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Bachmannism’s Legacy

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Bachmannism’s Legacy


WASHINGTON — Maybe Bob Dole has more clout in the Republican Party than we think. He suggested on Sunday that the party put up a “closed for repairs” sign for the rest of the year. Then along comes Michele Bachmann declaring on Wednesday that she won’t seek re-election.

On the surface, Republicans will be happy that they won’t have to answer for her exquisitely inflammatory statements anymore. Democrats will be disappointed to lose a face that launched thousands of contributions their way. You might say her departure is a small repair for the GOP’s image.

In fact, Bachmannism is far from finished. The Minnesota right-winger deserves to be memorialized with an “ism” because she perfected a tactic well-suited to the current media environment: continually toss out outlandish, baseless charges, and, eventually, some of them will enter the mainstream media — if, at first, only in the form of “coverage” of what conservative radio shows, websites or Fox News are talking about.

You don’t have to bat 1.000 or even .350 in this game. Get just a handful of your accusations and strange takes on reality into the political bloodstream and you’ve won.

Bachmann’s method is now common currency. And here’s the beautiful thing: Even as the regular media does some of your work for you, you lambaste the very same media. This only creates more pressure on them to cover you.

“I fully anticipate the mainstream liberal media to put a detrimental spin on my decision not to seek a fifth term,” she said in her eight-minute, 40-second video announcing her decision not to run. She practically invited reporters to do just that by insisting her decision did not stem from the danger she might lose re-election or because of an investigation into the finances of her 2012 presidential campaign. Is citing her denials a form of “detrimental spin?”

Her video provided choice examples of the Bachmann method and the extent to which it is now being emulated by others. She denounced “this administration’s outrageous lack of action in Benghazi, Libya, and the subsequent political cover-up, which resulted in the deaths of four honorable, dedicated public servants.”

Note the clever construction of that sentence. It implies that it’s the administration’s “political cover-up” that led to the killings in Benghazi. It’s hard not to conclude that she’s saying those deaths were all about President Obama’s political needs.

“I’ve also called out this administration and the Treasury Department,” she added, “for allowing and perhaps even for encouraging partisan, selective enforcement against American citizens based upon their political beliefs that aren’t in line with those of the administration.”

E. J. Dionne

Besides contributing to The National Memo, E.J. Dionne, Jr. is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, a syndicated columnist for the Washington Post, and a university professor in the Foundations of Democracy and Culture at Georgetown University.

His most recent book is Our Divided Political Heart: The Battle for the American Idea in an Age of Discontent (2013).

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  1. John Pigg May 30, 2013

    Completely disagree with this article. This article would like you to believe that the Tea Party has gone into submission. It has not, it has been soundly and completely defeated. The tactic (which this article would like you believe Bachmann invented) of making absurd claims for media attention has shown to be a losing tactic. The best prime examples West, Bachmann, Palin, Akin, and Mourdock, have been defeated in the Public Arena.

    Will the GOP abandon some of the Tea Party’s absurd policy positions? This remains to be seen, but they recognize that speaking with rampant hate and disinformation is no way to win elections.

    1. mah101 May 30, 2013

      Actually, the tactic is alive and well. Mitch McConnell just released an ad full of unfounded accusations portrayed as statements of fact. There is no fact in the ad, just accusations but to low information voters and the GOP base it sure seems scary. He ends up using Nixon in a weak attempt to associate President Obama with that criminal GOP administration. Slander, innuendo, and absolutely no moral character, true…

      But it works.

    2. Russell Byrd May 30, 2013

      Or do they. . . ?

  2. Dominick Vila May 30, 2013

    The only positive thing I can say about Michele Bachmann is that there may, in fact, be a certain element of truth in her claim that Al Qaeda had infiltrated our government. Just consider the witchhunts that have taken place in recent months, the relentless attacks against our President, and the inquisitorial persecution of Eric Holder, ostensibly, for doing his job, and there is little doubt that some members of Congress are more interested in demonizing, paralyzing and destroying our system of government than doing what they were elected for.
    As for the Tea Party, I am afraid it is alive and well, and we are likely to feel the effects of the fear mongering and obstructionism, and overt examples of intolerance, for many years to come.

    1. mike May 30, 2013

      Dom, at it again. The so called “witch hunts” are because the ineptitude of the Obama as a leader. Obama sets the tone of his administration and we see the results-A scandal plagued White House. 3 major scandals. You can’t hide the facts of what the IRS did and is still doing with conservative groups. We now see that Lerner, working for the FEC tried to blackmail a man running for office in Illinois. Telling him: “Promise me you will never run for office again and I will drop the case”, he did run, the suit was later thrown out.

      As to Holder, when Axelrod starts questioning his managerial skills then you know his time is limited. Then Holder wants “off the record” meeting with the Washington bureau chiefs and is turned down by NY Times and AP. It is not looking good for Holder who has lied, possibly perjured himself before congress more than once.

      Wonderful video showing how Tricky Dick and Obama are much a like. White House dossier is the site. Will Obama ever say the Buck Stops Here???

      1. awakenaustin May 30, 2013


        1. mike May 30, 2013

          Brilliant come back!!! You are so witty!! LOL
          OMG!!! What do I hear???
          DRIP, DRIP, DRIP

          1. awakenaustin May 30, 2013

            On an article regarding Michelle Bachman, I am certain everyone is dying to hear your thoughts on the President and Att. Gen. Holder. We could have predicted your view. It is never original or thoughtful or insightful. It is always a right-wing screed and it is off point. You are a troll. Plain, simple and unequivocally!
            I think you have mistaken the voices in your head for a dripping sound.

          2. mike May 30, 2013

            I never liked Bachman. You are hilarious on the rest.

            Scandal plagued White House and Administration. Not my words!!

            Again, can’t prove what I said was wrong-Typical

          3. highpckts May 30, 2013

            Scandal has plagued every adminstration!! Always someone who wants to make the other look bad! If, indeed, their is a scandal, it’s no worse than any other adminstration!!

          4. mike May 30, 2013

            Yes they have, but this was going to be the most transparent in the world. Not.!!!!
            This far worse!

          5. Sand_Cat May 30, 2013

            And that in a nutshell (almost literally) is why you’ll never talk about Bush: your idiotic and dishonest claim that Obama’s scandals are “worse” (than what? nothing at all?) and unprecedented depends completely upon denial of the eight years preceding him.

          6. mike May 30, 2013

            Just expressing the comments by MM, Chris matthews, lanny davis, the list goes on and on.

          7. idamag May 30, 2013

            And…they are man made scandals. They are worse this time than ever before in history. The tparty seems to think they are the Shiites and the rest of the country is the sunnis.

          8. awakenaustin May 30, 2013

            Wow, your logic is overwhelming.
            I can’t disprove the existence of big-foot or the yeti either. That does not translate into proof they exist. It doesn’t mean they exist.
            You argue a belief based not on your own offer of proof, but based rather on your faith and desire that something is wrong in Denmark.
            No degree of proof or marshalling of fact can overcome a belief which is based only on faith and/or desire.
            Let me strain your cognitive abilities to their limit. The fact that someone else may have previously uttered words which you now utter does not lend any particular validity to the statement made.
            The fact that I may like or dislike chocolate ice cream does not make my views on vanilla ice cream authoritive or worthy of any particular consideration.
            You are still a troll.

          9. mike May 30, 2013

            No you can’t disprove, you have gone looking but can’t find to refute the facts. Soooo, you resort to other attacks and remarks.
            Again, show me up with facts. Go ahead you are so perfect and far more knowledgeable. Show me. God please, show me.

          10. Sand_Cat May 30, 2013

            Haven’t seen any facts from you lately. Perhaps some “facts.” Like the shocking and damning news that the crash at the end of Bush’s reign was caused by something Barney Frank said in 2003, when he was clearly at the height of his power and influence in the Republican-controlled House and Senate.

          11. mike May 31, 2013

            If you had intellectual honesty you would go read the NY times “Financial Crisis was Avoidable, Inquiry finds”, it is a over view of the findings of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission requested by Obama.

            “The commission that investigated the crisis casts a wide net of blame, faulting TWO ADMINISTRATIONS, the Fed. Reserve and regulators, for permitting a calamitous concoction: shoddy mortgage lending, the excessive packaging and sale of loans to Investors and risky bets on securities backed by the loans”. NT Times
            Also in the NY Times article was this statement from the Inquiry: The decision by Clinton in 2000 to shield the exotic financial instruments know as over-the-counter DERIVATIVES

            I never said Barney caused the crisis, he was in denial as were most Dems. to pending crisis of F. Mae and Fr. Mac. There a number of videos showing his denials, and he was the Banking guru.

          12. CrankyToo May 30, 2013

            Don’t you think it should be incumbent upon you to prove that what you say is right, rather than for others to prove that what you say is wrong? Consider that a rhetorical question since I’m pretty sure I already know what your answer would be – an “OMG” and a “LOL” and one or two sentences that would only make sense to a first grader. Let’s face it, Mike, you’re a dumbass of the first order and, doubtless, a scumbag into the bargain.

            But when I hit my knees at night, I thank God for wingnuts like you, and I pray that you’ll continue to do and say the inane things you do and say, because you’re slowly and surely precipitating the destruction of the Greedy Old Prick party. One day there’ll only be a few of you left – John Boner, Rush Limpdick, Glenn Peckerwood, Cat Scratch Nugent, ObozoMustGo, Lana Wood, yourself, and a handful of other deranged assholes – wandering the forest, looking for someone to eat.

          13. DukeDacat May 30, 2013

            You forgot to add Michelle B, who is beyond doubt certifiably….
            “Bat Shit Crazy”

          14. CrankyToo May 30, 2013

            I left Bat Shit Bachmann off the list because I don’t think she’s going to survive long enough to become one of the last of her tribe. She’s too stupid, even by Repugnican standards. The same goes for RNC chairmoron, Rancid Privates.

          15. mike May 31, 2013

            Name a statement of fact I made and you want me to prove. Pretty simple

          16. Sand_Cat May 30, 2013

            Prove what you say is right.

          17. mike May 30, 2013

            Which part douche bag??? Hell you are so emotional you can’t even get your thoughts together.

          18. idamag May 30, 2013

            Sand cat is right. You have not proven anything. What if it was that if you said something and did not back it up with facts, that you would become ill? You’d be in trouble.

          19. Robert P. Robertson May 30, 2013

            That DRIP you hear is you pissing your own pants. You can’t control your own bladder because the days of neo-Confederate Tea Bags are numbered, not from Democrats, but from the Republicunt Party. Neo-Confederate Tea Bags have shown themselves to be a Confederacy of Dunces on a national scale!

          20. mike May 30, 2013

            You use such catchy words. How proud you must be.

            My pants are dry thank you.

            Can’t refute, so go at the messenger. Typical Saul Alinsky Move.

            Food for thought. Since Obama was first elected here are some results.

            Lost- 2 Senate seats

            Lost- 9 Governorships

            Lost- 56 House seats.

            And now, the Unions want Obamacare repealed or complete reform.

            What is Obama going to do?? Maybe like the sequester-start yelling “The Sky is Falling”. “The Sky is Falling”.

            And the sound of Dripping water continues. DRIP DRIP DRIP

          21. Robert P. Robertson May 30, 2013

            Just check your Depends or have your ACA healthcare attendant do it for you. You smell of stale piss.

          22. mike May 30, 2013

            Refute the numbers and the Unions comments!!! Just that simple. I bet you looked, didn’t you??? LOL

          23. Sand_Cat May 30, 2013

            Refute the Bush scandals, and lies. Refute that his (YOUR) party has sacrificed the country’s welfare to get the guy with the wrong-colored skin out of the White House after one term and opposed every effort to repair the economic damage Barney Frank and Ted Kennedy did in 2003 when they were able to completely overwhelm the power of the Republican majorities in their houses of Congress and the Republican White House and its “regulators” single-handedly. Refute that the Republicans have never dealt with Obama or Congressional Democrats in good faith since Obama assumed office. Refute the other long, long list of truths about your party that anyone with a shred of integrity would be too embarrassed to ignore, let alone defend. Refute, refute, refute.

            Complete the assignment I suggested elsewhere, and I for one will read respectfully and try not to laugh at your inanities, and leave them unchallenged to collapse from their own absurdity.

          24. mike May 30, 2013

            You can try and play this game but this is the real world and your guy is in big trouble. This is now. Obama’s is losing the “trust edge” and his numbers will continue to fall.

            Remember Barney and Chris said everything was fine with F. Mae, Fr. Mac.

            And you think Obama has dealt in good faith. Baloney. It is his way or the highway. Perfect example; sequester was put off until march last summer. When negotiation started again new taxes suddenly were on the table. That was not on the agreement when it was decided to wait until spring. That is why the sequester went into effect.

            When you refute my facts. You are like a little girl on the playground-i won’t answer you until you answer me. Little girl in the kitty litter.

          25. plc97477 May 30, 2013

            No your drip, drip, drip is much better right.NOT.

          26. mike May 30, 2013

            Now, you are off topic again. Just prove my numbers wrong. No big deal!!!

          27. idamag May 30, 2013

            You have to prove you are right, little guy. If a lawyer presents facts in court, it is not up to the opposition to prove his fact right or wrong.

          28. mike May 31, 2013

            Since you are late into the game, which one do you need verified??

            Is it the loses in governorships, senate, House? If so, even you can google the numbers. There are neutral sites you go to and get the results.

            Unions? Read the papers for once.
            Barney and the meltdown? Boston Globe 2008, “Franks’s fingerprints all over financial crisis”. The Globe of all papers and from his home town.

          29. Sand_Cat May 30, 2013

            Hey, he’s a lot more honest and straightforward than you.

          30. mike May 30, 2013

            Only in your warped mind. Prove me wrong on the facts.

          31. idamag May 30, 2013

            What is this “drip, drip, drip?” you need to see a cysto specialist? Maybe you have premature eja….?

          32. mike May 31, 2013

            Thanks for the concern. I know how heartfelt it is.
            The DRIP is the leakage in the Obama Admin. and its truly govt. transparency.

      2. Russell Byrd May 30, 2013

        Truth, three manufactured scandals to stall the true and legitimate business of government.

        Your first “example” has nothing to do with Obama, even if it were true. Which is doubtful.

        As to Holder, your interpretation which we already know is skewed. We do not really know if Holder has lied, but we know YOU DO.

        Why would any decent, normal, reasonable person care about a right-wing site’s yellow journalism. I could make one with Nixon and a fake video of YOU! Your clap-trap repubs have already done just that – repeatedly. Remember Acorn and the faked, edited tapes. DO NOT deny this. The perpetrator has pled no contest and settled a suit against him. AND more are coming. Anyone can slap a tape on a site. Real or otherwise.

        Finally, why would Obama plagiarize Harry Truman. Only repubs are that unoriginal.

      3. Russell Byrd May 30, 2013

        I think if you had the intellectual capacity, reasoning skill, and honesty of Mr. Vila you would be AWESOME. As it is, you do not, so you are not. . . .

        1. mike May 30, 2013

          You still can prove I was wrong, so go personal. I am just as intelligent, and I am making you all look foolish. Your guy is in trouble.

          I think I will start using the word “Squirming” instead of DRIP

          So, don’t squirm to much over the admin.. I have a feeling his staff is.


          1. Lynda Groom May 30, 2013

            Prove a negative? Is that your argument?

          2. A_Schick May 30, 2013

            No no no. You have to disprove a positive. Duh!

          3. Robert P. Robertson May 30, 2013

            You’re like general Ali during Bush’s false Iraq war. “The enemy is falling at our feet! Their blood is flooding the streets of Bagdad!” while Iraq was burning all around him. face it, Tea Bag, President Obama will be president, the leader of America, for the next three years, and after him, Hillary Clinton wil be elected to finish the forward progress of this great nation. America is casting off the yoke of Republicunt/Tea Bag obstructionism, and you will be around to see it, my disillusioned little tea bag.

          4. mike May 31, 2013

            God help the Republic with Obama. Death to the Republic with Clinton.

            No you will have to try to put it to my head. Hey you are such a big shot, have Obama send a drone.

          5. Sand_Cat May 30, 2013

            God Almighty – if he existed – couldn’t “prove” you wrong about anything. That’s obvious. You’d just deny you said anything he could show evidence even you couldn’t refute, if such evidence exists.
            So keep squirming in your slime.

          6. mike May 30, 2013

            Keep it up my little juvenile. Silly little girl. LOL

          7. highpckts May 31, 2013

            If we are juvenile then why are you bothering to even answer? If you are so intelligent, then say something intelligent! You are oh so boring!

          8. mike May 31, 2013

            “We”, I guess it does prove, ” it takes a village to make an idiot”.

            What you are not aware of last night I received nine posts, from 7:32 to 8:04 all one or two sentences. It looked like he was so emotional his thoughts were every where. So he would write something, submit, and realize he had more to say, and would start again. Nine times in a half hour. So juvenile. I have said and given intelligent information (Obama losses-real facts and so easy to verify) and what do I get back is crap like-check your Depends or have ACA attendant do it for you, you and the rest are so intellectually dishonest you just come back with your diatribes.

          9. highpckts May 31, 2013

            Diatribes? You go off of on tangents spouting “facts” , calling everyone juvenile, little girls, idiots. etc.! You get back what you put in!!

          10. mike May 31, 2013

            Obama loses-real facts you didn’t want to touch, did you???

            Look who is off another tangent-little old you. Look in the mirror.
            Things still the same, intellectually dishonest is your name.

            Since Obama was first elected, have the dems. lost 9 governorships, 2 Senate seats, 56 House seats. Yes or No?

            Prove me wrong!!!

      4. highpckts May 30, 2013

        Witch hunts are exactly what they are since the GOP wants to take us back in time instead of moving forward! If you listen to anything other than Faux news you would see the comparison to Nixon blown up in your face! Do you think with all the insane comments made by the GOP that you want a person like that running this country? If you do, well, all I can say is, I hope we “terrible, Independents and Libs” out number you!!

        1. mike May 30, 2013

          That is if all independents are left leaning. I don’t think do!!!

          1. highpckts May 30, 2013

            Your squirm and drip is really OLD and not in the least intelligent!! Too bad for you because you are the one that is always going around yelling that the sky is falling!!

          2. mike May 30, 2013

            No drips here, no squirms here. Looks like you can’t refute the facts so you come up with some banal post.

          3. highpckts May 31, 2013

            What? Banal? Drip and squirm isn’t banal? Delusional!

          4. mike May 31, 2013

            Yawning and bored with your responses.

            “Drip and banal isn’t banal”? Not really!!! Just describing the most transparent administration ever finding their attack on freedom of the press, freedom speech, distorting the truth, lies, coverups, catching up with them.

            Looks like the press who were so supine and supportive of the Obama are finding he is not the guy they thought he was. They invested a lot in Obama, and Obama, has come back and bitten them in the ass. LOL

          5. plc97477 May 30, 2013

            Maybe you should try that post again. It seems to be missing something.

          6. mike May 30, 2013

            What it is missing is an intelligent person reading it.

          7. idamag May 30, 2013

            You, trying to cast aspersions on someone’s intelligence is about as apropos as Bachmann being a member of the intelligence committee. I think you need to grow up a little before you try to run with the big boys.

          8. Sand_Cat May 30, 2013

            Yes, now I see it: you’re a worm dripping slime.
            Nice of you to sign your notes so appropriately.

          9. mike May 30, 2013

            Keep trying!!! LOL

      5. Dominick Vila May 30, 2013

        None of the so-called “scandals” offer any evidence of President Obama being implicated in wrongdoing or unethical behavior. Benghazi was the last on a long string of terrorist attacks against our diplomatic missions. Unlike previous attacks, the GOP has been more interested in dissecting the reasons for the attack and our response than trying to figure out how to better protect our diplomats abroad. Restoring the State Department security money they sequestered would be a good start. The alleged nefarious activities by the FBI against an AP reported involve the need of trying to figure who released unauthorized information to that reporter, rather than undermining freedom of the press. Last, but not least, is the ridiculous IRS “scandal”. If an IRS official (s) did something wrong, they will be disciplined and, most likely, fired. However, the only thing we have found thus far is that the Tea Party groups under investigation were not the only ones that are being investigated, that senior members of the administration were in no way involved in that endeavor and, most importantly, that the TP groups under investigation perjured themselves when they filed their tax exempt applications for tax exempt status.
        The only positive thing I can say about the IRS “scandal” – the real SCANDAL – is that organizations that do not contribute to the welfare of the American people are exempt from paying taxes. That must end as soon as possible.

        1. mike May 30, 2013

          We will wait and see about the evidence.

          State Department admitted “it wasn’t about the money”. Plus, if you did any research at all you would have seen there was actually more money for security in 2012.

          Here is your chance to show me the IRS report that the TP perjured themselves.

          Hell,, even Obama can’t fire an IRS agent because of the union- the National Treasury Employees Union. Good luck with that.

          1. Dominick Vila May 30, 2013

            What is lacking on the Benghazi affair is evidence suggesting ineptitude or wrongdoing, and the reason for it should be obvious to everyone. The terrorists that attacked our consulate remain at large and the best we can do is guess what their motives were and what prompted the attack. Reports from eye witnesses, which should be taken with grain of salt, suggest there may have been a demonstration outside the consulate when highly trained and well equipped terrorist took advantage of it to attack the consulate and escape with impunity. I would not be surprised if the terrorists are members of Qadaffi’s regime seeking revenge. Whether or not AQ had anything to do with it is pure speculation at this point.
            The National Memo provided a photocopy of at least one application filed for tax exempt status a few days ago. If you think I can infiltrate the IRS and FBI to make copies of documents available to you, you are giving me too much credit. Regarding whether or not a President can fire union members, all I have to say if that if I was able to fire union members before I retired, so can the President of the United States. All you have to do is either build a case, or provide evidence of wrongdoing. It is actually easier than you think. Don’t forget the air traffic controllers that President Reagan canned.

          2. mike May 30, 2013

            I never used Benghazi, so get off that kick. What I said is Obama’s inability to lead and manage the govt.. It is the inept people he hired and put around him.

            What TP are under investigation by IRS? I assume you mean for perjury. Interesting when I go to NM home page I can not find their article. What was the tittle.

            As to firing, he doesn’t have that authority in the Federal Govt.. plus firing a federal employees is a very long process(18 months) including different boards. Also, they must prove greater evidence of wrongdoing than in the private sector.

            Ask your self this: Does the senior leadership really want to open a can of worms if this employee was following orders.

            Duh! they went on strike which was illegal for federal employees. Totally different circumstances.

          3. Sand_Cat May 30, 2013

            Another denial of something you said? Well, at least you’re learning: you wrote it somewhere else on the site where we can’t locate it quite so easily.

          4. mike May 31, 2013

            Be specific Puddy Tat.

          5. idamag May 30, 2013

            You are evidentially an immature person. Dominick was right when he said a union member can be fired. There is a protocol for doing so to prevent a person being fired because of a personality conflict. If the employee was following orders, why does his supervisor want to fire him? Hmmm – personality conflict perhaps? I used to be in management. Unions do not protect inept or dishonest employees.

          6. mike May 31, 2013

            I never said a union member can’t be fired. I said the Obama can’t fire the union members only the union can. Talk about lack of maturity and comprehension.

            You seem to have missed all the info about the process to fire a union member. Just go read paragraph 3 again. Oh, brilliant one.

          7. Sand_Cat May 30, 2013

            You’ll see it only in the extremely unlikely event it supports your every pronouncement, or can be twisted to seem to. I guess the one thing you are good at is stretching and twisting facts to support your conclusions.

      6. Garry Owen Ault May 30, 2013

        Way to say it , Dom. No, cause he has not studied History at all. Just how to get a cushy job for at best Four Years, or if lucky at least 6 years
        and maybe 4 months. The crazies, gun nuts, racists, Tea Party, Koch
        Bros, Karl Rove, and the GOP are dead set to Impeach in Feb or 2015.
        And, as a life long Democrat, I could care less. The idiot deserves such
        a good Legacy as being the Only President really Impeached.

        1. mike May 30, 2013

          Yawning at ignorance.

          1. Sand_Cat May 30, 2013

            Yes, it must be tiresome to be as ignorant as you.

          2. mike May 30, 2013

            Yawning and bored with your very immature comments. It must be bed time for our little girly one.

      7. Justin Napolitano May 30, 2013

        Major scandals? I don’t think so. A major scandal would be starting a war with a country that didn’t have anything to do with 9/11 ostensibly because some thought they might have weapons of mass destruction.

        Now that would be a major scandal.

        The IRS should go after anyone and any group that tries to not pay taxes. The Attorney general should go after any journalist that would disclose secret information and if there is anyone that should be blamed for Benghazi it should be the congress for not funding embassy and consulate security.

        1. mike May 30, 2013

          Just a big govt. guy and ignorant fits you well.
          Now stay on topic my mental midget.
          Your ignorance is appalling, go look and see that the monies were actually in excess by 91 million for security.

          As to 501(c) 4, do you want to include all the progressive ones that are tax exempt?? I don’t think so.
          They sure are major scandals and the Congressional dems. are concerned.


          1. Sand_Cat May 30, 2013

            More and more projection. Keep calling names and grasping at anything you can grab on your way down.

            You’re right about one thing: the fact that any political organization can be approved under this statute is a scandal. But which progressive groups did you have in mind that are “major scandals”? Naturally, you would say that, since your whole argument melts away before the reality that not a single one of those poor, oppressed tea party groups was denied, while several progressive groups were.

          2. mike May 30, 2013

            I never said anything about major scandals with progressive groups receiving tax exempt status. I said should they lose their status as well as TP to Justin’s remark..

            Wrong again on approvals

            Are you out of catnip again??

          3. awakenaustin May 31, 2013

            He is a troll guys! He says these things and then whacks off when he reads our angry, exasperated replys. It is how he gets his jollies. He doesn’t care what you say. He doesn’t care what he says as long as he stirs the pot.

          4. mike May 31, 2013

            But I so care, as with your post, you just haven’t shown me anything but your own little diatribes.
            The MM is pissed at Obama, IRS scandal continues to grow, Benghazi-we will see if Kerry at the State Department really wants to get to the bottom of story or will stonewall like the rest of the administration.

          5. awakenaustin May 31, 2013


          6. mike May 31, 2013

            Brilliant!!!! So novel and predictable. “angry and exasperated replys”, emotions when the truth hurts.

          7. awakenaustin May 31, 2013


          8. mike May 31, 2013

            Only in your pea brain!!!

            Show me the facts that prove me wrong. LOL
            Anything to distract from the truth that is you.

          9. awakenaustin May 31, 2013


        2. idamag May 30, 2013

          I was against tapping the press, but when secrets affecting national security are leaking, I can see why they did it.

          1. mike May 31, 2013

            So you want the person from the White House and journalist who leaked Stuxnet, Seal 6 raid, kill list, drones attack be caught? Right?
            What is interesting is only a handful of people knew about these Top Secrets, yet no one has been arrested or convicted.

            I think you are being just a little selective, aren’t you??

      8. Sand_Cat May 30, 2013

        Go ahead. Embarrass yourself some more. Speaking of ineptitude, one would think it one of your favorite virtues: you called one of its record-setting practicioners “a breath of fresh air,” and once again, speaking of ineptitude, dishonesty, and all of the other vices you project on this administration, you don’t want to talk about their predecessor, of which it’s clear you were an enthusiastic supporter and voter (assuming you’re old enough to vote), because doing that would reveal how hollow and dishonest all your charges are. Want to deny you said the Mittwit was a “breath of fresh air”? How about that you thought the stupidity and incompetence of Bush and Cheney were the best thing since sliced bread? At least I haven’t seen anything on this site where you actually wrote that, so your denial might have a bit more credibility than your others posted right after you wrote what you denied.

        I’ve been pretty unimpressed with Obama’s policies and his willingness to fight for what he believes in, but he looks like a superstar compared to the petty dimwits you support, so of course you’re always LOLing about people who mention Bush and calling them names to cover the fact that you worshipped every stupid, petty, dishonest, and criminal thing he did.
        So laugh out loud. All of us can join in after reading yet another of your posts.

        1. plc97477 May 30, 2013

          Good post. There is a saying “he who laughs last, laughs best”.

        2. mike May 30, 2013

          Compared to Obama, damn right. He is a gentlemen, he would have taken the arrogance out of the equation. He would have been far less derisive, he would have much less distance, more engaged in running the country, less detached from governing, he would have been a true Unifier.

          The president relentless engagement in identity politics, on the basis of race, religion, gender and economic standing, has made him far from bipartisan, solution-driven president he promised to be.
          Look, it pretty simple, all you have to do is show me where my post are wrong and with facts that prove me wrong.

          Not these trite, banal comments.

          You can laugh but you know in the back of your head I am right.

          What you don’t want to admit is that the MM was supine and supportive of Obama. The AP, Rosen crisis have turned the press against the Admin. To have NYTimes and other major news outlets saying no to “off the record” conversation only shows the depth of desperation the Admin. go to.

          1. Sand_Cat May 30, 2013

            Yes, so much a gentleman that his first ad about Obama was so flagrantly dishonest it surprised even some of the right-wing pundits. Yes, figures you’d think him a gentleman.

          2. idamag May 30, 2013

            Mitt Romney was the poster boy for vulture capitalism. Thank you Newt for that term.

          3. mike June 3, 2013

            So selective is your catnip brain you wouldn’t mention the ads by Obama about Romney killing a mans wife. The closing of plants etc. so save your flagrantly dishonest indignation.

      9. rustacus21 May 30, 2013

        It appears much of the opinionating coming from conservatives is like an unimportant child causing a scene just to simply ‘feel’ important, b/c U certainly MUST know ALL these so-called ‘scandals’ are smoke & hot air from conservative blow-hards, knowing all they’re doing is stalling! The longer they stall, the worse (as U ‘rightly’ state) President Obama ‘appears’. Not making xcuses here, but the 2001-2009 administration purposefully PULLED the investigators off the 9/11 perps. What their reasoning was, they (’01-’09 admin staff) won’t say, but we DO know THOSE actions created the environment for Benghazi. Maybe U can think that over while U xplain why the conservative congress, since ’09 has badgered this administration to CUT, budget after budget & when it finally caught up w/US, w/the Deep Water Horizon (too few regulators), Benghazi (not enuff $$$ for security), Citizens United (too many holdovers from the previous administration, arguing from a conflicted, compromised position) & the IRS ‘SITUATION’ w/again, holdovers from the ’01-’09 admin, w/REGULAR CONTACT we should note – w/Congressional Republicans – making a big deal out doing their job – for no reason? B/c we ALL know, in order to get non-profit tax status, U MUST PROVE to the IRS that U aren’t pulling a scam – which it now appears some T-bagger groups in fact were! Fox says Nixon & Obama are alike & parroting it here makes it so? I conservative-world parlance, I guess, but we don’t know what kind of Prez Obama is. He’s been ‘constrained’ 5 consecutive yrs, by conservatives!

      10. idamag May 30, 2013

        Dumbass, the witch hunts are the result of the ineptitude of some of the backwoods voters who put people like Bachmann and others in office.

    2. S.J. Jolly May 30, 2013

      Al Qaeda is noted for two things: (1) expertise in building bombs. And, (2) recruiting people to deliver them in suicide attacks. Political infiltration is not in al-Qaeda’s set of skills.

    3. Sporifix June 2, 2013

      The GOP doesn’t need Al Qaeda — they’ve done pretty well at destroying America all by themselves.

  3. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh May 30, 2013

    Bad news for my fellow Democrats. With Bachmann retiring her House seat appears to be safely on the Republican side. All we can hope for is the feeding frenzy among Republicans for that seat will weaken whoever wins enough for the Democratic candidate to have a credible showing. Why? That means the National Republican Party will have to pump a lot of resources to continue holding what had been considered a “safe seat” reducing the overall funding for other questionable races.

    1. Russell Byrd May 30, 2013

      You gave me an idea. . . . Do you think that any electorate that would elect and then reelect than loon has a high standard of “mental hygiene”? What do you think they are likely to get as a candidate to replace her? For the sake of our nation, I hope it is not someone like Bachmann. Unfortunately, too many of the voters in that district have proven that the crazier a candidate is the better they like them.

  4. billbear1961 May 30, 2013


    Christ, call it what it is: vicious, cynical, almost psychotic neo-fascism!

    Even in the Corporate States of America, where the rich are unchallenged GODS, guns are more important than the lives of little, helpless kids, and compassion, humanity, reason, truth and facts are demonized, this pathological liar is too much.

    But only “just” too much . . . just barely.

    It’s PATHETIC.

  5. tdm3624 May 30, 2013

    I miss Bob Dole. He had a lot of class and was willing to work across the aisle to get things done.

    1. midway54 May 30, 2013

      No way….in addition to the cheering voters in the Loon Star State, he is the plutocrats’ boy and their ownership and control of the federal and state governments and the agencies and institutions thereof would not permit it.

  6. JDavidS May 30, 2013

    She’s a very good looking lady, but if you blew into her ear it’d sound like a wind tunnel. I understand that she actually thought patio lantern was the Irish prime minister…

    1. DukeDacat May 30, 2013

      Michelle B is beyond doubt certifiably “Bat Shit Crazy”

  7. Pam Buzbee May 30, 2013

    I love this you don’t have to sign in to agree with a posting but you try to say no to one and you have to sign in? selective democracy?

    1. highpckts May 30, 2013

      Oh my gosh, you must be a Tbagger! That’s it! They won’t let you post a negative post because they have spies on your computer! Seriously??

      1. Robert P. Robertson May 30, 2013

        Pam Buzbee sounds familiar. . . I think its Michelle Bachmannn behind that mask!

      2. Jane Rimmer June 3, 2013

        Sorry, but Pam is correct. You have to sign in to 1) post a positive comment 2) post a negative comment 3) click the negative (down arrow) on a comment. You DO NOT have to sign in to click the positive (up arrow) on a comment.

        That is not a conspiracy theory. It is the way this site is set up. That means that the numbers on the positive & negative are not truly accurate representations of the readers.

    2. A_Schick May 30, 2013

      Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha.

    3. A_Schick May 30, 2013

      Pray tell, Pam: how does the “Post as____” button now whether your comment is in agreement or disagreement with the post?

    4. plc97477 May 30, 2013

      I don’t know most of seem to have figured out how to do it.

  8. midway54 May 30, 2013

    She is probably the worst and most incompetent member of Congress ever to serve since the Founding. Her almost daily outbursts of lunacy will surely be missed across the Country, and the crazed Teabaggers must be grieving over the departure of their queen.

    1. plc97477 May 30, 2013

      Too bad we don’t have a Tina Fey to keep us entertained when bachmann is gone.

  9. Robert P. Robertson May 30, 2013

    Bachmann isn’t as stupid as she presents herself to be. She knew she had sold her soul to David Koch, and reelection for her in an increasingly aware and embarrassed constituency would have been like running through a raging fire wearing gasoline soaked panties. Republicunts are now in the process of re-forming itself from the zany, fringe element of the Tea Bags, but it is too late. They lost their relevance the very day Mitch McConnell swore that the Republicunt agenda would be to make President Obama a one-termer, and worst of all, they set out to do it in a five year, massive obstructionist effort. It was a terribly horrible waste of money and time at the expense of the American people, and it will take them more than the span of three years to recover from the self-inflicted damage they have caused upon themselves.

    1. mah101 May 30, 2013

      I will disagree with one of your statements. I do believe that Bachmann IS as stupid as she presents herself. No one can act that well.

      1. Robert P. Robertson May 30, 2013

        You’re exactly right, my friend. My bad.

      2. idamag May 30, 2013

        I believe she is stupid. Those who voted for her owe the American People an apology.

  10. howa4x May 30, 2013

    Republicans have no message. they don’t have a way of reaching out to everyone. Not everyone in the country belongs to the religious right but republicans act like they do. Michelle Bachmann thought the revolutionary way was fought to free the slaves. Most 10 yr old know it wasn’t. So if she didn’t know basic American history, what do you expect? She took a page out of another republican’s play book, Joe McCarthy who rose to the top making unfounded wild accusations about communists in the government. She did the same thing with the Taliban. He came to a demise and now her. Those kinds of theatrics only lasts for a short time. Eventually her constituents will ask what has she done for their district besides embarrassing them nationally. Her almost loosing was a wake up call that the stage door was closing so time to exit to the right.

  11. ORAXX May 30, 2013

    Essentially, Bachmann took eight minutes to tell her constituents, “Everyone’s a liar but me.”

    1. DukeDacat May 30, 2013

      Michelle B is beyond doubt certifiably “Bat Shit Crazy”

  12. 1standlastword May 30, 2013

    It will be so nice that this woman will soon no longer be in a capacity to embarrass our country.
    Right now she’ in Russia making an ASS out of herself–I’m sure–and that hopefully is her last junket on the tax payers dime.

    And her legacy is she did NOTHING…not a single useful piece of legislation.
    Good riddance FOOL!!!!


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