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Candidates, Interrupted: Black Lives Matter Takes Over The Campaign Trail

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Candidates, Interrupted: Black Lives Matter Takes Over The Campaign Trail


Black Lives Matter protesters have been working to feed their message of racial justice to 2016 presidential candidates at campaign events by interrupting speeches and calling on candidates to publicly state how they plan to address institutional racism in the United States.

Democrats Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley got their first taste in July. Then, Sanders got a second on Saturday. Hillary Clinton took hers in a to-go bag on Tuesday. And Jeb Bush, the first Republican presidential candidate to be served, got his taste on Wednesday.

In Seattle on Saturday, two women from the local Black Lives Matter chapter jumped onstage as Sanders began to speak at an event marking the 80th anniversary of Social Security. Protester Marissa Johnson took the microphone, refusing to return it to an event organizer, exclaiming to the candidate, “Bernie, you were confronted at Netroots by black women,” and added, “You have yet to put out a criminal justice reform package like O’Malley did.”

The largely white crowd was not happy, especially since Sanders left the stage and did not return. The protesters also called for a 4.5-minute moment of silence to recognize the one-year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown.

The Black Lives Matter movement began to draw national attention after the killing of Brown, an unarmed black 18-year-old, by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. It gathered momentum from local and national protests that followed a grand jury’s decision not to indict the officer, as well as the killing of several other unarmed people of color by police all across the country.

In an MSNBC interview on Tuesday, Johnson said, “Black people are in a state of emergency,” and demanded explicit policy positions to address racism from lawmakers. She also explained why the confrontational protest tactic of interrupting campaign speeches has mostly targeted Democratic presidential candidates over Republicans.

“We really need to put pressure on people who claim that they care about black lives,” she said.

If they do not acknowledge the Black Lives Matter movement or offer policies that will address white supremacist violence in U.S. institutions, “presidential candidates should expect to be shut down and confronted every step along the way of this presidential campaign,” Black Lives Matter Seattle members said in a statement posted to Facebook. On the one-year anniversary of the death of Brown, the group added, “We honor Black lives lost by doing the unthinkable, the unapologetic, and the unrespectable.”

Responses have varied from the Democratic candidates who have been pressured by Black Lives Matter protesters in recent weeks. In the most direct and arguably comprehensive response, Sanders released a racial justice policy platform on his website Sunday, highlighting the “four central types of violence waged against black and brown Americans: physical, political, legal and economic,” and how he would address this violence against people of color if he were elected president. Sanders’ campaign also recently hired Symone Sanders, a young black woman and national youth chair of the Coalition for Juvenile Justice, as his national press secretary.

At an Urban League conference on July 31, Clinton, Sanders, and O’Malley each invoked the Black Lives Matter movement in their remarks. The Republican candidates present, Jeb Bush and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who is black, did not.

Some black legislators have defended the protesters’ strategy as a nonviolent, albeit disruptive means to force the issue of racial injustice into candidates’ political agendas.

Protesters have said their goal is to hold candidates accountable and pressure them to articulate exactly how they would address white supremacy and racism in education, housing, and the criminal legal system, and to reconcile that agenda with their past policy history.

According to some critics, Martin O’Malley, the former governor of Maryland, has a dubious record on race and policing. While mayor of Baltimore, he was a proponent of the “broken windows” theory of policing that emphasizes the enforcement of relatively small offenses and typically ends up targeting people of color.

After being interrupted at the Netroots conference in July, the Democratic candidate released a criminal justice reform platform.

The Democratic frontrunner, Clinton, thanks to her Secret Service security team, avoided being interrupted during a campaign speech on Tuesday. Following the event, she spoke with Black Lives Matter activists privately, who said they had recorded the conversation and planned to release a copy of it.

On Wednesday, dozens of protesters chanting “Black Lives Matter” interrupted Jeb Bush’s campaign event in North Las Vegas, which the Republican candidate ended early.

Some Bush supporters chanted “All Lives Matter” and “White Lives Matter” in response to the Black Lives Matter protesters, and “[t]wo women — a protester and a Bush supporter — stood a few feet from the candidate with their middle fingers extended in each other’s faces,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Bush reportedly met with Black Lives Matter activists earlier and “discussed criminal justice reform and barriers to upward mobility.”

In a statement released Sunday, following the second interruption of Sanders, Black Lives Matter’s national organization said it has not endorsed any presidential candidate, and is not affiliated with a political party.

“In the year leading up to the elections, we are committed to holding all candidates for office accountable to the needs and dreams of black people. We embrace a diversity of tactics. We are a decentralized network aiming to build the leadership and power of black people,” the statement says.

“We will continue to hold politicians and political parties accountable for their policies and platforms. We will also continue to demand the intentional dismantling of structural racism.”

Photo: Tiffany Von Arnim via Flickr


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  1. JPHALL August 13, 2015

    It is about time that the politicians are held responsible and on the record.

    1. Canistercook August 14, 2015

      Responsible for what? The crime and shootings in our society!

      1. JPHALL August 14, 2015

        No! For the lies they tell to get elected. There has always been crime, check the Bible and any decent history book.
        Subject: Re: Comment on Candidates, Interrupted: Black Lives Matter Takes Over The Campaign Trail

        1. hicusdicus August 15, 2015

          Why should a politician talk to us if he can’t lie to us??

          1. JPHALL August 15, 2015

            So that the people’s business can get done instead of what we have now in Congress.
            Subject: Re: Comment on Candidates, Interrupted: Black Lives Matter Takes Over The Campaign Trail

          2. hicusdicus August 16, 2015

            You do understand sarcasm?

          3. JPHALL August 16, 2015

            But do you? I know you are nothing but another little troll like L. Allen and Itsfun pushing outdated aand disproven ideologies. Have a nice day.
            Subject: Re: Comment on Candidates, Interrupted: Black Lives Matter Takes Over The Campaign Trail

          4. idamag August 16, 2015

            I read something the other day that went somewhat like: “Arguing with a tea partier is like playing chess with a pigeon. They knock over the pieces and crap all over the board.”

          5. JPHALL August 16, 2015

            I do! Do you? That is why I replied to an obvious troll like yourself. Ha Ha! You like L Allen and Itsfun are so sad! You think that you are so smart, when you are not. Such losers! Have a nice day!
            Subject: Re: Comment on Candidates, Interrupted: Black Lives Matter Takes Over The Campaign Trail

        2. nana4gj August 16, 2015

          They should also be known for their deeds, not just their words, truthful or not. Deeds may make those words truthful. Gun regulation is an example. That issue of keeping guns out of the hands of those who should not have them, will not be 100% resolved, but there is much that could be done to mitigate the problem. Politicians should not be encouraging people to use their Second Amendment Rights to solve the dysfunction and dissatisfaction with government. They should not be encouraging people to take the law into their own hands with their guns, by forming militias, et al. They should not encourage people to carry guns everywhere because the rest of us cannot know who is the good guy with the guns adorning his body and who is the bad guy, what their mental status and anger management ability is, or what their intent is. Politicians should have the courage to admit we have a problem and to do what can and should be done to address it, with common sense.

          Using lies with which to oppose the right of people to be able to afford access to consistent, ongoing healthcare, based on politics, is a big lie, and, for some, those lies have discredited those politicians on every other issue, because of the extremes to which they have gone in opposition, and on what basis? Why would anyone want people to NOT have this basic need covered for themselves? It makes no common sense, no economic sense, and no “moral” sense.

          Then, when they use the same energies, distortions, and extremes, to oppose a nuclear disarmament deal, the opposition is diluted and incredible; reapproachment with Cuba, the same thing, especially coming from “young” politicians who like to tell us that a politician in their 60s or 70s, is “yesterday”….when that younger politician prefers to cling to failed policies, old grudges and resentments, of half a century ago.

          1. JPHALL August 16, 2015

            So true!
            Subject: Re: Comment on Candidates, Interrupted: Black Lives Matter Takes Over The Campaign Trail

          2. idamag August 16, 2015

            The over reaction by policemen might be the result of so many nutjobs carrying more fire power than they have.

  2. Dominick Vila August 13, 2015

    I understand why people are upset and expressing their frustrations, but I don’t think it is appropriate to interrupt someone else venue, especially some who has articulated his opposition to police violence, to make a point. A March on Washington seems more appropriate…and probably a lot more effective.

    1. John Murchison August 14, 2015

      Marches have been done. Speeches have been made, as were promises. Yet we still have inexplicable killings. Its time for plans of action and not just body cams.

      1. CPAinNewYork August 14, 2015

        And what are your “plans of action”? Are you proposing to start a revolution? Riot and burn down your own homes and stores? What are your plans?

        1. Louis Allen August 14, 2015

          John’s answer to your question is:

          1. John Murchison August 15, 2015

            my answer is that my plans are irrelevant. its those in power that need to decide what comes next.

          2. hicusdicus August 15, 2015

            So you like to be told what to do??????????

          3. John Murchison August 17, 2015

            Obviously not. The point is we need to ask those in power what their plans are. And not give in to having none. As for revolutions, thats what elections are for.

          4. hicusdicus August 17, 2015

            If you enjoy being lied to and losing your choice to voter fraud, be my quest. If you really want to know what their plans are you better be a one percent-er.

    2. Karen Bille-Golden August 14, 2015

      Frustration levels in the black community are understandably high. Patience is running thin and they want solutions, not platitudes. I can understand that.

      1. Dominick Vila August 14, 2015

        I understand that, and I agree. In my opinion, the only thing that can stop the abuses of power by some members of police departments nationwide is a more robust intervention by the Justice Department. Start prosecuting, sentencing, and putting these morons in prison or this situation will go on forever.

        1. paulyz August 14, 2015

          So you blame all of this on just a miniscule number of Police, not the terrible violence in the inner-cities & other areas of this country? You think if we got rid entirely of every bad Officer, these actions would go away? How many people would even want to be put in these life-threatening situations by becoming an Officer? There is high Black on Black crime as well as terrible violence in mostly Black communities, or communities with mostly Black leaders & Police.

          1. Dominick Vila August 14, 2015

            The overwhelming majority of police officers are doing their jobs, which is not only dangerous, but often thankless and under paid. Unfortunately bad apples often infiltrate police departments and take advantage of their badges and authority to abuse citizens who are often unarmed and are not threatening anyone.
            In addition to better screening and training, the Justice Department should investigate the abuses perpetrated by bad cops, and ensure justice is served. Yes, there is Black on Black crime, and there is also White on White crime. That proves nothing. BTW, if you think African Americans are the only ones who engage in violent crime, take a close look at the people who committed the worst massacres in the USA. The majority are white.

          2. Louis Allen August 14, 2015

            “The majority are White.”
            To use your words, “that proves nothing.”
            It is simple: 1) Investigate; 2) Get the evidence; 3) Get an (honest) district attorney; 4) Submit case to a grand jury in search of probable cause; 5) If found, prosecute; 6) If found guilty, apply the full force of the law; 7) Last, but not least, FORGET about “political correctness” (what I just said applies to EVERYBODY; “ALL lives matter” !!)
            Simple, huh ?!

          3. hicusdicus August 15, 2015

            What ever a white man does he does it better than anybody else. It does not matter if it is making money , shooting rockets to the moon or killing people. DV is white and in the top of his class at being stupid and pandering people to sleep.

        2. Louis Allen August 14, 2015

          You conveniently forget something called “evidence”.
          Your post is so indicative of your intellectual dishonesty.
          A man like you, who has become somewhat of a mentor for so many people here incapable of exercising any common sense, should be more careful of the way he expresses himself.

          1. hicusdicus August 15, 2015

            D.V. Has the mental capacity of a manual typewriter. He has the thinking ability of a player piano. He has learned what to think but not how to think. Say hello to old Camel toe the love of your life , tell her I said Hi.

          2. Louis Allen August 15, 2015

            Haha, hicus!
            You always make me laugh and that’s so good.
            Old Whit,er, I mean, Cameltoe, sends her best (which is awful!!) to you. Says she would like to meet you so she can demonstrate that I lied about her being an abortion of Nature….

      2. Joe Mondo August 15, 2015

        Stealing a platform – especially one by someone who is on your side – doesn’t deliver a solution. It’s stupid and counterproductive.

        Valid movements can self defeat by yielding strategy to frustration.

    3. CPAinNewYork August 14, 2015

      Another March on Washington? Forget it! That’s just an excuse for Al Sharpton and the rest of his non-tax-paying freeloaders to mouth-off.

  3. Linda Holt August 14, 2015

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    1. crimprof August 15, 2015

      Right ….. Be glad to……… Money matters. Sounds like a scam. What is the BBS number?

      1. idamag August 16, 2015

        These are scams. There have been articles about them.

  4. FireBaron August 14, 2015

    The biggest problem with the “Black Lives Matter” folks is they are interrupting the very people who actually ARE trying to help them. Had they done this to any Republican candidates, it would have been more telling.

    1. Karen Bille-Golden August 14, 2015

      If it’s true that majority of blacks vote Democrat, it makes sense they would hold their feet to the fire.

      1. greenlantern1 August 14, 2015

        I am a Caucasian.
        I USED to be a Republican.

        1. paulyz August 14, 2015

          But the IRS scandal, the NSA spying, the Benghazi fiasco, the lies about Obamacare, the unlawful Executive Amnesty, the $18 Trillion in debt don’t due it for ya huh?

          1. Louis Allen August 14, 2015

            No, of course not!!
            Because, you see, greenlantern1 (and Dependent1) is an idiot….

          2. greenlantern1 August 15, 2015


          3. Louis Allen August 15, 2015

            Yeah. Obama told me.

          4. greenlantern1 August 16, 2015

            We have YOUR word on it!!

          5. idamag August 16, 2015

            Before Reagan closed the mental hospitals, I knew a nurse who worked in one. It was common for them to hear famous people talking to them.

          6. idamag August 16, 2015

            You can tell quite a bit about those who show no outrage at convicted war criminals, in the government, but go ballistic over a Black man in the White House. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Rummy were all convicted,in absentia, of war crimes in Malaysia and Norwary. Several other countries are holding warrants for their arrest if they go to those countries. Here is a poem about one of their heroes:


            Old Satan was getting old
            and his back was bent.
            His get up and go torture
            got up and went.
            At long last the time had come
            for him to retire.
            He was burned out (pun intended)
            from stoking that infernal fire.
            His knees gave such pain
            If only he could find someone,
            he wouldn’t have to train.
            He sat down at his desk
            to formulate a plan.
            And it came to him!
            Dick Cheney was his man.

          7. greenlantern1 August 15, 2015

            In order!
            Ever hear about George Steinbrenner and the Nixon IRS scandal?
            The Diem Cable?
            Ever hear of Pastor [?] Terry Jones?
            He was tried, convicted and sentenced to death for the murders in Benghazi!
            Why did he burn KORANS?
            Why did he screen the movie, THE INNOCENCE OF THE MUSLIMS?
            Why was his e-mail NEVER asked for while he was living?
            Which party WANTED violence at Benghazi?

          8. idamag August 16, 2015

            No matter how he spells it, lyz or lies, Paul lies.

        2. idamag August 16, 2015

          I was proud that my great-great-grandfather was one of the first Republicans and our family was Republican until it became the party of big business. They were once the idealists and those claiming to be Republicans, today, should not have degraded the party, but started their own party. To quote the first Republican President: “With charity toward all and malice toward none.” Doesn’t sound a bit like those claiming to be Republicans today, does it?

          1. greenlantern1 August 17, 2015

            President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated AFTER he bolted from the Republican Party!
            He formed the UNION party!
            He chose Andrew Johnson to be his VP!
            The RADICAL REPUBLICANS, their designation, impeached Lincoln’s VP!
            To call Lincoln a Republican is character assassination!
            Perfectly clear?

          2. idamag August 17, 2015

            Are you reading Texas history books? Lincoln never left the Republican Party. It was a decent party back then, having been formed as the anti-slavery party. It used to be a decent party until it was usurped by big business and started pandering to the less informed. When Civil Rights was enacted in 1963, the bull connor types went Republican – not because of the Republican values, mind you, but as a statement against Civil Rights. The less informed: the bull connors, george wallaces, and the like have degraded the Republican Party into the hate mongering group it is today.

          3. greenlantern1 August 18, 2015

            Did Andrew Johnson EVER join the REPUBLICAN party?

          4. idamag August 18, 2015

            Andrew Johnson was a Democrat Unionist. This meant he was a Democrat who believed in the union as opposed to those confederate democrats. If we try to demonize anyone who was ever a Republican, we become as horrible as the t-potty, oops T-party people who are the embodiment of hate and ignorance. They are like a malignancy on Democracy. I don’t believe in political parties as they have divided the nation. However, I will not vote Republican as they have become a rancorous party and it is demeaning to civility and decency when they claim to be the party of Lincoln. Since you have obviously studied history, can you imagine Abraham Lincoln wanting to be part of those ugly hateful people?

          5. greenlantern1 August 19, 2015

            Better yet!
            Ever read Lincoln’s SPOT RESOLUTIONS?
            Sadly, very few people know of Hannibal Hamlin.
            He was Lincoln’s first VP!
            He was a great American!
            Tragically, Lincoln had to throw him under the bus.

          6. idamag August 19, 2015

            I haven’t read them, but I will put them on my list. I have read several books about Lincoln as well as other presidents. I knew who his first vice president was. Lincoln had many great Americans to choose from for his administration. Four of his cabinet members had been rivals for the candacy.

          7. greenlantern1 August 20, 2015

            Lincoln did have great men in his cabinet.
            He also had Simon Cameron!

          8. idamag August 17, 2015

            Being a lifetime student of history, I did some further research. Just as the Republican Party calls themselves :The Grand Old Party, now, they billed themselves as the National Union Party in 1864. Why would they do that? They were the party that wanted to preserve the union. Were there radical Republicans? Yes, they were the ones who wanted no compromises and wanted slavery made illegal immediately. Lincoln wanted to compromise and let the five slave states keep those slaves they had, but make traffic in human lives illegal. The slave states wanted to expand slavery and keep it legal.

    2. BillP August 14, 2015

      I believe that they did interrupt a Jeb Bush speech the other day.

      1. crimprof August 15, 2015

        What’s the point. They need to take their rally to Baltimore and Ferguson and get their own audience, be given a broom, and clean up the mess that they made.

    3. CPAinNewYork August 14, 2015

      I loved it: A couple of ignorant clowns showing their absence of breeding. Put them in cages.

    4. crimprof August 15, 2015

      Why don’t they have their own rally — not taking from others. Many people do not want to hear them. It has NOTHING to due with race or racism. People want to hear the candidates and what they have to say. The show at Sanders rally was pure stupid, childish, ignorance.

    5. greenlantern1 August 18, 2015

      They are doing EXACTLY what their REPUBLICAN masters WANT them to do!!

  5. John S. August 14, 2015

    Politicians need to be held accountable for their failure to effectively address the
    intense structural racism and extreme economic inequality in contemporary
    America. These two destructive concepts are flip sides of the same coin,
    inseparable elements of America’s original sin.

    Still, a distinction between politicians needs to be made. Some politicians are for maintaining the current system of structural racism and economic inequality while others are fighting to remove the racism and economic inequality that plague our
    country. We should support the latter and condemn the former type of politician, be they Republican, Democrat or Independent.

    I strongly believe Bernie Sanders is one of the politicians fighting to eliminate
    structural racism and economic inequality from American society.

    1. idamag August 16, 2015

      We went forward for a few years and then things started degrading with a Black Man in the White House. The racists became active and vocal. A bunch of bull connors has sprung up.

    2. Teresa Fuller December 7, 2015

      REMINDER: Bernie Sanders is the Congressman that was all over the news for saying “it is every woman’s fancy to be raped” a few years ago.

  6. RED August 14, 2015

    This kind of irritates me. I’m still trying to figure out exactly why? I understand the tactics, I certainly understand the frustration, I feel the frustration myself, and I definitely agree that urgency is needed. I guess it irritates me that the BLM seems to attacking and interrupting the candidate most likely to advance their cause, the one who is most likely to support real change. Who is standing in the way of reform at this moment? Is is Bernie Sanders and progressive democrats? I don’t think so, being a progressive myself, I would love to see the system reformed dramatically now, today!! I do worry that too many times in the past racial justice was addressed by simply doling out injustice and oppression in racial proportionality, which is completely wrong. Injustice is injustice, regardless of a person’s race. And I say that with full recognition that minorities bear the brunt of our horrible disgusting system of injustice. But I do want the solution to be ending the evil and injustice of the system, not simply making it racially proportional. Now, go target the nutball Cons that stand in the way of fixing the system. Rubio, Paul, Cruz, all sitting Senators! Walker, Christie, & Kasich, sitting governors. All these people could do something right now, so let’s target those people and I promise you Sanders will support any efforts in the Senate.

    1. jif6360 August 14, 2015

      Your right these people could do something right now, fact is they don’t care. Watch the video I posted at http://www.judicialimmunitynecessaryevil.com/petition.html

      1. greenlantern1 August 14, 2015

        You are neglecting the part that actors play in this!

  7. jif6360 August 14, 2015

    The only way to get politicians to address these issues. Is to follow the Declaration of Independence. Vote all the incumbents out of office. A video is posted at. http://www.judicialimmunitynecessaryevil.com/petition.html

    1. melpalmer August 14, 2015

      vote vote vote….

  8. Canistercook August 14, 2015

    If they turn their frustrations into a positive direction it would help. Respect the badge get guns out of your home. We are asking our police force to maintain law and order and they have a difficult job.

    1. greenlantern1 August 14, 2015

      The police have a rough job.
      Especially when they have a criminal attorney-general like John Mitchell!!

      1. Louis Allen August 14, 2015

        The one who was Attorney General from 1969 to 1972??
        Wow!! ANOTHER crazy liberal idiot that has lost it.

        1. greenlantern1 August 15, 2015

          Did we have ANOTHER jailed, attorney-general?

  9. itsfun August 14, 2015

    Just follow the money trail. People have seen Jackson and his type get rich. More people just trying to get rich. If a few more get killed along the way, they don’t care.

    1. greenlantern1 August 14, 2015

      Ever read about Jerad Miller?
      Amanda Miller?
      Cliven Bundy?
      Good guys?

  10. PostSurgeOperative August 14, 2015

    Actually, Bernie Sanders did not leave the stage in Seattle until AFTER the 4 and a half-minutes of silence for Michael Brown, AFTER Marissa Janae Johnson ranted at the audience for several minutes (calling the people in attendance “white supremacists”), and then only AFTER Bernie had been repeatedly refused the opportunity to answer the concerns of these two activists, he left the stage to speak to his supporters in the crowd.

    I hope the author of this article will further investigate this story and correct these errors.

    1. nana4gj August 14, 2015

      Why remain on the stage if one cannot speak. No one could speak over that screaming.

  11. greenlantern1 August 14, 2015

    Remember Spiro Agnew’s “black panthers”?
    Wasn’t he a Governor of Maryland?
    Remember Romney’s “New Black Panthers” in Philadelphia?
    Who are they REALLY working for?

  12. greghilbert August 14, 2015

    BLM has delivered damaging blows to one and only one of over 20 candidates, Sanders, and he has by far not only the longest and most impeccable NAACP record, but positions more far-reaching and beneficial to blacks and the working and unemployed poor of every color
    than Clinton, whose history of self-serving complicity with Wall Street goes all the way back to her campaigning for neo-con Repub Barry Goldwater in 1964. And yet BLM gave her a pass just as kid-gloved and non-confrontational as they gave Bush. As a result, despite Sanders’ issuance of a pro-BLM position paper dramatically more comprehensive and revolutionary than BLM’s demands, Sanders lags among blacks in polls, largely because of the blows BLM stupidly delivered. And sure enough, all the corporate MSM are still happily reporting the BLM damage to Sanders, and give only passing coverage to his large and growing popularity despite rejection of the big-money establishment. Corporate MSM want a Repub in the White House, and think Clinton among the best of the lot.

    1. PostSurgeOperative August 14, 2015

      I suspect that in a few months Marissa Jenae Johnson will be touring the country campaigning for Rand Paul.

      1. greghilbert August 14, 2015

        I gather you said “Rand Paul” to use exaggeration to make the point.

        The neo-lib DLC Dem machine led by Bill Clinton, Obama, and Hillary Clinton, and its wealthy backers and network of foundations and orgs,
        are very effective at conning and buying the cooperation of activists for every cause progressives support. They’ve already made good use of Marissa Jenae Johnson.

        1. PostSurgeOperative August 14, 2015

          Please explain how President Obama is a neo-liberal.

          1. greghilbert August 14, 2015

            If you’re an Obamabot, kindly do not further unfairly waste my time and instead express whatever your own views may be.
            For openers, defining “neoliberalism”, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neoliberalism

            Obama openly champions TTP, TTIP, and TISA, despite all known about the damage done to the USA’s working class by Clinton’s NAFTA. The epitome of neoliberalism.

            Obama gave the USA’s global banking cartel everything it wanted, after that bastion of free-market neoliberalism cost millions their jobs, homes, and savings.

            A few tidbits documenting his neoliberal credentials:.




            My favorite is Obama’s 2014 proposal to lower the standard corporate tax rate the global cartel corporations don’t pay, in return for closing the offshoring loophole most of them use to dodge tens of billions in taxes monthly, AFTER allowing two more years for the rest to set up their offshoring schemes AND THEN giving all of the offshoring tax dodge schemes permanent grandfather-clause protection.

          2. PostSurgeOperative August 14, 2015

            “Neoliberalism[1] is a term whose usage and definition have changed over time.” – wikipedia

            If President Obama had spent the last six years trying to get rid of welfare, rather than expand it, you might have a point. Moreover, you don’t know what’s in the TPP and neither do I. However, I don’t assume, as you do, that President Obama’s intent in pursuing these trade deals is to hurt workers. IMO, his goal is further integrate the world economy, thus building trust, goodwill, cooperation, and peace. But then, I’m an optimistic liberal, not I’m not a hopeless, cranky cynic.

          3. crimprof August 15, 2015

            Thank you. Very interesting and educational.

      2. Joe Mondo August 15, 2015

        I doubt Rand Paul’s people will let her anywhere near his platform. They tipped their hand too soon.

  13. nana4gj August 14, 2015

    As strongly as I support the cause, I do not support the strategy. Sanders has the longest record with NAACP, as does Clinton. The cause is diminished by calling attention to this behavior. The remedy is begun already through this Administration and DOJ; does anyone believe a Democrat such as Sanders, albeit Socialist, and Clinton, will not continue the work? Does anyone believe the entire population of just-minded people do not support this work?

    Screaming in the faces of your allies, denying them the podium and the mic, serves no one but those who do not support you. You weaken your cause and your resources with which to make a difference.

    Some lives matter more to some politicians, such as Jeb Bush, who moved heaven and earth to interfere with a terminally ill woman in a vegetative state with irreversible brain damage, and her husband, right to choose palliative, non aggressive care instead of continued aggressive care that was prolonging death, not promoting life. Would that he could show the same conviction and determination and beliefs for all of those whose quality of life is worthy of protection, dependent upon the color of their skin.

    The same applies to all who rail about being “Pro Life”; who believe the Civil Rights Laws were “a mistake”.

    If you must make a public spectacle of your rightful indignation, direct it to the appropriate sources.

    1. crimprof August 15, 2015

      Very true. They shoot their biggest, loudest gun ….. at the wrong person. Did they garner more support? No, they got more people to despise their tactics. Send them to Ferguson for “clean-up” duty.

  14. paulyz August 14, 2015

    Load pushy demonstrations won’t further their cause. I agree with Dr. Ben Carson on getting discussions on the causes of these problems.

    1. hicusdicus August 16, 2015

      We don’t have a gun problem, we don’t have crime problem we have a black lives matter problem. Its a shame that black lives don’t seem to matter to the blacks

  15. MichelleRose3 August 14, 2015

    Well, they’re “in the house,” as the saying goes, and they won’t be ignored, dismissed, nor made invisible, whether or not those self-proclaimed “allies” approve of their tactics. ‘Disruptive’? All revolutions are disruptive. That’s what makes them revolutions. But in doing so, they’ve opened themselves to scrutiny. BLM itself is not immune from questions of credibility. It has been noted by many other activists of color that they do not speak for all of the spectrum that is the black experience. Nor have they detailed their demands beyond the desire to be heard, uninterrupted. Like Sanders’ campaign, BLM is a movement, a populist expression of discontent, but unlike Sanders’, it has no titular leader. Still, it would be wise to shut up and listen to what they have to say, for they have earned that right and they are “in the house.”

    1. Joe Mondo August 15, 2015

      No one has earned the right to steal a platform bought and paid for by others.

      1. Karen Bille-Golden August 15, 2015

        Reminds one of the mostly white protesters of the Town Hall Meetings a few elections back, doesn’t it?

        1. Joe Mondo August 15, 2015

          Precisely. These are Tea Party tactics.

          1. Karen Bille-Golden August 15, 2015

            And bad behavior begets more bad behavior and rallying cries. Civility be damned.. And proud of it. oh well

      2. crimprof August 15, 2015

        They thought they were at the Ferguson “peace” march.

    2. crimprof August 15, 2015

      Sure … let them talk. They haven’t said anything …. just screamed and screeched like ignorant bullies. There are many people that don’t distinguish between black or white and ……. all lives matter. They will get nothing from many with their bully, loud , obnoxious behavior ………except contempt.

  16. David August 14, 2015

    Hmm…”unthinkable, unapologetic, and unrespectable.” Is that looks or their level of intelligence?

    1. Karen Bille-Golden August 15, 2015

      On a par with the intelligence of those, mostly white, who interrupted Town Hall meetings wouldn’t you say?

      1. David August 15, 2015

        They were all white Tea Party members. The “Town Hall” meetings were held by Congress members to get the feel of the people in 2009 to the ACA. The Tea Party went to them and let their feelings be known. The rallies that BLM (not Bureau of Land Management) disrupt are not about the killing of black people. Maybe they should try that with Trump?

  17. Whatmeworry August 14, 2015

    Barney showed he doesn’t have the gravitas to be president when he can’t stand up to a group of degenerates

    1. crimprof August 15, 2015

      Yeah, isn’t there just this feeling that this group is not just itching for another Mike Brown situation. Ironic how a thug, penny-antey thief becomes the mantra for a riot and then, let’s do it again a year later. Do you think that some groups are simply chasing the wrong role models …….. Rodney King, O.J., Treyvon Martin??????

  18. Louis Allen August 14, 2015

    This “reporter”, another TNM un-conditional, gave the few people here with half a brain the perfect clue to his obscene bias when he said: “Martin O’Malley, the former governor of Maryland, has a dubious record on race and policing. While mayor of Baltimore, he was a proponent of the “broken windows” theory of policing that emphasizes the enforcement of relatively small offenses and typically ends up targeting people of color.”
    Where does this complete idiot get the idea that the “broken window” theory, that completely TRANSFORMED (I know, I know, ever since Obama used that word to describe what he wanted to do to America, the word has gained a negative connotation) New York City in 10 years, “targets” people of color??!!
    What an ydiottt!!

    1. crimprof August 15, 2015

      Ironic. Strange. Coincedental ….. that it targets locations where there is slum-like living, little concern for cleaning up. Low levels of community pride. Low education. High drug use. Prostitution. So, who should targeted …….. those who fit the mold …. or just random law-abiding citizens?

  19. 14hei August 14, 2015

    If you want change in how police carry out their job in your community, become involved in local elections. Do all you can to support candidates who will defend your community. An see that the police obey the law and administer justice fairly. This will be the best way to institute change, and bring others to your cause.

    1. Joe Mondo August 15, 2015

      True. Look at Ferguson which was 60% black but had no racial representation at the City Council.

      1. crimprof August 15, 2015

        Hmmmm, it would seem they should vote in representation. Problem is they are too busy burning CVS to vote.

  20. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 15, 2015

    After centuries of America’s general attitudes towards its black citizens that ranged from naked unabashed hate, lynchings, and the raping of black women as a white master’s privilege at worst, to benign neglect at best, it’s not surprising that “sh_ _ is hitting the fan” on a higher level.

    The glossing over of centuries of bestial behavior by too many Americans towards those with(or admixture) of slave ancestry should no more be tolerated by political leaders or the ordinary person in suburbia or the countryside.

    However, the assistance of numerous white citizens to address these injustices from then to now shouldn’t be dismissed or minimized—to do so would be an unconscionable and egregious oversight.

    Many of the status quo in society are confused and at a loss to understand what motivates the fury displayed primarily by those in the black community nowadays.

    Perhaps, to better comprehend why the tempo of protest has reached such a crescendo, we would do well to get some background. And for starters, I recommend reading “Light, Bright and Damn Near White” by Michelle Gordon Jackson.

    And at a more transcendent level, I would recommend for Blacks, Whites, and everyone else, reading a series of units put together entitled “The Universal Emancipation Proclamation” by Christopher Buck. This material, and supporting links mentioned therein, will give all a better sense of the spiritual dimension of our common humanity and why this “Most Challenging Issue”(as it is called by Shoghi Effendi in his “The Advent of Divine Justice”) must be addressed with a higher sense of urgency.

    That’s just my opinion and my way of saying why what is happening in the current Black/White social dynamic matters and can no longer be swept under the rug.
    “The well-being of mankind, its peace and security, are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established. This unity can never be achieved so long as the counsels which the Pen of the Most High hath revealed are suffered to pass unheeded.”

    (“Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh”, p. 286)

    1. idamag August 16, 2015

      I would recommend another book, also” Carry Me Home Birmingham, Alabama.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 17, 2015

        Thank you—I’ll be sure to read it.

  21. just being me August 16, 2015

    They need to focus on the GOP rallies they are the ones whos logic is what we should be fighting against !!!!

    1. sue.hutchison September 6, 2015

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  22. Teresa Fuller December 7, 2015

    Trump voters have note did anything to Black Lives Matters they were even in Chicago protest. What is the problem? The media started this mess because we make them responsible for their lies. We are fighting for higher pay, equal rights for all, better homeland security, better healthcare for all, making the rich pay taxes, holding Congress accountable for embezzlements of Social Security, Social Security Disability and Medicare, sa well as their obligations to vets. The media speaks these lies–why, because Trump can’t be bought, bribed, or bullied into anything…they are doing their best to keep control of our voting process because they don’t want to pay taxes our higher pay. As long as you believe their bullshit we all loose! Yes, we have a few bad apples, but so does Black Lives Matters. If we overcome this we all win!


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