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A Crisis Turned Catastrophe In Texas

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A Crisis Turned Catastrophe In Texas


The Texas legislature created a crisis of women’s health care with House Bill 2, and the latest decision from the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals will bring Texan women to the brink.

Last night, a decision by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals left Texas with no more than eight remaining abortion clinics. You would think by now the willingness of state lawmakers to deliberately create a health crisis among their constituents – and the willingness of the courts to allow it – would be no surprise. But I continue to be shocked.

“All Texas women have been relegated today to a second class of citizens whose constitutional rights are lesser than those in states less hostile to reproductive autonomy, and women facing difficult economic circumstances will be particularly hard hit by this devastating blow,” said the Center for Reproductive Rights’ Nancy Northrup.

House Bill 2 could be the grand finale in Texas’ efforts to completely dismantle its reproductive health infrastructure on which women – particularly poor women, women of color, young women, and immigrant women – have relied for decades. Pretty soon there won’t be any clinics left to close. Just three years ago, conservative lawmakers gutted the state’s family planning program, which closed approximately 80 family planning providers across the state, caused 55 more to reduce hours, and left hundreds of thousands of women without access to reproductive healthcare. Even before those programs were eviscerated, they provided care and services to only 20 percent of women in need.

And as if that wasn’t enough, lawmakers introduced HB2, a bill that imposes onerous restrictions on abortion providers and demands that all clinics meet costly – upwards of $1 million – building requirements to qualify them as ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs). Lawmakers claimed these regulations were critical to protecting the lives and health of Texas women, but that’s simply not the case. Currently more than three-quarters of the state’s ASCs have waivers that allow them to circumvent certain requirements: unsurprisingly, abortion providers are prohibited from obtaining those same waivers. HB2 quickly closed the majority of the state’s 41 clinics that offered abortion services – clinics that also provided birth control, pap smears, breast exams, pregnancy tests, and a host of other services. There are few, if any, providers to take their place.

These new restrictions add an unbearable weight to the burdens that too many of Texas’ women already shoulder. Texas has one of the nation’s highest unintended and teen birth rates. The nation’s lowest percentage of pregnant women receiving prenatal care in their first trimester. The highest percentage of uninsured children in the nation. High rates of poverty and unemployment and a woefully inadequate social safety net. And lawmakers who refuse to expand Medicaid, leaving nearly 700,000 women who would qualify for coverage without it.

Just a few weeks ago, Judge Lee Yeakel of the United States District Court in Austin gave health advocates an iota of hope when he ruled HB2 to be an undue burden on women’s constitutionally guaranteed right to an abortion. Yeakel’s decision wasn’t just significant because it delivered a win for humanity in Texas after countless losses, or because the concept of an undue burden was finally being used to protect – not erode – women’s right to chose, but because it was based on facts. Facts! Judge Yeakel relied on incontrovertible data to call BS on a law that purports to protect women, but has only ever been about abolishing abortion access.

He argued that for many women, HB2 might as well be an outright ban on abortion. He asked how the eight (at most) providers left could ever each serve between 7,500 and 10,000 patients. How would they cope with the more than 1,200 women per month who would be vying for limited appointments? “That the State suggests that these seven or eight providers could meet the demand of the entire state stretches credulity,” he said.

Yeakel acknowledged the complex intersections of women’s health and economic (in)security:

The record conclusively establishes that increased travel distances combine with practical concerns unique to every woman. These practical concerns include lack of availability of child care, unavailability of appointments at abortion facilities, unavailability of time off from work, immigration status and inability to pass border checkpoints, poverty level, the time and expense involved in traveling long distances, and other inarticulable psychological obstacles. These factors combine with increased travel distances to establish a de facto barrier to obtaining an abortion for a large number of Texas women of reproductive age who might choose seek a legal abortion.

Yeakel warned that the stated goal of improving women’s health would not come to pass. And it won’t. The increased delays in seeking early abortion care, risks associated with longer travel, the potential increases in self-induced abortions “almost certainly cancel out any potential health benefit associated with the requirement,” he said.

But Yeakel’s arguments were not compelling enough for the 5th Circuit, which finds it perfectly acceptable that more than one million women now need to travel more than 300 miles (and many women even further) to access health care that is constitutionally guaranteed to them.

This decision will have a ripple effect. Other anti-choice lawmakers across the country are following Texas’ lead, imposing similar restrictions on clinics and physicians who provide abortions. The vindication of Texas lawmakers who have used their legislative power to wreak havoc on the lives of women and families will only continue to embolden other states seeking the same goals.

Conservatives like to argue that they are not waging a war on women. Today there are a whole lot of us who find it impossible to argue otherwise.

Andrea Flynn is a Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute. Follow her on Twitter @dreaflynn

Cross-posted from the Roosevelt Institute’s Next New Deal blog.

The Roosevelt Institute is a non-profit organization devoted to carrying forward the legacy and values of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Photo: Glenn~ via Flickr

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  1. Independent1 October 4, 2014

    It appears that Texas isn’t content with its already dismal ratings in being in the bottom 5 (i.e. worst in the nation) of more than 90% of 23 socio/economic measures when compared to the other 49 states in America – it wants now to add the distinction of also leading the nation in its women residents dying during botched abortions. When, if ever, are clueless Republicans going to wake up to the fact that closing down abortion centers IS NOT going to reduce abortions. In fact, closing the state’s family planning and abortion centers may well do the exact opposite of what the farcical misguided Texas politicians are intending – increase abortions rather than reducing them.

    As the above article pointed out, Texas has already led the nation for a number of years in unintended teen pregnancies and will now most likely lead the nation in unintended pregnancies for all women of childbearing age. Without family planning centers to provide women of all socio/economic groups with the information and tools they need to prevent unintended pregnancies – and abortion centers to help women who feel that they do not want to carry an unintended pregnancy to term, in making the right decision for them on whether or not to actually follow through with an abortion – abortions in Texas may well increase- and what’s even worse – there may also be a sharp increase in the number of women who end up dying during an abortion; primarily because Texas is clearly working to close bona fide abortion centers that can provide women with a safe abortion.

    1. Ron Silver October 4, 2014

      Very well put. It seems the religious right doesn’t mind protecting the life of unwanted children. That means more births but most of these births ultimately will be with low-income mothers which ultimately means the further “bluing” of the state. What narrow minded bigots these Repugs be.

      1. Dominick Vila October 4, 2014

        The religious right also does not mind putting the lives of thousands of women at risk, if that’s the price our society must pay to comply with their religious convictions.
        The most perplexing part of this issue is that a large percentage of women in the United States don’t mind what is being done to them, and that many support decisions like this.

        1. Ron Silver October 4, 2014

          Dominick, sad but true. These mostly women who are on the religious right themselves and can’t escape their bonds.

          1. Dominick Vila October 4, 2014

            …or their domineering husbands and fathers…

          2. Gayle1942 October 4, 2014

            or their domineering Legislators and Members of Congress.

          3. highpckts October 5, 2014

            I have a cousin that asks permission from her Husband to have another beer when we are out! She is a devout Catholic and has lost the ability to think for herself although she did have a tubal ligation ( birth control)! They are a paradox! They can do it but have no qualms about denying the other woman!

          4. Faraday_Cat October 7, 2014

            Hmm…I wonder how many Texan women would get a divorce within a day if we gave every one of them a million dollars (or whatever number that would sever thier financial dependence on anyone else)?

  2. joe schmo October 4, 2014

    Where’s Obamacare in all this folks? I am pro choice but this law is not as awful as it seems. If you want an abortion you simply have to leave the state besides the state wants to ensure the protection of all women by a doctor. 20 weeks = is 5 months. That is pretty late in the pregnancy. If a woman wants to get an abortion they should get one within the first 4 weeks. That is just my personal belief. Why wait 5 months, that is just insane.

    This is how it works:

    “House Bill 2 could be the grand finale in Texas’ efforts to completely
    dismantle its reproductive health infrastructure on which women –
    particularly poor women, women of color, young women, and immigrant
    women – have relied for decades. Pretty soon there won’t be any clinics
    left to close.”

    1) No one can get an abortion if they are over 20 weeks of gestation, or 22 weeks if calculated from the last monthly period

    2)Medication abortion (early, non-surgical abortion done with pills)
    will require up to four visits with the same doctor. First, 24 hours in
    advance for a sonogram. Then for the first and second doses of the drug.
    Lastly, abortion patients will have to return within 14 days for a
    follow-up visit.

    3) All Texas abortion doctors must get admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of their clinic.

    4)All Texas abortion clinics will have meet the requirements for Ambulatory Surgical Centers

    5)This means there will only be six abortion clinics in the state –
    two in Houston, and one each in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Fort

    My point is, if a woman doesn’t like the law, they can simply move out of the state:) If a woman really wants an abortion then these laws should not stop her.. Besides most poor woman don’t have abortions anyway.

    1. LotusJoan October 4, 2014

      It is obvious from your post that you know next to nothing about pregnancy. Most women do not know that they are pregnant within the first four weeks. There are many, many medical reasons to seek an abortion that do not become apparent before the 20 week which have to do with the mother and child’s over all health. Why is a restriction to a constitutional right OK to you? What if the court mandated that you would have to travel 300 miles or leave the state to purchase a weapon – you would be up in arms about that, wouldn’t you?
      I just wish that all of you men would get your noses and grubby hands off my choices about my reproductive system.

      1. Faraday_Cat October 7, 2014

        Great point…imagine the uproar if some law was threatening to close down all but 6 gun stores in the state of Texas…holy cow would that be a mess…

    2. Independent1 October 4, 2014

      You’re not informed enough to respond to even the most benign of issues, and you’re clearly not informed enough to respond to something as complex as abortion. Only a very small percentage of abortions are performed after 20 weeks, probably less than 2%; and if they’re performed, it’s generally because of an abnormality in the fetus’ development, or continuing with the pregnancy could threaten life of the mother.

    3. Kim Serrahn October 4, 2014

      Why should I have to leave the state that I live in to have the procedure? And since Tx never expanded medicaid/medicare and I don’t work how can I afford the blue cross/blue shield insurance. Why must my rights to good health care be trampled on just so those in power can look good to the members of all the mega-church pastors. My health care is just as important to me as your’s is to you. And if I want to have an abortion it should be no ones business but my Dr.s and mine. If good comprehensive reproductive health care where provided to me maybe I wouldn’t feel the need to have an abortion. Contraceptive care reduces the need for abortions but Tx has taken that away from me. So instead of good health care I become another statistic and am looked down upon by everyone.

      1. bckrd1 October 4, 2014


    4. blackkofi October 4, 2014

      Obamacare is not the problem or in the equation. Basically, this is why the vote is important. Don’t listen to what the right says, look at what they do…that’s all that one needs to know!

    5. WhutHeSaid October 4, 2014

      Better yet that if men in Texas don’t feel comfortable supporting the very best access to reproductive health possible, they should load their redneck ass into the first available boat and find a country where vile and despicable people are appreciated (if they can), or just simply float around forever (if they can’t).

      I honestly don’t know why half of the population in Texas (women) don’t just vote every one of these ignorant goobers out of office. Tarring and feathering would be an added bonus.

      1. highpckts October 5, 2014

        This isn’t just about abortion! Why is that the main issue? It’s about women being able to get health care like mammograms, PAP smears etc.! Poor women that have no other means of getting this. If a woman wants an abortion there are still places that can be done! I am pro choice but not after 20 weeks! Before that it is my choice! My body and my choice!! If men got pregnant there would be a clinic on every corner!!

        1. WhutHeSaid October 5, 2014

          I agree with you. I just don’t understand how Republican candidates get female votes at all given their hostility to the health issues of women. I support the best health care possible for ALL people, and this certainly includes women. As a man I believe I have no business defining what this means for women — that’s their business and they know what’s best for them.

      2. DurdyDawg October 5, 2014

        More importantly, it takes two to create a baby and it seems to me that the women who have these ‘unwanted’ babies decide to either get an abortion or rely on welfare once they do give birth because the other half doesn’t accept their share of the responsibility so instead of nagging on and pointing fingers at the woman ALL the time how about making a law that when ever a woman has a baby that the man (or men) involved will be responsible for paying the birth and any care up to and until the child reaches the age of 23 when they then can (and should) be responsible for their sexual decisions. Make the man equally responsible and the birth rate will come down to a reasonable level I guarantee it. It seems to me that Texas and other states believe it’s the woman who is solely responsible for the situations they put themselves in while the man is initially an innocent bystander.. I hear nothing concerning male responsibility either among the populous nor any lawmaker, including SCOTUS.

        1. WhutHeSaid October 5, 2014

          That doesn’t make much sense to me. First, there aren’t ‘men’ involved when a woman gets pregnant — it’s only one man. Second, making the man responsible for paying for the birth and any care without the woman paying for her half of the decision isn’t really what I’d call equitable. Third, much of the health care they are eliminating in Texas has nothing to do with childbirth per se, but rather is general health care and family planning services that include safe birth control — sometimes for reasons wholly separated from childbirth.

          As far as I know, all states make men legally liable for child support. The system is problematic at best. Some men are let off the hook completely, and others are required to pay $247,000.00 per month for child support just because they are wealthy. For many years child custody was absolutely biased in favor of the mother, and although it has become more gender-neutral over time it still favors the mother — sometimes with disastrous consequences for the child(ren). But child support is not a female health issue.

          The bottom line here is that we are talking about the health of women. A decision to give birth carries risk — even death — and cannot be made by somebody else — it has to be the woman whose health is at stake. Also, as I’ve said before, much of the health care involved here has no relation to abortion or even childbirth. Pap smears and breast exams are diagnostic procedures to detect cancer, and have nothing to do with childbirth, yet these services are being taken away just the same. Only women can decide when these services are adequate, and men should remove themselves from the debate altogether and let women decide what’s right for them.

    6. Faraday_Cat October 7, 2014

      1) There are many reasons a woman might desire or even need an abortion after 20 weeks…certain abnormalities (some that would cause stillbirth) cannot be detected before then, among other reasons.
      2) What is the medical necessity of the sonogram or the follow up visit? If there isn’t one, then this is government getting in between the doctor and patient, where it has no business.
      3) Again, what is the medical necessity of this part, especially given that abortions are safer procedures than childbirth, and the ER attending WILL take over as the primary physician on the case once the woman gets there (in the very rare instance that an ER becomes necessary), making the abortion doctor’s admission to the hospital irrelevant.
      4) Once again, what is the necessity for this part…and more than that, why are abortion clinics the only ASC’s specifically prevented from obtaining the same waivers as other ASC’s to the requirements…if not because the requirements are unnessecary.
      5) As stated in the article, there are 7,500 to 10,000 women who rely on the current system not just for constitutionally legal abortions, but also for a whole host of other services. So ONLY 6 clinics will be left to serve ALL of those women, and you really think this is tenable? And I would love to see how you handle “simply” moving out of state if we gave you some of these women’s current financial states, assets (or lack thereof) and support system (or lack thereof)…hint: it wouldn’t be simple, if it is possible at all.
      As to “poor women don’t have abortions anyway”…what???

  3. Canistercook October 4, 2014

    There are two sides to everything and unfortunately from The National we only get one side.

    1. Bear Jepson October 4, 2014

      And the other side is?

    2. highpckts October 5, 2014

      Please give us the “other” side!!

      1. Canistercook October 5, 2014

        If you don’t know then it would only waste my time.

        1. highpckts October 6, 2014

          What a cheap cop out! So you have no other side, right???

  4. bckrd1 October 4, 2014

    I would bet a good many women who will be affected by this did not vote. I hope they will vote now and realize the elections have consequences. And if you did vote and you voted for the very politicians who did this to you then you are also realizing elections have consequences when you give the wrong people power over you. Vote and stop the crazy right wing zealots. Vote or continue to suffer unjust rule.

    1. Canistercook October 5, 2014

      If this is the main issue you decide who to vote for we sure are in need of intelligent voters! A democracy is only as good as the intelligence of its voters!

  5. bckrd1 October 4, 2014

    When the women in the families of the preachers and politicians die because of back room abortions then maybe they may think they went too far.

    1. DurdyDawg October 5, 2014

      No, they’ll just claim it was their choice.

  6. Julieann Wozniak October 4, 2014

    This calls for a huge volunteer effort to thumb our noses at this oppressive law. I’m talking hospital ships, like the ones that went to Haiti after the quake, and helicopters or seaplanes to transport women beyond the territorial waters of Texas.

    Of course, I’m just your friendly neighborhood IT person. I have no idea how to get such an endeavor started. But I’d contribute. My computer skills. Some of my meager pelf. I’d even put my person and liberty on the line, like I did for the Sanctuary movement during the death squad days, when Reagen was propping up genocidal police states in Central America.

    I really dislike hypocrites. These folks who wave their pocket Constitution and proclaim their devotion to liberty. Unless, of course, you’re a woman, or off-white, or a non-Christian, or English is your second language. And right now, I’m a ticked off old broad.

  7. Whatmeworry October 4, 2014

    Reproductive Health infrastructure ….. that’s lipstick on a pig….. call it what it is a baby killing mill

    1. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter October 5, 2014

      nope, linda ketter is lipstick on a pig

    2. ExRadioGuy15 October 5, 2014

      Wow…you still mad that I and others debunked the religious argument against abortion?
      The two passages that Fascist Christian Plutartheocrats CLAIM to outlaw abortion do nothing of the sort….meanwhile there are THREE Bible passages where GOD clearly states that a fetus is not a human being until given the “breath of life”, aka, it’s born. Of course, that occurs not only after the fetus is born, but also after the doctor smacks the bottom of it to get it to breathe.
      If you want to live in an FCP (Fascist Christian Plutartheocracy), renounce your US citizenship and move to Russia…they already have one…if you’re not willing to do that, STFU, Whatmeworry

      1. Canistercook October 5, 2014

        A fetus sure gets to look like a human being!

      2. Whatmeworry October 5, 2014

        The breath of life is their soul. As for no passages?? Did you miss “thou shalt not kill”. The fact that you prefer to live in a society where murdering a baby is OK and yet putting down a murderer is some how wrong.
        Sorry that’s the mind set of communists and moooslims not a moral society

        1. highpckts October 6, 2014

          Thou shalt not kill? Please! I bet you are all for the NRA’s message of a gun in every school and house! Hypocrite!!

          1. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter October 6, 2014

            dan’s just ranting mad because his viagra won’t work!

          2. Whatmeworry October 6, 2014

            It provides protection from the degenerates that populate the left wingnuts

          3. highpckts October 7, 2014

            Well I prefer to protect myself from degenerate wingnuts like you by my vote!

          4. Whatmeworry October 7, 2014

            Your ding a heck of a job pickey with Obama in 2008 and 12

          5. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter October 7, 2014

            Viagra still now working for ya??

          6. highpckts October 8, 2014


        2. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter October 6, 2014

          Nooooooooooope, A woman has the right to choose!

    3. highpckts October 5, 2014

      BS!! And they do much more than abortions such as mammograms pap smears, anything pertaining to a woman’s health! You want to live in a free country and yet you have no qualms taking away someone else’s freedom of choice in the name of religion! That is the height of hypocrisy!!

      1. Canistercook October 5, 2014

        Guess we are taking away something with abortion. The freedom to live! But not all people who seek a more conservative government seek to have a government deny a woman that choice, many are just fed up with much other of the left wings plans to turn our society socialistic.

        1. highpckts October 6, 2014

          The freedom to live??? Wow! Tell that to the millions in poverty in this country trying to live by working 3 jobs for minimum wage! You guys are a piece of work! Single minded hypocrites!

          1. Whatmeworry October 6, 2014

            Really can you name just 1 of these people?

          2. highpckts October 7, 2014

            Seriously? I don’t “know” these people intimately!! All you have to do is look around you but then you probably don’t care because your mantra is “I got mine, sucks to be you”!!!

          3. Whatmeworry October 7, 2014

            sounds like a big FAIL

          4. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter October 7, 2014

            big FAIL was stamped on danielles SES applications with the federal govt through the years.

          5. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter October 7, 2014

            umm, dan ketter??
            I’ve named one

      2. Whatmeworry October 5, 2014

        Sorry that’s just more liberal PAP. Planned Parenthood has NEVER performed a mammogram.
        You live in a FREE country and have compuncture about taking some one’s life??

        1. highpckts October 6, 2014

          And you know this how? Have you ever been to a Planned Parenthood clinic? Probably not!! If you think because you are against abortion that gives you a moral compass, think again! Not when you can talk about taking away health care, getting rid of SS and Medicare, cutting budgets for vets, etc.! Quit throwing out your chest because there is more to the quality of life than “saving” a poor woman from unending poverty because of your beliefs!

          1. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter October 6, 2014

            Ole dannno can’t get it up anymore, so his chances of fertilizing the lawn would be a big fat 0.

          2. Whatmeworry October 6, 2014

            Have I been NO.. you?? I’ve read enough news articles to learn what they do and don’t do. The ONLY thing they do are abortions.
            There is a huge difference when it comes to protecting the unborn and those who refuse to take care of them selves.
            That you don’t understand that shows your lack of any moral compass

          3. highpckts October 7, 2014

            Really? and what “articles” do you read that’s produced by your right wing nut’s that only tell you what they want you to know? These clinics also provide birth controll so we wouldn’t have to worry about abortion!
            get a life!!

          4. Whatmeworry October 7, 2014

            Yea that’s a biggie an aspirin every month

          5. Faraday_Cat October 7, 2014

            “The ONLY thing they do are abortions”…translation, “This is what I have heard and choose to believe, it doesn’t matter if the facts prove me wrong”


            Your moral compass has a very immoral method of guiding everyone else’s lives…

          6. Whatmeworry October 7, 2014

            so all the claims that they are performing HC screenings then is a pipedream. PS fact check is Taking planned parenthoods word on it

          7. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter October 7, 2014

            I’ve googled it and read some newspapers, and can verify that HC screenings are being performed to the highest standards.

        2. WhutHeSaid October 6, 2014

          Liar — how would you know?

          1. Whatmeworry October 6, 2014

            Its called reading a lost art when it comes to dealing with libs

          2. WhutHeSaid October 6, 2014

            That’s what you get for home schooling in your trailer.

          3. Whatmeworry October 7, 2014

            Yea that’s a real put down

          4. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter October 7, 2014

            A real put down would be danielle’s distinguished military career….2-years in the air national guard as a weekend deskclerk.

          5. WhutHeSaid October 7, 2014

            He must have lied at his interview, for sure.

        3. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter October 7, 2014

          Could you say that without spitting?

          1. WhutHeSaid October 7, 2014

            Danny Boy doesn’t spit — do you Danny?

          2. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter October 8, 2014

            bet his false teeth fall out every now and then

          3. WhutHeSaid October 8, 2014

            Yeah — on purpose. He’s learned that he makes more friends that way.

    4. Wedge Shot October 5, 2014

      BS. perhaps you should have a kid or two you can’t afford, then you can say something. Otherwise you should have not say in what other people do with their lives.

      1. Whatmeworry October 5, 2014

        So your argument for murder is $$$$

        1. WhutHeSaid October 6, 2014

          And what is your argument for injecting you personal beliefs into another persons personal life? If that’s OK by you, then I say it’s OK to FORCE anti-choice women to have abortions. Isn’t that the equivalent moral Gestapo tactic on the flip side of the coin?

          1. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter October 6, 2014

            dan’s got no argument. Just a case of ignoritus of the brain.

          2. Whatmeworry October 6, 2014

            Its not a “personal belief” its called simple morality. The fact you would even argue its merits speaks volumes about you

          3. WhutHeSaid October 6, 2014

            People who try to force their ‘morality’ upon others are always the most immoral assholes of all. But being called an asshole is nothing new to you — is it Danny boy?

          4. Whatmeworry October 7, 2014

            So then you have no problem with Ax murders, rapists, robbers dope dealers or child molesters

          5. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter October 7, 2014

            If that’s on your resume, no wonder the fed wouldn’t hire you for that SES appointment you’ve dreamed about.

          6. WhutHeSaid October 7, 2014

            Crimes with victims are not ‘moral issues’ — they are crimes. Nobody is talking about committing crimes here.

            As far as I can tell, it’s assholes like you who think their morals are superior to others who usually turn out to be the criminals. People who respect the rights of others usually don’t commit crimes against other people. Assholes who think their beliefs are superior to others don’t care about the rights of others.

          7. Whatmeworry October 8, 2014

            So murdering babies in your book isn’t a crime??
            It isn’t by “beliefs” it’s called a civil society

          8. WhutHeSaid October 8, 2014

            Nobody is ‘murdering’ babies and nobody is talking about crime. In your case, however, it could rightly be considered a crime NOT to have an abortion. Assholes who believe that their wants supersede those of other people are the cause of ALL of the vile things that happen in this world.

            This ‘civil society’ decided long ago that a woman has certain right to decide if she needs to terminate a pregnancy. I’m not surprised that you don’t respect THE LAW. As I said, people like you are usually the ones who commit crimes.

          9. Whatmeworry October 9, 2014

            What do you think an abortion s if not Murder?? Does the baby walk away or hop off the gurney?
            Civil Society?? You mean 5 unelected judges

          10. WhutHeSaid October 9, 2014

            The concept of murder is spelled out pretty clearly in state and federal penal codes. It’s not surprising that you don’t respect THE LAW, because assholes like you are the ones always breaking them.

          11. Whatmeworry October 10, 2014

            Your absolutely right and killing a baby is murder

          12. WhutHeSaid October 11, 2014

            You are just starting to get repetitive and boring. I’ve heard all of this bullshit before from similar assholes, and you don’t impress me.

            Allow me to spell it out for you: Abortion and contraception are legal in this country. You will accept this fact, and that’s that. Nobody is giving you a choice. Is that clear enough for you?

            Now get on back to your trailer — I think I saw your sister putting on her good T-shirt and slipping out the back. She might be cheating on you — hurry!

          13. Whatmeworry October 11, 2014

            Murder is still murder is still murder no matter how much lipstick you put on it. And No that’s your mother who’s putting on her Tshirt. Its the 1st clean one she has had in 2 years her last one was stiff as a board from taking all the cum she could swallow

          14. WhutHeSaid October 12, 2014

            Well if anyone knows all about swallowing it must be you. Aren’t you the one who takes out his false teeth before entering a public restroom? Yes, of course you are.

          15. Whatmeworry October 22, 2014

            That’s your wife an daughter. they are easy to identify they both have only 1 eyebrow

          16. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter October 23, 2014

            linda sayz dannyboy can’t even get half staff with viagara.

          17. WhutHeSaid October 23, 2014

            I suppose a desk-monkey like you would be partial to uni-brows, seeing as you are are one-eyed walking prick.

          18. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter October 23, 2014

            Lindaketter is a cumspitter, so whats da point dannyboyy?

          19. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter October 8, 2014

            a woman has the right to choose. too bad mama didn’t have that choice 66-years ago.

          20. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter October 7, 2014

            Yep, it’s danielle. His viagara is not working, and he has no newspaper to read, so he’s a bit moody

    5. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter October 6, 2014

      Nah, Linda would an example of lipstick on a pigg

  8. Wedge Shot October 5, 2014

    What women in Texas need to do when they want an abortion is just go to the closest hospital and tell them that they are going to have a self imposed abortion using a coat hanger and refuse to leave the hospital until someone comes and advises them that they could kill themselves if they do.
    Do not give in. Fight for your health care rights. Ask to be admitted to the mental health facility and refuse to leave.
    The republicans are only looking for future slaves and want women to have kids they can exploit in the future.
    Do not give in to the Republicans because they don’t acre about the living one damn bit, Slaves are what they want.

  9. Wedge Shot October 5, 2014

    Texas is good at only one thing: killing people. Whether it be by guns, execution, neglect or not providing health care to millions of people due to not expanding Medicaid or because of a health care system designed to spread Ebola.
    That’s right, they sent a person home with Ebola because they just didn’t care enough to check him out properly.
    Texas is good at killing and that is about all.
    How many have you Killed today Texas?

    1. Whatmeworry October 6, 2014

      Hmmmm the Ebola problem is all OBAMA why not give credit where credit is due

      1. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter October 6, 2014

        Hmmmmm, thank so dannnnno??

  10. herchato October 6, 2014

    Texas keeps on dishing it out and the women in Texas keep on taking it. The men are not going to help, they want you to love, honor, and obey them and I supposed that is what you’re doing. Wishing you well.

  11. Whatmeworry October 6, 2014

    The crisis wasn’t created by the legislature, it was in response to these profit gouging abortion mills to make sure their patients were safe

    1. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter October 6, 2014

      Good. They should be!

    2. LotusJoan October 7, 2014

      Now I know what you are not worried about – your own ignorance!

      1. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter October 7, 2014

        dan..ielle has plenty of ignorance, making Archie Bunker look like a scholar.

      2. Whatmeworry October 8, 2014

        It was $$ driven never about the women or babies

    3. Whatmeworry August 10, 2015

      FAT dan ketter knows nuttin

    4. Whatmeworry August 21, 2015

      Dan Ketters social security should be terminated, with the money redirected to evacuees coming up from Mexico. Dan’s fat and never worked a day in his life

    5. Whatmeworry August 31, 2015

      Linda Rae Ketter is less feminine than Caitlyn Jenner

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