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Clinton Foundation Awarded Top Rating By Charity Watchdog Group

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Clinton Foundation Awarded Top Rating By Charity Watchdog Group

Clinton Foundation

The Clinton Foundation has been awarded four stars, the top possible rating, by charity watchdog group Charity Navigator. According to a press release issued by the Foundation, it received a four star rating in both financial sub-categories the group assesses, accountability and transparency.

Charity Navigator based the rating on annual tax documents filed by the foundation. The group is a leading watchdog organization, and frequently evaluates charities for donor edification. Charity navigator itself was a member of the Clinton Global Initiative between 2012 and 2014.

Michael Thatcher, president of Charity Navigator, told The Associated Press the rating was not influenced in any way by the campaign. The Clinton Foundation has also received positive ratings from other charity watchdog groups, including the American Institute of Philanthropy’s CharityWatch, from which the Foundation has an ‘A’ rating, and GuideStar, from which the foundation has a Platinum rating.

CharityWatch President Daniel Borochoff told CNN: “The Clinton foundation is an excellent charity. They are able to get 88% of their spending to bona fide program services and their fund-raising efficiency is really low. It only costs them $2 to raise $100. They are out there with other charities such as Doctors Without Borders, Salvation Army, the American Red Cross…”

The Clinton Foundation scored a total of 94.74 out of a possible 100, getting point reductions on two issues; its donor privacy policy and the process for setting the CEO’s salary.

Thatcher said of the Foundation, “the numbers speak for themselves.”

The Clinton Foundation has been under public scrutiny for its accepting donations from oppressive foreign governments including Saudi Arabia, the beneficiary of huge arms sales from the U.S.

Lanny Davis writing for The Hill said:

[B]efore we allow the Clinton Foundation to be pressured to shut its doors because of subjective concerns about ‘appearances,’ before we take seriously the partisan rants by some hypocritical Republicans and rightwing Clinton haters, or — speaking of ranting and hypocrisy — by Trump himself, let’s ask the question: Why not ask those who are suffering, starving, dying of AIDS or living in poverty around the world whether the Clinton Foundation should be shut down?

Photo: A Clinton Foundation souvenir is seen for sale at the Clinton Museum Store in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States April 27, 2015.  REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson



  1. A. D. Reed September 1, 2016

    What do facts have to do with anything? The Republicans’ attacks on the Clinton Family Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative have been picked up by the so-called “liberal” media and expanded into “the latest Clinton scandal, having to do with her family’s foundation and its supposed ‘pay-to-play’ policies documented by the AP….”

    The little fact that there was not an iota of evidence of pay-to-play, and in fact reams of evidence that donors who asked for access were either ignored or denied it, and that the AP “documentation” claimed that half of all Clinton’s meetings were with donors, when in fact 84 out of 17,000 meetings involved people who had ever donated (many during the years before Clinton was Secretary of State and even before she was a senator), and that the only “scandal” was that the Republicans, having failed at pinning Benghazi and emailgate and the rest of their phony claims on Clinton needed something new, which was eagerly adopted by the mainstream media …

    What does all that matter? It’s a new Clinton “scandal,” and everyone knows that she’s plagued by “scandals,” so the new “scandal” has to be even worse than all the previous (and previously disproved) “scandals,” and therefore worth writing and punditing about for weeks on end. Much more interesting than the boring old scandal of Donald Trump’s secret nonpayment of taxes, or his foundation’s illegal campaign contribution to the Florida Attorney General three days after she “decided” to drop an investigation of Trump University, or his campaign consultant’s secret work for the Kremlin and investments in Gazprom … why, that’s old news, and anyway Trump is a businessman, so different standards apply.

    Moreover, from the media’s viewpoint, the new “scandal” about the Clinton Foundation has driven Hillary’s approval ratings down, and tightened the polls between her and Trump, and therefore made it more of “a horse race” — and that leads to the need for more campaign spending on ads, and more relevance for the media covering a race which, if it were covered honestly, would be virtually over by now.

    But the fact that the Foundation is clean, transparent, honest, platinum-rated, four-star and gold-star … well, that’s no news at all.

    1. meridaest September 1, 2016

      I assume Secretary Clinton and the campaign are aware of this. What are they doing to change the narrative?

      1. JPHALL September 1, 2016

        What can they do? The story line is set. Clinton “scandals” trumps Trump’s dishonesty.

        1. CMSmith October 2, 2016

          Yeah, poor “honest” Hillary!

          1. JPHALL October 2, 2016

            No! Just the double standard. No matter what T Rump does or say, it is always dishonest Hillary. Sad! Subject: Re: Comment on Clinton Foundation Awarded Top Rating By Charity Watchdog Group

      2. AgLander September 1, 2016

        There’s no changing a narrative that is set in place and built on a foundation of ongoing corruption. These rating agencies are not equipped to investigate criminal enterprises. Nor do they desire to do so.

        1. King of America September 2, 2016

          That might even be a point if any of it was true. It isn’t, though.

          I hope that helps!

    2. Daniel Wright September 2, 2016
  2. Dominick Vila September 1, 2016

    According to the right wingers, all the good work done by the Clinton Foundation means absolutely nothing…other than serve as one of the most implausible targets in American politics. What matters to them is that some of the foreign leaders (political and financial) that had dinner with President Obama, VP Biden, and Secretary Clinton, had donated money to the Foundation. It does not really matter that foreign leaders have been invited by Republican and Democratic Presidents throughout our history. The problem, this time, is that they donated to a charitable institution, which means that Hillary must have done something truly nefarious, such as hosting them when they visited the USA. This whole thing would be funny, if it wasn’t so pathetic.

    1. AgLander September 1, 2016

      Americans aren’t “taking the bait”…..they are simply using their brains (the smart ones are)….you should try it sometime, grasshopper.

      1. King of America September 2, 2016

        What WILL we do without the whites-only militia dudes in their fortified compounds drinking their own reprocessed urine??!?

  3. King of America September 1, 2016

    Just to make this clear: this charity gets better transparency ratings that the freakin’ Red Cross.

    Meanwhile, the Trump charity has been fined by the IRS for illegally giving money to politicians yet almost no mention of that in the press.

  4. AgLander September 1, 2016

    Charity Navigator does NOT monitor “pay to play” and the joining at the hip of the State Department to the Clinton Foundation so this article is a fluff piece planted by Clinton operatives in an attempt to deflect from the actual issues surrounding the ongoing malfeasance occurring at what Rudy Giuliani correctly describes as a major crime racket operation.

    1. Bren Frowick September 1, 2016

      What sort of excuse are you using for the American Institute of Philanthropy and Guidestar?

      1. AgLander September 1, 2016

        Rating agencies don’t even touch on the type of issues going on at the Clinton Foundation……the agency that needs to “rate” the Clinton Foundation is the FBI under the RICO Act!

        1. King of America September 1, 2016

          Good news! No investigation of the Clinton Foundation (the charity you are smearing because you are devoid of basic human decency) has ever found any evidence of wrongdoing.

          1. AgLander September 1, 2016

            You’re an ISIS baby……your jihadi loving opinion does not count.

          2. King of America September 1, 2016

            Sorry you’re mad about imaginary crimes again, actual Nazi traitor! Too bad nobody cares!

          3. AgLander September 1, 2016

            Nazis and Arabs were allies during WW II……..As an ISIS baby, are you calling me your ally? If so, I reject your overture.

          4. King of America September 1, 2016

            “This slur on the Nazis will not stand!” – AgLander.

          5. AgLander September 1, 2016

            Go ahead and say it……”uncle”.

          6. King of America September 1, 2016

            Good luck with your campaign to charge Clinton with imaginary crimes! Maybe in another three or four decades you sad puppets will finally come up with something that sticks!

    2. King of America September 1, 2016

      Good news! Those are imaginary things with no basis in fact.

      Meanwhile, Trump’s foundation is actually guilty of bribing a politician and covering it up.

      1. AgLander September 1, 2016

        Your dreams and hopes do not reflect reality.

        1. King of America September 1, 2016

          Which is hilarious coming from someone desperate for Zombie Reagan to rise up and make it the 1950s again.

          1. AgLander September 1, 2016

            Did they teach you about Reagan during jihad training? I’m impressed!
            P.S……Reagan was the 80’s……….your raghead instructor needs to be notified.

          2. King of America September 1, 2016

            It’s always hilarious when you attempt to make a joke, although not for the reasons you intend.

          3. AgLander September 1, 2016

            Give me a break…..In you, I’m dealing with such a low intellect which never ends well for anyone trying to lift you up to moron level!

          4. King of America September 1, 2016

            Sorry that you’re an ignorant and unfunny racist! Not my problem, though!

          5. AgLander September 1, 2016

            Yep……I made you look foolish so that makes me a racist….got it! Poor baby!

          6. King of America September 1, 2016

            How… how do you think you did that? By being even more racist? I’ll never understand whatever it is that substitutes for actual thoughts in people like you.

          7. A. D. Reed September 1, 2016

            No, dopey. “Raghead” is a racist, bigoted term. Like “dothead” for Hindus.”

            Ignorance is no excuse, nor is arrogance. You’re a racist. Own it. Be proud of it, like the Donald.

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