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Donald Trump Says He Won’t Release Tax Returns

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Donald Trump Says He Won’t Release Tax Returns

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump waves during a campaign rally in Spokane, Washington, U.S., May 7, 2016. REUTERS/Jake Parrish

Months after he said he would release his tax returns, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has decided that the American public doesn’t need to see how much (or little) he has paid in taxes until after the November elections, marking a shift in the vague promises he previously made to release the records to the public.

He solidified his position in an interview published by the Associated Press today, in which he said that “there’s nothing to learn from them.” Trump has also claimed that he is in the process of being audited by the IRS, and that releasing his returns for the year under audit would be imprudent, despite the agency confirming that being audited doesn’t legally interfere at all with the ability to release one’s tax records.

As far back as October 2015, Trump promised to release his tax documents. “I’m not going to say it, but at some point I’ll release it,” he said at the time. In that same interview, he also said, “I pay as little as possible, I’m very proud to tell you.”

In January, Trump said again that he would release his taxes soon. “We’re working on that now. I have big returns, as you know, and I have everything all approved and very beautiful and we’ll be working that over in the next period of time,” he said. Months later, they still haven’t been released.

Then again on May 8, just days before his announcement that he wouldn’t release his returns, he said, “Sure. If the auditors finish. I’ll do it as fast as the auditors finish.You don’t learn much from tax returns. But I would love to give the tax returns. But I can’t do it until I’m finished with the audit.”

But how little does Trump actually pay in taxes? David Cay Johnston, who spent three decades covering Trump as he moved from one business venture to another, noted that in 1978 and 1979 the businessman had paid exactly $0 in taxes.

He further explained how wealthy Americans like Trump use the tax code to their advantage, writing:

It’s all about tax rules that require you to depreciate, or reduce, the value of buildings over time, even if the market value of the structures is going up. If your depreciation is greater than your traditional income from work and businesses, Congress lets you report negative income. If these paper losses are just a dollar more than traditional income, it wipes out your income taxes for the year.

If Trump’s returns show he has paid no income taxes in some years, that could be a reason he has not yet released details.

Congress says most Americans can deduct no more than $25,000 of real estate depreciation against their income. But if you work two days a week managing real estate and own enough that the depreciation exceeds your salary and other income, Congress lets you live income-tax-free. And for as long as you keep buying buildings and depreciating them, the tax does not come due.

There are numerous reasons why Trump wouldn’t want to release his taxes. First, he has amassed his fortune partly by using tax loopholes that allowed him effectively pay no income tax for years — possibly up to the present day. More recently, he changed his tune, saying, “I am willing to pay more, and you know what, the wealthy are willing to pay more.” America should be thankful Trump wants to pay more than… whatever he’s currently paying. It could be nothing at all.

Second, the tax returns could show that he has far less money than he claims. This possibility was seized upon by anti-Trump Republicans who have tried to coerce Trump into releasing his returns. During the opening shots of the fight against the racist billionaire’s takeover of the party, Mitt Romney raised the possibility, saying, “Either he’s not anywhere near as wealthy as he says he is, or he hasn’t been paying the kind of taxes we would expect him to pay.”

There is evidence to back up Romney’s claim. Forbes calculated Trump’s worth to be $4.5 billion at most. “Trump has filed statements claiming he’s worth at least $10 billion or, as he put in a press release, TEN BILLION DOLLARS (capitalization his). After interviewing more than 80 sources and devoting unprecedented resources to valuing a single fortune, we’re going with a figure less than half that–$4.5 billion, albeit still the highest figure we’ve ever had for him.”

Even harder to explain is the jump in Trump’s cash-on-hand. The National Review wrote that his organization showed documentation for cash and cash equivalents of $307 million in 2014. This year, that number jumped up to $793 million, sans documentation, making it difficult to believe that he actually has that much money. “I’m running for President,” said Trump in an interview with Forbes. “I’m worth much more than you have me down [for]. I don’t look good, to be honest. I mean, I look better if I’m worth $10 billion than if I’m worth $4 billion.”

Trump’s obstruction has not only served his purposes, but that of his likely rival, Hillary Clinton. During the Democratic debate in Brooklyn last month, she responded to a question about her speech transcripts with a criticism of other presidential candidates, namely Trump, who didn’t release their tax returns.

“There are certain expectations when you run for president,” said Clinton. “This is a new one but I will tell you this, there is a longstanding expectation that everybody running release their tax returns.”

Photo: U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump waves during a campaign rally in Spokane, Washington, U.S., May 7, 2016. REUTERS/Jake Parrish



  1. Otto T. Goat May 11, 2016

    He’s setting another trap.

    1. Siegfried Heydrich May 11, 2016

      Suuuuure, Otto, it’s a trap. Now run along and play with the others in the dayroom.

      1. itsfun May 12, 2016

        Same kind of trap Obama is using to not show his college transcripts and Hillary is using to not show her speech transcripts.

        1. Siegfried Heydrich May 12, 2016

          Actually, I think that she’s waiting for him to say that he’ll release his tax returns if she’ll release those transcripts. Though if I were her, I’d pop that one on him early next news cycle. after the sunday bobbleheads finish raking him over the coals about his returns.

          Of course, no one is talking about the fact that Drumpf gave a speech to Goldman-Sachs for over a million dollars. Yet for some reason, no one is demanding to see a transcript of HIS speech. Hmmmm . . . . wonder why?

          And if I were Obama, I’d challenge Donald to release his transcripts if he releases his. Obama graduated with honors, which means by definition, he carried a 4.0 GPA. I have to wonder what Donnie’s was . . .

          1. dpaano May 16, 2016

            Are we sure Donnie even went to college at all???

          2. Siegfried Heydrich May 16, 2016

            Oh, yes, his classmates have been interviewed. He was an arsehole even back then, though not to the degree that Cruz was.

          3. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 17, 2016

            YES THE DONNY DUMP U. but he had to pay some one to take the test of his own school just to make it look good . it took him a while but he did write in his name and said that’s enough for me here’s some money you finish it for me lol

    2. The lucky one May 12, 2016

      He doesn’t need traps, he’s already snared all the dummies like you.

    3. itsfun May 12, 2016

      He is following the advise of his attorney as anyone should. Ask any attorney what they would advise their clients to do in the same situations. I am sure they would all advise the clients to not show their tax returns until the audit was over. Personally I am still waiting to see Obama’s college transcripts and the Hillary speech transcripts.

  2. gmccpa May 11, 2016

    Funny thing about his net worth and his tax return. It’s extremely difficult to determine someone’s NW from their tax return. Especially if his investments are not publicly traded. Nothing on your return asks about your assets….or liabilities. More likely….Trump pays little, or no tax. And/or he is not very generous with his charitable contributions.

    1. Siegfried Heydrich May 11, 2016

      Or he’s been donating to liberal causes lik PP.

  3. 1standlastword May 11, 2016

    He fears transparency and his narcissism is verging on paranoia…textbook BULEEVE ME…textbook stuff! So beautiful…so great LOL!

    Now, no need for anyone to be a moralizer. He is using a tax code that rich people setup for themselves and our government honors it.

    The question is who within the power structure has the will to change the tax code???? Moreover, why would any of those moneyed career politicians mess up a winning strategy.

    Obama is working around the edges, opting for transparency but not making it illegal for the rich to legally evade paying taxes

    1. Carlotakbrehmer4 May 12, 2016

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      1. Paul Bass May 12, 2016

        flagged as spam.

  4. Siegfried Heydrich May 11, 2016

    He just handed Hillary a really big mallet to pound him with. So, what’s he hiding? Because if you have nothing to hide, you don’t hide anything, now do you? But if you’re hiding something, then it must be something REALLY bad . . .

    1. itsfun May 12, 2016

      I still wonder what Obama is hiding in his college transcripts.

      1. Siegfried Heydrich May 12, 2016

        Maybe he’s just sitting on them waiting for an opportune moment to spring them. Like if Drumpf says something like ‘Well, Barack, I’ll release my transcripts if you’ll release yours!”. Because Obama graduated with honors, That means he had a 4.0 GPA by definition. Gee, I wonder what Drumpf’s GPA was . . .?

        1. itsfun May 12, 2016

          Without seeing his transcripts how do you know Obama graduated with honors? Could he be hiding the transcripts because he went to college on a foreign student only scholarship?

          1. bobnstuff May 12, 2016

            College honor rolls are published as are who gets honor cord. You don’t get into Harvard Law with a 2.0 GPA.

          2. itsfun May 13, 2016

            where is his honor roll posted???

          3. bobnstuff May 13, 2016

            He was Highest Honors from Harvard Law. But who cares, he will be out in 7 months. Now lets talk Trump since we know little about his records.
            Lets see Trumps records, birth, schools and passport. Maybe he should show some tax records. He demands much but gives little.

          4. Marilyn May 12, 2016

            There is nothing in a college transcript that shows how your college was paid for–whether through scholarships or self-funding. All a transcript shows is what courses were taken, what grades were earned, how many hours of credit were given, and what the GPA is.

          5. Siegfried Heydrich May 12, 2016

            Ummm . . . well, his Diploma, for one, the class rankings, announcements in the yearbook. I guess you missed out on that whole college experience. And a transcript is just a list of his classes and the grades he got in them. It has nothing to do with scholarships or anything else. Seriously, are you just dumb, or are you a foreigner who’s utterly ignorant of American culture?

          6. itsfun May 13, 2016

            Where is his list of grades and classes taken then. Why is he hiding them?

          7. Siegfried Heydrich May 13, 2016

            Well, first, no president has ever released them, or been asked to release them until now. Bush the Lesser’s grades got leaked – he didn’t release them, nor did anyone ask him to. So how is it that something that’s never been an issue before is all of a sudden an issue now?

            Perhaps it’s because he knows how much it winds you up that you can’t get them, and it amuses him to watch you squeal like little piggies.

            Or it could be that he simply thinks it’s really none of your business.

            Or maybe he’s just be waiting for someone like Drumpf to make it worthwhile . . . You know, “Hey, Donald . . . tell ya what – I’ll release my college transcripts if you’ll release yours!”

            However, you’re frantically (and rather pathetically) trying to deflect from the fact that Drumpf isn’t releasing his tax returns. Hillary has. Obama has. So, what is Drumpf hiding that’s so damaging that he’s willing to take the heat for refusing to follow 50 years of tradition? Seriously, think about what is says about him that Richard Nixon is more honest and transparent then he is.

          8. Patricia Bryant May 13, 2016

            Don’t be such an idiot!!! Do your research before you run your mouth…or do you even know how to do research, smart guy?

          9. itsfun May 13, 2016

            Don’t you just love it when the tolerant left respects everyone’s opinions? Maybe respecting the opinions of others is only for those that agree with you.

          10. dpaano May 16, 2016

            Typical rightwing troll….they don’t believe in facts!

      2. A_Real_Einstein May 12, 2016

        Who cares? You are not running against Obama anymore. He retires as the undefeated one and one of the Greatest Presidents ever! Suck on that.

        1. itsfun May 12, 2016

          Why are you holding Trump to a higher standard then you are Obama? He won’t go down as a great President, but as a failed one and one who had the most corrupt administration in US history. He will also go down as raising the national dept more than every other President combined.

          1. bobnstuff May 12, 2016

            We have seen Obama’s Taxes. We are holding Trump to the same standard.

          2. Siegfried Heydrich May 12, 2016

            We’ve also got 33 years worth of Hillary’s tax returns.

          3. Paul Bass May 12, 2016

            Obama has had zero (0) of his top officials indicted.

            Reagan had 138 of his top officials CONVICTED before he left office.

            So, yes, your hero, Reagan will go down as the most corrupt administration since Hoover (another GOP clown).

          4. itsfun May 12, 2016

            No politician is, was, or never will be my hero. I still say Obama has the most corrupt administration ever.

          5. bobnstuff May 12, 2016

            And you base that on what facts? Not liking Obama doesn’t make him corrupt, Sorry!

          6. itsfun May 12, 2016

            fast and furious, Benghazi, IRS scandal, VA scandals. Hillary email scandal. etc etc

          7. Siegfried Heydrich May 12, 2016

            Show me any charges. Show me any indictments. Show me something more that buzzword faux scandals that the right ginned up.

          8. itsfun May 12, 2016

            The fox is guarding the hen house now. Wait until Trump is in office and just watch the indictments and convictions.

          9. Siegfried Heydrich May 12, 2016

            Uh huh. Because the president can always use the DOJ and the FBI as his personal enforcers, right?

          10. itsfun May 12, 2016

            He is already using the DOJ. His attorney general has already said she doesn’t have to prosecute Hillary even if the FBI recommends it. The fix is already in for Hillary.

          11. Siegfried Heydrich May 12, 2016

            Ummm . . . just where and when did she say that? And actually, if the dept.feels that there’s not a case to be made, they don’t waste resources. The FBI makes referrals. They don’t file charges. That’s not a ‘fix’.

            The problem you have is that in spite of your desperate gesticulating, there’s simply no ‘there’ there, and without some ‘there’ there, you’re down to . . . nothing. Oh, maybe you can pin your hopes on Gowdy turning up something the previous seven investigations failed to find. Rotsa ruck.

          12. Patricia Bryant May 13, 2016

            Well, if we wait until Trump is in office, it will be a loooong wait and never going to happen, so you might as well quit your ridiculous bitching now 😉

          13. itsfun May 13, 2016

            You may want to check the recent national polls. They are running neck and neck now, with Trump gaining every days. I will never quit pointing out the things crooked Hillary has done. Of course I realize I am putting my life on the line talking about Hillary.

          14. bobnstuff May 12, 2016

            Boy you sure put the bar low. Do you know what the word corrupt even means? That the VA so called scandal, it started over a hundred years ago and there hasn’t been a president that hasn’t tried to fix it. What you don’t seem to understand the difference between a made up scandal and corruption.

          15. itsfun May 12, 2016

            What you can’t see or understand is the lies and corruption from Obama and his administration.

          16. Patricia Bryant May 13, 2016

            You haven’t stated a fact yet! WHAT LIES and CORRUPTION???

          17. itsfun May 13, 2016

            IRS scandal. Had to take the 5th. Fast and furious. The VA scandals and not doing one thing to fix. Lies about Benghazi being caused by a video. How about you can keep your doctor and your current health insurance plan. How about healthcare will cost no more than your cell phone bill. How about saving a average of 2300 a year on health insurance.



          18. dpaano May 16, 2016

            Patricia…you have to understand that itsfun has been fed a ration of BS and he believes every lie that the rightwing has put out there. The Republican party uses lies and scare tactics to motivate their base, and on some people, it works!

          19. Patricia Bryant May 13, 2016

            Fast and furious? Benghazi? IRS? VA? Since when were any of those “scandals”? Hillary’s emails??? What does that have to do with Obama’s administration???

          20. itsfun May 13, 2016

            Hillary was a part of his administration. They are all scandals.

          21. Patricia Bryant May 13, 2016

            You will say that because you are an idiot, not because you have any evidence or proof of that!

          22. itsfun May 13, 2016

            now the name calling starts. Name calling is just a sign of a weak mind trying to express itself.

          23. Paul Bass May 13, 2016

            Proving, whatever you say to be exactly false!

            Also proving the RWNJ echo chamber is working well keeping you delusional.

          24. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 17, 2016

            and of course your a Nixon lover and you will stand and debate how he was the best thing that ever happen to the USA lmao

          25. itsfun May 17, 2016

            Nixon got what he deserved. Like I said no politician is or ever will be my hero.

          26. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 18, 2016

            your only hero is yourself you prob. think that way you agree but knowing you id bet you still debate it with your self about it

          27. itsfun May 18, 2016

            nope, my hero was my dad who flew 51 bombing missions in WWII.

          28. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 18, 2016

            too bad your dad didn’t use his head more if he did he would came up with just dropping you out of his plane heck with your personality there it would shorten the war by years and saved millions of lifes then again it is a lot to throw on any one or country but now I think about it yessssssssss you to would deserve each other

          29. itsfun May 18, 2016

            You are one very sick and hateful individual. I would ask that you seek medical help asap.

          30. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 18, 2016

            im i now ? what’s the things you said about name calling ? that’s not the answer I heard that from you . funny thing is I was thinking the same of you . but for you its more I see you as having no friends and when you do go outside and open that mouth of your you have to get slapped a lot or more like every time . that has to be why you hide behind a keyboard where your safe as being hateful that is something I see a lot about you . that could come with you not being able to go out with out getting bitch slapped . but really now I do feel if your daddyO was to have dropped you on Hitler it would made the war shorter and saved millions of lifes for Hitler spending 5 mins with you one of 2 things would happen 1 would be he gassed you or 2 shot himself in the head a lot sooner . you knowing more about how you truly are understands that better then all else (and you know im right ) now you can go back to as you stated (thinking of your self im sure ) You are one very sick and hateful individual. I would ask that you seek medical help asap. you picked the words so well that describe your self so well

          31. itsfun May 18, 2016

            I may have been wrong, you are one crazy person and should be in a hospital.

          32. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 19, 2016

            hmmmmmmm interesting you say that (first off name calling you must not have anything to say ) didn’t you say something like that before ? hateful and sick naaaaaa im neither of them . but wow seems I hit a cord but really now I was thinking the same about you being those names you called me . what I do is make my point . as for you on the other hand tend to rather go to the Arrogant and your acting with your Ignorance knowing of this you just seek a debate . do I still feel you are just a clown that hides behind a key board YES VERY MUCH SO and do I feel your daddy-o would did more damage if he was to just dropped you on Hitler another BIG YES see the difference between you and me . I can and do go outside (and when I do im a nice guy ) until one crosses me then one might call me those names you called me . understand im the nice guy always but when one throws the first stone then I throw boulders as your name states itsfun but you do this only to get a reaction from people just to teee them off that’s it for your team . if you wasn’t so arrogant you might be able to chat to people . and be a good talk but for you its your childish ways and your ID name itsfun shows just how much a child you are as for the response I got from you it wasn’t really ment to get that a little for how ignorance you was (and will always be for the reason you say itsfun ) is it fun for me getting a response from you like I did ? yes but only for the JERK you like to be . your opion is just that yours as every ones is theirs . but as I and others read your text it was just you seeking the childish attention you need you think and feel itsfun acting the child . that’s you . maybe if you wasn’t always acting the foolish child that you could go out side and not worry so much of getting B-Slapped when you act the way you do . is there hope for you ???/// I don’t know you would be the one to answer that question . (BUT IT WILL BE HARD I KNOW YOU WOULD HAVE TO GROW UP AND STOP ACTING THE CHILD ) heck give it a try what do you have to lose ?

          33. itsfun May 19, 2016

            What are you talking about? You throw boulders – who cares. you accuse me of hiding behind the board. You are one sick and hateful puppy. You want to start fights with anyone that disagrees with you. Why would anyone care if you can and do go outside. I couldn’t care less what you think of me. You mean absolutely nothing to me.

          34. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 19, 2016

            what I state about you is all true im a sick hateful puppy well I do feel the same way about you your are an arrogant little coward that likes to draw people in with you ignorant comments just because you thinks its fun I don’t start fight is what you seek and the child minded clown you are you act the tough clown and just seek a debate from your own words not mine itsfun this is why I see you as hiding behind your keyboard like a I wannabe what ever your child mind wants I can see you being out side (if you ever had the stones too ) and talk the trash you do on here I don’t see you lasting long being B-SLAPPED all the time running home to your BOMBADEAR DADDY-O and asking him why you always get SLAPPED around like a lil girl ? and its not what I think of you as you state and I feel the same way about your sorry butt nothing and could give a rat’s butt about you dosent matter like you said what I think of you but you are the one that put the sticker on your self and makes your self out as a kind of trouble maker just because you think itsfun as I fell its ok that people don’t agree with me I don’t like to start a fight because of it I tend only to go in a defending mode when one throws a stone only then . and the stupid way your child ways to get the attention you seek is to get people to do as I do and you only because itsfun . just like a child as I feel too I don’t know you and could give a rats butt about you lucky for you I don’t know you and lucky for me I could care less about you so you just climb behind your keyboard and act the tough clown and some help for you if you do get in trouble with people out side your house always know you can always run and hide up DADDY-O’S dress . your right ITSFUN

          35. itsfun May 19, 2016

            your the one playing tough guy or bully. I actually would like to see you try to bitch slap me. It would be fun to beat you senseless, then again you already are.

          36. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 19, 2016

            lol you’re truly are too funny I don’t play tough guy at all I don’t need too . you just keep up your superhero act you haven’t a clue do what you do best with you arrogant personality as you seek your childish life of itsfun stay where you are safe behind your keyboard and look in the mirror telling your self you are the best thing that ever happen to you . hey look at the bright side im taking you away from your ignorant life style of arrogant for a little bit to a new world of you being your very own superhero clown . watch out you might dream of being a supper dopper hero and end up getting beating up by a little girl . but you can still think of beating up anyone senseless its your dream land understand its still just a dream and you will have to wake up to real life then you can jus crawl to your keyboard where you hide and itsfun the rest of your dream have a good dreamland and remember itsfun

          37. dpaano May 16, 2016

            Thanks, Paul, I thought it was 11-12, but you’re totally correct. Am reading a great book….by Will Bunch….”The Right-Wing Distortion of the Reagan Legacy….Tear Down this Myth.” Great book….and if more people knew what Reagan did to this country that we’re still suffering from….they’d change their minds very quickly. He wasn’t the “wonderful” president that everyone thought he was. He screwed the American people royally, and we’re still feeling the pain!

          38. dpaano May 16, 2016

            Actually, it was Nixon AND Reagan’s administrations that have gone down as being the most corrupt. I believe it was 11-12 of Reagan’s administration that were later indicted on various charges. I haven’t seen ANY of President Obama’s cabinet indicted for anything!

      3. charleo1 May 12, 2016

        And before that you wondered about his brith certificate, and then… whether he ever paled around with terrorists, or before that, if he was a cyborg created in a clandestine Russian lab located on the Planet Gortofgfi. Didn’t you? Yes you did! You gladly went along with everything they told to question about Barack Obama that would be disrespectful, and feed into the meme he wasn’t a real American, and the Democrats that elected him were awful traitors. So, you such a good boy!!

        1. Irishgrammy May 12, 2016

          God, I love it Charleo1, just love it. Between Itsfun and Otto T. Goat, I can’t decide which one is more steeped in hate, sick and twisted right wing fantasies and bigotry…….think it’s a tie!

          1. Siegfried Heydrich May 12, 2016

            Otto, by a long shot.

      4. Patricia Bryant May 13, 2016

        Who was the last Presidential nominee or President that released his college transcripts? Why would that even be questioned? Obama graduated Cum Laud, everybody knows that, as well as the fact he was practicing professor of Constitutional Law, so what IS your issue?? Why aren’t you interested in Trumps would-be transcripts???

        1. itsfun May 13, 2016

          His college records should be released because many believe he went to college on a foreign student only scholarship.

          1. dpaano May 16, 2016

            Of course he did……I really want to see HIS transcripts! Doesn’t matter which college he went to or where…..he must have had transcripts of some kind…..where are they?

          2. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 17, 2016

            you only seek a debate are you just a very bored person ? lol

          3. itsfun May 17, 2016

            I would rather be bored, instead of boring like some.

          4. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 18, 2016

            well you seems to be both you cant find friends so to battle your way to your attention seeking ways hmm hey that’s just like your hero DONNY DUMP

          5. itsfun May 18, 2016

            I seems to be?????? Are you another one that preaches tolerance of others opinions, then only tolerates opinions you agree with?

          6. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 18, 2016

            well that’s it that’s it thank you for I was seeking a way to understand all of you and your B/S and you answered my question in your simple nut shell you summed it all up . you answered my question about you

  5. Dominick Vila May 12, 2016

    It is not too difficult to understand why some Republicans refuse to release their tax return records. The revelations would make a mockery of everything they say, stand for, and would confirm everyone’s worst fears. Add to that the likelihood of large political donations to Democratic candidates, and the rationale for not releasing his tax record is clear. For him, it is not so much what Democrats would say, but what Republicans would do.

    1. Grandma811 May 12, 2016

      Political donations aren’t deductible, so they wouldn’t be reported on the tax returns. Only charitable contributions are deductible–and I’d bet that there are very few of them.

    2. itsfun May 12, 2016

      Trump is currently going through a IRS audit. His attorney has advised him not to release his tax returns until the audit is completed. Call any attorney friends you have and ask them what they would advise their client to do in the same situation.

      1. Patricia Bryant May 13, 2016

        That is bullshit…even the IRS says there is nothing wrong with releasing his return while being audited. Where are his former returns over the past few years, surely they aren’t still being audited??

        1. itsfun May 13, 2016

          Not BS. Who would you listen to, the IRS or your lawyer? In this case I imagine his attorney is just about the best tax attorney in the world.

          1. dpaano May 16, 2016

            How come we haven’t heard from a single one of his attorneys….who are they? I don’t remember reading anything from them that says they told him not to provide his returns. That’s just his big excuse….and he has many of them, it seems!

    3. MV May 15, 2016

      ‘Cuz republiKKKlans have so much more to hide, over so many more years! Corporate Welfare costs us BIG every year! Dark Money!!!

  6. The lucky one May 12, 2016

    “the tax returns could show that he has far less money than he claims.” I think that’s at the heart of it. Many of the morons who support him do so because they view him as a “strong man”. They will view his tax dodging as further evidence of his ability to stand above others. Neither will they be bothered by his lack of charity but if he’s not worth close to what he claims that will cause some raised eyebrows, assuming of course that their low foreheads permit that movement.

    1. Irishgrammy May 12, 2016

      Good one, “low foreheads”…..Neanderthals also have very, very small brains……….BRAVO!

  7. Derek Blackshire May 12, 2016

    “There is nothing to see hear, you do not need to see my tax returns” These are not the droids you are looking for.

  8. itsfun May 12, 2016

    I’ll ask for Trumps tax returns as soon as Obama releases his college transcripts and Hillary releases her speech transcripts.

    1. A_Real_Einstein May 12, 2016

      Hillary will release her transcripts after securing the nomination. Sucking up to Goldman and other Wall Street firms will help her in the General as she moves hard right. Obama is not running and it does not matter what Trump does because we all already know he is full of crap.

      1. itsfun May 12, 2016

        Hillary belongs in prison. She is completely corrupt. She lied to families of the Benghazi victims. She lied about dodging bullets in Bosnia. She lied about where Chelsea was during the 9/11 attack. She is hiding the speeches because she doesn’t want anyone on the left to see what she promised Wall street.

        1. Paul Bass May 12, 2016

          Gee, for some one so corrupt, and not a single indictment.

          itsfunky you got nothing, go post on fox where they might believe you.

        2. A_Real_Einstein May 12, 2016

          Blah blah blah. Same old GOP propaganda. She will release the transcipts when Liberal Don releases his tax returns which will be half past never.

          1. A_Real_Einstein May 12, 2016

            Hillary will be 100 times better than Bozo Trump. Unfotunately it is a lousy choice but Bozo the Clown will not be President if I have anything to do with it.

          2. itsfun May 12, 2016

            I don’t want either one of them, but crooked Hillary belongs in prison.

          3. Siegfried Heydrich May 12, 2016

            ‘Crooked’.. Please show me where she’s crooked. Facts, please, links to Deadbart don’t count.

          4. itsfun May 12, 2016

            already posted links, but you are so in love with crooked Hillary you only believe what she tells you to believe.

          5. A_Real_Einstein May 12, 2016

            Feel the Bern

          6. itsfun May 12, 2016

            At least he admits he is a Socialist. He seems to be the only honest one running. I wouldn’t mind seeing Biden though.

          7. Patricia Bryant May 13, 2016

            FOR WHAT?????

          8. itsfun May 13, 2016

            for violating the federal records act for one thing. For allowing classified documents to be in a unsecured server for another thing. Look at what happened to the general for allowing a confidential document to be seen by one person. Hillary has allowed 22 top secret documents to be seen by every hacker in the world.

          9. chino49p May 13, 2016

            You must be some great legal mind. The repubs have been trying to get Clinton on something, anything for years. Guess what? Nothing. So you mouthing off about her being guilty and should be prison is just more stinky hot air.

          10. itsfun May 13, 2016

            Crooked Hillery will pay for her crimes shortly.

          11. dpaano May 16, 2016

            Yeah, hold your breath on that one….

          12. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 17, 2016

            what CRIME the GOP gang of idiots did the crime admitting it also just doing what thy do best wasting time and money

          13. itsfun May 17, 2016

            arf arf arf A typical crooked Hillary response.

          14. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 18, 2016

            as the typical air head response from you ooooooooohhh oooooooh hes calling me names again wwwaaaaahhhhh wwwwaaahhhh not name calling stating facts

          15. itsfun May 18, 2016

            just your weak mind trying to express itself.

          16. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 18, 2016

            as is your sad personality seeking any kind of attention

          17. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 18, 2016

            if that mean DONNY DUMP in the house then the country and the world will be paying for the crime of letting that POS in the house

          18. dpaano May 16, 2016

            She had the unsecured server BEFORE the Federal Records Act went into affect. As for the “general,” let’s talk about another general….Powell. He also had an unsecured server and trashed most of his e-mails before he left the GWB administration, right up there with Condoleeza! There must have been a BIG crowd around the shredder just before GWB left the White House!!! As for the so-called 22 top secret documents….they were NOT classified as such when they were received and several of them were public record and were from articles in newspapers.

          19. Patricia Bryant May 13, 2016

            SO ARE HIS!!!

          20. itsfun May 13, 2016

            Right you are and that is the reason I am not a Trump supporter. I still can’t believe our country can’t do better than the options we have for President of this nation.

          21. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 18, 2016

            you want to watch a video of your hero type in DONNY DUMP wanting to bang his daughter . im sure you would love it

          22. itsfun May 18, 2016

            Not my hero and I am not even a support of his. I want to vote none of the above this year.

        3. A_Real_Einstein May 12, 2016

          Are you a Trump University graduate?

        4. A_Real_Einstein May 12, 2016

          Sounds like liberal Don is no longer wanting a ban on Muslims? Now he says it was just suggestion. I am guessing there will be no wall either. He is throwing his base under the bus and will lose all his support since he will no longer be self funded. He may actually lose all 50 states. Why should any conservative vote for him? He is more liberal than most Dems. Can you say Madame President?

          1. itsfun May 13, 2016

            If he is so liberal, why wouldn’t the left be voting for him then?

      2. dpaano May 16, 2016

        Hillary has already release many years of her tax returns…..where have you been?

        1. A_Real_Einstein May 16, 2016

          Now that Hillary is clearly the nominee I will be voting for her in Novembet and encouraging all my Bernie or bust friends to do the same. Would you please leave me alone now before I change my mind? Geeeez. How annoying. Get a life already.

    2. latebloomingrandma May 12, 2016

      Why? We already know Obama is smart. I don’t think Trump is a brainy as he says, so I would really like to see his transcripts. Hillary’s speeches were given as a private citizen.

      1. itsfun May 12, 2016

        Trumps tax returns are those of a private citizen

        1. Patricia Bryant May 13, 2016

          So are everybody else’s returns….however, all other candidates have been required to disclose theirs, so why not him???

          1. itsfun May 13, 2016

            They actually are not required to show their tax returns. Trump is saying he will show them after the IRS audit is completed. That is what his attorney has advised him to do. I think if you ask any attorney that is the advice they would give their client.

        2. dpaano May 16, 2016

          Once you become a candidate for the presidency, you stop being just a “private citizen.”

    3. Siegfried Heydrich May 12, 2016

      Heh, heh, heh. I really wish Drumpf would make that offer. Know why? Obama graduated Cum Laude. That means that by definition, he carried a 4.0 GPA. Though as for Hillary’s speeches, they were by a private citizen to a private group of people who bought tickets to hear her speak at a private function. You have as much right to those speeches as I have to your home videos.

      1. itsfun May 12, 2016

        Trump’s tax returns are also a private citizens, and you have as much rights to those as I have to your home videos.

        1. Siegfried Heydrich May 12, 2016

          Every presidential candidate for the past 50 years – going back to Nixon – have released their tax returns for at least several years. The only one who didn’t was Rmoney. He lost..

          Now, are you seriously trying to tell me that NIXON was more honest and open than Drumpf? And I would also point out that Nixon was being audited by the IRS at the time he released his returns, and wound up having to pay an additional $500K in back taxes.

          1. itsfun May 12, 2016

            I don’t recall saying anything about Romney or Nixon. Trumps attorney has advised him to not release his tax returns until the audit is complete. I believe most people listen to their attorneys.

          2. Siegfried Heydrich May 12, 2016

            Drumpf is a presidential candidate. As I said before, every candidate since Nixon has released their tax returns. Except for Mitt, who, you will note, lost. That’s a tradition extending back 50 years. And no, not buying the ‘being audited’ story. The IRS has already said that releasing them is absolutely immaterial to the audit. Nixon released his during an audit, so that argument doesn’t fly.

            Now, if Drumpf is refusing to release his returns, then he has something to hide. Either it will show that he’s nowhere near as wealthy as he likes to brag, or his taxes are low to a point that it angers people, or that the shenanigans he’s engaged in smell so bad ad to infuriate people, or that he’s given bupkiss to charity, or that what he HAS given was to liberal causes.

            He has to be making the conclusion that whatever is in them is FAR worse than the speculations about what’s in them. And worse, he got all over Rmoney for not releasing HIS returns back in ’12. He’s repeatedly said he’s going to release his returns, only to change his mind.

            The dems are going to hammer his soft, tiny dick into the ground over this . . . deservedly so. But perhaps you can give us an answer – what is Drumpf hiding in his returns?

          3. itsfun May 12, 2016

            “hammer his soft tiny dick” Very intelligent statement. Got any more of your wisdom to show us.

          4. Siegfried Heydrich May 12, 2016

            My posting history is but a click away. Enjoy yourself. You might learn something.

          5. dpaano May 16, 2016

            Sure, that’s what Trump says…..

        2. dpaano May 16, 2016

          Tell that to every president and/or candidate since 1976 who has provided their tax returns when running for the presidency. Trump is the ONLY one since then that has refused to release them. He’s obviously hiding something or he wouldn’t have any problems with us seeing his returns.

  9. charleo1 May 12, 2016

    At this point, do sane people really need to see Donald’s one percenter tax rates, or catch him exaggerating about his net worth, to find him completely unacceptable as POTUS? As we are reading, his drones would adopt their usual prone, and prostrated stance in the presence of the great one, no matter what the documents said anyway.

    1. Siegfried Heydrich May 12, 2016

      Actually, yes.

      1. charleo1 May 12, 2016

        I betting you shouldn’t hold your breath. But point well taken.

  10. Irishgrammy May 12, 2016

    This is a surprise to WHO???????? Did anyone really believe him when Trump tepidly said he would “probably” release his Tax Returns………Did everyone just fall off a turnip truck……..If it’s true, as Trump whines that he has been audited for ten years now and is currently being audited I am fairly certain if Trump has been audited for ten consecutive years, it’s because his returns are highly questionable and suspect and he has been caught cheating, hiding, and/or lying on his returns…….repeatedly. ….. I am also as certain Trump would have some outrageously convoluted explanation for his “creative tax returns” and it would be bought hook line and sinker by his angry, hating “constituency”…….The only thing I believe Trump is truly successful at in his life, is utter disingenuous and pervasive LYING even on a scale a professional politician can envy. Isn’t it odd that the two businessmen who have and are running for the highest office in the world, have a real problem letting the country evaluate their financial past through their tax returns, Romney and Trump……….why does the words DISHONEST, SNEAKY, CHEATER keep flashing across my brain……or better yet from the mouth of the Queen of Mean, Leona Helmsley, “We don’t pay taxes, only the little people pay taxes” by the way another real estate autocrat….

    1. Siegfried Heydrich May 12, 2016

      Drumpf didn’t have any problems at all releasing his returns to the NJ Gaming Commission when he was trying to get licenses for his casinos . . .

  11. Thomas Martin May 13, 2016

    He won’t release them because he is so special and a liar.

  12. Eugene_2016 May 15, 2016

    Confirmed: The Donald is a blatant phony and will never keep his word or promises!


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