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Boehner’s Lawsuit Is Betrayal Of Congress

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Boehner’s Lawsuit Is Betrayal Of Congress


Nov. 21 (Bloomberg View) — Republicans have finally filed their lawsuit against the president over implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Actually, the president isn’t a respondent; the suit names the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Treasury Secretary. It’s still a horrible idea.

Michael Lynch and Rachel Surminsky at the Monkey Cage provide one reason: The suit is likely to fail. The first issue is “standing.” To get into court, the House would have to prove that it was damaged by the way the administration carried out the ACA, and courts have consistently rejected that idea. Beyond that, it’s far from clear that the administration’s actions, including the delay of the employer mandate and cost sharing for insurance companies, were beyond the normal discretion the executive branch has to carry out laws. Just because some Republicans want to pretend that before January 2009 presidential power had been limited to pardoning Thanksgiving turkeys doesn’t mean they are right.

And if Republicans win, it would be terrible for Congress.

I’ll say it again: Speaker John Boehner and House Republicans aren’t asking for authority to be returned from the White House to Congress. They want an imperial judiciary that could trump either of the elected branches.

In a system of separated institutions sharing powers, which is what the Constitution created, all three branches do things that look a lot like legislating, but laws can trump administrative or judicial rule making. That gives Congress serious clout within the system. This lawsuit, however, is an abdication of that clout. In effect, it says that the courts, not Congress, should have the last word when there’s a dispute between branches.

Filing this lawsuit amounts to institutional treason. Boehner and House Republicans should be ashamed. The rest of us can only hope that the courts rescue them by keeping to precedent and tossing this lawsuit into the garbage.

Then, perhaps, the House could consider getting back to legislating.

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  1. Blueberry Hill November 21, 2014

    This country has become so filled with hate and freaks who want nothing more than to destroy our government and us along with it. They elect more freaks that don’t know a damn thing about the jobs they are elected to do. They think that the President has no powers at all. What the hell is the matter with them? Crazy doesn’t begin to describe their irrational, destructive behavior. The President does have some powers whether these GOP nutjobs want to believe it or not. They think they are the only ones to run this country. They are not. They act like spoiled little playground bullies who grew up to be big playground bullies. Grow up, you morons and do your damn jobs. The President is not responsible for your failures and we all know it. You make yourselves the laughingstock of the entire world. I think that We, the People, should be doing the lawsuits against every GOP/TP brat in congress for dereliction of duty and for missing too much work and for raping and pillaging the taxpayers while they while away their time on fingerpointing and doing nothing and collecting big paychecks and benefits that We, the People pay for. We are not getting our money’s worth, that is for sure. Sue the President? Boehner, you are a total drunken idiot. Sober up and do your job right.


    1. 1standlastword November 21, 2014

      I deign myself to quote Mitt Romney: “I like to fire people who give me (bad) service”
      Don’t you wish we could though!
      We must see that the conservative minority of this country elected these pudding heads to obstruct–not to govern. I think those angry old white folks and the country at large will see this as we watch the GOP/TP totally squander their majority on churlish acts that don’t par up to the sophistication needed to run a first world nation.
      Sadly, though, even after it become clear that the peter principle is in effect with GOP/TP public servants we will be stuck with them for some time to come

      1. Blueberry Hill November 21, 2014

        They absolutely need to be fired. They do nothing FOR us, only TO us. We are in for a miserable 2 years unless we can get together and find a way to stop them. Personally, I hope that the Dems do the same to them the Rs in the Senate; and block and filibuster every piece of legislature that comes up. Don’t cooperate at all with the GOP/TPs and be as nasty as they are. Show them what a bitch Karma can be. We already know that anything they come up will not benefit us, only their fat kats.


      2. Michael Ross November 22, 2014

        The entire Republican party platform can now be summed up as “If we can’t have it, nobody can.”

        For six years, the G.O.P. has only accomplished two things: Taking away voting rights, and getting away with blaming Obama for the very things they deliberately caused to happen.

        This is not a party interested in governing. This is a party interested in gaining power and then rigging the system to make sure they can never lose it, and devil may care how many Americans they have to kill along the way.

        1. mike November 22, 2014

          “if we can’t have it, nobody can.” Really???? I think you were referring to the left.
          “6 years” I think you need to check your math and work on your uninformed comments.
          As to the 3rd paragraph what horse manure. Again, you are confusing parties.

          1. jmprint November 22, 2014

            No MIke you are the only one here that is confused.
            You party will get a chance to shine. Let see what they accomplish the 1st quarter of 2015. And please come back to talk to us about it.

          2. mike November 22, 2014

            I think I will be presently surprised.
            What we will see is who the real obstructionist are/is, I bet it won’t be the Republicans.
            Reid can no longer protect OBAMA, so I see some real movement.
            Going to be fun!!!!
            As to coming back, some things you shouldn’t wish for.

          3. Michael Ross November 22, 2014

            Don’t confuse what you think with what you want to think, tea-bagger. You and the people you whore yourself out to have a vicious habit of accusing the left of the very weakness and vices that you display openly.

            You and the Tea Partiers you so gleefully whore yourself out to are traitors, plain and simple. Ever since Obama defeated McCain in 2008, you and your ilk have been actively rooting against America — praying for America to fail at every turn (even to the point that the death of Osama bin Laden was a bad day for you and your ilk) — just because America picked someone as their POTUS who was not a Republican.

            You cannot hide your record, tea-bagger. Besides “voter integrity”, shutting down the government, and symbolically repealing the Affordable Care Act over fifty times, name one thing that was accomplished by Congress after 2010.

          4. mike November 22, 2014

            What a silly little person you are!!
            You need to ask Reid was he has accomplished for Obama. The left controlled 2/3 of govt. and still couldn’t govern.
            SCOTUS will be looking at ACA. More to come.
            I see you are having another Gruberism. So Sad!!!

          5. Michael Ross November 25, 2014

            It’s the truth, whore. Or did you forget how Michele Bachmann went on Fox News during the shutdown and told them the shutdown that “the happiest I’ve seen members in a long time” was after they caused the government shutdown.


            You can’t hide your record, traitor. You pricks aren’t just screwing up the country — you’re doing it deliberately.

          6. mike November 25, 2014

            I see more Grubering from the silly one!!!!
            “traitor” now that is delusional on your part.
            How’s Obama doing as a leader??? Not good. He is a disaster and the American people see just how bad he is, sad you can”t.

          7. sleepvark November 22, 2014

            mike, just how many of your goober associates are you teabagging now. It must be difficult to speak with so many smelly round things in your mouth.

          8. mike November 22, 2014

            Is that all you got??? Pathetic!!!!
            How did the midterms go for you? Where is all that support for Obama?? Oh that’s right, there is very little support for him.
            The best thing going for the Republicans is having Obama around, lets give him another 6 years, by then there will be only a few Congressional democrats left.
            The man is a loser and his policies got trounced.
            His legacy is blowing up in his face.

          9. 1standlastword November 22, 2014

            If you keep gloating your bowels are going to burst!

          10. mike November 23, 2014

            No problem with bowels, thanks for the concern.
            Sorry you can’t understand the facts or the real world. Monster loss by Congressional Dems.
            Best thing Republicans has done, having inept Obama trying to lead the country.

        2. 1standlastword November 22, 2014

          And why don’t people see this as plainly as you state it? Because they are getting half of what they expect from GOP/TP politicians and that is obstruction. Now that they have a majority in the house and senate perhaps it will become more apparent that they can’t deliver on the other half of their contract ‘with/ on America’.
          In essence, they have blamed Harry for stuffing their bills in a circular file….well let’s allow America to see some of those bill now and let’s see how Old White people like ideas that had over their pension plans to the 4th branch of the United States government–Wall Street. Let’s see how poor white southerners like toxic oil saturated soil, below minimum wage jobs, having their healthcare benefits CLAWED back….Let’s break out some of those GOP bill that Harry stuffed in his desk.
          I see a pattern here and it comes through transparently with the immigration conflict. Obama with his generous nature told them to pass a bill or I will act….they opposed he acted and they look like insensitive A-Holes. Stand by America. When those bills they say they have hit the airways–if the self defeating pattern I’m seeing avails–they will only dig their graves deeper.

          1. mike November 22, 2014

            We will wait and see.
            As to your post, pure delusion. Sad but true.
            What you can’t deny is the left and Obama got their clocks cleaned. His policies were on the ballot and they were repudiated by those who voted and those who didn’t vote.
            War on Women, racism all the tactics of the left were ignored.
            Obama has shown “big govt.” doesn’t work. Obama has set the party back and is in disarray.
            Now we see there are 30,000 Lois Lerner emails found. So another lie has come to light. Stay tuned.
            Gruber has put the lies and deception of the Obama Administration out front. The man and his party are all jokes.

          2. Lord_Reaper November 22, 2014

            We are all in for a rude awakening due to the delusional people that voted the crooked, thieving do nothing nutjob republiCONs into office. Throughout history, the republicONs have done nothing good for America nor the citizens of this country. Do a little research on the GOP’s history!

          3. mike November 23, 2014

            Sorry you are having one of your Mental Midget moments. I hope it doesn’t last as long as the others.

      3. jmprint November 22, 2014

        Sucks that all we can offer them is abundance of time off, raises and retirement for life.

      4. Matforce November 23, 2014

        With all the neck deep shyt we’re in (an evaporating middle class, jobs shipped to sweatshops offshore, national debt, $trillions stashed in offshore tax havens, $800 Billion in trade deficits/yr., foreign policy, etc.), ruining a man’s Presidency through obstruction is the most important job?
        “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one term President.” Mitch McConnell, Sen. minority leader.

    2. JPHALL November 21, 2014

      Why don’t the Republicans pass a bill they like? After all these years of complaining still nothing.

      1. Blueberry Hill November 22, 2014

        Because they don’t want immigrants here at all. They don’t want an immigration policy, and they don’t want to pass anything that they think that the Presidents wants them to do. It’s been that way since the tbaggers took over the Rs.


        1. JPHALL November 22, 2014

          No, they want the illegals because their financial supporters want the illegals. That is was Perry, Mr. Secure the borders, in Texas pushed a law making it legal to hire illegals as maids and gardeners.
          Subject: Re: New comment posted on Boehner’s Lawsuit Is Betrayal Of Congress

          1. Matforce November 23, 2014

            It’s actually humorous to watch the GOP’s quandary over immigration.
            They LOVE the fact that these illegals will work for low-low wages for their corporate donors from every Chamber of Commerce in every town across the nation, a theme that fits perfectly into their Union busting, corporate advocacy that goes hand in hand with downward pressure on USA workers’ wages on the one hand. But they must posture as though they are the guardians of the gate, ever vigilant in their fight to keep the “rif-raf out, and there-by maintain social order, on the other! Quite a dilemma.

      2. mike November 22, 2014

        They have passed many bills they liked but all were ignored by Reid.
        As to ACA, it could go down with the next SCOTUS decision.
        All the Gruber videos showing the deception used by the Obama administration to get it passed will play a part. Oh, maybe you aren’t aware of Gruber since you are a one dimensional person when it comes to the news.



        1. Matforce November 22, 2014

          This is a good argument for a single payer health care system. Our MULTI-BILLION dollar market-priced system (ours is the last one left on this earth) has been milking this turkey for decades. Everyone knows a middle man and his take drives up the cost of a business transaction). A comprehensive private plan, low deductible runs between $600 – $900/mo. I was quoted over $1,000/mo. for a COBRA for my 27 yr. old son in Feb., 2013 (perfect health, no pre-existing conditions; one of the young invincibles) when he turned 27 and was no longer eligible for coverage on my plan under ACA. Who can afford that??? (But then, my plan has a low deductible and comprehensive coverage… Most private plans that are being canceled because of ACA’ quality standards only cover werewolf attacks, lightning strikes and meteor showers!) sarcasm filter-off

          Obama was naïve to think that he could appease the massive corporate interest of the private health insurance industry by keeping them as the Health Insurance “exchange” middle men in order to avoid the blood curdling screams from the Wall Street investment industry should anyone think of touching their HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS gravy train. Did he seriously believe that by not cutting them out of ACA they would well up with tears of gratitude or come close to anything that remotely resembles cooperation in return for the grotesque contortions he’s assumed as he’s bent over backwards to protect their continued extracting of the exorbitant premiums they fleece from individuals and businesses every month? The $$$ BILLIONS they extract contributes to their hedge fund manager’s take (2% in 20% out) as they invest
          this fortune on the Wall Street casino, helps fund the market, granted, but the dirty tricks they’re playing with individual plan cancelations, and
          threatening to boycott ACA altogether, leaving those 30-40 million uninsured USA citizens who can’t begin to afford a private plan hang out to dry
          (liquidate their assets first, of course) to get the public in an uproar, they deserve to be cut out!

          Think maybe their uproar has anything to do with the clause in ACA that states that companies who enter the exchanges to capitalize on the potential $$$ BILLIONS in ACA money must use 80% of that money for (ready for this?) HEALTH CARE (the audacity!!!), not multi-million dollar CEO salaries, Hedge Fund LLC shares, executive teams, consultants, board of directors, sales departments, not to mention stock shares, currently riding the gravy train of insurance premiums they extract from USA citizens who can afford it, and to hell with those who can’t…

          “The USA is the last holdout with market-priced medical care not only because of any inherent conservative or free market ideology. Rather, as the wealthiest nation that ever existed we are the
          last ones who can afford it.

          Switzerland was one of the last advanced economies to abandon market-priced medical care. It is arguably a greater bastion of conservatism than the USA. Switzerland’s women were not granted the right to vote until 1971.”


          1. mike November 23, 2014

            You should have sent to Pelosi, Reid and the brilliant Obama. No one was tying their hands and feet when they passed this piece of crap. This law was based on lies, deception, all known by the Democratic leaders in congress.
            Who cancelled the plans?? Obama did!!! If the plan didn’t meet the requirements set by the Fed. govt. the insurers had to cancel their plan. You seem to forget that the CBO still said after about 2024 there would still be 30 million uninsured.
            And now we find that the Obama Admin. was including dental plans counted twice in the total ACA enrollment numbers. So surprise surprise there are not the 7.1 million who signed up for a plan that was going to cost less, keep your doctor and hospital, and affordable. They still haven’t given a real number of what % is medicaid(free).
            And you want a single pay- what a laugh. How’s that VA thing going for the country.

        2. angryspittle November 22, 2014

          Jesus, do you know what those damn bill would have done? Good on Harry Reid for blocking them.

          1. Blueberry Hill November 23, 2014

            The only Bills the Rs passed were to take away women’s rights and to destroy the country. Nothing good comes from any Bill that the Rs bring up. Of course, that is their way of “ruling”, all for them, nothing for us. They bring up nothing but trash and I’m so glad that they were not brought up by Senator Reid, who has the brains to know the difference between a good Bill and a bad one.


          2. mike November 23, 2014

            Having one of those Gruberism, I see!!!


    3. jmprint November 22, 2014

      Sign me up, I’m ready to be a part of that lawsuit.

      1. Blueberry Hill November 22, 2014

        Wouldn’t they be surprised to find that they are being sued by us? There was a petition for that on MoveOn, but I don’t think it got all the signatures it needed. I know I put the link on all the comments I could. Too bad many more didn’t sign it. At least, it should have scared the crap out of them to know we can do it. Sign me up too.


        1. jmprint November 22, 2014

          I regret not pursuing a judicial career, I am not a lawyer, but I do pray there is one out there ready to take them on.

          1. Blueberry Hill November 22, 2014

            Me too!


      2. Blueberry Hill November 23, 2014

        Wow! Did you see this out today? Check it out.
        I don’t believe he is untouchable.



        1. jmprint November 23, 2014

          Thanks….very interesting…it’s all about the money.

          1. Blueberry Hill November 23, 2014

            And this a$$hole wants to sue the president? This is the one who needs to be sued. The charges are many. Wish a lawyer would come forward to do a class action suit against the Bonehead.


    4. Matforce November 22, 2014

      Here’s a link explaining the GOP propaganda manifesto, “The Integration of Theory and Practice,” by Free Congress Foundation, a right wing think tank. These tactics, used to undermine and smear their adversary, would make Joseph Goebbels blush (Nazi propaganda had to at least contain an element of truth…LOL).

      The use of deception and disingenuous rhetoric to steer the conversation is used with abandon to create an inverse reality paradigm. Far more important than the truth of a message is “the energy and dedication of the idea’s promoters” (excerpt). Here’s the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Integration_of_Theory_and_Practice

      1. Blueberry Hill November 22, 2014

        They are shameless liars and deceivers. That is what we now have in Congress. These Rs are so deplete of decency that they are not even ashamed of how they deceive the brainless twits who voted them in and inflicted them on the entire country. Add to that the gerrymandering and the people they removed from the voting roles, and just plain made it impossible to vote, we know that we do not have a legitimate government. What we have is a Saddam Hussein government. These freaks don’t have enough sense to come in out of the rain and there they are, about to take over our congress. They know nothing about running a government and their only goal is to destroy our government and us along with it. The really frightening thing is the idiots who were stupid enough to vote for them. Millions more votes went to Dem candidates, but they were not counted, and that election was more rigged than a fishing boat. They want to think our President is illegitimate! Well, he is legitimate, but these barfbags are not. I only hope that the Dems treat the Rs just like they have been treated for the past 6 years: Filibuster and block Everything! Don’t even let a Bill get to the President’s desk. We all know that anything that comes from the Rs will not be good for us. Their masters are the Kochroaches and Roves, etc., of this country. We won’t let them feed them either.


      2. TerryW November 23, 2014

        And this was perfected under W.

    5. Dominick Vila November 23, 2014

      Bear in mind that the GOP only question the authority of the Executive Branch when a Democrat is in the Oval Office. A close look at the number and scope of Executive Orders issued by Republican Presidents, with Congresses controlled by either party, indicate that the latest outrage has a lot more to do with political imperatives than precedent or the long term impact of what President Obama did. It is also important to remember that President Obama immigration EO involves TEMPORARY WORK PERMITS, and reprieve from deportation for those who enter the USA over 5 years ago and who have children born in the USA. That temporary measure will be overturned the moment Congress passes comprehensive immigration law reform and the President signs it, or if President Obama’s successor repeals it. A temporary work permit is not the same as a Reagan style amnesty, which legitimized the status of 3.7 million illegal immigrants, made the permanent citizens, and allowed them to apply for and become naturalized citizens.
      President Obama is not being attacked because of his policies, or because his actions are unprecedented or detrimental to our country, but because of his successes, which are poison to GOP orthodoxy, and because of who he is.

      1. Blueberry Hill November 23, 2014

        Absolutely, and well put. I know they just don’t want this president to have any success at all, because he is who he is. The worst of the nutjobs jumped to the forefront of the R party. They have rigged the system so that it will be much harder for a Dem to win. Personally, I think there should be only 2 Representatives from each state with the 2 Senators from each state. No gerrymandering done at all, and have it rolled back to where it was in 2000. That would make the voting fair again. There just is no reason for us to be supporting over 400 useless Representatives in Congress. I’m getting tired of paying megabucks for these useless GOP/TPs are hauling in for doing nothing but destroying everything they can get their hands on, and now even going after our postal services. They can’t wait to get their money-grubbing hands on our Social Security and Medicare and put all seniors out on the streets. The psychopaths of the country are trying to take over the country and us, and we need to fight back any way we can. It didn’t bother the Rs a bit when Reagain gave total amnesty to all who were here then, but if a Dem even thinks of immigration fixes, they think amnesty is a dirty word. We are in for a rough 2 years and I hope that the Dems block and filibuster every thing that the Rs come up with. We know if it comes from them, it will not be good for us. I hope the Dems treat them as they were treated in Congress and show them that Karma is a real bitch.


        1. Dominick Vila November 23, 2014

          President Obama’s ethnicity, and what he represents to many Republicans – a product of Affirmative Action – is part of it, but let’s not forget that President Clinton endured similar treatment. For most Republicans, any Democrat that manages to create a surplus or reduce deficit spending by 2/3, as President Obama has, is an unacceptable danger to their claims of fiscal responsibility, a claim designed to hide their dependence on deficit spending and accumulation of debt.
          Social programs, such as SS, MEDICARE, and now the ACA are anathema to everything the GOP believes in. We have to go no further than look at their attempts to privatize SS, and Paul Ryan’s proposal to dismantle MEDICARE and replace it with a voucher system in his 10-point budget “plan” to understand some of the most basic differences between a party that caters to corporations and those who over over half of our national wealth, and the party that is fighting tooth and nail to protect what even President Reagan referred to as the “safety” net.
          Republican intransigence is influenced by three powerful elements: ideology, greed and, to a lesser extent, racism are the forces that drive the GOP, and the reason they are so successful in the South and the Bible Belt.
          Their contempt for the poor, the middle class, and our most vulnerable citizens was eloquently expressed by candidate Romney when he asserted that he was not going to waste his time listening to and addressing the needs of 47% of the American people because we are all takers. A bizarre statement when you consider that most of us have worked all our lives, paid taxes all our lives, and have never taken anything from the government other than what we paid for SS and MEDICARE…and continue to pay for in the case of MEDICARE in the form of hefty fees. The most cynical part of Romney’s statement, which probably cost him the election, is the fact that the man has been profiting from the misery of others, has been stashing money overseas to avoid paying taxes, and refused to release his tax returns because it would confirm what most of us suspect. He is a caricature of the Republican far right…and he lost because of it.

          1. Blueberry Hill November 23, 2014

            Very well stated! To put it in a nutshell, the Rs are against anything that is good for us. They want everything for themselves, even what belongs to us. They are selfish, and greedy, and stupid, and cunning, and a really nasty breed of almost humans. They think that what is theirs is theirs and what is ours is theirs too. No amount of wealth can satisfy them, because we might still have some of our money left for food and essentials of life. We are nothing but dirt under their feet to them. We are actually so much better than them when we don’t have their nasty traits, but it is like we are different species, and I guess we are: The Haves, and The Have nots. There are so many ignorant ones out there that cannot realize that they have not because the Haves have it all; and are removing it from the rest of us.


          2. Matforce November 23, 2014

            As Nick Hanauer, a multi-billionaire venture capitalist puts it (tongue in cheek), “We get richer. You get nothing. Sorry.”


          3. Blueberry Hill November 23, 2014

            Yes, I’ve said and thought many times that: “The rich get richer and the rest of us get nothing”. It’s been that way too long and we need to do something about that.


          4. Matforce November 23, 2014
          5. Blueberry Hill November 23, 2014

            Wow! Have you seen this today?


            A long time a coming.
            Yes, the wealthy want it all and just to pee on the rest of us. We need to fight back, not just stand here and take it. Wouldn’t it be great if some hackers got into their accounts and drained them and make them no wealthier than the rest of us any more? Ahhh, sweet dream.


          6. Blueberry Hill November 23, 2014

            Wow! Did you see this out today?


            Way overdue. I don’t believe he is untouchable.


        2. Allan Richardson November 24, 2014

          I would keep the variable representation, but abolish the Congressional DISTRICTS. There may have been a need for them in the horse-and-buggy days, but today every voter COULD keep an eye on every representative from his/her state, especially with the help of the local media, if they had to cover their entire states. One reason they are re-elected is that the people of their districts get biased news coverage and think that, although the REST of Congress is a bunch of crooks, MY Representative is fighting the good fight for us, the people of his district, whether it is true or not. At-large Representatives just like at-large Senators.

          Either that or have an impartially programmed computer algorithm, with its logic agreed upon by both major parties (and any significant third parties), draw the districts for every state, with no tampering by legislatures.

          1. Blueberry Hill November 24, 2014



  2. 1standlastword November 21, 2014

    Belligerent drunkard!

  3. opinioned1 November 22, 2014

    Since day one the GOP/Bags have had one goal. Make sure no uppity black guy will ever think of running for POTUS again.

  4. Luigie Gonzalez November 22, 2014

    They are not the problem! The people that vote for them . And the people that don’t vote them out!

    1. jmprint November 22, 2014

      Either way they are still the MAJOR problem.

    2. 1standlastword November 22, 2014

      And let’s not forget the people that don’t vote ever time they “should”

      I think you imply that but I want to second….

    3. TerryW November 23, 2014

      I think too many just show up and vote for the names with the R’s after them, because the rest are “dirty liberals.” What other explanation for voting against your own best interests time and time again?

  5. howa4x November 22, 2014

    This is governing by stunt and grandstanding. It is appealing to the conservative who wants red meat thrown at them but nothing more than cheap theatre intended to quiet the masses. If republicans didn’t like the direction the ACA was taking then they should have sat in the room like adults when the legislation was being drafted and advocated for changes they wanted. Short of that it is all folly and subterfuge.

  6. Lynda Groom November 22, 2014

    The Speaker is doing what he and the rest of the cabal do best. Wasting their time and our money. We’ve got just the representation in Congress that we deserve. Until the voters get engaged in the process and pay attention to who they send to Washington DC we can look forward to more such stunts. They will do anything except their jobs.

    1. mah101 November 23, 2014

      They aren’t wasting their time, their goals are just different than yours. If they actually legislate, then they become the target of the anger and frustration upon which they defend for their political power. By litigating, pointing fingers, shutting down the government, and blaming Obama, they ride that swell of anger all the way.

      Simple political calculation

      Unless, of course, you are still naive enough to think that Congress is supposed to work for the people of this country.

  7. Jambi November 22, 2014

    The “orange-faced” chain smoker is just shooting his mouth off again…more phoney-outrage which he won’t be able to back-up…go ahead bring it…we’re waiting Congressional Clown….

  8. Lord_Reaper November 22, 2014

    Said it before and I’ll say it again. Americans are in for a rude
    awakening with these nutjob republiCONs! They all need to be brought up
    on treason charges along with many others for what they do
    best…Destroying America! The idiots who voted for them have no idea what these idiots stand for. The GOP have always brought down the United States throughout history. If they would just research the GOP a little they would see what they stand for and see that they have nothing that would benefit the country nor it’s citizens.

    1. 1standlastword November 23, 2014

      G = greed
      O= over
      P= people

    2. Blueberry Hill November 23, 2014

      I so agree with you. Someone had a petition up on MoveOn to do just that and I did post a link everywhere I could for people to sign it. I may still have the link if the petition is still up. See this that is out today:


      I don’t believe he is untouchable, no one is. Just need the guts to go after him. He is corrupt to the core.


  9. angryspittle November 22, 2014

    Is there any doubt that Boner is the absolute worst Speaker in history?

    1. Blueberry Hill November 23, 2014

      He certainly is the worst in history. Check this out, I don’t believe he is untouchable. He is corrupt to the core.



    2. mah101 November 23, 2014

      No doubt whatsoever. The worst, presiding over the worst sessions of Congress ever.

  10. Blueberry Hill November 23, 2014

    Did you see this out today?! Wow, I don’t believe he is untouchable.



    1. 1standlastword November 23, 2014

      And here is another one: http://www.pfaw.org/media-center/publications/john-boehner-profile-corporatism

      The problem here is most people in America know or intuit that most if not all politicians are on the take.

      The problem in America is too many people are naturally inclined to get mad about the wrong things–and by design is the motive of slippery politicians like Boehner.

      If the schemes of business and politics were laid bare for all to see every reasonable, honest hardworking American would be so OUTRAGED that we would see just how much in fact, truth and action we are like Egyptians.

      “Throw-the-bums-out” would take on a new definition with a collective populous anger trained on the corrupters of our democracy.

      I like Hunger Games as a metaphor for the point I’m making

      1. Blueberry Hill November 23, 2014

        Funny you mention Hunger Games, my boyfriend will be watching that tonight, not in America.


        1. 1standlastword November 23, 2014

          Just got back. Interesting parallels. More interesting is a female president leading the forces of the rebellion. A must see if you can handle dedicating yourself to the a serial

          1. Blueberry Hill November 23, 2014

            I have a link on Boehner’s corruption just a little bit down this page, in case you haven’t already read it. Happy Thanksgiving.


  11. mah101 November 23, 2014

    Congress has become seriously confused between the definitions of “legislate” and “litigate”

    But, when you elect morons, you really can’t expect them to be responsible for knowing big words…

  12. lottopol November 23, 2014

    For 75 years, it was said that Roosevelt’s New Deal saved capitalism. By softening the rough edges of the free market capitalism with reforms such as social security and unemployment insurance, FDR may have prevented adoption of much more radical changes.

    75 years from today it is unlikely that anyone will think Obama saved market-priced medical care. Rather, he only prolonged it, and that
    will not be thought of as a good thing. In the developed world, market-priced medical care still exists only in the USA. It is only a matter of time
    until market-priced medical care joins communism, slavery, racial segregation
    and fascism as systems that no longer exist in developed nations.

    The USA
    is the last holdout with market-priced medical care not because of any inherent
    conservative or free market ideology. Rather, as the wealthiest nation that
    ever existed we are the last ones who can afford it. Switzerland was one of the last
    advanced economies to abandon market-priced medical care. It is arguably a greater
    bastion of conservatism than the USA. Switzerland’s women were not granted the right to vote until 1971.

    During the debate as to whether Switzerland would abandon
    market-priced medical care there was considerable concern about how it would
    affect the major Swiss pharmaceutical giants such as Hoffmann-La Roche (RHHBY)
    and Novartis (NVS) which was Sandoz prior
    to the merger with Ciba in 1996. However, it was then realized that the Swiss pharmaceutical
    giants made much of their profits in the American market.

    The reason that no nation, including the wealthiest can
    allow markets to set the prices of medical care indefinitely is that demand for
    medical care is inelastic. Demand for a good or service is inelastic if a
    percentage increase in price results in a smaller percentage decrease in the
    quantity demanded. Basic economics tells us that sellers facing inelastic
    demand will continuously raise prices until prices reach the elastic portion of
    the demand curve. Consequently in every developed country in the world, all goods
    or services with inelastic demand have their prices regulated by government.
    Medical care in the USA
    being the only exception…”


    1. Justin Napolitano November 24, 2014

      Good post.

    2. Allan Richardson November 24, 2014

      When it’s “your money or your life” we will pay any amount IF we can legally get it (and not always legally: there have been cases of a parent forcing a surgeon at GUNPOINT to do a life saving surgery on his child which he cannot afford to pay for; and of people robbing a bank IN ORDER TO be put in prison, where the law REQUIRES the prison to pay for medical care, because they could not afford it for themselves). You can’t get more “inelastic” than that! And in addition the market incentives to deliver a better product at a lower cost do not operate, because non-physicians cannot distinguish the good doctors and hospitals from the bad ones, and often have no choice anyway (wherever the ambulance takes you, and whichever doctor is on call).

      And why should saving your life depend on your income? Because high-earning people are “more valuable” to society? How about the lives which would not have been lost in Iraq if not for Dick Cheney’s life being saved (at our expense) by several heart surgeries? Not that I am saying he has any less right to life than anyone else, but IF his right to life were determined by the good things he did for the world, then he WOULD have less right to the heart surgery than a poor alcoholic.

      Ideally, the medical NEED should determine how much we are willing to pay, collectively, for a person’s life and health to be saved. And if society collectively has to pay it, then society collectively had the right to set the rates, and to collect from the people on the basis of how much each can afford to pay. I think on this ONE issue, JESUS would agree with Marx on the saying “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” Marx was wrong about a lot of things, particularly about applying this “socialist” idea to ROUTINE buying and selling of goods and services, but as the old saying says, even a broken clock is correct twice a day (but only once a day in the military; you can do the math).

      As for Obama not doing good by trying to “save” market-based medical care, that was what we had for him to work with. As long as most Americans are deceived into believing that the “free medical care” other countries have would only go to those OTHER people who are not deserving, not to THEMSELVES, not that they need it anyway since THEY are responsible enough to WORK for a living, we will not vote for publicly paid care. I think that having a STEP toward universal care, and seeing they are BETTER off with that first step than with nothing, will make people REALIZE they need to take the next step, particularly if the SCOTUS or the GOP take it AWAY from them after they got it, or if they ALMOST lose it because of their obstruction.

  13. Kelly John November 23, 2014

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  14. EaglesGlen November 24, 2014

    Obama by breach of contract did make sunstantive changes to ObamaCare contract making ObamaCare contract VOID. Fraud to operate ObamaCare afterwards.

    1. Justin Napolitano November 24, 2014

      WTF are you talking about?

  15. EaglesGlen November 24, 2014

    Under US Code the minimum standing under tort law is the injured party was insulted and proves it And wins their case. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

  16. idamag November 24, 2014

    Boehner needs to join AAA.

  17. Justin Napolitano November 24, 2014

    Why don’t the Democrats file suite against the Republican congress for refusing to do their job. Then the Republicans can file a counter suite and the Democrats can file a counter, counter suite and we can all play with ourselves for the next two years.


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