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Clinton Emails: Is This Watergate? Or Just Another Whitewater?

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Clinton Emails: Is This Watergate? Or Just Another Whitewater?


Hillary Hysteria is raging everywhere, from the most disreputable websites to the most respected newspapers. Candidate Clinton’s polling numbers are down. Her email server is in the custody of the FBI. Her comments brushing aside the controversy have only infuriated the Washington press corps, which has virtually declared war on her.

But why is the political press so agitated? Is this Watergate, a shattering scandal with profound implications for national security and the Constitution? Or is it Whitewater, a meaningless squib of a failed real estate investment, absurdly inflated by the national media and partisan adversaries?

According to many journalists – along with the Republican Party and its favorite propagandists – the email uproar surrounding Clinton equals the worst political scandal in modern American history. On Fox News, eminent analyst Meghan McCain thrilled credulous viewers by telling them the Clinton emails “could be this generation’s Watergate.” On MSNBC, Bob Woodward of The Washington Post, excited his Morning Joe hosts with a similar comparison that echoed across the media.

“Follow the trail here,” intoned Woodward, who broke the Watergate story four decades ago with Carl Bernstein. “You’ve got a massive amount of data. It, in a way, reminds me of the Nixon tapes: thousands of hours of secretly recorded conversations that Nixon thought were exclusively his,” he said, adding: “Hillary Clinton initially took that position: ‘I’m not turning this over, there’s gonna be no cooperation.’ Now they’re cooperating.”

But like so much of the commentary about Clinton’s emails, that last remark by Woodward was entirely inaccurate — as he should know.

When the State Department first requested emails for its archives from all living former secretaries of state, Clinton was the only one to provide any files at all; both Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell said they no longer possessed the emails they had sent on private servers. And when the FBI asked to examine Clinton’s server to determine whether her emails contained any information that was or ought to have been classified, her attorneys turned it over immediately.

Woodward swiftly amended his hyperbolic outburst, saying that his Nixon comparison referred to “the volume of emails” measured against the White House tapes, rather than any attack on the character of the Democratic frontrunner.

Perhaps Woodward suddenly remembered what actually occurred during Watergate – a series of gangster conspiracies based in the Nixon White House that included burglaries, warrantless wiretaps, illegal spying, campaign dirty tricks, election tampering, money laundering, and assorted thuggish schemes, growing into a cover-up that compounded those initial felonies with still more crimes committed by lawyers and bureaucrats who collected corporate bribes and then handed out hush money to the perpetrators. This bunch ranged from right-wing Cuban exile hoodlums all the way up to the president, his closest advisors, and his stooges at the highest levels of the Justice Department, the FBI and the CIA.

Whatever Woodward or McCain may imagine, the Clinton email flap is nothing like Watergate. Perhaps new and terribly incriminating evidence of something will emerge someday. But at the moment, media coverage of this “scandal” closely resembles the overheated and underreported promotion of Whitewater.

Indeed the parallels are remarkable — especially the notable role of The New York Times in publishing inaccurate stories that insinuated wrongdoing where there was none. As a “scandal,” Whitewater began with a front-page Times story, inspired by Republican opponents of Bill Clinton in Arkansas, that was grossly inaccurate in its most salient details. The email story caught fire with two inaccurate Times stories, including its debunked “scoop” alleging a “criminal referral” to the FBI.

Obscured by sensational and often stupid media coverage, the fundamental facts are simple. There is no evidence that Hillary Clinton violated any law in her use of a private email server, however badly advised. There is no evidence that she knowingly sent any previously classified information to anyone at any time. There is no evidence that any national security breach occurred in her email system. And there is no statute under which she can be held liable for sending information that was retroactively classified, many months after she sent it, when the State Department was reviewing her emails for public release.

The true scandal is the Republican attempt to invent a scandal that will derail the Democratic presidential candidate they fear most, by misusing the oversight powers of Congress – and the eagerness of major media outlets, including the nation’s most important newspaper, to collude in that scheme.

Joe Conason

A highly experienced journalist, author and editor, Joe Conason is the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, founded in July 2011. He was formerly the executive editor of the New York Observer, where he wrote a popular political column for many years. His columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate and his reporting and writing have appeared in many publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Nation, and Harpers.

Since November 2006, he has served as editor of The Investigative Fund, a nonprofit journalism center, where he has assigned and edited dozens of award-winning articles and broadcasts. He is also the author of two New York Times bestselling books, The Hunting of the President (St. Martins Press, 2000) and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth (St. Martins Press, 2003).

Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  1. Darsan54 August 20, 2015

    Is our vaunted press corp just a pack of lemmings?*

    *Apologies to lemmings.

    1. FireBaron August 21, 2015

      “The Grey Lady” speaks, and they all willingly follow her over the cliff.

  2. Dominick Vila August 21, 2015

    E-mailgate is a combination of Whitewater (a ruse), and Watergate (a dumb decision). While the hype about classified information is mostly about a spat between the State Department, the IG Office, and some national security agencies as to whether or not some of the information sent and received by Hillary via her personal server was mishandled, the truth is that she made a horrible mistake when she decided to use a personal server instead of government mediums to exchange information. I suspect she did it to avoid public scrutiny. Unfortunately, she ended up getting more public and official scrutiny than she bargained for.
    This should serve as a lesson to Democrats. Assuming we are going to get the same treatment Republican politicians get is naive, to say the least. The GOP, a party with a horrendous domestic and foreign policy record, and a total lack of vision, relies on dirt to destroy opponents. They did not earn its super majority in the House, and take over control of the Senate, because of their deeds. Alas, most of the GOP controlled states are among the poorest and most backwards in the country, and policies such as dismantling MEDICARE, privatizing SS, repealing the ACA, getting rid of the Education Department, mass deportations, and putting boots on the ground in Iraq again should terrify just about every person with half a brain and a minimal amount of common sense. Unfortunately, for us and the United States, the same people who did not understand the implications of what Mitch McConnell acknowledged, when he said that the policies of obstructionism that delayed the economic recovery and caused so much pain and misery to millions of Americans were designed to make sure President Obama was a one-term President – and re-elected the traitor by a comfortable majority – are the same people who support decisions that, if implemented, would create social havoc, and contribute to the preservation of failed foreign policies designed to benefit a few at the expense of many.

    1. bernieo August 21, 2015

      I agree except for the part about Watergate being a dumb decision. It was a deeply criminal act in keeping with others Nixon and Co. did. It may have been unnecessary but it was a lot more serious than just a dumb act. The involvement of the CIA in this is deeply disturbing.

    2. greenlantern1 August 21, 2015

      Dumb decision?
      Was the plane crash of Dorothy Hunt an “accident” or murder?
      Ever read the PUMPKIN PAPERS?
      What is its CURRENT classification?

      1. Dominick Vila August 21, 2015

        It was a dumb decision in the sense that it was unnecessary. I remember the political climate that prevailed in those days, and there is no doubt in my mind that Nixon would have been re-elected by a comfortable majority without resorting to stupid, and illegal, tactics such as those employed by the architects and executors of the Watergate scandal.

        1. idamag August 21, 2015

          There was also the thing with Nixon using the FBI and CIA for political purposes.

    3. plc97477 August 21, 2015

      Studies have shown that there is a difference between the liberal and the conservative brains that may explain the “half a brain” problem.

      1. Karen Bille-Golden August 21, 2015

        Many of us have done our own research in the difference between liberal and conservative minds just while trying to discuss issues with them. ;>}

  3. FireBaron August 21, 2015

    Two major things here.

    Number 1 – can we please stop attaching the suffix “-gate” to any overblown “scandal” exposed regarding any President? The American public is tired of this puerile reference to the actual name of the Office/Residential complex where the break in took place.

    Number 2 – For whatever reason, The Grey Lady (aka The New York Times) no longer seems to exemplify its motto – “All the news that’s fit to print.” Instead, they have adopted the Rupert Murdoch standard of “Print enough crap to sell the papers and don’t worry about the consequences as we have better lawyers.”

    1. Dominick Vila August 21, 2015

      Rupert did not fare well in the UK, when he decided to use tactics similar to the ones he uses routinely in the USA. Some people understand the difference between effective journalism and tabloid poop…and they know what to do with somebody engages in illegal activities and tries to sell them a bill of goods.

  4. greenlantern1 August 21, 2015

    The party, of Rose Mary Woods, is claiming to be shocked by the POSSIBILITY of the destruction of evidence?
    Remember the WATERGATE TAPE GAP?
    The party, of Henry Kissinger, is claiming that Hillary was our WORST Secretary of State?
    Remember the PLUMBERS?
    Our ONLY, jailed, attorney-general was Nixon’s first, John Mitchell!
    Remember him?
    Law and order?

    1. Dominick Vila August 21, 2015

      Don’t forget that we are not supposed to talk about things like that. Whatever you do, don’t even whisper Iran-Contra, the Gipper circumventing Congress, the cut and run in Lebanon, the invasion of Grenada to prevent a potential attack against the USA, Iraq, WMDs, regime changes, purges, torture, handing the reins of power to our enemies, declaring the homeland of the 9/11 mastermind, the AQ financiers, and 17 of the 19 terrorists that carried out the 9/11 attack a Most Favored Nation for trade purposes, and then invading a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. Don’t mention the outing of Valerie Plame, the renditions, or the economic and fiscal policies that brought our economy to its knees, the same way the S&L industry was almost destroyed in the 1980s. Oh, and whatever you do don’t even suggest that the increases in the national debt are the result of irresponsible tax breaks, unfunded crusades, paying interest on the debt, or liabilities caused by the decision to squander the SS Trust Fund or promise benefit without adequate funding to support that promise.

    2. idamag August 21, 2015

      Good. I remember that and the long blank parts of the tape where they were erased.

  5. FT66 August 21, 2015

    It is disgusting , I repeat disgusting the way Hillary is treated on email saga. I watched yesterday the man who never know the time to retire, Wolf Blitzer of CNN, I told my friends afterwards, I will never ever watch this man again. The investigation has just started and is still in progress, how can anyone jump onto the conclusion now. Is that what we call reporting nowadays? I don’t want to say anything on Fox News reporting, with them they have already declared Hillary is behind the bars. What I urge Hillary supporters is to remain united, let us all show her our support and in the end she will prevail. She is very aware in order to reach there (in the White House), she has to kiss many frogs.

    1. Karen Bille-Golden August 21, 2015

      I have found CNN guilty of sensationalism rather than news reporting as well, Just give me facts please. I’ll do my own analysis thank you.

      1. FT66 August 21, 2015

        Here is one example: Wolf Blitzer in his reporting he insisted she isn’t trustworth while pointing to polls. What have the polls to do now while the findings are not ready? Is the trustworth taken relying on feelings or proofs?

        1. DAK27 August 21, 2015

          I can answer that last question.
          Republican = trustworthyness is based on being a Republican.
          Democrat = trustworthyness is based on feelings, lies, half-truths and innuendo.

          1. FT66 August 21, 2015

            Thank you, then us as Dems are in big trouble. Republicans as republicans, have refused completely to hear what the media say about Trump. They continue to support him no matter what. What has happened to us Dems? Anyone knows?

          2. DAK27 August 21, 2015

            First, we (the Dems) allowed the media to be bought by those who control the GOP, then we allowed them to consolidate into 2 or 3 mega-media empires, and then we didn’t demand honest reporting or facts in the the stories they did deem “newsworthy.”

            “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

          3. FT66 August 21, 2015

            Agreed. But we are not all that stupid. It is easy even for us to defy the media. If we can collect all our heads together, think deeply what is at stake, come out and vote as we did in 2008 & 2012, Hillary will emerge as a winner come 2016. Trust me!

          4. Dominick Vila August 23, 2015

            I voted for Hillary the last time she ran for the nomination. I still believe he is the most qualified candidate running for the presidency, but I would be lying if I didn’t say that her candidacy has been damaged so badly that she may never recover. We need more than Democrats’ votes. We need the support of Independents, and Hillary lost their support already.
            Our best hope to keep control of the White House, avoid the nomination/confirmation of more ultra conservative Justices to the Supreme Court, and prevent the demise of SS, MEDICARE, MEDICAID, ACA, Affirmative Action, and the likelihood of Roe V Wade being overturned rests on Biden entering the race and a Biden-Warren ticket.

          5. FT66 August 23, 2015

            I don’t agree with you about Hillary’s candidacy has been damage so badly. She still beats all GOP contenders. GOP can’t get Latino bloc votes to win election, thats is gone completely. They can’t get women votes either as they are against them. They will receive very few blacks votes. Hillary has made organisation in all states around the country. She has accumulated money for her campaign. With Biden’s age and being in the White House for almost a decade and no organisation at this moment, won’t make him remain in the White House. Moreover on Hillary, no any ruling has been made on her use of email. What about she comes out as a clean person (as I presume it will be so), should we blame ourselves that we were wrong and unfair to her? It is never good to judge the book by looking only at its cover.

          6. Dominick Vila August 23, 2015

            I hope you are right. I still believe she is the most qualified of all the candidates running.

          7. jmprint August 21, 2015

            We are letting someone else do the dirty work.

          8. idamag August 21, 2015

            His poll numbers went up when he made racist remarks – says a whole lot about tea partiers, doesn’t it?

          9. Dominick Vila August 23, 2015

            When it comes to political assassination our political strategists are like boy scouts compared to the best disinformation apparatus since the Third Reich.

          10. Carolyn1520 August 21, 2015

            You are projecting big time.
            Nevermind, sorry, read you response out of context.

          11. DAK27 August 21, 2015

            Yeah? Do you watch the news at all? It certainly seems like if a Democrat MIGHT do it, it is a scandal. If a Republican HAS done it, it is nothing to get excited about (or it’s a lie that it even happened, take your pick.)

          12. Carolyn1520 August 21, 2015

            Thus my correction to my original comment.

          13. Dominick Vila August 23, 2015

            …or people are chastised for having the audacity of questioning the integrity and wisdom of scumbags like George W. Bush, who according to Republican polls is one of our greatest former Presidents.

      2. idamag August 21, 2015

        When these biased reporters start telling people what to think, they should be offended that they are treated as though they have to be told. I am with you. Just the facts and let me digest them.

  6. DAK27 August 21, 2015

    In my opinion (nothing more, nothing less) this is pure BS. The Republicans cannot talk about what their policies, their ideas, their platform so they constantly throw stuff (just being polite) at the wall to see what sticks and if nothing sticks, just throw more stuff. There IS NO EMAIL SCANDAL other than in the minds of the GOP. Same as there is no Bengazi scandal, no Whitewater scandal…

    Now, I am not saying Hillary is white-as-snow or the second coming of Christ, and I am sure there are far better candidates out there on the Democratic side, but the GOP has told too many lies for too many years about too many things for me to ever believe them now. Even if I personally watched Clinton shred classified documents, I’d not believe the GOP when they accused her of it.

  7. Brad P August 21, 2015

    I don’t have the best opinion of Hillary Clinton, I wasn’t thrilled with her run in the senate, but I have to admit that my current poor opinion of her has been guided by years of accusations. That stinks and I feel bad.

    1. Karen Bille-Golden August 21, 2015

      That’s honest enough, but not a good excuse for failing to revisit your analysis of whether your opinion is based on valid information.

      1. jmprint August 21, 2015

        After millions spent on Benghazi and still no proof of wrong doing, how many more tax dollars have to be spent to understand the republicans have nothing but fear.

      2. Brad P August 21, 2015

        I wouldn’t say I’m failing at it. Giving it a shot.

    2. idamag August 21, 2015

      It shows that you are an intelligent person, to analyze your beliefs.

  8. Carolyn1520 August 21, 2015

    The problem with news today, is they don’t want to just report the facts, they want to inject their own opinions in everything. Yes, many people are idiots and need someone to lead them but on the right, the “news” is all opinion. It has created more idiocracy.
    It’s common knowledge and expected that the right will spin everything into a faux scandal during an election cycle knowing their flock only wants someone to confirm their misguided fears and feed what they already feel.
    I’m supporting Hillary because she is the best qualified, campaigning for her, encouraging all dems to vote and repeating daily, the right cannot win on their own merits so they have to spin to make their opponents look worse than they do by any means.

  9. MichaelC August 21, 2015

    Just to be clear, “When the State Department first requested emails for its archives from all living former secretaries of state, Clinton was the only one to provide any files at all; both Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell said they no longer possessed the emails they had sent on private servers.” What is means is that these previous Secretaries of State deleted their email records (or had them deleted for them). We have no way of knowing what evidence they might have destroyed. Can we see the video of rabid reporters attacking Condi and Colin, demanding to know what happened?

    1. johninPCFL August 21, 2015

      It’s one step worse. Rice and Powell used AOL and Google to handle their email accounts.

      The two Bengazi emails released so far indicate that the emails sent to Clinton came from career foreign service employees, sent from unclassified accounts to Clinton’s unclassified account.

      1. MichaelC August 21, 2015

        Thanks. I didn’t know that. I wonder why the NYTimes, WaPo, etc. haven’t been able to discover the same information. It’s a challenge not to believe they’ve made a conscious decision to try and destroy her candidacy.

        1. FT66 August 21, 2015

          NY Times and WAPO even Fox Noises are aware of this information. They are just pretending not to know anything so that they cut Hillary’s head off. We supporters, will not allow this to happen.

    2. FT66 August 21, 2015

      Oh! MichaelC, I wish you were nearby I could have given you a big hug. You have nailed it straight into the forehead. They can’t hold Hillary accountable while they ignore all recently Secretaries of States, even those Governors who are running now to become President, as nothing happened then the way they handled emails. Government laws/policies are not only applied to one person, in this case Hillary. It applies to all government workers. We are not going to witness Hillary being hanged and not anyone else who did the same.

      1. MichaelC August 21, 2015

        According to a recently published
        report, “The new regs apparently weren’t fully implemented by State until a
        year and half after Clinton left State. Here’s the timeline: Clinton left the
        State Department on February 1, 2013. Back in 2011, President Obama had signed
        a memorandum directing the update of federal records management. But the
        National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) didn’t issue the relevant
        guidance, declaring that email records of senior government officials are
        permanent federal records, until August 2013. Then, in September 2013, NARA
        issued guidance on personal email use. A senior State Department official wrote
        that in October 2014, a Department-wide notice was sent out which explained
        each employee’s responsibilities for records management. Consistent with September
        2013 NARA guidance, it included instructions that generally employees should
        not use personal email for the transaction of government business, but that in
        the very limited circumstances when it is necessary, all records must be
        forwarded to a government account or otherwise preserved in the Department’s
        electronic records systems.” That is what happened then. What’s happening now makes me sick. Some of our supposed leading media outlets — spurred on by secret exchanges with the chairman of the House committee “investing” Benghazi for the umpteenth time — are conducting a witch hunt in an attempt to damage one of the greatest women in American history. Democrats standing idly by and watching it because it promotes their own agendas (e.g., Martin O’Malley) deserve our scorn and contempt.

        1. DOCWRIGHT August 24, 2015

          But giving away state secrets either on purpose or by negligence has always been illegal. You know that.

    3. elw August 21, 2015

      You know until I read this article I did not even know that the request had been made to all the former living Secretaries of State. I admit, I have not been reading everything written on the subject – but you would think I would not have had to, to know information as important as that. It just shows you how unprofessional so many in the press have become.

      1. Dominick Vila August 23, 2015

        It goes beyond being unprofessional. Our so-called “liberal” press has become a tool of the special interests that control our government, policy making, and our way of life.

        1. elw August 23, 2015

          I agree, I was being kind. To be honest, I do not believe anything I see or hear on TV and I stopped getting newspapers decades ago. It find it sad when the news comics make jokes over holds more truth than that that comes from so called Journalists.

    4. dpaano December 23, 2015

      They’ll never admit that “their” side did anything wrong, trust me on this one! Just like they don’t believe Bush caused what is now today’s Taliban, Al Quida, and ISIS with his ridiculous and unnecessary war!

  10. rome44 August 21, 2015

    It’s a whole lot of hoopla over nothing. First Issa now Gowdy millions of dollars and time wasted but that doesn’t seem to stop them. Republicans are ideologically bankrupted and can’t win the presidency so they use these vile tactics to destroy Hillary because they know very well they can’t defeat her. They (republicans) are good at this and gerrymandering to win local elections but are terrible at governing.

    1. FT66 August 21, 2015

      Well put rome44. We democrats are not going to sit idle and let them destroy Hillary the way they wish. To hell with the server.

  11. elw August 21, 2015

    To me, the whole email thing is like the Three Stooges’ routine that Started with the question “Whose on first base?” A joke that ends up being confusing and not funny. I find, again, my biggest disappointment in the whole affair is the Press and how inept it has become since Watergate.

    1. Jake Hawkes August 21, 2015

      Who’s on First was a Laurel and Hardy routine I think but I like the analogy. How low has Woodward sunk to become such a whiney scumbag? The whole Washington press corp is an insult to true journalism. How did this happen?

      1. Karen Bille-Golden August 21, 2015

        It happened when we allowed a few to control the media. It’s no longer freedom of the press when the press rests in the hands of a few who have ulterior motives and complete control of their outlets. Why do you think they wanted to defund public radio? Because they can’t control it. This didn’t just sneak up on us, we’ve allowed it to happen. The question should be, What can we do about it now?

      2. TZToronto August 21, 2015

        Actually, it was an Abbott and Costello routine. Hardy might have appreciated the humor, but Laurel, being British, might have been a bit confused.

      3. elw August 21, 2015

        Its funny the routine is remembered – but not who did it. But it is what I think about each time read anything about Hillary’s email account. Yes, today what passes for journalism is an insult. Its started with cable news.

        1. idamag August 21, 2015

          I heard it was Abbott and Costello. Whoever, it wasn’t that funny.

          1. WadeCollins August 23, 2015

            You have no fucking sense of humor or the ability to appreciate that kind of timing and word play.

        2. Bob Eddy August 21, 2015

          That’s what makes the analogy so complete. Many years from now no one will remember which president it was that had that email thing…that wasnt very funny anyway.

          1. elw August 22, 2015

            What makes the analogy for me is the whole routine was more annoying than funny and on the mean side with no truth involved. I agree, the Right is over reacting, leaving out facts like the call for turning-in emails went out to all the most recent Secretaries of State and so far neither Condi Rice or General Powel have turned any in – they both claim to have erased them. Seems to me that that should be more the issue than the 50 some pages that were turned in by Hillary. But hypocrisy is large on the Right.

          2. WadeCollins August 23, 2015

            You are concurrently a humorless idiot, and the Rainman of the liberal dolts. Your hero is going down,

      4. WadeCollins August 23, 2015

        So amused that as soon as the hag Hillary is questioned by the Liberal press, suddenly and without warning they are labeled by brown shirts like you sir, as scumbags and lowlifes. Hypocrite.

        1. Jake Hawkes August 23, 2015

          What is really amusing is how dick heads like you cling to the bullshit that your addled brain mother told you oh those many years ago and are incapable of the critical thinking that it would take to understand the truth. “Remember little Wade, the press is totally controlled by liberals and communists so you must watch Fox News and listen to Rush Limbaugh and believe everything they say.”

          You can’t even register a meaningful insult. By calling me a “brown shirt” (SEC) are you insinuating that I am like the Brownshirts of the 20s and 30s in Germany…meaning that I oppose human rights or freedom? Seriously? Because I said the Washington press corp is an insult to true journalism?

          The ultimate non sequitur…

          And YOU calling ME a hypocrite is a real laugh.

    2. JPHALL August 21, 2015

      By the way, the comedy team who did the “Whose on first” routine was Abbott and Costello.

    3. dpaano December 23, 2015

      All we have to do is look at who owns most of the media outfits!

  12. larzneilson August 21, 2015

    The FBI investigation is a counter-intelligence operation, not a criminal investigation. It is being conducted to determine if there is i9nfo0 that should now be classified. I thoroughly agree that this is being blown out of proportion, and is nothing but a partisan witch hunt.

  13. Whatmeworry August 21, 2015

    Thanks for the rewrite of the past 3 years. No Hilary’s attorneys NEVER produced the documents requested and the thumb drive was jus produced last week. Nixon never errased h isapes while Hilary haswiped the couter

    1. Bob Eddy August 21, 2015

      At least not in any right wing propaganda piece she didn’t! As far as Nixon goes, yes there was that awkward 18 minutes of silence and he only turned the tapes over because they were confiscated when they were discovered.

      1. Whatmeworry August 22, 2015

        There was NEVER any tyme misssig from the Nixon tape

        1. Bob Eddy August 22, 2015

          OMG! You ARE an idiiot! You can probably just Google 18 minutes and get a link to the most notorious 18 minutes in history!

          1. whatmeworryisfatDan Ketter August 24, 2015

            ← The idiot you are referring to is Williamsburg Virginia’s village moron Dan Max Ketter, who cowardly avoided the Vietnam War by getting his draft card stamped “waiver” so he could attend college and grad school at the Univ of Buffalo. However, he chastises Bill Clinton for doing what he did. (haswiped the couter)?????? All that education in business and sad Dan cannot even spell or compose a sentence with his one liners.

            After dodging the draft, Dan tried to get a job with the federal govt, but they wouldn’t hire him. Dan could only get a part time employment as a teaching assistant for a few years (he! he! even though he claims he was a professor ad hoc), and lived off the taxpayer$ dollar through welfare and food stamps, until Ford Motors put him on their payroll as a non-union robot entering parts data into a computer. Too bad they wouldn’t let him join the United Automobile Workers, and he could have gotten real money and benefits instead of being envious of them! Worse of all, Dan is an online military impersonator, making false claims he is a retired USAF Colonel and pilot, even though he never served a day in the military. Dan wouldn’t even know how to fly a paper airline! Ole Danno is nothing but a loser with dreams of grandeur, pretending to be a populist conservative teabagger blogger, who hates govt employees, anyone who is not male and white, and organized labor.

            And he even admits it:

            (he! he! USAF RETIRED June 1996 – June 2001)
            (he! he!, Past pilot with broken wings and Intelligence fields)

      2. Whatmeworry August 23, 2015

        Its a shame that you never read newspapers

        1. Whatmeworry August 24, 2015

          Yes I am a idiot for reading newpapers

      3. Whatmeworry August 24, 2015

        Its a slame that yo never read newspapers

    2. Whatmeworry August 22, 2015

      Thanks I rewrite history of the past 3 years. Yes Hilary’s attorneys ALWAYS produced the documents requested and the thumb drive was jus produced
      last week. Nixon errased h isapes while Hilary haswiped the couter. yES I’M AN IDIOT CANNUT SPELL.

    3. whatmeworryisfatDan Ketter August 22, 2015

      ←Yes Williamsburg Virginia’s village idiot Dan M Ketter cowardly dodged the Vietnam War by getting his draft card stamped “waiver” so he could attend college. Dan could only get a part time job as a teaching assistant out of school, and lived off the taxpayers dole through welfare and food stamps, until Ford Motors hired him as a non-union worker to enter parts data into a computer. Too bad they wouldn’t let him join the Union of Automobile Workers, and he could have gotten real money and benefits! Worse of all, Dan is a military impersonator, making false claims he is a retired USAF Colonel and pilot (he! he! pilot??)

      Yes, loser Dan pretends he’s a dedicated teabag angry populist on his blogs

  14. disqus_QR7ejvoSVU August 22, 2015

    This is neither Whitewater nor Watergate. This is another attempt by the Repubs to “Swift Boat” a Demo like the did to John Kerry.

    1. WadeCollins August 23, 2015

      Keep deluding yourself, if it makes you feel better.

      1. dpaano December 23, 2015

        Who’s deluding who here? I think you are grossly uninformed!

  15. DOCWRIGHT August 23, 2015

    It is neither Watergate or White Water. Watergate was where some staff members broke into the democrats campaign headquarters to steal campaign information, a list of democrats who used prostitutes or something like that. When Nixon found out about it he tried to cover it up. Nixon did not participate or even know about the breaking… just covered it up once he found out about it.

    What Hillary did… SHE ACTUALLY DID. Hillary used her own private server for ALL her State Department e-mails …. and in the process gave away state secrets. Nixon covered up a campaign crime. Hillary gave away top secret information… and is trying to cover it up. Hillary committed a crime against the Nation. Nixon just lied to us.
    Nixon rightly resigned …. the Hildabeast will lie to the very end…. and most of you on this board will accept her lie… fight for her lie and vote for her.

    No, this is defiantly not Watergate or White water… it is a real crime.

  16. Mightyike August 23, 2015

    And we are still paying attention to Bob Woodward for what reason?

  17. WadeCollins August 23, 2015

    Joe is the biggest Democrat shill and hack in the world. Laughable, this clown doesn’t realize that the Left is leaving Hillary behind, they don’t trust her either, she can’t win the White House. Hillary is going down, Joe Biden smells blood, this is just starting to get good. She is no Richard Nixon, no she planned it, she did it, and now she will pay. Her snide attempt at humor this week is actually very revealing, she loathes both the press and anyone in the public with an IQ over 80, her lies are piling up. She isn’t Bill, no charm, no charisma, no chance.

    1. Daniel Jones August 24, 2015

      He’s just a hack, period. The Fifth Estate was the savior and true power of America for years after Watergate and they miss it greatly.
      Wade, can the agit-prop. Hillary did what? You don’t even know. Stop bothering with the effort to demonize Hillary, using terms that sneering and dismissive of analysis shows you feel we who read this must be retarded enough to agree.
      And Bill? He’s her Goddamned *husband*, meaning the woman has his advice.
      I’ll be honest, though, I thank you for writing this, as it proves this is just another Whitewater and all you hacks are hoping it you fling enough mud, some will stick.

    2. dpaano December 23, 2015

      Maybe you can repeat this when she wins the presidency……hope you aren’t terribly disappointed! Just remember I said this!

  18. Böcker August 24, 2015

    If Hillary wasn’t running for President this would be a non issue, this is politics, the worst kind.

  19. Bill M September 1, 2015

    No evidence she committed a crime? There is a lot of evidence of that. Anyone who has ever worked with or been privileged to have classified information knows she violated several rules regarding its handling.

    1. Lynda Groom September 9, 2015

      Please proceed to point out the actual crimes, and more importantly the ‘evidence.’

      1. dpaano December 23, 2015

        He can’t because there isn’t any…..apparently, he didn’t read the article above or actually believes every word that the New York Times prints, along with the Republican mantra!!!

  20. dpaano December 23, 2015

    I think my boss owes me lunch…he bet me lunch that Hillary would be dragged into court and have criminal charges brought against her….guess he was reading the wrong paper!! Typical teaparty Republican! Good boss, but doesn’t have any sense!

  21. John Farnan April 6, 2016

    Watergate was mucha do about nothing – a bungled burglary at Democrat Headquarters at the Watergate Hotel. The coverup was THE THING but no issues national security.
    Hillary Clintons email server debacle is much worse. Not only did she attempt to cover up her criminal activities, she maintained a server in her house against Federal regulations thereby exposing the country to grave danger compromising our national security.


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