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Can Watching Fox News Make You Dumber?


Can Watching Fox News Make You Dumber?


According to a Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind Poll, watching certain news sources — especially Fox News — can actually make you less informed about what’s going on in the world.

The poll asked 612 New Jerseyans about current events and from what sources they get their news. The results show a correlation between where the respondents get their news and how informed they are. Fox News in particular stood out as having poorly informed viewers.

People who watch Fox News, the most popular of the 24-hour cable news networks, are 18-points less likely to know that Egyptians overthrew their government than those who watch no news at all (after controlling for other news sources, partisanship, education and other demographic factors). Fox News watchers are also 6-points less likely to know that Syrians have not yet overthrown their government than those who watch no news.

“Because of the controls for partisanship, we know these results are not just driven by Republicans or other groups being more likely to watch Fox News,” said Dan Cassino, a professor of political science at Fairleigh Dickinson and an analyst for the PublicMind Poll. “Rather, the results show us that there is something about watching Fox News that leads people to do worse on these questions than those who don’t watch any news at all.”

Fox News viewers are not only a whopping 18 points less likely to know what’s happening in Egypt than people who don’t watch news at all; they are also significantly less informed than viewers of other cable news networks. 57 percent of CNN and MSNBC viewers answered the Hosni Mubarak question correctly, compared to only 49 percent of Fox News viewers.

As PoliticalWire points out, the results of the PublicMind poll mirror those of a University of Maryland study from last year.

The survey showed that people who rely on NPR, Sunday morning news shows, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tend to be the most well-informed. Viewers of the 24 hour cable news networks lagged significantly behind, showing that in this case quantity is not correlated with quality.


Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Professor Curt November 21, 2011

    I always suspected something like this. It’s good to see it finally proven true! Now how about an in-depth study showing which Fox shows are worse than others!

  2. uptop November 22, 2011

    I agree 100%. They are republican biased. They are a propaganda news station. I urge people to do their own research and see who owns and runs fox news. I did.

  3. Woodmont November 22, 2011

    Fox actually broadcasts disinformation

  4. Dale Gazlay November 22, 2011

    So what your saying is that FOX viewers are 18 points less likely to have viewed the government overthrow in Egypt than folks who have viewed no coverage at all. I watch FOX news and could not have missed the extensive coverage of the “Arab Spring”. Common sense tells me that that I am up to speed on the subject because I saw it on FOX. Are you asking me to believe that someone who did not view any coverage of the event is 18 points more likely to be informed on the issue? That is void of logic! Liberalism at its finest! I’m the dumb one?……..

    Please forgive my spelling……I’m public school educated.

  5. VstarGuy November 22, 2011

    Honestly, I may watch FOX News periodically to “see what the pagans are saying”! Murdoch’s band of supposedly “journalistic” rogues are akin to the Keystone Kops but, these “commentators” can be very dangerous because there are people who actually believe the tripe FOX is known to spew over the air waves! BillO,
    probably the “Head Rogue” of this lock-step bunch of liars sets the tone and the other BillO wanna-bees follow suit! Lol! It’s amazing they’re still on the air….
    what a country!

  6. Dale Gazlay November 22, 2011

    Dear Woodmont,

    Please provide examples of “disinformation”.

  7. Pedro November 22, 2011

    The other evening on FOX footage was shown of a violent clash or what very much looked like one between an Occupy group and police in riot gear who vastly outnumbered them. This is one case where some context and explanation of just what exactly was going on here was critical. But FOX, instead of having anything like that, had no verbal commentary. Instead, across the bottom of the screen were a bunch of words saying “the popularity of the Democrats continues to plunge…” Here on the screen is a vivid scene of action/violence or at the very least something pretty important going on. Instead of describing it, telling us what it’s all about, we’re given a worse than bogus factoid or statistic, pretty much implying that the Occupy groups = Democrats & they are being “defeated” or “losing their popularity or influence.” My daughter is very politically active and only 20. She is familiar with many involved in Occupy events. They are no more Democrats than they are Republicans. They are the opposite of partisan politics, disgusted and tired of all of it. So Fox’s implication that Occupy = Democrats & well, that they are “losing” now is an example of useless if not false information. Disinformation may be too polite a word.

  8. freethinker November 22, 2011

    I sample all news channels and have found that if I want to hear anything that might be the least bit derogatory toward the progressive narrative, I will hear it only on Fox and, maybe, 60 Minutes. But that was a nice try toward demonizing without presenting any facts or specific examples. The fact that they sampled only a few New Jersey residents should have discredited the whole poll and you didn’t do yourselves any service by presenting it. Propaganda is propaganda, regardless, of which end of the political spectrum you are on.

  9. PeterW November 22, 2011

    This isn’t news at all, it is biased, opinionated propaganda. Just compare the reporting of the OWS and the Tea Party protests by Fox. The Tea Party was a conservative movement supported by Fox. The OWS has been characterized as a directionless, rabble by lazy, socialists who want to be given everything. The words “socialist” and “leftists” are favorites of Fox when they wish to discredit or disavow the message of others. The same was true of their coverage of health care and their coverage of the deficit debate. Those who wanted higher taxes on the wealthiest reaping the greatest rewards were labeled as vilifying the wealthy, job creators and producers. Those who oppose the conservative agenda are called vermin, lazy, leeches and worse by Faux News.

    This is not balanced or informative reporting, it is “hate mongering” because the goal of Fox is about encouraging fear and distrust, not providing useful information. Fox wants to further a conservative agenda that favors the wealthiest Americans and it believes the most effective way to do that is to divide middle America. It is not and never has been to provide unbiased, informative and balanced news reporting. Just listen to Fox’s Chris Wallace-Jon Steward interview. Mr. Wallace doesn’t even recognize what the purpose of reporting the news is supposed to be.

  10. cgosling November 22, 2011

    Fox news fans love to selectively watch personalities such as OReily belittle liberals. What news is presented always has a conservative bias. Every Fox show and hired employee with few exceptions, immediately and automatically parrot the exact same line. With few exceptions only conservatives are hired. They must get a directive from top management on what to say because immediately they all say the same thing with the exact same words and phrases, and opinion. It is amazing. Fox does this to an extreme, much more than any other network. Not all the blame goes to the network, viewers must take some blame also. They rather be told what to think than make up their own minds. I often watch Fox News for entertainment and contrast. News Hounds, Media Matters and Fact Check do a good job straightening things out but I doubt Fox fans want another view point.

  11. cm wilson November 22, 2011

    This is only one of many non-partisan studies on the news media. Those that can’t believe that Fox News spreads mis-information might just do their homework; there are scores of these studies out there, some by credible universities, some by Media watch-dogs — all prove that the facts are skewed and re-worked on Fox News, leaving their viewers no more informed than their own bias allows. This is precisely the reason Fox News is so popular with a certain group — a group that simply wants their own personal resentments and fears validated.
    Most understand Motivated Bias, the ability to “believe what is convenient” — to believe false information because it confirms your own bigotry and hate. Those of you who applauded when NASCAR fans booed Michelle Obama, Jill Biden, and then heard that fat man on Fox News refer to them as “uppity” and didn’t feel the hair on the back of your neck rise — well, you probably suffer with Motivational Bias. Good luck with that.

  12. younastybw November 22, 2011

    Finally, someone puts the spotlight on Fox News. They are the most one sided unprofessional news station in the country. It’s like The National Enquirer doing the news.

  13. IslandAlpha November 22, 2011

    Indeed. They should be required by law to add the commas to the word News. Just as any other advertisment is required to do when they try to decieve you into believing it’s news. 24/7 propaganda. Pure and simple. Masters of manipulation. To those who are easily manipulated. “We report,you decide” That’s rich. But still not as hilarious as “Fair and Balanced”. Here is the scary thought of the day. What if News Corp somehow managed to buy out CNN, NBC, ABC, and also was able to squash NPR out of existence. Throw in BBC and AP and now you would have Neo-Con, police state, tear up the constitution utopia. The world according to O’Riely ,Hannity and Beck. The ultimate nightmare.

  14. DB November 22, 2011

    If you want to see some incredibly biased comments just look at PeterW or Cm Wilson’s comments. I watch several channels, and the commentators on CNN and on MSNBC have a clearly biased attitude in favor of Democrats. The bias is very clear in the news reporting on those stations also. For a very good example, no one on those channels, to the best of my knowledge has said that Holder has lied about all the things he’s told the Congress about Fast and Furious and Kagan and other items. However, when Bush was in office the terms, lied, lying and not telling the truth, were used constantly with regard to Bush, Cheney, Libby and others in the Valerie Plame situation and many others. Why are Holder and Obama given a pass on lying about everything? Just go back to Obama saying he never heard Jeremiah Wright say anything bad about America in 20 years of listening to his sermons, which has to be a clear and outright lie. Where was the outrage of Chris Matthews and all his friends? Nowhere. There is bias, but this report shows no facts, and just places the bias on the wrong side – it’s not Fox.

  15. crazy4art November 22, 2011

    The research didn’t say that Fox had no coverage of Egypt, it said the viewers didn’t know that they had succeeded in over throwing their government. People who watched no news were more aware of that success.
    Jon Stewart often shows stories from Fox where they have used pictures of some other event to show that the crowds of the events they support are larger than they were.
    I was at a protest of the war in Iraq in Oct 2004 and I was there early, about an hour before the event started and Fox was filming at that time and I couldn’t figure out why they would film before the people came. They showed that footage on air and reported that no one showed up. The march was 27 blocks long and 4 lanes wide. I’ve never been in a larger protest in my life. I am politically active and have attended protests since the early 70’s. Fox is not news and every study ever done has shown the same results, no matter where the information is gathered.

  16. karenfern November 22, 2011

    My brain cells are safe. I don’t get Fox News on my cable set up and I only watch FOX on Saturday night to see “Cops.” I read the NY Times, London Times, Washington Post and LA Times every day. I still don’t feel perfectly well-informed but I at least avoid the outlet that drains gray matter and uses the cells as compost.

  17. whitetiger November 22, 2011

    This survey proves what I have believed all alone, republicans are stupid. Close minded and can’t see the facts. They believe a lie to be the truth. I don’t watch Fox News anymore. Has been years, I saw the lies they were putting out and it made me sick. I wrote a letter to them, still waiting on a reply. Anything that comes from Fox is propaganda. The biggest lie that I have seen clips on, “Tax increases will destroy job creation”. The fact is tax cuts don’t create jobs. If so why are the jobs are overseas? The tax cuts and tax breaks allow it. Will Fox report that? NO!!!! Fox is a ignorant news channel and so are the viewers, the survey proves that.

  18. Dale Gazlay November 22, 2011

    Still no takers on facts? What specific lies is FOX news guilty of?

    I watch C-SPAN and view first hand Congressional debate, hearings and governmental proceedings. When I watch MSNBC and their comments on what went down, my head spins almost to the extent of their rehtoric.

    Please try this at home. Facts are facts.

  19. AreUnutsorjuststupid November 22, 2011

    Fox News is Right Wing PRAVDA- has nothing to do with news, has everything to do with selling the Right Wing Agenda – classic case – over and over and over again of ‘don’t bother me the facts, just tell me what I want to hear’

  20. Woodstock22 November 22, 2011

    I didn’t realize FOX news was supposed to be serious…however, the NFL on FOX is serious.

  21. PolySciPHD November 22, 2011

    In addition to my doctorate in the field, I have been actively involved in political affairs (including serving on numerous government commissions such as the Virginia Board for Public Broadcasting)over the last 50 years. I have coached intercollegiate debate and taught political science AND POLLING in a highly regarded university. Anyone who knows anything at all about polling knows THE RESULTS DEPEND ON THE QUESTIONS ASKED, AND BY THE PERCEPTION OF THE POLLING ORGANIZATION (if it wants to get certain results). I know too many people whose sole source of news is FOX News and I do not know any of them who are at all misinformed. (I admit I do not know anyone from New Jersey at this time.) I did watch Fox news throughout the “Arab Spring” and have friends in the Middle East. The information I got from Fox News about Egypt, and the rest of North Africa, and Syria, all matches up perfectly with the NYT, Washington Post, and friends living in those areas. In fact, I will accept FOX news as factual far before NPR or similar sources. Could it be that the information the pollers based their so called results on is simply false? When I was in Afghanistan in the 1990s at a fairly high level, the information broadcast by NPR was 180 degrees from what was actually going on.

  22. MiltonFindley November 22, 2011

    None are paying attention to you Mr. Gazlay because with a minute of your time, you could subscribe to any one or all of the various organizations that daily publish the specific lies that are presented on FOX News. There is no reason to engage with someone who lacks the ambition to become well informed.

  23. Man November 22, 2011

    I hardly watch Fox News and the only time I do when I am at the Dr. office or in the airport. Their news and comments and the political shows like O-Rielly and others are playing on the same tune to destroy Obama’s image and the Democratic party period, nothing new, nothing to deal and do something about the economical and the unemployment situations, they just ctitisize and condemn and poisen the American people with their prpaganda! Most of my friends, they are Republicans, they just fed up with their games of the hatred style comments.Their ratings are down except on Sunday when they sponsor a football game !!!

  24. Dale Gazlay November 22, 2011

    Nice try Milton!

    I’m not interested in second hand analysis. Seems like so many people screaming “FOX LIES” and nobody with the capacity to present one of the falsehoods……and I’m the dumb FOX viewer.

  25. JKD53 November 22, 2011

    The real question is how will anyone ever know of this poll? Will FOX ever comment on it? If they don’t talk about it, don’t you know it doesn’t exist or never happened.

  26. bobbykearan November 22, 2011

    VStarGuy – Woah! I am a Pagan – don’t be even suggesting any association with Fox News! Those a Right Wing Religious Nutters, not Pagans.
    Dale Gazlay – So, you ask for specifics, but refuse to pay attention to them. Interesting.
    Specific things Fox has Lied about – “Death panels” (a politifact lie of the year) “Government Takeover” (another lie of the year), Violence in Wisconsin protests – they showed a video of violence, but it had palm trees in the background when Wisconsin had snow, Oh, they said, often, that Department of Education official Kevin Jennings knew of a “statutory rape” case involving a 15-year-old student but “never reported it.” In fact, the student was above the age of consent and someone on Fox corrected it, but others kept repeating the lie the rest of the week!
    Ah – that blonde viciously said nobody on Fox called the other side Nazis, ever – even though there are TONS of examples and one was earlier the same day on her show.
    The report on Google starting to charge churches for it’s custom email accounts – ton of misinformation in that one.
    I made a two hour video on their lies and misinformation.
    There is a playlist on youtube with Fox Lies – http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA3BD2524FE99BD4D
    There are a couple sites : http://foxnewslies.net/ and http://www.newshounds.us/
    and here is a 10 worst Fox Lies video : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/10/20/the-ten-most-egregious-fo_n_327140.html

  27. MrQuestion November 22, 2011

    When people do studies you have to consider that the results mean.

    This result examined the relationship between what people watch and how much they know.

    You can look at the questionaire to see if it’s inherently biased. I don’t know the questions, but if the questions were about “who is the deposed leader of Egypt” they don’t seem so.

    The only variables left, if the questions aren’t biased, is the News source and it’s viewership.

    It may be that Fox is perfectly informative, or at least as good as everyone else. It may be that the viewership deosn’t have the same skill set for assembling facts.

    Or, alternately, the viewership is equal to the task – and Fox does not do a good job of presentation.

    Since we have many voices that insist Fox does fine coverage – I suspect it’s the viewership. And of all the variables here, that’s the one most difficult to examine.

    You might be perfectly capable of assembling the facts, and Fox might do a fine job of presenting them, but your coviewers are demonstrabley less facile.

    Which opens up another can of worms.

    Take yer pick.

  28. mojo1316 November 22, 2011

    You don’t think it’s because the people who only watch Fox News are a little less intelligent to begin with? An informed, educated viewer can see the lies and spin coming a mile away. If Murdoch was fined for every lie that Fox News knowingly broadcasts the lies would go away real fast. There’s not a bigger nickel nurser on the planet.

  29. JohnDowdle November 22, 2011

    The article states ‘Fox News viewers are not only a whopping 18 points less likely to know what’s happening in Egypt than people who don’t watch news at all; they are also significantly less informed than viewers of other cable news networks. 57 percent of CNN and MSNBC viewers answered the Hosni Mubarak question correctly, compared to only 49 percent of Fox News viewers.’
    This seems to suggest that even people who watch CNN and MSNBC were 10% less likely to know correctly about developments involving Hosni Mubarak in Egypt than people who watched no TV “news” coverage at all.
    This appears to suggest that the best informed people in America are those who watch no TV news coverage at all. Does this make sense to Americans?

  30. Joseph Walton November 22, 2011

    This analysis and others like it are without surprise. A characteristic of strong conservatives is their unending quest for certitude. They only see, hear and mentally process news that is entirely consistent with their ideology.

  31. bobbykearan November 22, 2011

    Oh, and the out of context clip editing!
    Two come to mind – Hannity showing Obama saying “taxes are going to go up next year, for everybody.” then saying, “I’m sure he will make that happen.” When the full clip was Obama saying the Bush plan was to have Bush’s tax cuts expire – taxes go up – at the end of the year.
    One showed Biden saying, “The foundations of the Economy are Strong!” – when in fact he was quoting McCain and disagreeing.
    Oh! Then there was the Tea Party rally they were talking about as being so well attended – but they were showing video from an earlier not-tea party rally that was better attended… it was even the wrong season!
    and here is a video about the “Nazi” thing http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/mon-january-24-2011/24-hour-nazi-party-people (starts around 3 minutes)

    There is NO WAY anyone can honestly claim that Fox News doesn’t lie.

  32. terango.lf November 22, 2011

    I have not been participating in this blog very long, however, this is the first time that I have seen so many opinions counter (pro-fox vs.pro article) to the subject at hand. While I can see the point of Mr. Poly Sci on the bias of poll questions, Just compare the Raspuking poll questions to almost any other and you will see bias out of their butts.
    To Mr. Gazley and Mr. Freethinker, perhaps the reason you might be better informed than your fellow fox followers is that you possess more intelligance than the rest of your cohorts and therefore have some mental filters to farrett out the facts from the noise they broadcast as I do when I watch any news broadcast myself.
    However, with that being said, when Fox broadcasts a public event such as Glen Becks or the Tea Party Washington D.C. rallies, but are actually showing you footage of some other event that had bigger crowds (by-far) than the event represented and then NEVER retract their representation, well what do think we fox na sayers think??
    Also, I have seen for my self that fox will drop the party affiliation after a politicians name if they are republican and are in the dog house! Or even show their affiliation as a democrat vs. republican under the same premis.
    I challange the pro foxers to look up old Daily Show episodes using the key words; fox, glen beck, hannity, oriley and then watch the expose’ on the subject.
    Based on the number of pro-fox responses, I’m inclined to assume that perhaps these people are organized to defend fox from where ever the critisism from.
    I too watch fox when new political issues arise, so that I can compare info and opinion. You see, I wish to make INFORMED desicions by gathering other points of view. When I was in the military, they would have us read Soviet propaganda, it was a series called “know thy enemy”. And this is my approach to form opinions now. But you have to listen to all the “HATERS” on all sides to realy understand something social in its nature.
    And with all this being said fox offends every time they call themselves news and their slogans fair and balanced or we report you decide. Rupert Murdoch is the most shameless and unworty person to own public interests such as 4th estate assets.

  33. JohnDowdle November 22, 2011

    The son of Murdoch was likened to a mafia boss by a parliamentarian in the UK House of Commons recently. The recent revelations of phone hacking by the Murdoch owned press in Britain effectively torpedoed them from gaining control over BSkyB, a cable TV channel, and they were forced to close down The News of the World, a newspaper title with more than 160 years of history, as a result of the phone hacking scandal. Has this been reported by Fox News, I wonder?
    In fact, these are but the least of a number of revelations concerning the Murdoch press in Britain, which raises the question, “Are the Murdochs fit people to own and/or control any form of mass media anywhere in the world?”
    Why is this question not being raised in the USA and elsewhere?

  34. Panicalep November 22, 2011

    In a word, YES.
    As a retired American living in Italy, I have my telly on the whole time and mostly listen, to EuroNews, Sky (UK), Fox, CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, BBC, French 24 English, Al Jezeera English, RAI (Italian), and DeutcheWelle.
    Fox is not only mis-informative, but blatantly so. Their staff is a mixed bag, but the brightest bulb in the freezer by far is OH Reilly. It is amazing how one-sided their reporting is and I daily compare what others are reporting on alternate media.
    The only thing worse than FOX News is FOX Business. They must think that the audiences in Europe are on the same level of intelligence as their viewers in the U.S. Having Imus in the Morning on their business channel is an insult to business, even though this might be justifiable in today’s environment.

    FOX News concentrates only on American viewers as they cannot even coordinate their shows for foreign countries, e.g. Greta van Sustren passing off to OH Reilly, when another show actually follows hers and has for years!!!!!!

    FOX is made in America, for Americans, and about Americans. All stories reported lead back to America, even if they are reporting catastrophes elsewhere.

    I tell my friends and family in the U.S. that I watch FOX mornings and afternoons because I can only get Comedy Central during the evenings.

  35. LindaTift November 22, 2011

    Faux News is nothing but a rumor mill, facts be dammed. What they spread is not News but one sided spin.

  36. Howard R November 22, 2011

    Fox faux news does spin.They do not tell whole story. And smear Obama every chance they get. Beck & Hannity Rush and 800 con talk radio shows do the same. The nasty smears fly daily. Fox & Rush give their fans what it wants . Tea Baggers control COngress. GOP vowed to break Obama and protect their precious corps cuts, loopholes, subsides. They will do so on backs of our kids education, disabled, mentally ill, old sick, school lunches for poor kids. Nothing is off the table except fat cats paying more . GREED – Profits over People again and again
    Corps are NOT job creators Bush corp tax cuts tanked jobs, wages and sent
    good jobs overseas with Bush tax cuts to boot.

  37. DAlnB November 22, 2011

    . Without a Doubt! ! !
    FOX not only manipulates information twisting it into something it is not but hey also manufacture stories and broadcast half-truths . I have no doubt they have “goons” on the street who pick up on minor items and make them into mountains then call Hannity who can say he has it from a source that — and spew misinformation blown out of proportion and protect himself by saying he received it from a source. Listen to his radio shows; the people calling in are a few crumbs short of being yesterday’s sandwich!

    It is sad that so many people are ready to take the word of radical radio and TV talk show hosts rather than take time to research, study and make educated decisions! FOX has built a following of simple minded robotics that are ready to follow and do as suggested.

    The greatest problem we have in America today is the harm FOX has done in destroying the credibility and trust in our government. They thrill at having GOP visitors who spend more time in front of TV cameras bad-mouthing Fix America efforts than they do in their offices helping restore our nation!

  38. AlesterP November 22, 2011

    The only ones surprised by this are those that listen and believe Fox News, but then they are also those who really don’t want to truthfully be informed. They like the lies, misinformation and hype of Fox News…it makes them feel superior, yet they remain forever uninformed.

  39. Matt Morgan November 22, 2011

    The other night, Keith Olbermann said “…the political whorehouse whorehouse that is Fox News.” I find that term derogatory. To Sex Workers.

  40. mario November 22, 2011

    they are all together fox news and the Grand Obstruction Party the T Party and $ $ they all tolk about the same //// and its all about the diferent President if u know what i mean they are distroyeing our beatifull America for only one thing one men they don,t like and only we the people can help BY GETTING TOGETHER

  41. soaresd006 November 22, 2011

    I agree 100%. It has been very irritating each day to listen to FOX News commentators, that give only a part of the story, and then their blinded opinions. They are bias, self-centered, egotiscal men. If they feel they have the answers, then why don’t they get into government and make the difference. Everyone knows that FOX is conservative driven, previous employees have already stated that they are told what to say, if their views differ from that of management. FOX news has contributed greatly to the mis-trust and destroying the credibility of our government and President. Obama has dones what every business man would do. He puts out his vision and expects the congress to carry out. The supposedly educated few that sit in congress should be able to come up with a plan. Taxing the rich is not so bad, unless you are rich. Relieving the middle class from carrying the burden is a good plan, then maybe the economy would get better. Taxing the corporations is also good, they make big profits, and then pay the rich millions in bonuses. Good Revenue, if you ask me. As for spending, run the government like a business, cut down on paper, cut down on duplicated offices, producing the same information, but cutting benefits to those who have supported the government and this country is just one big slap in the face. Congress get your act together, and just do what is right. Thanks for the opportunity to vent.

  42. Florida November 22, 2011

    Is the name of Fox News not misleading? As I understand, Fox News is not registered as a public news station. It is registered as a “political commentary” or something akin to that. This fact may explain why Glenn Beck could advise listeners to buy gold through a business he had a financial interest in. It also explains why news personalities on other networks may be fined or placed on leave for excessive campaign contributions – something no Fox employee has to comply with.

  43. joekus November 22, 2011

    Watch the gaffes in the next Repub debate (best reality TV ever). Then watch the coverage on Fox, then on any other outlet. Differences in tone, length, and subject should be quite evident, even to the most obtuse observer. The one you find fair and balanced determines your line of thinking.

    To the cretinous Republican who blames his poor spelling on his public education: Why don’t you follow your own party’s directive and pull yourself up by your bootstraps and learn to spell (or take the 5 seconds to send it through a spell checker). And don’t forget be thankful for the teachers who taught you rather than your feral (evidenced by your typical Republican lack of empathy) family.

  44. Burgirl57 November 22, 2011

    Ya know….people who post alleged lies by Fox seem to have their news source be Chris Mathews or the like. They mention “death panels”…. and they must also be from New Jersey. Death panels…. As used by some regarding Obamacare refers specifically to a section that was originally included in the law. It was removed after the public was alerted as to its existence. It called for a panel to be created to determine evaluation of treatment availability and type depending on disease, stage, age, race, overall health, and cost. If a person was too old, etc — this panel would have the power to determine if that person could get medical treatment and what that woukd be. It also had the power to order the doctor to do end of life counseling and it also coukd set up hospice 18 months prior to expected death vs the 6 months currently used as the standard. Under hospice – not treatment is provided! IF u think this is not true – prove it! These panels were “death panels” for anyone, of any age, who did not qualify for treatment.

  45. Bonnie Parmenter November 22, 2011

    I like to read the most Liberal to the most Conservative news sources. I don’t watch much TV. The article above is totally bogus. You can make up anything you want and say it is a survey. I have read other surveys that have said exactly the opposite. It almost sickens me how deceitful new sources are. They either don’t cover something they don’t want the public to see or they only pick-out a piece of a story to make a biased article. Media falls into the same catagory as Politians in my book. They are almost all corrupt.

  46. davekzy1 November 22, 2011

    Not only does Fox News distort the truth, they also brainwash viewers with hate and intolerance. My mom is a Fox news addict and over the years more and more hate spews out.

  47. michael Smith November 22, 2011

    Quite honestly if it were not for Fox News, people would only get a one sided take; and I mean very biased presentation as in from MSNBC. The reason Fox News is number one is because they do present all sides and they don’t create the news, they report it. Too bad MSNBC can’t do the same.

  48. angelog4719 November 23, 2011

    Anything associated with Rupert Murdoch by definition must is propaganda reflecting Rupert’s cynical distortion to support his menagerie of corrupt sycophants doing his bidding. When I was a subscriber to cable television I used to watch a couple of minutes of “Fox News ‘ just to remind myself how stupid, biased and corrupt the whole apparatus is, and to despair at the stupidity of the American electorate in general that is heavily influenced by this biased propaganda masquerading as “news”.
    For an even more hideous view of the lack of objectivity and morality within the Murdoch stable one should follow the current UK enquiry into phone hacking and the appalling litany of lies and obfuscation going right up to the chairman’s office in relation to this whole sordid affair. Murdoch has the inverse of the Midas touch, everything he touches turns to crap.

  49. occupy_can_gotohell11 November 23, 2011

    Seems to me that the only thing your article and the major part of the comments that were left proves: Is that those who believe watching Fox news makes you stupid, are progressive liberals that are too self-absorbed and brainwashed by the likes of commentators such as, “Thrill Up My Leg Chris Matthews”…

  50. jassetts November 23, 2011

    Respondents who watch FoxNews need not admit as much. It’s obvious as soon as you trot out your perennial bogeymen ‘liberals’ and ‘the left’, the answers to all the ills in the world. And I would challenge the non-TV-watcher who claims to have seen a poll that shows the exact opposite results to produce this poll. Please.

  51. IslandAlpha November 23, 2011

    I will honestly agree that NSNBC leans to the Left and has a liberal bias. (CNN ? NO) But here’s the big difference. They don’t bald face lie and advertise themselves as “Fair and Balanced”. They also don’t try to convince people that they are mainstream, and everybody and everything else is extreme right wing. Murdochs Manipulators would not bother me so much if they were at least honest about who they are and what they are. Don’t piss down my leg and me it’s raining.

  52. jltjgjmjgs November 23, 2011

    Not only does Fox “news” dumb down its watchers but it makes them very angry people. In my family and circle of friends, what I notice is that if they are Republicans, they watch Fox. If not, they either don’t watch it at all or they only watch it to find out what lies and propaganda are currently being broadcast. The problem is that anytime a subject comes up in the normal course of discussion, Fox watchers, especially watchers of Limbaugh and Beck, cannot even listen to any fact or opinion other than what they have heard without becoming instantly angry. Whatever happened to good old political discourse among family and friends? We used to be able to converse about politics, no matter what your opinion. How sad that we have lost the ability to have friendly debates in our livingrooms!

    I don’t watch Fox because I just feel violated when I do but one of their themes must be that the Pres is trying to destroy America because I keep hearing that same phrase from some of my Fox-watcher friends. It is true, America is being destroyed. I can see it quite clearly when I can’t even have a friendly discussion or talk about a fact that Fox has not cleared or disagrees with. It is NOT our President that is destroying this country. It is FOX “news” and it’s hate mongers. They are causing the rift. Honestly folks, why can’t we just have civil conversations (or even debates) with each other? Why can’t we all work together to make America better? Naive, I know! But there was a simpler time when that used to work.

  53. jgr from merritt island November 23, 2011

    I watch Fox News only when there’s no other station with the news on. The obvious conservative bias is annoying and insults my intelligence. I’ve noticed that every doctor’s office has Fox News on in their waiting room. I guess some in the medical business want to brain wash their customers.

  54. IslandAlpha November 23, 2011

    Let’s get honest here. Instead of “We Report ,You Decide”, let’s change it to “We stretch, manipulate, distort, fabricate ,conjure up, make it up, and just plain bald face lie, and now you don’t have to decide because we have already done that for you”. Might be a little long, but at least it’s honest.

  55. almostsane November 23, 2011

    This so called poll actually shows that Fox News watchers are 18% more informed, and smarter than the professor and all the dummies who posted in his favor. There was no overthrow of the Egyptian government. The army controlled the government before Mubarack came to power and still does since he left. The professor and all of his supporters who have written in this column are too uninformed to know that. Those who watched Fox News during the uprising know that, so , instead of the claim that watching Fox News will make one less informed and dumbed down, it is, in fact, the complete opposite. Only morons would confuse the opinion shows at night with the hard news broadcast during the day.
    The fools who wrote this column aren’t any better informed that the professor who did the poll. If they were, they would have known there was no overthrow of the Egyptian government in the first place.

  56. marti 1045 November 24, 2011

    I don’t watch Fox. Although I had been a lifetime Republican(I am now 66)And former GOP Party Chair in NJ’s 3rd largest city, when I retired to Forida, I registered as Independent. GOP is corrupt and Democrats are wimps.

  57. Peter_03 November 24, 2011

    How many times have you heard Fox News say “So called public option, and government run healthcare”? Does a serious news organization push such a strong opinion for one side or the other? I don’t really care about the money, but you can’t truly be a bipartisan news organization if you’ve donated a million dollars to a specific political party, such as the Republican National Committee…And who except Fox News is against raising taxes on millionares and billionaires, other than conserative radio commentators and Republican politicians. Such as the manatee of the airwaves and part time weather balloon Rush Limbaugh? Do some research, type in Fox News bias on youtube, and keep telling yourself they have the entire countries interest at heart…Also think about how toxic and vile the things they say are compared to anything else you watch on tv.

  58. I almost never watch FOX News. But after a lifetime of studying politics starting in college during the early 60s, contributing money to, working for, and voting for both Democrats and Republicans I can assure you that FOX News is 3 or 4 times LESS biased than the other network or cable news channels are or claim to be. That said, FOX provides the same services to Conservatives that MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and CBS provides to Liberals and that is they relieve the doubt you harbor in your own mind that you are wrong about it all. Therefore I am suspicious of the motives of those supporting this McCarthyism style media campaign to force FOX News off the air. It is censorship of speech and of the press pure and simple. The only other possibility is a blatant government orchestrated attempt to violate the free speech and freedom of the press rights of all Americans. Which of the two is it?

    All this FAUX News, FOX lied(s), etc. bull crap is nothing more than Big Brother style “1984 New Speak” propaganda orchestrated by the extreme Left wing of the Democratic Party, who now just happen to have the reigns of the Democratic Party in their hands. The other end of these reigns are firmly between the teeth of mega corporations like MSNBC, NBC, GE, ABC, CBS, DuPont and others. This should not surprise anyone because these companies have invested billions of dollars in the Democratic Party to ensure favorable tax, trade, and regulatory treatment for their profits and products.

    Everyone of the companies named above have the same incestuous relationship with DC that the Krupp family or the population of the steel making city of Essen Germany enjoyed with the Nazis. This relationship is called National Socialism. I also wish to point out that every time a corporation invests capital in a political party that represents money that will never be invested in the economy to create good paying and permanent jobs for you or for your children. Besides I can word and score a survey in such a way that 58% of 612 people surveyed will claim that they are descended from space aliens. Now all you good little all go back to frantically waving around your little Red Book or else Sieg Heiling down the Boulevard.

  59. JoeFlinn November 25, 2011

    Talk about slanted views. This New Jersey poll is terrible, the real idiots around here are the people who did the polling. And I believe I have read my last National Memo article. It’s the liberals in DC that will ruin this country.

  60. in.the.flood.zone November 27, 2011

    Required reading: “What Liberal Media?” by Eric Alterman. This in-depth expose of the pervasive right-of-center bias in mass media was published in 2003. Alterman has been following the development of right-wing propaganda machines of various stripes since the Reagan days. In the process of detailing the preponderance of right-wing media messages and attacks, he prompts our memory of recent political history, including chapters called “What Economic Bias?”, “The Clinton Administration,” “The 2000 Election,” and “W’s World.” Highly readable and a real eye-opener. He also published “Sound & Fury: the Making of the Punditocracy.” Check him out.

  61. robert m ruane November 29, 2011

    “It’s the economy sttupid !

  62. HF46 December 2, 2011

    For those wanting more info, exanples, on Murdoc’s Fox News adjenda check out Robert Greenwald’s documentary DVD “Outfoxed” or go to http://www.outfoxed.org. This has probably been mentioned already, but it’s worth mentioning again.


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