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Copies Of Paul’s Newsletters Leak Online


Copies Of Paul’s Newsletters Leak Online


Texas Rep. Ron Paul has tried to avoid discussing the racist, homophobic, conspiracy-mongering newsletters that were published under his name throughout the ’80s and ’90s, evidently hoping that the controversy will stay buried in his file cabinets if he continues to disavow those writings and shut down reporters who try to bring them up. But damaging information about the newsletters continues to surface.

The blog “Et tu, Mr. Destructo?” has obtained scans of over 50 copies of the various Paul newsletters, and posted them online. Some of the entries are racist; some are homophobic; some seek to incite violence against the government; all are deeply damaging to Paul’s presidential ambitions.

Three of the most inflammatory quotes are reproduced below. To see the full gallery, visit “Et tu, Mr. Destructo?”

Ron Paul Newsletter—October, 1990

“A mob of black protestors, led by the ‘Rev.’ Al Sharpton, occupied and closed the Statue of Liberty recently, demanding that New York be renamed Martin Luther King City ‘to reclaim it for our people.’ Hmmm. I hate to agree with the Rev. Al, but maybe a name change is in order. Welfaria? Zooville? Rapetown? Dirtburg? Lazyopolis? But Al, the Statue of Liberty? Next time, hold that demonstration at a food stamp bureau or a crack house.”

Ron Paul Newsletter — December 1990

“Boy, it sure burns me to have a national holiday for that pro-communist philanderer, Martin Luther King. I voted against this outrage time and time again as a Congressman. What an infamy that Ronald Reagan approved it! We can thank him for our annual Hate Whitey Day. Listen to a black radio talk show in any major city. The racial hatred makes a KKK rally look tame.”

Ron Paul Survival Report—September, 1994:

“Those who don’t commit sodomy, who don’t get a blood transfusion and who don’t swap needles are virtually assured of not getting AIDS unless they are deliberately infected by a malicious gay.

If any of the newsletter pages reproduced by “Et tu, Mr. Destructo” are inaccurate, there is a simple way for Paul’s campaign to prove it: release the original copies of his newsletters to the public, and let voters decide.


Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. B December 24, 2011

    You are using these letters that Ron Paul did not even write and just trying to discredit him. Just like you did with Herman Cain’s accusers. You only do this because you all know that these people could actually win the upcoming election and take you Libs off the map. And you try to make him sound like a racist…he DID not write these letters. There was a man on CBS radio the other day that had worked for Paul back then and there was an entire letter writing staff. Paul usually knew nothing about the letters. One more thing….no one in your party has ever said something that they regret? What about Obama and his 57 States and the Marine CORPSE…….

  2. gotedge December 24, 2011

    I think every American with a functioning IQ understands that Ron Paul did not write the articles in “his” newsletter. However, they were distributed under his banner with his approval and probably his money in the beginning before all the sheet-wearing Paulists reached into their pockets to contribute to their man of the hour.

    Now that he is trying to appeal to the mainstream, he is denying that simple reality–that he is a bigot of the first order hiding behind the pretext of “I didn’t write it,” or “I didn’t know what was written.” He sounds just like all the “good” Germans after WW II who were “working in the subway” while the concentration campfires were burning. For my two cents, he is worse than his teutonic counterparts. At least in the end, the “good” Germans did show remorse for their self-deceit and cowardice. Ron Paul is showing indignity toward anyone who would question his Majesty’s word. We finally see that the Emperor’s new clothes are non-existent and he is naked before the world and sorely lacking some critical parts that it takes to be a man and own up to his behaviors.

    He and Herman Cain can share the same pizza covered with a large dose of the oil of hypocrisy.

  3. stanwshura December 24, 2011

    Talk about invalidating your “point” and your own relevance by the first two words of ….love this!…your SUBJECT LINE!

  4. JackGoldman December 24, 2011

    he ought to address this isssue sooner rather than later. he will ever get past winning the Iowa Caucus and prevail nationally. He is too out of touch but this latest revealation will kill whatever hope he has of coming in third. I dont support him and now I think he just might be a racist and a biggot.

  5. Joe Buckstrap December 24, 2011

    Frankly the writing doesn’t seem to match up to Ron Paul even if it was published under his banner. I think alot of this guilt by association stuff is simply alarmist propaganda on the scale of panic. Paul has disavowed all of these contentious writings. Show us in the National Register where he has made racist comments or where he has publically addressed his constituency with racist or ethnic speeches. The real news here is that the corporatist media, the Democrats and even those elitist Republicans are at the panic stage because for once there is a candidate who addresses the desecration of the Constitution by Washington and the Federal Reserve. Paul is a real threat to the bureaucrats who want to continue to treat the middle class as tax livestock propping up Wall Street’s transnational racketeering enterprises.

    None of the corporate media or this propaganda tract will talk about what Ron Paul is addressing everyday. It’s just a campaign to demonize him and marginalize him. The media has deliberately ignored Paul, despite his success and voter appeal while fluffing Gingrich and Romney. If anyone is “out of touch” it is Gingrich and Romney. Paul is the only one who has been consistently courageous in identifying all of the ills that are dragging down this country, from the military-industrial complex, to the government’s assault on civil liberties, to the Federal Reserve’s looting of the US Treasury.

    Where was the National Memo when it was revealed that the Fed had SECRETLY given $7.5 Trillion to the Wall Street banks (that’s equivalent to half of the nation’s GDP) at .01% interest and the banks did not loan the money while the country slid deeper into recession, but deposited it in CD’s made $13 billion in profit and paid themselves $ millions in bonuses? They were silent. The corporate media has been silent about it. Washington was silent about it. Obama was silent about it. There was not a shred of concern for the desecration of Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution. The banks have totally hijacked the US Treasury, handing the taxpayers the bill and nobody says boo. Nobody that is except Ron Paul. Oh, and Dennis Kucinich – a Democrat who the National Memo and the corporate media would like to forget.

    So let me tell you what I think. The media, the Republicans, the Democrats and Wall Street banksters are very afraid of Paul and any talk about returning to a Constitutional monetary system. It will end war-profiteering and all of the social engineering that have become institutionalized. Even Paul Krugman joined the attack on Paul recently with a very intellectually dishonest editorial defending his Princeton buddy Bernanke and Keynesian economics that wasn’t even applied after the Fed fractionalized our currency down to the sub-atomic level. What do you think would have happened if the banks had loaned the money instead of lining their own pockets with it? Obviously there would have been tremendous inflation. But where are the jobs? Since we’ve expatriated so much of our technological industrial capital to Asia we probably would have seen the worst case of economic stagflation in history. Krugman will not talk about that. He is apparently content that the Fed handed over the People’s Treasury to the top .01% and the media and Washington and the National Memo no doubt share his view.

    I’m not buying that Ron Paul is a racist or anti-Semite or any of the nonsense that tries to pin this guilt on him by association. He is too intelligent for that. I am listening what the man is saying and he’s the only one out there with the courage to tell you the truth.

  6. CharlesHenderson December 24, 2011

    Just like Forest and Trees, Wolves and Sheep, there are many old sayings. Ron, Newt, and many other fine upstanding Americans can’t hide the forest. No matter how they dress themselves up, they can’t hide their sharp teeth. Mr. B, I think you’re correct about Ron and according to you the country could be at war and president Ron could claim that he never new anything about it. AND you call WE THE PEOPLE, “rediculous.”

  7. Don A December 24, 2011

    I will vote for Ron Paul because the other two dominant parties are not for the people…Ron Paul is…the other two parties do not respect the constitution, Ron Paul does. We keep voting in Dems and Repubs hoping for a different outcome (= definition of insanity), and things just continue to get worse… Hello – they both have the same faulty infected operating system: use and plunder the people; manage them more restrictively; take away their freedoms in the name of protecting them, and undermine personal responsibility because as we make the people dependent on us (the politicians / govt), we get more votes and that translates into more money as we raise taxes to provide more desired services. It is a corrupted mess.

  8. Garry December 24, 2011

    Our political leaders must repeatedly repudiate these kinds of racist and homophobic statements. Sadly, Congressman Paul got testy recently with a reporter when this issue was raised again and stormed off because he stated he had already disavowed any responsibility for these statements. But, he had an obligation to restate his opposition to such statements as a Presidential contender. If it was one or two newletters that would be one thing but Congressman Paul apparently failed to respond to these comments made in his name over a long period. I find it impropable that he did not know of these newsletter comments after such a considerable length of time. Surely, one of his constituents or staff members would have alerted him to these? His silence during the time those were originally published requires an explanation. He held an obligation as a Congressman to properly monitor newsletter put out in his name. If he gets testy now when called to account for such statements, how will he handle the pressures of a high office. Will he storm off at a White House conference too?

  9. smyers1945 December 24, 2011

    If Paul let someone else send out many newsletters with his name attached, without knowing what they were saying, he is too stupid to be president. Give me a break. I wouldn’t let my mother send out letters with my name attached.

  10. HONESTYISTHEBESTPOLICY December 24, 2011

    All else said, the record still stands and Ron Paul’s name is still on it. If he did not do it, if he did not know about it, and if he did not take any money from it, than he needs to come clean. Disavowing it does not mean he did not say it. And it does not mean that he said it. What is for sure is that he said he read some of it later on. He should have disavowed it then and go on record or otherwise file a lawsuit against those who misused and abused his name. Only he can clear it and he is not willing to go all out to clear his name because he does know something about it and at the bare minimum he condoned it. You know what they say, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walk like a duck, then it is highly likely it is a duck.

  11. jerryketel December 24, 2011

    This writing doesn’t sound like Ron Paul. Let’s move on. There are other reasons to accept or reject Mr. Paul for his statements that are officially on the record.

  12. hookline@sinker December 25, 2011

    ron paul’s mask as the soft-spoken, unassuming, kindly looking wizened old white man has been shed to reveal what many of us have known for some time: not all klansmen, and white supremists wear sheets. apparently if you consider herman cain, they’ve even broadened their membership. You just gotta hate black and poor people. and remember if you fall into either category: Blame yourself! (apparently herman cain has written a new version of “The Invisible Man”)

  13. tlbuffin December 25, 2011

    The media can expose all of Mr. Paul’s insidious past and hidden agenda and the Paulistas will deny all of it. They are so committed to their leader that the truth is not something with which they wish to have an aqaintance, One need only have knowledge of his current beliefs to know that Paul would spell disaster for this country. His past bigotry is only more damning. These idealogues worship at the dead feet of the great hypocrite Ayn Rand, and they shalt have no other idols before her and the evil Ron and Rand Paul.

  14. Fearfull Ralph December 25, 2011

    Everyone seems to have missed what Ron Paul’s newsletter reveals about Ron Paul. It reveals that either Ron Paul is a racist, homophobic, promoter of the violent overthrow of the duly elected US government or that Ron Paul does not believe what was printed under his name but allowed it anyway because that would make him more money than printing what he believed.In other words he either supports what is in his newsletter or he shall do absolutely anything chasing after the almighty dollar. Do we want either Ron Paul in a position of power?

    1. Sam Fox May 26, 2012

      Hey Ralphie! What is actually revealed is your lack of research. At YouTube look for

      Reality Check: Truth about the Ron Paul news letters


      Ron Paul reacts to black man’s testimony

      Saying Ron Paul is a racist means you are very uninformed or a shill for Spooky Dude. Which means, according to Saul Alinsky, that you are an easy to manipulate Homer Simpson.

      You tell us which it is. Thanks.


  15. NathanNieuwsma December 25, 2011

    This is absolutely a non-issue A. He had writers that he did hire to write for this newsletter. Because he was a little busy being a Doctor and Congressman at the sametime. B.It was damn near 30 years ago. for 30 years he’s been voting, submitting bills, and writing books all about liberty and equality. Nothing Racist and actually African Americans support Dr. Paul more then any other Republican. The Constitution and the Bible are the only written works that matter to him and he has not endorsed any type of discrimination for at least 30 years if at all. That probably beats ohhh 98% of all people on earth. There is no story here just scare tactics and media hype.

  16. Iowan555 December 26, 2011

    Ron Paul’s supporters need to come to terms with the fact that Ron Paul is an old-fashioned, race-baiting Southern politician. Those newsletters did bear his name and he did sign many of them. He claims he did not know what was written in publications of which he was listed as the editor, and made a lot of money from. That is assuming that Americans are idiots. Pathetic excuse. If someone sued the Newsletters for defamation, Ron Paul, as the listed editor, would be fully responsible. The claim that he did not know the content of the newsletters written under his name will be laughed out of court.

    The fact that people signed things under his name means Ron is not fit for office. Imagine if he becomes president and third parties write things in his name and he just allowed this material to go out.

    Ron Paul is a racist. Period. I live in Iowa and will definitely not vote for him. If he becomes the Republican nominee, Obama will hand those newsletters like a millstone around his neck. Obama is guaranteed to win. Call Obama what you may but he is morally superior to Ron Paul.

  17. BrianJ.Gould December 26, 2011

    Ron Paul will never be President. Ever. None of the republican candidates represent the American people. None of them will be President.

  18. Gaboton December 26, 2011

    Our democracy is going thru the test of its life.None of these GOP candidates is perfect, but they are destroying each other for the crown. Let us argue for the sake of the time it is good,since we do not have statemen in our mist anymore,apparently the only one standing at the end could be crowned the”slickest” which is belittling the presidency of our country. This person will never have our full respect and mostly our trust! Ron Paul’s extremism in a normal world should impede him from being president. The same with Mitt Romney for his blatant arrogance and severe hypocrisy. For unlike what has been reported Romney has been running for president since the Olympics. His governorship was just a trampoline to catapult him there. In 2008 the republican party justly realized his elitism and denied him the nomination for not being a conservative and also derogatory of our soldiers in his remark: my boys are serving this country in a better capacity than our soldiers who protecting his corporations and his wealth at the cost of coming back paying with the ultimate sacrifice while his children continue to enrich themselves sainly and safely.
    The Social Register just like they tried to deny us of Ronald Reagan stands now behind Romney guaranteeing is crowning and they have hired their “best architect” to built us the monument. America will be the looser again, meaning us the people. For, just like them,Pres. Obama is determined to take this country to the “ditch”.Lamentably the Tea Party movement to change this country’s course has been betrayed by people like Christie, N> Haley, to name a few, brainwashing us to crown their prince. At this point, my decision, I am inclined at supporting the devil
    who is actually in the seat. After all, they gave him to us the first time.

    1. Sam Fox May 26, 2012

      Gaboton, what extreme views? Cutting the size of govt is extreme? A sane non interventionist foreign policy? Auditing the privately owned ‘Federal’ Reserve? Ending undeclared wars so we quit feeding the military industrial complex the blood of our youth & nation’s treasure?

      Only to radical lib progs is ending the above madness extreme.


  19. Dylan Palmer January 7, 2013

    He did it. Period end of story. He is a racist.

    1. Lynn January 7, 2013

      Typing words with such an air of self-assurance still doesn’t make you right bro.


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