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No, Donald Trump Is Not “Self-Funding” His Campaign

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No, Donald Trump Is Not “Self-Funding” His Campaign

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This is a given, but: Don’t believe everything — anything — Donald Trump tells you.

Trump began his campaign for the presidency by reminding us that he was very, very rich. So rich, in fact, that he would be “self-funding” his campaign, a term which usually means that he would — duh — personally pay all of his campaign’s expenses.

Not so.

The dude’s a con artist, as we know, so coming from him, “self-funding” means something entirely different.

Does it mean that Donald Trump doesn’t take money from super PACs?

Well, that’s what he said, at one point — but he also accepted money from the Make America Great Again PAC, before disavowing it, and is now doing the same with something called TrumPAC, a hybrid between a traditional “bundling” group and a super PAC.

Does it mean that he doesn’t accept donations from his supporters?

Not at all. In fact, according to a recent analysis by ABC News, a full third of Trump’s war chest is made up of individuals’ contributions. He’s not selling those hats for fun.

Well sure, but all the rest of his campaign’s income is straight from Trump’s bank account, right?

Wrong again. In fact, only a tiny portion of the $17,534,058 Trump has given to his campaign is in the form of actual checks.

The rest of it, crucially, is in the form of zero-interest loans — millions and millions of dollars in such loans. And anything can be used to pay back zero-interest loans — even hat sales.

As long as he raises the money he needs to pay himself back before the Republican convention, he will have paid barely anything at all for his supposedly self-funded campaign.

And here’s a big surprise: Sources at the Trump campaign recently told CNN that, should Donald become his party’s nominee, he will start fundraising like “a traditional party candidate.”

So: even though Donald Trump repeatedly claims to be self-funding his campaign, a full third of his campaign income comes from ordinary citizens across the country. And nearly 99 percent of what he does pay comes in the form of zero-interest loans that can be repaid by anyone, not just Trump. And Donald recently announced that his campaign is about to embark on a fundraising spree.

Ok, wow. That all sounds pretty bad. But that’s definitely the worst of it, right? Trump could end up funding his campaign just like any normal candidate, if he goes to enough cocktail parties and sells enough hats to pay himself back before November, should he choose to do so?

There’s no way he could be generating revenue from this campaign? Right?


Think again, chump!

Because federal election law requires that business-owner candidates pay for services provided by their own companies (these are called “in kind,” or non-monetary donations), Trump has paid his own businesses and employees millions of dollars over the course of this campaign.

To help visualize all of this, we broke down his campaign’s Federal Election Commission filing for the month of January. Notice how much of his campaign’s income comes from loans, and the hundreds of thousands of dollars he spent — in one month — on his own companies and employees:

Source: Federal Election Commission/Kim Soffen

If he ends up not self-funding — by covering his loans with donations — Trump would be using the revenue from Joe the Plumber’s Make America Shit Again hat to buy gas for his Boeing. Or to employ his personal assistant. Or to pay rent on his campaign headquarters in Trump Tower.

So if and when Trump gets his supporters to foot the bill for those millions in zero-interest loans, this whole campaign will turn out to be one yuge money-maker; perhaps the most cost-effective publicity campaign ever perpetrated upon a democracy.

The Trump campaign could in fact represent the climax in some orgiastic jumble of self-aggrandizement, political dress-up, and getting paid to threaten brown people.

Donald Trump’s teenage fantasy, realized: The ultimate con.


Photo: U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump reacts to supporters as he arrives to a campaign event in Radford, Virginia February 29, 2016. REUTERS/Chris Keane

Graphic: Kim Soffen.



  1. Joan March 8, 2016

    Grifters gotta grift, haters gotta hate and smart sociopaths figure out how to grift other’s anger and pain. Wow, Trump is arguably the biggest con of all time.

    1. David March 8, 2016

      Almost as big as Bill and Hillary!

      1. mike March 8, 2016

        Trump is a piker compared to the Clintons.

        1. dpaano March 8, 2016

          See my note above to David…..same question.

          1. mike March 8, 2016

            Why am I not surprised of your post. You remain clueless on so many levels.
            This is just one of many.
            Chris Matthews no less.

          2. dpaano March 8, 2016

            Why….because I asked you a simple question and you didn’t want to answer? That certainly doesn’t make me “clueless” and your calling me names is childish and out of line! For your information, I am NOT clueless….I do a lot of reading of both sides (conservative AND liberal) and I try to always keep an open mind of both sides. Interesting to note that the Arizona Daily is a typical RW newspaper that can rarely be called upon to tell the truth. As to Clinton’s e-mails, there’s nothing there and it’s been said many times by many people and websites that she is not going to be indicted for anything because there isn’t anything. As for “politicalliars,” I can only guess what this group will say.

          3. mike March 8, 2016

            As I said, you are clueless. If it is a right wing paper disprove their article. Matthews knows how corrupt they both are. Talk about not wanting to answer, prove them wrong. ?
            It’s about the server, Stupid! It is a criminal investigation. Last night she again lied to the American people about the classified documents. Keep your in fairyland.

          4. dpaano March 8, 2016

            Hmmmm, that sounds a lot like you also! Enough said.

          5. mike March 8, 2016

            You are either too lazy or you can’t refute the facts.?
            Keep it coming clueless l love to laugh.
            Enough said!

          6. Cloudherder March 9, 2016

            Oh shut up. You are so exhausting and clueless. You propose questions like “So when did you murder your wife?”
            I have seen several Senators claim that private servers are commonly used … But I’m not going to go hunting for where and when the interviews were for you. I don’t care whether I show it to you because you are close-minded and it would truly be pointless. Now go ahead and reply with name calling … It is all you do.

          7. mike March 9, 2016

            So cranky in the morning.
            Name cabinet members that have their own servers, in their home. Name them or you can shut up. You can stay clueless it fits you. You said, “I have seen several Senators claim that private servers are commonly used ..” Then you can’t back up your claim which just show you are a load of cow dung. Name the senators and name the govt. officials with the status of a Cabinet memver using their OWN PRIVATE SERVER. You can’t so go bury your head up Hillary’s derriere.
            What is unmistakable is Hillary used a private server passed top secret documents through that server and lied about it to the Fed. govt. and the American people, was caught in numerous lies and with her high unfavorables has given rise to bernie’s candidacy.

          8. dpaano March 9, 2016

            Mike…..as you’ve been told MANY times by MANY people….the documents WERE NOT classified when they came through her server and were changed to a classified nature AFTER they were received. No lies were told and the Federal government has agreed that these e-mails were not classified when they were sent to her or received by her! When will you get it through your thick skull that there is nothing there to lie about? Give it up! You’re BS is getting tiresome and you refuse to accept the truth even when many of us have shown it to you!

          9. mike March 9, 2016

            Keep drinking Hillary’s Kool-Aid.
            Wrong again clueless one.
            IG announced earlier that 22 were marked top secret at origination. Revealed last week was the 104 emails Hillary WROTE containing classified information. There goes her statement “I never received or sent” classified info.
            What you and your ilk can’t get through your thick skulls is the fact on day one as Sec. of State she signed under oath fed. form SF-312 that states that marked or unmarked classified information is not to be disclosed. It is the content, the essence of the email, STUPID! She was responsible for and her duty to know the difference what is classified, marked or unmarked. She should have known Aerial pictures of North Korean or list of people(moles) working for U.S. in other countries were classified. But in her eyes they weren’t.
            This a criminal investigation. FBI wants to know how classified information got from a secure server to her server. They want to know how almost verbatim and summaries of classified information got on her server.
            They don’t give immunity unless Pagliano has pertinent information to a criminal investigation.
            Only in your clueless eyes is this tiresome. No, you can’t accept the truth the american people have her number which is showing in the polls. She has been caught in her own lies.

          10. dpaano March 9, 2016

            Mike: Not sure, as usual, where in hell you’re getting your information because it’s totally wrong from everything that’s been written on both conservative media AND liberal media. But, you continue to believe what you want to believe because I don’ have time to argue with you. We’ll just see how it plays out.

          11. mike March 9, 2016

            “Totally wrong”, really! You really are an idiot and that is being kind.
            So the media is wrong but yet the FBI is doing a criminal investigation, giving immunity, about Hilary’s server on a whim. Are you really as stupid as you write? It sure looks like it.

            For a person that claims to be so well read your lack of facts is astonishing. Everything I’ve written even you can find. Are you just too lazy or are you to unmotivated to know the truth.
            Your post just shows how clueless you arre.

          12. Cloudherder March 11, 2016

            Blah blah blah.

          13. mike March 11, 2016

            Thanks for confirming that you are nothing more than a Mental Midget.
            Can’t prove your statement so you start acting like a little child.
            You pathetic little twerp!

          14. Cloudherder March 12, 2016

            Wow, pot calling kettle?

          15. mike March 12, 2016

            No, it fits you well.
            You are a mental midget twerp.

          16. Insinnergy March 8, 2016

            Don’t bother. Mike is an Astroturfer and thereby incapable of an “open mind”.
            He’s paid to type. His thoughts are not his own.

            Which is probably lucky… otherwise I’d worry about his sanity, OCD, and continual delusions.

          17. mike March 8, 2016

            Typical post from a brain dead person. ?
            I asked you a few day ago to name other cabinets members with their own server while in office. Still waiting for an answer. I won’t hold my breath waiting for your answer.?

          18. dpaano March 8, 2016

            I’m aware….all he can do is call people names or fail to answer any questions that you ask him with any viable response! I generally tend to give up responding to his posts! It’s like talking to a cement post!

      2. dpaano March 8, 2016

        And, David, how exactly did Hillary and Bill con the American public? I’d be interested in knowing because all I’ve ever seen are the good things that occurred during Bill’s presidency. Aren’t you being a little biased?

        1. David March 8, 2016

          For openers: Well, as an attorney, don’t you find it interesting that Bill and Hillary bill the Government 10,000 a month for the house that their Secret Service agents live at on the 11 million dollar estate they have in New York?

          1. dpaano March 9, 2016

            First of all, David, if you knew what you were talking about, you would know that it’s automatic that ex-presidents are served by Secret Service agents after their presidency, and the government covers the cost of their lodging. The Clinton’s did not choose the lodging and they do not pay for it, so they have no need to “bill” the government for it. The lodging is probably the most accessible and nearest to the Clinton’s home. Do you want them to live in a shack on the property somewhere….maybe we can call “Tuff-Shed” to put a nifty shed on the property for them. Again, you are misinformed. You might want to check…..even ex-President GWB has a Secret Service detachment assigned to him and lives near or on his ranch in Texas.

          2. David March 9, 2016

            I happen to know that ex-presidents DO get Secrrt Śervice protection. The agents stay at a house on the Clinton estate owned by the Clintons. Research it. The Clintons bill the Govt $10,000 a month for that! What law school did you graduate from?

  2. bobnstuff March 8, 2016

    This isn’t news, any one who has been watching this dog and pony show should know this. Trump is really good at taking other peoples money and making it his own. He is a liar and a thief but his minions don’t want to see those facts. If Trump says it it must be true even if it’s different from what he said 10 min. ago.

    1. 1standlastword March 8, 2016

      And the irony of ironies is he is the only means we have to for the utter destruction of a party that has caused so much pain and destruction to humans near afar

      Trump is revolution without bloodshed….So far that is

      1. dpaano March 8, 2016

        But, if he IS nominated as president….the chaos he will cause will be detrimental to the American people! Granted it will kill the GOP party, but it will not do us any good either.

        1. 1standlastword March 8, 2016

          More likely the party that cheats its way to victory will find a way to rob Trump and the people who want him to be POTUS and that is the end of the modern GOP!

          In some outrageous other-world dimension a president Trump is just as predictable as any other person.

          I believe this because presidents after elected have never been the same person they projected while they were campaigning

  3. FireBaron March 8, 2016

    And I would be willing to bet he “legally” makes a profit from this venture! Then watch NBC turn down his next TV show pitch!

  4. The lucky one March 8, 2016

    This won’t have any impact on the morons that support the Duck. They’ll see it as an example of shrewdness as a businessman. You can’t reason someone out of a position that they didn’t reason themselves into.

    1. notafoxfan March 8, 2016

      you have made an excellent point lucky one..not apart from the fact that media such as cnn,fox,msbc and so on have not really publicized this information, and have given him massive amounts of free publicity for months now…

      1. dpaano March 9, 2016

        Yeah, whatever happened to the concept of “equal time” for politicians with the media…..everywhere I turn, I see Trump’s ugly face. It’s either on TV or on the front page of the newspaper, etc. It’s getting so I can’t stand to even see his smirking visage without getting sick to my stomach!

  5. oldtack March 8, 2016

    Trump is doing nothing that the other puppet clowns are doing. He is taking donations from supporters anf from some small Groups. What the is not doing is being a high priced Whore indebted ot Super Pacs to be elected and dance 100% to their desires. Whores such as Cruz and Rubio.

    Will Trump win the Nomination? No. That has already been taken care of by Sam Ginsberg, the Party Attorney. When the Party got blasted by Obama in 2007 because McCain’s promoters influenced the selection of the dummy from Alaska as his vice President running mate They knew they needed a change. They were aware that Obama didn’t beat McCain per se but the downfall was caused by Sarah Palin. The Party met in 2008 and in this meeting Sam Ginsberg concocted a change in the order whereby the Party does not have to go with the winner in the Candidate race. If the Party determines that the top person is not strong enough or doesn’t meet the desires of the Party they can pass over that person and select another or they can select someone from outside. That resolution passed by voice vote. They didn’t need it in 2012 because they thought they had a sure winner in Romney. This year the Pacs and the Party had their favorite in Marco Rubio, the maleable pupett. but like McCain in 2007 Marco’s organization gave him bad campaign advice and he is slowly sinking. They don’t really want Cruz because they can’t control him and he has alienated many of his Fellow members.
    This time you may see them exercise their options because they most certainly do not want the “Elephant in the Room” the outsider, Trump.

    1. dpaano March 8, 2016

      I agree, however, according to the article he IS taking funds from Super PACS and plans on doing it even more if he gets the nomination. He’s an out and out con artist and people are allowing him to fool them.

      1. oldtack March 8, 2016

        Clarification – every one of these yahoos in this race are con artists and liars as are all the rest of the scum that befouls the Halls of Congress. Can oyu name me one honest truthful religious leaning individual among this den of thieves?

        1. dpaano March 8, 2016

          Why does it have to be a “religious leaning individual?” What in heck does that have to do with politics? That’s the problem nowadays…..our politicians are trying to rule by the bible and NOT by the Constitution! As for an honest and truthful individual, I can name several; i.e., Alan Lowenthal, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, etc.

          1. oldtack March 8, 2016

            Well good for you lady. There are a few -maybe but can’t say as I find these in Oklahoma or Texas (my territory in this Nation). As for Religion I threw that in because that seems to be what the masses look for. so – we have all the politicians in this race espousing their faith and carrying the Bible like Cruz all the while they lie to those same masses. It’s one of those hypocritical things done by politicians.
            I referred to you as lady because I just glimpsed at the photo on your post. Either way – no hard feelings and do have a good day and many more as we watch this panorama called the Race for the Nomination.

          2. dpaano March 8, 2016

            I was born in Texas (San Antonio), and I applaud my parents for getting me out of that backward state when I was 3 months old! I have NO desire to ever step in that state until its politicians come to their senses! As for all the politicians espousing their religiosity….it’s pretty funny because none of them attend church on a regular basis, one of them hasn’t given a cent to his church in years, and Trump, I believe, stepped into a church recently and couldn’t tell the difference between a communion plate and an offering plate! Pretty scary and makes me wonder why the evangelicals are so gungho about these guys!
            And, I thank YOU for your service. I started our in the WACS in 1964 and was honorably discharged in 1967 as a Spec5. I went back into the Army Reserve, and when I got my Bachelor’s Degree, I applied for a direct commission. Because of my time in service, I was commissioned as a 1st Lieutenant. I went up from there and retired in 1985 as a Major (but I get paid a pension as a LTC since I was due for a promotion just before I retired). Yes, we BOTH raised our hands to defend this country. It WAS an honor….my mother was in the WACS in WWII and my father was Air Force in the same war…..I kinda grew up KNOWING I would be in the service when I graduated, and I’m glad that I went.
            Glad to hear you aren’t a Trump supporter…..not sure why anyone would be, but there are those that are somewhat brainwashed by FAUX News and other conservative media and can’t seem to think for themselves….Stockholm Syndrome maybe!!
            You, kind Sir, have a great day also. The next few weeks should be interesting!!!

          3. Cloudherder March 9, 2016

            What bases were you stationed at?

          4. dpaano March 9, 2016

            When to basic training at Ft. McClellan, Alabama, in 1964; then to Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, for Stenography School, then to Viet Nam with the then General of the Army for an inspection tour (interesting to say the least), and then on to Ft. Huachuca, Arizona, where I worked for the Staff Judge Advocate as a legal clerk and took Special Court Martials. I was discharged in 1967 and after that, I got out and joined the Army Reserve in California. I retired in 1985, but I’m still a member of MOAA.

          5. Cloudherder March 11, 2016

            So you were in the Army. Sounds like you had an interesting career! I was just wondering if you were anywhere my Dad or husband was, but they were both Air Force.

        2. Cloudherder March 9, 2016

          Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, Tammy Duckworth, Al Franken, Barbara Boxer. Of course I need a better definition of “religious leaning”.

    2. The lucky one March 13, 2016

      “Trump is doing nothing that the other puppet clowns are not doing.” maybe but none of them claimed to be “self-funding”.

  6. Nick March 8, 2016

    This information is old. People who have been following the campaigns had known this information back in November/December time frame. If you’re just now joining the primaries, then it’s news. Another bad attempt to derail the Trump following.

    1. dpaano March 8, 2016

      They need to be derailed…..they don’t see the big picture of what Trump is doing! They either don’t want to know or don’t care, but he’s using them just as he’s always used people.

  7. dpaano March 8, 2016

    Typical actions for a con artist like Trump. Unfortunately, people won’t realize this until it’s too late and he’s created absolute chaos within our government. He’s done this before when he filed his 4 bankruptcies and the American taxpayer had to pay his debts for him…..this is just another ploy for him to make money off the backs of the citizens of this country, and most of them just don’t realize it!

    1. Polana March 17, 2016

      Yep. he is even selling his wine steaks, and hats to the gullible admires. He and Ivanka (his daughter he would love to date if she wasn’t his daughter) have companies in China making his ties, clothing, her handbags (horrible) for about $7.00 a day ea worker gets paid. Why not in USA???
      And NO he is not founding his own campaign so is Bernie getting money from
      the rich. I am tired of him bashing the WS and the rich. What he is going to do when they run out of money – will he give up his paycheck??

  8. 1standlastword March 8, 2016

    And this is exactly why the Trump faithful believes Mexico will pay for the wall.

    This makes me wonder that someone with the skills of Trump at making deals could actually “really” make health insurance affordable?!

    Think of the love

    1. oldfed March 8, 2016

      Seeing as how each illegal costs the US taxpayer $675,000 over their lifetime freezing every Mex bank account would be warranted

      1. Bren Frowick March 13, 2016

        That is an absurd lie put out there by right wing propaganda outlets that oh-so-conveniently ignore the OTHER side of the equation: all the taxes that illegals pay for services they can never access, including payroll taxes, federal, state, and local taxes, sales taxes, and more. In fact, illegals are largely SUBSIDIZING Social Security with their taxes.

      2. Joan March 13, 2016

        I might be for you idea if first we went after the most egregious of drains to our economy and tax code. Forget the penny ante in undocumented workers bank accounts – the brass ring is in off shore accounts. How about US business interest who pretend to be a forgein entity solely to circumvent tax laws? How about the millions of dollars we provide to subsidize highly profitable oil and gas companies who then refuse to clean up the environmental messes they have made? I know that you have been led to believe that our problems are caused by that Latino washing dishes or the black man in the White House – but that simply is not true

      3. oldfed March 18, 2016

        Dan M Ketter a child molester??

  9. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 8, 2016

    Being a liar and/or a crook are serious in general no matter who embraces such non-virtuous traits. Each of us to some degree or another has committed these offenses.

    But lying and using deceit to better one’s self, or one’s group, over others crosses the line of decency, and not just in an academic sense.

    Lying and deception are universal qualities; the founding of America, for example, was primarily based on a series of lies and deceptions by the arrivals from across the Atlantic. Lying and deception are woven into how many in the Western world conduct their affairs, or imagine how dealings should be made—Nigeria, Russia, are some examples of other nations where deception and lack of trustworthiness are more the norm than the exception.

    The GOP and Donald are simply quite comfortable as an entity with committing these acts as long as they can gain an advantage for themselves as individuals, or for the sake of a political agenda.

    So accustomed to this habit have they become that to them it’s just another set of “virtues”, right up there with “love”, “honesty”, “trustworthiness”, “compassion”, and similar positive attributes.

    A portion of a Tablet by Baha’u’llah, that addresses the matter of trustworthiness is as follows [incidentally, “Taraz” is Arabic and Persian for “ornament”]:

    “The fourth Taráz concerneth trustworthiness. Verily it is the door of security for all that dwell on earth and a token of glory on the part of the All-Merciful. He who partaketh thereof hath indeed partaken of the treasures of wealth and prosperity. Trustworthiness is the greatest portal leading unto the tranquility and security of the people. In truth the stability of every affair hath depended and doth depend upon it. All the domains of power, of grandeur and of wealth are illumined by its light.”

    The Tablet has more than what I’ve shown. The element of mistrust that a certain Wing of the government is at such a level as to introduce even greater instability in the world than currently exists.

    A loss of one’s job or medical coverage are only some of myriad outcomes of lying, deception, and corruption; further damage awaits, if the Donald and others have their way.

  10. oldfed March 8, 2016

    Just goes to show that the SC decision in citizens united was the right one

    1. Daniel Max Ketter March 10, 2016

      Well me and Linda my dear Linda Rae agree that Sen Sanders is the best candidate out there, and will certainly get our votes. Trump and the gop losers will only get parting gifts and a swift kick in the keyster from the common Americans. I just hope ACA remains in place, the upper class begins paying their share of taxes, and more sanctuary cities built for evacuees until they can get back on their feet. What do you think?

      1. kimothyanne March 11, 2016

        I know you weren’t asking me but, I must point this out. Bernie now has Karl Rove and the Kochs paying for advertising for him. There should be questions as to why two of the most notorious, GOP/Libertarian, right wing institutions are funding a “Socialist”. That ought to make ANY red-blooded liberal more than suspicious!

        1. The lucky one March 13, 2016

          As asked above, show some evidence to support your lie and i will apologize and thank you for the enlightenment, not much chance of that though.

          1. The lucky one March 13, 2016

            Thanks. I’m sure the subtlety of right wingers “funding” a social democrat because they believe he is more vulnerable than a corporate democrat is lost on many. It will be interesting to see if that backfires on them like their creation of Frankentrump.

      2. yabbed March 13, 2016

        Sanders is campaigning to overturn the ACA so you really should pay attention to the guy you want to vote for. You know, I presume, that Sanders consistently has voted against Democratic Party legislation on gun control and immigration reform and has held up President Obama appointees. Sanders lived on unemployment benefits until the NRA got him elected to the government trough. And, further, I presume you know that Sanders actively sought to find a candidate to challenge President Obama’s reelection in 2008.

    2. oldfed March 12, 2016

      Just goes to show that dan ketter is a moron and a military draft dodger

  11. BC March 9, 2016

    Same thing most of the candidates do. heck oh Bernie Sanders is supported by Moveon, who is supported by billionaires..

    1. kimothyanne March 11, 2016

      Not to mention that Bernie now has Karl Rove and the Kochs paying for advertising for him. That ought to make ANY red-blooded liberal more than suspicious!

      1. tbs March 11, 2016

        Proof please this is true?

        1. kimothyanne March 14, 2016

          Which? Trump or Bernie? Here’s the Trump info: http://www.nationalmemo.com/no-donald-trump-is-not-self-funding-his-campaign/#comment-2563774037
          Bernie info, if that is what you were asking for, is forthcoming.

          Take care,

      2. The lucky one March 13, 2016

        Utter and total BS, not surprising from a trump supporter.

      3. Bren Frowick March 13, 2016

        The only reason Rove and his Machiavellian cronies tip a little cash towards Bernie is because they know full well how completely Hillary will crush them in the general election, and they think they have a better chance against a “socialist septuagenarian” (they’re wrong about that, too)

        1. 788eddie March 13, 2016

          Right on, Bren! The reason that Rove et al is supporting Bernie Sanders is that they’ve been in apoplectic fear of Hillary for decades.

  12. ham hock March 10, 2016

    Honestly trying to convince a conservative of anything is a futile effort. Not only are they the lowest common denominator of brainwashed reality tv watching consumerists with an average IQ of room temperature, but they dont even live in real life. How do you convince someone of truth when not only do they listen to nothing but brainwashing far right propaganda and religious dogma, but they are collectively too stupid to even know it is happening. Their mindless droning consumerism and their inability to create a single political, or even social opinion without resorting to obvious talking points makes them nothing short of laughable.

    Why do we let the least intelligent of society create all the rules? Why do we let them have validity? These are people who think the earth is 6000 years old and jesus rode on dinosaurs, and you people want to elect them to congress. Stop giving idiots a voice. They have been in control far too long.

    1. tbs March 11, 2016

      This is the first time in a while that the American people have raised (and about time) their ire and voice with the corrupt government establishments (on both sides). Why are you lying about this and name calling the people (idiots and least intelligent ) have had control far too long? “We the people” have that right to do, by the Constitution.
      You must be uneducated by insinuating this nasty remark and do not know what you speak of.
      First off you are an instigator, of trouble, and should know it is everyone’s freedom to vote as they wish. AND you proved, how closed minded you are, by saying “Honestly trying to convince a conservative of anything is a futile effort.”
      Look in the mirror to see where the real problem is….AND those who cast stones….or live in glass houses…enough said.
      You are not a unifier but a divider!

      1. Don Belanger March 13, 2016

        “Im a unifier!” That deserves a page full of LOL’s…Donald Trump is nothing but a loud mouthed blonde “Vinnie Barbarino” from Brooklyn. Period. The only taste that man has is in his mouth—if he shows any, he undoubtedly paid for someone else’s.

      2. ham hock March 14, 2016

        Lol get more mad. It isnt my fault the average american is an uneducated, brainwashed moron with no more sense than a common ant. Dont cry to me about the state of affairs, cry to the idiots and greedy elite who created it. Not my fault im intelligent enough to see what is actually going on, maybe you should try it some time. Cmon, it isnt hard~

      3. dana becker September 24, 2016

        But ham hock is correct. You believe the GOP media lies about Hillary as gospel from bias sources and yet you deny real evidence of Trumps lies and misrepresentations of facts when presented with verifiable proof. Hillary’s “crimes” have been nothing but GOP accusations they have spent over 100 million trying to make into facts. They failed. Nothing she did was criminal and Trump has now got issues showing he is a liar and a fraud.
        You refuse to accept that he is a pathological liar and serial projector. He is the one guilty of what he accuses Hillary of. It is stunning how much he lies and completely makes up stuff. You believe every word he says.

    2. AgLander March 13, 2016

      Did you pick up all those boorish talking points from your monolithic circle of unemployed liberal arts major friends during one of your group misery sessions at Starbucks where you spend most of your waking hours wondering why fluff majors did not result in any of you finding gainful employment which has necessitated in you living at home with mom and daddy who have further insulted you by asking for you, a proud English Lit graduate, to do a little menial labor around the house?!

      1. ham hock March 14, 2016


  13. bluetah March 13, 2016

    If Donald Drumpf has outstanding bills at the end of this- nomination or not, watch him put the old payments in his accustomed “delay” mode- while he sues everyone about anything and dodges responsibility for everything. Even the jaded Wall Street types have a sort of informal taboo about doing business with Donald.

  14. Shooter2 June 9, 2016

    It means that dude was a fake billionaire.


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