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Fox News’ Sean Hannity is on the top tier of pro-Donald Trump propagandists at the right-wing “news” network, so it is perfectly in character for him to completely fall flat on his face while trying to attack real journalists.

In an echo of Trump’s childish taunts about “fake news,” Hannity tweeted a message directed to “fake news” CNN and “conspiracy TV” NBC. He told them to “read and learn,” and then posted a link to a story about the Department of Justice’s attempt to reinvigorate the right-wing anti-Clinton conspiracy theory about Uranium One.

The only problem for Hannity is that his link went right back to NBC.

When you’re calling another news organization fake or alleging that it peddles conspiracies, it would be stupid to cite that very same news outlet to make your point. But that’s the sort of muddled thinking and inability to interpret basic reporting that is Hannity’s stock in trade.

Several journalists for real news organizations noticed Hannity’s own goal and called him out for it.

CNN’s Jake Tapper noted, “Hannity tells NBC News to get a load of this important NBC News story.”

NBC’s Hallie Jackson wrote, “You are… literally… tweeting an @NBCNews story.”

And MSNBC’s Stephanie Rule told Hannity, “Thank you for promoting an @NBCNews piece. We appreciate your support.”

Rule also dinged Hannity for his repeated hyping of absurd conspiracy theories, pointing out that Fox’s own Shepard Smith has done reporting about the truth regarding Uranium One, citing facts and not the anti-Clinton hysteria that Hannity traffics in every night on his program.

For years, Hannity has made the absurd claim that he is a journalist, when in truth he is nothing more than a dishonest and shoddy propagandist who is only taken seriously by the Donald Trumps of the world.

His program, like the rest of Fox News, drowns in the fevered swamps of the right’s conspiracy theories. He has used his show to make up lies out of thin air, hurting the families of murder victims like former DNC staffer Seth Rich and involving them in his disgraceful attempts to smear Democrats like Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama.

The bar at Fox News is so low that it is practically on the floor. The only thing the network cares about is furthering hate, misogyny, and lies while lifting up the Republican Party and Donald Trump. Not only is that sad mission in line with Sean Hannity’s beliefs, it is obvious that it is one of the few things he excels at.



Pity the poor white man; he just can't catch a break in this country.

If that strikes you as an unpromising theme for a presidential campaign in the year 2020, you must not be an adept of the Trump cult. Seemingly running as the reincarnation of Jefferson Davis—the Mississippian who served as the one-and-only president of the Confederate States of America—Boss Trump travels from sea to shining sea appealing to the resentment and self-pity of those whose ancestors lost the Civil War.

Even if they had no such ancestors. Not every paleface who gets all tingly and aroused by Trump's dark intimations of cultural warfare is descended from slave owners or rebel soldiers. Unrepentant racists are actually a dying breed across the South. Indeed, you'd think that the state of Mississippi's decision to remove Confederate imagery from its state flag would give even Trump pause. Not to mention NASCAR's banning of the Stars and Bars. Bad for business, you see. After all, who defends slavery anymore?

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