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Clinton Unleashes Broadside Against Trump In Foreign Policy Speech

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Clinton Unleashes Broadside Against Trump In Foreign Policy Speech

hillary clinton foreign policy speech

Hillary Clinton delivered a highly-anticipated foreign policy speech today in San Diego — a harsh rebuke Donald Trump’s rhetoric, absence of serious policy proposals, and the threat he presents to the future of the country and the world.

“Americans aren’t just electing a president in November; we’re choosing our next commander-in-chief, a person we count on to answer questions of war and pace, life and death,” she said. “The person the Republicans have nominated for president cannot do the job.”

“Making Donald trump our Commander-in-Chief would be a historic mistake. It would fuel an ugly narrative about who we are, that were fearful, not confident,” she said in one of her many direct broadsides against the Republican nominee. “You don’t know America and you certainly don’t deserve to lead it.”

Her speech focused on more than the international ramifications of a Trump victory in November. Clinton called him out for his lack of concrete policy or plans for governance. “Donald Trump’s ideas aren’t just different; they are dangerously incoherent,” said the former secretary of State. “They aren’t even really ideas, just a series of bizarre rants, personal feuds and outright lies.”

“This is not someone who should ever have the nuclear codes, because it’s not hard to imagine Donald Trump leading us into war because someone got under his very thin skin,” she said.

“He says he doesn’t have to listen to our generals, ambassadors and other high officials because he has ‘a very big brain.’ He also said ‘I know more about ISIS than the generals do, believe me.’ You know what? I don’t believe him,” she said, calling into question the entire basis of his foreign policy credentials, which are non-existent outside of hotel and golf course deals, some of which he fails to repay the loans on.

Her remarks were the culmination of weeks of attacks by Trump against Clinton on everything from her time as Secretary of State to her husband’s alleged infidelities, which Trump who has promised capitalize on, despite it having no bearing on Clinton’s candidacy.

“Do we want him making those calls?” said Clinton. “Someone thin skinned and quick to anger, who lashes out at the smallest criticisms? Do we want his finger anywhere near the button?”

She went on to mention how his victory would embolden Russia and China, given Trump’s praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his dismissal of the Tiananmen Square Massacre as “a riot.” Clinton portrayed herself as a continuation of America’s post-Cold War status as the sole global superpower, and a Trump presidency as a force that would threaten the international system the Americans spent decades setting up.

“Moscow and Beijing are deeply envious of our alliances around the world because they have nothing,” she said. “If Donald trump gets his way, they will be celebrating in the Kremlin.”

Surprisingly, Trump only managed to tweet twice about the eviscerating speech, before telling his supporters to join him for his next campaign stop in Redding, California.


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  1. Dominick Vila June 2, 2016

    Hillary delivered the sharpest, most objective, and effective speech of her career yesterday. After months of disappointing, almost soporific, speeches, she finally engaged Trump in way that is likely to rattle his cage, at least in part, because her claims can be backed up with Trump’s statements.
    Trump supporters, meaning most of the GOP, will claim that Trump’s comments were part of a campaign strategy designed to unite and energize the base. In effect, they will admit that he has been lying, exaggerating, insulting people, and saying the most bizarre and offensive things against everyone, to satisfy the expectations of a segment of our population that seems to have abandon civility, objectivity, responsibility, and minimal vision of the future, in favor of childish immaturity.
    Hopefully, this will be the first of many similar speeches by Hillary. In addition to rallying Democrats by demonstrating the difference between competence and dangerous inexperience, her message is likely to reassure foreign leaders, and establish a blueprint of her campaign, and presidency, would focus on if she is elected.

    1. Elliot J. Stamler June 2, 2016

      I’ve long been waiting for Hillary to take off the gloves and let this evil, ignorant, dangerous creature have it.
      It’s about time.
      And I hope this is just the forerunner of even stronger attacks on Trump’s hideous danger to the whole world if this mentally-ill acute narcissist could have his finger on the “button.”
      Trump is the most dangerous creature I have ever experienced or even read of to be a major-party presidential candidate. And his strong supporters are as bad as he is…or worse.
      Hillary has got to use the kind of vivid and dramatic lines that I’d suggest based on my long career in marketing and advertising…one would be: TRUMP MEANS NUCLEAR WAR.
      Four words…each worth a thousand ordinary words.
      Trump must be stopped!

      1. AgLander June 3, 2016

        Hillary “taking off the gloves” is like Pee Wee Herman walking into a bikers bar and screaming that someone took his favorite parking space outside…..thanks for the laugh!

        1. Dominick Vila June 3, 2016

          The Donald is not laughing. His childish tweet in response to Hillary’s speech demonstrates his immaturity, lack of intellectual acumen, and desperation.

          1. dpaano June 3, 2016

            Kinda goes along with Aglander’s and the Goat’s responses, doesn’t it?

          2. Dominick Vila June 3, 2016

            Thus their unwavering support for a man who represents everything unbecoming of a presidential candidate.

          3. AgLander June 4, 2016

            Maude: see my response to your little friend , Dominick Vila.

          4. AgLander June 4, 2016

            Actually he had every right to call her out for dishonestly announcing she was making a major foreign policy speech in order to get media coverage but then proceeding to simply give a petulant campaign screed aimed at Trump. But then, dishonesty is a character defect we have all come to expect from Hillary as she fearfully awaits word from the FBI criminal investigators and their “Sword of Damocles” investigation hanging over her head!

          5. Dominick Vila June 4, 2016

            She did give a foreign policy speech, as well as well deserved criticism of a man who, if elected, would be a disaster for the USA and the free world.

          6. AgLander June 4, 2016

            Hillary Clinton is the most authentically inauthentic person in politics. You really need to find a better idol.

          7. Dominick Vila June 5, 2016

            You should make an effort to think of more mature retorts when your claims are challenged with facts.
            As for Hillary being my idol, I am a non-believer. I don’t believe in idols. Since most Republicans do, I am not surprised you used that allegation to attack someone you don’t know.

        2. Elliot J. Stamler June 3, 2016

          I have read, AgLander, your other comments. As with your icon, Trump, calling people nasty names and insulting appellations (“Shillary”) is your stock in trade; you are too fanatical, mean and stupid to be able to articulate any sensible rendition of your views…just like Trump (Lyin Ted, Crooked Hillary, Goofy Elizabeth, Low Energy Jeb, Loser McCain, etc. etc. etc.) You and Trump are the same thing: an awful human being.

        3. Cheryl Dalis June 4, 2016

          Nice comparison, …But remember… PeeWee Herman exited that biker bar like a CHAMP!! So will Hillary!

  2. Siegfried Heydrich June 2, 2016

    LAAAADEEEZZZZ AND GENTLEMEEEEN! ARE YOU READY TO RRRUUUUUUUMBLE? Whoo hah ha! All right! It’s time for the main event now! And about damned time, too! Oh, boy, I just can’t WAIT to see Defaultin’ Donnie’s tweets tomorrow. I’ll bet he looks like a giant exploding Chee-to right about now.

    1. I of John June 3, 2016

      Defaultin’ Donnie! love it!

    2. FireBaron June 3, 2016

      Hmmmm. “Defaultin’ Donnie” may have been a side show in the WWE for a brief period of time, but Hillary is definitely setting him up for a fall from the top ropes. And the beauty of it is his small hands won’t be able to fend off the attack!

  3. Otto T. Goat June 2, 2016

    Her foreign policy track record is one blunder after another.

    1. King of America June 2, 2016

      OK thanks for telling us what idiotic things you think, actual friggin Nazi Otto

        1. King of America June 2, 2016

          See previous post

          1. King of America June 2, 2016

            See previous two posts.

          2. King of America June 2, 2016

            See previous three posts

          3. AgLander June 3, 2016

            Have you called for an appointment with that doctor yet?

          4. AgLander June 3, 2016

            See your doctor.

          5. AgLander June 3, 2016

            See your doctor..

        2. AgLander June 3, 2016

          Otto……stop teasing these children!

      1. AgLander June 3, 2016

        Calm down……you are sounding like one of those paid Clinton rioters!

        1. King of America June 3, 2016

          OK, it’s good to know that you will leap to the defense of a Holocaust-denying white supremacist. I would expect nothing less.

    2. Insinnergy June 2, 2016

      Stand back people… Sad troll peeing.

      1. AgLander June 3, 2016

        Another refined liberal……public education product?

    3. PrecipitousDrop June 3, 2016

      Wow, Otto!
      Who taught you to send pictures?
      Any family pics? Your little brown grandbabies are gorgeous!

      1. AgLander June 3, 2016

        You obviously got hit, your reply says it hurt!

        1. PrecipitousDrop June 3, 2016

          Aggie! Good to see ya, pal.
          Were you replying to me?
          Hit? Hurt?
          Nope and nope.
          Wrong number, Bud?

    4. Independent1 June 3, 2016

      If it’s been your game plan to be viewed as the National Memo’s village creep – you have succeeded. You’re the biggest creep any NM posters have ever seen!! Great job, CREEP!!!

      1. AgLander June 3, 2016

        …anger management alert!

        1. Independent1 June 3, 2016

          As I said in a post above – I WILL NEVER get over being angry a people like you who support a political party whose politicians deliberately pass laws knowing that in doing so, even people who voted them into office, will die prematurely because of decisions that THEY MADE INTENTIONALLY!!!

    5. Independent1 June 3, 2016

      Only in the minds of totally mental incompetents such as yourself!!

      Hillary accomplished more with respect to repairing the foreign policy damage that Georgie Boy created than any SOS in history – she certainly accomplished FAR MORE than either Rice or Powell ever even dreamed of accomplishing.

      1. AgLander June 3, 2016

        Have you forgotten all those lessons you learned in anger management class?!

    6. Independent1 June 3, 2016

      And you’ve also proven time and time again, that you’re just as big a pathological liar as Donald Trump himself!! Another very interesting accomplishment!!

      1. AgLander June 3, 2016

        Sounds like a nerve was hit! Hope it didn’t sting for too long!

        1. Independent1 June 3, 2016

          No nerve was hit, and I don’t need any anger management. 1) I was telling the truth – Otto is a totally worthless human being just like you. and 2) I’ll never get over being angry at people who support a political party that has become nothing more than a party of the Devil.

          A party where politicians will deliberately pass laws that allow people to die prematurely, just so they can enrich those who are already richer than they ever deserved to be.

          So you too, can consider yourself a totally worthless human being – anyone who supports today’s GOP is just that A TOTALLY WORTHLESS HUMAN BEING!!!!!!!!

          1. AgLander June 4, 2016

            We both are ideology driven…..the difference; your ideology is motivated by and fueled by hatred. Therefore, not much to discuss with you and those like you since your hate cancels out any possibility of anything other than more hate.

  4. King of America June 3, 2016

    Trump is done. He not only had a meltdown during his speech, clearly showing how badly she got to him, but he called his wife by his daughter’s name.

    Game over. Hillary just obliterated him in one day.

    1. I of John June 3, 2016

      I Freudian slip I suppose. He does seem to be inordinately attracted to her. Paging Dr Spock.

    2. Elliot J. Stamler June 3, 2016

      No..sadly he is far from obliterated. We have a long, expensive task ahead of us to defeat him. That’s what most Germans said about Hitler..BEFORE he took power. Trump is as I wrote above, so bad, so dangerous, that he makes Richard Nixon, for whom I voted ONCE, look like Socrates. And Nixon bad as he was did have some good points…Trump has absolutely none. Politically or personally. Yes, it is no coincidence that every neo-nazi and fascist organization and individual in this country is deliriously supporting him. Read their websites; read Pat Buchanan.
      It is up to US to obliterate him…almost all of the Republican leaders who put party way above country, have shown their moral duplicity by supporting a man they know is disastrous.

      1. King of America June 3, 2016

        I’m by no means advocating complacency. But this speech hit all the right notes, and made Trump look like exactly what he is: a fraud. I’m extremely confident that Hillary can and will destroy him.

        1. PrecipitousDrop June 4, 2016

          Trump will help her, too. After all, every bizarre notion she attributed to Trump in her speech were things he said, himself.

  5. FireBaron June 3, 2016

    It’s about time someone started forcing him on to the ropes! Keep him on defense and off-balance.

  6. AgLander June 3, 2016

    The question a lot of people want answered is whether Shrillary will continue her screed at Trump from behind bars when the FBI removes her from the game or will she be too busy trading cigarettes and snacks with her fellow inmates?

    1. PrecipitousDrop June 3, 2016

      Aggie, it’ll NEVER happen, man!
      Sec. Clinton has not broken the law, except in your fever dreams.
      Sorry. Sometimes the truth hurts.

    2. King of America June 3, 2016

      Yes, a lot of morons really want to know that.

    3. luvcats13 June 4, 2016

      Are you gonna continue wasting your time on this or is it just that you have nothing better to do? THAT’S the question people want answered.

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