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Dead On Arrival? John Oliver Ready To Bury GOP Health Care Bill

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Dead On Arrival? John Oliver Ready To Bury GOP Health Care Bill

John Oliver on GOP health care bill

The Republican “replacement” for the Affordable Care Act was created for satire –with its section on removing subsidies from any poor person who wins the lottery — and nobody could be more eager than John Oliver to lampoon the new GOP health care bill, known as the “American Health Care Act.”  The Last Week Tonight host rakes over House Speaker Paul Ryan, White House press secretary Sean Spicer, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), and every other official responsible for this health care debacle, but none more than Donald Trump.

“This plan is literally taking money from the poor, and giving it to the very rich,” says Oliver — and he plays a clip of Fox News host Tucker Carlson admonishing Ryan about the bill’s plutocratic impact to prove his point.

Oliver is brilliant and coruscating as ever — but if you don’t have time for the entire segment, fast forward to 16:00 for the incredibly funny “Catheter Cowboy” ad that he placed on Fox and Friends, hoping to educate that show’s Oval Office fan about his own health care bill.




  1. plc97477 March 15, 2017

    John Oliver is a national treasure.

  2. secondclassguy March 15, 2017

    completely true and funny

  3. hotbabyboomer March 16, 2017

    Cut the Arts programs…but keep Melania living in her New York penthouse and son Barron chauffeured by secret service to school..cost? $500.000.00 per day that is 15 million a month. That would pay for the arts..BUT the Trump Kingdom knows no end to their spending. Oh well that’s what the republicans want.

    1. Brooklyn_Reader March 16, 2017

      This nation already pays for a residence for the President and his family. It’s called the White House. And, we also pay for a first-class Presidential retreat suitable for hosting foreign leaders and dignitaries, called Camp David. Mr. Trump is a “big-time hotshot billionaire.” So why isn’t he paying for his own expenses at Mar-a-Lago and New York? Isn’t that what’s supposed to be the Republican philosophy of personal choice/personal responsibility?

      Worse, not only is he not paying his own expenses, he’s charging us for housing and feeding the Secret Service, aides and military officers that accompany him to his wholly-owned facilities.

      1. dpaano March 16, 2017

        And, as usual for him, he’s refusing to pay for the extra police security both in New York AND in Mar-a-Lago despite the fact that both departments have sent him a bill! Typical Trump BS! If I were the police chiefs in those cities, I’d refuse to provide additional security until he pays his bill!

      2. Thoughtopsy March 21, 2017

        It’s all about the Benjamins and Ego for President F**kface Von Clownstick.

        He’s undoubtedly adding up all the fees, leases, capital gains and rents he gets to charge the Government for housing the Secret Service, traveling, visiting Mar A Laugho, and “upgrading” security at Trump Tower, and cackling to himself at the rise in his bank account.

        Expect cost manipulation as well.
        Remember when he doubled up the “rent” on the space in his tower that his own campaign was using?….
        It’s a giant money siphon.

    2. dpaano March 16, 2017

      And to think they used to complain loudly and vehemently about President Obama’s spending. 45’s got him beat just in the first 3 months of his administration!

  4. dpaano March 16, 2017

    Trump and Ryan’s healthcare bill is a farce! It does NOTHING for 45’s dedicated followers and it goes completely against everything they promised him! Sadly, this is going to hurt him AND other Republicans in the House, the Senate, and the Congress if they vote for this….but that might not be a bad thing for the rest of us in the long run!

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