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At CPAC, Steve Bannon Calls Media The Opposition Party That Is ‘Always Wrong’

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At CPAC, Steve Bannon Calls Media The Opposition Party That Is ‘Always Wrong’

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Reprinted with permission from Media Matters for America.

From the February 23 broadcast of the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference:

STEVE BANNON: You know but we’ve known it since August 15th, I think if you look at the opposition party and how they portrayed the campaign, how they portrayed the transition and now they’re portraying the administration, it’s always wrong. On the very first day that Kellyanne and I started, we reached out to Reince [Priebus] and Sean Spicer, Katie [Walsh]. It’s the same team that you know, everyday was grinding away on the campaign, the same team that did the transition, and if you remember, you know, the campaign was “the most chaotic”, by the media’s description the “most chaotic, the most disorganized, most unprofessional, had no idea what they were doing”, and then you saw them all crying, weeping that night on the 8th, when, and the reason it worked is President Trump.

IMAGE: White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon (L) and White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus (R) watch as U.S. President Donald Trump announces his nominee for the  empty associate justice seat at the U.S. Supreme Court, at the White House in Washington, D.C., U.S. January 31, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 23, 2017

    Let’s talk a bit about Bannon, a throwback to the days of internecine warfare between warring nations, a purveyor of racialism, and a lover of other virulently archaic views.
    In a desultory and spiritless speech to CPAC today, there were three items he stressed, which I feel need scrutiny and an assessment.

    1) He stated that withdrawal from TPP brings back our “sovereignty”—What in God’s name is he talking about? What does he mean by sovereignty, and how does trade take away a nation’s sovereignty?
    Possible response: “Sovereignty” is something that needs to be redefined, especially when nations need to get beyond what is a childish concept in a world able and poised to see itself as an integrated whole in a world intertwined as never before in human history. therefore, Bannon is trapped in a 15th century way of viewing the world, blithely unaware that we’re in a Era that requires moving away from the rabid nationalism that Bannon still yearns for.

    2) Steve says that another major avenue for America’s well-being and security is to build the Wall, and to better enforce immigration policies.
    Again, this view is predicated on an ancient way of thinking centered around the erroneous notion of “blood”, the antiquated idea of “tribe”, the urgency to protect the castle and fiefdoms, and the preoccupation with non-biological nonsense called “race”.

    3) Steve cited another momentous achievement by Lord Trump as “deconstructing the administrative state by appointing individuals from private sectors”—an insanely idiotic notion that provides Trump the excuse to hire any John or Jane Doe that catches his fleeting attention, and who gets hired on the spot depending on whether they are sufficiently vetted—i.e., have sufficiently large bank accounts.

    As a kind of corollary to “3”, Steve notes that stripped-down deregulation across the board will benefit the economy. Yes, it would, but will only benefit the oligarchs in America, and those who stand to benefit from the profits derived by a wildly unregulated animal-like sense of liberty which deregulation encourages(refer to the pipeline dispute in the Plains). Such beneficiaries will be the likes of Steve Bannon and other well-placed people in America’s rigidly hierarchical structure.

    The ordinary citizens will have the “bounty” of getting the left-overs, and will have to contend with one another over who gets what.

    So, this is a snapshot of the mental damage ravaging the mind of a man trapped in the past, and hemmed in by ultra-nationalist and racialist sentiments. There’s more to his illness, but I’ll have to stop at this point.

    1. Dan S February 24, 2017

      It’s not the media that’s the opposition party but Bannon and Breitbart themselves. They’re the true enemy of the people and democracy of this nation. It’ll take time but they will be exposed and charged with treason. They all can be locked up for trying to destroy our government

    2. Whittier5 February 24, 2017

      Yes, I think that Bannon was ‘concussed’. If not, he has managed to slither into his coffin before dawn far too long.
      #LyingDonald is merely a small town carnie huckster.

  2. FireBaron February 24, 2017

    You ever notice that Teflon Donnie’s professional troll only comes out for “safe” appearances? Outside of that, has anyone ever seen him in sunlight?

    1. bobnstuff February 24, 2017

      He’s no Troll, he’s the puppet master or should I say Muppet master since Trump does look a lot like a Muppet.

  3. bobnstuff February 24, 2017

    Bannor and his pet Trump love to attack the media as an enemy and that same enemy reports everything they say and do. The problem is they feel they need an enemy so they can blame their mistakes on someone. They blame the leak on Flynn.s problems even though it was his actions that caused them. They blame the media for saying the White House is a mess when in fact the mess is their own making and the media is simply point out the facts. If Bannon didn’t have the media then Bannon and Trump would have to take responsibility for their problems.

    1. InformedVoter February 24, 2017

      Poor old Bob, still believing the FAKE news from the MSM! Yup, the Trump administration is a mess, but look at the 6000 jobs already saved, or the 60000 jobs that will be created, and look at the illegals being deported, and … the list of campaign promises being kept has already surpassed Obozo’s and he’s only been in office 30 some days.
      The crowds at his meetings are still enormous compared to the few hundred at town hall or paid for and organized protests. Protests that seem to turn violent and looting and burning too.
      The MSM is beside themselves. They don’t know how to destroy something they didn’t create! Every time they attack him, he responds and makes them look foolish. The MSM are losing subscriptions faster than the Dems are losing seats.
      The MSM claimed that the last Thursday press conference was a disaster for him, but his approval numbers continue to clime even surpassing Obozo’s. And the foreign press has declared that President Trump absolutely destroyed the US MSM last Thursday, but of course you don’t want to believe the true.

      1. bobnstuff February 24, 2017

        Sorry, but you are the one falling for the fake news. Those so called job that he save almost all were never at risk and Trump is trying to take credit for things he had any effect on. Funny how easy is it for Trump to tell lies and his minions fall for it every time. He save Ford from building a plant in Mexico that they had already canceled. He claims all kind of things but if you check them out they are just him trying to make himself look good. February’s job numbers will be the 200,000 that we have been getting ever month for years. In fact they may be lower since the government isn’t hiring yet. As far as his approval numbers he set a record for low numbers on election so talking about numbers going up is funny. How can a person win an election with 47% of the vote but only have a 40% approval rate on day one in the job? When Trump hates the truth about himself and he doesn’t look good he says it’s a fake news. You will keep making claims and worshiping the Great and powerful Trump but don’t look behind that curtain. Oh and you might want to go check what the foreign press thinks about him, Check out Sweden, they are enjoying him very much.

        1. InformedVoter February 25, 2017

          There you go again Bob, quoting FAKE sources and showing a total lack of understanding facts. Of course the 6000+ jobs SAVED would not show up in the jobs number – dummy. These are jobs ALREADY in the system. Talk about lack of understanding information.
          ANd President Trump’s TRUE job approval rating is now approaching 60%. Just like Obozo’s true job approval rating is and has been in the high 30s and low 40s. Don’t bopther to quot the FAKE ratings, these are the same sources that told you that HilLIARy was leading in the polls. I kept telling you that the TRUE polls showed President Trump was ahead, but no, you just believed the FAKE MSM sources.
          As to foreign press, they slammed Obozo, but the US press NEVER mentioned that did they? And now, the foreign press is praising President Trump for putting the FAKE MSM in their place. I live outside the US for almost 6 months a year and am fully aware how the foreign press likes President Trump more than they liked Obozo.
          As to Sweden, I’m sure you’ll love this link.
          You really need to move away from the FAKE news sources.

          1. bobnstuff February 25, 2017

            What on earth makes you believe that Trumps approval rate is 60%. On election day it was 47% and I don’t see any of the non Trump voters changing their minds. I know you are not big on keeping up with business news but major companies are not easy to bully. They also don’t change plans on the fly. 2017 is pretty much a done deal for big manufacturers they plan years in advance so anything Trump claims to have done to change thing is a lie. Right now Trump is busy paying people back. He is handing out jobs to his rich friends, he’s handing out regulation changes to help those supporters that paid him the most. He is already set up for kick backs both by not getting rid of his businesses and by setting up his 2020 campaign. He made millions on his last one and will make even more off the next one.

            Just so you know, Trump is now president and Clinton did not win the electoral college so you don’t need to spend time trying to make Trump look better by twisting facts from the past. If you do want to bring up things like the polls that put Clinton a head you should understand that they came out pretty close, only off in about six states and then only by about 2%. 770,000 votes are what in three states would have turned the election. Had the FBI and Russian not supported Trump you would be singing a different tone today.

            As far as Trumps support on the world stage, very few of our allies trust him and even less respect him.Because his people keep saying different things they don’t know where we stand anymore. The moderates in the government are having to rush out and explain the statements of Trump and his inner circle. He is doing his best to piss off our trading partners, he is doing everything he can to push the non allied countries away and to the influence of the other supper powers.

            Trump doesn’t like the Main stream media, you do know why they are called main stream don’t you? It’s because that’s where most people still get there news. More people watch 60 Minutes then all of your conservative media combined. Fox’s highest rating ever had .7% of the people in the US watching. The conservatives are swimming in a pond and think they are in the ocean. They stand in an echo chamber and think they are hearing a crowd when in fact it’s just their echo.

          2. InformedVoter February 25, 2017

            I didn’t think anyone could be as naive as you. The polls are done state-by-state and had HilLIARy up by large amounts. Specifically in Michigan, the polls had her up by double digits the weekend before the election. The day before the election, she was up 9 points! Based upon the polls, at 11 AM on election day, The Detroit Free Press declared she had won MI and would be the next president! As it turns out, President Trump got CHEATED out of thousands of votes just in Detroit!
            Bill Ford PERSONALLY stated to the news media, that Ford CHANGED their plans! And later Mark Fields made the same claim!
            CEO Son, held a joint news conference with President Trump and announced a change of plans. How much clearer can than be!
            Neither the Russians nor the FBI supported President Trump. NO intel agency says they can prove the Russians did the hacking. ALL intel agencies say the Russians DIDN’T have an affect or influence on the elections. Those ideas are just you lefties searching for a reason why the voters rejected Obozo’s 8 years and HilLIARy. If anyone had Russian influence it was Obozo “after the election I’ll have more flexibility”, or something close to that or did you forget.
            All through the election process, President Trump’s crowds were enormous, 1000s, while HiLIARy barely got a couple of hundred to show up and that was when she had so-called Hollywood stars!
            The ratings for President Trump, as reported by the foreign press is around 60, just like they have Obozo in the high 30s or low 40s. This was done be eliminating the race factor for Obozo, as responders didn’t want to be considered racist if they dissed Obozo, and didn’t wish to be called racist by supporting Trump. The unions are moving towards President Trump because he’s actually creating jobs.
            The FAKE MSM are losing viewers and subscribers almost as fast as you Dems come up with excuses why you lost the election.
            Now that President Trump has put the MSM in their place (from the foreign news sources), by not inviting them to the press briefings, they’ll have to stop making up lies and printing FAKE news or they’ll be playing second fiddle to the true news sources.

          3. InformedVoter February 25, 2017

            OMG, NAIVE! Mark Fields announced that they were cancelling plans to build a new factory in Mexico and instead invest $700 million in plants in MI and WI. So your FAKE NBC news source is nothing but FAKE. This is what President Trump was talking about!
            The other two are not FACTS, but OPINIONS expressed by those sources. How dumb can you be?
            EVERY US intel agency states very clearly that Russia DID NOT influence our election and there is NO proof that they tried. NO US intel agency says they can prove that Russia did the hacking! Yet you low information stooges just keep spouting lies like it’s been proven.

            This is EXACTLY what I was talking about regarding your knowledge base. It’s based entirely on FAKE MSM sources and you’re so naive that you continue to believe them.
            Just as you believed that Trump would drop out before the primaries, that Trump would not emerge as the GOP candidate, that Trump would badly lose the election. Hell, if I recall, you even predicted that the GOP would have to find another candidate because Trump, realizing that he would lose badly, would resign as the GOP candidate.
            You agreed with the following regarding Trump’s campaign.

            And to address your comments about angry protesters at town hall meetings, it’s quite obvious that these protesters are not upset GOP voters, but rather, they are paid henchmen from none other than Obozo himself. There are now calls for an investigation into Obozo’s actions and talk of having him arested.

          4. bobnstuff February 26, 2017

            Ford has been building up their US manufacturing plants for the last few years. They have been working on bringing all the big high profit vehicles manufacturing into American plants. Ford like most other car companies have been doing this. Most of what is coming out of Mexico is the low profit stuff. If you followed the auto industry you would know that passenger cars sales have dropped off from a high of 62% of the market to 32% today. If the cars aren’t selling you don’t need new plants to build them. Nothing that Ford told Trump was news, It had all been decided long before the election. The auto industry has to plan years ahead and they don’t change plans just because a president wants them to. Almost no big business work on less then a year in advance. All the Christmas product for next year was order before last Christmas. The Auto industry is designing the 2020 models as we speak. Parts of that $700 million number had been planned for as far back as 2014. The Unions in the auto industry are still pretty strong and you will see very few jobs get away from them. Also most Auto manufactures know the shot comings of made in Mexico so the don’t do a lot of top end stuff there.

          5. InformedVoter March 3, 2017

            Sorry Bob, but you’re quoting from the old business models. Ford has streamlined their concept to market to less than half of what it used to be.
            When President Trump was campaigning, he criticized Ford. Ford CEO Mark Fields took on President Trump claiming that Ford kept the number of UAW jobs in the US constant. The new jobs were outside the USA. After President Trump won, realizing the problems Ford would have if President Trump carried through his pledge to charge an import tax, Ford quickly changed their plans and had Bill Ford personally contact President Trump. Your FAKE news sources of course say this is not correct, but Bill Ford has stated it to be true. I choose to believe Bill Ford.
            When President Trump continued to bash the car companies, Ford CHANGED their plans to invest $700 million in Mexican facilities and instead invest the $700 million in MI. Along with this will be the jobs. Mark Fields has stated many times that Ford CHANGED their minds. Again, your FAKE news sources made up stuff that Mark Fields denies happened. Again, I choose to believe the company who is affected and not the FAKE MSM.
            You show how truly naive you are when you make posts like the one above!

          6. bobnstuff March 3, 2017

            If you read the business news and the the auto news you would see that everything Bill said had been in the works for a long time. They announced the change in plans for Mexico in April. $400 million of the investment was announced in 2014. You don’t seem to understand how Ford does things. They use sub assemblies from all over and you can’t just change your mind quickly. The parts for the 2019 model year are already being set up for in places like China. Ford imports from a number of countries – South Africa (Courier V6), Brazil (F-Series ute), Turkey (Transit), Thailand (Courier), Spain (Focus ST), Germany (three-door Focus, Fiesta), Japan (Escape, Econovan). They are going to be the fist American car company to import from India. One of the reasons for bring Manufacturing back home of the top end high volume trucks and SUV’s is to give them more flexibility.

            In other words he told Trump what he wanted to hear. My guess you call everything Fake that you don’t agree with.

          7. bobnstuff February 25, 2017

            All those things with Ford that Trump is taking credit for in fact came down in April But he didn’t know about them till January. What he though was news was in fact history.

      2. Whittier5 February 24, 2017

        Poor old Un-informed….

        1. InformedVoter February 25, 2017

          You probably still believe the polls that show that HilLIARy is ahead of President Trump! I just destroyed old Bob, as usual. Oh he means well, but like you, he relies of the FAKE MSM for his news.
          Here’s a link you’ll enjoy about the foreign government. Boy Sweden is really on a roll now.

  4. bojimbo26 February 24, 2017

    This is all happening because Stevie wants a Civil War in America .

  5. Wayne Thorson February 24, 2017

    Thanks to the media Trump got to where he is today. Back when he decided to run he blurted all those off the wall one liners that the media published and his followers were entertained. He is continuing to entertain those Trump supporters. Just look at the news every day. They are marching all over the country for him. They are marching in almost every big city and all over the world. It is a good sign because our biggest health hazard we have is obesity. Just think of the pounds of ugly fat that these marchers are wearing off because of Trump. I think he has probably broke a record. The Guinness Book of Records should be notified. I think they should look into it and probably print it.

  6. Madison Hall February 25, 2017

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  7. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 8, 2017

    Classic Nazism, and Bannon is a master of this stultifying and deadly mentality.


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