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On Christmas Eve, Trump Announces His Foundation Will Shut Down

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On Christmas Eve, Trump Announces His Foundation Will Shut Down

On Christmas Eve, Trump announced his foundation will shut down

(Reuters) – President-elect Donald Trump said on Saturday he intends to dissolve his charitable foundation, the Donald J. Trump Foundation, which has been under investigation by the New York attorney general.

Trump gave no timeline for winding down the foundation, but said in a statement that he wanted “to avoid even the appearance of any conflict with my role as President.” He directed his counsel to take the necessary steps for the dissolution.

With less than four weeks to his January 20 inauguration, the New York real estate magnate is under increasing pressure to reduce potential conflicts of interest ranging from his vast global business operations to his family’s philanthropic work.

This week, Trump said his son Eric would stop raising money for his own foundation over concerns that donors could be seen as buying access to the Trump family. The president-elect said it was a “ridiculous shame” that his son’s foundation would stop raising money.

Before Trump’s surprising election victory on November 8, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in October directed the Donald J. Trump Foundation to stop taking donations, saying the foundation violated state law requiring charitable organizations that solicit outside donations to register with a state office.

Schneiderman’s order followed a series of reports in The Washington Post that suggested improprieties by the foundation, including using its funds to settle legal disputes involving Trump businesses.

A spokeswoman for the attorney general’s office said on Saturday that Trump cannot shutter the foundation while the investigation is ongoing.

“The Trump Foundation is still under investigation by this office and cannot legally dissolve until that investigation is complete,” spokeswoman Amy Spitalnick said. She would not comment on expected timing for completing the investigation.

Trump said he was “very proud” of the money raised by the foundation and said it had operated at “essentially no cost for decades.”

“But because I will be devoting so much time and energy to the Presidency and solving the many problems facing our country and the world,” he added in his statement, “I don’t want to allow good work to be associated with a possible conflict of interest.”

The Trump Foundation, which was established in 1988, runs no programs of its own. Instead, it donates to other nonprofit groups such as the Police Athletic League for youths.

Scrutiny of the Trump family’s philanthropic activities heightened in recent weeks following reports of access to the family for potential donors.

Eric Trump faced criticism for an online auction sponsored by his foundation, which raises money to help terminally ill children at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, offering the highest bidder a chance to have coffee with his sister Ivanka.

After the announcement that Eric would not be allowed to raise money for his foundation, Trump tweeted: “He loves these kids, has raised millions of dollars for them, and now must stop. Wrong answer!”

Trump’s critics, however, remembered how the president-elect had attacked his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, over their family foundation. In August, Trump urged the Justice Department to investigate the Clinton Foundation, which he called a “pay-to-play” operation that rewarded big donors with favors from the State Department while Clinton was secretary of state.

Eric Trump and his brother Donald Trump Jr. also came under fire this week for their role in a post-inauguration charity event that offered a private reception with their father in exchange for a $1 million donation.

The brothers were listed on a draft invitation as honorary co-chairmen of the fundraiser for conservation charities, dubbed “Opening Day,” set to be held in Washington the day after the January 20 inauguration.

On Tuesday, the Trump transition team said Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump were not involved with the fundraiser and a subsequent invitation dropped references to donors meeting with any members of the Trump family.

(Reporting by Emily Stephenson and Melissa Fares; Writing by Mary Milliken; Editing by Leslie Adler)

IMAGE: President-elect Donald Trump talks to reporters at Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, December 21, 2016. REUTERS/Carlos Barria



  1. bojimbo26 December 25, 2016

    He`s not going to close it down , he makes too much money using it as a lauderette for funny money .

    1. The lucky one December 25, 2016

      Yes but he has a better gig for shameless hustling now.

  2. dbtheonly December 25, 2016

    He’s trying to close it down hoping that all the improper uses can be buried as no longer relevant.

  3. Jinmichigan December 25, 2016

    The trump family are the only ones who benefit from this “charity” anyway.

  4. zorro037 December 25, 2016

    This guy has no respect for the American people: he decided since day 1 that his Income Tax returns would not be seen by the Americans. To whom President elect Trump is owing money that he doesn’t want American take a looks to his taxes?

    1. turtlewoman1039 December 25, 2016

      Russia, China, Deutsche Bank, NY mob – I’ve no doubt there are other ‘questionable’ investors…

    2. turtlewoman1039 December 25, 2016

      And Happy Holidays to you, whatever they may be…!

    3. TrapperJohnFL December 25, 2016

      Well, what about Obama’s college records(foreign student?) and Hillary’s e-mails?

      1. zorro037 December 25, 2016

        Get a life and an education, you’re in need of both.

        1. itsfun December 25, 2016

          well: what about Obama’s college records (foreign student) and Hillary’s e-mails?

          1. Independent1 December 25, 2016

            And there you go with your insinuations that in essence are pathological lies again!!

            Even you need to spend a little time and read a little of the following article MR. PATHOLOGICAL LIAR!!!

            Obama’s ‘Sealed’ Records (what utter BS!!)

            The idea that any Obama record is “sealed” is a falsehood, to start. The word “sealed” when applied to documents ordinarily refers to records that would normally be public, but that a judge has ruled cannot be released without the court’s permission. Common examples of truly “sealed” documents include records of crimes committed as a juvenile or records of adoptions. None of the claims in this message refers to records actually “sealed” in that usual sense.


          2. PrecipitousDrop December 25, 2016

            They don’t matter — unless Tiffany Trump sets up a foundation to sell peeks at them for $1,000,000 a pop.

          3. Independent1 December 25, 2016

            And just to set the record straight, not only did Barack Obama graduate from Harvard, so did Michele – actually 3 years before the President.

            From The Harvard Crimson publication:

            Obama Left Mark on HLS

            Days before he launched his campaign for the presidency, Barack H. Obama gave Law School professor David B. Wilkins ’77 a heads up: one of the professor’s favorite students might be heading to the White House.

            But that favorite student wouldn’t be Barack. It’d be Michelle R. Obama, his wife.

            The presidential hopeful graduated magna cum laude from the Law School in 1991; his wife earned the degree three years earlier.

            But the senator was still outstanding in his own right—“brilliant, charismatic, and focused,” said Wilkins, the Kirkland
            and Ellis professor of law. The two forged a relationship after Obama became the first African American president of the Harvard Law Review.


          4. PatrickHenry December 25, 2016

            Yes, & both Barack & Michelle had to either surrender their law licence or stand trial for fraud. Guess you finally crawled out of your hole again huh? Did the election cause you mental anguish? Or are you getting your affairs in order for when you get deported? LMAO.

          5. PrecipitousDrop December 25, 2016

            “…Barack & Michelle had to either surrender their law licence [sic] or stand trial for fraud.”
            Blatant lie, Patrick.
            Sadly, you know that you are lying but you do it anyway.

          6. Jan123456 December 26, 2016

            No, that is not true.

            If you look at the Illinois State Bar Association’s website you will be able to find out that you are wrong.

            “The Association is proud to have as Honorary Members, President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama…”


            It also says no disciplinary action ….

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d0a2e17678252011abb7dd4ea44150aa947dd91b24a17ffcf6f63f7bb0a4f231.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/aa9b26c53ae27795641d402726edfa0bae53c38a20992506259df0400ba349e0.jpg

          7. zorro037 December 25, 2016

            If you were a lawyer in a court with those arguments the next the judge would say: discard for lack of merits. Those mails were personals, but what about the 25 millions e-mails that got lost in the RNC private server? Those e-mails were pertaining to preparedness to war in Iraq. I don’t think you could be so misinformed but persons who get a money to post this kind of silliness.

          8. itsfun December 25, 2016

            I’m not in court. I still want to know about Obama college transcripts and his scholarship and Hillary’s emails.

          9. zorro037 December 25, 2016

            Delusion is a disease hard to treat, I knew that after reading a text in the American Psychiatric Association. I am on your side.

          10. itsfun December 25, 2016

            And I still want a answer

          11. Jan123456 December 29, 2016

            No, you do not want an answer. You want the myth confirmed. That is the only answer you will accept.

            There is plenty of independent evidence that shows he was born a US citizen, never changed citizenship, could not have qualified for the scholarship (due to being a US citizen AND due to his undergrad status) but you won’t even entertain any of it since it does not meet your confirmation bias.

          12. itsfun December 29, 2016

            Yes I want a answer. Show the scholarship he used. Its that simple. You can’t do that. You can just yell and scream and try to bully people. Your BS won’t work with me.

          13. Jan123456 December 29, 2016

            You have to show he actually GOT one. If you ever took a logic course in college, you would know you can’t prove a negative. Prove to me that he even got one. Any evidence at all?

            What scholarship is he supposed have received?

          14. itsfun December 29, 2016

            I don’t have to prove anything. Just show the transcripts and that will answer the questions. It has been written by many that he went to college on a foreign student scholarship. If he did that he is either a fraud or a foreigner.

          15. Jan123456 December 29, 2016

            Written by many but evidence shown by none.

            All made up off of a hoax April Fool’s joke story.

          16. itsfun December 29, 2016

            All Obama has to do is release the transcripts.

          17. Jan123456 December 29, 2016

            Nope. He is under no obligation to respond to a acknowledged hoax.

            Once again, even if he did, you would not believe it anyway. You guys would do the same thing you did with the COLB and proclaim it a forgery and that the three colleges are Obama loving commie institutions.

          18. itsfun December 29, 2016

            never said he was under any obligation, just said he could clear everything up if he released them.

          19. Jan123456 December 29, 2016

            No, it wouldn’t clear anything up. Just like releasing his long form COLB didn’t clear anything up.

          20. itsfun December 29, 2016

            What is he hiding????

          21. Jan123456 December 29, 2016

            Once again, this whole “foreign student” thing started as an April Fool’s joke, but the right picked up on as real.

            He was born in Hawaii. He has never had another citizenship. (Even when he lived in Indonesia from age 6-10, his parents, by US law, could not have renounced his US citizenship.) He went to high school in Hawaii. His high school guidance counselor would have had to help him apply for the Fullbright Foreign Student scholarship that was not available to undergrads anyway.

            You guys are known to fall for fake news.

          22. itsfun December 29, 2016

            so what is he hiding. you are the one that falls for fake news

          23. Jan123456 December 29, 2016

            Nothing relevant to his presidency.

            No, the writers of the fake news industry (who get paid by the click) found they made a whole lot more money with stuff that appealed to the right than the left.

            Remember Obama and martial law? Never happened but the right sure got its undies in a bundle even after the source, Texas’s Kay Grainger, removed it from her congressional website.

            Or Jade Helm. How many on the right were certain that was happening? Oops.

            Then there was the right wing story that Obama signed 900+ Executive Orders. Not according to the National Archives. The 900 lie went out about 2013, as of tonight the total is 249.

            How about the story that the Pope endorsed Trump? That got forwarded like 30K times and the rebuttal from the Vatican maybe 1/10 that much.

            Then there was the picture of the Obama’s using their left hand over their heart. The right was incensed not noticing that the picture was simply reversed.

            No, as fake news writer Paul Horner said, ” (Trump’s) followers don’t fact-check anything — they’ll post everything,
            believe anything. His campaign manager posted my story about a protester
            getting paid $3,500 as fact. Like, I made that up. I posted a fake ad
            on Craigslist.”

          24. itsfun December 29, 2016

            Who cares about that crap. I still want to see the transcripts.

          25. Jan123456 December 29, 2016

            Why? What would knowing his English 101 grade do for you?

            Harvard Law posts on its website that he graduated Magna Cum Laude. That means really really good grades. Why do you need to know Obama’s grades when no other POTUS has voluntarily released his?

          26. Jan123456 December 26, 2016

            Why are Obama’s transcripts important to you? What would knowing his English 101 grade do for you?

            Occidental, Columbia and Harvard Law all publicly acknowledge him as a student/graduate. In Harvard’s case, it acknowledges he graduated MCL. That means really really good grades.

            You do know that if he released them, we would go through the birth certificate thing all over again. You guys would again scream, “Fraud! Photoshop! Fake!” Since there is no requirement for POTUS to even attend school, his grades and schools have no bearing on his eligibility for the office, what’s the point?

          27. itsfun December 26, 2016

            I want to know if he went to college on a foreign student scholarship.

          28. Jan123456 December 26, 2016

            What makes you think he might have been?

          29. itsfun December 26, 2016

            From many articles I have read. How did he pay for a IVY league education??

          30. PrecipitousDrop December 26, 2016

            How did President Obama pay for his education?
            He paid for it just like Michelle Obama did — by partial merit scholarships and mountainous student debt.

          31. Jan123456 December 26, 2016

            I know a lot of right wing sites have spread that rumor around. It originated from an April Fool’s day hoax in 2009 The hoax said that a group (that didn’t even exist at the time) called Americans for Freedom of Information released his transcripts that showed he was a foreign student.

            1. Transcripts are classes, dates taken, and grades. Nothing about finances or nationality.
            2. Obama has talked about the student debt ($120K) that he and Michelle accumulated. They hadn’t even paid it off by the time he entered the Senate. However, lawyers, senators and POTUS all make good incomes. Plus, he had proceeds from a few books. That should have covered it.
            3. If this hoax e-mail was correct, the grades would be out there…like W Bush’s were when his got hacked. They’re not.
            4. Americans for Freedom of Information does exist now, but for purposes of debunking Obama myths.
            5. US law does not allow parents to renounce citizenship on behalf of a minor child, nor will it accept a renunciation from someone too young to fully understand the ramifications of doing so. Obama left Hawaii at age 6. How many 6 year old children would qualify? So he always had his US citizenship.
            6. Outside of right wing rumors, there is no reason to believe that he was a foreign student.


            The hoax article:

            April 1, 2009

            Final Nail In Obama’s Lack Of US Citizenship Coffin?

            AP — WASHINGTON D.C.: In a move certain to fuel the debate over
            Obama’s qualifications for the presidency, the group Americans for
            Freedom of Information has released copies of President Obama’s college
            transcripts from Occidental College. Released today, the transcript
            indicates that Obama, under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial
            aid as a foreign student from Indonesia as an undergraduate at the
            school. The transcript was released by Occidental College in compliance
            with a court order in a suit brought by the group in the Superior Court
            of California. The transcript shows that Obama (Soetoro) applied for
            financial aid and was awarded a fellowship for foreign students from the
            Fulbright Foundation Scholarship program. To qualify, for the
            scholarship, a student must claim foreign citizenship. This document
            would seem to provide the smoking gun that many of Obama’s detractors
            have been seeking.

            Does any of this make a difference to you? I suspect not.

          32. itsfun December 26, 2016

            I still want to know if he went to college on a foreign student only scholarship.

          33. Jan123456 December 26, 2016

            The answer is “no”.

            He was a US citizen, so he couldn’t have.

          34. itsfun December 26, 2016

            You don’t know that, you are just hoping.

          35. Jan123456 December 26, 2016

            Yes, I do know that.

            I have source facts to support what I say. If you want to be bored, I could present you FOIA documents from the US State Dept on his time in Indonesia that refers to him as a US citizen. Confirmation from the state of Hawaii that the COLB on the Whitehouse website is authentic.

            There is absolutely NOTHING outside of right wing websites that feed off the April Fool’s day hoax that come close to supporting your hope.

          36. Jan123456 December 26, 2016

            One more thing, the Fullbright Scholarship that the hoax claims he received was not available to undergrads.


          37. PrecipitousDrop December 26, 2016

            President Obama attended Princeton and Harvard as a resident of the state of Hawaii, where he was born.

          38. Independent1 December 25, 2016

            What about Hillary’s emails? Not one was found to have been appropriately marked as being even confidential – the lowest security class when Hillary received it.

            And what about the fact Rice and Powell both used a private server (the RNC’s) for more than 85% of their work and even broke the law by erasing all their emails when they left office????????

          39. PatrickHenry December 25, 2016

            Lying again I see. FBI Director Comey testified that Hillary knowingly sent classified emails, & also sent thousands AFTER she was ordered to turn them in. You are such a transparent LIAR.

          40. Independent1 December 25, 2016

            Comey’s a pathological lying Republican just like you are: every word you just posted is a flat-out lie!! Not one email Hillary handled on her private server was appropriately marked with any classification when she read them!!

            From CIA Director Morell (who is not a pathological liar like Comey!!):

            He also defended Clinton’s misuse of classified information in her use of a private email server while secretary of state, saying “when she saw those e-mails, she did not see classification markings.”

            “So when she says there wasn’t classified information, that’s what she means,” he said. “It wasn’t marked. And the two that were marked with little ‘c’s,’ she doesn’t remember. So she’s not trying to mislead anybody.”


            Two out of all the emails she handled had a little ‘c’: which is not a bona fide marking for classifying anything!!!!!

          41. PrecipitousDrop December 25, 2016

            If Director Comey ever said such a thing — which he did not — there would be public record of it because congressional testimony IS a matter of public record.
            Read his testimony, Patrick.
            The transcript will show that You are the “transparent LIAR”.

        2. TrapperJohnFL December 25, 2016

          So sayeth “Zorro”..What a clown!

          1. Independent1 December 25, 2016

            As spoken by Dumbo himself.

      2. Independent1 December 25, 2016

        You need to spend a little time and read this article:

        Obama’s Sealed Records?

        The idea that any Obama record is “sealed” is a falsehood, to start. The word “sealed” when applied to documents ordinarily refers to records that would normally be public, but that a judge has ruled cannot be released without the court’s permission. Common examples of truly “sealed” documents include records of crimes committed as a juvenile or records of adoptions. None of the claims in this message refers to records actually “sealed” in that usual sense.


        1. TrapperJohnFL December 25, 2016

          You referencing “fact check” ? They are a bigger joke than you are.

          1. Independent1 December 25, 2016

            Based on whose assessment, A low IQ pathological lying right-winger?? You’re the joke!!!!

          2. TrapperJohnFL December 26, 2016

            Nice try on making an “intelligent” comeback. But… I’ll use your rudimentary attempt at logic. “Just the fact that Trump owns many buildings, hotels and jets which are hard to obtain proves he is a wealthy man.” But then fools like you are as gullible as it gets in sucking in left-wing lies!!!!!” — The reason many people want to see his college records because that will show what his immigration status was. Was he a foreign student? In which case he would not be eligible to be President. Or if he claimed that he was a foreign student and really was an American citizen then he committed fraud. Got that mini-brain?

          3. I Am Helpy December 26, 2016

            Ah, more racist conspiracy theories.

          4. Independent1 December 26, 2016

            All you succeeded in doing with that last post is proving my original point, you’re nothing but a gullible, low IQ right-wing nutcase who will go on and on believing a conspiracy theory that was created to do nothing but discredit Barack Obama from the gitgo.

            There are numerous articles on the Web which document that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and grew up there and actually was a high school basketball star all of which is documented in the records of newspapers in Hawaii.

            Your unwillingness to believe proof that’s presented to you time and time again only goes to show just how low IQ and brain dead you really are.

          5. Independent1 December 26, 2016

            Here’s just an excerpt from one of those articles I mentioned that are on the Web which documents from a Hawaii Newspaper Barack Obama’s childhood days:

            Ohana: Barack Obama’s Family

            Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 at the Kapiolani Hospital for Women & Children in the city of Honolulu on the island of Oahu. Honolulu is home to the majority of Hawaii’s diverse population and it was here at the University of Hawaii that Barack’s father and mother, Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham, met.

            Raised in Hawaii until he was six, Obama spent four years in
            Indonesia after his mother remarried. Obama returned to Hawaii at age ten to attend the prestigious Punahou School, where Steve Case, co-founder of AOL, and golf phenom Michelle Wie also attended. Far from a Presidential hopeful, Obama played on the state championship basketball team and dreamed of becoming a pro basketball player.

            Obama lived with his maternal grandfather and grandmother, Stanley and Madelyn Dunham, a few blocks from school in the neighborhood of Makiki, just ten minutes away from Waikiki. He spent his youth enjoying picnics at the scenic Puu Ualakaa State Park near his home and Kapiolani Park in Waikiki as well as body surfing at Sandy Beach on the eastern tip of Oahu. He even worked at a Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream on South King Street that still exists today.

            Obama continued on to Columbia and Harvard Law but made frequent visits back to see his ohana, or family, in Hawaii. His mother, who earned a Ph.D. in anthropology at the University of Hawaii, died of cancer in 1995. Obama’s grandmother “Toot,” short for tutu (Hawaiian forgrandmother), passed away in Hawaii just two days before Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States.


          6. Independent1 December 26, 2016

            And let’s get something else straight there low IQ, even if Barack Obama was born in Kenya, as long as his mother had lived in the U.S. for 5 years past her 14th birthday, being the child of at least one American citizen qualified him as being a ‘natural born American’ eligible to be president of the U..S.

            The first thing that you moronic birthers need to do is read the Constitution, and you’d discover that this whole birther thing is nothing but a fabrication from the minds of low IQ mindless Americans such as yourself!!! It is totally ridiculous AND WITHOUT ANY MERIT!!!!!!!!!

          7. Independent1 December 26, 2016

            And if you doubt my comments about right-wingers generally being of Low IQ, here’s an article from LiveScience which documents that studies have proven just that: That Low IQ is related to being prejudiced and being conservative!!!!!

            Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice

            There’s no gentle way to put it: People who give in to racism and prejudice may simply be dumb, according to a new study that is bound to stir public controversy.

            The research finds that children with low intelligence are more likely to hold prejudiced attitudes as adults. These findings point to a vicious cycle, according to lead researcher Gordon Hodson, a psychologist at Brock University in Ontario. Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, the study found. Those ideologies, in turn, stress hierarchy and
            resistance to change, attitudes that can contribute to prejudice, Hodson wrote in an email to LiveScience.

            “Prejudice is extremely complex and multifaceted, making it critical that any factors contributing to bias are uncovered and understood,” he said.


          8. Independent1 December 26, 2016

            And just for the record, there are millions of very rich people in America who have become rich by happenstance even though they are not very bright; but I’ll guarantee you that there’s never been a president of the Harvard Law Review that hasn’t been an exceptional student.

            And Donald Trump is a good example of someone who appears to be very wealthy even though in his case he is not only not very bright, he’s not as wealthy as he claims to be – a great deal of his wealth has been created by debt and stealing in numerous ways: like taking monies from his Charitable foundation, by refusing to pay people for work they’ve done for him, by dumping his debts on banks (probably more than a billion of dollars in his lifetime); getting involved in crooked schemes with mobsters, and on and on.

            10 Donald Trump Business Failures

            USA TODAY exclusive: Hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills

            OUCH! Newsweek exposes Trump as the business fraud he is.

            The Many Lawsuits of Donald Trump

            Trump Companies Owe $650 Million: NY Times

            Trump Not Paying His Top Campaign Staff

            And I could go on posting negative articles about Trump and his cheating and stealing for an hour!!!!!!

          9. PrecipitousDrop December 26, 2016

            College transcripts don’t include immigration status, John. Not Harvard’s. Not Princeton’s. And not the podunk ag college in your little backwater state.

          10. TrapperJohnFL December 27, 2016

            If he was receiving financial aid as a foreign student that would be in his college record.

          11. Jan123456 December 27, 2016

            You don’t get it, do you. That whole “foreign student” thing was a JOKE.

            Once again, why would you believe any of those lefty commie Obama loving schools if they told you he didn’t get aid?

            Show me the smallest evidence that it could possibly be true. Breitbart, Drudge, WMD and Newsmax are not evidence unless they link to a credible source. They normally just link to each other.


          12. Jan123456 December 26, 2016

            He had no “immigration status”. He is and always has been a US citizen.

            (And btw, that information would not be on college records.)

          13. TrapperJohnFL December 27, 2016

            His college record would show if he was receiving financial aid as a foreign student.

          14. PrecipitousDrop December 27, 2016

            It wouldn’t.

          15. TrapperJohnFL December 27, 2016

            Go get his records and prove me wrong.

          16. PrecipitousDrop December 27, 2016

            Why spoil the fun of watching you and your fellow conspiracists twist yourselves into spasms over an April Fool’s hoax article from years ago?

          17. TrapperJohnFL December 27, 2016

            Why? Because you don’t have clue about reality.

          18. Jan123456 December 26, 2016

            OK, how about this.

            The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 guarantees the privacy of school records. For you, for me and for Obama.

          19. TrapperJohnFL December 26, 2016

            And what would the significance of that be? Income tax returns like school records can be voluntarily released. Your argument has no point.

          20. Jan123456 December 26, 2016

            You said that FactCheck was a joke. So, let’s take a source that proves there was not even a need to “seal” his records, that they are private from the get-go,

            I explained to you in a subsequent post that this “foreign student” thing was a hoax and how I know that.

            You do know that if he released them, we would go through the birth
            certificate thing all over again. You guys would again scream, “Fraud!
            Photoshop! Fake!” Since there is no requirement for POTUS to even
            attend school, his grades and schools have no bearing on his eligibility
            for the office, what’s the point?

          21. I Am Helpy December 26, 2016

            A better reply would have been to point out where there was any mistake in what they posted. You can’t, though, because it was entirely accurate.

            The belief that Obama’s school records are “sealed” is a ridiculous conspiracy theory spread by racists intending to somehow prove that Obama didn’t deserve to be successful on his own merits – an entirely ridiculous position.

      3. I Am Helpy December 25, 2016

        Those are both dumb conspiracy theories believed exclusively by mouth-breathers.

        I hope that helps!

      4. Jan123456 December 26, 2016

        The myth that Obama was a foreign student started from an April Fool’s day story. The AP, under whose byline it appeared disavowed the story. The wording of the story does not conform to the AP’s stylebook.

        The group, Americans for Freedom of Information, who purportedly “found out” Obama was a foreign student and according to the story released his transcripts did not even exist at the time this myth came out. (It does now, but for purposes of debunking Obama hoaxes.)

        There are plenty of pictures of Obama from his Hawaiian High School, particularly on the basketball team.

        But you will continue to believe in this hoax because you want to.

  5. Jeff Noncent December 25, 2016

    it’s interesting to say the least

  6. Independent1 December 25, 2016

    Trump’s Foundation has been for years basically a foundation to pump money into Donald Trump’s pockets. Even charities that the foundation has claimed in tax returns that it has donated to charities have been reported by those charities that they haven’t received the supposed donations the foundation has been claiming.

    It’s clear that this is just one more ‘business’ that Donald Trump has been using to enrich himself and not truly donate to charity. Donald Trump’s representatives have not been able to prove that Trump has actually made one verifiable donation personally to any charity. His charitable activities have been a fraud that has been nothing less than outright stealing monies organizations and other people assumed were being used for a charitable purpose but which Trump has actually stolen for his own family’s personal use.

    See these articles:

    Multiple Charities Tell WaPo’s Fahrenthold They Didn’t Receive Donations Trump Fnd. Reported To IRS

    Donald Trump used money donated for charity to buy himself a Tim Tebow-signed football helmet

    Donald Trump Reportedly Used Campaign Donations to Pay Himself $8.2 Million

    Trump used charity dollars for presidential campaign, report says

    Trump even rigged the prices his properties charged for his campaign events
    so he could pocket more monies that had been donated to run is
    presidential campaign.

    Trump raids RNC donor haul for a big pay day at Trump properties

    And why is Donald Trump doing all this stealing? Because his companies are about 650 million in debt and he may personally be liable for another 2 billion.

    Trump Companies Owe $650 Million: NY Times

    An excerpt from the article:

    In addition to the $650 million liabilities, “a substantial portion of his wealth is tied up in three passive partnerships that owe an additional $2 billion to a string of lenders,” the Times said about debt that could significantly affect Trump’s wealth.


  7. PrecipitousDrop December 25, 2016

    What’s with the crocodile tears over shutting down foundations?
    If Eric Trump wants to raise millions for St. Jude Hospital, why not ask his rich friends to send checks directly to St. Jude’s? The donations are still deductible.

    Maybe the “problem” is that Eric doesn’t get to play with other people’s money first?
    Maybe the “problem” is that Donald Trump’s resorts and golf courses won’t be booked (or paid for) by Eric’s swell fundraising soirees?

    1. Paul Anthony December 25, 2016

      But you didn’t see a conflict of interest with the Clinton Foundation. Hypocrite.

      1. roguerunners December 25, 2016

        But you did. Hypocrite.

      2. I Am Helpy December 25, 2016

        The Clinton Foundation is one of the most transparent and open charities out there. There is almost no evidence that Trump has ever donated to any charity personally.

      3. PrecipitousDrop December 25, 2016

        No. I didn’t see a conflict of interest with the Clinton Foundation because:
        – Clinton Foundation financial statements and tax returns are independently audited and open to public inspection. (Eric Trump and Donald Trump Foundation financial records are neither independently audited, nor available for public review.)
        – Clinton Foundation funds have not been used to purchase larger than life-sized portraits of Bill, Hillary, of Chelsea Clinton.
        – Clinton Foundation funds have not been used to pay the personal legal expenses of Bill, Hillary, or Chelsea Clinton.
        – Clinton Foundation funds have not been used to purchase sports memorabilia for the personal collections of Bill, Hillary, or Chelsea Clinton.
        – Clinton Foundation operations have never been investigated by any attorney general, of any state, for malfeasance or violation of tax laws.

        1. Independent1 December 25, 2016

          And the Donald Trump Foundation has never received an ‘A’ rating from any charity review outfit like Charity Watch which gave the CF an ‘A’ rating; one reason being that 89% of donations to the CF go directly to charity work while the industry average is for 75% (the CF is far more efficient than virtually any other charity and receives many of its donations from other charities demonstrating that even other charities trusted the CF with their monies).

      4. Independent1 December 25, 2016

        Because unlike Trump who routinely stuffs his hand into the till of the Trump Foundation, Bill and Hillary have never gotten one dime from their foundation.

  8. itsfun December 25, 2016

    The President-elect gets crap from the left for possible conflict of interest, then when the President-elect get rid of the possible conflict of interest, the left bitches about him doing it. Kinda damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

    1. PrecipitousDrop December 25, 2016

      The president-elect “gets crap” for BLATANT, REPEATED conflicts of interest, any of which could result in impeachment after January 20th.
      We don’t even know what all of his conflicts of interest are, because he hasn’t released his tax returns.

    2. Independent1 December 25, 2016

      Here’s just a beginning example of how Trump is going to use his position as president to enrich himself and his businesses:

      Trump Org pressures Embassy of Kuwait to move event from Four Seasons to Trump’s D.C. hotel

      Trump Org pressures Embassy of Kuwait to move event from Four Seasons to Trump’s D.C. hotel
      The Embassy of Kuwait cancelled a contract for a major event at the Four
      Seasons Hotel in Washington D.C. a few days after the presidential
      election, “citing political pressure to hold its National Day
      celebration at the Trump International Hotel instead,” reports Think
      Progress. A source tells ThinkProgress that the Kuwaiti embassy, which
      has regularly held the event at the Four Seasons in Georgetown,
      abruptly canceled its reservation after members of the Trump
      Organization pressured the ambassador to hold the event at the hotel
      owned by the president-elect. The source, who has direct knowledge of
      the arrangements..


    3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 25, 2016

      Yes, isn’t it a shame. I’m sure your were equally distressed by the treatment meted out to President Obama from Day 1 of his administration.
      It’s funny, itsfun, how you are so easily deceived by appearances.

      1. Terry December 25, 2016

        I know exactly what you mean about being deceived. Once we even thought that Obama wasn’t a Muslim who actually Vehemently Hated America & that Hillary wasn’t actually Jezebel of the Bible re-incarnate. Boy were we wrong! Great point Aaron! : ) Merry Christmas. My gift to you.

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 25, 2016

          Thank you, Terry—And a Merry Christmas to you and your family.
          The hypocrisy displayed thus far by those who describe themselves as “Conservatives” is extremely abnormal. I don’t wish to tout one Party over another, but I strongly feel that a level playing field and objective responses based on clear evidence is required.

        2. I Am Helpy December 25, 2016

          Yes, before your brain broke you probably believed a lot of things that weren’t dumb lies.

        3. Independent1 December 25, 2016

          You’re implying that Obama hates America?? Based on what kind of convoluted logic?? Your warped imbecilic mind??

          Over the last 8 years, despite 24/7 obstruction from the GOP Barack Obama has accomplished more beneficial to America than every GOP president in office since Teddy Roosevelt COMBINED!!!!!

        4. PrecipitousDrop December 26, 2016

          Whoa, Terry.
          I disagree with your wildly slanderous depictions of our current president, but it’s a slur that’s been echoed so often in your tiny right wing bubble, you probably can’t help repeating it.
          Sadly, the whole world is about to discover what will happen to the United States when it is led by a man who really DOES hate America, the Constitution, and all of our fundamental principles regarding freedom, liberty, honor, valor, and integrity.
          One day, maybe his third wife, Melania — the nude model and lesbian soft-porn actress — will join him in Washington. In the meantime, the duties of First Lady will be dispatched by daughter, Ivanka, who has been (according to her father) really “hot”, “sexy”, and “dateable” since she was eight years-old. It’s not clear how Trump plans to square it with his KKK and other Alt-Right supporters, since she’s Jewish, too.
          I hope we last long enough to find out, y’know, before the nuclear war.

    4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 25, 2016

      Are you sane of mind? Anyone foolish enough to disregard the egregious and deplorable behavior of Trump is out of their cotton-picking mind.
      And yes—Trump is damned no matter what he does because he continues to leave a mess on the floor wherever he walks. That’s why people give him crap.

    5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 25, 2016

      itsfun, you have no shame being a cheer leader for a con man with lewd tendencies and an amoral attitude. Are these the qualities which you prize??

    6. I Am Helpy December 25, 2016

      Who’s “bitching” about it? This is one less illegal thing he’s doing.

  9. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 25, 2016

    Trump announces on Christmas Eve that he’s dissolving his Foundation–one of numerous conflicts of interests yet to be addressed.

    I’m touched. Stay tuned for announcements to postpone the purported shutdown.

  10. Paul Anthony December 25, 2016

    Could your headline be any more misleading? He didn’t shut down his charity on Christmas Eve (How heartless!)

  11. Terry December 25, 2016

    Geee! Thanks a lot WAPO/Left Media and Democratic Party. You “Bashed Trump” so hard and so long as to “You’re not giving enough”, “You’re not giving fast enough”, “You’re Not Doing it Right”, “That’s not the way WE do it”, that he finally was “Forced” to stop giving and promoting giving by all others as well. God forgive you and God Help all of the Charities you guys have “Hurt”. I guess your plan all along may have been to “Funnel All Charitable Giving” through Hillary in the “Clinton Family Charity” that allows a few “Pennies” to end up helping those in Need & about 80% perhaps now, going directly into Hillary’s Purse & Bill’s Billfold? Thanks a lot “LEFT” for doing yet more harm than good, as always. And the same sorta Christmas wish to you!

    1. Zengo December 25, 2016

      not only was that mostly incoherent, it was also factually incorrect

    2. I Am Helpy December 25, 2016

      Won’t someone think about the illegal money laundering operations!!!1

    3. I Am Helpy December 25, 2016

      PS: A total of zero (0) dollars have gone from the Clinton Foundation to any member of the Clinton family.

    4. latebloomingrandma December 26, 2016

      Some of that good old False News.

    5. Independent1 December 27, 2016

      Why, you really are gullible aren’t you?? Fact is Terry, that the Clinton Foundation is the most effective charity on the planet. It received an ‘A’ rating from Charity Watch because 89% of donations go directly to charity work while the industry average is 75% going directly to charity work.

      And if the CF is so poor at handling donations, why is it that many charities actually donate to the CF and ask it to handle their charitable work??

      And with respect to the Trump Foundation, it has been nothing but a cash cow for the Trump family. Donald Trump and Family have consistently dipped into the Trump Foundation for money to even buy Donald a football helmet which cost the TF $12,000. That $12,000 was supposedly Donald’s contribution to another charity but ended up getting paid not from Donald for from his foundation.

      So you couldn’t be any more wrong if you really tried to be. Shutting down the Clinton Foundation may actually negatively effect hundreds of thousands of people in America and around the world; while the biggest effect of shutting down the Trump Foundation is most likely to be keeping the Trump Family from stealing any more charitable donations!!!

      See these articles clueless:

      Multiple Charities Tell WaPo’s Fahrenthold They Didn’t Receive Donations Trump Fnd. Reported To IRS

      Wash Post: Trump Might Be in Violation of IRS’ ‘Self-Dealing’ Rule

      Trump used charity dollars for presidential campaign, report says

      Trump used charity dollars for presidential campaign, report says

      Donald Trump Reportedly Used Campaign Donations to Pay Himself $8.2 Million

      What the Clinton Foundation does—and why Hillary Clinton should point to it with pride

      An excerpt:

      All those calling for the immediate closure of the foundation are calling for the disruption of health care to over 11 million people, and putting in doubt the lives of over half the people being treated for HIV anywhere in the world. Read that part again: the Clinton Foundation helps 800,000 kids getting treatment for HIV/AIDS. That’s what it means to shut down the Clinton Foundation.

      Hillary Clinton should be proud of everything about the Clinton Foundation. And those people like Trump, who is genuinely trying to profit by placing thousands of children at risk, or the pundits shaking their heads over the “optics” of the situation, should be deeply, deeply ashamed.


  12. Elliot J. Stamler December 25, 2016

    I’m a New Yorker and I can attest that our state attorney-general, Eric Schneiderman, will nail Trump to the wall on both the foundation and the university issues if legal cause is found in court. Trump will not be able with his army of lawyers to wiggle out of it unless of course he resorts to outright criminal action secretly. I wouldn’t, as New Yorker who knows as we all do here, how utterly vile he is, put it past him.

    1. latebloomingrandma December 26, 2016

      This should be a banner year for lawyers.

  13. FT66 December 26, 2016

    Trump must understand, no pick and choose which project of conflict of interest has to be shut down, and which one has to stay. It shouldn’t be that way. That is totally cheating.

  14. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 27, 2016

    and other news from the Washington post >>Trump is being handed a great economy. What happens when it goes south? when All go’s south the DUNNY DUMP CLOWN will blame all the brain dead followers for it and state it was you idiots that put me in office knowing I never held any type of office in my life ( only the ones I paid to be in )Donald Trump =DONNY DUMP an “enemy” of the United States, a threat and an international pariah whose modus operandi is to lie, cheat and steal this is what the headline news should read . as for all the DUMSTERS brain dead followers the king clown car driver say’s thanks suckers for being the biggest fools I knew you are would be and always will be . and be it with what ever happens with Natenyahu and his country all depends on if asnd how much money the DONNY DUMP clown can make with dealing with this as he is in the white house . if the DUMPSTER cant make any money then he will just say I cant help you . I need my pockets filled first


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