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CAIR Denounces Trump After A Big Night For Islamophobia

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CAIR Denounces Trump After A Big Night For Islamophobia

Donald Trump Islamophobia

Last night, Donald Trump flirted with white supremacy once again, claiming to Anderson Cooper that — referring to the entire religion — “Islam hates us.” His latest remarks about Islam are part of a long-running effort to signal to his supporters that he positions himself against Muslims as a group, and not just the efforts to fight violent terrorist groups.

“I think Islam hates us. There’s something tremendous there that hates us,” said Trump. But what, exactly? He doesn’t know. Asked by Anderson Cooper whether he meant that hate was within Islam itself, Trump placed the onus on the media: “You’re gonna have to figure that out, OK?”

In response, the Council American-Islamic Relations held a press conference today demanding an apology from Trump. “Im here to tell you you haven’t done your due diligence on Islam because you know nothing about our religion,” said Kristin Szremski, Director of Media and Communications at American Muslims for Palestine. She was among several spokespeople from an array of American Muslim advocacy and civic groups who joined CAIR in demanding an apology from Trump. “You are thinking this will get you to the presidency. You think the ends justify the means. But you are harming my community.”

Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee Staff Attorney Yolanda Rondon issued a similar denunciation of Trump. “There is no us versus them, there is no other. That divide and conquer tactic won’t work. We are all Americans, and we must all defend these ideals,” she said. “He knows his statements and policies have a direct impact on our community and we can take it no more.”

“Our message is not to Donald Trump, its to moderate Americans. Like you, we’re tired of all this extremist rhetoric about Islam being at war with the West and vice versa,” said Rabiah Ahmed, Media and Communications Director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council. “We are also tired of being talked at and spoken for. We are tired of being misrepresented. We are tired of defending ourselves against extremist rhetoric from both ends.”

That Trump, who has consistently demonized the media, now wants that same media to “figure it out” is yet another opportunity for him to claim plausible deniability later down the road. The public has already seen how this will play out: After failing to denounce David Duke’s endorsement, Trump blamed it on a faulty earpiece. The initial interview, just like his interview with Cooper yesterday, served as a screeching dog whistle to the darkest parts of his base.

This hasn’t stopped Trump’s allies from rushing to explain his remarks. Andy Dean, once a candidate on The Apprentice, repeatedly claimed during two different appearances on CNN that it was the “Islamic culture of hatred in the Middle East” that caused Trump to say that the religion, along with all of its adherents, hates Americans. He cited a Pew poll of 39 countries examining Muslims’ views on women’s rights and Israel as proof.

That same poll, however, reveals numerous contradictions to Trump and his supporters’ views on Islam. More than 85 percent of all those polled supported religious freedom. More than half of Muslims were worried about Islamic fundamentalist groups — more than the percentage of Americans that were — probably because the overwhelming majority of victims of fundamentalist terrorism are Muslims. In the vast majority of countries polled, more than half of respondents said they preferred democracy to a “strong leader.”.

Dean switched his justification for Trump’s comments on a later appearance on The Lead with Jake Tapper. “This is about women’s rights,” he said, defending the man who said Hillary Clinton got “schlonged” and said that Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle was the reason he was singled out for tough questions during the first Republican debate. He even claimed women in majority Muslims counties could be killed for demanding a divorce. But, again, the same Pew poll he used as justification for Trump’s remarks revealed that the majority of respondents believed in a woman’s right to initiate a divorce.

Donald Trump has run two parallel campaigns: one that claims he is the smartest, most qualified, and most respected businessman in the world — which the most cursory glance at his writings, speeches, or business record will disprove — and another that claims Islam itself hates America while feigning ignorance of David Duke and his affiliations with the KKK and other white supremacist organizations. The more Trump embraces this latter narrative, the more dangerous his campaign will make this country for minorities of all races and ethnicities.



  1. Dominick Vila March 11, 2016

    I am not a religious person, but I feel compelled to defend Islam against the latest demonstration of opportunism, isolationism, and overt hatred demonstrated by a man willing to make the most offensive and irresponsible comments to achieve his goals. The most disturbing part of this is the fact that millions of fellow Americans see nothing wrong with what Donald Trump says, and that they don’t seem to understand that he is manipulating them to get their support.
    Does this cynic understand that Islam was alive and well centuries before the USA became a nation?
    We all remember what happened on 9/11, and most of us support actions and policies designed to prevent a recurrence. The difference between Donald Trump and most Americans is that most of us don’t blame 1.6 billion Muslims for the radicalism and crimes committed by a few thousand Muslims. The damage this man is doing to our international reputation, to our ability to lead the free world, and to our society is almost impossible to quantify.

    1. Leftout March 11, 2016

      Trump stated that many in the Moslem cult are blinded by their own religion that prevents them to make rational judgements .
      Their treatment of women and family members if they stray from the barbarism of their beliefs is worse than found in the inquisition.
      Not many have denounced San Bernardino and other international atrocities , but they danced in the street in Jersey City, the day of 9/11. The next day in the same city the city was empty of these bass tards for fear of retribution.

      1. FireBaron March 11, 2016

        You need to get your news from sources other than Brietbart.
        1. Islam is not a Cult, no matter what Pat Robertson says about it. It is a viable religion, descended from the same Abrahamic tradition as Christianity and Judaism. If you follow Strom Thurmond’s old saw that “a Cult is a group that does not recognize the divinity of Jesus”, then that would also include Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.
        2. Quit looking at how women are treated in countries controlled by the ultra-orthodox sects. Of course, you may not be aware of this but Islam requires if a woman complains of being mistreated by her husband to her male relatives, she has the right to petition for divorce. You may not also be aware of this, but in some European countries, women only recently won the right to divorce (Ireland, Italy).
        3. Many Islamic groups and leaders openly denounced the actions in San Bernardino, as well as those in Ft. Hood and other locations.
        4. Nobody danced in the streets in Jersey City. That was stock footage shown on Fox that got picked up by other locations. If you actually check the footage, you will see that was from the Middle East.

        1. Leftout March 11, 2016

          WrongO ! I was driving through Jersey city that evening taking a colleague Home from Staten Island, we were both shocked by the display,
          Pat Robertsons / Stom Thurman definition of “cult” is not correct and is partial to their bias And is not defined as belief in the divinity of JC.
          Women of course should have equal status as males . There are many cultures only one generation removed where women are placed on a higher level , or some cultures some are not and have Been expected to be in a supportive secondary role in making a good home environment and the male provides support . We all have seen this . Some of my peers , well educated women have decided that raising the family was their primary role, but the husband also had relatively good means of support so all were comfortable .

          1. jmprint March 11, 2016

            Bottom line is we are all equal, it’s the human side of us that thinks dominance is important, I disagree. Every mind is it’s own world, and in my world, there is no one better then the other, just different. Even Jesus in the bible says God created man and God create women equally.

          2. Leftout March 11, 2016

            Almost agree, women are slightly more intelligent except for the dull ones. God said perhaps man needs a partner and man is not quite perfect so therefore we have women a more wholesome creature for me anyway.

            No one is duly equal

          3. jmprint March 11, 2016

            Equally as a human being, not mentioning the mental status, or IQ’s as that is why we need Government resources.

          4. Leftout March 11, 2016

            True , a not too many years ago we did not have to be told that we were equal . We were doing better in my opinion in human relations. This animosity and pointing out our differences is a recent focus and I dislike its purpose.

        2. Wayfarin' Stranger March 11, 2016

          From Strom Thurmond’s attitudes and behavior one might by this standard wonder whether he himself was adherent of a cult.

          But if so this in itself isn’t the worst part. The worst part is our not being able to know which one.

          Dixiecrat maybe?

      2. Dominick Vila March 11, 2016

        Have you considered the fact that most women in Islamic countries are proud to demonstrate their modesty? Do you realize that they often wear expensive garments under their Islamic attire, which they set aside when they are at home. Islam is not a cult. It is a religion embraced by 1.6 billion people, that venerate Christ, Abraham, and other prophets.
        Generalizations seldom reflect reality, and more often than not, contribute to hatred and atrocities.

        1. Leftout March 11, 2016

          The cultism that I refer to is the blind acceptance of the verses of the olde Testament or Quran as attributed to God. Even Job and Abraham finally get pissed
          Off and ask what the Helll am doing killing my own son? Even JC looked up and asked in a sense” Whoa ! This hurts , I hope I am doing the right thing!. ” Father do not forsake me ” we have to argue with God on principles that are not proper.
          Jews and JC did so, But the Moslems are yet too intimidated by a Loving??? God to behave more normally . Even Catholics who Are intimidated to submission from an early age will occasionally come to their senses and say God could not be stupid ! On some things .

        2. Leftout March 11, 2016

          Yes I mentioned elsewhere about the cultural differences , even my own family the women had traditional roles and the men were the providers, women were treated w reverence . When my grandparents got off the banana boat they raised the kids and jobs were plentiful but laborious for men, but they provided for us, mybown mother also assumed the “traditional ” role and when All children were out she took a job and added additional income as well as mingled with the other friend s who were also doing work, some clerical , some production labor, what ever their level of education would be .
          Some of the European cultures had women in more submissive roles and the macho men were the providers. As children we only knew who was the boss in the house when we overheard family arguments (discussions) we all knew then that the women ruled the roost and it was expected and humorous .

      3. The lucky one March 11, 2016

        Your name, “leftout” is apt. No dummy, there was no dancing in the streets on 9/11 in Jersey City or any American city. Jeesh, and we wonder why a demagogue like Trump has so many followers. It basically comes down to we have so many idiots.

        1. Leftout March 11, 2016

          I was there .

          1. The lucky one March 11, 2016

            You’ll have to excuse me but I don’t accept the statement of a lone observer without any substantiating evidence. How curious that none exists and that there are no police reports of the huge commotion that would have provoked.

          2. Leftout March 11, 2016

            There were police activities on the incidents and there were other witnesses , my rider as well. You are not well informed on this .

          3. The lucky one March 11, 2016

            Be so kind as to point me to some verifiable sources to the incident you claim to have witnessed, excuse me, that you and your friend claim to have witnessed.

            I would guess that any police activities related to Tower bombing were protection of muslims from irate bigots but probably that came later.

          4. Leftout March 11, 2016

            I will but there were several accounts in the paper local to the area and police accoints,I could find them but you should do it . .are you from that area.

          5. The lucky one March 11, 2016

            From politifact:

            “We conducted an exhaustive search of newspaper and television transcripts on LexisNexis, looking for reports from September 2001 through December 2001 that made any mention of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating the 9/11 attacks.

            Regarding Jersey City, which Trump mentioned specifically, we found two uncorroborated and unsourced mentions. Neither begins to approach the scale Trump described.

            The Associated Press, on Sept. 17, 2001, described “rumors of rooftop celebrations of the attack by Muslims” in Jersey City. But the same report said those rumors were “unfounded.”

            The Washington Post, on Sept. 18, 2001, published an article that claimed “law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river.” The Post story includes no source for this information, and we found no evidence that any of these allegations ever stuck.

            A more rampant rumor of Muslim or Arab-Americans cheering the attacks centered around nearby Paterson, N.J. But that turned out to be just a rumor, spawned by chain emails and perpetuated by shock jock Howard Stern’s radio show.

            The Star-Ledger reported that as the rumors spread, “Paterson police rushed to South Main Street, the center of the city’s Middle Eastern community.”

            “When we got there, they were all in prayer,” Paterson Police Chief Lawrence Spagnola said.”

          6. Leftout March 11, 2016

            That is amusing and that is what I found the next day driving the same Kennedy Blvd,
            There was no one on the streets, I am sure that. They were all hiding in their prayer rugs fearing for their lives , yes they were found praying, conveniently . I found a lot of this was hushed up for fear of causing a massacre . Keeping silent is done today , if a Moslem is found to be involved in a shooting the authorities clam up to protect the Innocent??

          7. bobnstuff March 11, 2016

            When did you find out that it was Muslim terrorist that crashed the planes? What time do you claim to have seen this dancing? I have a little problem with the time line since no one really know who did it at first and there was some time before we found out the facts. Who well do you remember that day? I find some real problems here. You also seem to believe that Muslims killing people in this country is common when you are 10,000 times more likely to be killed by your spouse then by a Muslim Terrorist.

          8. Leftout March 11, 2016

            Am I on trial, it was evening still daylight going North on Kennedy Blvd , main drag in Jersey City coming through Bayonne via 440. After work that day. Later in the morning We were in a hospital awaiting people from NY , all of our Emergency Prepardnes training was going to put to the test, but no one ever showed up. We thought at first there’s was a fire perhaps in one of the ReRaurants or some such thing , then the second plane hit , then we started listening to the radio and we had a TVin the ER waiting room and we began watching the events , tears are coming to my eyes . And hate See you later.

          9. bobnstuff March 11, 2016

            I watched it to through the morning, here is my problem with your story, No one know who had done it at first and the facts didn’t come out till almost nine that night and the reports were still incomplete. Muslim Americans had nothing to celebrate since they lost people there just like everyone else. Just like Trump you believe that Muslims hate our country when there are more Muslims that are our allies then our enemies in this world. I do have a personal link to 9/11, my nephew spent a week digging for bodies. He is also a good friend of the Shanksville fire chief. He has made it a point to study the events and I will take his word over the Trumps any day of the week.

          10. Leftout March 11, 2016

            Days later I was talking w some coworkers , many from India, and neighboring countries , they were told not to go into the city that day from Sources they knew . And many such little stories started to surface , I am just relating this , not made up or read from any source source .some loses were Moslem In the towers true but they say if you are in the USA you are sleeping w the devil ..,. In some minds . I can tell you that some do have hatred in them for the US even if they live here , sometimes I am privy to their conversations.

          11. bobnstuff March 11, 2016

            I spent most of the 90’s knee deep in Muslims. I worked for a Muslim family and when I say family I mean Brothers and cousins and friends, they take care of each other and if you need a job you will get one. They had people from both Iran and Iraq because their home was right on the border, I learned a lot about their home country and their religion. These people truly believed in the American Dream. Since then I have known a number of Muslims and have respect for most. It’s funny how we treat the new comers to our country. The nationalities that are here do not welcome the next group to arrive and tend to treat them badly. Now your stories about people knowing about it ahead of time is a little hard to believe since non of the reports back it up.

          12. Leftout March 11, 2016

            I also have many good friends from particularly Iran and one eventually is became CEO of a nationally know IT group . He always had a Koran on his desk , and a very peaceful man . They seem to be a different brand of religion , the name escapes me.

          13. Leftout March 11, 2016

            We knew by noon it was a terror attack, I went out for some coffee after the first fire was detected , thinking it was just a fire and and I was driving , on returning a cop … An hour later ..,,pulled me over on a road that was practically barren, my driving record is terrible since I speed a lot …… I said oh oh , I knew that I was not going fast or no red lights and I pulled over with humility on My face, I asked what did I do wrong ? He said I had to pull you over and just talk tell you that I did nothing wrong but he wanted to just talk to someone , a look on his face was nothing like I have ever seen….,,and told me that a plane also just went into the pentagon, I got out of the car and we listened to the radio for a while.

          14. bobnstuff March 11, 2016

            We didn’t know who had done it till much later in the day. At that point Muslim terrorist were only a small part of the terrorist in this country just like today. The difference was back then Muslim did not come to mind first.

          15. The lucky one March 12, 2016

            One last time. There has been no credible evidence produced to support your story, no pictures, no videos, no police reports, nada.

          16. Leftout March 12, 2016

            They had several news clips also around the time Trump was Mentioning the same.

    2. stcroixcarp March 11, 2016

      I am seriously considering converting to Islam. I may go to hell, but at least I wont have to spend eternity with christian bigots.

      1. Leftout March 11, 2016

        There really are no Virgins their either , there is only one virgin and she is in Boston., a three bagger, or three burka for you I guess .

        1. jmprint March 11, 2016

          Not all muslim, think the same, just like not all christians thinks the same. The are a lot of great Muslim Americans that have better morals that some fake christians. Seems you are always “leftout” of common logic.

          1. Leftout March 11, 2016

            Nay , I am aware of the failures of you all, that is why man created religion to keep Moslems Jews and Christians from acting like some animals. Now some animals behave with better regard for each other more so than humans and they have no Religion or mane they have evolved to a higher level.

          2. jmprint March 11, 2016

            “I am are aware of the failures of you all,” failure to accept that you have common sense, that’s your making. How do you know that it was man that created religion were you there also! Maybe the animal you are talking about is goat, your partner in stupidity!

          3. Leftout March 11, 2016

            Religions are only created by man to explain the unexplainable , this I know .it happens every now and then, does it not?The animal I Was referring to was an elephant there may be others for sure . I do not care for goats, you seem to know something about them , i detect a twinkle in your narrative or perhaps , with a Burka , may be suitable for ISIS or you as well.

          4. jmprint March 11, 2016

            They created religion to control. You are delusional and dislike the way America is now, why don’t you go and join ISIS, you share the same hate.

          5. bobnstuff March 11, 2016

            You know little about the teachings of Islam. They make Christian seem selfish greedy and immoral. They except other faiths much better then the Christians do and in fact tax them less because they feel it’s unfair to make others live up to their standards. They pray 5 times a day and spend a month each year fasting. They don’t drink and believe in family values. They honor God much more then Christians. Women have been able to own property in their world long before they could in the Christian world, I’m not a follower of Islam but I do respect it and it true followers.

          6. Leftout March 11, 2016

            That is an opinion, since Muslims are in effect awaiting the arrival of Jesus to save their asses and souls . The Moslems
            Are therfore Christians and owe their Quran to the old Books . They are related very closely tonjudaic philosophy . It therfore amazes me as to why they are interested in killing Jews and Christians since Islam is derived from them. Mohammed was a wise man and he knew men had a low attention Span, so he made his desert dwellers pray and memorize the Book and pray 5 times a day as well as have as many wives as he may afford .,,,,, this is suicidal in my opinion …, however you would think that after o
            All of this praying and laying that they would be content and not case any other mischief , but no …….on And on

          7. bobnstuff March 11, 2016

            It’s not Muslims that want to kill us it people who live in countries that we have attacked over and over again that want to kill us. In this case they just happen to be Muslims. It’s the people we stole the land for the Jews from who want to kill them. We are not nice people as a country, We are like the British in thinking we know better then all other people in the world.

          8. Leftout March 11, 2016

            True these angsts between men have been around since Attila the Hun it is not a Jewish problem, Moslems in Indonesia and the Philippines are creating mischief and there is not A Jew around for miles, it is more ingrained than just anti jews or Americans . If everyone is Moslem would that satisfy Islamists , how many stupid sects of Islam and Christianity are there , all religions should be banned and then we could only kill each other like Cain and Abel, Seems they had everything going there ……’for a minute.

          9. bobnstuff March 11, 2016

            Haters will hate, Blacks kill blacks more then whites, Muslims kill Muslims more the non Muslim. We kill our friends and family more the strangers. Marx would tell you that religion is meant to control the masses. Most religions are created to keep the peace not to start wars.

          10. Sand_Cat March 11, 2016

            Really, what does it take for you to get that this moron isn’t worth your time?

          11. CrankyToo March 11, 2016

            “…man created religion to keep Moslems Jews and Christians from acting like some animals.” Well, no wonder they were acting like animals – they couldn’t get no cotton-pickin religion!!! And why not? Cause it hadn’t been invented yet!

            You wingdings get dumber by the hour…

          12. Leftout March 11, 2016

            Now you got it

          13. CrankyToo March 12, 2016

            You apparently don’t. How could there have been “Moslems Jews and Christians” if there was no religion?

          14. Leftout March 12, 2016

            Same name for different folks :
            Jews , Moses as scribe conjured up Judaisc principles , of whoch chritianity is derived with the added slant of a spiritually messiah. Arabs justbastardized the olde and New Testament , had it redone in a simple College Outline Seriws format for the simple minded desert folk Moses as well as Mohammed needed something for their peoples To cogitate upon, evidently living a Desert Life only leads one to mischief . Bothe Jews and Muslims are supposed to spend most of their days memorizing these tomes to keep them busy . It would take a lifetime to complete this feat and therfore keep every one busy enough….. You would think! But there are always a few silly ones in the crowd that want to sneak into another persons domaine .

        2. CrankyToo March 11, 2016

          Yeah, and how IS your girlfriend these days?

          1. Leftout March 11, 2016

            I am too ugly to generate enthusiasm, I had to rely on my large boots to get them
            Imaginative .thank you Rubio.

      2. Wayfarin' Stranger March 11, 2016

        “Hell is other people.” — Jean-Paul Sartre, “No Exit,” 1944

        There may be no escape from bigots of any flavor — I don’t know anything makes Muslim bigots preferable to “christian” ones — either place.

        I challenge you, Muslim, Christian, or anyone else to find credible basis for bigotry in Koran or Jewish or Christian scriptures.

        Whether converting to Islam, as part of “serious considering” stcroixcarp might look at, or attend one of the sessions of, Sheikh Hassan Lachheb, a Mooroccan-born Islamic scholar.

        Go in peace.

      3. CrankyToo March 11, 2016

        Bad news, friend. If you do, indeed, go to hell, I’m afraid you’re going to find the place is filthy with Christian bigots (or Hypo-Christians, if you will).

    3. David March 12, 2016

      ISIS has an estimated 50,000 fighters. Where are all the protests about this terrorism from the “peaceful” muslimes?

  2. David March 11, 2016

    The muslimes are taught to kill the infidels who won’t convert. They vow to destroy the “Great Satan” which, of course, is the United States. Where is all the demonstration and protest against ISIS and Al Queda by the “moderate Muslims”? They are our enemy!

    1. Dominick Vila March 11, 2016

      As far as I know, the only crusades carried out to date involved Christians (infidels) in the Islamic world.
      Some of our closest allies in fighting ISIS and Al Qaeda are Turkey and Jordan, two moderate Muslim countries. Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim population in the world has been a close U.S. ally for decades.

      1. David March 11, 2016

        You didn’t study about the Muslime invasion of Europe?

        1. Dominick Vila March 11, 2016

          The Umayyad invasion of Hispania (Spain, Portugal, and parts of France) was the direct result of Goth Kings fearing the efforts of Goth King Rhoderick to unify Hispania, which would have ended their small reins. Since they could not defeat Don Rodrigo, they asked the Calyph of Damascus for help, which the latter was delighted to offer.
          The Byzantine and Ottoman incursions in Europe were partially motivated by the earlier invasions of Middle Eastern and North African countries by the Greeks and Romans, including the establishment of a major military and political base in Constantinople.
          The invasion of Iraq, after Saudi Arabians attacked us on 9/11 was motivated by the need to guarantee the re-election of George W. Bush, preserve sizable financial investments in the USA by Saudi Arabia that helped mitigate the effects of irresponsible tax breaks, and for economic and geo-political reasons.

          1. David March 12, 2016

            Which Goth kings asked the Ottomans to invade Spain? It was an invasion led by a guy named Tarik that led to the death of Roderick.
            I guess Saddam Hussein’s attack on Kuwait had nothing to do with our response.

          2. Dominick Vila March 12, 2016

            Spain and Portugal did not exist as we know them today. The Iberian Peninsula was divided into several relatively small kingdoms ruled by the Goth Kings that controlled the Peninsula since they invaded it in the year 311. When Rhoderick (known locally as Don Rodrigo) suggested the consolidation of all the kingdoms, his cohorts saw him as a threat and in addition to rejecting his suggestion, they all asked the Calyph of Damascus for help. When Islam invaded the Peninsula, none of the other Goth Kings joined Rhoderick. They abandoned him, not only because they considered him a bigger threat than the Muslims and the Sephardi Jews, but because the deal they had cut with the Caliphate allowed them to remain in power in their respective kingdoms as long as they paid homage and tribute to the new rulers.

          3. Dominick Vila March 12, 2016

            The initial response by George H. W. Bush after Saddam invaded Kuwait was ambivalence. It wasn’t until Saudi Arabia voiced concern over the distinct probability of Saddam’s forces entering Saudi Arabia that Bush I reacted.
            Don’t forget that Saddam was considered an ally by the Reagan administration, who provided him with materiel, and military intelligence, including the famous WMDs, throughout the Iran-Iraq war. We didn’t invade a country that posed a threat to our security, we invaded the country of a former ally, and eventually deposed him and purged all members of his party and tribe, in part, to help the homeland of most of the 9/11 terrorists, and for political and geo-political purposes.

    2. bobnstuff March 11, 2016

      The killing of infidels came from the old testament, much of Islam was borrowed from the the Christian and Jewish religions. The fight against ISIS is being fought by Muslims and it’s the blood of Muslims that Al Queda and ISIS is spilling. As far as death to the Great Satan, we deserve it. We have treated the countries of the middle east badly for many years and they have every right to hate us. Who are we to change their governments, to divide up their country and to steal their oil. If they had done to use what we have done to them we would hate them.

      1. David March 12, 2016

        I get it..you think ISIS is justified for their terrorism. F off, idiot!

        1. Sand_Cat March 12, 2016

          You don’t “get” anything other than your own infantile, bigoted and hate-filled politico-religious cult.

          1. David March 12, 2016

            “infantile, bigoted…and hate filled”? They have sworn to kill us. What dreamland are you living in?

        2. bobnstuff March 12, 2016

          I can understand why the people of the middle east could hate us but ISIS is killing Muslims. As far as terrorist attacks in the US just how many people have been killed by members of ISIS in the US? you know everything you tell me.I’m not sure you know who ISIS is. I know Trump doesn’t.


          1. David March 12, 2016

            According to the Huffington Post, about 65 Americans killed by them in the last five years. Not enough to bother you?

          2. bobnstuff March 12, 2016

            That’s less then the number of Muslims both good and bad ones we killed yesterday. That’s less then the number of gun deaths in the US on any given day. Those deaths don’t bother people, are those lives any less value?

          3. David March 12, 2016

            Obviously, there is a difference. The muslimes we kill are our enemies. The victims of murders are not as a result of a planned war against the United States. No, the lives of muslimes we kill are not as dear to me than Americans that they have killed. Do you value them as much?

          4. bobnstuff March 12, 2016

            Not all the Muslims we kill are our enemy, a bomb can’t tell who it kills. Life is cheap in America, We kill each other and no one really care enough to do anything about it. You only care about those few killed by terrorist because they are on the news and even still you don’t remember their names or care who they were, They are just something to complain about. These poor soils are used to create fear and to justify spending tax money and hating people. No one really cares that they there people anymore then we care about those poor soils in the middle east we bomb daily. All these people are someone child and had names. We work very hard at dehumanizing them so we can kill them. Our media sells hate, the right wing candidates sell hate, even many of our churches who should know better are selling hate. We are becoming a country of haters. All life should be dear to us.

          5. David March 13, 2016

            So, the muslime terrorists are worth as much as an American? Not to me. And, thankfully, not to the vast majority of Americans. I pity you.

          6. bobnstuff March 13, 2016

            As a Christian I believe that ALL killing is bad, the bible doesn’t say that you can pick who you kill. it say that you shouldn’t kill.The vast majority of Americans do not follow their own religion. I do. You are angry because of 62 deaths just think how angry you would be after 10,000 deaths because of we have killed that many or more Muslims in a war we should never been in.

          7. David March 13, 2016

            If you really are a Christian, learn to read the Bible (by the way, it is supposed to be capitalized) correctly. First, see what the Greek/Aramaic word that was originally used and how it is defined. “Kill” as originally used, meant “murder”. We aren’t murdering terrorists. Without our military, and an armed militia, you are able to post your bleatings on the Internet. If the muslimes take over, what do you think is going to happen to the sheeple like you?

          8. JPHALL March 12, 2016

            It is also less than those Americans killing themselves with heroin.

    3. Sand_Cat March 11, 2016

      Still can’t spell or think, I see.
      No surprise there.

      1. David March 12, 2016

        Apparently spelled correctly enough for you to understand who I was referring to. Why don’t you move to a muslime country? They respect women so much!

        1. Sand_Cat March 12, 2016

          Why don’t you move to a Fascist country? They like people like you, and if you’re lucky, you might be able get away with killing people you don’t like, something it appears would please you a great deal.
          Though on second thought, maybe even the Fascists would tire of your know-it-all kid persona.

          1. David March 12, 2016

            You obviously need to find a safe place. Is it tightening up a little?

  3. Otto T. Goat March 11, 2016

    The UAE lists CAIR as a terrorist group.


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