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Bobby Jindal Ends Campaign For President

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Bobby Jindal Ends Campaign For President


In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, Bobby Jindal announced his withdrawal from the presidential race, bringing to a close a long-shot campaign in which the Louisiana governor try to pitch himself as a crusader for the rights of conservative Christians and the sole true conservative in a crowded field of Republican rivals.

“Americans can do anything,” he said. “But this is not my time, so I am suspending my campaign for President.”

“Going forward,” his statement continued, “I believe we have to be the party of growth and we can never stop being the party that believes in opportunity. We cannot settle for The Left’s view of envy and division.”

Throughout his campaign, Jindal accused his opponents and Republicans in Congress of failing to uphold conservative principles and of effectively turning the GOP into a “second liberal party.” He repeatedly chided the Republican establishment for failing to nominate a true conservative, in favor of a candidate which had been deemed “electable.”

If Republicans could not defund Planned Parenthood and abolish Obamacare, he said at the Sept. 16 debate, then it was “time to be done with the Republican party.”

“There’s no point having a second liberal party. Let’s get rid of the Republican party. Start over with a new one that is at least conservative.”

During the race, he took particular aim at GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, whom he called a “carnival act” and an “egomaniacal, unserious person,” who was “full of bluster.”

“It’s not enough to elect just any conservative — we’ve seen that,” Jindal said at the Nov. 10 Republican debate, where he also admonished his party for trying “to be cheaper versions of the Democratic party,” and failing to “embrace our own principles.”

Despite his antics and frequent pandering to evangelicals (namely on the subjects of marriage equality and women’s health), Jindal, who entered the race in June with low approval ratings in his home state, never cracked the top-ten in national polls (and he performed only slightly better in Iowa). He had been relegated to the undercard stage at each of the first four Republican debates. And an analysis by FiveThirtyEight in June had pronounced his candidacy basically dead on arrival.

Jindal’s full statement is reposted below:

I cannot tell you what an honor it has been to run for President of the United States of America. My parents came to this country 45 years ago searching for freedom and a chance.

When I was born, we lived in student housing at LSU, and never in their wildest dreams did they think their son would have the opportunity to serve as Governor of Louisiana or to run for President.

They raised me to believe Americans can do anything, and they were right, we can. But this is not my time, so I am suspending my campaign for President.

Going forward, I believe we have to be the party of growth and we can never stop being the party that believes in opportunity. We cannot settle for The Left’s view of envy and division. We have to be the party that says everyone in this country – no matter the circumstances of their birth or who their parents are – can succeed in America.

One of the things I will do is go back to work at the think tank I started a few years ago – where I will be outlining a blueprint for making this the American century.

We must show the way forward on growing our economy and winning the war against terror, and especially defeating radical Islam.

I realize that our country is off on the wrong track right now. Everyone knows that, but don’t forget, this is still the greatest country in the history of the world – and every single one of us should start every day by thanking God that we are fortunate enough to be US citizens.

Now is the time for all those Americans who still believe in freedom and American exceptionalism to stand up and defend it. The idea of America – the idea that my parents came here for almost a half a century ago – that idea is slipping away from us. Freedom is under assault from both outside our borders and from within. We must act now, we do not have a moment to spare.

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal speaks at the the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition Forum in Des Moines, Iowa, September 19, 2015.  REUTERS/Brian C. Frank

Sam Reisman

Sam Reisman is the former managing editor at The National Memo, where he still writes the weekly "This Week In Crazy" column. His writing has appeared in Flavorpill, The Huffington Post, Columbia Daily Spectator, and Bwog. He was the publisher of the 2010 edition of Inside New York, an annual guidebook to the city for students and young professionals.

Since 2011, he has co-curated and hosted Peculiar Streams, a showcase for NYC-based writers, musicians, comedians, and filmmakers. He is a staff writer at Mediaite, and blogs at SamReisman.com.

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  1. Corey Mondello November 17, 2015

    “We have to be the party that says everyone in this country [except for LGBT and non-Christians who don’t deserve anything that resembles equality] – no matter the circumstances of their birth or who their parents are – can succeed in America.”

  2. kingartie1 November 17, 2015

    You forgot a bunch of other parties: minimum wage workers, particularly those with employers who will not let their staffs schedule their shifts; pregnant women who don’t want to be pregnant or didn’t plan to be pregnant or for medical reasons can’t be pregnant, particularly in enlightened no-reproductive states like Texas; African-Americans (particularly those who are unemployed); single working mothers needing day care for their children but can’t afford it; students buried under college loans at a percent that far exceeds the rates at which the government borrows money to fund its corrupt and chronically bloated weapons development and Pentagon budgets, and pay its cynical Congress. I could go on.
    Like every Republican’t knucklehead, Jindal’s self-aggrandizing rhetoric (which could be read as an apology for failure to represent the views of more than a tiny slice of Americans) is couched in self-righteous sanctimony. Denial disguised as humility. If it was molecules of gold or platinum, we could collect enough to wipe out the national budget deficit and get to work on the national debt. Like we could have done 15 years ago, when W took office with a budget surplus of hundreds of billions bequeathed him by Clinton. Who gives a f*** if Jindal felt he could be president. Then what? A filthy oil well in every pot? A majority in his own mess of a state doesn’t even want him to be the governor. C ya.

    IMHO, fire the entire remaining Republican’t field and start over with candidates who aren’t wearing their pathological asses for hats.

    1. Jmz Nesky November 18, 2015

      … And just who would that include? A reasonable question.. Bet you can’t come up with one GOP name that the wing nuts would nod for. In 2012 I thought Jon Huntsman, Jr. would have given Obama a run for his position but the T-peers squelched that pretty quick, calling him a traitor.. Oh well, he probably wouldn’t have won in any case but he was one of the more likable GOP candidates for the short time they allowed him to be seen. Last thing I heard they wingers were contemplating erasing the board and resurrecting Mittens again.. Great thoughts from puny brains almost always amounts to squat. Guess the laugh is on them..

      1. Carolyn1520 November 18, 2015

        Mitt still has his victory fireworks from his last delusional run. 😀
        If they dust him off and march him back out , I still want to see his tax returns. I’m convinced he took the IRS amnesty agreement offered to tax cheats who had failed to report their income from Swiss bank accounts and that’s why he wouldn’t show his 2009 and 2010 tax returns. Yeah he was vetted when McCain was looking at him and he saw his past returns, but McCain picked Palin. Can’t help but think that it was not only that she was a woman but one with less baggage would cause less problems than a rich guy with tax cheat baggage. I don’t think he was aware she was a moron or for him it wasn’t a problem. 😀

        1. plc97477 November 19, 2015

          The repugs don’t like their females to too smart. If they were they would drop them on their butts.

        2. Jmz Nesky November 19, 2015

          More than likely not a problem since he and his goppers believed there’s no way you could tell in a room filled with them. I also have my doubts that Mittens actually allowed the tax return that he did reveal in 2012 (you know, with that higher tax rate?) but instead after the dust settled he revised it to correspond with his usual breaks.. Can’t prove it but it would be fun to demand he re-show that particular year as well as the years after if he does decide to reserve a seat in the GOP clown car.

  3. Polana November 17, 2015

    One bigot is gone more to go. Hucthatbe, santorectorum,Rubi-Con, Trump’emAll, Benito, Bushwacko,Fiordinodingbat, Cruzing4Bruising,
    ChrispyD-nuts, and Gay Gramcracker, the whole crazy bus of Goofy Old Puppets

    1. I of John November 18, 2015

      great names!

  4. Otto Greif November 17, 2015


  5. Jmz Nesky November 18, 2015

    What’s he gonna do with all that money he collected but never used? No need to tell me, I already know.

  6. 5612jean November 18, 2015

    Hopefully that fake Christian Mike Huckabee will be next. When someone presents them self as a Christian, but his TV show and audience is filled with hatred for the President, then I must surmise, this man is not a Christian. A Christian would know another Christian by the fruit they bare.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 18, 2015

      Right you are. What the Bible says outwardly and inwardly is totally lost on those who recite verses but don’t know how to put them into action. Many Muslims do the same when they learn to recite the entire Qur’an but don’t know the meanings behind the words—something I’ve witnessed repeatedly when talking with certain Muslims, both in the East and in the West.

    2. CrankyToo November 18, 2015

      He’s a Republican Christian. Or as I like to say, a Hypo-Christian.

  7. Jinmichigan November 18, 2015

    Can anyone imagine a “Think Tank”, that Booby runs? Must be the scariest place on earth.

    1. TheSkalawag929 November 18, 2015

      Yes I can.
      Here’s a link to it.

      1. Jinmichigan November 18, 2015

        This fits perfectly.

  8. Carolyn1520 November 18, 2015

    Buh bye.

  9. midway54 November 18, 2015

    One less lunatic now. We await more withdrawals.

  10. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 18, 2015

    Poor Bobby—Picking cotton in the hot sun down in Louisiana drove him into a state of delirium in which he thought it wise to throw away money on a fools-errand to run for POTUS.

    “This is not my time”, he says—You think, Bobby? Your time will never come because you’ve painted yourself into a corner, and the paint won’t dry for quite some time.

    You’re a decent guy, but your time is back in an era that we’ve advanced beyond.

  11. CrankyToo November 18, 2015

    An open message to Bobby Jindal:

    Dear Wingding,

    Two years ago (plus or minus), you said the GOP was the party of “stupid”. Now you’re saying it’s not stupid enough. You were correct back then – and you appear to be correct now, as well…. it’s obviously not stupid enough to support you.

    So long, douche-bag; see you in the funny papers.

    Your Pal,

  12. pisces63 November 18, 2015

    And another bites, another one bites, another one bites the dust


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