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Donald Trump: America’s Sore Loser

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Donald Trump: America’s Sore Loser


Donald Trump is not here to make friends.

Following a devastating defeat this weekend in Colorado’s state convention, in which Cruz won all 34 delegates, Trump immediately lashed out at the state’s voting procedures on Fox and Friends. According to Trump, “people out there are going crazy, in the Denver area and Colorado itself, and they’re going absolutely crazy because they weren’t given a vote. This was given by politicians — it’s a crooked deal.”

Trump failed to mention, of course, that his team handed out flyers at the Colorado convention that were filled with mistakes, including listing incorrect ballot numbers for key delegates. Still, details like this don’t seem to matter.

Donald just wants you to know that it’s not his fault.

After the Louisiana primary in March, in which Trump narrowly won the popular vote, but ended up getting the same number of delegates as Cruz, Trump cried foul. Tactfully claiming that Cruz got his “ass kicked,” he ranted about a “very sick system” to thousands. Manafort, Trump’s new de facto campaign manager, accused Cruz of using “Gestapo tactics” to siphon delegates away from the frontrunner in multiple races.

At this point in the primary season, Trump’s platform is one big complaint. Last week, he tweeted “Isn’t it a shame that the person who will have by far the most delegates and many millions more votes than anyone else, me, still must fight.” He’s recently mentioned Bernie Sanders’s against-the-odds delegate tie with Hillary Clinton in Wyoming on Saturday, saying they were both “ripped off” by their respective party establishments.

Shortly after the announcement of Cruz’s clean sweep in Colorado, a few of Trump’s supporters there posted videos of themselves on social media burning, apparently, their Republican registrations.

“I’ve been a Republican all my life, but I will never be a Republican again,” said one form-burner. “Goodbye, GOP. I will not be forced to vote for somebody that I don’t want to.”

With each setback, Trump desperately clings to the role of the noble victim, or else he knows he will quickly become another one of the “losers” he’s always mentioning.

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  1. Paul Bass April 14, 2016

    “desperately clings to the role of noble victim.”

    Bwa Ha Ha Ha ! “ouch” Coffee out my nose!!

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 14, 2016

    Now it’s getting more interesting. There are several glaring disingenuous and hypocritical views that his Lordship and flunky express.

    Let’s look at a few cited items:

    1) ….he ranted about a “very sick system” to thousands. Manafort, Trump’s new de facto campaign manager, accused Cruz of using “Gestapo tactics” to siphon delegates away from the frontrunner in multiple races.

    (Observation: His “lordship” is right that the system is sick, yet he contributes in an integral way to further its sickness. As for Gestapo tactics, that’s like the Fuehrer complaining to Chamberlain that the latter is a bully—what sort of delirium overtook them to accuse anyone else of Gestapo tactics?).

    2) “people out there are going crazy, in the Denver area and Colorado itself, and they’re going absolutely crazy because they weren’t given a vote. This was given by politicians — it’s a crooked deal.”

    (Observation: Yes, the hamstrung byzantine-like system has been purposely crafted to function that way, so it’s naive to feign surprise at the possible outcomes. But to blithely go along with the system and enjoy the short-term benefits, and then to complain about it later when one’s greedy ambitions are thwarted, is the acme of a smug, smarmy, and juvenile attitude).

    There are numerous other examples of the malarial-like delirium that participation in the system brings on, including fairy-tale interpretations of historical events or misinformation re: vaccinations. We can make the case that many of the participants were already afflicted with certain mental and character dysfunctions, and that immersion in this perennial vaudeville production only worsened the illnesses of the participants.

    The bottom line is that hypocrisy, greed, improper “potty training” and other forms of parental neglect, and lack of proper education are clearly on display. We see a reflection of who we are by and large as a society—not a pretty sight.

    We would do well to observe and learn not to repeat these behaviors, or at least erase them from our profile to the best of our abilities.

    1. InGen12 April 14, 2016

      The people in Denver aren’t “going absolutely crazy because they weren’t given a vote.” Drumpf was not prepared and lost. For someone with his over-inflated ego, he thought everyone would just automatically vote for his awesome self – no groundwork or prep involved. He’s finding out he needs to prepare for the fight. Makes one wonder just how “great a businessman” he really is. He’s not prepared to be president – obviously.

      1. The lucky one April 14, 2016

        “Makes one wonder just how “great a businessman” he really is”. His 4 bankruptcies speak to his greatly overrated ability as a businessman. He is shrewd however. When Icahn wanted to purchase the Trump casino that was in receivership he found that since Trump had his name plastered on everything it was cheaper to pay Trump for his brand than to replace it all. If he should become president expect him to try to replace the “In God We Trust” on money to “In Trump We Trust’. In his mind that would be a minor change of meaning.

        1. bobnstuff April 14, 2016

          Those bankruptcies were a great deal, he got a great deal each and every time, who cares about those others that didn’t come out as well because it’s all about Trump getting a great deal. Now if you are the CEO of a company and it goes under and you are fired just how is it a great deal. It’s never his fault when he fails.

        2. InGen12 April 14, 2016

          Or changing the White House to “Trump White House”! He makes more money off his name than his business ventures. Alot of times he has just a nominal interest in a project but he makes the bucks off having his name plastered all over it.

          1. The lucky one April 14, 2016

            “he makes the bucks off having his name plastered all over it.” that just shows what a good self-promoter he is because anyone who has really followed his career knows that his name has been associated with failure after failure, Anyone for some Trump steaks washed down with some Trump wine? Oops we can’t do that cause those two ventures went belly up.

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 14, 2016

      Oh, one other thing stands out which others already have noticed.

      What we have in this latest of rants is a classic case of a parasite attacking and devouring the last remnants of its desiccated host.

  3. Otto T. Goat April 14, 2016

    He’s not a sore loser, he’s playing to win, unlike Bernie Sanders.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 14, 2016

      “Dorlock Holmes” has favored us with another bit of brilliant insight and deduction.

      1. Otto T. Goat April 14, 2016

        That’s a classic episode.

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 14, 2016

          I’m surprised you’re familiar with it and that genre.

          My point is that none of us should stoop so low as to show ourselves to be obsequious, nor to publicly fawn over a personality or a particular Party.

          Objectivity sharpens the intellect and keeps us focused on what is relevant, so that we may put less emphasis on the irrelevant.

          Don’t you agree?

          “…the sign of the intellect is contemplation and the sign of contemplation is silence…” (Abdu’l Baha)

          1. Otto T. Goat April 14, 2016

            Pointing out Bern’s misguided passivity isn’t being “obsequious” or “fawn[ing] over a personality or a particular Party”.

          2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 14, 2016

            I’ll try to be brief, since too many words pose a daunting task for you. I suggest looking up the words in a dictionary first before reading the next paragraph.

            When anyone repeatedly mentions the name of a particular person on a regular basis with signs of admiration, that is a form of fawning and being obsequious; when anyone cites a person to the point of practically asking him out for a date, that is obsequious; when anyone touts a particular party ad nauseam, while trashing another in the same breath, that shows a fawning attitude in favor of the Party you tout.

            It’s one thing to have a favorite party, but to openly express an admiration for it is crossing the line into “Fawning” territory.

            So, if you still are confused, compare your previous missives over the past year with the paragraph above and then see if you can arrive at the proper conclusion.

            (This shouldn’t be hard for a guy who loves to show IQ charts out of context).

          3. Otto T. Goat April 14, 2016

            Clearly reading comprehension is not your strong suit.

          4. dpaano April 15, 2016

            Apparently, not yours either!

  4. dpaano April 14, 2016

    All Trump does is “whine” about his inadequacies! He knows little or nothing about how votes are handled in each state. If he did, he would have done a better job in the states he lost! He has NO chance of being elected!

    1. bobnstuff April 14, 2016

      The Great and Powerful Trump has experts to advise him, they are the greatest so it must be the rules that are wrong. This is why he has gone bankrupt in Atlantic City, this is how he says he will run the country. I hope he knows you can’t go bankrupt as a country.

      1. ralphkr April 14, 2016

        I suggest you look at history, bobnstuff, and you shall quickly discover that it is very possible for a country to go bankrupt. Hungary is a good example.

        1. bobnstuff April 14, 2016

          If you read the constitution you will see that we are not allowed under law to not pay our bills. Also do you have any idea how much land the government owns? 640 million acres. The government owns over 250,000 vehicles. 40% of our debt is owed to ourselves. The only reason we have a national debt is because it doesn’t really matter. Ask Reagan, he know. Right now we hear a lot about our debt but if the Republicans get control it will not be talked about, it only matters when the Democrats are in power. Trump might be able to bankrupt us I guess since he did take a company who’s stock was trading at over $4.00 per share down to 24 cents a share. He also built a business for $1 billion dollars and run up debt of $3.8 billion. So I guess he could try to bankrupt the country but he would have to change the constitution to do it.

          1. bobnstuff April 14, 2016

            The Assets of the federal government are $128 trillion and our debt is $19 trillion. Even Trump might be hard pressed to bankrupt us.

          2. ralphkr April 14, 2016

            But, bobnstuff, I was merely pointing out that in the past countries have gone bankrupt. By the way, the stated value of land has nothing to do with whether a country goes bankrupt since land is only worth what some entity shall pay for it.Do you recall when it was pointed out that the property in the city of Tokyo, Japan, was worth more than ALL the property in all 50 states of the union combined

          3. bobnstuff April 14, 2016

            One of the things that our country has done that saved our economy was the spending by the government. Countries that cut spending by a large amount have not done well. We have had growth in our GDP when other have gone the other way. There are people out there who are trying to scare our citizens with fear of economic collapse. Some time I think the miss information about our economy is are single greatest threat and could destroy us.

          4. ralphkr April 14, 2016

            So true, bobnstuff, I get so tired of all these people who have absolutely no knowledge of history prattling on about how deficit spending ruins the economy and that FDR policies prolonged the Great Depression until Eisenhower became president and fixed our economy.

            When Hoover was president my father and neighbors plowed under crops more than once because it would cost more to harvest and haul into town than what we would get paid. After FDR we never had had that problem again. FDR turned the economy around with massive deficit spending and cut unemployment in half and doubled GDP by 1939. It would have been sooner except that FDR listened to the Republican doom & gloomers and cut back on spending which caused a recession in 1937 but, fortunately, FDR had the power to quickly reinstate deficit spending.

          5. dpaano April 15, 2016

            Sometimes you have to SPEND money to MAKE money.

      2. dpaano April 15, 2016

        Definitely! He could NEVER be wrong, of course. And, I agree with you about putting this country through a bankruptcy.

  5. Ken Burch April 15, 2016

    At some point, Trump has got to let go of the idea that every time he doesn’t get what he wants, it means he has somehow been cheated.

    Donald, when you lose, you lose fair and square, like anybody else does. You aren’t ENTITLED to always come out ahead. Nobody is. Get over yourself already.

    It’s simply not possible for you to be a victim.


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