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It Gets Worse: More About Kevin Swanson, Anti-Gay And Anti-Women Talker — Host Of GOP Candidates

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It Gets Worse: More About Kevin Swanson, Anti-Gay And Anti-Women Talker — Host Of GOP Candidates


One subject was conspicuously absent from the Republican debates on Tuesday night: The fact that the previous weekend, three of the candidates had attended a conference in Iowa run by a fringe religious-right minister who was actively advocating the death penalty for gays — and, oh, saying that if his son married a man, he would show up for the wedding and smear his body in cow manure.

The man in question is Kevin Swanson, a talk-radio host and conspiracy theorist who hosted “Freedom 2015: National Religious Liberties Conference,” an assembly for far-right conservative Christians that was well documented by Right Wing Watch.

Among the guest speakers were Mike Huckabee and Bobby Jindal — who were also invited candidates at Tuesday’s undercard debate — plus Ted Cruz, who was even on the main stage and is polling in the low double digits nationally.

A worst-of reel of highlights from Swanson’s event was shown this week on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, with Maddow wondering if any of those three GOP candidates would be asked about Swanson at the debate.

Maddow’s discussion of the event begins at the 5:55 mark below.

But if anything, Maddow missed a whole other raft of material on Swanson: His hatred of women who go to college and get jobs — instead of submitting to their husbands as God intended. His views on this point were memorably articulated when he and his radio co-host Dave Buehner went on a tear in early 2013, decrying feminism as the influence of evil, ugly women who are taking over society. (And they even implicated in Tea Party hero Sarah Palin into this — for having a husband to whom she does not submit, but instead makes him submit to her.)

Editor’s Note: The YouTube account of Right Wing Watch has been suspended by the site due to third-party complaints of copyright infringement, and so videos of the conference are temporarily unavailable. 

“Remember, the goal is to get that girl a job,” Swanson said, “because she needs no stinkin’ husband, she’s got the fascist corporation and government-mandated insurance programs and socialist welfare that will take care of her womb to tomb. Who needs a cotton-pickin’ husband? Who needs a family? That’s pretty much the worldview that’s dominating, my friends. That’s what the college is all about.”

Later in 2013, Swanson and Buehner railed against gay influences in the Girl Scouts of America, urging listeners not to buy those delicious temptations, Girl Scout Cookies. And this conversation also steered back to that whole women-in-college-and-getting-jobs calamity.

Buehner said, with Swanson in full agreement: “Keep the end goal in mind: Are you trying to create a woman who’s going to compete with men in the marketplace — or are you trying to create a woman who will be a helpmeet to a man, so he can compete in the marketplace?”

But we’re not done yet…

Swanson somehow tied up racism and sexism into one masterpiece of a rant: He hates Abraham Lincoln — whom he links directly to Karl Marx — for enslaving all of America under big government in 1865; and from there, he segues into an apologia for the genocides and mass sex slavery found in the Bible.

So there you are: The man with whom Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and Bobby Jindal were all proud to share a stage on the weekend before a nationally televised debate. Anything for a vote in Iowa, huh?



  1. Daniel Jones November 11, 2015

    If this is these candidates’ idea of a moral stance, this clip needs to be aired at the national convention by Anonymous.

  2. dtgraham November 12, 2015

    I’m not sure that all that talk of being on your knees every day was the best thing for Cruz to be telling Kevin Swanson at a convention like that.

    1. charleo1 November 12, 2015


      1. dtgraham November 12, 2015

        Ted Cruz’s father was a devout Catholic and he must feel that his new fundamentalist Christian faith is the best way to cure the gays…

        You know, just get on your knees, take a sip of wine and accept the body of a man into your mouth.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2015

        Charlie…In Canadiana, a Canadian Texan on his knees is him bowing down to his war horse wife. rofl

  3. KathyKursh November 12, 2015

    He is as crazy as any ISIS fundamentalist. These crazies are bringing down the world

    1. Halou November 12, 2015

      This is the real joke when the Christians expect gay people to be as hard-line anti-Islamic as they are. What difference does it make having one’s head smashed in with a cross as opposed to a crescent, gay people are marked for death either way.

  4. charleo1 November 12, 2015

    What an unadulterated POS! “Put me in jail!” He bawls. As if he’s facing some kind of tyrannous oppressive authority for spewing his hate filled filth under the guise of religion. As if the Constitution that protects such ignorance as free speech doesn’t exist. As if he’s important enough to jail if it didn’t. Thanks also to the pretend candidates for showing the Country yet another facet of their ever muckraking, scum ball mentality.

    1. dtgraham November 12, 2015

      C’mon now. Stop mincing words and tell us how you feel.

  5. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2015

    A clinical psychologist friend of mine once told me that men who so hated LGBT individuals are usually men who are “latent homosexuals” themselves. I thought that was bizarre. But then, he told me to study famous men like J. Edgar Hoover and McCarthy’s hateful little poison boy, Roy Cohn. Both were gay men who constantly attacked gay men. Go figure.

    1. David November 12, 2015

      Eleanore!!!! Who was your friend with this idiotic theory?

      1. Usergnome November 13, 2015

        It’s correct as far as Cohn and Hoover are concerned. Hoover was a cross dresser. Cohn was, in fact, homosexual. The rest of the theory: kinda bogus.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker November 13, 2015

          Usergnome. According to Hoover’s history, since 1940, rumors of J. Edgar Hoover’s sexuality stemmed from the fact that he lived with a man named Clyde Tolson, who, in Hoover’s own words, was his “alter ego.”

          From Wikipedia: Hoover described Tolson as his alter ego: the men worked closely together during the day and, both single, frequently took meals, went to night clubs, and vacationed together.

          This closeness between the two men is often cited as evidence that they were lovers, though some FBI employees who knew them, such as W. Mark Felt, say that the relationship was “brotherly”.

          The former FBI official Mike Mason suggested that some of Hoover’s colleagues denied that he had a sexual relationship with Tolson in an effort to protect his image.

          Me again, J. Edgar preferred his image of the bombastic, authoritarian and having a man as his live in partner, would obviously have been a huge scandal, given his adverse opinions of homosexuality.

          It is not unusual for men in Hoover’s particular status to deny their homosexuality to protect their image.

          1. Usergnome November 13, 2015

            I’m not sure anyone knows whether the Tolson relationship was sexual or not. People seem to think it was probably not. The cross dressing is known.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker November 13, 2015

        My “firiend” was a Catholic priest at my parish in my town. Since I do not have his permission to identify him, you can find his name in the medical directories under clinical psychologist. I believe after he left the Navy as a chaplain, he was transferred to a parish in Nevada. So, you can look there for his name.

        At my church, he was responsible for assisting with the people who had addictions, anger and violence problems. We met when I was a moderator for the parish’s divorced and separated group back in 1982.

        I didn’t want that job but Monsignor was looking for a token divorced Catholic female to be moderator of the group called, “Begin Again.” There were more women in the group than men. The clinical psychologist priest was the “advisor” for the group.

        There was also another female friend of mine who was a clinical psychologist whom I met while I was teaching dance at Rutgers. Her first name which is all I will give you was Madelyn. We often stopped to chat in between our classes. She was teaching master classes in psychology at that time.

  6. rednekokie November 12, 2015

    This guy is so very sad — and has obviously only read the more sadistic and perverted portions of the bible. I suspect, because he’s afraid someone will catch him at the porno shop if he goes there to get his kicks.

  7. WestHollywoodDissident November 12, 2015

    Swanson, puts an ugly mentally deranged face on The Unchristian American Taliban doesn’t he.

  8. jmprint November 12, 2015

    The candidates for presidency and members of congress that have an ideology of dictating what a women can or cannot do, get their strength and permission from cults like this one and not from God or Jesus Christ. That is what makes them a false religion. Like I said before American does not need to be CRUZified into false religion.

    1. RED November 12, 2015

      You’re right, or at least on the right track. So I don’t want to be terribly rude because you do seem to be thinking. But the real lesson is that ALL RELIGIONS ARE FALSE!! There is no true religion!! An it’s way past time to leave our ancestors tree worshiping ignorance behind.

      1. jmprint November 12, 2015

        The spirit is a personal preference.

        1. Usergnome November 13, 2015

          Until its dictates are forced on others.

      2. David November 12, 2015

        I will pray for you.

        1. RED November 12, 2015

          Cool and I’ll tell all my invisible friends about you too!!

        2. dtgraham November 12, 2015

          Will you pray for the working poor in the red states who don’t have employer provided health insurance, and can’t afford private health insurance on their own even with the ACA subsidies? You know, the ones who would have had health insurance through the ACA Medicaid expansion had the Supreme Court not allowed the red states to opt out. Will you pray for them?

          1. paulyz November 13, 2015

            We can pray for all of those that had LOST good health care insurance and being forced into a Federal Government program that offers less, but costs more. Red States or Blue States.

          2. dtgraham November 14, 2015

            Lemme see. Lost good private health insurance but gained government health insurance that costs more but covers less. That would be precisely nobody you fuc*ing liar.

            Now, how about the working poor who would have had Medicaid health insurance in the red states, but don’t because the Republicans denied the Medicaid expansion; Ohio excepted. That’s about 5.5 million people according to the estimates.

            Will David pray for them?

          3. David November 14, 2015

            Your total ignorance of the health care disaster called the ACA is not surprising if you don’t pay the increased pre

          4. dtgraham November 19, 2015

            It was expected that premiums would increase some because you have to have adequate insurance now, and people with higher health costs are also coming into the system. That wasn’t the case before. The subsidies were supposed to alleviate that.

            At least your out of pocket costs are capped under the ACA where they weren’t before, and you have guaranteed access. Insurance companies can’t deny coverage based on a whole range of things.

            I agree that your premium and deductible are outrageous, but they were before the ACA except possibly for those with junk insurance policies that aren’t allowed now.

            Should have went with one of the universal coverage European or Canadian models. Doesn’t have to be single payer. Private health insurance companies are the problem, not the Affordable Care Act.

          5. David November 21, 2015

            Let’s also be sure we are covered for sex change operations!

          6. dtgraham November 21, 2015

            I know what you’re saying but that’s taken care of, both in the ACA and in single payer systems like the British and Canadian models. There are certain things that are very important and commonly done, although you may not ever have need for them. For example, various women’s health services that are far cheaper if everyone is paying for them through their premiums—or taxes in a socialized model.

            There are other frivolous things though that you’re not forced to have and pay for. I honestly don’t know about sex change surgery, but coverage for unnecessary cosmetic surgery for vanity purposes only for instance, is not forced on anyone.

          7. paulyz November 18, 2015

            You are a gullible fool, & full of hate & anger.

          8. dtgraham November 19, 2015

            But the question remains, will David also pray for the people denied health insurance by the same political party that he claims to support?

          9. David November 19, 2015

            I will pray that you finally understand that the GOP is not the entity that decides if someone is covered by health insurance or not. That would be the insurance company. Their decision is solely based upon profit/loss. What is the answer? Expand Medicaid? Maybe so. But, clearly the ACA is an abomination that will implode in 2016 or 2017. Were you aware that the Federal Government now owes 2.1 trillion dollars to the insurance companies for claims paid which were covered by ACA and to be reimbursed by the Government?

          10. dtgraham November 20, 2015

            You seem to be deathly concerned for the private insurance companies and their bottom line. Whether people actually get health insurance or not appears to be a minor issue to you.

            OK, but you can’t then go on about how pious and spiritual you are, and how you’re going to pray for this and that, when you’re much more concerned about Aetna’s net profit per share than you are whether people have health care.

            You can’t use cost as an excuse. Other countries cover everyone. Among the more advanced nations, only the U.S. doesn’t. The private insurance middleman, and not putting the entire nation into one pool are the problems.

            The GOP Governors are absolutely to blame for not accepting the medicaid expansion designed to cover those who fall into a certain coverage gap [2 exceptions]. They are personally responsible for about 5 million Americans not having any health insurance, who otherwise would have.

            If you believe that health care is just another good or service in the market place that you can either afford or you can’t, then fine. I disagree but I understand. However, if you feel that way, then you’ve disqualified yourself from talking about your faith and your prayers. It stops making sense at that point.

          11. David November 20, 2015

            Frankly, I am not “disqualified” in talking about this given that United Healthcare just announced that they are out of ObamaCare after 2016. The numbers just don’t add up. Too many expenditures, not enough income. It’s called math.

          12. dtgraham November 21, 2015

            OK. So you’re asking me to shed tears for United Healthcare and not for the roughly 5 million Americans in the red states who don’t have health insurance because Republicans in those states denied the ACA medicaid expansion, after the Supreme Court gave them the luxury to do so.

            Health care for the working poor you don’t care about. United Healthcare’s bottom line, you do.

            Just so we get your spiritual priorities correct.

          13. David November 21, 2015

            I can tell that you must have learned how to read and understand the written word from Common Core. I have never said anything about espousing the profitability of any insurance company. My remark was that they will not remain in the business unless they make a profit. Can you somehow discern the difference? I assume that if you are enrolled in ObamaCare you are getting a Federal subsidy. Otherwise, your monthly premium and deductible are exorbitant.

          14. dtgraham November 21, 2015

            When I said “disqualified”, I was referring only to the idea of not seeming to care about red state governors denying health insurance yet still wanting to put on a spiritual demeanor. You know, if you don’t care about the first thing then you should be disqualified from talking about the other. It seems to be the way of things with the political right any more.

            As to your point, liberals simply don’t care whether United Healthcare remains in the health insurance business at all. All they care about is that everyone has health insurance, and that means everyone. In fact, they see private health insurance companies as standing in the way of that.

          15. David November 21, 2015

            Who is going to provide them with that insurance if there aren’t any private insurance companies underwriting it? Oh, I know! The Federal Government! They have done such a great job with every thing else.

          16. dtgraham November 21, 2015

            The federal government does a terrific job of providing the health care system in single payer countries. Check out the general overall satisfaction of people in those countries with their health care system according to polls done. They have some complaints because no system is perfect. The general overall satisfaction of Americans with their health care system is putrid. Not the quality of care if they have coverage, but the system itself.

            What Americans are upset about is the unbelievable hassle of having to select health insurance, maybe not getting it…losing insurance when they lose their job, etc… The American system is massively insecure and massively expensive. Look at your premiums and deductible. You can’t be happy with that. About 40% of Americans, according to polls, believe that the U.S. system has so much wrong with it that it needs to be completely rebuilt while less than 9% of the Dutch feel that way.

            Incidentally, although the private sector may be inappropriate for health care (as well as it works for most other things), it is used in some of the European mixed models as a type of conduit. Almost as though private firms were a type of public utility.

          17. David November 22, 2015

            I do not want us to become socialist. But, Obomo is doing his best to make us a third world country. The Federal government will have to take over if the Demorats keep the Whitehouse and the ACA is not trashed. The private carriers are leaving Obamacare.

          18. dtgraham November 22, 2015

            As you wish. Then enjoy your monthly premium of $934.00 and paying the first $6000.00 if you ever use it. I hear United Healthcare’s CEO is in the market for another Bentley. He sends you his thanks.

          19. David November 22, 2015

            I have the Demorats to thank for that. Come Election Day, I won’t forget!

        3. Robert Eckert November 14, 2015

          To the Republican Jesus: “I was hungry, and you called me a moocher; I was thirsty, and you demanded to see my papers; I was naked and you called me a pervert; I was sick and you cut off my coverage; I was in prison and you called for increased mandatory sentences.”

          1. paulyz November 18, 2015

            To the Democrat Jesus, “I won’t teach you to fish, I will give you free fish, I don’t expect you to work, but to get your clothes from the government by redistribution of wealth. I released you from prison to allow you to harm others.”

          2. Robert Eckert November 18, 2015

            I will point out that the real Jesus did in fact give out fish, and favored the redistribution of wealth. And nobody, except in your fantasy world, wants to release criminals in order to harm others; people like me do question the morality of imprisoning people for victimless crimes, however.

          3. dtgraham November 19, 2015

            He did give free fish to the hungry and he did say to give others the clothes off your back.

  9. latebloomingrandma November 12, 2015

    Now all we have to hear is that this preacher owns a gun.

  10. Paul Bass November 12, 2015

    I’ll sum up what all “religious” say,

    “My invisible god in the sky is better than yours, and I’m going to kill you for it!”

    1. David November 12, 2015

      No…that is what the Demorats say.

      1. Scheherazade November 13, 2015

        Please site the source where you got that.

        1. David November 14, 2015

          Just listen to the reaction by the Delegates to the Demcratic National Convention when they proposed to use “God” in one of their resolutions. Google it and then try to justify the booing.

    2. Usergnome November 13, 2015

      Pretty much. Sometimes it translates as “I’m going to kill ALL OF you for it!” All so very special…

  11. Jinmichigan November 12, 2015

    Expecting Fox Business to bring any of this up in the last debate was naive. Remember the entire week before was dedicated to media bashing.

  12. jakenhyde November 12, 2015

    Swanson just HAS to have some skeletons in his closet. I think that closet door should be pried open to see what all is in there. That revelation would probably make him suicidal.

  13. Insinnergy November 12, 2015

    Stay classy, Republicans.

  14. paulyz November 12, 2015

    Hmm, let’s see, 3 Republican candidates spent one afternoon listening to a religious-right minister & that’s supposed to matter, but Obama spent 20 years listening to an anti-American, anti-White religious-left minister, but that was fine? LMAO. So typical & predictable.

    1. dtgraham November 12, 2015

      Obama was simply in the pew as a parishioner listening to a minister say some things about America’s racial past that you don’t like.

      These three listened to some guy yelling about the different ways that your fellow Americans, who don’t share your sexual orientation, should be executed because of their alleged slimy pus-filled wounds. They then walked up on stage and shook his hand, and then joined in a conversation with him. Bit of a difference.

      1. paulyz November 13, 2015

        I certainly would NOT simply sit in a pew listening to hateful, racist, anti-American garbage for 20 years, if it bothered me, or if I didn’t believe in it. Listening for an hour or so isn’t even comparable. Of course I won’t even discuss the Leftist radicals he associated with, followed & taught their message.

        1. Robert Eckert November 14, 2015

          But you would be complicit in murders. That wouldn’t bother you at all.

          1. paulyz November 18, 2015

            That does not make someone complicit in murders. What does though, is refusing to enforce our Illegal Immigration Laws which allows Americans to be harmed in many ways. What also makes someone complicit in murder is releasing thousands of criminal Illegals that were scheduled for deportation, when many went on to murder, rape, & assault American Citizens.

          2. Robert Eckert November 18, 2015

            I see you edited the comment to which I replied to say that someone who calls for killing others ought to be stopped: but Kevin Swanson repeatedly and constantly calls for killing others (and puts his money where his mouth is, funding killers), which Jeremiah Wright never did, and yet you have no problem with Republicans endorsing Swanson. That does too make them complicit in murders, and you by giving support to Swanson are complicit in those killings as well

    2. Scheherazade November 13, 2015

      No, I am a democrat and I did not approve of President Obama’s attending such a hate-filled church. But this Swanson fellow is calling for executions of gays unless they repent. Does he think he’s god or god’s mouthpiece and executioner? Is he trying to bring in a modern-day inquisition? And why are three republican candidates for president attending his hate rally? The entire thing is an outrage.

  15. Usergnome November 13, 2015

    Huh? This doesn’t even make enough sense to label it wrong. Lincoln and Marx enslave this nation? What is this guy smoking?

  16. JustaSlob November 14, 2015

    “You Tube account is suspended”

    Right wing watch must have really pissed some wing-nuts off…. Good job !!!


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