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Early Polls Show Clinton Bump After First Debate

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Early Polls Show Clinton Bump After First Debate

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Early polls taken after the first presidential debate show democratic nominee Hillary Clinton with a lead over Donald Trump. A CNN poll of verified individuals showed that 62 percent believe Clinton won the debate, compared to just 27 percent for Trump. Another poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling, showed 51 percent of debate watchers believing Clinton won, compared to 42 percent for Trump.

The PPC poll also found that 40 percent of viewers said the debate made them more likely to vote for Clinton. Only 35 percent of viewers said they were more likely to vote for Trump. In CNN’s poll, 34 percent were more likely to vote for Clinton as opposed to 18 percent for Trump.

Importantly, the media consensus for the winner of the debate also matters. Following the event, many media outlets deemed Clinton the winner and this coverage can shape voter expectations and interpretations to a great extent.

Further polls will continue to come out in the days following the event, but according to the early numbers, more likely voters believe Clinton trumped Trump in the first presidential debate.

Photo: U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks at a campaign rally in Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S September 27, 2016.  REUTERS/Brian Snyder



  1. Dominick Vila September 28, 2016

    When it comes to competence, and temperament, Hillary and Donald were so far apart from each other during the first debate, that the event almost seemed surreal.
    The question is will people be persuaded to vote for Hillary because of her qualifications, relevant experience, demeanor, and temperament; or will they vote for Trump because of his immaturity, lack of knowledge, braggadocio, and volatile temperament are a small price to pay for those who see in him the man who can save the country from unknown threats, and make us great again?
    Hillary won the debate, and barring something totally unexpected, she should win in November, but it is going to be a lot closer than it ought to be.

    1. EvenstarMtl September 28, 2016

      While Hillary locked herself away to prepare, Trump invested his time with the American people…

      1. JPHALL September 28, 2016

        No, he spent his time masterbating! What’s worst is that you watched and approved.

      2. dpaano September 28, 2016

        Apparently, that didn’t quite work for him, did it? Even some Republicans are angry that he failed to prepare better for this debate. When your OWN party is pissed, where do you go from there?

      3. yabbed September 28, 2016

        And it showed. Donald Trump looked a fool. It’s like the GOP has chosen a water buffalo as their nominee.

        1. dpaano September 29, 2016

          I believe they did!!! He’s certainly NOT presidential material! There were a couple of candidates that ended up dropping out that would have been a much better choice that Trump!

      4. bobnstuff September 28, 2016

        It was a small investment since he only talks but never listens.

      5. I Am Helpy September 28, 2016

        Well, the white supremacist American people, at least.

  2. bobnstuff September 28, 2016

    If you wish to see how Trump has gone through life look at how he handled the debate. He went into it unprepared and tried to bluff his way through it. Once again he ended up bankrupt.

    1. yabbed September 28, 2016

      He went bankrupt on casinos. Imagine that. What kind of moron goes bankrupt with casinos? 🙂

  3. EvenstarMtl September 28, 2016

    The majority of online polls overwhelmingly show Trump won the debate, including TIME.

    1. JPHALL September 28, 2016

      Were these the same polls which predicted that Romney would win?

      1. I Am Helpy September 29, 2016

        These are polls like wellknownamericanpollster.ru

    2. dpaano September 28, 2016

      In your dreams….

    3. yabbed September 28, 2016

      The Trumpets have been exposed for their flooding of the online polls. It’s a laugh a day what the Deplorables will do. All those polls have been discredited.

    4. Bill P September 28, 2016

      One of the alleged online polls CBS didn’t exist. The others were mostly right wing organizations – Breitbart, Drudge Report, Fox News, American Thinker, hardly fair and balanced organizations. Also online polls do not block people from voting more than once. If you watched the debate and think Drumpf won, you didn’t see the debate.

    5. I Am Helpy September 28, 2016

      So what? They’re valueless. Donald Trump had his ass thoroughly kicked, according to actual polls.

    6. Robert Cruder September 28, 2016

      Mr. Trump warned that the election would be “fixed” by people voting multiple times.

      He just didn’t say which election.

    7. BOC September 28, 2016


  4. dpaano September 28, 2016

    I always said she was going to run right over him! She’s got more knowledge about our government in her little finger than he’s got in his whole body! He thought that he didn’t need to prepare, but he was wrong! I wonder if he’s going to stand by that idea or if he’s going to do more preparation before the next debate! Either way, she knows which buttons to push to start him off on his rants! And when she pushes them, she does it with such grace!!! It’s hilarious!

    1. JPHALL September 28, 2016

      Will he even show up? You know how unfairly he feels he is being treated. What a wimp!

      1. dpaano September 29, 2016

        I’m taking bets on whether or not he’ll show up. If he doesn’t, he’ll just cry and whine about how unfair the media and the moderators treat him, how his microphone doesn’t work or his ear plugs are broken! He never puts the blame where it belongs……at his feet!! Even his Republican friends are angry at him for his lack of preparation…..he had plenty of time to do so, but he felt he could “wing it” and do a better job than Hillary. Hopefully, he’s learned that he was amazingly wrong! She’s got her facts and figures down pretty much, and besides a few exaggerations, she did MUCH better than he did! He needs to work on his body language, his sniffling, his off-the-wall rants, etc. He also says he’s going to bring up Bill Clinton’s so-called affair in the White House…..what has that got to do with anything? Aren’t the debates supposed to be the chance for the candidates to talk about their goals and how they plan on attaining them? He hasn’t given a SINGLE idea as to how he plans on doing some of the ridiculous things he’s told his followers that he’s going to do (despite the fact that many of them are illegal, unconstitutional, and just plain impossible)! Unlike Hillary, who has put out a 200+ booklet on her plans and how she is going to accomplish them (if the Congress gets off their butts and allows her to do what needs to be done for this country), Trump has done nothing. His only game is to call names, put the blame anywhere but where it belongs, and talk about things that are old news!

        1. JPHALL September 29, 2016

          It is funny that he seems to have forgotten that he has bragged for years about cheating on his own wives. Subject: Re: Comment on Early Polls Show Clinton Bump After First Debate

  5. yabbed September 28, 2016

    Hillary Clinton is going to annihilate Deplorable Donald. She has the experience, the judgment, the temperament to lead this country in these troubling global times. Donald Trump would be the end of our leadership in the world. He may well be the end of the world itself should he be given the nuclear codes.

  6. AgLander September 29, 2016

    If she does get a “bump” in the polls she can simply add it to the two other big bumps she’s been carrying around on her backside for years!

    1. I Am Helpy September 29, 2016

      Hahaha yeah you hate women. You don’t have to remind us every single day (other than the days you don’t turn up b/c of the tears, like when Trump gets his ass spectacularly kicked in a debate).

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