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A Black President’s Burden

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A Black President’s Burden


It was shortly before 1 a.m. when President Barack Obama arrived at the White House for his vacation break — that is, his break from his vacation. By late afternoon the same day, he had met with his national security team about Iraq and his attorney general about Ferguson, and was delivering a statement to the press in the White House briefing room. He looks tired, Twitter said. He isn’t wearing a tie, Twitter complained. Where is his passion? Twitter wanted to know. And then there was this, from retiring ABC correspondent Ann Compton, on Ferguson: “Have you considered going yourself? Is there more that you personally can do?”

Maybe a white president eventually would have gotten the Compton questions. With a black president, the only surprise was that they hadn’t been asked sooner.

Every time there is a demographic breakthrough, the pathbreaker confronts soaring expectations and symbolic responsibilities. John F. Kennedy had to explain how his Catholic faith would or wouldn’t influence him in the White House, and more recently he would have been on the spot to weigh in on sexual abuse scandals involving priests. A President Mitt Romney, steeped in a less familiar faith, would have been a de facto interpreter of what it means to be Mormon and pressed to comment on any developments involving his church.

Had President Hillary Clinton been in the Oval Office for the last few years, she would have been cross-pressured by senators with competing ideas of how to handle sexual assaults in the military. She might have been expected to show a special interest in the kidnapping of hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls, in the plight of Saudi women who are legally the property of men, in female genital mutilation in Africa and Asia, and in the gender-based abuse and murder committed by the Islamic State.

If Clinton does become president, feminist expectations of her would be immeasurable, and destined to be dashed. There’s no way she could live up to her stirring pronouncement nearly 20 years ago, at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, that “human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights.” As Secretary of State, Clinton even encountered pushback for supporting Saudi women protesting their country’s ban on women drivers.

While Obama’s victory bulldozed a brick wall, it could not banish the past to the past. It thus falls to Obama to interpret the still painful black experience for the rest of America, a trial-and-error process that usually results in one faction or another being annoyed, alienated or disappointed. In this instance, Obama hasn’t branded the Ferguson police stupid, which is what he called the Cambridge police when they arrested Henry Louis Gates Jr., a black Harvard professor trying to get into his own locked home. He hasn’t said that if he had a son, he’d look like the dead Ferguson teen, Michael Brown, though he made headlines with that formulation a month after Trayvon Martin was killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Florida.

It’s been less than two weeks since the Brown shooting and police have said the 18-year-old is a suspect in a robbery that happened shortly before he was shot, two possible reasons for Obama’s caution. Ever the master calibrator, the president has talked of the tough job the police have to do, the tragedy of someone dying so young, the communities that “often find themselves isolated, often find themselves without hope, without economic prospects.” He sent a stand-in to Ferguson — Eric Holder, the first black attorney general.

If Obama wants to show personal passion, there is a way. He should take up the causes of voter registration and turnout in Ferguson, as Al Sharpton has done. Republicans call this exploiting a tragedy, but in reality it is promoting politics as a substitute for looting, shooting and street protests, in a place that needs to hear that message. Consider: Overall turnout in this year’s municipal election in Ferguson was about 12 percent — “an insult to your children,” Sharpton told mourners last weekend. Last year, according to research done for The Washington Post, black voter turnout was a tiny 6 percent — roughly one-third the level of white turnout.

As you’d expect, given those patterns, Ferguson has a white mayor, five white council members out of six, and a police force that is 94 percent white. The real shock is that this small St. Louis suburb is 67 percent black. There is no reason for blacks in Ferguson to feel isolated or hopeless. There is every reason for them to vote, and for Obama to remind them through exhortation and his very existence of the change that can be wrought at the ballot box.

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AFP Photo/Saul Loeb

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Jill Lawrence

Award-winning journalist Jill Lawrence is a nationally syndicated columnist and a contributing editor to U.S. News & World Report. She also contributed to The Surge: 2014's Big GOP Win and What It Means for the Next Presidential Race (2015). Lawrence has discussed political and policy developments on television, radio, and many other media outlets. She was an adjunct professorial lecturer at American University in 2014, teaching on the relationship between politics and the media.

Lawrence has covered every presidential campaign since 1988, as well as historic events such as the Three Mile Island nuclear accident, the 1994 Republican takeover of Congress, the Clinton impeachment, the Florida recount, and the 1993 and 2009 battles over health reform.

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  1. Dominick Vila August 21, 2014

    The problems attributed to President Obama have nothing to do with breaking laws (he hasn’t), making unprecedented decisions (he hasn’t), being ineffective (he hasn’t), making bad decisions (he hasn’t) or being divisive (he hasn’t), his problem is something he can’t do anything to change: he is a black man in America, and the first black President in history. The latter is the circumstance and the legacy that has burdened his presidency and will determine his place in history.
    He was insulted in public by an elected official, to the delight of other officials more interested in ridiculing and undermining the credibility of a man they consider an usurper, or a blemish in an otherwise pristine presidential record, than concern over the stature of the Office of the Presidency, or the consequences of establishing an embarrassing record. He has been accused of exacerbating the economic calamity he inherited, even though his hard work, vision, and the effectiveness of his policies helped prevent the worst economic meltdown since the Great Depression. He is blamed for the long term effects of a horrendous foreign policy that destabilized a part of the world of great economic and geopolitical interest to us, even though his policies would have been very effective had it not been for the vindictive, opportunistic, and greedy decisions made by his predecessors. When racial tensions emerge, he is expected to solve them because he is, purportedly, part of the problem or because he, somehow, influences the overt hatred that has existed in the USA since we became a nation. Interestingly, he is blamed by both sides, one side accuses him of being divisive, the other criticizes him for not mentioning race in his speeches and for not doing enough to end the perceived or real wrongs inflicted upon them since the days they were brought in in shackles to this country, sold, and felt the crack of a whip.
    His problems have nothing to do with what he has done, but with his persona and what he represents to a segment of our population that cannot accept change or the the right of other human beings to pursue the same opportunities afforded to them since the days they are born.

    1. kenndeb August 21, 2014

      How delusional can someone be? He is a blemish on our Presidency. You refer to him as black, but he isn’t. He has never been part of the black community. He was raised as a Muslim, outside our country. How can he possibly know what it is like to be an American black when it is doubtful he is even an American?

      1. BillP August 21, 2014

        Again with your ridiculous lies. It is only doubtful about President Obama being a natural born American to you trolls living in your right wing bubble world. The fact that you still bring this issue up exposes what a blinded to the facts troll you really are. You are truly one of the most ignorant trolls on this site.

        1. kenndeb August 21, 2014

          This is what a transparent administration looks like? Everything about the Emperor is secret. All his records are sealed. When pressed on something about his past, bad documents suddenly appear, mostly questionable. But this is alright with liberals because they now have a champion for their agenda that turns our country into a third world country?

          1. Dominick Vila August 21, 2014

            The country with the largest GDP, an economy than when we sneeze the rest of the world catches bronchitis, the most influential country in the world, and the country with the largest military is a Third World country? Get a grip! Your remarks may resonate in a Tea Party rally, you are not going to get very far in a forum like this, where most participants are capable of rational thinking.

          2. kenndeb August 21, 2014

            If rational thinking was liberal trait, then why are there so many supporters of the Emperor filled with so much hate?

          3. Sand_Cat August 21, 2014

            1) You’re projecting all of the venom of your vile hatred on us in order to justify it to yourself and others, and
            2) Some of us are sick and tired of it and express anger and frustration, very different from the deep-seated animosity that you exude

          4. idamag August 26, 2014

            I am apolitical – meaning that I think political parties are dividing this country and destroying our democracy. However, conservatives, like kenneb, have convinced me that the right is full of hate and I shall vote Democrat from here on.

          5. Dominick Vila August 21, 2014

            Only if your definition of tolerance and compassion make those attributes synonymous to hate.

          6. Sand_Cat August 21, 2014

            Yes, some specifics, Ken. You have nothing but bigotry on your side.

          7. latebloomingrandma August 21, 2014

            When have we asked for or seen any other president’s “records”?

          8. Billie August 22, 2014

            Never. It’s just a ruse used by TPers. They got nothing else so they pull that.

          9. Independent1 August 22, 2014

            Well kenndeb, if you’re looking for examples in America of 3rd world living, you don’t have to look any further than the red states in America.

            America’s Red States are nothing more than a total disaster and exactly why America ranks so poorly in the world with respect to healthcare and people living with SHORT life expectancies!!! If you want to live a 3-6 year shorter life, just move to a RED STATE!!

            And not only will your life be shorter, but more often than not, you’ll be living in one of the states in America with the greatest amount of pollution: the wonderful state of Texas has been awarded the distinction of having the most polluted environment in America – isn’t that just wonderful.

            Why don’t you spend a few minutes and peruse all the wonderfully bad statistics about America’s disasters just waiting to happen!!!!

            9 of the 10 states with the most gun related violence are Red States

            States with most Gun Violence per 100,000 – 2012:

            Homicides/Assaults/Violent Crime


            14 of the 15 states with the highest rates of gun ownership are GOP-RUN STATES


            7 of the 10 most violent states are red states
            Violent Crimes per 100,000 Population – 2012


            23 of the 25 states with the highest auto fatality rates are Red States. Here’s a list of the 1st 10:

            Auto Fatalities per One Million Miles Driven – 2010

            -11 of the 12 states that have the highest infant
            mortality rates in the nation are GOP-RUN STATES? With Mississippi having the
            highest infant mortality followed by Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas,
            S. Carolina, Delaware, North Carolina, Georgia, Oklahoma, Indiana & Ohio.

            -20 of the 23 states that have more than 15% of their population struggling with incomes below the poverty level (the states that need the most welfare assistance) are GOP-RUN STATES. The only Blue States in the top 23 are California, New Mexico, and New York. While for 2013, the 8 states with the highest average incomes, including the 3 with the highest minimum wage standard, are all Blue States.

            -15 of the 20 states with the highest average rates of homicide over the past 5 years are GOP-RUN STATES. With Louisiana being by far the murder capital of America followed by Mississippi, New Mexico, Maryland, South Carolina, Alabama,
            Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois, Arkansas, Oklahoma, N. Carolina, Nevada and Florida.

            -23 of the 25 states in the nation with the highest highway fatality rates are GOP-RUN STATES; with Montana having the most fatalities followed by Louisiana, West Virginia, S. Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Arizona,
            Nevada, Alaska, N. Carolina, S. Dakota, Idaho, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Ohio, Florida…

            -18 of the 20 states with the highest firearms mortality rates are GOP-RUN STATES; with Louisiana leading the nation in firearms mortality followed by Wyoming, Alabama, Montana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Nevada, Tennessee, Alaska,
            New Mexico, Oklahoma, S. Carolina, W. Virginia, Missouri, Arizona, Kentucky, Georgia, Idaho, Florida and N. Carolina

            -9 of the 12 states with 6 or more public servants per 10,000 public employees convicted of
            corruption are GOP-RUN STATES: led by Louisiana with 10.5, Kentucky – 8.5; S. Dakota – 7.5, Delaware – 7.2; Mississippi – 7.1; Alabama – 7.1; Pennsylvania – 7.1; N. Dakota – 6.9; New Jersey; 6.7; Montana – 6.5; Ohio – 6.3 and Tennessee – 6.0.

            -12 of the 15 states that get back the most federal aid for the tax dollars they send to Washington are GOP-RUN STATES; And all 10 that get more than $1.75 back for each $1 they send to Washington in tax revenues are red states. Of the 17
            states that get back less tax dollars in federal aid than they send to Washington in tax revenues, ONLY 3 OF THEM ARE GOP RUN STATES. All 10 of the states that get the least federal aid for the taxes they pay (less than .75/$1) are BLUE STATES.

            8 of the 10 most corrupt states are GOP-Run states: Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Alaska, South Dakota, Kentucky and Florida.

            9 of the 10 most miserable cities in America are in Red States: Huntington/Ashland, WVA, Charleston, WVA, Redding, CA, Spartansburg, SC, Hickory–Lenoir-Morganton, NC, Beaumont/Port Arthur, TX. Columbus, GA/AL, Shreveport/Bossier City, LA, Mobile, AL, Evansville, In/KY.

            All 10 of America’s poorest cities are in Red States: Brownsville-Harlingen, Texas, Dalton, Ga., McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, Texas, Gadsden, Ala., Lake Havasu City-Kingman, Ariz., Albany, Ga., Monroe, La., Cumberland.W.Va., Fort Smith, Ark.-Okla, Pine Bluff, Ark;

            While 9 of the 10 richest cities are in Blue States: San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, Calif., Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, D.C.-Va.-Md., Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, Conn., San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, Calif., Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, Mass.-N.H. , Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura, Calif., Anchorage, Alaska, Honolulu, Hawaii, Manchester-Nashua, N.H., Napa, Calif.

            All 10 of America’s most miserable states, those with the least “well-being factor” for their residents
            are GOP-Run states with the worst being West Virginia and then: Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama, Ohio, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma and last but not least – Louisiana.

            – More than 75% of food stamp recipients live in GOP-RUN STATES. Six of the top 10 food stamp-using states are GOP-RUN states and beyond that the greatest food stamp using states are the sparsely populated red states. And of the 456
            counties in America that use more than 90% of all food stamps, 421 of those counties (92%) voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012 election.

            – the GOP-RUN STATE most Republicans probably look to as a shining light for the GOP, Texas, which is the second largest economy in America behind California, compares very poorly to other states in America. Texas ranks in the bottom 5 in more than 90% of 23 subjective measures when compared to other American states! Even though the GOP has had 20 plus years to turn it into something other than a job creation machine, Texas continues to
            shortchange its residents living standards and exposes them to many hazards; including living in the most polluted environment in America.

            -Finally, all 15 of the states with the lowest life
            expectancy in the U.S. are GOP-RUN STATES?? Such that there is a large disparity in longevity between Red States and Blue States: on average,
            residents of blue states live 2 years longer than residents of red states. To the extreme, the Blue State residents of 9 states with longevity projected to 80 and older, live as much as 5-6 years longer than the residents of the 4 shortest-lived GOP-RUN STATES of MS,WV,AL & LA. Follow this: starting with longevity projections for red states of 75 in: Miss., W. Va., Ala. & LA.; to 76 in: Arkansas, Kentucky & Tennessee to 77 in: S. Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio & N. Carolina; while no Blue State has a longevity projection
            of less than 78, and many Blue states have longevity projected to 80 and over: N.J., N.H., Vermont, N.Y., Mass., Calif., CT, Minn. & Hawaii; Only one red state has longevity projected to 80 Utah (80.2), while 2 Blue States have longevity projections of over 81 –Minn. & Hawaii)

          10. Billie August 22, 2014

            As a Texan I can tell you that we only take back 97 cents of each dollar we send to Washington. It would be much higher if we didn’t get oil subsidies. However, I imagine the rest of your essay is spot on.

          11. Independent1 August 22, 2014

            Yeah! Texas is one of the 3 red states that get back less in federal subsidies than they send to Washington in income tax dollars. Somehow, Republicans have this notion that they can cut the budgets of virtually every government agency to the bone so they can can feed subsidies to businesses, let the already wealthy get away without paying their fair share of taxes and brag about how they have low taxes and balance their budgets and yet somehow, everything a state government should be overseeing will continue to function properly. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way.

            For example, just this week a report came out on how poorly the students in some states do with respect to the Advanced College Placement Tests, where less than 5% of the students in Mississippi and Louisiana attain a grade of 3 which qualifies them for a college credit; and even in the results of that report, of the 21 states
            where less than 15% of the students get a grade of 3, 20 of those states are red states. The one blue state which quite often is included among the poor results of the red states, is your neighbor state New Mexico.

          12. Billie August 22, 2014

            Perry has cut education so badly that Texas is now 45th in the nation. The education that my granddaughters are getting in Chicago is far superior to the Texas education. And that’s not saying much.

          13. plc97477 August 27, 2014

            I wonder if the gotp has finally figured out that the only way they are going to get voters is by keeping them stupid.

          14. Allan Richardson August 24, 2014

            If it were not for its sheer size, Texas would be down at the bottom of all those lists with the other Dixiecrat-run states (yes, I know that Dixiecrats back in the day were members of the Democratic party, but today the Dixiecrat ideology is embraced totally by the Republican party, so they are still Dixiecrat states).

            Texas doesn’t even seem to believe in keeping factories at high risk of fire and explosion away from residences, churches and schools! Nor even in allowing the public to KNOW if they are there, nor in regularly inspecting them to be sure safe procedures are in place and followed! One example is the West, Texas, fertilizer plant explosion a couple of years ago. And Greg Abbott, the GOP Attorney General running for Governor, actually ruled that there is no duty for a business to tell its neighbors if it has hazardous chemicals on its premises, JUST BEFORE getting a huge campaign donation from a Koch brothers company!

          15. Billie August 24, 2014

            When on the state supreme court he ruled that Kirby had no responsibility to do a background check on those they hire to go into peoples homes to sell vacuums. Thankfully he was out numbered by the other judges on the court. And this is the guy that we are likely to have for a governor if we don’t get dems out to vote. Therein lies our problem. There are more dems in Texas than Reps but they don’t vote. I am an election judge and my precinct is in the school administration building. I could not believe that those school employees came in and voted republican. After all the republicans have done to our school system. Are you a Texan Allen? If you are please help us get people registered and urge them to vote.
            It’s looking pretty good for Leticia Van de Putte but not so much for Davis.

          16. BillP August 22, 2014

            You have lied on this site before and you are doing now. What records are sealed and before you list any make sure that they are. Don’t use some bogus data from a right wing website. You make all of these accusations but never offer any verifiable proof. What documents are you referring to?
            Third world country, get serious you ignorant troll. If you think that this country is a 3rd world country then you need to leave your little bubble world and see what the real world looks like. It amazes what little faith you and the other trolls on this site have in the American people. You lie and lie and when you aren’t lying you repeat lies from other sources.

          17. Independent1 August 22, 2014

            If he’s a blemish, it’s a shining blemish far above 4 previoous 5 GOP disaster presidents – from an outright crook (Nixon), to America’s worst president ever that began America’s enormous income inequality by destroying the very fabric of its society (Reagan), to a wishy/washy who demonstrated clearly that he couldn’t care less about America’s peons (Bush 1); to another total disaster that not only lied us into 2 unwarranted wars that have cost the lives of thousands of Americans, and drove up our debt by over 9 trillion dollars but also intentionally refused to respond to warnings of an attack on our homeland which ended up with 3,000 Americans dead on 9/11; and also did nothing during his disatrous 8 years as president to prevent even one of more than a dozen attacks on American consulates and embassies overseas resulting in more than 70 more dead (Bush 2/Cheney).

          18. Independent1 August 22, 2014

            What other president’s White House has been so open to the public? What other president has solicited input from the public on such an active basis?

            Which clueless Republican can you identify that has ever signed onto http://www.whitehouse.gov and signed up to be kept up to date on the issues that the White House is pursuing??

            I get emails constantly from the White House informing me of decisions Obama has made, issues that the White House is actively pursuing, issues I should be thinking about andeven asking me for my comments. The White House has even run national teleconferences via the internet where citizens can actively participate in a give in take on issues of the time.

            And what other president has ever allowed our citizens to actually set up petitions that will be seriously considered by the White House for action?


        2. Dominick Vila August 21, 2014

          I suspect that Ken and Deb know that Barack Obama was born in this country, had the right to run for and be elected President, and that he tackled more controversial issues during his first 5.5 years in office than more Presidents have done during the last 3 decades or so.
          The reason for their outrageous claims, which undermine their credibility and make them look like fools, are influenced by the need to energize the GOP base with the kind of things that simpletons love, the things that brain dead zealots want to hear when they participate in a Tea Party rally, and the things that are working out so well for them, in spite of a horrendous record of governance – or lack thereof – and an absolute lack of vision. They are not stupid, they think everyone else is.

          1. BillP August 22, 2014

            Dominick you are correct. When I see some of the bs that these trolls still try to pass as facts I try to ignore them but sometimes they are so ridiculous that I have to respond.
            Always enjoy your comments, thoughtful and informative.

        3. Billie August 22, 2014

          He could have been born in Timbuktu and he would still be a natural born USA citizen. His mother is a US citizen and that makes him a citizen. He is eligible to be POTUS. The same as Ted Cruz would be. FYI Crazy Cruz will never be POTUS.

          1. BillP August 22, 2014

            Billie your are correct the way law reads it doesn’t matter where President Obama was born. It’s when these trolls and the always going to run Donald Trump claim to be investigating the president’s birth certificate validity they never seem to come back with proof.

        4. idamag August 26, 2014


        5. plc97477 August 27, 2014

          And the competition is stiff.

      2. FT66 August 21, 2014

        Kenny, how much does it cost you to be civilised like others? If he isn’t black, what color is he in your mind? If he isn’t part of black community, what part do you think he belongs to? Did you contribute anything to raise him as a Muslim as you mentioned?? Are you so upset that the man won first election and got re-elected? You look like a bitter person to me, who finds difficult to swallow a bitter pill, though there is no choice to avoid it.

        1. kenndeb August 21, 2014

          He is supposedly half black half white. Why would I contribute anything to raise him as a Muslim? If you want to be enlightened, do a few google searches, and open your mind and eyes.

          1. FT66 August 21, 2014

            Mmmmmh! Kenny, I presume you are wrong. There is nothing like half a race. One must be a full race or doesn’t belong to either half. Pres. Obama decided himself that he belongs to the black side (I think that was the right decision). You, Kenny can’t decide on his behalf what side he belongs to. What about to respect his decision instead of yours!

          2. kenndeb August 21, 2014

            How about he opens his sealed records? How about he starts actually telling the truth? How about he abides by his oath to defend the constitution?

          3. FT66 August 21, 2014

            Bye, bye Kenneth. With your reply, I think we are not sailing on the same boat. Enjoy your weekend my friend!

          4. joe schmo August 21, 2014

            Dude you need to back up what you say with articles and facts. They still won’t get it, but at least you have fuel for fodder:)

            At this point they are grasping at straws, Raising for a fall:) The only way they can win is through corrupt tactics.

            Obama can’t, he holds the ‘race’ card over our heads. That’s how they keep us suppressed. It’s gotten a little out of hands to say the least. Such will not be the fact with our next president so I see the tide changing in the future……

          5. BillP August 22, 2014

            Schmuck for once you have said something, back up your comments with articles and facts. You forgot one thing though – the facts must be verifiable and the articles not from sites like WND or Universal Spectator.

            I see you still don’t proof-read your comments. Your statement “At this point they are grasping at straws, Raising for a fall:)” is grammatically incorrect. I think you meant to write “racing not raising”.
            You know you trolls write such inconsistent crap, how is it you continually write your usual blather but are suppressed. Was this done after one of your conversations with some imaginary person?
            By the way 7/1 came and went, the stock market is back at near record levels. Another one of your bs facts.

          6. kenndeb August 24, 2014

            You don’t want facts. You just want everyone to agree with you. Most liberal sites and the regimes facts are nothing but lies and propaganda. And you don’t want to even consider anything from the right because it strains your mind that there are actual truths out there that do not come from the left. Most of you on this site are very one sided.

          7. BillP August 25, 2014

            Ken-Doll you continue to lie whenever you write n this site. Statements like “Most liberal sites and the regimes facts are nothing but lies and propaganda” are typical of your usual bs. You copied and pasted lies about Democrats being the mas shooters from a website that offered no proof of its allegations. Where was your response to this? Nowhere to be found. You and Joe Schmuck write the same crap day after day bs comments that are noting more than the same right wing blather.
            As for being one-sided look at your comments, not one ha anything positive just your usual negative bs.

          8. kenndeb August 25, 2014

            As I have said before, lying seems to be a liberal trait. Anything I say is what I believe to be the truth. I may sometimes get bad info, but not as much as most liberals get. I don’t lie.

          9. BillP August 26, 2014

            This the lamest reply. When you copy and paste bad info onto this site you are taking ownership of that info. What you did and still do is write info that you have not verified, that means you are either lazy or just accept any bs statements from your right wing sources. In the end you are either lying or accepting lies.
            When you state that lying is a liberal trait it’s just another of your stupid comments. Back up your statements or don’t write them.

          10. joe schmo August 25, 2014

            Fat chance Billy Boy. I don’t post from the ‘Universal Spectator.’ There are plenty of others out there….Try GOPUSA, Drudge Report, Brietbart, Forbes, Washington Post, CNN, The National Memo, Wall Street Journal, New York Times etc…and yes, WND…….On occasion MSNBC but that station is below the standards I have set for myself. Quite irritating if you ask me. I see, once again, you are a wealth of ‘non-knowledge.’

            Get over your grammatically correct. You have made your share of mistakes in the past and I rarely correct you. I feel that is petty and I get the gist of what you are stating. Typical of you because you have nothing important to inject into the conversation.

            LOL…..I was right as usual. It will happen again….mark my word. Maybe next time it will be for good. Ahhhh, that ‘almighty’ dollar. Now I see Yellen is a bit concerned about raising the interest rates….LOL How long do you suppose it will last. Since I am already moneyed, I don’t really need to worry about the eb and flo of the S&P 500:) Smart investments don’t always have to be risky:)

          11. BillP August 25, 2014

            Schmuck I didn’t say you did but your buddy Ken-Doll did regarding mass shooters being Democrats. It was such a ridiculous comment that it took only 5 minutes to refute all of its assertions.
            I’m so sorry that it upsets you when your errors are pointed out, gee I really feel bad for you. Another correction, you have never corrected me. Typical of you to make up things.
            You still haven’t said what was to happen after 7/1. Interest rates are being kept low and probably will be until next year as long as inflation stays below 2%. Oh did your wealthy daddy give you your allowance? It must be nice to have someone supporting you. As for the S&P 500, Nasdaq and other indices they are doing pretty good this year after a very successful 2013. By the way (again to be petty) the word is ebb not eb. Still haven’t taken my suggestion and take a course in grammar and spelling.

          12. kenndeb August 22, 2014

            I gave up on trying to give sorses. Each and every link I provide are never liberal enough, and we know that those liberal sorses

          13. Allan Richardson August 24, 2014

            That’s because reality has a liberal bias.

          14. joe schmo August 24, 2014

            Not so fast…. I predict things in the future will swing back the other way because this anarchic/decadent mess cannot exist in this Country forever.

          15. joe schmo August 25, 2014

            Welcome to the world of craziness. I will continuously post resources and cut and paste sources of information. Perhaps nothing will ever penetrate their block heads but, nonetheles, it gives them fuel for thought. If not now, then in the future should I have written or posted something that does come to pass. I get my information from many different sources and I do so on purpose.

            Most often Liberals are well versed in use of emotionally evoked profanities and they certainly are not problem solvers. Just ‘collectives’ praising the governments insurrection against all that was once American, just and good. Their socialistic brains cannot wrap around the fact that their Lord and master is a Marxist disciple out to destroy what the Founding Fathers sought to keep in tact. I’m glad there are others like myself on a quest to quelch the lawlessness of the left and bring it to light because, frankly, some of the Liberal media keeps their listening audience in the dark, and they are kept from the very information that they need to hear….. and yes, they are rabid jackels;)

          16. Sand_Cat August 25, 2014

            Joe: your second paragraph is a PERFECT description of you and your friends; all you need do is change “Marxist” to “Nazi”; you, at least are far closer to Nazi than any of us are to Marxist, but of course, I’m throwing pearls – well, not really pearls, but closer than what you’ve been shoveling – before swine.

          17. Billie August 22, 2014

            Why would he do that? You didn’t ask Bush to do it. No other president has done it. This is just another ruse by you.

          18. kenndeb August 24, 2014

            Most of these records are public, except in the Emperors case, where everything is sealed. Makes many wonder if any of his records are real or even exist.

          19. joe schmo August 25, 2014

            You see kendeb, when you first start commenting on this site…you get attacked on all sides. Some of them I like and I don’t pester them. Some no longer mess with me…..LOL Gee, I wonder why?:)

          20. Sand_Cat August 25, 2014

            Yeah, Joe. I’m sure we could all go on your favorite neo-Nazi site and state our opinions, and we’d all receive friendly and polite responses, right? Like nice friendly death threats. Yes, we can see how reasonable and friendly you are by what you post here: we’re all morons, etc.
            BTW, you misspelled Kenny’s name ;>).

          21. plc97477 August 27, 2014

            They couldn’t even get romney to let us have a peek at his taxes.

          22. idamag August 26, 2014

            kenneb is just trying to hide his racism.

      3. Dominick Vila August 21, 2014

        Was it you that spoke enthusiastically of Sen. Ted Cruz’s bid for the presidency? President Obama was born in Hawaii. His mother was born in Kansas. The fact that he spent a few years overseas does not change his nationality, legitimacy or sense of patriotism. He is considered a black president because in the USA, a man with just a drop of black blood in him is considered black. That’s the way it has been for many years, and it is not about to change because Ken or Deb wish that was not the case.
        President Obama has not spoken as loudly about race issues, as some people wish he had, because he knows that he is the president of ALL Americans, rather than a segment of our population. Simply put, he is not about to dismiss the needs and aspirations of 47% of our population as some Republicans have done in the not too distant past.
        President Obama may be a blemish to a pristine presidential record to people like you, he is like a breath of fresh air for many of us, his ability to save our economy in spite of continuous obstructionism, his ability to reduce the budget deficits he inherited, his ability to end the medieval crusades that resulted in the death of 4,500 young Americans, thousands maimed, and $1.7T wasted or redistributed to companies owned and controlled by Friends of Bush, remind us of how lucky we are to have a president who instead of remembering his accomplishments in terms of fame and power, has done everything he can to improve our standard of living and keep us safe.
        Most importantly, his election and re-election remind us that in spite of the obstacles that remain, our country is moving forward, in spite of the efforts of those who want to take us back.

      4. Sand_Cat August 21, 2014

        Sorry, but your delusion is showing. You claim that it is doubtful he is an American shows profound ignorance of the Constitution you claim to revere, your claim he was raised as a Muslim has no basis in fact, and the claim he’s a “blemish” on the presidency is without foundation. In fact, he has – with all his faults – been the best president we’ve had in a long time, and with that and all your other hysterical and groundless denunciations makes it difficult to escape the conclusion that he is a “blemish” to you because he is a “black” mark.

      5. rustacus21 September 4, 2014

        … uh, no… The ‘blemish’, the ‘stain’, the ‘curse’, if U will, was the W.H. ‘occupant’ during the 2001-2009 period, who was responsible for the the 2nd worst executive performance in 80 years – & perhaps the history of the Republic. U should reminded of that term – Republic – & what it means (… supreme power to the citizenry, over elected/appointed rep’s…) & by OUR count, President Obama understands that Muslim, Christian or otherwise, Black, Bi-racial, he’s still the President, serving at OUR whim… for the most part… meaning that the leftover crisis netherworld left by his predecessor has put him in such a bind, he virtually immobilized b/c of it. His ’08 campaign agenda? Derailed b/c of his predecessor ‘Republican’ administration. While things could be better, it’s ‘Republicans’ defeating making things better, as per the ‘mandate’ of what ‘Republicanism’ is SUPPOSE TO BE about. As for that ‘blemish’ U mentioned – that really just his ‘whole’ skin color… He was actually born that way, in case U didn’t know there we people colored different than White… In case U didn’t know that… By the way…

    2. ralphkr August 21, 2014

      Really, Dominick, considered “a blemish in an otherwise pristine presidential record”??? How is that possible to have blemished the record since Obama and EVERY president of the USA has had English Ancestors so it is obvious that Obama has continued that pristine record. So much for our founders fear of English taking over the US.

      1. Dominick Vila August 22, 2014

        Because for those who even a drop of “black blood” is enough to confine a person to the back of the bus, the presence of such person in the Oval Office, for anything other than serving cocktails, is an aberration and an embarrassment. For some Americans, seeing the portrait of a person of color in a collection that highlights the hegemony of an ethnic group – and the dominant gender – is a blemish that cannot be mitigated by Shakespearean attributes. The next phase may be the inclusion of a woman.

    3. idamag August 26, 2014

      As usual, your take is very astute.

  2. FT66 August 21, 2014

    President Obama can’t choose any side. He is the President of all people. Intellectuals and who are not. Those who voted for him and who didn’t. Some are trying very hard to make his job look miserable to him. Thats OK, he is taking it. BUT, and only BUT, the man is not stupid. He can wait until before he leaves the Office and do what he thinks he must do and be remembered for that special action. This can be done as we have witnessed a lot of Presidents do the same like pardoning a good number of people. He can have one or two issues in his mind which he might accomplish by any means before he signs off.

    1. Dominick Vila August 22, 2014

      Some have been pardoned, some devote their time to emulating Gauguin or Toulouse Lautrec, some spend their time parachuting from airplanes or playing golf, some create organizations to build houses for the poor, others create foundations to help people in need; and it is up to us to determine who were really worthy of the presidency based on their commitment to do the best they could to help their fellow Americans and humanity at large.

      1. Billie August 22, 2014

        GWB is a little tall for Toulouse Lautrec. We could cut him off at the knees. LOL

      2. FT66 August 22, 2014

        Agreed. So far we have already evaluated former Presidents of what they opted to do, whether they are beneficial to people or not.

  3. joe schmo August 21, 2014

    I think this article is very appropriate at the moment. I goes to show you who the race baiter’s really are. Racism is so dated and it is really unfortunate that Obama and Holder have to take America back in time. This ideology exists in the Liberal mind, not the Conservative…


    1. charleo1 August 21, 2014

      The reason you, and many on the Right, have taken to describing any person discussing race, as, “race baiters,” is completely false, and demonstrably so. It is also insulting, as it’s supposed to be. The very point, if one desires to not engage. We see it, and hear it all the time. We seen Rand Paul run from a Dreamer the other day. Sen. Paul was afraid. And not of their calves the size of cantaloupes. But afraid of the conversation these young, bright, nice looking kids, might force him to have. That he so wants to avoid at all costs. He was afraid, they were going to ask some uncomfortable questions. And, even worse, would require some extremely unhelpful answers from a future candidate for the one office that’s supposed to represents all of us. The Presidency of the United States. So we refuse to allow you, to not have this conversation without consequences. Like never again electing a Republican President. And later on, fewer, and fewer Governors, and Senators. And the last to go will be the House. And, Congressmen, who can no longer win, no matter how the districts are fashioned, configured, or mangled. No, not you personally Joe. Just the Conservative, Right. And going in, let me tell you, we totally understand why you Righties would rather avoid the racial issues, altogether. Even as it was the Southern Strategy, and the newly minted, Republicans, former Dixie-Crats, that accounted for the Republican resurgence in the South. Plus now, the all the Neo Facists, and White Supremacists, that have gravitated into the mainstream Right, since the T-Party. All very embarrassing, I’m sure. But it was this, was it not? After the passage of Civil Rights Legislation in the sixties. And believe me when I say, we realize how this makes any discussions about race, something the Right would rather ignore. Claim it didn’t exist. But we’re just not going to allow it. So you guys best come up with something other than, we don’t think it exists. There’s way too many people out here, that will tell you, it exists all right. They live it everyday. So they should know.

      1. joe schmo August 21, 2014

        LOL, what you have written is really a joke.

        Gee….NeoFascists and White Supremacists. KKK….I think there are about 2000 to 5000 members ( I actually looked it up). How many people reside in the US. Like they really have a big influence….LOL I believe La Raza and The new black panthers have far more members….and they are very prejudice.

        As far as the T party and the rest of the Conservative groups. Unbeknownst to you, we get along just fine. It is your side that looks to pit us against each other. I heard Ryan and Romney both say that the T Party actually helped balance the Conservatives out. Too bad on that one. You’re wrong.

        You are the ones bringing up the racial issues, not us. Funny thing, I see more and more Conservative Blacks on television. Such a breath of fresh air. Guess they see the light. My hope is that they can inspire more blacks to be all they can be and Hispanics as well.

        Remember this is America. There are two sides here. One is supposed to balance out the other. Since Obama and Holder have been running this country, your side has done everything including massive government corruption to rule with an iron fist and to win, win, win. Little greedy isn’t it. You are not the only ones who live here. I predict Obama’s and Holder’s little agenda will come back to slap your side right upside the head. Oh that’s right….lowest approval rating of any president.

        Didn’t slavery and the suppression of Blacks end in 1863? …and Civil Rights gave African Americans full rights. I really haven’t seen any issues with us as a country for 3 decades. Not until Holder and Obama came into the picture did that all change. Guess for them it’s payback time. Not a very mature way of thinking. You just tell me how whites are the causation of Black America’s problem? Black on black crime, Black on other ethnic group crime is never mentioned and it is more prevalent and kills more Blacks than any crimes combined.. Why is it Whitey’s fault?

        This article was written by Larry Elder regarding Ferguson.
        I think it says it all:)


        1. latebloomingrandma August 21, 2014

          I think you should stay off the computer and start reading some books.

          1. joe schmo August 25, 2014

            Too much book knowledge isn’t all that good either. Authors can be quite biased and inject false propaganda. Research is just that research. Sometimes it is less than truthful. I have done my fair share of reading all through college and I do read, articles and books online. Life experience or talking to people who have been in certain circumstances is always the best source of information. That is usually what I go by.

        2. charleo1 August 21, 2014

          Thanks for sharing Joe. If I’d have told people what
          passes on the Right, for minority awareness. Understanding the concerns of minorities, or at the least, having a working knowledge of the continuing struggles of all people of color in America. They’d
          have thought I was surely exaggerating. But they
          can read a post such as yours, and know the score.
          And why the Right doesn’t ever talk about race.
          Unless it’s talking about Black crime, or illegal
          immigration. And the truth is, people of all color, or ethnicity, don’t always expect their politicians to do something about their problems. But they do expect them to know what their problems are. So dream on about the sudden conversion of minorities to a GOP worse now on racial relations, than the Democrats
          of the 50s. And one other thing. You can’t think the
          Country is so clueless as to where all the vitriol, at
          Obama is coming from. Everyone has a mouth, and
          can call, or accuse anyone of anything. At some point there’s got to be an example, or fact thrown in
          every once in a while. Unless you guys believe, preaching to an ever dwindling choir of know nothings, and dooms day nihilists, is enough to keep the Party viable.

          1. joe schmo August 25, 2014

            So now you know it all about ethnic groups. Gee, what Country do you reside in? Seems I live in the same one and most likely have had similar experiences. I grew up in a city that had very diverse schools. I have seen progress since I was a child. What a waste to now have to go back in time because of your race baiting, antagonistic Leader.

            Continuing struggles of all people of color. What an absolute joke. Never in the history of this country have so many ethnic groups been treated more fairly. Why should we talk about race. Aren’t we all AMERICANS. Color should not even come into play and who do you think brings up ‘Black’ issues? With regards to ILLEGAL immigration, you just don’t get it. MY PARENTS CAME OVER TO THIS COUNTRY LEGALLY. THEY STRUGGLED TO GET AHEAD AND BECOME PART OF THE FABRIC OF THIS COUNTRY. Has nothing to do with race or the fact that these people are poor. NOTHING! It is the ILLEGAL we do not like and the fact that ‘Father’ government gives them everything. NOT FAIR.

            This is not the 50’s. It is you who have taken us back in time. Not us. Doomsday? Look who’s who’s talking. You are doing that very thing with Environmental issues, Immigration, Race-baiting, Big Corps (which are run by your side). In reality you are regurgitating your media and you don’t really know what the hell you are talking about. Why not try thinking for yourself for a change.

            Get this in your thick skull. WE NO LONGER BELIEVE YOU ARE AMERICANS. The cold war hasn’t gone away. It’s standing at our back doors and uses the name Democrat. I don’t give a crap what you think. A complete and utter disregard and disrespect for the Constitution, the Amendments, and the American Flag.

    2. Sand_Cat August 21, 2014

      Didn’t I read this same post on another article? I guess it was a bit different, but just as delusional and nonsensical here as there.

      1. joe schmo August 21, 2014

        How would you know, you do so little research and contribute so few facts. You really don’t know Conservatives at all. It is you who are the race baiters not us….

        1. Sand_Cat August 22, 2014

          Once again, those of us who stand against institutionalized racism are “race-baiters” for pointing out the problem. Nice projection, Joe. What the hell would you know, blinded by right-wing lunacy and your own racism as you are?
          What few facts(?) you present are obscured by your bigoted interpretations and nasty presentation, and your “research” seems to come from far-right lunacy sites. You get back from me the mirror image of what you present, and probably a milder version of it than you deserve.
          If you tried being a little civil, you might find you’d get a better response, but you’ve obviously come here to bait and insult us, but are shocked when you get the same back.

          1. kenndeb August 22, 2014

            You actual dare say the word “civil” without fear of being struck down by a bolt of lightning? Big balls.

          2. joe schmo August 25, 2014

            🙂 Yup, that’s about all they have…..

          3. joe schmo August 25, 2014

            I insult you because your statements are ridiculous. Some of what you have read or heard or not even heard about from your media is not true or kept from you on purpose. I feel that I need to stand up for our side just like you morons always do for yours. Most often you have no interest as to what our media has to say. I want to know what lies yours spew. I wish to be well informed.

            Civil, believe me Sand Cat the only way you would be civil to me is if I was barking up the same tree. How can I possibly have a candid conversation with you when I feel you would insult me at every turn. So I stay ahead of the game.

          4. Sand_Cat August 25, 2014

            Speaking of “ridiculous statements… George W. Bush is too “liberal,” and the ACLU and NAACP are “hate groups” to you, but you’re a “Constitutionalist Conservative” and I’m the “race-baiter.”
            Yeah Joe. Very impressive.
            We’re all morons, and only you neo-Nazis know what’s going on, because you read lots of made-up facts embellished by your delusional fanatasies [sic]. Yes, that word describes your statements to a T: “fanatasies.”
            Are you sure Hitler wasn’t too liberal for all of you “Constitutionalist Conservatives” – or was it Capitalists?

          5. Sand_Cat August 25, 2014

            OK, now that I’ve posted a sufficiently insulting reply to your insulting reply to my insulting reply, let’s try it. From reading your posts, I’d like to hear rational, calm answers to the following questions, if you care to give them.
            1) What is it about “liberals” that makes us “race-baiters”? What specifically do you identify as race-baiting in what liberals do? Some examples might help.
            2) What is our media? What is your media that you propose as a rational and accurate alternative guide to what is actually going on?
            3) What IS actually going on, since we appear to you to have no idea? What are the most alarming trends you see, and – if not too lengthy – what do you propose to fix them?
            4) Why specifically was W too liberal for you?
            I’ve said before what my concerns are, but here they are again:
            1) So long as corporations are “persons” as intended by the Constitution, we shall NEVER be able to stop the corruption of our elections and government, or the decline of our country into a Crony-capitalist corporate kleptocracy which destroys the remaining “liberty” we as persons enjoy.
            2) So long as money is “speech” as defined by the first amendment, same results as corporate personhood guaranteed.
            3) Destruction of our land and the ecosystems it supports – also a result of 1 & 2 – will ultimately bring us down.
            4) People need true equality and to have their rights respected by government agencies, “intelligence” and law-enforcement especially. Simply changing the law and declaring the discrimination is over not only doesn’t solve the problem, it aggravates it. Denial of racism seems to me to come more from racists than from anyone else.
            5) Amassing arms far beyond what is necessary to defend legitimate national interests is likely to engender hostility in other nations, and – worse – encourage arrogance and the self-justifying use of those weapons, which in turn appears to justify the weapons by making additional enemies.
            6) When those whose party loses elections arm themselves in pursuit of some fantasy about fighting government “tyranny,” they invite what they claim to fear, and give the impression they would install their own tyranny if given the opportunity. NO ONE IS COMING FOR YOUR GUNS. Not yet, anyway. If the slaughter and the “pro-gun” hysteria continues, we may reach that point.

  4. N.R.Jothi Narayanan August 21, 2014

    I request all the people who want to comment on Mr. Obama, please refer him , Mr.Obama . We are in 21st century, is it right to address the President of the super power democracy ,who came up from ranks and took the responsibility during the global -financial crunch as “Black President” ?
    I have been shrunk by reading the caption of the article.
    I am reading the caption as, “A BOLD – PRESIDENT’s BURDEN”
    Difference of opinion,candid exchange of views & constructive criticism are the part & parcel of the democracy.

    1. kenndeb August 22, 2014

      The term “Emperor ” fits him best. A fitting title for a corrupt tyrant.

  5. N.R.Jothi Narayanan August 21, 2014

    If Hilary Clinton will create a history on women’s empowerment all over the world, I am ready to campaign for her in 2016. I am anticipating her invitation.
    N.R.Jothi Narayanan

  6. charles king August 28, 2014

    Have no fear , People, start doing some Critical Thinking and get the facts for yourselves about What? the hell is going on in America. You do not have to be a genius to make the right decision just get the facts and start selecting the right People. The VOTE is still Supreme so find out What? the hell is wrong in America and Who? and What? are making the errors. I know for a fact that many States are practicing Plutocracy instead Of Democracy so get rid of these People because they are about some of the people Not All of the people like in our Democracy. Check-out The Greedy Capitalistic Pigs corporations Who? are not paying their fair share of TAXES. Representives, Republicans and Democracts Not doing their jobs, in Congress and the State Houses. MONIES, DO NOT mean anything When? and the People know Who? are using it to make America depending on false hope. Have no fear, You will make the right decision and bring back your Democracy that is What? President Obama and his Admin. are all about. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. Mr. C. E. KING


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