alcohol Addicted”.
            P. S. 2. – Mr. Allen says he is not coming back to you, ever.
            P. S. 3. – Dr. Carson’s diagnosis after seeing you 8 times is that you suffer from “success confusion”: you are a complete failure but fancy yourself to be a success.
            Quoting Dr. Carson: Tsk,tsk,tsk….

          14. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2015

            Hahahahahahahahahaha! There he goes folks…pretending he is National Memo…Mr. Louis Allen..Mr. Nut wrote this. It didn’t come from National Memo.

            He can now be sued for pretending to be National Memo…Sue his butt!

          15. Louis Allen November 12, 2015

            Ms. Whitaker:
            You have everybody laughing at you and at your idiocy and your crazy rants.
            We have a sister publication in which you might be interested as a (distinguished) poster:
            It’s called The National Moo-Moo.
            It would be great if you would join Moochie Obama as co-editors, …. although we suspect that Moooochie would resign as soon as she found out that you would be coming on board (no space for 2 cows?)
            But, then again, that would be OK; she is not as good at making a FOOL of herself as you are…..
            P.S. – Another offer: Mr. Donald Trump called to inquire about you.
            Something about a brothel in Nevada ….

          16. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2015

            First, you say in 2 posts you are “never coming back.” Then, you post a ridiculous phony post…No one is laughing at me. That laughter you hear is for you.

            You are one sick, sick, sick, sick pup..Get help before your overload what remains of your loser cylinders.

          17. Louis Allen November 12, 2015

            Ms. Whitaker:
            We insist that you take your very funny rants to our sister site The National Moo-Moo.

          18. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2015

            You insist? You? You can’t insist on using the Charmin when necessary…It’s time you got a dose of reality fool.

            There is no “WE”…you really do live in fantasyland, don’t you?

            The only thing you are desperate for is attention. A loner like you always wants the spotlight even when you show you are a mental case. “We insist…” Yeah right. I insist you get a life.

          19. Louis Allen November 12, 2015

            Ms. Whitaker:
            Yes, WE insist that you stop making a fool of yourself. Everybody has laughed at you and at your feeble attempts to appear sober.

            P.S. – Then again, when you ALREADY are a fool, how do you “make” a fool of yourself??

          20. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2015

            I have no intentions of giving you the satisfaction of doing anything you say. When I received a formal notification from someone at National Memo with the authority to stop my posts, then and only then will I be gone. Till then, you’d best be prepared for a very, very, very, very, long therapy session with your shrink..YOu are going to need to it.

            The only fool here is you. Do you see the rest of the responses from other people on this thread? Only Joe Joe the Dog Face Boy and David ever side with you. Intelligent people don’t.

            So, I plan to have lots and lots of fun making you more nuttier than you are…Ready? I’ve got lots more where these came from nut freak.

          21. Louis Allen November 12, 2015

            Ms. Whitaker:
            Again we must tell you:
            WE insist that you stop making a fool of yourself. Everybody has laughed at you and at your feeble attempts to appear sober.
            As Mr. Allen, your ex-husband would say, SIT, …. SIT !!!

          22. Eleanore Whitaker November 13, 2015

            Let’s play Screwy Louie’s fantasy game:
            LOUIS ALLEN WE insist your stop making an idiot of yourself. Everybody has laughed at you and disagreed with you. Now, we do not insist, we DEMAND you cease posting…National Memo.

            As for Mr. Allen’s hooker wife and his hooker mother, we know they are the reason his brain is so badly damaged…All those men coming and going since infancy.

          23. Louis Allen November 13, 2015

            Mostly “coming” !!!
            You patsy, I can play you like a fiddle!!!

          24. Eleanore Whitaker November 13, 2015

            You can’t play anyone ..You do realize that I am the one playing you like a Tchaikovsky symphony? You do realize that the more you refuse to shut your pie hole, the more fun I have tantalizing the hell out of you? You are a fun fun fun little amusement. Or as P.T. Barnum once said…”There’s a sucker born every minute.” So Sucker…how does it feel to get a taste of your own BS?

          25. Louis Allen November 13, 2015

            Ha, ha, haaa!
            You are so funny, dear !
            And, being the Gruber-identified dumbass that you are, you do not realize that all your “friends” on this site are making fun of you, not in public, God forbid, but in private. They are saying: “This guy Louis is giving poor Ellie a drubbing.”

          26. Eleanore Whitaker November 13, 2015

            So that you don’t mistake a “dear” for a successful, financially independent woman, let me avail you of a tidbit..that patronizing is BS. I have a lot of friends on this site and that just eats another hole in your butt, not to mention your Swiss cheese brain..You, Joey and Davey, regularly prove to all of us just how sick you guys are. Comes from masturbating every five minutes when your seductive Mommy walks by.

          27. Louis Allen November 13, 2015

            “Dear” Ms. Whitaker:
            We can’t believe that you are willing to say things like
            “…. masturbating every five minutes when your seductive Mommy walks by.”

            Even considering that this site is a cesspool of libturd “thought”, such vile, foul, misandrist, vulgar, nauseating, bigoted, venomous, crazy, mean, and ignorant language will not be permitted on this site, even though it was to be expected from such a complete ignoramus like you.
            As to your reference of a “… successful, financially independent woman ….”, yes, we have heard MANY good things about Carly Fiorina.
            NM Staff

            P.S. – SIT !!!

          28. Eleanore Whitaker November 14, 2015

            Dear Mr. Allen, We must insist you believe what Mrs. Whitaker posts. Unfortunately, “We” do not support posts from mental institutions. Therefore, we can not allow you to turn out any more posts worthy of the toilet bowl.

            We do understand that men with unbalanced minds cannot process reality and thrive on fantasies of their own fabrication. We understand that your love of Cheney and his evil machinations have thusly polluted many minds. However, we cannot allow any more of your excuses for pretentions of intelligence.

            P.S. Please stop masturbating. It’s obviously the side effects of your overdosing on Viagra.

          29. Louis Allen November 13, 2015

            Ms. Whit:
            “MORE nuttiER”??!!
            Learn ENGLISH, you dumbass!!

          30. Eleanore Whitaker November 13, 2015

            Maniac alert! Maniac Alert! Look at Screwy Louie…making a jerk of himself ..most nut freaks do. roflmao …Yes…jerk boy…as in “nuttier than a fruit cake.” With a cockroach like you, all I have to do is take one step and squish! You are a blob.

          31. Louis Allen November 13, 2015

            Ms. Whitaker:
            We respectfully second Mr. Allen ‘ motion.
            Learn English.
            We investigated and found out that “The White Lilly Institution for Alcoholic Rehabilitation” DOES offer free short courses on English grammar and syntax.
            Do avail yourself of said service but do not abandon your other courses on mental health, brain cell deficiencies and “Just say NO to alcohol”.
            Our heartfelt prayers for you.
            NM Staff

          32. Eleanore Whitaker November 13, 2015

            And I disrespectfully refuse. We have investigated Louis Allen’s prior arrests and convictions to which he used the excuse, Mentally incompetent to stand trial; whereupon we agreed with the courts that Mr. Allen be held in a mental institution for the criminally insane for his own protection.

          33. Louis Allen November 13, 2015

            Ms. Whitaker:
            Again: Do avail yourself of the free short courses on English grammar and syntax.offered by “The White Lilly Institution for Alcoholic Rehabilitation” but do not abandon your other courses on mental health, brain cell deficiencies and “Just say NO to alcohol”.Our heartfelt prayers for you.

            NM Staff

          34. Louis Allen November 12, 2015

            Ha, ha, haaa, Lenora dear: “It didn’t come from National Memo”. DUH !!

            Did you deem it necessary to state that for the consumption & enlightenment of the other Gruber-type idiots on this site?
            You don’t mind insulting their intelligence by stating/explaining the obvious to them?

      2. joe schmo November 8, 2015

        Enlightening. As usual Elenora you are full of bullsh*t. It was a snoozefest. Didn’t drum up the mass amount of people watching the Republican debate. Namely due to Trump and Carson.

        Honey, the questions were sheer attacks hurled at the Republicans by decadent primitives. Harwood is the biggest moron I have ever heard. If he keeps it up, he won’t have much of a career. No one has even heard of him. Don’t you worry deary. Liberal crony Hillary isn’t getting the hardballs that Trump and some of the other Republicans are getting. Trump for one doesn’t care. He sees it as practice.

        Big babies, huh? Time to put your big BOY pants on Eleanora because it’s going to be very upsetting should you idiots lose this election. Violence comes to mind. The Conservatives are beginning to fight back. Something you people can’t handle. You’ve had your way now for 7+ years. Won’t you be surprised when it is payback time. Time for the PC policing to end. Time to ‘Make America Great Again.’ if you don’t like it you can always leave. We really don’t mind.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker November 9, 2015

          The Schmo loser can’t stand that he is being attacked by others than just me. Right Schmo? Aren’t you the spoiled Daddy’s boy who was taught no one is allowed to disgree with you? And…you must FORCE your will on others? Really a mature way for Daddy to raise a kid. Too bad you are a loser and you know it.

          When you have something provable in a court of law, let us know. Till then, we all hold the same opinion of you…a hateful, spiteful, belligerent, runty tantrum pulling rightie with a sense of entitlement to bitch.

    2. Insinnergy November 8, 2015

      It reflects so poorly on the Republican clown car when the democrats actually talk about issues in their debates and interviews… then don’t whine that the questions are too hard.
      The fact that you are reduced to name calling sums up the weakness of your case.
      I’ll be here looking for you when the Democratic candidate wipes the floor with the whole clown car.
      Your tears will amuse me.

      1. joe schmo November 8, 2015

        Issues? Nah! Liberals merely beat around the bush and ignore the corruption in their own party. As far as the debates go, Hillary is getting thrown softballs. not hardballs. This is a really bad thing for you folks because she will not be prepared for the dimwit/Repub debates.

        No name calling. Just stating the facts. Too bad the name calling is the truth. It’s different than stupid, idiot, moron. In all honesty, liberals really don’t have a viable candidate. By the way, there is no clown car. You should be really concerned about Trump.

        If you liberals win, it will certainly be by dishonest means. There are simply too many people rallying around Donald Trump. If that really truly happens, you can blame yourself for the oncoming chaos and the end of the United States of America.

        1. Insinnergy November 8, 2015

          Moron. For reasons previously stated.

        2. RED November 9, 2015

          And here, we have the perfect encapsulation of the ignorant Con sickness and how it destroys the mind. See how the ignorant Con’s cult works? “If liberals win, it will certainly be by dishonest means.” Perfect!!! The ignorance is just astounding!!! IF you’re an ignorant then ANYTHING ANYTHING that conflicts with your narrow minded ignorant Con view of your small little world must be “a lie from the pit of hell.” The Cons have created the perfect cult with the perfect little ignorant morons willing to give them their very last dime and then sell their own children’s future. And what do the Cons get in return? Well, they get to hear people tell them that the world can be stopped from changing and promises that white people are the best ever. In reality they get nothing, nothing but dumber and more ignorant and poor by the frigging moment. A terrible terrible sickness.

        3. Insinnergy November 10, 2015

          Like I said… I’ll be here when your world comes apart.
          Expect me.

  9. Louis Allen November 8, 2015

    Maddow lobbed these softballs daintily into the waiting glove of the presidential candidate:
    1) If you had time to learn a new language, what language would you pick? (Spanish, obviously, because “we have a lot of Spanish-speaking people in our country.”)

    2) Introvert or extrovert? (Extro-introvert – come on, you wanted her to alienate a demo?)

    3) This is a hard one… if you had to pick someone from Republican field for VP, who would it be? (None of them, of course.)

    4) When I say “hush puppy” do you think food, footwear or Fido…

    Okay, enough of these “hard-hitting” questions for the Democratic candidate currently leading the (loony) pack.

    1. Insinnergy November 8, 2015

      I’m sure those were the only questions asked… right?

      1. Louis Allen November 8, 2015

        Hey, No energy!
        It’s been a while since I last gave you a lesson and a beating!
        How have you been doing “lecturing” the (other) idiots on this site??

        1. Insinnergy November 10, 2015

          It’s actually sad you believe that.

      2. joe schmo November 8, 2015

        ? Stupid response, of course. Hillary gets tossed softballs while the Repubs get hit with hardballs. Who do you think will be prepared for the upcoming dem/rep debates. Certainly not the Democrats:)

        1. Insinnergy November 10, 2015

          Just mindless.
          You can’t seriously believe that the Republicans got hardball questions and the Democrats got all softballs?
          On the opposite side of your argument is…. EVERYONE ELSE.

          You continue plumbing uncharted depths of idiocy. I say keep digging.

  10. Virginia Lady November 8, 2015

    The “bring back the white working class” meme was at the heart of Jim Webb’s campaign, and one which the party will have difficulty accomplishing. It was important. Webb did get the message across. Sadly Senator Webb was an imperfect messenger.


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