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Another Republican Gives Up Obamacare Fight

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Another Republican Gives Up Obamacare Fight


Governor Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania is the latest Republican to retreat from the Obamacare wars.

On Thursday, the federal government approved Governor Corbett’s plan to expand Medicaid in the Keystone State, making it the 27th state in the nation to adopt the controversial provision of the Affordable Care Act. Corbett had initially opposed expanding Medicaid at all, but earlier this year he bowed to mounting political pressure by offering a plan that would expand Medicaid with a number of Republican-friendly conditions, such as a work requirement and the authority to charge premiums for recipients living below the poverty line. Those did not make it into the final deal.

The agreement should be a boon to Pennsylvania’s working poor; at least 500,000 Medicaid-eligible Pennsylvanians will now be able to sign up for coverage starting on January 1. It will also save the state $4.5 billion over the next eight years, according to Corbett (independent studies have pegged the savings to be even higher)

Corbett clearly hopes that the news will provide a political boost as well. The governor’s announcement of the agreement, which calls it “historic,” “innovative,” and “truly a Pennsylvania solution,” is just about the nicest thing that any elected Republican has ever said about the Affordable Care Act. Meanwhile, Medicaid expansion is wildly popular in Pennsylvania. And as of last week, the Republican governors on the ballot in 2014 who have adopted Medicaid expansion were polling an average of 8.5 percent better than those who hadn’t. It’s not hard to understand what prompted Corbett’s change of heart.

Unfortunately for Corbett, it’s probably too late to save his re-election campaign; the terminally gaffe-prone governor trails his Democratic challenger Tom Wolf by 16.6 percent according to the RealClearPolitics polling average. But plenty of other Republicans have also realized that it makes sense to buck the party line on Medicaid expansion. As The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent has documented, GOP senate candidates such as Scott Brown in New Hampshire, Tom Cotton in Arkansas, Joni Ernst in Iowa, Terri Lynn Land in Michigan, and Thom Tillis in North Carolina have tied themselves in knots trying to explain how they would repeal the Affordable Care Act without getting rid of any of the popular parts.

It’s almost as if voters would rather expand health care coverage than burn billions of dollars to thumb their noses at the White House.

Of course, this wasn’t supposed to happen. For over a year, Republicans have been promising that Obamacare would be the anchor that sinks every Democrat on the ballot and sparks a GOP wave in November. Instead, many Republicans are now either embracing sections of the law, or just ignoring it altogether. It appears that we can add this blown prediction to long list of Obamacare disasters that stubbornly refused to materialize.

Photo: Chesapeake Bay Program via Flickr

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Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Independent1 August 29, 2014

    Obviously good news that Corbett finally saw the light; he’s probably done more good for the people of Pennsylvania than even he imagines.

    Here are some excerpts from a CNN Money article that summarizes the overall good news on ACA; the last paragraph from the article first:

    Uninsured rate plummets under Obamacare
    By Tami Luhby @Luhby July 10, 2014: 6:27 PM ET

    Some 6 in 10 people who obtained policies on the exchanges or signed up for Medicaid reported they had visited a doctor, went to the hospital or filled a prescription. Some 62% said they couldn’t have accessed or afforded this care previously.

    –That to me is extremely good news!! Millions have really been helped.–

    Here’s more:

    he number of Americans lacking health insurance has plummeted this year, a trio of surveys released Thursday found. The reports — conducted by three major research organizations — aim to measure the early effect of Obamacare’s individual mandate. Most Americans were required to obtain health insurance starting this year.

    Here were the results:

    — Urban Institute: The uninsured rate fell to 13.9% in June, down from 17.4% at the end of last year. Some 8 million adults gained coverage.

    — Gallup: Americans lacking health coverage fell to 13.4% in the second quarter, down from 17.1% at the close of 2013. This is the lowest quarterly rate recorded since Gallup and Healthways began tracking the share of uninsured Americans in 2008.

    — Commonwealth Fund: Only 15% of American adults were uninsured in the second quarter, down from 20% in the third quarter of last year. About 9.5 million fewer adults were uninsured, led mainly by young adults age 19 to 34, who saw their uninsured rate drop to 18%, from 28%.

    While the results vary, these new reports add weight to the view that the Obamacare exchanges are fulfilling health reform’s prime directive: reducing the number of uninsured Americans. The first official government figures will be released later this year, while the Census Bureau’s report on 2014 uninsured rates won’t come out until the following fall.

    Some 8 million people signed up for coverage during Obamacare’s first open enrollment period, which ended March 31. It’s not known how many of these folks were previously uninsured. Another 6 million low-income Americans were added to the Medicaid rolls.

    The Commonwealth Fund’s survey also dug deeper into who obtained insurance and what they did with their new coverage. It found that people with low and moderate incomes, many of whom were eligible for government subsidies, and Latinos saw large drops in their uninsured ranks.

    Poor people in the 25 states and the District of Columbia that opted to expand Medicaid coverage by April saw their uninsured rates decline to 17%, from 28%. But in the states that didn’t expand, the rate remained essentially unchanged at 36%.

    1. jimlscotland August 30, 2014

      … and in a few years ( 5-10 years) the rankings of life expectancy for US citizens will likely improve from its current position of 34th in the World (2013 WHO statistics), which is 79.8 average (77.4 men, 82.2 women). Looking forward to that day when the USA gets into the low eighties in life expectancies to join most other well-developed countries. Access to health insurance and less access to guns will help.

      1. Independent1 August 30, 2014

        If we could cut the red states out of the U.S. statistics, it’s quite likely that America would rank much higher with respect to longevity in the world. No Blue State has a longevity projection of less than 78, and 9 Blue States have longevity projected to 80 and over. See this:

        Blue states have longevity projected to 80 and over: N.J., N.H., Vermont, N.Y.,Mass., Calif., CT, Minn. & Hawaii?? (While only one red state has longevity projected to 80 Utah (80.2), 2 Blue States have longevity projections of over 81 –Minn. & Hawaii)

        What’s really driving America’s longevity down to 34th in the world, are the fact that 10 GOP-run states have longevity projections of under 78 years. Here’s a list of those states (Mississippi’s longevity is actually 74.8 years):

        These Red States have longevity projections of 75: Miss., W. Va., Ala. & LA. , 76 in: Arkansas, Kentucky & Tennessee; 77 in: S. Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio & N. Carolina.

        As you can imagine, the much lower than normal longevity for people living in those 10 Red States is really dragging down the overall average longevity for people in America.

        1. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

          I think every dem may want to sign this petition:



  2. Independent1 August 29, 2014

    Here’s a feel-good story of thankfulness that was part of the article I posted earlier:

    Thankful for Obamacare

    Saving my life

    Name: Kathy Bentzoni, 58
    Hometown: Slatington, Penn.
    Job: Freelance graphic artist/part-time school bus driver

    I started feeling sick in January, but I thought driving a school bus, I was picking up whatever the kids had. But when I was checking the school bus early in the morning in the cold, all my fingers would go numb.

    I had signed up for health insurance early enough to get coverage for Jan. 1. I had to drop my old, useless insurance back in November because I could no longer afford the premiums. The insurer denied every claim I sent in because they said it was a pre-existing condition. That’s the wonder of Obamacare … they can’t say that anymore.

    I have a Highmark Blue Shield silver plan. I pay $55 for the premium with the tax credit. I almost cried when I saw it. I thought ‘Oh my god, I can actually afford this. It’s amazing!”

    On March 1, I had to go the ER. They found my hemoglobin level was 5.7, and the normal is 14. I needed a transfusion. It was due to a rare blood disorder.

    I have to thank Obamacare for saving my life.

    1. jimlscotland August 30, 2014

      … thanks for sharing, and there are tens of thousands of other people who are finally getting the health care they need, even if it is late in their medical condidtion. Have a wonderful life.

  3. Dominick Vila August 30, 2014

    Logical thinking, the distinct probability of benefiting from Federal government subsidies, the need to balance state budgets, and pressure from constituents who understand the benefits of the ACA a lot better than some politicians think, are slowly but surely putting pressure on far right politicians to embrace a program that, ironically, is the brain child of one of the most conservative think tanks in the country: The Heritage Foundation.
    Considering the number of people who have already benefited from the ACA, and the fact that the word is getting out, not thanks to government advertising, but mouth to mouth, public opinion is finally changing. In my case, one of my grandchildren, who has been handicapped since the day he was born, and who was denied coverage because of the infamous and inhumane pre-existing condition, is now covered and is getting the medical care that should have been available to all the citizens of the richest country in the world for many decades.
    The very idea that making affordable medical care to people is something evil defies logic. The idea that ending the draconian use of insurance caps, extending insurance coverage to dependent children until age 26, making preventive medical care accessible to millions of Americans who relied on emergency care to survive before the ACA was put in place, and making our corporations more competitive in the global market is, somehow, an evil concept is something that only insurance agents and salesmen can criticize.

    1. mike August 30, 2014

      Obamacare does have some good points but when you look at the UK and other European countries using more private insurance since they can’t give the service needed for their participants, one has to wonder how long before we see the same.

      Yes, more are being covered but that doesn’t make services better or even adequate. 15% of urgent Cancer victims in UK are not seen for 2 months after diagnosed, hospitals have 3.2 million waiting for treatment. London alone with 508,555 waiting treatment or operations.
      Reform was needed but not this monstrosity. We now see that almost 83% of business will not longer offer healthcare to employers in the future, Cost continue to rise not decrease, fewer doctors in primary care, less time with patients, more paper work per day, more unnecessary treatments to protect them from lawsuits(no tort reform in ACA).

      All you on the left want single pay but history is showing that too has its problems. It isn’t the panacea many think it is.

      The really is that trying to reduce spending, affordable coverage, access, choice, competition, portability, and most importantly excellence in medicine is not necessarily going to be accomplished by Obamacare/Federal govt..

      1. sleepvark August 30, 2014

        You forget to mention that there is the existence of private health insurance in England which helps speed up wait times, gets better hospital options like private rooms and such.
        The basics are provided for. Perks can be purchased on the insurance market. But the basics are in place. That’s the point of it all.

        1. mike August 30, 2014

          I guess my first sentence “using more private” didn’t say that. Probably should have said “outside the system”. I would include operations, hospital availability, and treatment as “basics”, and they are not being provided in a timely manner.
          FYI: 2011-12 private outside system increased by 55%, plus increae of 76% on nonprimary care.

          My point is that will we see the same reduction in care as most Europeans are now seeing. I didn’t even use Sweden and their problems.

        2. 4sanity4all August 30, 2014

          And, I have read posts from several UK citizens that said that there used to be problems with wait times and availability, but the complaints forced changes in the system, and they say that it has gotten better and better. This is pretty much what the President said, too, that kinks in the system would be worked out as we go along. No healthcare system is ever perfect at first, but are usually fixed as people see the needs for changes. Throwing the entire thing out was never a good solution, no matter how many times the GOP repeated it. I think the reason that you don’t hear widespread complaining about the UK system any more is because people are pretty happy with it. And people seldom talk about things they like; instead, they go on to talk about other things that need improvement.

      2. jimlscotland August 30, 2014

        Mike – you make some points, but they are mostly bad and speculative, especially in the short life, so far, of the ACA. Wait 3-4 years or maybe even 10-12 years and then write your post again. This is a long-term project which is giving tens of millions of Americans immediately needed affordable health care options.

        1. mike August 30, 2014

          UK has had it since 1948, is that long enough??
          Points bad??? I don’t think so. These numbers are from Britain’s NHS. I assume you can show points that are bad, right?

          When have they been denied immediate needed in the past. No this all about control!!!
          Plus the cost overall will rise about another 85% in the next ten years. Who pays for it. Fewer people are paying for more people than ever. 1/3 of Americans on some form of govt. help. It is documented that many make more on govt. checks that getting work.

          1. bobnstuff August 30, 2014

            Health care costs have been rising at a 15% rate for a few years before the ACA came around so lf they only rise 8.5% per year it’s an improvement.

          2. mike August 30, 2014

            If you want to make your argument, know the facts.
            Between 2004 and 2013 the average yearly increase was on 5.5%(Kaiser) high was 9,46 low 2.95.


          3. bobnstuff August 30, 2014

            You are right I miss read a number, Forbs number is a little bit lower then some I did find but the 85% is the highest I could find and is a old number. Check last weeks CBO numbers.

          4. mike August 30, 2014

            Corporate increases for 2015 have jumped 9%.

            Last I read the CBO was no longer doing forecasts on Obamacare since all the delays, etc..

          5. Russell Byrd September 2, 2014

            But very few in Britain want to go back to the way things were. So, what does that tell you about all your nonsense.

            AND, left to private insurance companies, medical care is increasing in cost 8-12% a year. At that rate, the increase in cost will be 140-160%+.

            So, like all your views, the unemployed, older and disabled people, and working class families with children can just go and die. All because of your creepy, selfish, hate. One third of Americans are on some form of government assistance because: They cannot find work, they live longer and have illnesses of older people, AND the rich are propering beyond the dictates of common decency and common sense, so our cost of living is increasing every year, but wages are at a standstill, or decreasing.

            Why don’t you SOB, Kochsuckers put people to work, and pay them what it is worth. There will be less assistance, and a whole lot more taxes paid. Oh yeah, your gods may not be able to build a solid gold house with the extra proceeds they have stolen.

            Face it, your hero Ryan and his ilk are just low-down scum takers. THE WORKERS are the makers. Obviously, you are one of the former.

          6. mike September 2, 2014

            Thanks Julia for the that magnificent post. LOL!!!!

          7. Russell Byrd September 2, 2014

            Thanks for confirming that you do not have a rebuttal to the truth. Laugh all you want. It will only be a fool’s laughter.

            And again, instead of me proving your made up nonsense wrong, why don’t you prove it true? Hmm?

            I notice that you are so much calmer since I showed up. The way you were carrying on, I thought you might come to injury. No need to thank me. To serve is enough for me. . . .


      3. Dominick Vila August 30, 2014

        The overwhelming majority of Europeans use their socialized healthcare system and are delighted to have it. In fact, even the slightest suggestion of repealing those systems would be enough to end the careers of most European politicians.
        There are many reasons for wealthy Europeans to seek medical care from private practitioners and for profit hospitals and labs. One that I am well aware of involves the fact that many members of the elite would not be caught dead waiting in line to see the doctor or be admitted to the hospital their maid or chauffeur got to.
        Mention the elimination of European healthcare systems in any European country, and their replacement with the system we just replaced, and they will run you out of their countries for fear of an insanity attack. Remember, the UK showcased their healthcare system during the last Olympic Games as one of their greatest achievements.

        1. mike August 30, 2014

          There you go again trying to put words in my mouth. I never said anything about elimination. My point is that their system is not the panacea you want to make it out to be, nor is Obamacare.

          I couldn’t give a rats ass what you consider elite doing their thing, that was never the point. What you are trying to do is detract from the fact that NHS has been forced “to send from 15% to 20% (depending on procedures) of NHS patients” out side the system for care.
          Showcasing healthcare at OG, I just gave you their numbers. It isn’t what it cracked up to be.



          Is going to be what we should expect over the next few years??? time will tell!! I think it will!!

          1. Dominick Vila August 30, 2014

            No system is perfect, and neither the British NHS nor Obamacare are an exception to that rule. What you don’t seem to understand, or dismiss as irrelevant, is that millions of people who could not afford high private insurance premiums have access to comprehensive, preventive and emergency care, that nobody is excluded because of a pre-existing condition or because they reached an artificial insurance cap, that the anxiety that so many people felt as a result of not being covered for preventive medical care and early diagnosis is no longer a concern, that people wishing to retire early but who are not yet eligible for MEDICARE can do so without incurring huge premium costs, and that American corporations now have an option that allow them to compete on a level field against corporations in other industrialized nations.
            Finding flaws is easy, what is not so easy is to have bipartisan consensus to implement the changes that are necessary to make the ACA as efficient as it should be.

          2. mike August 30, 2014

            Oh, I understand very well what is happening. For the record I never said the old system was perfect.
            Also, tell me how many people were denied service all these years. Surely, you have all those numbers, right?
            Talk about high premium cost, higher deductibles, higher out of pocket expenses you can find them all in Obamacare. Plus the fact there is less choice, less service. Again, look at up to 20% of UK and other European countries patients not receiving the basic service from govt. run programs. Is this what is in store for US Citizens???

            Still waiting to hear the alternatives from the Dems to fix THEIR PROBLEMS.

          3. Dominick Vila August 31, 2014

            For a person who never gives a straight answer, you sure are good at asking others for specific numbers. i can’t speak for anyone else, and since I am not a statistician, I can only speak for myself. One of my grandsons was born over 2 months premature and suffered a brain hemorrhage at birth. My son’s insurance company denied payment for the expensive treatment he received at a neo-natal facility, and subsequent care, because my son had just changed jobs and only had coverage with them for a few months. When the small company he worked for went bankrupt, the insurance company used by his next employer denied coverage for my grandson because his was a pre-existing condition. Had it not been for organizations such as the Shriners he would have probably died. Today, he is covered, he does not depend on alms to get the care he needs, and he and he and the rest of the family are not stressed out because of the uncertainty of his circumstances.

          4. mike August 31, 2014

            Talk about not giving straight answers, go look in the mirror. Pathetic!!! I have given you many straight answers you just can’t rebut them.
            In my last post I gave you true numbers, but yet when I ask you for specific information you claim has happened you have NO answers. The reason you can’t give specific numbers, is because none are denied service.
            Sorry for the family medical history. By the way I am a Shriner and happy we could be part of his recovery.

          5. Dominick Vila August 31, 2014

            If the specific numbers you refer to are the, alleged, percentage of patients the British NHS sends to private practice doctors and for profit hospitals (15% to 20%), what that tells me is that 80% to 85% of the population of Great Britain is getting the medical care they need. Sending patients to specialized private practice institutions does not mean the patients have to pay for the care they receive by the way. The NHS usually covers the cost, except for frivolous procedures that are excluded from coverage. Similar coverage, actually better coverage, is available in most Scandinavian and Northern European countries. If you want to compare our system to others, why don’t look at excellence instead of those that are not working all that well?
            By the way, what happened to all the Republican alternatives? Are you talking about repealing the ACA and going backwards? Dismantling MEDICARE?

          6. mike August 31, 2014

            At it again I see Dom. “alleged % of patients” are NHS numbers. The NHS pays for the outpatient treatment due to the inability of timely treatment from NHS. I never said patients paid.



            The question still is, will we look like NHS in a few years? Will Americans have the same excellent service as before or will we look like Europe, long lines and times to get treated by fewer doctors.

            “Dismantling Medicare”, such a silly comment, so laughable. But a typical comment from Dom to deflect from the real conversation.

            As to alternatives. The D’s passed this bill without reading it, Obama has had to delay all the f_ _k ups in the bill, so where are all the bills necessary for it to work by the D’s?? You broke it, You Fix It.

            Obamacare is an attack on FREEDOM of the American people. Freedom of choice has been taken away. This is all about control of the masses.

          7. Dominick Vila August 31, 2014

            Since the Affordable Care Act uses and depends on for profit insurance
            companies to administer the program, it is unlikely that our system will ever look like anything similar to what
            exists in Europe, other than the fact that, unlike what happened before,
            everyone has access to preventive medical care now.
            The dismantling of MEDICARE is only laughable if we ignore that the man who made that assertion was none other than Rep. Paul Ryan.
            I cant say that I am surprised by your inability to come up with viable alternatives to what Democrats have been doing to overcome injustices and improve the standard of living of ALL Americans.

            In any case, even though I prefer a Single Payer System, I do appreciate the work that organizations like the Shriners did, and still do. Without their help my family could not have afforded the expensive medical care that one of my grandsons got.

          8. mike August 31, 2014

            You are truly unbelievable and just a plain old political hack.

            You and the democratic party attempt to abuse the vulnerable seniors with dishonest, disconnected rhetoric is amazing. If you had read his proposal you would have seen he would increase Medicare spending by 70% from 2014-2023, sure doesn’t look like dismantling medicare. What you again ignore is that this would give the same guaranteed protection as Medicare benefits are today. It would have saved money, but here again, you and your ilk think Big Govt. is the be all and end all. Again, what a silly little guy you are.

            No inability here on answering your question. I have told several of you at different times what i would keep and what I would throw out. Plus, I am just reacting to you as to how you have reacted to me when I have asked you specific questions and never got a response. Ex: I asked you twice last month a very specific question on immigration and you ignored me twice.
            So save me your smug attitude and attempt at elitism.

          9. Dominick Vila September 1, 2014

            Replacing MEDICARE with a voucher system may not mean dismantling MEDICARE for people like you. It does to most seniors. Alleged “savings” do not replace the comfort that most seniors have in knowing that our medical care is guaranteed and affordable.
            Hopefully you know that we pay through taxation and fees for the “evil” social programs we benefit from. In the case of MEDICARE, we continue to pay fees after we retire. Those are not government handouts, they are government run social programs that are beneficial to seniors and that ought to be improved and preserved.

          10. mike September 1, 2014

            How do you know for most seniors??
            “Comfort” is knowing the system will survive and that seniors are guaranteed that they will receive the same as it is now. Which was the proposal by Ryan.
            All you want is one big clusterf_ _ k government that takes freedoms away from the citizens and controls every part of their lives. VA is a perfect example of the bureaucracy out of control. I don’t trust the people in govt. and definitely this administration. IRS scandal with cell phones destroyed, 6 computers suddenly crashing at the same time under the person controlling exemptions(exemptions is for another day).
            Duh, to your question on Medicare. Pathetic!!! “Evil” there you go again trying to put words in my mouth.
            What you still can’t get through your biased head Medicare is unsustainable at the present rate it is now running a defiict and the HITF will be depleted in 10 years. Unlike SS that is based on inflation, Medicare is based on medical costs(forget arguing ACA has dropped costs-that pig doesn’t fly), demographic of population, etc.. It presently represents 4% GDP and will continue to grow until it reaches 15%+, unless changed.
            Medicare is running deficit, Period.



            What you can’t get through you thick skull is the fact this present rate of spending by the federal govt is unsustainable for this country to survive. You want cradle to grave control by the govt., it has not worked in other countries nor will it work here.

          11. Dominick Vila September 1, 2014

            My opinion on what most seniors prefer is based on the fact that I am senior, and that many of my friends are also seniors.
            Contrary to what you think, most of us are well aware of the effects of demographic changes, which in the case of SS is rapidly changing the contributor/beneficiary ratio to the breaking point. The same is true for MEDICARE, a program affected by inadequate funding and an aging population. In the end, the key is to find a solution to these problems, which can range from raising the retirement age to increasing the SS contributions cap, to providing additional funding. What is important is not how expensive a social program that benefits a large segment of our population is, but whether or not the workforce is willing to contribute to support that benefit their elderly parents and grandparents, and to make sure those programs are there for them when they can no longer work.
            It is a matter of personal and social responsibility Vs short term gain and greed.
            Suggesting that relying on the private sector as an alternative go the public sector for social programs such as Social Security, MEDICARE, MEDICAID and the ACA requires a rejection of historical facts. That is, what we had before these programs were implemented Vs what we have today. The social programs we have today were not created to bankrupt America, they were created to address social injustices that condemned a large segment of our population to a life of poverty and misery worthy of Third World countries rather than the richest country in the world. The U.S. vouchers is nothing more than an attempt to dismantle what Reagan called the safety net, and replace it with for profit corporations who because of their structure and goals have proven to be more expensive than the government institutions that many of us depend us.

          12. mike September 1, 2014

            My opinion is based on many of my friends who have a far better understanding of the economic impact and what terrible effects it will have on all people. The govt doesn’t produce revenue by selling a product it only collects the peoples money and you think the american people should just roll over and give, give, give. Which you call greed if they complain. Typical comment from the socialist you are.
            Most young working people understand there will probably be nothing there for them. they are becoming bitter that they must pay in to the system with little return. That’s the reality.
            Social programs were not created to bankrupt the country but now they are. It was not created for LARGE SEGMENTS but only for the more unfortunate. But the govt has over the years made it to include far too many citizens.
            Government is not the answer. But you think it is, I don’t.

          13. Dominick Vila September 1, 2014

            The terrible impact that social programs have inflicted on the elderly, the poor, the unemployed, and the handicapped, include a pension that allows seniors to live independently, with a modicum of dignity, without being a burden to their children. It includes seniors having access and receiving the medical care they need to enjoy good health after retirement, it includes a program that allows poor seniors to live in a nursing home when they can no longer fend for themselves, it includes students who can get the education they need to meet the challenges of the 21st century regardless of ethnicity, gender, or financial means. It includes help for those who lost their jobs. It includes a military force and intelligence agencies capable of repelling foreign threats.
            Again, without citing viable alternatives, your best bet is to preach at Tea Party rallies, where a rapt audience composed of brain washed people, ideologues, xenophobes, and racists are willing to listen to the most bizarre statements as long as those statements are consistent with their prejudices, lack of personal and social responsibility, and greed.
            Suffice it to say, that the private enterprise that used child labor, that limited their generosity to offering goods at the company store, and that had no choice but to agree to a 40-hour work week, overtime pay, paid vacation, paid sick leave, and other benefits, accepted the new circumstances, not because they were suddenly generous and committed to employee satisfaction, or because they cared for the well being of the American people at large, but because the evil government forced them to do so.
            Anarchy is not a solution, deregulation is not a solution when it involves removing barriers designed to protect our environment, safety at the work place, and steps to minimize the probability of corporate abuse.
            We are not a socialist nation. We are a nation with a few social programs that, more often than not, use for profit companies and private practice professionals to provide services. That is anathema to socialism, and hopefully you know that.

          14. mike September 1, 2014

            Dom, you are the socialist, proven by your single payer, government controlling all aspects of an individual life. You have such a disregard for the vast majority of Americans taking care of themselves. You insult the vast majority of people with your rhetoric that they can’t take care of themselves.
            Wait and see when the people find that the programs no longer exist. The system is bankrupt and you just don’t care. You do more harm by ignoring the fact that we are on unsustainable path of economic destruction.
            What really evident is the Ryan plan is working in RI. But, that is an inconvenient truth.
            So you know the private enterprise will turn “evil” (your words), if turned over to them?? With all the govt. over site you think it won’t work. Baloney!!!
            I never mentioned Anarchy, deregulation, you seem very stuck on those words.

            As to brain washed, ideologues, xenophobes, just look in the mirror. LOL!!! HOW DARE YOU CALL ME A RACIST!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!
            I might have a different approach to how govt. should work but for you to try and slander me shows me a lot about your character and lack of honesty.
            Dom as I have said before, continue your Intellectual Dishonesty and I will continue to show where you are either lying or in denial.

            Anyway you look at the programs and especially SS and Medicare are on a collision course with the lack of revenues which will destroy them. Between Obamacare, SS, Medicare, the deficit/debt will consume all budget of the US and then you might see your favorite word Anarchy.

            Bottom line is we are in a very dangerous place in this great country and your answer is stay the course and the hell with the next generations.

            Keep up your unrealistic Touchy Feely attitude and ignore Rome Burning.

            No, you are the worst thing to happen to the eldery, seniors.

          15. Dominick Vila September 1, 2014

            Believe it or not, I am convinced that the key to economic prosperity
            and sustainable economic growth is a robust and profitable private
            sector. However, I also believe that there is a role for government to
            do everything they can to ensure ALL citizens have access to the
            services that allow them to live comfortably. In the case of seniors,
            the services provided by Social Security, MEDICARE, and to a lesser
            extent MEDICAID, are critical to the well being of most.
            For you,
            acknowledging that most Americans do not have the financial means,
            especially when they are old and unable to work, is an insult to our
            population. For me, it is reality. Like I said in an earlier post,
            changes must be made to keep Social Security and MEDICARE solvent for
            future generations, but privatizing or dismantling them to replace them
            with Ryan style voucher systems is not the way to go. People,
            especially seniors, need guaranteed services and stability. Shutting
            down the programs that have allowed tens of millions of American seniors
            to live comfortably and with dignity, and leaving them in the hands of
            entrepreneurs whose focus is profit, is not the way to go. That did not
            work before SS and MEDICARE were put in place, and it will not work
            The SS problems can be solved by raising the retirement age and
            the contribution cap from $106K to $250K. MEDICARE does need additional
            funding, but that requires both political clout, and social commitment,
            which seems to be in short supply.

            The USA, your metaphorical
            “Rome”, is not burning. Our GDP is second to none, when the U.S.
            economy sneezes the world catches pneumonia, companies are profiting,
            jobs are being created, new energy sources are making good paying jobs
            available to thousands of Americans and are reducing our dependence on
            fossil fuels, our involvement in medieval crusades is down to a bare
            minimum, torture and renditions belong in the past, OBL is dead and
            al-Libby is in prison, the Federal government deficits are down,
            borrowing is down, the need to raise the debt ceiling is down to a
            minimum, effective regulations are being put in place to prevent more
            ENRONs, AIGs, and Bernie Maddoff affairs, bankruptcies and foreclosures
            are back down to normal levels, the real estate market is rebounding,
            the DOW Index went from a dismal 6,500 points in January 2009 to the
            17,000 range…and you are talking about Rome burning!
            By the way, taking useless insurance companies out of the healthcare system does not make a person a socialist. Socialism involves the transfer of property and services from the private to the public sector, making a system more efficient is hardly an example of socialism.

          16. mike September 1, 2014

            My My, My, every post has been railing about the “evils” of Big Business and now you are all for them. What a crock!!!
            Your idea of a govt. role is the control of the private sector in every way. Business are being suffocated by Red Tape costing hundred of thousands of dollars and thousand of hours for new and old businesses just to keep up with regulations.
            When one is told for their whole life that they will be taken care of by the govt. they will plan less or not at all. Again, you insult the vast majority who work hard and wish to get ahead that they are too weak.

            Housing has not rebounded, housing just took a big hit, it is falling back.
            Why do you on the left get excited about the DOW? It is only because of zero interest, cutting costs by not hiring or raising income, supply and demand(corp. buying their stocks back),etc..
            Medium income is down 6%.

            Dow CCI is no where 2007 levels.
            You seem to believe all is well since the Stock Market is up, so why is the participation rate going down not up?? Why is U6 sitting with 20 million Americans still unemployed, underemployed or not looking?? Why are 90% of new hires part time. But the stock market is up, big deal.
            You tell me how all is well in your world of thinking when those supporting retires is down to 2.9 to one. In 1950 it was 48 million to 2 million, it is now 157 million supporting 55 million.
            No, you are still a socialist no matter what you claim in your post. As to single payer it is just one step away from pulling the rest in and under the control of the govt..

            BTW, where are those 30 million uninsured? Why are they not signing up? Why are the young not signing up?? Great majority who have signed up are those getting the freebies.

            Hey, how are we doing in Libya? Is the embassy open or closed? They love the pool. Obama sure Botched that regime change, didn’t he???
            Obama continues to act stupidly!!! Sad for the country.

          17. Dominick Vila September 2, 2014

            Don’t confuse support for regulation to protest our environment, effective safety at the work place, equal opportunity for all, or attempts to minimize corporate excesses or Wall Street abuses with being anti-business. The overwhelming majority of Americans, including the overwhelming majority of Democrats are not anti business. The use of part timers and temporaries is not new, what is new are the attempts by the GOP to redefine the way the unemployment rate is determined, and the sudden discovery that a large segment of our population barely makes enough to cover their most basic expenses. American workers living paycheck to paycheck has been the norm throughout our history, although it is true that the efforts to ensure the wealthy accumulate more wealth than they already had is limiting the purchasing power of the middle class and, if it continues, it may destroy it. Of course you are not impressed with signs of prosperity such as the DOW rising to record levels. Yes, low interest rates are a contributing factor, but it is not the only reason the DOW Index has gone up 10,000 points since President Obama’s inauguration, and you know it.

            Subject: Re: New comment posted on Another Republican Gives Up Obamacare Fight

          18. mike September 2, 2014

            Baloney!! 3000 new regulations in the pipeline at this moment. More major regulations under Obama than any other presidents that is costing business $494 billion.

            Clean water Act is a prime example, it gives authority over any private property and dramatically expands the definition of wetlands. As a result, ranchers who might have a ditch on their land that fills with water will need a permit from EPA for any change. How about the couple who built a pond 5 years ago after getting permit from state, EPA informs them they did not get Fed. permit for the 2 foot wide 6 inch creek. EPA claims it is a tributary to a river 100 miles away and falls under the CWA and is threatening to fining couple 75K a day until he tears it down. Or the couple who wanted to build on their property but could not were told by the EPA it was a wetland, after spending hundreds thousands of dollars over several years finally got EPA to admit it was not a wetland. How about the rancher who had to stop grazing his cattle because of some frog. No, govt. is out of control, which you love.
            And, you believe in the private sector for profitable economic growth, Bull S _ _ T!!!!

            “Part time not new”, BS!!! Well over 90% of new hires are part timer. In June 500k full time jobs were lost while 270k+new jobs were part time. THAT IS NEW!!! All caused by the uncertainty of govt. rules, regulations. Like Obamacare!!!

            Regulatory expansion by fed. agencies has created a complex and inefficient system that works against American job creators, which is one of the biggest reason for the slow recovery and little full time hires.

            As usual I gave the reasons for the Dow but you pick the interest rate( which if I were you would keep ones mouth shut because of the harm it is really doing to our recovery in the long term) and purposely ignore/deny the real reasons that I stated. They are cutting costs to improve the bottom line by not hiring, increasing work loads, little pay increases, buying back stocks to raise value of the stock(supply and demand) to increase the dividends to the stockholders. And you want to ignore the real reasons, Unbelievable!!!!

            You sure seem to want to ignore the last 2 paragraphs in my previous post. Funny!!

          19. Russell Byrd September 2, 2014

            My, my. What a bitter little fascist liar you are. You are talking about one of my areas of expertise, and you are telling some incredible whoppers.

            Dominick just too much for you? Looks like you are really reaching for the sky, or is that the depths of Hell with this load of malarkey. You need to stop listening to wackjob misinformation noise services and their talking turds.

            Remember what I told you about you being a sock puppet. I guess they must really be making you wiggle today. And please, please, don’t stroke out. Well, I had better quit before I tell a second lie.

          20. mike September 2, 2014

            Yawning again at your lack of depth. Just prove me wrong!!! Pretty simple!!!!

          21. Russell Byrd September 2, 2014

            Why should I try? You just make up lies faster than we can kill them. In fact, how does anyone prove false, what does not exist?

            So, keep yawning. You post like some fascist in dreamland anyway.

          22. Russell Byrd September 2, 2014

            Oh yeah, and Dominick wanted you to have this:

            Hyperbole and singling out a controversial decision are the most frequent tactics used by those who wish to defend the indefensible. Protecting our environment should be one of our top priorities, and
            something the so-called “patriots” should embrace. What our regulations are trying to prevent are things such as the Allied Chemical Kepone dumping, that resulted in signs being posted warning people not to throw cigarette butts in the contaminated River because it could catch on fire. Regulations are designed to to protect the ozone layer, ensure
            the air we breathe and the water we drink are not contaminated, and so many other issues critical to our well being and the survival of the species.
            Insinuating that part time and temporary jobs are a new norm is ridiculous. That has been the norm in some sectors of our economy forever. The jobs
            you are ignoring are those in the high tech industry, in airplane manufacturing (which is booming), in alternative energy sources where people make almost double what coal miners make…minus black lung disease.Is the economic recovery as strong as it should have been? Not by a long shot. Blocking legislation and attempts to invest in infrastructure or the Veterans Jobs Act, for example, delayed the
            economic recovery, job creation, and our ability to compete effectively against other industrialized nations where people and politicians understand that investment is a critical part of sustained economic growth and one of the most important elements for job creation. As for the real estate recovery you mentioned in an earlier post, I tried
            to convince myself that, with your assertion in mind, the new construction going on near my house was a mirage when I was walking my pooch. It didn’t work out very well. I tried very hard to deny the existence of a “sold” sign on a for sale sign near my house that went up about a month ago. I knew instinctively that if “Mike” said the real estate recovery was a chimera it had to be true, and I tried very hard to dismiss the evidence, which was no doubt the work of liberal Democrats hard at work to project an
            illusion of prosperity where only Mike’s economic Armageddon. BTW, the Fed has dropped interest rates every time we had an economic downturn to stimulate the economy. Interest rates begin to rise again, usually slowly to avoid damage to the economy, as soon as the recovery is on solid ground and sustainable. Obviously, there are many other factors, including consumer confidence and spending, which are on the rise, job creation, which is also rising, etc. What does not contribute to economic recovery is pessimism and negativism, designed to convince people not to invest, and not to spend, knowing that if successful those are lethal blows to a consumer oriented economy such as ours. Sorry Mike, but it isn’t working out very well for you.

          23. Russell Byrd September 2, 2014

            Like I said mike, you are in my realm of expertise. You may have the subjects right, but every detail of your rants are just more useless lies and nonsense.

            No change there!

          24. Dominick Vila September 2, 2014

            Hyperbole and singling out a controversial decision are the most frequent tactics used by those who wish to defend the indefensible. Protecting our environment should be one of our top priorities, and something the so-called “patriots” should embrace. What our regulations are trying to prevent are things such as the Allied Chemical Kepone dumping, that resulted in signs being posted warning people not to throw cigarette butts in the contaminated River because it could catch on fire. Regulations are designed to to protect the ozone layer, ensure the air we breathe and the water we drink are not contaminated, and so many other issues critical to our well being and the survival of the species.
            Insinuating that part time and temporary jobs are a new norm is ridiculous. That has been the norm in some sectors of our economy forever. The jobs you are ignoring are those in the high tech industry, in airplane manufacturing (which is booming), in alternative energy sources where people make almost double what coal miners make…minus black lung disease.
            Is the economic recovery as strong as it should have been? Not by a long shot. Blocking legislation and attempts to invest in infrastructure or the Veterans Jobs Act, for example, delayed the economic recovery, job creation, and our ability to compete effectively against other industrialized nations where people and politicians understand that investment is a critical part of sustained economic growth and one of the most important elements for job creation.
            As for the real estate recovery you mentioned in an earlier post, I tried to convince myself that, with your assertion in mind, the new construction going on near my house was a mirage when I was walking my pooch. It didn’t work out very well. I tried very hard to deny the existence of a “sold” sign on a for sale sign near my house that we up about a month ago. I knew instinctively that if “Mike” said the real estate recovery was a chimera it had to be true, and I tried very hard to dismiss the evidence, which was no doubt the work of liberal Democrats hard at work to project an illusion of prosperity where only Mike’s economic Armageddon.
            BTW, the Fed has dropped interest rates every time we had an economic downturn to stimulate the economy. Interest rates begin to rise again, usually slowly to avoid damage to the economy, as soon as the recovery is on solid ground and sustainable. Obviously, there are many other factors, including consumer confidence and spending, which are on the rise, job creation, which is also rising, etc. What does not contribute to economic recovery is pessimism and negativism, designed to convince people not to invest, and not to spend, knowing that if successful those are lethal blows to a consumer oriented economy such as ours. Sorry Mike, but it isn’t working out very well for you.

          25. Russell Byrd September 2, 2014

            An excellent defense of the truth in the face of mildew mike’s rotten nonsense. I hope you do not mind me passing it on to him. Your post was far, far too good for him to miss.

            With that in mind, regarding “mike,” I am always reminded of the passage from Isaiah: But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt.

            Did I misquote, or did that say “cast up ‘mike’ and dirt.” I prefer this verse to the other ones about “peace.” Sorry, I was too lazy to look up a cite.

          26. mike September 2, 2014

            You are way off on this post, Dom. EPA is slowing growth. Fact. I never said there shouldn’t be some regulations but new ones are slowing the economy. Energy prices up, private property no longer private. 494 billion out of economy to pay for new regulations.

            Never said part time is new but when 90% new hires are part time that is very new. Don’t forget June numbers 288K new hires, of that total only 13K full time. Also, in that report 500k full time jobs lost. July numbers were no better. BLS

            Interest rates, where’s the recovery???

            Consumer spending fell for the 6 straight month in July. The Conference Board,

            Keep living in denial.

          27. Dominick Vila September 2, 2014

            The real question is not how much regulations cost, but how much would lack of regulations cost, both as citizens and as a society. For many of us, our environment, our parks, lakes, rivers, and seashore at not for sale.
            Energy prices are up? Not when it comes to gas prices. The record high was established in July 2008 when regular gas sold at $4.10 a gallon, and the price of crude was $140 a barrel.
            Private property is no longer private? Are you suggesting that my modest abode is now owned by the government or the Seminoles?
            Where is the recovery? Look around and smell the roses. That is, unless you live in a red state where Republican policies keep the average citizen from enjoying the progress that is evident in most blue states.

          28. mike September 2, 2014

            My God, the vast of majority of these reg. have nothing to do with envirioment Dom we are talking starting a business or continue the business. The cost of regulations just to file and meet all the rules and regulations is taking out of the economy 494 Billion dollars. Electricity to run businesses is certainly up. Obama rush to other forms of energy which is more expensive is making us less competitive in the world. Instead of using common sense and gradually changing he has forced massive changes to our economy. The rest of the world continues to grow while we go backwards. Obama thinks if we do it the rest of the world will follow, how naive! China and India are having a good laugh. His energy policies are about as naive as his views on ISIS.
            As to your property call the EPA. Your dishonesty continues, I gave you real cases and you try and to change the subject. You knew I was right!

          29. Russell Byrd September 2, 2014

            You know why you have all these rules? Because you SOB’s broke every rule in the book and left every mess for the taxpayers to clean up. All in the pursuit of quick profits.

            And your cases are not real, but manufactured propaganda. Remember, I listen to this crap everyday. Yeah, the rules make things slower and more difficult, but I have never heard, much less seen, anything you prattle on about. Just more misinformation from people too ornery to obey the rules.

          30. mike September 2, 2014

            Well if you quit listening MSNBC you wouldn’t be hearing all that crap.




            The third case was a fed. protected desert tortoise not a frog. It was BLM against rancher Bundy.

            Again, the govt. is too big and inefficient.

            Gee Julia, all these cases are for real, not propaganda. How could you have missed these when you seem to know all. Wait, Wait, this is reminiscent of your Julia debacle. LOL!!!
            As I have said before you are one of the UNs, uniformed, unenlightened, unintelligent and for sure unmotivated to know the truth.

            Keep to your talking points and lose more credibility, little girly boy.

          31. Russell Byrd September 2, 2014

            I have never listened to MSNBC in my life.

            Bundy is a thief as well as a treasonous scumbag. He should have been put down. As has been discussed many times, his is a case of white privilege. If he would have been black, he would already be dead and everything he owned confiscated. And it would probably have never made the national news at all.

            Both of your first two sites are right-wackjob bullshit propaganda mouthpieces. The incidents have a factual existence, but all the details are mostly known lies. Like I said, I know what is going on first hand.

            As for the NPR article, the EPA was probably in the right. “‘Compliance orders will remain an effective means of securing prompt voluntary compliance in those many cases where there is no substantial
            basis to question their validity.’ Justice Scalia said.”

            Justice Samuel Alito wrote a separate opinion saying that it was “unthinkable” that in a nation that “values due process,” the Sacketts and other property owners could not sue the EPA. He called the Clean Water Act “notoriously unclear” and urged Congress or the EPA to “provide a reasonably clear rule regarding the reach” of the law.

            AND, In other words, this case was about unclear law, and NOT about the fact that the regulators were wrong. As well, this is just another case of your breathtaking dishonesty. The article does not say or do what you claim it does. In fact, I doubt if you read it. You just threw that in so that you can claim a dirty liberal site supported you. RIGHT?

            YOU LOSE, dirtbag.

          32. mike September 3, 2014

            But, you said they were manufactured Propaganda, Right? I guess you weren’t listening, since you claim to listen everyday and know all. Like you knew Julia was a spoof, Right!!!
            Looks like you need help on your vocabulary with the meaning of Propaganda.
            Looks like you were wrong. All are real and in the public domain.
            “Known lies” same old delusional girly boy.

          33. Russell Byrd September 3, 2014

            Actually propaganda, or if you wish, you simply lie. You took a couple of articles from foaming at the mouth wackjob sites, that have no credibility (like you), and then you take a NPR article that you obviously did not read.

            As for Julia, only a complete moron would bring that up. But in case you haven’t noticed, I do not mind you making a fool of yourself. Of course, that is why you had to say something about it. I couldn’t care less if you are still trying to shed all that hurt that I laid on you. Still gives me a chuckle.

            So, again, two fake overblown nothings, and an article that you did not even read. Propaganda means telling what is not true to get attention, or alter people’s mental outlook on an issue with misinformation. Now run to Wiki and get a supposed textbook answer, Julia.

            Thanks, you will be ms. mike julia from now on, since it is so important to you to be recognized as the fem that you are.

          34. mike September 3, 2014

            Wrong again girly boy!!! Look in the mirror for the real Wacko!!!!
            All real cases, two that have gone to court and the other on its way.

            Can’t change the fact the you called “Julia”, a spoof. You opened your mouth without the facts, as you did with these live cases, and was shown to be terribly uniformed and lacking creditability.

          35. Russell Byrd September 3, 2014

            Like I said, ms. mike julia, I did call “Julia” a spoof. I always did admit it. Well, I did after I strung your ignorant, psychotic ass all over the internet with your fit throwing over that. I LOVED your reaction. You just cannot give up that you are so loony-tune, and stupid. If it were me, I would have left the whole thing die, but not you. You have so much pent up hate and insanity that you have to scream that nonsense from the rooftops.

            I don’t mind. I get a good laugh every time you bring it up, ms. mike julia.

            ROTFL! to this day!

          36. mike September 3, 2014

            I see you have made another delusional post showing your superiority complex running wild.
            I will continue to mock you for your continued uninformed outbursts and lack of intellectual honesty.
            See you later little girly boy.

          37. Russell Byrd September 3, 2014

            Ms. mike julia, being superior to you is not a complex, but just a common sense fact of life. As always, you do not have any reasoned response, nor do you have any facts, just misinformation and lies.

            And, “I will continue to mock you for your continued uninformed outbursts and lack of intellectual honesty.
            See you later little girly boy.” Thanks, it fits you well.

            So, go ahead and ruin your day. I will be here waiting. As always. LMAO!

          38. Russell Byrd September 2, 2014

            Dear wackjob, what I said was I am hearing this crap from your stupid, lying ilk. No one with half a mind, or with common decency is saying any of this shit. Bad things do happen, but it is not at all like you say it is.

          39. Dominick Vila September 3, 2014

            No you are not right, especially on the issue of regulations. Indeed, not all regulations are designed to protect the environment, many involve the establishment of safety standards in the workplace, others involve protections to minimize the probability of more corporate abuses such as the ones we saw less than a decade ago, and others are designed to improve the standard of living of the American people. Again, instead of focusing on the additional cost of regulations, why don’t you consider the cost of doing nothing? We are still paying for the abuses influenced by greed, corruption, and deregulation. Why should we go back to the mess we are finally overcoming?
            In addition to benefiting from the emergence of the alternative energy industry, something we neglected for decades while our competitors perfected and benefited from that new industry, and in addition to reducing dependence on fossil fuels, the alternative energy industry is creating high paying jobs, instead of the part time jobs you decry so often.
            Instead of trying to find ways to criticize everything that President Obama has done, why don’t you mention alternatives or viable changes designed to improve changes that should have taken place long ago?

          40. mike September 3, 2014

            And each new regulations takes Millions, if not billions overall, out of the economy and slows the possible growth to put people back to work. There are now 175,000 pages in the Federal Registry and growing. In 2010 there were 75K, so don’t tell me there is not an overreach by the Fed. govt.. Not all are needed and necessary to protect.


            What you and your Ilk can’t get through your thick skulls is the uncertainty of doing Business because of these and unknown Rules and Regulations(3000) in the pipeline.


            “Energy industry” creating high paying jobs-show me the jobs and how many.

            “Competitors perfected”, again show me, who, and how much.

            “Part time you decry”,inconvenient fact for you.

            “why don’t you mention” I have but it doesn’t ring true, or fits the agenda of your left wing view of business greed and destruction.

          41. Dominick Vila September 3, 2014

            A cursory search on the Internet would allow you to learn enough about the positive effects of alternative energies, their positive impact on good paying jobs, and how far most European countries, Japan, Australia and other industrialized nations are in this field.
            The loss of the full time jobs that played a critical part in the emergence of a strong and prosperous middle class in the USA began when our steel mills, and many manufacturing jobs began to move their operations abroad in the 1970s and 80s to maximize profits and get a piece of the pie in emerging economies. This is not something that happened in the last 4 or 5 years, it is something that happened during the last 4 or 5 decades.
            Unfortunately, the grand design that predicted the creation of service oriented jobs, and high tech jobs, as a substitute for the loss of assembly line work, did not take into consideration the skills and education requirements to qualify for the new jobs, which are often filled with foreign professionals from countries like India and Pakistan entering the USA with H1b visas.
            The problem with over simplifications such as the ones that you and most Republicans love to bring up, in your efforts to deflect blame for what is happening, is that they ignore the root causes of the problem, and delay corrective action.
            In all fairness, the failure to prepare for the transition from old fashioned assembly line work to a service and high tech oriented economy is one of a few truly bipartisan decisions, influenced largely by the insistence of corporate America to make available legislation designed to profit and control the global economy, while paying little or no taxes. For them, the well being of the average American, and the preservation of the American middle class, mean absolutely nothing.

          42. mike September 3, 2014

            You can’t find the articles, reports that show the specific remarks you made. Interesting.!!!!
            A lot of word and nothing really said again from you. No acknowledgement of the over regulation of this country, over taxation of the American people. Just a bunch of Fluff. Some accurate but most your opinion.

          43. Russell Byrd September 2, 2014

            ” . . . where’s the recovery???”

            In the Koch’s pockets. That is exactly where!

          44. bikejedi September 4, 2014

            Dom I must say that I usually enjoy a good conversation with you because unlike most of the other Liberals you can remain civil . However as I came late to this I must say I think Mike has made a better case and you have backpedaled your position … Just my opinion .. I will say your intelligence and information level is worthy of conversation

          45. mike September 2, 2014

            Thanks for another good yawn, Julia.

          46. Russell Byrd September 2, 2014

            Well, okay. What a bitter little s-l-e-e-p-y fascist liar you are.

          47. bikejedi September 4, 2014

            Wow even Mike doesnt respect nor find you worthy of a reply …that should tell you something .. Mrs Madcow

          48. Russell Byrd September 4, 2014

            Go ahead and beef about your rights, but the OTHER posters have a right to a little peace and reasonable conversation, and not have some animal like you try to scent mark this blog by dumping your verbal manure here. If you disgusting low-lifes weren’t here, no one would probably have ever known that I was ever lurking here. I came to read the articles, unlike yourself, and I like to read the conversations. I have done so for years, but I got tired of all the troll attempts to disrupt legitimate conversation.

            So face it, you are denying others their First Amendment rights, by using techniques that are not at all protected. i just came to spread a little “cheer” your way in return.

            So, do you hate me? Book a permanent spot at Freitfart with the other treasonous, lying, racist crazies, and you will never hear from me again. Regardless of your false ideas about YOUR rights, I have a perfect right to be HERE, and to make you miserable life into a real Hell on Earth.

            So, have a real bad day, trikey. LMAO!

          49. Russell Byrd September 2, 2014

            You know, Dominick has a real point mike. What are you going to have when you actually have your way and the air, water, land are all poisoned and we are choking on our own spit? What? Is your deal with easy, work free profits? Really, what do you really want? Do you really buy the Kochroach mantra of gimme, gimme and give nothing in return?

            Why is everything that helps mankind a disaster? Actually, regulation has opened up many economic opportunities for those that can innovate. Are you just some greedy dinosaur feeling you are entitled to everything, when all you give is nothing?

            When you gripe about public assistance, or job programs, you are killing business. Everyone with ready money is a consumer, and therefore participates in an open, free market economy. What your ilk proposes is a closed system that just makes more money for the few that already have it. At the cost of wasting trillions in untapped potential.

            The tragedy is, I doubt you have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.

          50. mike September 2, 2014

            Julia,, Julia, another nonsensical posts.

          51. Russell Byrd September 2, 2014

            You just committed what is known as unconditional surrender. Complete capitulation. Which of course is not so much a complement to me, as an indicator of the complete lack of morals and ethics in your character.

          52. bikejedi September 4, 2014

            Mike dont respond to Russel it will drive him cat crazy .. He isnt worth your time .. Your responses to Dom are being met with spin and deflection but at least he remains civil ( one of about two people on here that do that )

          53. mike September 4, 2014

            I know Byrd well!!! I go in spurts replying to him. I stopped for some time but just couldn’t resist watching him go berserk last week. This spring I responded to his post and in a 46 minute period I received 32 post, that’s right, 32. I loved it!!!! Am still chuckling.
            I call him Julia because in one of my post about Obama taking control of the lives of all people I mentioned the video of Julia put out by Obama. He quickly came back that it was a SPOOF, which I castigated him for it and from then on it was pure joy making fun of him. He really is a lunatic.

          54. bikejedi September 4, 2014

            While I enjoy watching him go berzerk as well i just cant respect him and it gets old .. When you flat out tell him you dont respect him and wont respond he totally loses it .. you can scroll through this thread and see some of the things we discuss … usually it involves his idea that Rachel Madcow is ” Gorgeous “

          55. Russell Byrd September 4, 2014

            Only a little queer sissy that hates women would object to Maddow’s appearance . . . . It bet you are going to tell me that you only sleep with beauty queens, and that you have had hundreds, and they were all virgins.

            You see, I do not think that way, and I never claimed to be wanting to have sex with Maddow, but I do understand how your puny, weak mind works. All I have to do is look in a gutter for some rotted road kill and watch the maggots perform.

          56. Russell Byrd September 4, 2014

            Of course, I am not really posting this for you, but I want any passersby to get the ms. julia mike bit. The real truth is I claimed that the whole little presentation was all a fake.

            What followed was phenomenal, AND expected. Ms. julia mike was literally screaming. He couldn’t spell or post coherently. He cussed, and he made post after post after post yelling that I was crazy.

            After about three days of this, I dropped the bomb on him. I ADMITTED that I knew all about the little show. In any case, I did not see a big deal with it, but you shits just have to find something to OFF-TOPICALLY stir the pot with. He stayed in motor mouth mode telling me I was lying, while I was LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Ms. julia mike has been in denial ever since.

            What is weird, I had forgotten all about it. My life does not revolve around some tiny perceived slight. Ms. julia mike’s life sure does. If he could just shut his trap, everyone would have forgotten all about it. BUT NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROTFL!

            Like I told him, if he had kept his mouth shut, I would never have brought it up again. But, HATE and RAGE have kept ms. julia mike about to explode ever since that day. I just could not fathom how anyone could let such an insignificant, AND FORGOTTEN, event eat them alive.

            That is why, since he wants to call me julia, that is A-OK by me. However, in return I will call him something that will remind him everyday I catch him trolling here, how dumb he really is.

          57. bikejedi September 5, 2014

            Russ I have to respond to this one because I pity you and you are making yourself look petty and small with your lies . Look you don’t have to try to justify that exchange to me but the fact you are looking for validation from me when I told you I have absolutely no respect for you ( and let me reiterate why .. it is because you are immature intolerant and uninformed and everytime you cant debate an issue or defend Obama you either spin and deflect or just call people names ) Anyway the fact you are seeking validation from me ( someone who doesn’t respect you and against some I do ) is very telling of immaturity and insecurity . I saw that whole exchange Russ and you had no clue about Julia … You are making yourself look small and I pity you for that . Look if you ever want to start again and try to have civil conversations all you have to do is apologize for all the nonsense and maybe I would give it a go .. Otherwise have a nice weekend

          58. Russell Byrd September 5, 2014

            You are one sick egotistical, lying, ignorant, arrogant, sissy creep. Validation? I want you to go away and die. I don’t give one rat’s ass about any of your lying, lying, lying, lying pratttle.

            You came to disrupt and bully, but you cannot stand anyone to really stand up to you. You go berserk, when someone does. THAT is the real reason that you hate me. I am modest to a fault, but any dimwit knows that I can run circles around you in any subject, or in education, humor, intelligence, or just plain common sense. The only category you are superior in is lying, and . . . well, nothing comes to mind.

            I am very tolerant, but I HATE haters and liars like you. I am very informed on subjects. You are “informed” by your hero sock puppeteers. And as I have told you, you certainly squirm a lot when they get to fingering you. You do love it so.

            As for “julia,” you weren’t even around through any of that exchange. So, I guess I will have to take one thing back. You are a lousy, but prolific liar. You tell one whopper right after another, and your whoppers don’t even come fully dressed. Hold the mayo, trikey.

            Your pity is absolutely worthless. I couldn’t not care less how much pity you need to show yourself. As for me, I couldn’t care less about your fake pity.

            I will never apologize. All YOU need to do to fix everything, is just to go back to some mental midget group like Freitfart. Where lies are celebrated for their crassness.

            And, if I had fifty bucks for everytime you claimed to “quit,” I would not even have to work this year at all. So, as I am an honest man, I will tell you plainly to have a real bad weekend. You are a tragedy waiting to happen.

          59. Russell Byrd September 5, 2014

            You know, I don’t really defend Obama all that much, you just tell too many racist, bold-faced lies about him to fool anyone here into thinking you have any sense.

            As for that respect you carry on so much about, are you really that much of a self-loathing closet queen to even believe your own lies.

            Let me put it this way, fuckstick, eat shit and die. Now, do you “feel the love.” If you had any respect for anyone, and you had ANY self-respect, you would not even be here at all.

            Of course, after reading your nonsense post, all I find is the same insulting bullshit that warranted me smacking you around so much. You are one insulting piece of shit. Go ahead and deny that, it will not convince anyone.

          60. Russell Byrd September 5, 2014

            Do you wonder why I make multiple posts? I want you to be exposed to as much truth as possible.

            1. For a guy that has always been ignoring me, you sure do post a lot.
            2. You are an insulting fuckstick, and chronic disruptor and troll. Yet, YOU can’t stomach being treated in kind.
            3. You lie constantly.
            4. You are ignorant and arrogant. They walk hand in hand. And as for arrogance, you don’t even have a reason to entertain that fallacy. Any idiot would know better.
            5. You lie constantly.
            6. Why are you here now? To get that last word that you crave so much you have to be totally UNCIVIL to everyone here. Yet, again, you can not take the same in return.
            7. And, you continue to lie constantly.
            8. I read your entire post twice. I don’t see anything true or worthy of getting upset about.

            Just your typical insults and lies that have no real meaning in the real world.

            So, fuckstick, I will hear from you in a bit, and you can bet your bottom dollar that you will get your bullshit back in kind, with interest. Oops, did I say “bottom dollar”? Sorry, I forgot that work is too beneath you for you to have a job outside of your “PLUMBING” field. So, go ahead and clean some pipe, if that is what you are into.

          61. mike September 5, 2014

            I am still laughing and loving every word of it.
            Well done, Well said.

          62. Russell Byrd September 4, 2014

            Ms. julie mike, I doubt if I have ever made 32 posts to any blog in one day, much less in a 46 minute period. LIES, LIES, and MORE LIES. Of course, you all you have is irrational racism and hate, what else can you do.

          63. mike September 4, 2014

            You did and I recorded them!!!

          64. Russell Byrd September 4, 2014

            Tsk, tsk, ms. julia mike. Why don’t you give us a feedback on all that recording.

            You know ms. julia mike, I evaluate statements for truthful content for a living. And you just suck at telling lies, even after all the practice.

          65. mike September 5, 2014

            Once again, all were recorded by time and date, and content. And all were recorded because of your abuse of the site.
            Trust me, they have been recorded as have the 12 in 25 minutes in the last month
            You are a lunatic!!!

          66. Russell Byrd September 5, 2014

            You did not record shit. All you do is lie. Is it a problem to make multiple posts with multiple subjects? You are one of the ones that claims you are entitled to bully and lie because it is your right. I just use truth to smash through all your bullshit and expose you for what you are.

            And for instance, of what value are they anyway. With your chronic record for abuse of the “terms of service,” if a moderator ever looked at the case, you would be banned instantly.

            So, keep right on posting your “ignoring” of me. I don’t mind, ms. julia mike.

            What an idiot. Ms. julia mike brings up his own worst embarrassment and rubs it in his own face. Cool!

          67. mike September 5, 2014

            One last time!!!All have been recorded and in the appropriate place. All have been documented!!!
            Trust me, they have been recorded. You abused the system not only to me but others, I just took the time to document the sick conduct of multiple posts in a very short time, consisting of one or two sentences of profanity and no intellectual content.
            Bye, Bye Julia

          68. Russell Byrd September 5, 2014

            One last time!!! Until the next, “last” time your rotten carcass shows up here. I KNOW you are a LIAR, because you do that as a vocation.

            I merely return to you, some, yes, just some, of the damage that you do to the blog and decent posters enjoyment of same. If we did have a moderator, you would long ago have been banned from all moderate or liberal blogs, and I would return to total anonymity. That was where I was when this blog was formed. Just a reader, only.

            As far as intellectual content, take a hard look in the mirror. You entire technique is to bully, hound, and lie until the “good” posters give up and leave. National Memo is actually allowing you to destroy their business, which has been stated as your goal. And yes, that is logged.

          69. Russell Byrd September 5, 2014

            By the way, every posting point you actually use, I taught to you. Unfortunately, my techniques work best when you tell the truth. Therefore, you are doomed to failure, but are too ignorant to understand that.

            So BYE, BYE, stupid, stuck your face in your own scandal, ms. julia mike. That is, for a few minutes when you shit out another turd of a post.

          70. Russell Byrd September 4, 2014

            By the way, you probably posted at least as many posts as I did. Why? It’s obvious. I only replied to your ongoing LIES. If I posted, it was because you had already posted a target for me. Doesn’t the truth just sting, ms. julia.

          71. Russell Byrd September 4, 2014

            Amazing, you cannot even stop lying for five minutes when speaking to one of your own. Of course, I guess that is what keeps ms. julia mike a full-fledged member of the fuckstick club.

          72. Russell Byrd September 4, 2014

            I am a honest man, so I admit that I should not say this. But, if you do not post to me, that is fine. You post no on-topic content. No real content at all. So, I just get to have my say, and you never get that last word you crave. We both know that you cannot stomach that for five minutes.

            I am sorry about all the posts. I am up to 152 in the last six minutes, and I am just so wound up I could bust.

            BUST OUT LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!

          73. bikejedi September 5, 2014

            mike .. Russ is trying to seek validation from me now in your dispute over Julia .. scroll down a few posts my reply to him is classic

          74. bikejedi September 4, 2014

            Great points Mike but they wont see their own hypocrisy on the issues . The left wants it both ways

          75. mike September 4, 2014

            Amen to that!!!! Dom, in two years of posts when I have caught him in a lie or stretching the true has never acknowledge that he was wrong. He would come back with more fluff.

          76. bikejedi September 4, 2014

            Yes but Dom at least will always remain civil which is a rarity when debating the left … You are right when he doesnt have a response he goes to spin and deflection

    2. A_Real_Einstein August 30, 2014

      Obamacare is private insurance. The focus is to contain costs through preventative care and the MLR.

  4. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

    I saw the story about this on TV last night (MSNBC) and the only reason he changed his mind is that he was 25 points behind, and assuming it was because he wouldn’t allow the people to have insurance. Don’t trust him.


    1. bikejedi August 30, 2014

      If he is behind it would not help him at the polls to now back Obamacare . I mean if what you said were logically true then all the Dems up for reelection would be touting their support as the cornerstones of their reelection campaigns … None are … Not a one … Its time we took a look around and forget about the intentions of the bill and look at the results . . Insurance costs are rising at their fastest pace ever . Millions are being dropped from their formerly company supplied plans and are now being forced to have to purchase plans that cost $8000 and feature $6000 deductibles rendering them useless for most WORKING people . By the way is that more or less AFFORDABLE to those WORKING people ?? Look at the bright side .. a 50 year old man now has maternity care . By the way the millions being dropped from their plans wasn’t going to provide good optics for MSNBC or ANY Dem up for reelection so Obama acted as King and changed written law unilaterally ( read ILLEGALLY and UnConstitutionally ) the reasons are obvious as no Dem up for reelection could’ve won with so many Americans losing their plans . When you look at it every thing those Nutty Tea Party people told you about Obamacare was true and everything Obama and the Dems told EVERYONE was a LIE . They told you you wouldnt be able to keep your plan , millions would lose their plans , Insurance costs would sky rocket and the part time exemptions would be the death knell of the middle class . The Unions agreed with that assessment . As for the millions that will lose their company supplied plans that isnt only my opinion or the Tea Party’s position but the main architect of this bill Ezekiel Emanuel’s ( yes Rahm’s bro ) He stated openly that 80 to 90 % would lose their company supplied plans… so that begs the question ?.. Why are you all mad and hating on the Tea Party when they and Ezekiel are the only ones being honest about this and why are you still backing Obama and the Dems who LIED about everything ?

      1. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

        Well, it didn’t take long to figure out that you are just another RWNJ. You really need to change the channel, as the info you are providing is pure lies and drivel. Did it occur to you that if your fantasies were true, that there wouldn’t be so many happy (Millions) with the ability to finally have insurance? Stop spreading your Kochroach induced lies, they won’t work any more.


        1. bikejedi August 30, 2014

          Ok so you cant dispute a thing I said logically so you just attempt insult ? The only people who seem to be happy about this Train Wreck are the people getting free stuff on the backs of WORKING PEOPLE . There isn’t a single poll out there since the inception of Obamacare that ever showed Americans in favor so why don’t you focus instead on the fact that Millions more hate it . As I logically pointed out, if we loved it Obama would not have Illegally delayed the employer mandate and all the Dems would be running on it … Oh but they cant can they ?? Why are you mad at me or the Tea Party for telling you the truth ?? .One last thing … It isn’t Conservatives you need to try to convince about Obamacare it is your own Liberals none of whom seem to want it … I mean lets look at the facts ..the only Liberals who like it are the ones getting free stuff on the backs of WORKING PEOPLE .. Most of the Public Unions who are Dems are exempt as the Tax Payers ( read WORKING PEOPLE ) pay for their health plans which are as good as gold .. No wonder they supported Obama and Obamacare .. The Private Unions rightfully pointed out that the part time exemption would be the death of the middle class until Obama gave them millions to subsidize their members plans … In the meantime there have been over 1400 waivers given and they have ALL gone to Liberal Co Unions or groups … Why don’t they want it ??? They voted for funded and supported Obama right ??? They should be the first ones to volunteer for it if it was so great right ??? Seems they read it and dont like whats in it … By the way 20% of those waivers have gone to Liberals in Nancy Pelosi’s district … Shouldn’t they be the first people lining up to buy it So why don’t you work on convincing your own Liberals and let me know how that works out K ??

          1. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            I need a logical person to have a logical conversation with, and that isn’t you. Buzz off you troll.


          2. MJRinPA August 30, 2014

            No one is getting free stuff off the backs of working people. That’s a RW rant. Insurance works because everyone pays in. That’s health insurance, car insurance, home owners insurance,… Isn’t it interesting that millions are not screaming that they are force to buy car insurance, but they are about health insurance? You’re being fed lies by the big corporations, insurance companies, and right wing fanatics, and you’re eating it all up.

          3. bikejedi August 30, 2014

            Everyone pays in ??? do poor people or lazy people on entitlements pay in ???How do you think they are covering the people on entitlements ???? No sir .. they are redistributing wealth from working people to fund those who don’t work.. By the way no one says you have to own a car it is a priveledge not a right . So if you chose to own a car most places require you to have insurance .

      2. WhutHeSaid August 30, 2014

        Just stop your lying. Health insurance rates are rising, yes, but at a far lower rate than previously. For the last four years health insurance per capita cost has been growing at just under 3% — the slowest rate in the last 50 years.

        Your lie about people losing their insurance is just ridiculous. People have always lost and re-acquired health insurance for a variety of reasons, but since the ACA went into effect the net result has been a significant reduction in the percentage of uninsured Americans. This is EXACTLY the main goal of the ACA. Many millions more Americans now have health insurance who could not afford it previously.

        As Americans witness the benefits for themselves, the GOP and despicable Tea Bigot lies just become more and more obvious. We get it: Obama’s black, bigots hate him, therefore Obamacare must be bad somehow. Except it isn’t, and Republicans are learning one by one that opposing an increasingly successful law is a losing proposition.

        Why don’t you people just give up the lies on the ACA — you can’t lie away success no matter how black the President is.

        1. bikejedi August 30, 2014

          No one id talking to you ..No one is listening to you

          1. WhutHeSaid August 30, 2014

            Is that so? Then why does my post have 6 up-votes and yours has none?

            If you believe that you can just sashay out into public and start spewing bigoted lies without being called on it, then you have another thing coming. I suggest that you go back inside your trailer and learn to wash yourself with soap. We must have some standards, you know.

            Silly rednecks!

      3. plc97477 August 30, 2014

        Maybe you should go back to benghazi. This one doesn’t work anymore.

        1. bikejedi August 30, 2014

          What doesn”t work ? Obamacare ? If that is what you are referrong to we agree

          1. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            Facts mean nothing to you RWNJs do they? Obamacare is a complete success and you cannot stand it.


          2. bikejedi August 30, 2014

            Translation … I cant refute ANYTHING you posted Jedi so I will just call you names

          3. WhutHeSaid August 30, 2014

            …whined the right-wing nut-job.

          4. Independent1 August 30, 2014

            Say what?? Are you going to call Jan Brewer up, the Republican governor of Arizona and tell her ACA is not working?? I don’t think she’s going to agree with you (note that ACA is projected to create 15,000 new jobs and save Arizona millions on reimbursements to hospitals it won’t have to make because ACA has reduced the uninsured population so greatly):

            Arizona hospitals already reaping benefit of Medicaid expansion

            Gov. Jan Brewer’s decision to harangue her Republican legislature to accept Medicaid expansion is paying off for the whole state of Arizona, but especially its hospitals. A new report from the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association says that uncompensated care has been reduced 31 percent in the last four months compared to the same period last year.

            The numbers of childless adults in Medicaid has rebounded 247 percent since the decision to expand Medicaid and allow them back in, which obviously makes a big difference in the amount of uncompensated care hospitals are providing. One, Tucson Medical Center, reports a 45-percent drop.

            That’s money that the state doesn’t have to try to come up with to reimburse hospitals to help keep them afloat. The business school at Arizona State University estimated that the expansion would bring more than 15,000 jobs to the state by 2016, increase state revenues by over $2.8 billion in the next three years and increase personal disposable income by more than $1.6 billion. The decline in uncompensated care is just a drop in the bucket for what Medicaid expansion is likely to do for Arizona.

            My, My, My we get dumber every time we post – Don’t YOU!!!!

      4. Independent1 August 30, 2014

        Tell me lowlife!! Are you like those redneck boys who marks the stock of his rifle for each prey that he bags while out hunting??

        If so, are you keeping a chart of each person that has died prematurely this year in red states that have refused to expand Medicaid because they couldn’t afford the medical care that could have extended their life??

        If not, maybe you should set up one to keep track of them. Here’s a chart of the projected number of premature deaths by barbaric red state. (These added deaths aren’t going to help the fact that people already die on average 2-6 years younger in red states than people in at least 9 blue states.)

        1. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

          Wow, thanks for putting up the statistics. It is appalling that these SOBs would rather see people die than to have Health Care for them. Hope those responsible get a chance to need health care for a long time.


          1. bikejedi August 30, 2014

            Are you slow or something ? You call those stats ??? hahahaha I mean stats from a Liberal site that are ” projected ” you take as fact ??? How can you ” project ” that when Obamacare is being implemented piece mail and no one knows how it will shake out on those things yet ???? Also how will 80 to 90 % of WORKING PEOPLE losing their plans affect these numbers .., Why dont you attempt thinking for yourself instead of listening to drivel ? Use your own common sense and logic .. If you can tell me where I am wrong please let me know

          2. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            No, but you can stay in lalaland, you probably wouldn’t fit anywhere else. Now go pick up your pay from the Kochroaches and leave me alone.


          3. bikejedi August 30, 2014

            translation … I cant refute a single thing you posted but you are making my posts look like uninformed talking points so please go away

          4. WhutHeSaid August 30, 2014

            …sniveled the disgruntled bigot.

          5. bobnstuff August 30, 2014

            The numbers 80 to 90% are made up, By law companies with 50 or more employees will offer health insurance. That’s a fact. Most major employers offer health plains now just like they did ten years ago. That isn’t likely to change.

          6. bikejedi August 30, 2014

            Afraid not .. No the numbers aren’t made up . The law says they have to cover their employees or pay an opt out penalty . The penalty is much cheaper then the insurance … do the math . And the WSJ polled businesses years ago and back then over 30% said they would opt out … The 80 to 90% drop out rate isn’t my opinion it is what Ezekiel Emanue’s who was the main architect of Obamacare is predicting

          7. bobnstuff August 31, 2014

            If you read the history of health insurance in the US you will see that the reason employers offer health insurance is so they can be competitive in the labor market, unlike the government they want the best and brightest. That hasn’t changed. Most people got there health care through their employer or the Government, that will not change. The company I work for offers insurance and wants the employees to use it. I get a health screening every year and the company will reduce my casts for doing so. They want healthy employees. Even Wal-Mart offers health insurance to their full time employees.

          8. bikejedi August 31, 2014

            thank you for being civil . I agree a lot of what you say is true about why businesses offer bennies . Just remember that most used to offer Pension plans too and those went away in favor of 401 K’s . As the Govt demands more and more of business in the way of Taxes these businesses cut bennies to make up tat loss and remain viable and competitive .. Also as more and more of their competitors wont be offering plans they wont have to either . Another thing to consider is that there are lot of people with talent on the sidelines today looking or work due to the economy so for the talent it is a buyers market . Then factor in that the opt out is much cheaper then the plans and you can see that it is one of the intended functions of Obamacare for employers to cut their co supplied plans so that the Working People will then have to buy way more expensive Obama plans .. Part of the high cost of those plans is the ” shared responsibility ” fees so that the Dems could use the excess to cover the poor and or lazy who populate the rolls of those getting tax payer funded hand outs that most people refer to as entitlements .. You can see from this a few things . 1 Ezekiel is right … ther will be massive cancellations because as I pointed out … the opt out is much cheaper .. 2 how is having to buy a plan that was formerly paid for by your employer more ” affordable ” then getting it for free . 3 the Working people will be paying way higher costs to fund the plans the pools for the ever growing number of people on entitlements ..4 when these Working People have to pay $8000 a year for health insurance they used to get for free can they afford a family vacation ??? Can they afford that tuckpointing they need ??? How about a flat screen ?? Buckle up partner because the middle class isn’t going to be able to fund a growing economy making even more dependent on Govt … can you say Cloward Piven … When you examine how this all dovetails together you can tell that this was all intended … From the Companies dropping plans to the loss in consuming power and standard of living … But hay those people on entitlements will get more free stuff on the backs of Working People so Yay right ???

          9. WhutHeSaid August 31, 2014

            What drives you people to think that constant lies will convince anyone that the sky is falling because the President is black? Everything that you post is carefully crafted for one specific purpose: Attempting to demean Obama. Why? Because he’s black, of course.

            Cloward Piven? Nothing screams bigot more than ridiculous Tea-Bigot talking points, and this one is a current favorite. If Democrats or Liberals really wanted to cause the failure of the US social safety programs all they would need to do is start voting Republican. This way they could achieve the same results with far less effort.

            Businesses aren’t going to start dropping health care benefits from their compensation packages just because opting out would be cheaper — that’s a moronic argument. If businesses were only worried about the cost then they would’ve all stopped offering health insurance benefits long ago — they didn’t need to wait for the ACA to do so. Businesses offer these benefits to be competitive in attracting top talent, which in turn improves their ability to generate profits.

            You do make one point that has some truth to it, albeit unintended truth: A troubled economy leads to employers making benefit cuts in order to stay afloat. But the whole truth is that Republican policies in general are the most common cause of these economic downturns, and the economy historically does better under Democratic administrations. Republican administrations are hands-down the biggest cause of runaway federal spending, huge deficits, and economic recession.

            My advice to you is that when you lie you should make sure that your lies do not unwittingly expose the truth instead.

          10. bobnstuff August 31, 2014

            I don’t believe it’s and employers market, yes some places it might still be but not in the Pittsburgh area were I live. The company I work for had 80,000 seasonal jobs to fill nationally and we couldn’t fill them. My location fill about half of the jobs and a number of those left early. We kept all but one of the ones that stayed for year round. Pittsburgh region has around 5.3% unemployment and most of those can’t pass a drug test. From talking to people it seems the problem of getting good workers is the norm. Ever major employer in my area offers health insurance.

            If a family makes $80,000 a year $8,000 is 10% of their income, That’s about what I was paying back in the 70’s and 80’s when I was self employed. The cost of the insurance is tax deductible in most cases so at a 20% tax rate you get $1600 back in taxes. Still not cheep but it only take one trip to the hospital to spend $6400 dollars.

          11. bikejedi September 1, 2014

            Some good points mostly based on your own experience but which aren’t the norm across the Country . I like that you mentioned the Drug thing . As we are making more and more people dependent on Government ( under Obama the ranks of those dependent on govt are at the highest point ever and are growing at their fastest rate ever … can you say Cloward Piven ? ) We will see ever increasing numbers of drug addicts who will become a drag on the Tax Payers . People who are dependent tend to become depressed and they have a lot of idle time so rug use increases in people with no HOPE But in Chicago we have massive unemployment so for employers it is a buyers market . Two other factors to consider are that in Chicago and across the Country Black Youth Unemployment here in Chicago it is over 50 %.. another factor are all the idealistic Liberal kids running around with art history degrees wondering why they cant find a job … You cite an example of someone making 80 K … How many make that ? Not too many . The next thing you cited was that that is only 10% of their incomes … True … But that is 10% they cant use to go on vacation buy a car or go out to a restaurant so the economy is going to suffer from a lower consumer base and the middle classes standard of living goes down . ( so why work ? ) Also because of the part time exemptions most of the jobs in America are part time jobs now as employers see the benefit of opting out of covering their employees thanks to that purposeful function of the law . We now have the greatest number and percentage of Americans working part time jobs in this Nations history . They need to scrap this whole thing and start over . it might surprise you to know that every conservative I know would support a single payer based on a 1 % national sales tax under a few conditions . 1st EVERYONE gets the same plan and same access to healthcare . Everyone is in the same plan from the President to the Public Unions ( oh they wont like that but it will save the Fed State County and Cities trillions and maybe they wont have to keep raising y taxes here in these Chi to pay for other people plans ) to the working people to the poor .. Everyone pays in because it is based on a sales tax and if you get welfare then your welfare check gets hit with a 1% tax and your EBT lose $2 for every $200 of bennies … real simple but Liberal pols would never go for it .. they would never want to give up their gold plated plans paid for by Tax Payers

          12. Independent1 August 30, 2014

            And as usual your lying just goes on and on!! There are no 80-90% of working people losing any healthcare plans!! You are such a lowlife that it boggles the mind!!!!!!

          13. bikejedi August 30, 2014

            Look , as I said I don’t care to converse with you because you are immature intolerant and uninformed , but I feel I should clarify for anyone coming late to this so they don’t think you are well cray cray .first I have to ask if you can even read what I posted ???? It wasn’t MY fact or even MY opinion that I quoted .. It was Ezekiel Emanuel’s projection of what will happen when Companies are forced to comply with this Trainwreck and Obama himself agreed by delaying it . We already saw a lot of that in the opening days of Obamacare so that is why Obama ILLEGALLY changed written law which he is barred from doing by the very Constitution he LIED when he swore to uphold that Constitution . So the architect of the bill and the man the Trainwreck is named for both agree that there will be massive cancellations and that is why Obama Illegally delayed it .Other then this clarification I have no time for you … Good day

          14. Independent1 August 30, 2014

            And you’re cluelessly basing that on Ezekiel Emanuel’s CONJECTURE, all projected LONG BEFORE people are starting to realize just how dramatically ACA is driving down costs and not only saving insureds lives and money but also hospitals, states and healthcare providers BILLIONS OF DOLLARS!!! Hospitals in some states are actually recording PROFITS for the first time in their EXISTENCE!!!!!

            Go pound sand somewhere and stop bringing up facts based on ancient history!!!!!!

          15. Independent1 August 30, 2014

            And here’s just some stats from a Washington Post article which prove that your post is nothing but a pack of LIES!! Even the right leaning Gallup poll says the uninsured rate in America has plummeted since Obamacare took full affect last January:

            The number of Americans lacking health insurance has plummeted this year, a trio of surveys released Thursday found. The reports — conducted by three major research organizations — aim to measure the early effect of Obamacare’s individual mandate. Most Americans were required to obtain health insurance starting this year.

            Here were the results:

            — Urban Institute: The uninsured rate fell to 13.9% in June, down from 17.4% at the end of last year. Some 8 million adults gained coverage.

            — Gallup: Americans lacking health coverage fell to 13.4% in the second quarter, down from 17.1% at the close of 2013. This is the lowest quarterly rate recorded since Gallup and Healthways began tracking the share of uninsured Americans in 2008.

            — Commonwealth Fund: Only 15% of American adults were uninsured in the second quarter, down from 20% in the third quarter of last year. About 9.5 million fewer adults were uninsured, led mainly by young adults age 19 to 34, who saw their uninsured rate drop to 18%, from 28%.

        2. bikejedi August 30, 2014

          I no longer converse with you because you have proven that you are an immature intolerant uninformed person . I dont care to have conversations with people who when they cant debate on the issues just resort to name calling .. I will say you continue to cite stuff that is oure conjecture from Liberal sites and call that fact proving how flawed your post is .. I mean what you just posted says Projected body count ??? How an Aanyone project that yet especially since Obamcare is being instituted piece mail ??? And how will that be ” projected ” after 80 % of WORKING PEOPLE lose their plans ??? Anyway have a nice life I dont have time for you … I just thought I would point out the obvious

          1. Independent1 August 30, 2014

            You can call me immature all you want, I’m going to make sure you fully understand how the posters on the NM view you GOP loving trolls – as nothing but hypocritical bigoted lowlifes who are willing to support MURDERS!!. You heard that right. You can try to pass off the chart I posted for you as conjecture, but the estimates were made from numerous studies that showed people clearly die premature lives due to the lack of healthcare.

            And murders is exactly what the two Independent Senators Bernie Sanders and Angus King continue to call the GOP governors and legislatures in Red States that for the sake of MONEY are willing to let thousands of their states’ residents die prematurely – inflicting premature death on someone is called MURDER!!!!!!!

            And I hope you don’t think I’m sad about you not wanting to have a conversation with you – NOTHING absolutely Nothing would make my day more than you saying that you’re going to pack up and never post on the NM again!!

            Please leave and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!!!!!!!!

          2. Taz202 August 30, 2014

            I totally agree!

          3. WhutHeSaid August 30, 2014

            Funny how everyone who exposes your bigoted lies for what they are turns into an immature, intolerant person. What’s a bitter, bigoted, redneck goober to do?

      5. Taz202 August 30, 2014

        Instead of ranting, how about posting facts and supplying links as back up? Can’t, though, because you’re a low-life lying troll.

        1. bikejedi August 30, 2014

          Why dont you try reading my posts . Most of what I cited is just good common sense . Where necessary I supplied factual data such as quoting Ezekiel Emanuel’s 80 to 90 % will lose their plans . The other stuff on polls is common knowledge to most Americans .. When you can dispute something I stated let me know and please can you try …just try not to call people names when you cant debate what they say ???? A little maturity and civility goes a long way

          1. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            Buzz off you lying troll.


          2. bikejedi August 30, 2014

            Are you telling me that you are just another Liberal who cant stand those who disagree with your programming ??? Are you so insecure of your positions and intolerant of those who disagree with you that you want them to be silent or do you want to deny others their first amendment rights ??? We might be able to have a conversation if you can stop with the immature name calling

          3. Blueberry Hill August 30, 2014

            Naw, that is your game. I’m proud to be a Liberal, otherwise I would have to be like you, and that would be unbearable. Bye bye, go out and chase cars now.


          4. Taz202 August 30, 2014

            I just Googled Ezekiel Emmanual and he sounds like Libertarian Rand Paul. He is in favor of a voucher-based health care system – not just for seniors but for everyone. This action would continue to put all health care in the control of for-profit insurance companies. As usual – profit before people is the GOP way.

          5. bikejedi August 31, 2014

            Ezekiel Emanuel is Rahm’s brother . He is a Liberal Democrat and the main architect of the Train Wreck of Obamacare …So take it up with him

          6. Taz202 August 31, 2014

            Never heard of him – and the ACA (Obamacare) is based on a plan from The Heritage Foundation, a Republican organization. And the ACA is not a train wreck; it is working, especially in the states that have embraced it. My state of Georgia has not (Republican-run but we hope to fix that in November), and that is why there are over 600,000 working poor with no health insurance. You need to stop listening to Faux Noise!

          7. bikejedi August 31, 2014

            Taz thank you for remaining civil . There are elements of the Heritage plan in Obamacare .. but they also differ widely on funding the plan . As I pointed out Ezekiel is Rahm’s brother and was the main architect of the train wreck . Most of the States that have bought in have seem enrollment only for those getting the free stuff . very little in the way of plans for Working People has been sold in ANY State . One other thing . You do realize that they spent over 650 million for a Canadian co to do a website that doesn’t work right ??? Why didn’t they just give each and every American 2 million to go and buy their own 20 to 30 year annuity to cover their own Health plans … Real simple right … I think we can agree on that … BY the way it was in an interview on FOX news that Ezekiel made the comments about 80 to 90 % would lose their company supplied plans and it was a few days later that Obama delayed the employer mandate so those cancellations wouldn’t continue through and past this election cycle .. One last thing .. a Poll done by Liberals which polled Liberals showed Fox to be the most trusted news source out there while MSNBC was rated By Liberals as the least trustworthy .. rating lower then the Colbert show which is comedy and satire … You cant make this stuff up and yes you can google it

          8. WhutHeSaid August 31, 2014

            Being civil to bigots is really a questionable virtue. How does one confront lies in a civil fashion?

            Your lies about ‘liberal’ polling don’t fool anyone. If you are referring to the PPP poll about trusted/least trusted news, then you are lying about the results by cherry-picking numbers that give a skewed picture.

            What the PPP poll found was that Liberal choices for most their trusted news source were split among several news organizations while Republicans and bigots (bigots are not conservatives) primarily selected Fox News. The same poll also found that Fox News won the ‘least trusted’ designation as 33% of all respondents agreed on Fox News being the least credible. So Fox News only got the most ‘trusted’ votes because Republicans all fell in lock-step on a single choice — NOT because the majority found them credible.

            More interesting than these results were those of the study conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University, where Fox News viewers actually scored lower on knowledge of current events than those who watched no news at all. So watching Fox News actually decreases their viewers awareness of what’s happening in the world.

            Oh, and by the way: $650 million doesn’t work out to $2 million for every American — it’s more like $2. This is less than the money that the Republicans spent on votes to repeal Obamacare, so maybe you should register your complaint to the Republicans in the House of Bigots.

          9. Taz202 August 31, 2014


          10. Taz202 August 31, 2014

            No reason to be anything but civil. I do disagree with you on the ACA “train wreck”. It is a new program and must be given a chance. Is it perfect? Heck no – but it could have been so much better if the Republicans had worked with the Democrats. They were invited and a part of the original bill writing; however, their main aim was to “submarine” it. There is no public option because of GOP, as you know. You must agree that without ACA, 10,000,000+ people would still be without insurance. Changes and adjustments must and will be made as time goes on, but you cannot call it failed so soon. Plus, I cannot believe a poll of Liberals showed Fox to be the most trustworthy news source. Not so – a poll I saw recently said just the opposite. Fox is extremely right-leaning and MSNBC is extremely left-leaning, which is why I watch CNN, CSpan and PBS for political news.

          11. bikejedi September 1, 2014

            I think you have some things right and other things wrong . !st there is already enough evidence about the way this bill is already effecting the economy to label it a Train Wreck 2nd the Republicans were locked out of the planning of this bill . They had several ideas such as portability across State lines and Tort reform that weren’t even considered by the Dems . tort reform wasn’t considered because the tort lawyers are the dingle largest individual donors to the DNC . Next the Dems who controlled both houses and the oval office went behind closed dorrs and passed the bill . But only before they had to bribe their own members to vote for it with such things as the Louisiana purchase for Mary Landrieu . The cornhusker kick back etc .. The one time Obama tried to get some key Republicans input he held a meeting and used the occasion to try to put John McCain in his place . No the Republicans were given no input and were locked out of any planning … The Dems own this and now it is such a Train Wreck that not a single Dem is using it as the cornerstone of their campaigns and Obama s delayed the employer mandate ( Illegally changing written law which SCOTUS just spanked him for ) so as to avoid the massive cancellations he knows are coming and to try to save Dem seats in the midterms … Its all very Illegal unethical and nefariously party serving …On the issue of the poll it was don’t by the Public Policy institute ( Liberals polling mostly Liberals ) and you can google it is you wish . While I agree MSNBC is left and Fox Right that is for the opinion shows and not the news … For News Fox is the most accurate and least biased ..PBS has to be discounted because they rely on Govt funds and CNN”s News coverage has proven to be biased

          12. WhutHeSaid September 1, 2014

            Stop lying. Fox News has been proven to be the most biased news with perhaps the exception of MSNBC. But at least MSNBC doesn’t actually misinform people so badly that their knowledge of world events actually DECREASES as they watch. You are lying about the PPP poll, which found Fox News the agreed-upon least trusted, while the most trusted category was split among the Liberals — thus giving Fox the biggest single number but definitely NOT a majority opinion.

            Your lies are shameless. Despite the fact that people easily refute your claims, you continue to lie. To call Democratic politics “very illegal unethical and party serving” is a bald-faced and shameless lie — especially given the rampant cheating, obstruction and sleazy politics going on in the GOP.

          13. WhutHeSaid August 30, 2014

            …cried the lying, hateful, bigoted, name-calling redneck trailer-troll.

          14. Independent1 August 30, 2014

            Why is it you worthless GOP loving trolls constantly want to prove how anti-Christian you are by denigrating liberals?? When if you’re looking for a dirty word to use, try “conservative” which is much more appropriate to denigrate (since God hates conservatives too)!!

            God loves people who care more for others than they do for themselves (that’s the virtual theme of the New Testament), and God hates people who think of themselves more than they care about others which is exactly what a conservative does.

            That can be seen clearly in the response of Republicans in Congress whenever asked to react to a disaster such as Hurricane Sandy – the GOP’s 1st response wasn’t let’s send help, it was – “who’s going to pay for this, I’m not, we have to find someone or something to foist the cost on”. With Conservatives, it’s always – who can we foist the expense of this on so ‘I’ don’t end up having to pay for it.

            And similarly, when you GOP lovers rank on socialism and communism, you’re clearly proving just how anti-Christian you are. When the apostles and early Christians first received the Holy Spirit, the Spirit led them to live their lives in a pure form of communism devoid of corruption.

            If you don’t believe that – here’s some verses from Acts 4 that prove just that (starting in vs 21):

            31 After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.

            The Believers Share Their Possessions

            32 All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had. 33 With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And God’s gracewas so powerfully at work in them all 34 that there were no needy persons among them. For from time to time those who owned land or houses sold them, brought the money from the sales 35 and put it at the apostles’ feet, and it was distributed to anyone who had need.

          15. Taz202 August 30, 2014

            Because your “facts” are not facts – just GOP propaganda. No one has lost their insurance; their plans have changed. Insurance companies do it all the time. And 80 to 90% of who will “lose their plans?” Not Corporate plans; I worked in corporate all my life and plans changed but we never lost coverage.

          16. 4sanity4all August 30, 2014

            Your statements are not common sense, they have been disproven as right wing untrue talking points. The people who “lost” their plans only lost them because they were inadequate and the insurance companies stopped offering them because they did not comply with the law. So the insurance companies made new plans, which people then obtained, and now people have better plans that must cover pre-existing conditions, with no lifetimes caps. The few people that are still complaining that they “lost” their old plans have not bothered to compare what they had vs. what they now have. If they had, they would see that their new plan will cover them in the event they need coverage. And in most cases, for the same price, or slightly more. People who claim they are paying way more have been shown to be lying when their claims were investigated. You are repeating a bunch of lies and half truths that have been refuted.

          17. bikejedi August 30, 2014

            No the plans that were being cancelled were plans those people liked better then Obamacare , and yes they obviously compared or they wouldn’t have been calling up their Dem reps and saying what happened to if I like my plan I can keep my plan ? This isn’t a bunch of lies and half truths but rather what actually happened … sooo . That is why Obama HAD to admit he LIED when he said if you like your plan you can keep your plan and then put a provision in that these people could keep those plans if they wanted to . Unfortunately for them the Insurance Companies told most of them they wouldn’t renew those plans as they weren’t being offered anymore . What you say about pre existing conditions is true

          18. WhutHeSaid August 30, 2014

            Listen, BikerBitch — your lies are fruitless. Nobody is listening to you on this issue. Your bigot-rhetoric has FAILED — just like it FAILED to prevent Obama from getting elected and FAILED to prevent Obama from getting re-elected.

            The Affordable Care Act is the law. It is achieving it’s purpose no matter how much you bitter bigots lie, snort, and squeal over it. Obama has made you bitter, bigoted redneck goobers look like a bunch of drunken monkeys, so consider your collective pasty white ass kicked.

            Every single thing you bitter bigots have tried to accuse Obama of, blame Obama for, refuse to credit Obama for, or stop Obama from doing has FAILED. The vile and despicable antics and lies from you people has actually accelerated progressive change. Soon Obama will address immigration reform via executive order because you sordid low-lifes refuse to be honest or responsible about addressing the issue. When he does, you will snort, squeal, and snivel like there’s no tomorrow — but you WILL adhere to the changes.

            Are you seeing a pattern here? Allow me to provide you with a formula that you can use to predict the success of your future efforts:

            Bigotry + Hateful Lies = GOP Fail + Democratic Win

            Always happy to help!

      6. MJRinPA August 30, 2014

        “Insurance costs are rising at their fastest pace ever.” NOT FACT.
        “Employer-sponsored premiums, where most Americans have coverage, are not
        “skyrocketing,” and neither are health care costs. In fact, the growth
        of both has been at historically low rates in the past few years.”
        “Two-thirds of the downward revision “reflected a decline in health care
        spending,” a somewhat surprising drop given the expansion of coverage
        under the Affordable Care Act. Health-related spending fell by $6.4
        billion instead of rising by $39.9 billion as previously estimated.

        1. bikejedi August 31, 2014

          Insurance costs for premiums are skyrocketing at their fastest pace ever . Do a google search and dont believe everything you read on pro Obama sites. Everytime the CBO has tried to score the costs of Obamacare that has gone through the roof as well

          1. WhutHeSaid August 31, 2014


            According to Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services data, the increases in the cost of health care in the US from 2007-2012 is as follows:

            2007: 6.3%
            2008: 4.7%
            2009: 3.8%
            2010: 3.8%
            2011: 3.6%
            2012: 3.7%

            According to the consulting firm Aon Hewitt, which analyzed health care data from 516 US companies, premium increases were 8.5% in 2011, 4.9% in 2012, and 3.3% in 2013. The expected rate of increase estimated by US employers for 2014 was 3.5%.


      7. bobnstuff August 30, 2014

        You have not check one fact you are saying, if you had you would find out non of them are true, Insurance costs have not gone up for the same coverage, in fact it has gone down. Try to fine name to go with the claims about these people forced to by high priced plains and you will come up short. The republicans are still hiring actors to make the claims. Those plains that were lost were replaced with real insurance that had real coverage. No major company dropped insurance coverage for there workers, I know you would say UPS did but if you check your fact you will find they only changed it for spouses who could get coverage from their own employer, Please check your facts before you rant,

        1. bikejedi August 31, 2014

          Do some simple google searches

      8. Russell Byrd September 2, 2014

        Trikey-bikey, if all those people are being dropped, why hadn’t the uninsured rate skyrocketed. Few, if any working people, that is the 90% plus, could afford those rates. We would be hearing stories about people of means being denied care. We aren’t, because your nonsense is a perversion of the truth. And I do mean perversion. Like the “maternity care.” Technically, I have always had it under all my plans. That is, I would if I were pregnant. . . . Where do you get this sh*t at, and why aren’t you smart enough to figure out you are being made to do evil deeds. Oh, that’s right, you would do evil for free anyway.You’ve been “had,” as we always used to say. We wouldn’t care if you just sat in a corner playing with that non-existent pecker you are so proud of, and left decent people alone.

        A point. It is easy to be a fascist, and even easier to be a fascist blogger. Just interject hatred and lies, and always say “no way” to everything, and you have it made.

        Another point, there are Democrats using Obamacare as a campaign point. Look at the honorable Senator from North Carolina.

        At least you were right about that “Nutty Tea Party,” though I prefer “Teanderthals” myself.

        1. bikejedi September 3, 2014

          When you have to start your comment with attempted , insult , well everyone can glean a few truths from that . Number one you are a Liberal who is immature and intolerant and number two you have already proven you cant debate . Everyone who lost their plans and looked at the Obama plans was appalled at the cost and the deductibles .. They then screamed that they wanted to keep their plans as Obama had promised and LIED about … all this is fact and was told on every news outlet , even Liberal ones except for NBC and MSNBC .. You are right about fascist bloggers and that is why I dont use that tactic . It isnt something conservatives do sooo

          1. Russell Byrd September 3, 2014

            One, you come to commit the two worst insults that a blogger can do, LIE and HARASS. You do it constantly, so go suck a big dick, TRIKEY-BIKEY.

            You did not answer the question that common sense dictates you NEED to answer. You merely repeated the LIES you have been mindlessly spoon-fed.

            And the bit about Obama has already been proven to be the insurance companies fault. Go figure – if big money unzipped their drawers and said go to it, you would be nob-hobbing for 48 hours straight.

            Has your SOB ass ever been on-topic?

            And why don’t you name all those people that have had their insurance cut off. Every scandal you sorry sods have come up with evaporated as soon as it was looked at.

            You are a FASCIST, blogger or not. A racist and a liar.

            And being fascist is the only reason you sons of bitches even come here.

            Like me now?

          2. bikejedi September 4, 2014

            I dont respect you nor do you possess the necessary intellect worthy of my engagement . I will say I am not guilty of what you are accusing me of but it certainly seems you are . You also cant control your hate and rage for anyone who has an opinion that disagrees with your brainwashing . You are a useful tool for the left .. total cult like indoctrination and too stupid to fact check . Shouldn’t you be LEANING FORWARD for that ” gorgeous ” er liberal female Rachel Madcow ??? I will not engage your little mind any longer . Bye Bye

          3. Russell Byrd September 4, 2014

            As far as engaging this little mind, you rarely if ever have. You just spread your arrogant, idiotic splooge, and I just smack you over the head with cold hard facts and truth.

            Really, I even have a sense of humor, which is sadly missing in you. As far as you being gone, we both know that you are a liar, and so I will just call you a shitstick as a token of my esteem.

            So, bye bye, until a few minutes from now when you just can’t help but spread more splooge. It did not take but twice to figure out your “bye bye” is bait to get me not to reply. Just so you can have that precious troll orgasm of the “last word.” How often has that worked for you?

          4. Russell Byrd September 4, 2014

            The only tool here is you, and you are definitely a “tool.” I do nothing but tell the truth. Maybe not always perfectly, but very close. You on the other hand constantly resort to lies to support a reason for your ignorant, irrational hate and rage.

            And Rachel Maddow my be a lesbian, but she is one good looking woman. Only a gay woman hater and sissy of the worst sort would disagree. 🙂

            In fact, you just proved my point, AGAIN, for about the hundredth time. When you have absolutely nothing, you change the subject and start bad mouthing someone else.

            That is where I come in. You can bad mouth me all day, and you will just get a double dose of whoop-ass back in return. So, go ahead, and save someone else’s evening, and just let me have it. You know you want to. Of course, “there will be blood” in return.

          5. bikejedi September 4, 2014

            Sitting here watching Football with two of my Liberals friends and I showed them your comments about the beauty of madcow and both of them shook their heads and said the same thing .. Its guys like you who give all Liberals a bad name .. they went on to State that no one who is honest would describe her as attractive as either a women or a boi … ( I added Liberal man ) so go have your fun with your boi toy Rachel now … I dont respect you

          6. Russell Byrd September 4, 2014

            Of course, gay woman hating sissies would object to my statement. And seriously, I never even proposed to want to sleep with her. Of course, if she desired that to happen, a real man like me would seriously consider it. All the while you will be looking at your porno mags, and be left “holding your own.”

            I am not bragging, but it is amazing how easy it is to write a whoop-ass post, when I have you as a target. So much good, oops, BAD material to work with! ROTFL!

          7. Russell Byrd September 4, 2014

            Trikey, we both know that you don’t even have any friends. Liberal friends, jeez man, you could just have saved your breath. You are a mess. And a LYING mess to boot.

            I never used the word “beauty.” I said “good looking.” For those of us with a vocabulary, education, and some real brains, there is a difference.

          8. Russell Byrd September 4, 2014

            You know, if there are any guys over at your pad to watch football, they are just probably desperate, and they are just waiting for you to get a little drunk. Then when you “loosen up,” and get all “happy and gay,” you will play “plumber” with them. You know, do a little “pipe cleaning.”

            I almost did fall in the floor laughing at that one. You schmoes just crack me up.

          9. Russell Byrd September 4, 2014

            Oh, and thanks for proving me right about your lying about going “bye, bye.” You do have the right to leave at anytime, but the fact that you want to pack your toys and leave, does not curtail my rights to answer your lies and nonsense.

            Just like this article, you have continued to come back here for how many days? You got it bad trikey. Grow up, and calm down before you do yourself an injury.

            And keep laughing about Maddow. I, and everyone here, are just laughing at the desperate spectacle you have made of yourself.

          10. Russell Byrd September 4, 2014

            Thanks, if you respected me, or anyone for that matter that wasn’t evil, then I would think there was something major wrong in this world.

            You make me proud with that bit of nonsense.

          11. Russell Byrd September 4, 2014

            You know, in all seriousness, I have generally voted Democrat in the past. But, I have voted for a lot of Repubs too. Yet, since the insanity of Newt and Cheney, and then the Teaturds, the Repubs have gotten so fascist that Mussolini would probably claim to be a liberal. THAT is the problem.

            So, the moral is, i would love for ‘your” party to return to sanity, and burn such filth as you right out of their soul.

            I WOULD LOVE HAVING A REAL CHOICE WHEN I GO VOTE AGAIN. I know, not if you can help it.

          12. Russell Byrd September 4, 2014

            Now, trikey, what I really think about the article. In other words, totally on-topic.

            Did it ever occur to you that maybe when the pressure of the Teaturds is relieved on Corbett. When he knows the chips are down, and he is down to his last strike. That maybe, there is a genuinely a decent man under all that right-wacko-evil facade, and he is doing something decent for his state, and its people. Seriously? Think about it.

          13. Russell Byrd September 4, 2014

            I have no hate except for those that hate. Hate shows through everything you post, from beginning to end. As for rage, since I can out post you when I am half asleep, I never seem to have any. I find you to comical to get too worked up over. Yes, your bad mouthing lies do test my patience, but every time, I get the old apple cart righted in a jiffy. So, you are pathetically comical. If there is anything for me to be ashamed of, it is taking advantage of such an intellectually DIS-advantaged individual, such as the ol” trikey.

          14. Russell Byrd September 4, 2014

            Well, you hate me because I do not give. I stay with you, out posting you in every subject and topic. AND, i keep right on doing it until you are

            Now let’s examine what you seem to be
            inarticulate enough not to say. You claim to be so much smarter than me, yet, you never have an answer except one just like this one. In reality, every regular poster here is more articulate, smarter, and way, way better educated than you. But, your only strength is to bully and disrupt. The fun part is, YOU HATE being treated the same way you treat others! Hilarious!

  5. Eleanore Whitaker August 30, 2014

    For half a century, the GOP Big Business Money Grubbers attempted to abolish SS, Medicare and Medicaid. Now, it’s the ACA. This is the ideology that preaches its God Fearing agenda of self-reliance in one breath and then, freeloads on taxpayers in the rest of the states in the next.

    It’s why for decades red states have shifted more than 60% of their unemployed onto SSDI rather than pay out on unemployment benefits out of their state coffers. These are the same states whose Main Street incomes are barely half of that in blue states.

    Yet, taxpayers in blue states get a slap in the face when we try to help these red states to fight for better salaries. They’d rather live on a Walmart income. This is conservatism?

    1. bikejedi August 30, 2014

      Sure that is why all the jobs are migrating to red states right ???? because their main streets are barely half the income of those in Blue States .. In Blue States and Cities they have to charge more because they have to pay more in taxes … while their net gross may be higher they are not as profitable as those in Red States … that is why everyone is moving to the Red States

      1. WhutHeSaid August 30, 2014

        Oh yes — everyone is moving to redneck goober states. Why, just look at Montana, teeming with tax-slurping redneck freeloaders!

      2. Eleanore Whitaker August 30, 2014

        Really? ALL the jobs are just jobs no blue state worker would touch with a 10 ft. pole? NY City leads the nation in jobs…Try again BS artist.

        The reason blue states pay more in taxes is because we support your red state lazy asses. Need proof? Check the NPR 2012 interview with the DOL chieftain from Alabama…it leads the nation in helping itself to SSDI…for being unemployed with illness people in blue states work with everyday…Adult Type II diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholestorol. But your red state lazy asses can’t work with those things can they? And, your red states force blues states to pay for the healthcare their states refuse to pay for.

        Everyone isn’t moving to red states. Just dumb okee dokes who can’t get jobs in hi-tech..NJ is No. 1 in high tech jobs…Who expects an okee doke to actually go to school? Much less have hi-tech degrees..

        The only asses who move to red states work for Walmart, Big Oil, the Chesapeake Mining Industry with its 41 worker safety violations or the fracking industry the dumbasses in red states now complain are causing huge loss of water supplies.

        Blue states have jobs..just not planet polluting jobs like red states. Red state politicians will allow any filthy polluter to locate in those states, endangering the lives of red staters who stupidly accept salaries no one up north would even get out of bed for. Try again..No one is moving out of blue states..and if they did, red state asses might not like the demand for higher salaries and other benefits we pay for in blue states and for the freeloaders in red states.

        1. bikejedi August 30, 2014

          Well I live in one of your High Tax High Cost of Living High Crime Liberal Utopias ( Chiraq ) and Illinois is venting jobs to every Red State out there . As a State we are down 170,000 jobs . We are also second in OUT migration as productive Tax Payers especially those with school age kids are fleeing our State and the worst Socialist Union Public School system, in America .. A lot of what you spout are Liberal talking points .. Did you know that the average starting salary for the new jobs created by Rick Perry in Texas is over $16 /hr ?? I bet you dont because all you are spouting are the talking points from the left .I mean look at what you posted MY city leads the Nation in jobs ??? they better they are by far the most populace State in America

          1. WhutHeSaid August 30, 2014

            You just can’t stop lying, can you? The Chicago population is currently growing again after stagnant or negative growth that began around 2000. Also, Illinois was ranked number 10 for the number of jobs created in July.

            So you like to lie about Texas, eh? $16 per hour works out to $33,280, which is much less than the national average of $44,321. Texas is second only to Mississippi in the percentage of workers who earn minimum wage. In addition to this fact, unless you happen to be a large corporation with political connections, the effective tax rate for businesses in Texas is the 2nd highest in the Nation. Further, although Texas has no state income tax, the other taxes paid by middle class Texans is actually more than that of California thanks to an extremely regressive taxing policy that favors the very wealthy.

            So what do ordinary Texans get for paying more taxes that their counterparts in California? Well, they get a public education system that ranks number 42 in the Nation for the amount of funding per student. This may help explain why Texas is dead last in the rate of adults who graduated high school. Another benefit that the average Texan gets for paying for Texas millionaire tax breaks? The highest number of people lacking health insurance in the entire country. Unless you are a politically connected corporation or a millionaire, you will get a better deal in almost any other state in the Union.

            But while you are spouting your ridiculous claims about how well the economies of the federal-benefit-slurping red states are doing, you should remind yourself that any economic growth that is occurring comes during the administration of a black President — reversing the calamitous economic free-fall of the Bush Administration.

            So your bragging about how well the red states are doing economically directly contradicts your racist claims that President Obama is destroying the economy. What will you lie about next just to express your bigoted hate for President Obama?

          2. Eleanore Whitaker August 31, 2014

            Since you prefer to feast at the table of denial, I also live in a high tax, high cost of living state…Much higher than Illinois.

            You might want to take your gripes about lack of jobs to the most direct source: Those big business who lap up your state’s biggest tax incentives and then don’t hire or create jobs.

            Conservatives have preached their gospels of illusionary praise for corporations, foisting lies upon lies on the American Main Street Middle Class.

            Do explain why in any state any business should be entitled to get a long term contract to pay little or no taxes? This is the CON dream..all businesses tax free..Okay…and then…who the hell ends up paying for education, defense, infrastructure and the most vulnerable? Look in the mirror genius boi..

            When corporations get out of paying taxes and at the same time get billions over a decade in tax exemptions, someone, namely YOU YOU YOU will pay what these corporations don’t.

            Stop blaming liberals and Democrats. They are not the ones who make decisions on who hires, who get downsized, outsourced or offshored…Stop the incessant refusal to blame those in corporations who lap up your tax dollars and feel they are so high and mighty they don’t owe. YESSSSS they do!

            When you get sick of sucking up, start laying blame where it belongs.

          3. bikejedi August 31, 2014

            Eleanore …thank you for being civil..Not living in denial . Living in Chicago Illinois . We pay business like ebay 12 million to come here . Same with Boeing and Motorola Mobility . We literally have to bribe companies to locate here . You know maybe you should come for a visit and we will go out for a beer .. afterwards I can show you the ghetto plantations where most of the blacks live in poverty despair and violence . We will tour the Gay community at night where they get away with open prostitution on the street that doesn’t exist in any other neighborhood . The Police feel they cant even stop a drag queen turning dates because they would just be hit with civil discrimination suits … So Public nudity and sex is allowed in that community … but I am getting off topic .. I guess my point is be careful what you wish for and if you wish for the Liberal agenda come visit Chicago .. Don’t drive becaue they don’t like cars here … Can you ride a Divvy bike ??? Do you like riding Public Transportation with extremely smelly vagrants ??? If you’ve never smelled one you are in for a smell that will never leave your mind … Leave your morals at home and bring body armor .. Anyway Chicago enjoys the highest sales tax in the nation and the highest parking meter rates because our last Dem mayor sold our parking meters on a 75 year lease so he could pay his relatives cronies and friends in the Public Unions for 1…. count it 1 year

          4. Eleanore Whitaker August 31, 2014

            I live in NJ. It’s No. 1 in hi-tech industries and tourism is our 2nd ranked biggest source of revenue. Dow Jones and Wyeth Ayerst are located in South Brunswick, along with Costco in East Brunswick and Rt. 1 south in Jersey is called “The Hi-Tech highway for the huge number of businesses located from North Brunswick to Princeton.

            If an individual taxpayer ever calculated the huge loss of their tax dollars in terms of tax subsidies handed for free to business who don’t hire or create jobs in the US, there would be a march on DC like nothing ever seen before.

            In NJ, it’s the GOP and the heavy handed right wing Americans for Prosperity who have billions of dollars to lobby Trenton with. Not the Dems. 90% of the Hi-Tech businesses in NJ are owned by the conservative Republicans… not Dems.

            Sorry but maybe your hatred for Dems is misguided. Nothing in the US Constitution demands more than 50% of all tax dollars be handed to Big Businesses.

            Your argument goes wrong when you attempt to blame Dems because they do not have the majority in the House of Representatives..the GOP does and the duty of the House is to disperse tax dollars.

            Illinois has had numerous problems since the days of the molasses black market…read your history and you’ll see which GOP Conservatives had their syrupy (pun intended) mitts in that schyster business.

            You need to put the blame where the blame belongs…on Big Business which is destroying this country. It’s a government OF the people, FOR the people, BY the people…not the United States of Corporate America.

          5. bikejedi September 1, 2014

            Costco is owned and run by Dem Liberals as are many Tech Companies . Where did you get the idea that they were owned by Republicans ? Next your unemployment is lower than Illinois partly because your Governor is willing to try to contain costs and didn’t institute the single largest State Income Tax increase in American History like our Dem Gov did . That was 67 % hike for individuals and 45% for Companies . He said he would address the issue of the unfunded Pension liabilities and he didn’t .. The Credit and bond rating agencies responded that that gross fiscal negligence and lowered our bond rating 5 times now . We enjoy a lower bond rating than Iraq and you can look that up . I am for lowering taxes on everyone from Businesses to individuals … Then maybe we wouldn’t see all these companies off shoring to stay viable … The Government has proven over time to be the least efficient option in terms of fiscal responsibility and creating jobs with our money . the Stimulus is a shinning example of that . I don’t think any State should use Tax funds to have to lure business but that is only happening in Dem states

          6. Eleanore Whitaker September 2, 2014

            So little bikejedi found a single NJ company owned by a Democrat..Did you also check out Costco’s policies toward its employees? Not Walmart (owned by the great southern plantation Walton family who are not just GOP but Libertarian GOP) who makes customers pay twice..once at the counter and again for the welfare it forces its employees to take from the rest of taxpaayers.

            As for Governor Christie’s accomplishments..He spends more time OUT of NJ than he does IN. And, as a result of his policies, NJ’s bond rating is lower than it has been under the past 4 governors. Try again Joi Boi. NJ has the highest property taxes in the nation. It’s because your state pays some of the lowest taxes.When you don’t pay, WE do.

            I am NOT for enriching the rich. PERIOD. A recession contrived solely for the purpose of keeping more money in the hands of the rich is a Constitutional violation…Read your Bill of Rights…prosperity for ALL…not just asses who know how to point and delegate the dirty work to peons they pay 581 times less than they pay themselves. Businesses in the US MUST and have always PAID taxes…why now do you think they shouldn’t? So the rest of us can pony up what you and your state and your state businesses don’t?

            By the way, no thanks to Governor Fat Ass, NJ is No. 2 in Solar Energy.

            What I would love to hear one of you anti-government, anti-president Big Business suck ups tell us is if Businesses don’t pay their fair share of taxes and the 1% don’t either who is supposed to pay for education, defense and infrastructure? Better yet Joi Boi..who do you think will hand Big Oil another $14 billion next year?

          7. bikejedi September 3, 2014

            Well it didn’t take long for you to prove you truly have all the hallmarks of a Liberal , and here I had just complimented you for being civil . I wonder how the Gay Liberals feel about your attempted Gay bashing ??? Joi Boi ??? I am Hetero thank you and the term Boi is more a Liberal slur against gays . I can guarantee you I get more pussy then your tired and ugly dyke ass ( and let me point out as a Conservative I usually dont engage in this sort of immature insult but I thought it would be fun to give you a taste of your own medicine … the funny thing is you will see yourself in it so it will be real effective ) And the girls I date are intelligent and hot because they are Conservative .. ( think Michele Malkin ) .. Meanwhile you get hosed by gals who look like Rosie Oddonnell and Rachel Madcow ( oh wait Rachel is a Liberal man sorry to offend you ) On the issues you don’t have a base of knowledge to make debate with you intellectually challenging . You buy into every Liberal talking point especially the ones designed to appeal to the really stupid… like the Occupy class warfare rhetoric you engage in . Your understanding of how economics works is so small I would venture a guess that you either don’t work or are a Public Union employee . You have my pity and I hope the gay Liberals aren’t too mad at you for bieng a Hypocrite .. In the meantime lean forward bitch here comes Rosie with her strap on for you BOHICA .. You old bitter hag …Me… I think Im going to go get laid by a pretty girl not a girl pretending to be a man

          8. Eleanore Whitaker September 4, 2014

            And, it didn’t take YOU long to prove what we all know about CONs…you love judging others by your own misguided ideological BS. I can guarantee you are a pathetic loser like all right wing mental midgets. As for gay bashing Mr. WUSShood, try again. Your post proves just how mentally unbalanced you are and your kind love to bathe in that insanity by attempting to prove negatives any way you can.

            Liberals, progressives, socialists, communists…tired out men like you have nothing else to contribute to society. So, you think judging others and bashing away will get you the attention McMommy never gave you when she and McDaddy dumped you into Daycare like a sack of potatoes. Ergo you mealy potato brain.

            You have NO knowledge beyond what your pathetic, domineering, bully ideology preaches. You might just as well join ISIS…that’s how sick your kind are. You hate the government, hate the president, hate anyone who dares not fall for your BS ideology..oh gee…I just described you and the ISIS terrorists in the same definition.

            Misery loves company. Just don’t invite the rest of us to your miserable MAN party. Your testicles can’t produce a single seed worth calling human.

          9. bikejedi September 4, 2014

            WOW I REALLY TOUCHED A NERVE DIDNT I ??? You know I prefaced my comments with the note that I usually dont engage in the immature intolerant style of name calling that Liberals all fall to when they cant debate on merit . Just so you know I never spent a day in daycare because unlike most excuse making Liberals I had two engaged parents that cared about me . No it didnt take a village to raise me … and your description of ISIS ( intolerant and crazy ) sounds just like Liberals .. as for you old hag LEAN FORWARD here comes the epitome of a Liberal Man Rachel Madcow with her artificial dick for you … Later you can go down on lil Debbie while Rosie takes over .. Good God Liberal Women are so ugly and stupid …I have testicles and they are actually real and functional unlike any man you probably know …hahahahah.. Or are you one of those little girly men yourself ????

          10. Eleanore Whitaker September 5, 2014

            You didn’t touch any nerve. You aren’t capable of facts, proven history or truth. I choose not to allow you to wear that smug grin and think your rabble rousing prattle has any basis in fact you can prove in a court of law.

            Now..Tell McMommy to change your Pampers…you reek of “it.”

          11. dpaano September 23, 2014

            You need to blame yourself….after all, who voted this particular governor into office….he didn’t just step up and grab the job….someone had to have elected him.

          12. bikejedi September 23, 2014

            I dont live there

          13. dpaano September 23, 2014

            Yeah, and that’s why Toyota is moving to Texas and Tesla is building in Nevada…..of course it has NOTHING to do with tax incentives, right? They will use the services of these states, but they won’t pay a dime for them….who pays for these services….WE DO!!

          14. dpaano September 23, 2014

            Chicago is known for their crooked governors and politicians…they’ve ALWAYS had the same problem. You get who you vote for!

          15. bikejedi September 23, 2014

            I dont vote for them . Unfortunately the Dems here have a bullet proof majority . They have an army of Public Union members and they families they have the entitlement voters they have the dead and the Illegal Aliens . This is why so many Tax Payers are leaving Illinois . they know they dont have a voice . We are second in out migration in the Nation

          16. dpaano September 24, 2014

            Gee, do you think maybe they’re leaving the state because there’s no jobs, crumbling infrastructure, etc.? It’s not ALL because of politics. As for who voted for who, I don’t believe I particularly pointed to you as voting for these people. Also, not sure what you mean by “entitlement voters,” aren’t we citizens ALL entitled to vote?

          17. bikejedi September 24, 2014

            Thank you for remaining civil … Much appreciated Our Dem Gov is chasing jobs out of our State with his restrictive Tax Policy which has made our State uncompetitive . Even with record Tax Increases and record revenue they cant fix our infrastructure here because half the budget goes to pay Union Pensions ..Even with those record Tax Increases Illinois has the most per capita Pension debt of ANY State . Entitlement voters are the people the Dems convince are victims and cant get by without Tax Payer help .. Welfare or Ghetto Plantation voters would also suffice

  6. stsintl August 30, 2014

    PA, like KY, is coal country with lot of coal miners suffering with black lung disease. Almost all coal mine operators are Mafia controlled there. They wouldn’t take responsibility for this. No choice but to let the Affordable Care Act take care of them. KY did the same thing.

    1. MJRinPA August 30, 2014

      Have you ever been to PA? Part of the state is coal country, but certainly nothing like West Virginia or Kentucky. Mafia control?? Your entire post is nonsense.
      Corbett finally agreed to a variation of Medicaid expansion, but with a lot of benefits stripped out. This was because he was losing in the polls. He was worried about his reelection in November – not about the health of the people, or the economy of the state.

      1. bobnstuff August 30, 2014

        There are only five major coal mine still working in Pa, Non are Mafia controlled. Coal mining is a very small part of the state economy. Corbett is just being Corbett, to little to late. The sooner he is gone the better for Pa.

  7. jimlscotland August 30, 2014

    Let me try to say something positive about Governor Corbett (this is unusual for me). Is it just possible that Corbett seeing that he will not get elected decided to do the right thing and before his successor does it? He wants his state, and especially his uninsured constituents, to have health insurance. He has a conscience. He wants to be on the right side of history (with his made in PA solution – not really, it is based on the ACA). I wonder out loud, if other governors who have not moved to the ACA, have the same pangs of conscience, knowing full well that they are just obstinate mules, digging in their heels even if it does hurt many of their constituents.

    1. MJRinPA August 30, 2014

      I have followed Corbett and his attitude about the ACA from the beginning. You are not at all correct. Corbett specifically stated that the ACA would give more people health coverage, it would give them more insurance choices & therefore lower premiums, it would save lives, it would save the state money, but…he still wasn’t going to do it. He doesn’t give a rip if his constituents get health care or not. He cares about his reelection. He was behind by 25 points, and realized that he’d probably lose. He realized that Tom Wolf was campaigning on ACA & Medicaid expansion, so he turned tail.
      By the way, Corbett’s Healthy PA is not full Medicaid expansion, and will strip out some benefits to current Medicaid patients.

  8. Caeser Flickerman August 30, 2014

    If Obama will lie to you about keeping your insurance and your doctor, he will most certainly lie to you about everything else.

  9. joe schmo August 30, 2014

    I guess if this is the only thing you people have to cheer about that Obama has accomplished, I guess it is near to nothing….and it ‘ain’t’ that good. Of course, it was government at its finest. Horrible start and completely unorganized. Plus the website was OUTSOURCED and an abomination. Really good guys…. Bring it on we need more of this kind of stuff. I see a once great nations demise and, that do nothing Congress…..I guess they have just kept their mouths closed because they want your side to sink the ship…… and, clearly, they are….. LOL

    Of late, I have noticed that the Memo hasn’t had the stories it used to have. Suppose there is not all that much to crow about.

    Pretty soon, only the ‘wealthy’ will be able to afford quality healthcare and that is because they will be paying out of pocket for it. I already do that. Everyone else will be left for dead or get, at best, second hand care. You’ll see:)

    There’s nothing logical about it….the proof is in the pudding and who will get stuck with the bill for ALLLLL those Medical recipients…..you guessed it….that already over burdened middle class….. Huh! Can’t wait to see where this all ends….

    1. dpaano September 23, 2014

      Yeah, and ex-President Bush’s Medicare plan B was such an organized deal too, right? Give me a break!

  10. Whatmeworry August 30, 2014

    Medicaid wasn’t expanded. He used the $ to buy private insurance so that when the $$$ dries up which it will he and the Taxpayers won’t be left holding the bill

  11. MJRinPA August 30, 2014

    Corbett bowed to mounting political pressure…maybe. As a PA resident, I seriously doubt that. It looks more like Corbett realized that he would lose in November (behind about 25 points), so he’s trying to buy votes.

  12. charles king August 30, 2014

    I certainly agree with, “Blueberry Hill” cause I am just find out about my State of Pennsylvania in the last two years that our State is a Republic, governed By Plutocracts(commissioners), I have been feed Plutocracy instead of Democracy. What? the hell is going on in America. Wake-up People and find out What? happen to your Democracy or is it all just a bad dream better yet look up the meaning of Plutocracy In Webster’s Dict. and while you looking up Plutocracy checkout Who? are those Capitalistic Pigs, Corporations Who? are not paying their taxes,State Representives Republicans and Democracts of all shades Who? are not doing their job for All the People just for some People of the whole corruped scheme of things. Wake-up People Cause something is wrong. The Peoples’ Assets are being privatize and Who? are using their tax dollars, something is wrong and I Want? to know Why? I am a victim Of A bold-face lie by some one Who? calls theirself a Director. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. Mr. C. E. KING

  13. RobertCHastings August 30, 2014

    Corbett was just recently in the news for something else, perhaps a corruption scandal? Looks like he and other Republican governors who turned Medicaid expansion down are running scared. I know it is a stretch, but I do hope Republican memories in PA are longer than just two months.

  14. Jack August 30, 2014

    In the early sixties I personally found out how corrupt the Democrats
    were so I’m ashamed to say I was one, then I switched to being a
    Republican, and after a couple of years I found out how corrupt they
    were. Finally I signed on as an Independent and am very happy that I
    did, no more crooked primaries, they were mostly good hard working
    Americans that didn’t want anything from Government, they are the type
    of people that help make up the Tea Party. If only the American people
    wanted less government intrusiveness in their lives we would be much
    better off.We have 535 member of Congress who do don’t have the
    American peoples desires at heart, all they are interested in is
    re-election to the cushy positions they hold, they have taxed and spent
    our country into the bowels of destruction and don’t even realize it.
    Their policies have us on the brink of financial destruction. and now
    this failure of a president is about to slam down the final blow with
    Amnesty for illegals, when this happens if it does without a fight the
    very people both black and white who voted for this president will be
    replaced by a cheaper work force of illegals, sanctioned by the Farm and
    Industry conglomerates., and after all the free programs dry up for lack of funding the only help we will get will come from the good lord Himself, and even God will wash his hands of this corrupt Government and country.

    1. bobnstuff August 30, 2014

      The illegal cheap work force will be replaced by legal workers that will have rights and will pay taxes. They won’t be taking any ones jobs, They already have jobs. There will be control and order. Things the republicans say they like.

      1. Jack September 2, 2014

        I can’t help but wonder who it was that deleted my reply to you, hmmm! I would still like to know what jobs illegals have already as you say? How can illegals have jobs in the U.S. there is a law against companies hiring illegals.
        Oh! Oh! Don’t tell me Obama signed another executive order by passing the Constitution once again.

        1. bobnstuff September 2, 2014

          These are the leftovers for the 16 million Bush let in, They’ve been here for years. Who do you think are picking the fruit and building the houses. If you check you will find that the number of illegals has dropped in the last 6 years.

  15. paulyz August 31, 2014

    Liberals can spin this all they like but the facts remain that many people have been hurt under Obamacare & will get worse. Many of the people that like Obamacare are those that will basically get it free or very cheap, like government dependent voters & Illegal “immigrants.” They will vote Democrat anyway. I know several people that have seen their premiums rise extremely high while they are already working 2 jobs to make ends meet.

    1. WhutHeSaid August 31, 2014

      The ACA is law, and it’s working. It’s a done deal.

      Go back inside your trailer and sleep it off.

      1. Jack September 2, 2014

        Hey WhutHeSaid, you don’t know whutyousaid, explain to me just who is benefiting from Obamacare besides freeloaders who are 26 still living with their parents, and are too dependent on other people to care for them from cradle to grave. WHUTCATEGORYAREYOUIN.

        1. WhutHeSaid September 3, 2014

          I’m in the category that has always worked for a living and earned my health care, and I don’t whine incessantly about everything a black President does because he’s black. You know — the exact opposite of you redneck goobers who busily slurp up all of the tax dollars from the productive workers in the blue states.

          1. Willy Pierce October 5, 2014

            Funny how you throw racist, intolerant stereotypes around, while accusing others of the same, but refer to your party as the “party of tolerance”.

          2. WhutHeSaid October 5, 2014

            Yeehaw, Bubba!

          3. Willy Pierce October 5, 2014

            You should be more respectful of country people. They grow the food that feeds the world. You are likely a member of a people who benefit from that hard work since you are incapable of feeding yourselves.

          4. WhutHeSaid October 5, 2014

            I’ll be more respectful of redneck goobers just as soon as they either a) stop snorting up government benefits like drunken aardvarks, or b) stop lying about being self-sufficient.

            Most city people not only feed themselves, but 2 or 3 rednecks as well. Besides, you don’t know whether I live in the city or not, so you are just flapping your toothless gums without a clue. Also, I never said what my ‘party’ is nor made any claims about any political party’s ‘tolerance’.

          5. Willy Pierce October 5, 2014

            If you look, act, and sound like a duck, I’m going to think you’re a duck. You’re a Democrat, and you know it. So here we are, you saying that non Whites are more self sufficient than Whites, and me claiming the opposite. If you’re right, why is real estate more expensive in White areas than dark areas? Why are White schools better than ones with you bootie scratchers in them? The list goes on. Keep believing lies if they make you happy.

          6. WhutHeSaid October 5, 2014

            Are you trying to say that there are no white people who live in cities, and no non-white people who live in rural areas? Well, all I can say to that is that either you spend too much time at KKK rallies or your hood is too tight.

            For your information, not all white people are redneck bigots, although it’s possible that all of your trailer park buddies may be. Why don’t you ask Oprah or Beyonce what the real estate values are in their neighborhoods?

            Oh yes — and stop up-voting yourself. That alone marks you as an inbred mutant. Just trying to help!

        2. WhutHeSaid October 5, 2014

          College students are freeloaders?

          Maye it’s not the case in your trailer park, but most people in their early 20’s are struggling to get started in life. Just when do YOU think they should be paying for their own health insurance — 8?

  16. Skymouth August 31, 2014

    You have to wonder how much money was wasted and how many people suffered until this happened

    1. Willy Pierce October 5, 2014

      That’s ok. Look at what your mulatto messiah will save when he comes through on cutting the national debt in half. Oh yeah. that was going to be within his first term. Nevermind.

      1. Skymouth July 26, 2015

        Waaah… well considering how much the Republican’s interfere with every move he makes, I’m proud of what he’s been able to accomplish! I only wish the Republican’s would grow up and join the rest of us adults. Yes there’s a black man in the White House, get over it!

  17. Barrington September September 25, 2014

    Obamacare! You got to love it! It shall rank as one of the best pieces of federal legislation in modern history since 1900.

    1. Willy Pierce October 5, 2014

      Good luck convincing Americans of that. Obama’s approval ratings are lower than the margin of error.

  18. Jorge Orwell September 29, 2014

    Always remember that Kathleen Sebelius refused to approve a waiver that would have put a dying child on a lung transplant list.

    1. Willy Pierce October 5, 2014

      No! We’re supposed to forget that along with Benghazi, Fast & Furious, etc etc.

  19. Willy Pierce October 5, 2014

    We have two parties in this country. An evil party, and a stupid party. If we can just make the stupid party a little smarter, we won’t have to deal with the evil party anymore.

  20. Jack October 7, 2014

    Hey whathesaid, put on a pair of pants the other people at the dinner table just saw what you done dragged thru the mashed potatoes.


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