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Donald Trump STILL Isn’t Self-Funding His Campaign

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Donald Trump STILL Isn’t Self-Funding His Campaign

Donald Trump's war on free speech

Let’s end this myth, please.

After every one of Donald Trump’s campaign finance reports has become publicly available, the media breathlessly reports how much more money Trump has given his campaign.

In March, it was $11.5 million. So far in total, it’s $36 million.

A few weeks ago, I broke down why Donald Trump’s claim that he is “self-funding” his campaign is ridiculous: he’s loaning himself money at zero interest, not paying his campaign’s expenses outright, so that he can pay himself back in the future with money fundraised from his supporters.

Even if he were to pay off all of his loans with his own money — don’t count on it — Trump has so far received more than $12 million dollars in small (and large) contributions from his supporters, much of it through hat sales but some also in the form of maximum allowable cash donations. That’s not “self-funding,” not at all.

Candidates must also pay themselves for “in-kind,” or non-monetary, donations from companies that they own. In March, according to nj.com, Trump paid $476,426 to his own Tag Air — which has received more total Trump campaign money than anyone besides Rick Reed Media, Trump’s advertising people —  $83,597 on Trump Tower, where his campaign is headquartered, and more than $4,000 for lodging at his own hotels.

But we haven’t even seen the start of it.

Assuming Trump wins the Republican Party nomination, it seems increasingly unlikely that he will continue “paying” for his campaign himself. In 2012, both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama’s campaigns — and supportive outside groups including super PACs — spent more than a billion dollars each on the election.

This time, some estimate the total cost of electing a president may be twice as high.

Though Donald Trump has held his tax records extremely close to the chest, unless he has $2 billion lying around — and he’ll need all of it, against likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton — he will be forced to fundraise through more traditional channels: more high-dollar fundraisers, more mass appeals for donations from his supporters, and more accepting help from outside groups.

Don’t be surprised, amid all of that commotion, when we find out Trump’s $36 million in campaign debts to himself have suddenly… disappeared. And perfectly legally, too.


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  1. itsfun April 23, 2016

    Trump spent 13 cents per vote in New York, Bernie spend over 9$ and Hillary something like 6$ per vote.

    1. Bren Frowick April 23, 2016

      Hillary spent $3.62 per vote and got more votes than the entire GOP field put together, including twice as many as Trump alone. Trump benefits from all the free media he gets, as well as the name recognition acquired through his reality shows. None of which is evidence of anything disproving the thrust of the article, which is that Trump is lying when he claims to be “self-funding” his campaign, the way people like Meg Whitman did in her failed California governor’s race, or Steve Forbes did when he ran for president.

      1. _Steve_ April 23, 2016

        Jews love Hillary, and look at the demographic maps.. that’s where she got her vote. She and Cruz should move to their home in Israel, run for PM there.

        1. jmprint April 24, 2016

          Not just the Jews love Hiliary, stop being jealous.

          1. _Steve_ April 24, 2016

            Look at the result demographics of New York state.. Bernie won everywhere other than the Jewish vote concentrations,

      2. _Steve_ April 24, 2016

        How much did Trump “pay” for his New York vote.. a couple cents?

    2. Natalie Jarnstedt April 24, 2016

      That didn’t cost him very much; didn’t he receive only about 500,000 votes – not exactly a landslide, as he claims.

      1. itsfun April 24, 2016

        His percentage of the votes received was a landslide.

        1. Greer Ashton April 24, 2016

          It may be a “landslide” compared to the other two, but landslide, it sure ain’t – however, it sounds good!

          1. itsfun April 24, 2016

            Any election where someone gets 60% of the vote is considered a landslide.

          2. Natalie Jarnstedt April 24, 2016

            Should he be the nominee, with only 500,000 votes, he’ll be a loser!

          3. itsfun April 24, 2016

            If he wins enough delegates then yes he should be the nominee. When we look at our choices this year, we the citizens are the losers. Seems like our country could do a lot better then Trump and Hillary. The both have very high unfavorable’s. Both are hated by the other party. Neither one will be able to get anything done because of this. We are in for 4 more years of Congress and the President at odds.

          4. Greer Ashton April 24, 2016

            ANY Democrat would be better than The Donald – this man may be a good businessman which is highly questionable based on his many failures and bankruptcies and unethical businesses preying on gullible people who believed him to be superb (which he ain’t) – let’s face it, he’s more of a con-man and showman. Acting more presidential? I don’t want someone who merely acts presidential, I want someone who IS presidential, and based on the last year and his entire life, he’s NOT!He is NOT qualified to be president!

          5. itsfun April 25, 2016

            You would rather have someone that has lied to us about many things, someone that has allowed classified government email vulnerable to attack by foreign governments. Someone that allowed 4 Americans to be murdered in Benghazi. Someone that lied about dodging bullets in Bosnia. Someone that lied to the families of the murdered Americans in Benghazi. I want someone I can believe when they speak. I don’t believe a word that comes out of the mouth of Hillary. Barking like a dog is not Presidential. What has she accomplished?

          6. Jmz Nesky April 25, 2016

            However, you were perfectly satisfied while crickets reigned under Dubya’s watch as:

            Jan. 22, 2002 Calcutta, India. Five people are killed.
            June 14, 2002. Karachi, Pakistan 12 killed & 51 injured
            Feb 28, 2003. Islamabad, Two people are killed.
            May 12, 2003. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 36 killed
            July 30, 2004. Tashkent, Uzbekistan 2 killed
            Dec 6, 2004. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 9 killed
            March 2, 2006. Karachi, Pakistan 3rd attack 4 yrs.
            Sept 12, 2006. Damascus, Syria. 4 killed, 13 wounded
            March 18, 2008. Sana’a, Yemen. 2 killed
            July 9, 2008. Istanbul, Turkey. 6 killed
            Sept 17, 2008. Sana’a, Yemen. 16 killed
            .. No reaction.. No accusations.. No concern.. No blame to Secretary of State.. Crickets.

            September 11, 2012, Benghazi, Libya (joint capital), 4 killed, 10 injured
            … Outrage.. murderer.. resignation.. imprisonment demand… And she wasn’t even president at the time.

            I know this is ancient history to most con-pubs but that doesn’t make it less important for posterity.

            What has she accomplished? Instead of mooning over a hater media look it up on .gov and see for yourself. Benghazi wasn’t the highlight of her assignment as most uninformed haters believe.

          7. itsfun April 25, 2016

            failures and lying are her only accomplishments.

          8. Jmz Nesky April 25, 2016

            Feels good throwing stones at others isn’t it? You say she’s a liar and a loser but say nothing about those who have wasted millions of tax dollars trying to prosecute her only to be shown up as liars and losers themselves.

          9. itsfun April 26, 2016

            Have you been following the current investigation at all? Over 2000 classified documents have been found. Two top secret documents as well. That is a crime in itself. She has allowed “top secret” documents to be on a unsecured server. Look at what happened to the General for allowing “confidential” documents to be seen. She says none of the documents were marked classified. She is right, no documents are marked “classified” They are marked “confidential, secret or top secret” She has not said no documents had those markings. She lied to the families of the Benghazi victims telling them their murders were because of a video when she knew that was not true. She barked like a dog (very Presidential). She lied about “dodging bullets” in Bosnia when the videos show her receiving flowers. She lied about where her daughter was on 9/11. She says the FBI is only investigating security policy. The FBI investigates crimes not policies. The FBI isn’t using 147 people just for the fun of it. She probably will get away with her crimes, because of politics and will show she is above the law.

          10. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            hey air head (itsfun) Have you been following the current investigation at all? or just the GFOP’s own words ? that thje whole thing was planed by them JUST TO MAKE HILLARY LOOK BAD you have to be so brain dead

          11. itsfun April 26, 2016

            Yes very closely. No doubt she is a criminal. The FBI is not a part of any political party no matter which party is in charge. If that was true, then Obama would have stopped the investigation long ago. The FBI doesn’t do security reviews, it investigates crimes. You need to check the facts, the public documents laws and acts. You will see she has broken the law. But after seeing how you feel, it won’t matter if she shoots someone you will still defend her lies and vote for her. That is one reason she would make a terrible President. Far too many people hate her for her ever to be a successful leader. The same goes for Trump as far as being hated by many.

          12. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            all facts are checked and it dose when the GOP them self’s help out so much by admitting so it then is easy to put all the bull in the right place’s

          13. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            Benghazi victims telling them their murders were because of a video //// that’s a more realistic then the B/S lies the GOP admitted too

          14. itsfun April 26, 2016

            So; its okay with you when Hillary lied to grieving families.

          15. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            she didn’t lie to them it was the GOP GANG OF IDIOTS that lied and thy admitted it

          16. itsfun April 26, 2016

            Every family of the victims said she told them a video caused the attack. It is on the record all over the internet. You have absolutely no clue on what you are saying. Now you’re saying every family is lying, but good ole Hillary is telling the truth.

          17. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            it was the video caused the attack . the ones that did it are pretty much like you OF SIMPLY MIND

          18. itsfun April 26, 2016

            You poor thing, you may be the only person in the world that believes that.

          19. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            more like your the only one in the world that believes otherwise

          20. dpaano May 6, 2016

            And you must the only person in the world that didn’t read the news or check your facts…..might want to try that occasionally before you go off the deep end with lies.

          21. dpaano May 6, 2016

            Again, if you checked your facts, you would know that the Benghazi fiasco DID start first because of the video; however, terrorists in Benghazi decided to use the riot to further their war. It was found out later, and published, that the video WAS the precursor to the problems at Benghazi…..so that was NOT a lie. It wasn’t learned until later that it did have a part in starting the riot.

          22. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            ((above the law))your thinking is below any normal human being you are so locked up with hate . but being wrong as always it seems your hating the wrong ppl. with your narrow closed mind you are stuck and cant get out of your own empty head . sooooo sad for your team

          23. itsfun April 26, 2016

            You should know about being wrong as you have been on everything you have posted. I love how you tolerant people have absolutely no tolerance for an opinion other than your own.

          24. itsfun April 26, 2016

            I find it interesting how you just resort to name calling when you have no case to fall back on.

          25. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            naaaaaa not really name calling it’s just im trying to put it in words you would better understand these thing I state (as you might say is name calling ) I say as facts as I see them in you that’s all

          26. dpaano May 6, 2016

            As do you……

          27. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            your wrong again heck you must live there in being wrong for when ppl. are right I respect them . but for you it seems that’s a land too far away and you’ll never be able to see. I know I know your saying some one has to be wrong BUT WHY IS IT ALWAYS MEEEEEEE

          28. dpaano May 6, 2016

            Unfortunately, if you checked your facts, you’d see that the comment about the FBI using 147 agents to check her e-mails was a myth…..they have only assigned 12 agents. Apparently, facts don’t matter to you, much like they don’t matter to FAUX News or other paid right-wing Republican trolls, like yourself.

          29. dpaano April 26, 2016

            It’s a lot like GWB, who was NEVER tried or even chastised for his part in starting the middle east chaos that we’re still dealing with, as well as the economic mess he left behind when he left office! But, the Republicans so clearly can forget that because they just can’t admit that one of their own did a crappy job!! His part in the whole thing was the killing of over 4,000 American soldiers plus numerous civilian casualties. Why don’t we hear anyone complaining about that? Interesting, isn’t it?

          30. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            the DIRTY BUSH AND CHEEZY CHANEY now there’s a pair that swing from the bull’s sack both should have been brought up on war crimes and mind you CHEEZY CHANEY made money with his stocks he had . and pushed that war on B/S info of WMD .

          31. dpaano April 26, 2016

            I read a really interesting book by Vince Bugliosi (since passed away) about the prosecution of both Cheney and GWB. Can’t quite remember the name (I have the book at home still), but he outlined the ENTIRE case, along with evidence, etc. His comment was that ANY Attorney General of ANY state that lost soldiers in Bush’s stupid war could file a suit against him and his cohorts, but that none of them were brave enough to do it. He even offered to act as co-chair to any attorney. The book was amazing, especially when he got into the evidence…..there were things in there that most American’s never learned. If you’re interested, I could go on Amazon and see if I can find the title, or you can go on Amazon and search for books by Bugliosi. I think you’d really enjoy the book….very interesting and not boring in the least!!! I wish more people would read it!

          32. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            yes I’d be interested in the name of the book but I believe I have a lot of the B/S just by knowing the actors (the DIRTY BUSH and co star CHEEZY CHANEY ) if you like you could always email me I like the way you think 😉

          33. dpaano April 26, 2016

            The book is entitled “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder.” The author, as I said, was Vincent Bugliosi. You can get it on Amazon. I think you’ll really be surprised at all the lies the American people were told, as well as the Senators, etc., that voted for the war without knowing the full truth! Everyone complains that Hillary Clinton voted for the war, but, like everyone else, she bought into the same lies that Bush, Cheney, and the rest of his foul crowd sent out……her and a lot of other senators and congressmen and women!! It was a well thought-out plan by Bush and his cronies (with Cheney orchestrating the entire operation for his own benefit)!!! We ALL know now that Saddam had NOTHING to do with 9/11 and that the Saudi’s did, but the Bush family were buddy-buddy with the Saudi’s even to the point of flying their people out of the country after the 9/11 attack! After reading it, you’ll be so angry at what we were all led to believe by these so-called GOP politicians running this country! I just wish to hell that some attorney with cojones would just sue the crap out of these people, and I wish that Bugliosi was still alive to help them! But, if they take his book, he outlines the entire case against this motley crowd!!!

          34. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            well I do understand why one would voted for the war with what was fed to them . Obama didn’t like it and voted no smart man . but still can understand the one’s that voted yes . to me Saddam was really keeping Iran in check over there . was he a nice guy ? NOOOO but as I see it its was a problem over there and we should of stayed out of it . like Vietnam Korea Pakistan those places also . if its that the USA wants and thinks we can fix the world then we are wrong . if be it then we should be going to China too for human rights issue’s we are not the worlds police and when we go to places it cost us life’s and money we don’t have . Iraq heck the oil there but still we got nothing just owed China more money its not our BIS. over there or any where if it dose come down to something or some one then its a UN problem the whole world not just the USA and then the cost should be from all . heck with BUSH AND CHANEY’S child ISIS the middle east has all the money there that would be needed to get rid of them . its their land and corner of the globe why should the USA be spending money and worse life’s there . pres. Abe LIN. was a REP. go figga so did you think about us talking as I said seem we both kind of think alike ?

          35. dpaano April 28, 2016

            Aren’t we already talking?

          36. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 28, 2016

            true we are but id rather not have a clown like itsfun responding to every thing I say grrrrrrrrrrr lol

          37. dpaano April 28, 2016

            I agree, but not sure how to get my e-mail address to you without posting here. Like you, I have little need, or time to waste, to have the GOP trolls sending me their stupid e-mails. So, if you can figure out how to get communication info to me or vice versa without going through this or social media (I’m not on Facebook or any other social media site), let me know. I also don’t want to give out my cell phone number or other personal information, etc.

          38. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 28, 2016

            I understand all you said do you use yahoo ?

          39. dpaano April 28, 2016

            No….I have a work e-mail account and a gmail account, neither of which I want to give out on this site, if you know what I mean.

          40. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 28, 2016

            yes I do well I do have a yahoo account but thy have blocked me to a point for debating with as I see them as clowns . but even as harsh as things and ive gotten I never throw the first stone . so I have places like this where I haven’t got block to any point (YET LOL ) but yahoo is still letting my email in . just chats don’t go through . well its funny for thy do let me feel thy get through on my screen at the time by letting me see my post but that’s it (just on my screen ) but in the outside world no one see my post 🙁 awwwwwwwwwwwwwww lol BTW what name shows up here for my name ?

          41. dpaano April 28, 2016

            I will try to e-mail you at your yahoo account and you can let me know if you receive it, okay?

          42. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 28, 2016

            yes you can try that ok . I wonder what name thy have me under here . what name do you see me under here ?

          43. dpaano April 28, 2016

            Look at your yahoo e-mail and see if my e-mail came through? Let me know…..

          44. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 28, 2016

            ok you’re going the right way . but what name is on my message here when we text here ?

          45. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 28, 2016

            the strangest thing today I seen on MSNBC news 3 people endorsed DONNY DUMP and mind you thy are from the VET’S so its ok for them to call (a vet) John McCain not a war hero ? and another thing how can a true VET endorse a clown like him that draft dodged 4 x’s and on the 5th time him and DONNY DUMP and his daddy then got a DR. to write him DR.’s note to get out of serving his country . if you just type in did Donny trump ever dodge the draft . it will tell you in their words not mine that he did and the coward did dodge the draft 5 x’s and now today he is saying that Hillary is playing the women’s card (OMG what a joke he is that king clown ) im looking for a way one can send an email to Hillary Clinton and say she should use the same B/S he use’s as to playing cards . for DONNY DUMP plays all kind’s of stupid cards from his very own stacked deck of cards its a DONNY DUMP STACKED DECK OF CLOWN CARDS . that he plays them all the time and when he dose thy look so stupid like an idiot is dealing them . (well he is dealing them and he is the idiot ) lol

          46. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            to tell the truth there wouldn’t be much I wouldn’t believe in the book seeing and knowing how ass an 9 the GOP is cant surprise me there

          47. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016


          48. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            nothing for nothing Bill Clinton when he left office the country had a surplus for the first time in history I believe ? the country owed no one nothing the DIRTY BUSH helped more then a fair share to give the country a BIG BILL OF OWEING AGAIN

          49. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            a lot closer to $$ billions wasted with Benghazi ,ACA and shutting down the government

          50. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            as you have your own accomplishments all that talking out your read end easy for you to talk and crap out of the same hole

          51. itsfun April 26, 2016

            And you are full of that crap!

          52. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            only if I let what you say sink in I would be . what I am is a truth seeker and yes at times I have to see into a lot of B/S to find the truth . I’ve learned this much more with you . and yes you help me see better thank you . for the other side of you is the better place to be thanks again 🙂

          53. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            as you can state all the B/S you want the same B/S DONNY DUMP will state if he ever makes it that far to Hillary ( god help the USA then ) but its clowns like you that when the facts are right there and admitted by the GOP gang of idiots them self , that all the Benghazi B/S spread by the GOP was all just B/S not my words but the GOP’s. it was more of all the money thy waste (with time ) stated by the them that all that Benghazi was all done with one reason to try to make Hillary look bad . how many hearings did thy have for this ? and then at the end thy say them self’s that it was all B/S . waste is one thing the GOP dose the most if there was a prize for messing up and costing the most for nothing the GOP gang of idiots would win that grand prize hands down . and thy still are trying to beat that dead horse of the Benghazi thing to waste more money if not that how many times on the ACA ? last count was over 50 right ? and lets not forget shutting down the government . what did that in itself cost $$$$ 30 or 40 billion ? shell I go on about the not so great at all GOP gang of idiots ?

          54. itsfun April 26, 2016

            Obama was responsible for the government shutdown. He wouldn’t compromise one little bit on the budget. But you choose to blame Congress because the little kid in the WH wanted to take his ball and go home. Hillary belongs in prison not running for President.

          55. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            lol your too funny lets talk about getting facts . (( He wouldn’t compromise one little bit on the budget.)) check your facts that little bit you talk about it the ACA and no on ppl. covered under the ACA 12 to 15 million ? I know it keeps going up . but your GOP gang of idiots tried to block it over 50 times now there’s a waste of time and money . just think if the GOP’s GOV’s for the states thy are in was to had pushed for the ppl. that put them into office was to go with the ACA im sure there would be over 100 million with the ACA coverage today . and still the GOP gang of idiots still run on and still want to get rid of it and thy say replace it . funny how not one of them have any type what so ever replacement plan for it NONE just the get rid of it . and if thy do then what happens to those who are (BENNIE) from it all 12 to 15 million and or more ? im I so blind that I feel that the ACA could be improved no im not that blind and im sure there could very well be improvement for the ACA but I don’t say get rid of the whole thing because a black man as Pres. got it rolling the ACA has a good foundation . and should be worked on to make better . im I black ? dosent matter really but im Irish , Scottish , English and French Ca. so my race is HUMAN

          56. itsfun April 26, 2016

            I don’t care what race you are. You gave a typical response though. When you have nothing to back up what you say, you try to make it a racial issue. Keep playing the race card, that BS got old a long time ago. This may come as a shock to you, but every person that doesn’t agree with Obama is not a racist or bigot. They are just people that don’t agree with him.

          57. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            your so pathetic . im I playing the race card ? well yes the only race card the human race card . one that you make me think more and more your not of . im colored blind . as for the ones that don’t agree with him there is a high % that are racist if its not a shook to you it is for your eyes are closed to not see

          58. itsfun April 26, 2016

            Golly gee more name calling. If there are so many racist, how did he ever get elected?

          59. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 27, 2016

            name calling ?????/ no saying your pathetic isn’t a name calling its just how I see your state of mind as for your other Question how did he get elected ? because there were more ppl. that are not racist that elected him . yes I do believe there are a lot of racist people in the country and be it the world also . and who knows how many racist ppl. voted for him that would rather see him in the house then another GOP in there the hate for the GOP was larger then the racist in them

          60. itsfun April 27, 2016

            Like I said you only know how to call names and play the race card. Next you will play the woman card because I don’t want Hillary in any place except prison.

          61. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 27, 2016

            again as I stated it wasn’t name calling it’s just your state of mine could be something you could do a lot of work on who knows you fix it . and no race nor gender cards being played here just facts

          62. itsfun April 27, 2016

            So anyone that doesn’t agree with you or your liberal socialist ideas has a problem with their mind. Whats next with you? The thought police?

          63. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 27, 2016

            naaaaaa not every one pretty much just you

          64. dpaano May 6, 2016

            Have you ever noticed how itsfun deflects from the real question…..why hasn’t the GOP come up with a VIABLE plan to replace the ACA and has done NOTHING but try to repeal it. He always fails to answer that question and deflects to something totally out of context…..typical GOP right wing deflection maneuver!

          65. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 6, 2016

            right as I stated in so many of my post just that fact . the GOP never says what thy will replace it with thy say (just something else ) what in 5,10, 20, 50 years or after your dead . closer to a never answer too me . the GOP lives for only today and what thy can take from the country and its ppl. . as far as thy see things tomorrow never comes . as to and for itsfun thy say awwwwwww your calling names at every one . as I state my post I tend to find words that closely express my feeling . as far as name calling . naaaaaaaaa fact words to me . now if you wanted name calling (witch I can do very well :)~ ) if I was to do the name calling you would see a lot of F AND TART BOMBS in my post . I try to reframe from name calling as much as I can . (but in hin-sight . a lot of times some names do better fit one’s personality ) lol

          66. dpaano May 6, 2016

            It takes two to tango….remember? President Obama did not agree to the budget because of all the “little” additions that the Republicans added that would have been disastrous for our country!

          67. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            itsfun having a head full of bad air ?

          68. itsfun April 26, 2016

            ARF ARF ARF

          69. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            now there you go setting your intelligent stage now I can put you in the right child class

          70. itsfun April 26, 2016

            Just being Presidential like Hillary.

          71. Jmz Nesky April 25, 2016

            The last time we had a (B movie) actor reading his lines for the perfect fools was St. Raygun.. One fake in the white house is enough.

          72. dpaano April 26, 2016

            Just read a GREAT book…..”Tear Down this Myth” by Will Bunch. It sure puts to rest all the BS about the Ronnie Reagan so-called legacy! It’s about the right-wing distortion of the Reagan legacy. If you get a chance, try to get it from Amazon and read it…..quite interesting and even scary!!

          73. dpaano April 25, 2016

            He’s already a loser!!!

    3. dpaano April 25, 2016

      And what’s your point?

      1. itsfun April 25, 2016

        Please keep your word and don’t reply to someone as stupid as I am.

        1. dpaano April 26, 2016

          You know, sometimes you just HAVE to respond, even to someone that’s as uninformed as you are. As my mother always said…”you can’t fix stupid…..not even with duct tape!” But, I keep trying…..maybe I’m the stupid one!

          1. itsfun April 26, 2016

            You said you wouldn’t respond to anyone as stupid as I am. I guess this shows how good your word is.

          2. dpaano May 6, 2016

            Sometimes I just can’t help myself no matter how useless it may be!

  2. bobnstuff April 23, 2016

    Trump is a good businessman in the fact that he can make money running for President. The problem is that if he wins he will lose money for as long as he is in office. He has to do just well enough to seem like he is trying but not good enough to win. He should clear around a quarter of a billion dollars from his run.

    1. Moshulu April 23, 2016

      Maybe one of his first executive orders will be; all federal government employees, and military, WILL only stay at Trump properties worldwide, with no discounts allowed, when on government business….that will probably keep him in the green….LOL

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 23, 2016

      even more when at the end he claims bankrupt then that covers all his time he says he add in at who knows $10,000 , 25,000 to 50,000 an hour and paying off the money he used to pay off his jet and or jets he is a sneaky POS and is doing all this to screw the country out of money and he will say like he did 4 or 5 times before on his bankrupt filing’s I USED THE COUNTRYS AND THE MEANS THAT ARE THERE TO SCREW THE COUNTRY FOR THE MONEY AND ITS ALL LEGAL

    3. Natalie Jarnstedt April 24, 2016

      What about the $6 million that he raised in donations in January when he refused to debate? No one really knows whether he has donated the money to the vets whom he purports to love so much! Different sources claim that either $2 million or $65,000 has already been given away.

      1. dpaano April 25, 2016

        That money is still sitting in the coffers of the Trump Foundation…..he gave very little to the veterans….at least to the veteran groups who would accept it (many wouldn’t).

        1. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

          he’s a 5 X draft dodger him self as it state when you look up DONNY TRUMP DUMP has he ever dodged the draft ? it says in their words not mind he is a coward draft dodger 4 X’s then the 5th time him and his daddy had to pay a DR. for a note so he could dodge it the last time . id bet thy even wrote the DR.’s note money off on their taxes

  3. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 23, 2016

    good businessman ? better thief ,conman and B/S artiest and on his way to screw the country with another bankrupt filing but this time he will make out him self using the people’s own money in his filing’s the clown DONNY DUMP follower will be giving him their money and he will clam bankrupt on your money putting it in his pocket paying off his jet’s and at the end the filed bankrupt will be paid back buy the same fool followers of DONNY DUMP and the rest of the country . how can the ppl. of the country be so blind and his followers be so stupid ?

    1. Natalie Jarnstedt April 24, 2016

      Trump’s followers have and always will continue to vote against their own interests, whether it’s for Trump this time or any Rethuglican, in the past, and future!

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 24, 2016

        just go’s to show how many truly stupid ppl. are in this country like trump

        1. dpaano April 26, 2016

          My mom’s favorite saying was…..”you can’t fix stupid…not even with duct tape!!” She was a pretty smart woman!!!

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            yes she sounds like a smart lady and she rubbed off on you I see 😉

          2. dpaano April 26, 2016

            Yes, my mom was a pretty smart lady…she was well beyond her time. Her favorite thing to do was to mingle with my friends and talk…..she always said she learned so much from the younger people and found them to be much more aware than people her age were when they were younger (20’s and 30’s). My friends always thought she was awesome and LOVED to discuss things with her. I miss her quite a bit!!!

          3. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            yes smart talking with the younger ppl. is even smarter learning and hearing things from all ages good for she learned thing that might not been in her age range its always a good thing to do is hear as much as one can and it those who hear that can take the things thy want out . I say myself if I say 1000 words and you can find things in just one or two of them then that’s a good thing

          4. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            where you from ?

          5. dpaano April 26, 2016

            I have been living in So. California all my life (except for my military career). I was born (EECK) in Texas, but my parents were smart enough to get us out of there when I was 3 mos. old, and I can’t thank them enough for that!!!

          6. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            yes I can understand why your glad your not there now with clowns like Cruz control into a brick wall . to much GOP there and the DRITY BUSH too . that’s a CALGONE take me away moment lol

          7. dpaano April 28, 2016

            I don’t even like to admit that I was born in Texas, and I used to be so proud of that when I was younger!!! Little did I know, right?

          8. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 28, 2016

            well I just look at it a nice way that Texas with the bad there good can and has came out of Texas a special lady such as yourself .so Texas should be proud of you 😉

      2. dpaano April 25, 2016

        I know, and that’s pretty sad. If only they were intelligent enough to understand that it’s their own (the GOP) who are screwing them out of everything…..AND the ones who are to blame for this country’s anger at our government!

    2. dpaano April 25, 2016

      If he loses the election, you can guarantee he’ll find a way to recoup his money!!! And, unfortunately, it’ll be the taxpayer’s who will be the ones who actually lose!!!

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

        yup id bet he already has the paper work ready with his filing bankrupt for the 6 time ? ??

        1. dpaano April 26, 2016

          You’re probably right!!! And it’ll be the taxpayer’s AGAIN, as I said, who will end up paying for it while he reaps the benefits!

    3. Jmz Nesky April 25, 2016

      Simple.. The followers refuse responsibility.. They seek out someone who they can follow to assure themselves that they had nothing to do with any failed decision then if if does fails (and it will big time) they can then blame it on anyone but themselves. We call them stupid but in fact their simply lazy. As far as the ppl being blind.. This forum alone should tell you that’s a misconception.. It all revolves around his fans, not the ppl.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

        so more or less seems his follower are right in line with the ISIS ones that strap the bombs to them self

        1. Jmz Nesky April 26, 2016

          Well I wouldn’t go that far, they may be devout but on the other hand not so much as to give up THEIR lives,.. Now giving up YOUR life is perfectly acceptable.

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            i see it as if thy are following DONNY DUMP the clown car driver heck by then thy have to be at least half way there only one strap away lol

          2. Jmz Nesky April 26, 2016

            Well, I can visualize murder but not so much self-inflicted.. They see themselves as too important for self-sacrifice.

          3. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            following DONNY DUMP one has to think are thy really ?

      2. dpaano April 26, 2016

        Agree…..you get the person you voted for and, unfortunately, in the past the GOP party has voted for people that had no business being in the presidency; i.e., GWB, Reagan, etc. If the people are angry at our government, they only have to look at the Republicans in the Congress. They, and only they, are the ones who have caused this country to not move ahead during President Obama’s tenure!!! From Day One, it was their goal to not put through ANYTHING that was President Obama’s idea “because Obama.” The anger is directed at the wrong side of the fence by most Republicans, but they just can’t see past their noses!!! They want to re-elect the SAME idiots that continue to cause chaos in this country and continue to block advancement!

        1. Jmz Nesky April 26, 2016

          Yep.. I blame it all on Nixon.. Before tricky Dickey republicans were as human as anyone then we caught Dickey boy in a treacherous position that resulted in either prison or resignation and ever since the republicans have been hell bent on pay back and because it failed so many times during the years they eventually got to the point where they would do anything to discredit their hated rivals, even to the point of attacking one’s color as well as discrediting before the next one even gets the nod.. Their propaganda has worked n most of us while proof has always kicked them in the butt. Their frustrated, even to the point of destroying this nation in order to reap revenge.

          1. dpaano April 28, 2016

            Actually that was the start, but Reagan was the one that caused all the economic hardships that we’re going through now, as well as his buddy, GWB, and his warmongering cronies!!! Poor President Obama has done so much to get us out of the economic quagmire that we were in….but the GOP refuses to give him credit and keeps telling their GOP base that he hasn’t done a thing…..well, guess what, he hasn’t been ABLE to do all that he wanted to do because of their sabotaging his entire presidency!!! Again, if people are angry at our government for not getting things done, they need to look at the GOP Congress!

          2. Jmz Nesky April 28, 2016

            Agreed… With applause, but I’m thinking had we not forced Diicky boy to resign then we wouldn’t have had the cronies that followed.. Remember Gerald Ford? He was the last reigning GOP human being but because he was willing to compromise with the Dems, his own party mocked him then refused to vote him in the next election and because of what he did for Nixon (executive pardon) the Dems black listed him as well.. Recently another human being tried for the GOP presidency (Huntsman) and because HE was human the cons erased him from the ballot quickly.. Other than those two (true) republicans, the GOP has endorsed no one but gangsters and financial vultures. Don’t get me going on congress and state governorship. I’m sure there are capable republicans, even conservatives who could do a good job and even be willing to discuss compromise but the minute they’re elected the extremists places them behind locked doors until THEY learn the tricks of the trade or are quietly pushed out…

          3. dpaano May 6, 2016

            Reading an excellent book now…”Tear Down this Myth” by Will Bunch (available at Amazon….not an advertisement). It tells the real truth about all the myths surrounding Reagan. If most people ever knew some of the ridiculous things he did that have caused most of our economic problems now, along with the equally ridiculous things GWB did, they would be amazed. Who, in their right minds, would cut taxes during a war? Usually when a war is going on, they raise taxes to pay for it….unlike GWB, which only added to the problems we have today! Anyway, good book if you get a chance to read it.

        2. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

          I still think this day that Obama should of also said at his speech’s that the things he wanted to help this country cant all be done by him alone that he needs the DEMS in the offices to get thing going the right way . if not at his first term then for sure his 2nd term . think if even he was to get GOV’S of state’s to be DEMS how many ACA ppl. would be enrolled today . is the ACA perfect ? no maybe not but its a foundation and just improve it where it might need it . the GOP just want to get rid of it . and thy said replace it but never or none of them ever said what thy would do in a replacement of it . thy was just get rid of it and them thinking in 10 or 20 years come up with something ( that prob. wouldn’t work anyways )

  4. stsintl April 23, 2016

    “The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to the point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself. That in its essence is fascism ownership of government by an individual, by a group or any controlling private power.” –

    President Franklin Delano Roosevelt


  5. Dominick Vila April 23, 2016

    Considering the amount of free press he gets, he does not need to spend much to be on the spotlight.

    1. Natalie Jarnstedt April 24, 2016

      A real hypocrite who hates the untrustworthy and dishonest media who lie about everything – the media that has provided him and continues to do so with over $2 Billion in free air time!
      What’s ironic when he accuses everyone of lying is that he’s the one who earned the most Pinocchio – it takes one to know one, doesn’t it?

    2. dpaano April 25, 2016

      He’s so ugly…..I can’t even look at him and I have a very strong stomach!!!

  6. Daniel Deering April 23, 2016

    trump lies about everthing he is not who he claims to be

  7. Phil Johnson April 23, 2016

    … he is a blithering cheapskate, is all. I am still wondering what happened to the six million he supposedly raised for vets some two – three months ago. Rumor has it that it never passed out of his reach, because the man has fishhooks in his pockets.

    Maybe he did pass them on. Who knows? But I will lay eight to five otherwise.

    aures lupi

    1. dpaano April 25, 2016

      All of the money went directly into the Trump Foundation, where it’s still sitting. There were several veteran groups that told him they didn’t want his money…..so, I guess he thought that meant ALL of them! He had NO intention of giving any money to the veterans!

  8. _Steve_ April 23, 2016

    The article is a bad faith attempt and slur to undermine Trump. Even if Trump is lending money to his campaign, He is the one lending it at 0%, and if he fails to get enough contributions, he loses his loan value. As the Article states, a billion each was spent in the last election, and that is expected to double this time around. Any individual with a $10 Billion net worth won’t have a $1 Billion uninvested, probably even a million in cash would be unlikely. Cash loses value every day..why would one want that?

    1. bobnstuff April 23, 2016

      You mean a $3.8 billion net worth and most is real estate which is hard to spend. The question is can a campaign declare bankruptcy? He’s lending the money to the campaign and then paying it back to himself. He can’t lose.

      1. _Steve_ April 24, 2016

        How much does Hillary or Cruz loan their campaign? Are his loans guaranteed? Nope. $12 million in donations is a tiny bit of what his campaign is spending. What a farcical comment section!

        1. bobnstuff April 24, 2016

          Trump has around $350 million cash on hand and it’s going to cost around $1.5 billion this time around to run for President so even the idea of self funding on Trumps part is a lie. Add in the fact that in everything Trump does he puts himself first and spending any real money isn’t very likely. I know that his supporters want to believe in his good nature and his honesty but he really isn’t either of those things. The media will only give him a free ride for so long and then they are going to want their money. Elections are the cash cow of the media and they will not be very happy if the Trump hold out on them.

          1. Natalie Jarnstedt April 24, 2016

            I don’t believe that the media will ever stop giving Trump a free ride – ratings are too important!

          2. bobnstuff April 24, 2016

            We are talking about a billion dollars in ad dollars. Ratings are one thing but cash is king.

          3. Greer Ashton April 24, 2016

            Having gotten freebies worth over $2 billion, he’ll just keep on spouting nonsense to get more free coverage! And the media will be stupid enough to do it ad infinitum!

          4. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            the more B/S he’s spouting is the more attention he gets the child’s mind for his clown show . watch at the end of all this Saturday night live will have even more clown shows to air and ill bet the king clown DONNY DUMP will make C-D’S of all his shows and sell them but he will make shipping cost 2-X as much

          5. Greer Ashton April 26, 2016

            I love it! You’re right, I bet he’ll do that! He apparently keeps a scrapbook of every article/photo that appeared of him (a lackey does it for him!); doesn’t necessarily read it all, just looks at the stuff. If anyone has ever seen pics of his office, every magazine cover on which he ever appeared (good or bad) is framed and lines his walls like wallpaper….The Donald will do anything to make a buck!

          6. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 27, 2016

            and his so called wild card in all of this will be weather he just fails and or brings the country down he will say ive only been doing this for 10 months . and I have no time in any government office at all . so then he will say its not my fault im Pres. and im banned from going to other country’s . then he will blame all his (and prob. will say it this way too ) brain dead followers for being so stupid for voting him into the house . and his card when he lose the sit . well I never wanted to be Pres. anyways I just needed something to use for another bankrupt filing . what guy in his right mind would want to be Pres. and knock all women , VETS . faiths, race and anyone else I bad mouthed I blame the stupid people of this country for letting me the KING CLOWN DONNY DUMP get so far . and I will be sueing and clamming bankrupt’s as much as I can and I thank you . look forward for my new book im writing how to make a killing in money by running for the Pres. or all the screwed people in this country I screwed you

          7. Natalie Jarnstedt April 27, 2016

            Poor Donald and his family will have to live in that awful public housing after it was vacated by a black family! What’s he going to do about money, surely, a president’s pay is mere pocket change to him….poor, poor Donald – unfortunate country!

          8. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 27, 2016

            I thought of that and said id bet he would gut the whole white house its stones and ever high pressure wash them too . all on the taxes payers money . but the higher cost would come from the next Pres. after DONNY DUMP that would level every thing to the ground and then rebuild

          9. Greer Ashton April 27, 2016

            Could Trump be another Palin who got tired of the little work she had to do as governor, quitting in midterm – the money was obviously a lot better out there in Fox Noiseland. I wonder how Trump will feel about his measly paycheck and all that responsibility? With his brain-dead supporters, I just hope that the last laugh isn’t Trump’s.

          10. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 27, 2016

            if he was to ever get that far to the house sit (god help the country then ) he would get the last laugh he prob. would quit the 2nd day and then he will sue to make sure he gets that Pres. for him it can be called disability SSI check the rest of his life as for Palin she quit and did make money then tried to go out on her own and failed one time after another . and when ever anyone needs some B/S to throw in anything thy call her and give her money and she answers the B/S call

          11. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            cash is king and the king clown DONNY DUMP knows how to get other’s cash to pay for his B/S

          12. dpaano April 25, 2016

            Unfortunately, that’s so true!!! Every time he calls in to a show, they put him on the TV……more free advertising!!!

      2. Natalie Jarnstedt April 24, 2016

        Be careful for underestimating Trump’s worth – he will sue you!

        1. bobnstuff April 24, 2016

          His worth varies depending on his mood. When Hillary beats him he will be worthless.

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

            by mind of a sane person he is always and already worthless as a human being

      3. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 26, 2016

        his main goal from the start was to do another bankruptcy run

  9. ringostarr1 April 23, 2016

    That was a neat little trick that the Trumpster learned from his favorite male Secretary of State, John (Ketchup) Kerry. In 2004 Kerry was a little lite in the campaign funds department so his Sugar Mamma loaned him the money. As soon as the big donor bucks began to roll in Kerry paid off the $7,000,000 dollar mortgage on the log cabin he would like for you to believe that he was born in. Strangely that is what Kerry plunked down to buy his 80 foot “Yatchet” as the Clower’s Clan from from Yazoo Co. Mississippi calls boats designed to be BIG Pleasure craft. BTW, I think that John Kerry is still into Massachusetts for the 300 large in sales taxes that he shorted the poor out of back there in Massachusetts on the yacht that he had custom made overseas..

    1. bobnstuff April 23, 2016

      John and his little lady are poor, they are only worth a little under half a billion.

  10. _Steve_ April 23, 2016

    Cruz is almost as big a joke as his supporters. No chance, the most disliked Senator, and even thinks his election results are due to people supporting his policies rather than trying to sidestep Trump. Of course, they are a few slathering idjits and brain deads that do support him !

  11. TZToronto April 23, 2016

    It would be interesting to see what a Republican Congress would do if Trump were found to have profited financially from his presidency. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Trump peddling influence while in office. He doesn’t seem to know how the government works, that he’d need cooperation from Congress to do much of what he’s ranted about, or what the Constitution allows presidents to do

    1. _Steve_ April 23, 2016

      Aren’t you talking about Hildabeast?

      1. bobnstuff April 23, 2016

        Trump is clueless about the power of the president, just listen to him and all the things he will do. Why would bother learning anything about the job he is trying to get when he didn’t bother to find out what it takes to be nominated Hillary know in detail what she can get away with as president.

      2. TZToronto April 23, 2016


        1. dpaano April 26, 2016

          Unfortunately, being one of the “uninformed ones,” Steve doesn’t know how to spell Hillary. Typical troll comment!

    2. Natalie Jarnstedt April 24, 2016

      If Trump profits from his presidential run, he’s making sure that none of it will ever leak, rest assured! His supporters and he fail to understand that all his promises for “day #1” are absolutely impossible – that is, unless he crown himself Emperor Drumpf!

  12. _Steve_ April 23, 2016

    “Even if he were to pay off all of his loans with his own money — don’t count on it — Trump has so far received more than $12 million dollars in small (and large) contributions from his supporters, much of it through hat sales but some also in the form of maximum allowable cash donations. That’s not “self-funding,” not at all”

    He has received $12M in donations. BTW, the hats cost his campaign money, no one made and shipped them for free. How much has his campaign spent?

    Much much more…what a trash article!

  13. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 13, 2016

    he seem to be home fun raising it >> ok all you DONNY DUMP brain dead followers here’s thing you might want to look into about your hero clown >>This photo of Donald Trump and his daughter, Ivanka sitting in his lap. And he wonder’s why people keep thinking he wants to do stuff with his biological daughter. That and he said on The View, “If Ivanka weren’t my daughter perhaps I’d be dating her.” Donald Trump is sitting on a statue of parrots going at it, and he has Ivanka sitting on her lap. The photo was taken at the Mar-a-Lago estate back in 1996. This wasn’t the only time he admitted he liked his daughter’s body. On Howard Stern’s radio show, Donald said, “You know who’s one of the great beauties of the world, according to everybody. And I helped create her. Ivanka. My daughter, Ivanka. She’s six feet tall, she’s got the best body.” Just last year Trump had another slip of the tongue and admitted Just last year Trump had another slip of the tongue and admitted to Rolling Stone, “Yeah, [Ivanka’s] really something and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married, and ya know, her father…” Donald Trump’s slogan is to “make America great again.” More like make America creepy again


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