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Challenging The Stereotype: Working Class White Guys Against Trump

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Challenging The Stereotype: Working Class White Guys Against Trump

Working class white men are not all Trump supporters.

Published with permission from Alternet.

As Hillary Clinton’s “Blue Collar Bus Tour,” travels across Pennsylvania and Ohio, I want to tell you about two angry white men I met at the Democratic National Convention last week.

The press would have you believe that all of the angry white men are Trump supporters. This is the stereotype: They are high school educated, gun-totin’, flag-wavin’, bigots who love the bragging, swaggering bully in Trump.

But that’s an easy story. Those guys are easy to find. They fill Donald Trump’s stadiums. It’s true they’re out there. But what’s also true is that there’s a huge number of high school educated white men who don’t go to Trump rallies. They aren’t flag waving bigots. These are guys who only carry guns when they are hunting. They’re angry, all right. They’re angry at being associated with Trump.

Two of them were delegates to the Democratic National Convention last week. Both will be voting for Hillary Clinton and both will be urging their union brothers and sisters to do the same. They are Jim Savage, who is a member and past president of USW Local 10-1, where most members work at Philadelphia Energy Solutions, and Richard Ray, who is a retired member of the USW at Owens-Illinois Inc., having worked at plants in both North Carolina and Georgia.

For Ray, backing Trump would be antithetical to his life-long commitment to organized labor.

Ray joined the American Flint Glass Workers union when he got a job with Owens-Illinois Glass Co. in Durham, N.C. when he was 20 years old. Six months later, he was elected shop steward. He held elected union offices for the next 49 years, all the way up to president of the Georgia State AFL-CIO, always in the not-so-union-friendly South. He became a member of the USW when the glass workers and the steelworkers merged.

Ray devoted his life to helping the group, getting better wages, benefits and working conditions for his union brothers and sisters. The most vital value to union members, he explains, is “we.” The idea, he said, is that everybody helps improve life for everybody: “We are all in it together.”

“With Trump, though, it is always, me, me, me,” Ray said. What is most important to Donald Trump is Donald Trump.

It is true, Ray noted, that Donald Trump is very rich, that he has done very well for himself. For the “me.” But he has also gone bankrupt repeatedly. And when he did, he protected himself at the expense of working guys and small contractors. Trump paid pennies on the dollar to electricians and bricklayers and other skilled laborers. Lots of small contractors in New Jersey lost their family businesses because Trump didn’t pay what he owed them.

“He is the only one who came out smelling like a rose,” Ray told me. Trump wasn’t thinking of the other guy like a union brother or sister would. He was just thinking of Donald Trump.

The same is true with Trump’s signature products like suits and ties. Trump could have thought of the “we” and made a little bit less money for himself by manufacturing those products in America. But he didn’t. He makes them off shore with exploited foreign labor.

And right now Trump could be helping unemployed Americans, caring about the American “we,” but instead he is applying for 78 visas to bring in foreign nationals to work at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Ray told me that, by contrast, when he listens to Hillary Clinton, he hears the opposite. Even her slogan is “stronger together.”

He noted that when Hillary Clinton left an Ivy League law school, she could have taken a high-paid job with a law firm and just made money for herself, the way Donald Trump did when he left the Ivy League Wharton School. But instead, Hillary Clinton began working for children with disabilities. And she has been laboring to help people ever since, including securing health insurance for low income children when she was First Lady.

“I don’t think it has ever been about ‘me’ for Hillary Clinton,” Ray told me. “It has always been about we.”

Ray is a no stereotype southern working class white man voting for Trump. He will be working hard over the next four months to make sure his union brothers and sisters, his neighbors, friends and acquaintances all see that stereotype is as repulsive as he does.

Savage is no stereotype rust belt working class white man voting for Trump. Vice president of the Philadelphia AFL-CIO, Savage came to the convention as a Bernie Sanders delegate because his mission is economic justice. He said he switched his allegiance to Hillary Clinton easily because she has supported organized labor her entire political life.

Savage told me that he has fought throughout his life as a labor leader for economic justice and thought that racial justice would just naturally come along with it. But it has not.

“Economic justice doesn’t mean shit if it is only for a certain sector,” he told me last week. This is personal for Savage because he has both white grandchildren and black grandchildren. He wants them all to have the same opportunities. And he wants them to be treated equally in all areas of society.

He is deeply offended by racist comments Donald Trump has made. And he is deeply offended that people assume that because he is a white working class man that he is a Trump supporter.

“We need economic justice for all people, for people’s wives and daughters and neighbors,” Savage said. And that is why he is a white, working-class man supporting Hillary Clinton.

Photo: pixabay.com



  1. Joan August 4, 2016

    I just knew they were out there – thanks for the introduction. Let’s keep in touch. Hope to see all of you at the voting booths in November. Even you Trump supporters, because in the privacy and sanctity of the ballot box, some who now say they will vote for Trump, won’t. I think that a love of country and a sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself will keep some of them from voting for Trump.

    1. Jim Samaras August 4, 2016

      True and many who now say they will vote for HC will not. Not when she is exposed to the world as the calculating self serving bitch that the Clinton Foundation serves. We? Sure, we as in her and Bill. Wake up America!

      1. SecludedCompound August 4, 2016

        Interesting; republicans have called her names and made accusations against her for thirty years, investigated and witch hunted her at every turn, and guess what? Nothing there.

        Good luck with that. you’re going to lose, and lose massively, and you know it.

        1. Jim Samaras August 4, 2016

          Clinton Cash has already exposed her as to what she is all about. Donations, while few in dollars per, are keeping up with HC quite well which means the groundswell of support is many. She gets her donations from other countries and are large in dollars. While I agree it will take the landslide which is coming to win the election given the exposed corruption that stole the nomination from Sanders, we the people are coming and it is you who know it

          1. Bren Frowick August 4, 2016

            Clinton Cash is a far right propaganda piece that has less than zero credibility. that you would cite it as a source only confirms that you are one of the low information, poorly informed people Trump counts on.

          2. Jim Samaras August 5, 2016

            You obviously are one of those ostriches with your head in the sand who never watched the film. It names names and connects the dots.

          3. Bren Frowick August 5, 2016

            And you demonstrate yet again that you are one of the low information poorly educated bobble heads Trump relies on, who believes something MUST be true because “I read it on the Internet”

          4. Jim Samaras August 5, 2016

            You call ME low information when you have yet to watch and comment on? You libs are retarded

          5. SecludedCompound August 5, 2016

            Yeah, you’re pretty uninformed. It’s funny that you don;t even recognize how uninformed you are, while calling others uninformed, but meh, Republicans gonna Republican.

          6. jmprint August 14, 2016

            Jim you are what Trump is.

          7. Tina Li August 14, 2016

            recommend you watch a trump rally. he is genuine. far from mainstream media says about him. and you can search hillary on youtube. see what you can find. just think you might want to see some more stuff before you make your decision

          8. jmprint August 14, 2016

            I recommend you grow up.

          9. jmprint August 14, 2016

            …or took to time to see a video that Roger Stone, or Breitbart editor at large Peter Schweizer, whom we ALL know has been trying to take HIlliary down for 3 decades and ALL their statements are riddled with lies and innuendos and what ifs and maybe’s, NO solid facts, only twisted statements.

          10. SecludedCompound August 5, 2016

            No, you just payed attention to the insinuations, and not to the rebuttals, because you wanted to believe the insinuations. That’s what people with their heads in the sand do, bub.

            Look: you guys think you’re smart, but the thing is, you’re not smart enough to know you’re not smart. It’s tough, but you’re going to have to deal with us beating you constantly.

          11. Jim Samaras August 6, 2016

            “It’s not that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

            Give me a link to the rebuttals so that I too can be informed. See I’m willing to LISTEN to the other side unlike you who have not even heard the evidence

          12. SecludedCompound August 8, 2016

            Nah, actually, liberals know more than conservatives, which is what study after study has shown, and why our policies always end up turning around the terrible messes that your proven failures create.

          13. Jim Samaras August 8, 2016

            Are you still talking idiot? Give me the link to prove you’re not all mouth and have just a bit of substance to your flatulence.

          14. SecludedCompound August 9, 2016

            No, I’m still talking to an idiot, hahaha. It is fun that you keep being wrong and stupid, thoug.

          15. SecludedCompound August 9, 2016

            Nah, see, you don’t get to post nonsense that is clearly fabricated then say “There’s the proof, prove me wrong!” and have me do you homework for you. You’re easily mislead, i get that. I mean, you’re a 9/11 truther. Basically, you have a lot of work to o to overcome your obvious predilection for being easily conned.

          16. jmprint August 14, 2016

            Jim what makes you THINK you are so smart?

          17. Joan August 11, 2016

            You know who is a great ” dot connector, Glen Beck! By drawing a chalk line from Hiltler to whatever his little mind grabbed onto this week; Glen named names and connected the dots. It is so easy when your grip on reality and facts is tenuous on your best, fully medicated day.

          18. Jim Samaras August 11, 2016

            Glen Beck has nothing to do with Clinton Cash. Is there nobody on this site who even wants to LOOK at the other side to have an informed opinion? Even your heroes on MSNBC and CNN have been covering a bit of it between bashing Trump relentlessly for intimating a Hillary assassination. Facts are facts and if you see nothing wrong with selling favors to other nations then vote for HC. When this is ultimately exposed, which it will be, I can’t wait to hear your excuses for your unruly child. Give her a participation trophy or a time out which will it be? People like you make me puke

          19. Joan August 11, 2016

            What makes me puke – people who presume that they know from a single paragraph post: Who someone’s heroes are ( none of mine appear on television). What their IQ and general level of education is. What educational avenues they have availed themselves of ( I spend more of my day than I will openly admit reading various news sites and independently investigating anything that interest or concerns me) I do not accept your “facts” as facts – innuendo, coincidence, slanderous inferences are not facts. If you are concerned about foreign influence in our elections – there is a heck of a lot of smoke coming from the Trump campaign. Care to discuss his campaign manager’s, Paul, history? How about the combined history of Trump’s “expert advisors”? Want to talk about that letter calling Trump unqualified signed by 50 national security experts? No, I thought not – you just want to call total strangers uneducated idiots. How’s that working for you and your candidate?

          20. Jim Samaras August 11, 2016

            “It’s not that democrats are ignorant, it’s that they know so much that isn’t so.”

            If you were to watch and pay attention to the video there are nothing but “facts” as it relates to the Clinton Foundation. Whether you care to fact check it is up to you but it has been done and they are what they are. No innuendo, no inference, cold hard facts about relationships and following the money. HC was very good at setting things up and if there were one or two things pointing to racketeering it would be one thing but even the most forgiving fan would raise an eyebrow after the dozens of improprieties brought up in this documentary. Is there evidence and a smoking gun as to criminal and treasonous activity? Not enough to prosecute in a court of law as of yet but it will follow.

            You still have not come to the realization that those 50 national security “experts” are in bed within this system as are many in the republican party. They are not really that offended by some of the non consequential things he’s said but are afraid he will expose the criminality that both sides have been conducting for many years. Answer me this, how is it these politicians go into office as laypeople then ten short years later come out as multi millionaires in a job that pays around 150K a year? Are you that naive?

          21. Joan August 12, 2016

            The 50 National Security officials are not politicians they are civil service employees. While they do not leave their jobs as multi millionaires they do have lucrative opportunities available to them given that their expertise is needed by anyone wanting to do business overseas. They are not responsible for the golden revolving door, actual politicians are.

          22. jmprint August 14, 2016

            “When this is ultimately exposed” What is the hold up?

          23. SecludedCompound August 5, 2016

            Clinton Cash is basically completely full of made up drivel. it’s been thoroughly debunked, or hadn’t you read anything about that?

          24. Jim Samaras August 5, 2016

            It’s too deep for a moron like you…I understand

          25. SecludedCompound August 8, 2016

            By “too deep” do you mean “it was easily disproven long ago, and you have to have your head reaaaaallly deep in your own rectum to believe it?” Because if so, true.

          26. Jim Samaras August 8, 2016

            Disproven? No…..hard evidence to convict? No….enough “coincidence” to convict in a court of public opinion? Yes, especially in the minds of thinking Americans who realize we’ve been patsies for too long and this COULD be the reason why

          27. SecludedCompound August 9, 2016

            Oh, so now you’ve moved the goalposts to “enough coincidence to convince a bunch o stupid Republicans that already don;t like Clinton to not like Clinton.” Got ya. You see, this is why we don;t think you guys are too bright.

            Also, if you’re interested in the court f public opinion, please see the double digit leads over your illustrious leader. XD XD XD

          28. SecludedCompound August 8, 2016

            Why is ti that you guys are so easy to cap on? I mean, you really have the rhetorical and reasoning skills of eighth graders. You’d think that after years of getting busted up on all day, you would kind of recognize that something was, you know, wrong.

          29. charleo1 August 5, 2016

            And speaking of enrichment. Why don’t these Right Wingers ever investigate who it was that sold the yellowcake that helped enrich Saddam’s nuclear program, George Bush had to invade to get rid of, before he shared them with terrorists, and they nuked us all? Oh, that’s right, it didn’t exist, but wound up costing the Country trillions, and making Dick’s old company Halliburton, billions in war profits. Why don’t they investigate that?

          30. Jim Samaras August 6, 2016

            Absolutely correct charleo! Which is why I’m no fan of either party. The “coincidences” are rampant on both sides! Both sides make decisions contrary to the needs of our citizens with zero regard for those of other countries. It’s no wonder we’re hated as a nation worldwide. It’s our POLICY not our people. They don’t really investigate ANYTHING that would derail the money train brought on by our corrupt political system that Hillary or ANYBODY other than Trump wants to change. If Trump wins the presidency I predict the world will not hate us as they do now because our policies will not be in concert with the elites greed and lust for power.

          31. charleo1 August 6, 2016

            I have a little theory we get exactly the government we deserve. I also believe the World doesn’t hate us, disrespect us, or doubt our place on the World stage, nearly to the extent we hate, disrespect, and doubt ourselves. Otherwise, if we truly believed we were right. That we were upholding the highest principles in fulfilling our place of leadership in the World, we wouldn’t worry so much what the World thought about us. Why would that be important?
            But I think it’s a ridiculous fantasy, that with Bush they loved us right up until Obama became President. And now they hate us. Or, our allies don’t trust us, our enemies don’t disrespect us, laugh at us, and so on. That’s just so much hog wash. The truth is, Republicans hate Democrats, loathe Obama, and see he’s not chest thumper like Bush. So maybe he’s an appeaser? Or looks like an appeaser. So we’ll call him one, and see if it sticks. What the hell does the average person know about what other Nations around the World think about us anyway, about anything? Who tells them such things? We can. We can tell them.

            We’re also going to have to agree to disagree on Trump. As it is my intractable, unchangeable opinion, it would be without a doubt, the greatest mistake in leadership choice ever made by a free people anywhere, and at any time, in man’s illustrious history.

          32. Jim Samaras August 6, 2016

            If we truly believed in upholding the highest principles we would not have an alliance with Saudi Arabia where women’s rights mean nothing and the right to be gay is non existent! Aren’t those two of the biggest issues the democratic party embraces? It’s the height of hypocrisy to back them given those two positions alone but I digress……

            It IS a ridiculous fantasy to think that they loved us during the Bush administration. They hated us then, now and back through the Reagan administration. Obama may be an appeaser but, imo is going about it in a manner that makes us look weak.

            The average person knows little about anything, the same as anyone from other countries. They know only what the media feeds them and from what I’ve seen it is of very little substance.

            I will agree to disagree charleo, you have a right to your opinion. While FAR from perfect it is my intractable, unchanangeable opinion (with regard for some unforeseeable event) that Trump will be the ambassador of the real change that I foresaw when I pulled the lever for Obama in 08.

          33. jmprint August 14, 2016

            …women’s rights mean nothing and the right to be gay is non existent! Aren’t those two of the biggest issues the democratic party embraces?

            Republican’s equivalency to abortion and voting rights, those are the only two things republicans in congress worked on in the last eight years.

            These issues are home grown and in the US, why worry about Saudi Arabia?

          34. jmprint August 14, 2016

            The only thing it exposed is that some people, can’t get real jobs and love making money on conspiracies, because gullible people like you eat it up and keeps the money rolling in.

      2. Joan August 4, 2016

        I like our chances, and our candidate.

      3. Joan August 5, 2016

        Well, thanks to Trump, I knew you were out there. There is that, to say for his campaign

      4. Tina Li August 14, 2016

        recommend you watch a trump rally. he is genuine. far from mainstream media says about him. and you can search hillary on youtube. see what you can find. just think you might want to see some more stuff before you make a decision

        1. Jim Samaras August 14, 2016

          I’m not sure what you are saying Tina. I agree he is genuine and have made the decision that he’s our man. I’ve found many things on HC what have you discovered?

          1. Tina Li August 21, 2016

            i dont like her foreign policy. bring in 620000 refugees gonna make this country like living hell. look what’s happening in EU

          2. jmprint August 21, 2016

            These people are humans, they are displaced, good humans help other, the greedy one will parish in hell, is that you.

    2. Oddworld August 4, 2016

      Joan, it may have something to do with Trump’s
      bigotry. I knew a couple of guys who were talking about supporting Trump back in 2015, neither of which would ever be confused for racists. I don’t know where they stand now, it’s been 5 months since I’ve spoken to either of them. I heard a story today about Trump’s violations of the Fair Housing Act back in 1971. In 1973 the Justice Department went after him and he lost his case. Throughout the 70’s Trump continued to attempt to violate the law
      but was again rebuffed in 1978. Some Trump supporters continually deny is racism, others may try to persuade us that he’s changed but given his recent comments of the past year it’s clear he’s the same SOB he’s always been.

      1. Dominick Vila August 4, 2016

        Trump’s repeated disrespect of Veterans, and their families, also has a lot to do with the disintegration of his base. Even his comparison of his “sacrifices” with those endured by veterans and their families, is enough to drive away anyone with a semi-functioning brain.

        1. Oddworld August 4, 2016

          You’re right, that’s a major issue I unfortunately wasn’t even considering.

          1. Dominick Vila August 5, 2016

            The sad part is that, in spite of everything he has said, he is still packing stadiums filled with people convinced he represents the Second Coming of the Lord.
            I live in Florida, and I could not believe the number of people that attended his rallies in Daytona and Jacksonville, just days after a week of hateful, unpatriotic, unAmerican, and irresponsible rants.

          2. charleo1 August 5, 2016

            I, as many others have found, trying to talk Trump’s faithful followers out of supporting him, regardless of what he says, how many lies he tells, how much ignorance he shows, is a lot like trying to talk a deranged person off a 20 story ledge. (Not that I’ve ever tried to do such a thing.) But there is a commonality there. In that they all seem to believe things have in fact gotten so bad, so dark, for them, as they have no choice. Much like the determined jumper, they see the World as most likely coming to an end anyway. So therefore can’t see what all the fuss is about. Why not Trump, they ask, incredulously/angrily? You’ve something against America? Putting Americans first? I see!

            Of course like all jumpers, they also think no one loves them. That they are being terribly picked on, passed over, losing their jobs, their spouses will probably abandoned them, and even their Mothers will no longer care about them. Even as none of that is remotely true. And moreover, they have no solid reason they can point to as to why they think any of those things are true, except Trump says it is so, and as it turns out that is plenty good enough for them. And they are going to jump. Yes, they are. No matter what any of the rest of us might say to get them down off the ledge, to dissuade them, they are going to take the plunge. So heads up! Timber! Look out below!

          3. Dominick Vila August 5, 2016

            I agree. An example of what you are saying involves the claim that adding 255,000 new jobs in July is a sign of economic crisis. I guess Trump, and his acolytes, want to take us back to the days when we lost 800,000 in one month…to make America great again!

          4. charleo1 August 5, 2016

            It’s disgusting that they actually seem to hope for economic decline. And even, God forbid a sizable terrorist attack in October I don’t believe would cause them sorrow, but great elation at the fortuitous timing, and the political hay they could make off the dead American casualties, Being right before people headed out for the polls. So the economy can never be good, the World never safe enough, the Democrat never right. And we know this to be true. if Hilary Clinton had done nothing since her 2008 campaign but spoil her grandkids. The only difference would be the phony scandal they were pushing, and puffing up as the crime of the century as to why she must never be President.

          5. Oddworld August 5, 2016

            Same strategy they used for Obama. They new his success would prove their ideology wrong. It’s bad for business if your foe proves you to be a fool.

          6. Dominick Vila August 5, 2016

            I agree. Their claims that we are moving in the right direction, that the economy is lousy, and that our foreign policy is a disaster, would be laughable, if it wasn’t so pathetic. I guess they forgot the economic mess that President Obama inherited, 9/11, eleven terrorist attacks against U.S. embassies and consulates during W’s tenure, the devastating attacks in Madrid, London, and throughout the world, our decision to invade Iraq in retaliation for what Saudi Arabians did to us on 9/11, 4,700 U.S. soldiers killed, one million Iraqis killed, two million leaving their country to save their lives, and so many other disasters. If we listen to them, we would think terrorism is something new, and attacks such as what happened during the Munich Olympics and the hostage taking in Iran are just a figment of our imagination.

          7. Oddworld August 5, 2016

            That sounds troubling however it doesn’t negate the fact Trump support is fluctuating.
            We still have 3 months to go and 3 presidential debates. Everyone knows Trump is unhinged when he has to improvise. Also take into account that during the next 3 debates Americans are going to expect more stately detailed responses to the questions. If Trump conducts himself like a prize fighter talking smack to his opponent at a press conference he’ll lose.

          8. Dominick Vila August 5, 2016

            I don’t pay too much attention to polls conducted immediately after the conventions. We will get a better picture of where people stand after Labor Day, when voters start paying close attention to what is going on, and make up their minds as to who the best candidate is.
            The debates, if they take place, are going to be interesting, and critical when it comes to help voters make up their minds.

          9. Oddworld August 5, 2016

            I’m so glad you got my reply. As soon as I posted the damn thing disappeared. Did I ever mention how much I hate computers. LOL.

            But yeah, that is why I put more emphasis on the debates in my comment. Polls never tell the entire story, they’re only a vague barometer.

      2. Tina Li August 14, 2016

        recommend you watch a trump rally. he is genuine. far from mainstream media says about him. and you can search hillary on youtube. see what you can find. just think you might want to see some more stuff before you make decision

        1. jmprint August 14, 2016

          You sound way too much like a parrot, a dumb one at that.

          1. Tina Li August 21, 2016

            i think for myself. and he happens to talk what i think. listen and think for yourself. dont let MSM spoon feed you…

          2. jmprint August 21, 2016

            So what you are saying is you are a racist as well.

          3. jmprint August 21, 2016

            Then you must have a pea brain. Maybe you should be listening to Rachel Maddow, she can educate you. You are really very ignorant about the person you are putting on a pedestal.

  2. jmprint August 4, 2016

    This article is proof that America is still great.

    1. Tina Li August 14, 2016

      recommend you watch a trump rally. he is genuine. far from mainstream media says about him. and you can search hillary on youtube. see what you can find. just think you might want to see some more stuff before you make a decision

      1. Bren Frowick August 14, 2016

        If you think Trump is genuine, you aren’t paying attention.

        1. Tina Li August 21, 2016

          so you think a con man can be that rich by ripping off other businessman?? you think businessman are that naive and dumb? if you think being that rich is so easy, why don’t you go make few billion dollars doing real estate??

          1. Bren Frowick August 21, 2016

            If you think Trump is worth billions, or that he in any way got to where he is by himself, you aren’t paying attention. Give me $40 million dollars before I even get started in life, I’m pretty sure I WOULD be a billionaire, unlike Trump who is in debt up to fright wig and has, at most, $150 million, net. Probably not even that. Why do you think he won’t release his tax returns? You provide a perfect example of the kind of people he DOES con, and if you have sent him any money, guess what? You have joined the ranks of the innumerable suckers he has conned.

          2. jmprint August 21, 2016

            Trump didn’t start from scratch, daddy give me a million and bailed him out several times, and yes I can turn that into billions, most of us can. I have bee keeping up with Trump longer then you have, there is nothing you can tell I don’t already know about Trump, you see I have more life experience then you.

          3. jmprint August 21, 2016

            See IF you had truly been following the dump you would know, how he rips small businesses by not paying them, they end up in court and have to settle for less, Trump has lawyers on staff, most small business don’t. You admire him because he is rich, Trump is a phony, you have been trumped. Poor you.

        2. Tina Li August 21, 2016

          he claim war against radical islamic terrorism. and he wants to temporarily ban refugee. and i m all for that. dont want to get raped like european girls.

          give you some non right wing news for example

          German sex crime report confirms surge in child rapes by migrants http://dailym.ai/29d5J30

          Swedish music festivals hit by reports of rapes by ‘migrants’ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/07/04/swedish-music-festivals-hit-by-reports-of-rapes-by-migrants/

          British Muslim cleric tells teenagers its OK to have sex with slaves http://dailym.ai/2ahX9Oa

          ‘Cologne is every day’: Europe’s rape epidemic http://www.news.com.au/finance/economy/world-economy/cologne-is-every-day-europes-rape-epidemic/news-story/e2e618e17ad4400b5ed65045e65e141d

          there are thousands more news like this. EU is way more horrible than you think. cnn nbc fox will never tell you the truth.

          1. Bren Frowick August 21, 2016

            Oh my….. cherry pick a few sensationalist headlines and think you know something? Try doing actual RESEARCH…

          2. jmprint August 21, 2016

            You must not come from a Christian family.

      2. jmprint August 14, 2016

        Tina I do, that’s why I am able to judge that he is too dangerous and unfit to be our president. I have seen and heard ALL the U-tube video, innuendos and conspiracies. NOW you need to do a little bit of homework. Look behind the scene and find out more about Trump, his advisers are all hedge fund and wall street vultures. He has many, many ties as do his advisers to Russia. Current;y he has 3 cases pending in court for fraud, racketeering and raping a 13 years old. Does this sound like someone YOU want as a president. Remember this A-holes and their witch hunt posses have been trying to take hillary down for the past 30 years, and as of this very minute have not been able to get a conviction on their conspiracies. How would you like for someone to that to YOU.

        1. Tina Li August 21, 2016

          i’ve been tracking him for 10 years. i never heard anything like that. it all comes out since he decide to run presidency. i support him mainly because i’m very worry about democrats’ decision to bring 620,000 muslim refugees. Quran tell muslim men it is ok to rape women and kill gays. look what happen to EU girls?? sweden rape crime is increase 550% and mainly committed by so called migrants. i dont want to get rape or gangbanged. also. i think its very wrong to spend millions of dollars on them rather than our own homeless and veterans. search for news, islam is not compatible with our life. if you dont want your female family members and friends get raped and wear that black plastic bags, you should vote for trump too.

          1. Bren Frowick August 21, 2016

            LOL yo have been “tracking him”???? And you have managed to remain this ignorant? Oh my…. Not going to waste any more time on anyone so hopelessly detached from reality. See you at the ballot box, when your Orange Idiot gets beat like a rug…

          2. jmprint August 21, 2016

            You don’t live in a muslim world, why the fear. You live in a great country where we do have our freedoms. Do you think that Russians are as free as we are. Trump is disgusting and NO WAY IN HELL I would EVER vote for the idiot.

    1. SecludedCompound August 4, 2016

      The depth of Trump’s campaign, right here.

  3. SecludedCompound August 4, 2016

    Yeah, I’m a working class white guy. Probably 80% of my friends are working class white folks. They’re all voting Clinton, with the odd Bernie or Buster that’s still pissed off but will probably come around. My father has voted GOP since LBJ, and he is voting Clinton this year, along with his brother in law, who has the same voting history.

    Trump is in big trouble, and the GOP knows it. It’s fun to watch his formerly prematurely triumphant twitter troll army go nuts too. Couldn’t have figured that this would happen, huh?

    1. Tina Li August 14, 2016

      recommend you watch a trump rally. he is genuine. far from mainstream media says about him. and you can search hillary on youtube. see what you can find. just think you might want to see some more stuff before you make decision

      1. jmprint August 14, 2016

        Tina you are a women, do you like men dictating to you what you are able to do with your body?

        1. Tina Li August 21, 2016

          no. that’s why clinton is not an option. her muslim friend are women beating, gay killing savages. and her doner saudi men just let their women to vote last year. so hell no to islam

          1. jmprint August 21, 2016

            Clinton is the only option, Trump has nothing to offer, is a crook, a liar, a rapist and NOBODY trusts him, not our leaders, nor other leaders, he is deemed too dangerous, except people like you that live in la la land, with very little life experience. HIllary has been working for woman’s rights since she was very young. How would you like to be in her shoes, where men like Stone and Bannon spread lie over and over and over, just to have you parrot those lies. Do some research, research that goes beyond these pricks.

        2. Tina Li August 21, 2016

          give you some non right wing news for example

          German sex crime report confirms surge in child rapes by migrants http://dailym.ai/29d5J30

          Swedish music festivals hit by reports of rapes by ‘migrants’ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/07/04/swedish-music-festivals-hit-by-reports-of-rapes-by-migrants/

          British Muslim cleric tells teenagers its OK to have sex with slaves http://dailym.ai/2ahX9Oa

          ‘Cologne is every day’: Europe’s rape epidemic http://www.news.com.au/finance/economy/world-economy/cologne-is-every-day-europes-rape-epidemic/news-story/e2e618e17ad4400b5ed65045e65e141d

          there are thousands more news like this. EU is way more horrible than you think. cnn nbc fox will never tell you the truth.

          1. jmprint August 21, 2016

            And are you forgetting that we here in the United States have a lot of citizens in jail for child pornography and rape and child murders it’s not just the migrants. You act like you live in a pure country. We have laws, they breaks laws they have to face the music like all citizens, you should not judge all innocent, because there are some bad apples.

  4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 5, 2016

    The success with dismantling racism and other spiritual dysfunctions in society in America, and in other parts of the world will require the cooperative efforts of both whites and blacks. For too long, the victims of racism have had the unfair burden of shouldering the brunt of the work in the way of loss of life. But when white Americans arose in the 60’s to lend their voices of protests a major shift in a positive direction. My hat is always off to stalwart whites such as Viola Liuzzo, Goodman, Schwerner, and other civil rights workers who made a huge sacrifice of life and limb by coming to the South in the 60’s, and to my home state of Mississippi. (Hats off to Cheney as well).

    When Abdu’l Baha, at an advanced age, came to America having started out from his residence in Haifa, Israel as a representative of Baha’u’llah’s Revelation(The Baha’i Faith) in 1912 he was innately aware of the nature of racism, of the specifics of the history of Race relations in America, and of the impact it had on both the victims and on those who were identified as of the status quo. To that end, wherever he spoke, whether in churches and synagogues in NYC, at Howard University and to a gathering of an annual meeting of the NAACP, in Maine and in New Hampshire, in Chicago, and at Stanford University, he repeatedly stressed the importance of abandoning old and erroneous notions of racial superiority, and repeated a phrase used by Baha’u’llah Himself when He referred to the Black Race as being like “the pupil of the eye of humanity through which the light of the spirit shines forth and which reflects all that is before it.

    Shoghi Effendi took up the gauntlet for stressing the Oneness of humankind, and spoke clearly and decisively about the problem of racism, defining it as a corrosion gnawing away at the fibers of American society. He describes in detail the problem of racism in a section of his letter called “The Most Challenging Issue” a letter which is of book length, and is titled “The Advent of Divine Justice”, and defines the responsibilities both blacks and whites have in order to eradicate racism. He describes the process as “long and tortuous, and filled with pitfalls”—in other words, there is no magic wand and long and arduous work and sacrificing of preconceived notions and attitudes will need to take place.

    And now, the Universal House of Justice has inherited the mantle of guiding Baha’i communities the world over, and guiding the efforts of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the United States which in turn guides the efforts of local Baha’is throughout America on a regular basis. These 3 components of Baha’i Administration along with individual Baha’is work in tandem to generate am impulse by word and deeds by setting an example of how to go about making changes in subtle and overt ways. Both white, black, Native American, Latino, and Bahai’s from other parts of the world living here are engaged in addressing this problem and other forms of prejudices which target other members of American society.

    And whites, particularly white males, will have to be in the vanguard, and often must tale the lead in many situations, without being paternalistic in the process.

    Then, will America be Great, not because it is better than other nations, but because it has unique qualities as a result of the diversity of racial and ethnic groups and a certain social dynamic unlike any other national community on the planet. Baha’u’llah from the inception of His Message, saw the future that awaits America, Abdu’l elaborated on it in writing, by unique examples he set whenever and wherever he met people and groups here, Shoghi Effendi expatiated on the themes set in motion by the two and wrote letters of encouragement to prominent Baha’is black and white and reminded them constantly to work towards eliminating the scourge of racism from our midst, and now the Universal House of Justice continues to watch, check the “pulse”, and advises the National Spiritual Assembly to ensure that the two most important participants in this eradication effort, white and black Baha’is and their friends, take appropriate steps on local levels.

    Just my viewpoint.


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