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Elizabeth Warren Warns That The Supreme Court Is Becoming ‘A Subsidiary’ Of The Chamber Of Commerce

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Elizabeth Warren Warns That The Supreme Court Is Becoming ‘A Subsidiary’ Of The Chamber Of Commerce


Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) used her remarks at the 2013 American Constitution Society for Law and Policy National Convention to warn that the Supreme Court is being captured by interests representing America’s biggest corporations:

Take a look at the win rate of the Chamber of Commerce. According to the Constitution Accountability Center, the Chamber moved from a 43 percent win rate during the very conservative Berger Court to a 56 percent win rate under the very conservative Rehnquist court. And now they are at a 70 percent win rate under the Roberts Court. Follow this pro-business trend to its obvious conclusion and you will end up with a Supreme Court that’s a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce is the nation’s largest business lobby. In 2012, it spent over $100 million on lobbying, according to OpenSecret.com. Aligned with the dark money “social welfare” non-profits of the Koch brothers and Karl Rove, the Chamber helped raise and spend about one billion dollars to influence the 2012 elections.

But elections are far less reliable an investment than focusing on the courts.

“All told, the Chamber of Commerce has filed a whopping 18 amicus briefs this Term – just below its record number of 21 in October Term 2010,” according to Doug Kendall and Tom Donnelly of the Constitution Accountability Center. “Overall, the Court will likely decide 76 cases this Term, meaning that the Chamber will have participated in roughly 24 percent of the Court’s decided cases.”

Conservative Justices side with the Chamber 82 percent of the time.



The cases that matter to the Chamber aren’t generally the high-profile cases about civil rights, but rather quiet victories that swing justice in favor of corporations. They seek to defeat clean energy requirements and make it more difficult for consumers to file class action lawsuits — and they usually win.

Warren says that fighting back against the corporate takeover of the highest court in the land will not be easy.

“We are up against a conservative movement that for 30 years, since President Reagan, has dedicated itself to packing the courts with pro-business, anti-regulation conservative allies,” she said. “They are tough and they prepared.”

The fight begins, she said, with speaking out about what’s going on in the courts.  The future of the Affordable Care Act, the Voting Rights Act and the country depend on it.

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  1. charleo1 June 18, 2013

    It has become very apparent over the last 20 years, and undoubtedly more so,
    within the last 10. There are those who see no conflict between a democratic
    Republic, America. And a fully controlled, and exclusively utilized asset, for corporate profit, America. And by no conflict, I mean, there is no competition between the ideals, and values put forth by the Constitution, and Bill of Rights,
    and the profit motives of the corporation. The corporation wins, hands down.
    See, I don’t think one needs to be a spy, or double agent, secreting classified information to those who would harm us. I see clearly traitorous behavior aganist this Country. Certainly by the military contractors, that buy their way into enormously lucrative contracts with China. Using information, and advances, the tax payers of this Country paid billions of dollars to acquire. The Chinese, or Russians get it, as
    part of the deal. Tomorrow, Who’s keeping tomorrow in mind, for us? I’m real sure,
    if they loved this Country more than they cared about the next multi billion dollar contract, they would think about tomorrow. Why should they oppose Elizabeth Warren with such venom? All she is saying is, it looks like our Country is in real trouble. And here, or there is where I see profound danger. I see the highest
    judicial body in the land, as being no more concerned about our democracy,
    or the Rights of our citizens, being possibly subjugated to these same unattached loyalties as is found in a multi national conglomerate. And, she is saying, I think we, as Americans, who’s loyalties are not divided, in such a way, need to know. Need to be aware, of what those people for whom America is not placed first in their hearts, are doing to our future. And I think we would all be very wise, to closely listen to this lady.

    1. silence dogood June 18, 2013

      Only a fool would listen to this boob.

      1. lookolook June 18, 2013

        You just write out of blind hatred without thinking. I think you’re just another corporate lackey – a fool. When you speak of a fool, look in the mirror, you will be looking at one!

        1. midway54 June 19, 2013

          I would add that his/her disgusting noises are derived from stunning ignorance clearly on display.

          1. James Markwell June 19, 2013

            and how do average, middle income Americans still support things like the chamber of commerce. Uninformed. they think that bashing the COC is akin to bashing the free market. Great P.R. job on the part of the chamber.

          2. midway54 June 19, 2013

            Absolutely, sir.

      2. magdelinarose June 19, 2013

        some times you dah Boob, and sum times you Dah Sucker!

      3. midway54 June 19, 2013

        Silence Dogood · Top Commenter · Chauncey Hall
        The fake Indian ought to be in jail for the fraud she committed at Harvard Law. She is also an exposed plagiarist.
        I’d like to know more about this: Is Harvard as aware of the fraud as you claim and what did Harvard do about it? Was there any formal action by any party against her for plagiarism of copyrighted material?

        1. silence dogood June 19, 2013

          Go look it up. Get someone to help you with the big words.

          1. midway54 June 19, 2013

            A great reply based on nothing more than your utter frustration at the questions posed to you. Like millions of us, I need no help with the big words. All I seek from you are the answers, which you obviously do not have and probably did not have when you chose to splatter your post for all to see: A study in irresponsibility at its worst especially rampant among the rightwing lunatics..

          2. countrygirl59 June 20, 2013

            Right on!

          3. magdelinarose June 22, 2013

            how lazy of you sildog

            guess your boss dont pay you to respond

      4. magdelinarose June 22, 2013

        pathetic dog monkey

    2. midway54 June 19, 2013

      Well said. I am sure the grossly ignorant yahoos and redneckers on here bereft of critical thought and not a scintilla of original, plausible comment, because of having been willingly saturated by the propaganda of the protofascist rightwing scoundrels so abundant these days, will present some groundless bumper-sticker style of response. By their oral flatulence ye shall know them.

      1. charleo1 June 19, 2013

        I like that very much, my friend. By their oral flatulence, ye shall
        know them. The truth can be stated perfectly!

    3. Robert P. Robertson June 19, 2013

      Good point, charleo1. Anytime the wealthy like the Kochs could buy influence through their neo-Confederate PACs and lobbies to actually take control of the Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bag parties in order to reduce America to bare bones and attempt to create a plutocracy where the 99% would be enslaved to work for subsistence wages, it is a sad state of affairs. The Chamber of Commerce is a conglomeration of corporations, industries, and military industrial complex contractors whose primary aim is indescribable wealth. They are robber barons like Bush/Cheney who sold their country out for wealth. In New Orleans, the Inspector General, Robert Cerasolli, called the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce “the shadow government”, namely, the power behind the scene pulling the strings of their political puppets. Their bottom line is wealth, and from wealth is power. Yet, we, the people, are the victims because it is we who pay from our own tax dollars for the very abuse we are getting from these sons of bitches. We pay from our taxes the money that keeps America going. We pay from our tax dollars the subsidies given to these corporations and industries, to the rich, who use it, not for our benefit, but to subjugate us. They are the reason America is so screwed up right now, and they are using our money from the welfare that our government is giving to them to fuck us around. That is what Elizabeth Warren is talking about. I’m at a point where I would reverse my support to say WARREN/CLINTON 2016!

      1. charleo1 June 19, 2013

        The people need such information as you, and others have provided. Certainly, they will hear precious little about this issue. Even from the so called Left leaning media. So, if they take issue with your assertions, and decide to put you or I and others in our place. But first, must do a bit of research to more strongly make their point. It is then, they may find a truth, that theretofore they were completely unaware. And that is progress! I believe this is the issue of our time. That it dwarfs, and is the causation of the overwhelming majority of cataclysms, and catastrophes, that have befallen our Country, in just these last few years. It is pervasive, in it’s size, and scope. And defies this writers ability to aptly describe the many, and varied ways it has served to make our lives, less secure, less prosperous, and more controlled by entities that have no loyalty to our Country, or accountability to it’s people. So, let those that call for the dismantling of our democracy. In favor of a free market utopia, come out from behind their paid politicians. And, introduce themselves to Americans. So we might get to know America’s new corporate board, that’s replacing our big, bloated, and tyrannous government.

      2. countrygirl59 June 20, 2013

        I agree with you except for the F-bomb ~ Our country is in really big trouble and the voters do have power but unfortunately I feel that there are so many uninformed voters ~ A lot of them vote for the same party all the time and better wake up and find out what the people they are voting into office are doing to or for this country (not themselves and their lobbyists, etc.), otherwise this country is going to continue to go downhill! ~ We are definitely on a roll and it scares me that at this point I don’t know if much can be done about it! ~~~ The fact that our Supreme Court can select the President, as opposed to our electing one & then there is Citizen’s United which allows wealthy people, corporations, etc. to put monies into our elections without “we the people” knowing who they are??? ~ I am questioning where democracy is in these scenarios! ~~~~~

  2. Robert P. Robertson June 18, 2013

    Don’t you love this woman? I do. . . There is a reason that Lady Justice has a blindfold over her eyes. The law should be balanced, fair, and unambiguous. The Supreme Court is the highest court of the land. It is a Constitutional court designed to support the Constitution word for word, precept upon precept. It’s decisions can affect America and the way we live. Yet, selecting Supreme Court Justices based upon political affiliation turns the concept of justice on its head. the ugliest, sorriest, most inhumane decisions has been rendered from such a practice. . . It has to stop. Party affiliation, religious beliefs, or personal beliefs should take a back seat when it comes to the law. Just the idea that something like Thomas, Roberts, Scalia, and Kennedy are determining biased decisions that would affect all of us based upon their party lines, religions, and personal beliefs, especially that they are in the pockets of the Chamber of Commerce, is sickening to the core. America deserves better than what its getting from the highest court in the land.

    1. silence dogood June 18, 2013

      Would you say that Ruth Ginsberg was in the pocket of the ACLU since she votes in a manner consistent with their philosophy and was once their lead consul ?

      1. Mike Johnston June 19, 2013

        The ACLU fights for our civil liberties, if her decisions are in line with those of the ACLU, I see no problem with that.

        The Chamber of Commerce is a bunch of lobbyists for companies and should be abolished.

        1. silence dogood June 19, 2013

          That’s a pretty immature approach to the real world.

        2. magdelinarose June 19, 2013

          actually is a slush fund for republicants, funded by the communist Chinese army!

        3. idamag June 20, 2013

          The biggest lobby in the world.

      2. charleo1 June 19, 2013

        Ginsberg is, “in the pocket,? of the ACLU? Seriously?
        Well, boo on civil liberties then. Have at least some respect
        for people’s intelligence.

        1. silence dogood June 19, 2013

          That’s my point. I am not the one making “in the pocket charges” Please follow along…….it’s not that hard.

          1. charleo1 June 19, 2013

            In other words, you are just repeating what you heard
            somebody else say? Well, isn’t that fascinating?

          2. silence dogood June 19, 2013

            I guess it IS too hard for you.

          3. JSquercia June 21, 2013

            Obviously LOGIC is too hard for you . Scalia and Thomas speak before Consevative groups all the time and Clarence forgot his wife is a paid lobbyist .They both do NOT want the Supremes to be subject the SAME code of ethics that ALL other Federal Judiciary are .

          4. Robert P. Robertson June 19, 2013

            But you come along with some childish comparison of Mrs. Ginberg being in the pocket of the ACLU. That’s a stupidity that’s too cumbersome to follow. The ACLU is a legal agency that fights for the civil liberties of “all” Americans. I’m not a fan of the ACLU, but I understand their position and their purpose. Maybe you should try to do the same instead of vomiting a bunch of absurdities based upon some narrow minded, neo-Confederate hatred.

      3. Robert P. Robertson June 19, 2013

        I have yet to read any opinion of Ginsberg that supports any agenda, ACLU or otherwise. She is wise enough and judicious enough to set her life, beliefs, and personal opinions aside for the lucidity of justice, the law, and the Constitution. If you read what I said instead of jumping to conclusions, you would understand what I meant. Justice should be blind, not peeking from under the blind to make sure the check is in the mail. Your sorry, child-like comparison is unbecoming of a mature adult. You should grow up, silence can do you some good.

        1. silence dogood June 19, 2013

          That’s my point I am not the one making the “in the pocket of” charge. Try and follow along. It’s not that hard.

          1. magdelinarose June 19, 2013

            “It’s not that hard”.That What she said last night to you Do wrong!

          2. silence dogood June 19, 2013

            You sheep just keep coming up empty.

      4. toptwome June 21, 2013

        No. Ruth Ginsberg is a lady for the people.

  3. Postvite June 19, 2013

    “is becoming”?

  4. costume June 19, 2013

    well if anybody knows about sketchy business dealings, it’s Warren. She’s a master at making money out of nothing. And while she’s at it, she’ll make up a fake ancestry just for the hell of it.

    1. Mark Forsyth June 19, 2013

      Fake Ancestry? Are you kidding? There are many of us Native Americans who do not,and refuse to fit into your hollywood influenced stereotype.Furthermore we do not feel the need to prove our ancestral heritage to the ignoramuses who would ignore the facts anyway. You need to go soak your head,or maybe your ass,wherever it is you keep that tiny thing that passes for a brain.

  5. Budjob June 19, 2013

    You ROCK Lizzie!!Go get em girl!!! Lizzie Warren/Bernie Sanders 2016.Or Bernie Sanders?Lizzie Warren 2016.Either or they are beneficial to the United States of America and,champions of the American working men and women!!!

  6. Budjob June 19, 2013

    Hey Teresa,go take a douche!

  7. Catskinner June 19, 2013

    Frankly, I’m more concerned about big business buying Congress, like they have in the disastrous Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill.

    1. magdelinarose June 19, 2013

      any congressman can take any money offered, as long as they dont vote the way requested!

      1. Catskinner June 19, 2013

        In the case of immigration, though, it’s a great big misdirect play. The Democrats take the money because they say they want to help the immigrants, the Republicans take the money because they say they need to mend their fences with immigrants. But in the end, Warren included, their taking the money because they think they need it to get re-elected. So no matter what she says, she’s voting in the way requested.

  8. Thommy Berlin June 19, 2013

    The natural result of the corporatist tendencies of the Republican party. They MUST go. And we – the American people – must elect more Elizabeth Warrens.

    1. idamag June 20, 2013

      Because corporations are taking over our government and actually destroying the free market, someone needs to wake up and stop it. .Elizabeth Warren is the person to lead us out of the wilderness. It was she, who stopped the credit card practices that was leading people further down the wrong path.

  9. Buford2k11 June 19, 2013

    The Chamber also represents all or most of the foreign companies lobby efforts, and purchase of our politicos…

  10. SoCal June 19, 2013

    There is no moderate/liberal wing of the Supreme Court. Only a moderate wing. If you need proof, name one liberal? For instance. Scalia, Thomas and Alito are far-right. There should be no argument there. But those three do not have an ideological opposite on the court. If a Chomsky was on the court, then yes. Marshall was a liberal. Setting him as the standard, is there a liberal on the Supreme Court? No. So it is the moderate wing. It is important to be accurate about these things.

  11. MattE June 19, 2013

    Elizabeth Warren is a far left extremist. She has no understanding of economics or the way markets work. She babbles populist gibberish as if it had any foundation in the truth. All she knows how to do is rile little white, male idealists. And redditors have such a boner for her, despite her complete ignorance in economics.

    Big business is in bed with ALL branches of government. To solve this, we don’t need MORE government! WE NEED LESS!!

    1. midway54 June 19, 2013

      Yes, indeed no big gummint, taxes, and pesky labor unions should be in the way of big business. Just let the corporations do what they please with no restraints/regulations on the way in which their products are manufactured or formulated and none on the safety of the work place for both employees and the public (think explosions affecting a large part of the neighborhood); and by all means send disputes concerning injuries, death or other loss to (mostly corporate friendly) arbitration panels in order to keep them out of the hands of juries. If no such provision for arbitration is in a contract, then the plaintiff filing a tort claim or, say a credit card based lawsuit against a corporate defendant must meet the test of plausibility in the allegations within the Complaint (thanks to the Iqbal and Twombly cases) previous to discovery procedures filed against the defendant, always the possessors of all the facts giving rise to the claim. If the plausibility test fails, next comes the defendant’s motion to dismiss the action which in many instances is granted…again, with no discovery with which to ascertain the causal facts having been permitted.

      Nothing like barring the court house door against tort and breach of contract actions and class actions against the big business crowd.

      As to economics, judges and lawyers and law professors will quickly admit of their not being trained in economics, but they can and do rely on the professional literature…just like law Professor Warren would do. Your outburst is unfounded, or to coin a phrase, just babble.

      1. charleo1 June 19, 2013

        Again. An excellent comment. Few, but those that have suffered
        harm, and sought redress. Or have researched, and investigated
        for themselves, realize the compromised standing before the law,
        that awaits the common man, seeking through the justice system
        to be made whole.

    2. kccoallday June 19, 2013

      You obviously consider anyone who has a different opinion from you as a “far left extremist”

      1. idamag June 20, 2013

        I don’t believe in political parties. I think they cause division and can destroy our Democracy. However, talking points, by the right, are repetitious. They all talk alike. So they must be wind-up robots.

    3. magdelinarose June 19, 2013

      “She has no understanding of economics or the way markets work.” Matte watch the (Jon Stewart) Daily show and the 1st time E.W. made an appearance you will see she has a vast and clear view of how America Economics DO run, (not theory) Course if you are a corporate paid troll you will attempt a witty retort, and be found “WANTING”

  12. midway54 June 19, 2013

    “Teresa Davidson
    Phony Indian Elizabeth Warren, I do not believe a word she says.

    In what demonstrated way is her Indian ancestry phony according to the source(s) of your disbelief?

  13. midway54 June 19, 2013

    Silence Dogood · Top Commenter · Chauncey Hall
    The fake Indian ought to be in jail for the fraud she committed at Harvard Law. She is also an exposed plagiarist.
    I’d like to know more about this: Is Harvard as aware of the fraud as you claim and what did Harvard do about it? Was there any formal action by any party against her for plagiarism of copyrighted material?

    1. charleo1 June 19, 2013

      Oh, pipe down. No body gives a rats ass what you knuckle draggers
      think up. With that tiny little under utilized organ, rattling around between
      your ears. The adults are trying to have a conversation here. And, it’s
      obviously, a bit over your head. Try the sports section, or the funnies.

      1. midway54 June 19, 2013

        I was replying to Silence Dogod’s naked blurb by asking for some details.

        1. magdelinarose June 19, 2013

          Just like a Loser demand in some tail!

        2. Robert P. Robertson June 19, 2013

          midway, my friend. charleo1 misunderstood you. Try responding by going to the reply point to direct your response to the appropriate person you’re addressing. Just a heads up, my friend.

          1. midway54 June 19, 2013

            Thanks. I lifted the IDs and quotes for Dogood and for Teresa Davidson from their posts in the facebook community located above this ordinary email string of posts as a means of responding. I do not post on facebook or on twitter. I can now see the confusion it caused.

        3. charleo1 June 19, 2013

          Oh my Gosh! I feel like such a goof!. And after I had just read,
          and congratulated you on your excellent comment not 10
          minutes ago! My sincere apologies.

          1. midway54 June 19, 2013

            Not a problem, charleo1. I suspected that it was an error…..I have travelled that same road myself and understand how you felt when you discovered it.

          2. charleo1 June 19, 2013

            Thank you!

    2. magdelinarose June 19, 2013

      I believe she took A DNA Test and it was found to be true, she has strains of american Indian in her blood! so those who say she dont are Just LIARS, and should just Go TO ,a seach system that tells them HELLo

      1. Mark Forsyth June 19, 2013

        Some of us in the know can look at Warrens face and her expressions and see Native characteristics. Over time and prolonged use of certain prescriptions,I have lost a great deal of my pigmentation,to the extent that many folks don’t recognise me as native.But so what,it doesn’t change who and what I am and most Native folk will tell you that it’s all in the way that you live and what’s in your heart.

      2. idamag June 20, 2013

        Since a large share of the population does have Native American blood, I can’t see the validity of the statement.

  14. Mark Forsyth June 19, 2013

    Although none of this is news,as Warren states it bears repeating over and over.What we are seeing are the processes designed to undermine the rights of everyday American citizens and destroy our government that was founded on democratic principles.All for the purpose of replacing it with totalitarian fascism.
    Thank God for people like Elizabeth Warren and Senator Jon Tester from Montana who as recently as yesterday has introduced legislation to overturn Citizens United.It is that very piece of Scalia crap that facilitates undue corporate influence on U.S. Government,disenfranchises the American Citizen Voter,and opens the door to the destruction of America.

  15. MattE June 19, 2013

    And by the way, the Chamber of Commerce represents mostly SMALL business. That’s your mom and pop shops, neighborhood restaurants, etc.

    Warren doesn’t understand that the majority of the US economy is made up of Small Businesses. Attacking the chamber is attacking your neighbor.

    So by all means, continue your support in her oppressing your neighbor. I’m sure it will work out well for America.

    1. charleo1 June 19, 2013

      I think you had better investigate your assumption. The Chamber of
      Commerce in Washing D.C. is a wholly owed mouth piece, and funding
      arm of corporate U.S. writ large. One of the biggest lies the GOP advertises,
      is their support of small businesses. If you’ll think about it, there’s not
      one funding mechanism for the GOP from small business. It’s all Walmart,
      oil companies, Wall Street banks, and investment companies. None of these
      has an interest in helping small businesses. Small businesses are competition.
      Hometown independently owned banks, or hardware stores, siphon profits
      away from Bank of America, and Chase. and the Home Depot. Why would Burger King, McDonnalds, KFC. all part of the corporate collective. Why would they support a Mom’s Bar-B_Que?

      1. magdelinarose June 19, 2013

        the chamber of commerce is Not owned by american Corporate, It is owned wholly by Foreign interests, and the Chinese army!

    2. Mark Forsyth June 19, 2013

      Your comment as to what the Chamber of Commerce represents,should be the exact opposite in order to be factual.Corporations have absorbed the Chamber and are working in earnest to take control of the Supreme Court.Time to wake up and smell the coffee boy.

      1. magdelinarose June 19, 2013

        Matte, is a troll, bought and paid for, spouting santurum and ALEC Buzzwords!

    3. midway54 June 19, 2013

      Warren in her capacity as a law professor deals with statutes and regulations and constitutionality of them, which surely demands an understanding of the corporations and partnerships and their constructs and their activity nationally and locally. For you to assert that despite and throughout her tenure and her activity in consumer affairs, she remains ignorant of what entities comprise the Chamber and what its political and economic agendas are ought to embarrass you… even while insulting the rest of us who know better.


    4. magdelinarose June 19, 2013

      “SMALL BUSINESSES” is a trade Name referring to How that company pays their taxes, there are more than 1000 “Small Businesses ” that operate in america that have more than a 1000 employees! That aint no “Mom and pop” operation on the corner! Well I guess we found how you make your money MattE. Best Buy some Knee Pads!

      1. Mark Forsyth June 19, 2013

        Ha!Ha! Funny,or would that be fun knee?

    5. idamag June 20, 2013

      Why don’t you take the time to study the Chamber of Commerce. You are thinking about your local chambers. Study the American Chamber of Commerce. Find out who belongs.

    6. Dana Es June 21, 2013

      What do you consider small business? The last I knew a company with 100 or 150 employees could still be considered a small business — not exactly mom and pop or your neighborhood cafe.

      Most of what the COC fights for actually hurts the people employed by businesses, whether small or large. Maybe your other neighbors don’t have decent wages, insurance, or any kind of protections because the Chamber fought FOR your neighbor business and AGAINST your worker neighbors.

  16. Allan Richardson June 19, 2013

    The Hebrew prophets said that God does not think highly of those who “judge unjust judgements.” Even judges will be judged someday.

  17. ronwf June 19, 2013

    We need some diversity in the Supreme Court. No, not the false “diversity” of sex and race. We need true diversity of thought. Right now 8 of the 9 justices come from two of the 300 law schools in the United States – Harvard (5) and Yale.(3), with one from Columbia. It’s time we spread this out and found a few justices from schools with other viewpoints. Surely there are other good law schools in the country than those two.

    1. idamag June 20, 2013

      We do need some thinking and integrant people.

  18. Norma Vande Kamp June 19, 2013

    Boy, our Congress could sure use a boatload of women like Elizabeth Warren! Maybe then they could get some good things done!!

    1. Mark Forsyth June 20, 2013

      I second that motion a billion times.

      1. idamag June 20, 2013

        Me, too. We need some intelligent people in Congress.

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