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Saturday, January 21, 2017
Germany, Trade

Germany Says U.S. Under Trump Must Abide By Trade Deals

Trump – now hours away from his inauguration – has vowed to make sweeping changes to U.S. trade policy, and economists see his protectionism as the biggest risk to U.S. growth. U.S. companies employ more than 600,000 people in Germany, the United States’ biggest European trading partner, and German firms employ roughly the same number in the U.S.

January 20, 2017

Trump’s Agriculture Nominee Perdue Rounds Out Mostly White Male Cabinet

Donald Trump officially announced Sonny Perdue as his choice for secretary of agriculture, selecting a former Georgia governor over candidates from the Midwest, which dominates U.S. agricultural exports. Trump’s cabinet (if nominated) will have just three women, one African American man — and no Latino.

January 19, 2017
Trump's Obamacare repeal promise: insurance for everybody

Trump’s Big Health Care Promise: ‘Insurance For Everybody’

“We’re going to have insurance for everybody,” Trump told the Washington Post. “There was a philosophy in some circles that if you can’t pay for it, you don’t get it. That’s not going to happen with us.” Trump was also quoted as saying in the interview that he would target pharmaceutical companies over drug pricing and insist they negotiate directly with the Medicare and Medicaid government health plans for the elderly and poor.

January 16, 2017

Mexico Will ‘Immediately’ Respond To Any U.S. Border Tax

Mexico’s economy minister has warned that U.S. corporate tax cuts proposed by Trump, as well as the border tax, could undermine foreign investment in Latin America’s No. 2 economy.

January 13, 2017
Trump, Hillary Emails

Trump Scorns Probe Into FBI Pre-Election Handling Of Clinton Emails

“What are Hillary Clinton’s people complaining about with respect to the F.B.I. Based on the information they had, she should never have been allowed to run – guilty as hell,” Trump wrote on Twitter on Friday.

January 13, 2017
Mexico, Wall, Trump

Mexico Again Says There Is ‘No Way’ It Will Ever Pay For Trump’s Wall

Mexico’s new Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray said there is no way his country will pay for the wall that U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has pledged to build on the United States’ southern border to keep out illegal immigrants.

January 10, 2017
Putin, Russians, WikiLeaks

U.S. Intel Report Identifies Russians Who Gave Emails To WikiLeaks

The CIA has identified Russian officials who fed material hacked from the Democratic National Committee and party leaders to WikiLeaks at the direction of Russian President Vladimir Putin through third parties, according to a new U.S. intelligence report.

January 6, 2017
Eric Holder

California Lawmakers Hire Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder To Fight Trump

The move is an indication that lawmakers in the nation’s most populous state, where Democrats hold two-thirds majorities in both houses of the legislature, are girding for possible court battles after Trump takes office on Jan. 20.

January 4, 2017
NAACP, Sessions

NAACP Protests Trump’s Attorney General Pick With Sit-In

The NAACP staged a sit-in to protest the nomination of conservative U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions as the nation’s next Attorney General, vowing to occupy his Mobile, Alabama, office until he withdrew as a candidate or demonstrators were arrested.

January 3, 2017
Trump, China

China Critic Lighthizer Named As U.S. Trade Representative

Lighthizer is not expected to be the Trump administration’s leading voice on trade policy. Last month, Trump’s team said that task would fall to the U.S. Commerce Secretary nominee, billionaire investor Wilbur Ross.

January 3, 2017
Trump, GOP, Republican, Envoy

Trump Criticizes Timing Of House GOP Move To Weaken Ethics Watchdog

“With all that Congress has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of the Independent Ethics Watchdog, as unfair as it … may be, their number one act and priority. Focus on tax reform, healthcare and so many other things of far greater importance! #DTS” Trump said in two Twitter posts.

January 3, 2017

Gunman Kills 39 In Istanbul Nightclub, Manhunt Under Way

The attack shook NATO member Turkey as it tries to recover from a failed July coup and a series of deadly bombings in cities including Istanbul and the capital Ankara, some blamed on Islamic State and others claimed by Kurdish militants.

January 1, 2017

Angela Merkel: Terrorism Is The Biggest Test For Germany In 2017

Merkel, seeking a fourth term as chancellor in 2017, described 2016 as a year that gave many the impression that the world had “turned upside down”. She urged Germans to shun populism and said Germany should take a leading role in addressing the many challenges facing the European Union.

December 31, 2016
Trump, Inauguration, Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Member Resigns Rather Than Sing For Trump

Jan Chamberlin resigned after five years with the choir, which originates from Utah, over the Jan. 20 ceremony, saying it “will appear that (the) Choir is endorsing tyranny and fascism by singing for this man.”

December 30, 2016
Putin, Obama, Russia, Sanctions

Obama Sanctions Russia, Expels 35 Diplomats For Meddling In 2016 Election

The move against the diplomats from the Russian embassy in Washington and consulate in San Francisco is part of a series of actions announced on Thursday to punish Russia for a campaign of intimidation of American diplomats in Moscow and interference in the U.S. election.

December 29, 2016
McCain, Tillerson, Putin

Senator McCain Has Major ‘Concerns’ About Tillerson Nomination

“I and several of my colleagues have concerns about Mr Tillerson, and some of his past activities, specifically his relationship with Vladimir Putin,” McCain told reporters. Fellow Republican senator Lindsey Graham, who is traveling with McCain, called for sanctions against Russia to be widened to target areas like energy and to be directly aimed at Putin.

December 29, 2016
Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher

Actress Debbie Reynolds Dies Of Stroke, One Day After Daughter

One of the most enduring and endearing Hollywood stars of her time, Reynolds received a best actress Academy Award nomination for the 1964 musical “The Unsinkable Molly Brown.”

December 28, 2016
Trump, Arms Race, Nuclear

Trump On Nuclear Weapons Tweet: ‘Let It Be An Arms Race’

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski spoke with Trump on the phone and asked him to expand on his tweet. She said he responded: “Let it be an arms race. We will outmatch them at every pass and outlast them all.”

December 23, 2016
Eric Trump

Under Fire, Eric Trump Suspends Charitable Foundation

Eric Trump said he had decided to stop directly soliciting contributions to the foundation because he now recognized donors could be seeking access to his father. “As unfortunate as it is, I understand the quagmire,” Trump told the Times. “You do a good thing that backfires.”

December 22, 2016
Trump, Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway Named As Trump’s Presidential Counselor

In her new post, Conway will play a key advisory role in the White House when Trump takes office on Jan. 20, helping to manage the New York businessman’s messaging and legislative priorities.

December 22, 2016

Bill Clinton And Donald Trump Trade Insults In Bizarre Exchange

“Bill Clinton stated that I called him after the election. Wrong, he called me (with a very nice congratulations). He ‘doesn’t know much’…” Trump wrote on Twitter.

December 21, 2016
Trump, business, blind trust

Trump Weighs ‘Half-Blind Trust’ Option For His Businesses

Trump’s transition team is considering the use of discretionary trusts to avoid conflicts of interest for Trump family members or administration officials. Such an arrangement would provide individuals with an alternative to selling off assets or placing wealth in blind trusts, which president-elects traditionally do.

December 21, 2016
Flint water crisis

Former Flint Officials Criminally Charged In Water Crisis

Michigan prosecutors charged four former government officials with criminal conspiracy to violate safety rules in connection with the Flint water crisis, which exposed residents to dangerous levels of lead.

December 20, 2016
North Carolina, Transgender, HB 2

North Carolina Governor-Elect Working To Repeal Transgender Bathroom Law

Incoming governor Roy Cooper, a Democrat, said Republican leaders of the state legislature planned to call a special session on Tuesday to repeal the law, known as HB 2.

December 19, 2016
Putin, Russian Election Hacks

Officials Believe Putin Supervised U.S. Election Hacks

“This began merely as an effort to show that American democracy is no more credible than Putin’s version is,” one of the officials said.

December 15, 2016