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Bruce Springsteen Weighs In On Christie’s Bridgegate: ‘You’re Killing The Working Man’ [Video]

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Bruce Springsteen Weighs In On Christie’s Bridgegate: ‘You’re Killing The Working Man’ [Video]


The media played up a Pew Research poll that said the public wasn’t paying much attention to the bridge scandal that erupted around Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) at the end of last week. While the story dominated the mainstream media, which is obsessed with the tri-state area, 80 percent of the public wasn’t tuned in.

However, Christie lucked out that the scandal broke in a week when Saturday Night Live was on a break.

Most people don’t get their news from the news. Comedy has always played a crucial role in influencing reactions to political scandals and this phenomenon has gone into hyperdrive, with social media capable of spreading content to millions in just hours.

Expect to see a viral storm around this fantastic video of Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen’s “Traffic Jam,” which sends up Bridgegate to the tune of Bruce’s classic “Born to Run.” As of 9 AM EST on Wednesday morning, it had nearly 27,000 views. Expect that number to be in the millions by the end of the day.

If you have any doubts as to how Springsteen feels about Christie — a huge fan of “The Boss” who has not found his feelings to be requited — watch until the end of the video, when they hit the line “You’re killing the working man…”

Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springteen

Screenshot via Late Night With Jimmy Fallon‘s YouTube channel



  1. 788eddie January 16, 2014

    I love Bruce! Great Rock!

    And now, with Christie in his sights, I’m sure the thermostat has just been raised a couple of notches.

  2. Mikey7a January 16, 2014

    Sad that Fallon sounds more like Bruce, than Bruce does, but we all get old, now don’t we? Excellent video. Does anyone else feel that Christie knew more about this, than he wants to admit? It’s that, or he is being sabotaged by his own people, who are actually Tea bagging idiots. Either way, I think this ends any hope of Gov. Christie running in 2016.

    1. FT66 January 16, 2014

      I do not think anyone sabotaged Christie. If we the people who are not very close to his inner circle know him very well, how come those who are very closer to him can’t? Every part of my body tells me Christie has been lying since day one when the issue was brought to the limelight.

      1. JSquercia January 16, 2014

        As the story unfolds we see more and more evidence that Christie is a mean spirited bully .As an example The Democratic mayor of Hoboken which was 80% under water and many meetings with state officials had ALL of them canceled AFTER he refused to endorse Christie . No reason was given for the wholesale cancelations .

    2. Independent1 January 16, 2014

      If you have any doubt about Christie being aware of the traffic jam, see this story where Rachel Maddow outs him:


      1. Mikey7a January 17, 2014

        Indy1, I did say in my post, it was an either/or situation. You are correct sir, I have no doubt now, that Gov. Christie knew it was going on, as it happened. Oh well, good riddance to bad rubbish. Seems to me, the Republicans are running out of viable candidates to run for The Presidency. Looking more like another Mitt(who the hell is this guy” Romney situation, every day.

  3. dpaano January 16, 2014


  4. Thomas Aquinas January 17, 2014

    A brief overview of the current doctor shortages that will be made worse by Obamacare central planning: http://www.bostonglobe.com/magazine/2013/10/12/why-hard-find-doctor/AZmAhh8DJowD63cIVF0vPO/story.html

    1. Independent1 January 18, 2014

      Maybe temporarily but what you’re going to see is more looking to become doctors because Obamacare is going to take insurance companies pretty much out of the healthcare process and allow doctors to treat patients AS THEY SEE IS NEEDED, not AS INSURANCE COMPANIES DICTATE!!

      And see this:

      Obamacare enrollments keeping up high pace

      Furthermore, the pace of enrollments for the ACA is faster than it was for Medicare Part D, the last big federal health care expansion effort under the Bush administration. That’s according to research done by House Democrats on the Energy and Commerce Committee. But if you really need convincing that, despite the completely botched early rollout of the exchanges, participation is hitting targets there’s this: The insurance companies aren’t just not panicking, they think everything’s going to be fine with the new law.

      So House Speaker John Boehner might have to rethink his whole strategy of “sit back and bet on Obamacare collapsing under its own weight.”

      And here’s the link to the entire article:


  5. Independent1 January 18, 2014

    Christie is being proved to be more and more of a liar!! He claimed to barely know Wildstein, yet:

    Christie Created Wildstein’s Exec-Level Position at the Port Authority

    Give him a position at the top of the agency; he’s a good friend of the governor.

    That’s how David Wildstein was introduced to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey in 2010, according to a former employee with extensive knowledge of the agency’s hiring practices.

    Soon after, Wildstein was named the director of Interstate Capital Projects, a title that previously had not existed at the bi-state agency….

    Wildstein’s role included scrutinizing the agency’s business for the governor and that’s why he was given such a broad title, sources said. Those current and former employees said people were careful about what they said when Wildstein was in the room, always assuming it would get back to Christie.

    So the idea that Wildstein would not be following Christie’s orders becomes even more absurd. Not to mention Christie’s claim during his 2 hour press conference last week that he and Wildstein were hardly even acquaintances.



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