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Endorse This: Ben Carson Pulls No Punches (Or Did He?)

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Endorse This: Ben Carson Pulls No Punches (Or Did He?)



Ben Carson is now angry at CNN — for their allegations that maybe he wasn’t really angry.

The network has been digging into Carson’s memoirs of violent episodes in his youth, but has had a difficult time actually finding people to corroborate his story of sin and redemption. During a call-in on Friday morning, he really let them have it.

“This is a bunch of lies — that’s what it is, it’s a bunch of lies,” Carson declared. “Attempting to say I’m lying about my history — I think it’s pathetic, and basically what the media does is they try to get you distracted with all this stuff, so you don’t talk about the things that are important.”

Just think: We’re now at point where a presidential candidate has to defend his honor by insisting he really did try to stab his friend and to bludgeon his mother — and oh, he’s the saner alternative to Donald Trump.

Next up for Carson: That whole lie about turning down an acceptance into West Point. Oops.

Video via CNN.

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  1. sealbeams November 6, 2015

    This dude is a nut case. Welcome to reality Ben. You may have called the shots in your other life and maybe you should have stayed there. Won’t happen in poilitics. It was your call. Live with it.

    1. Cloudherder November 7, 2015

      If you want to read some real psychos, read the comments after that article. Denial and defend of Ben Carson, and attack Hillary etc. It is totally amazing. It is what keeps me, as an independent, over on the blue side. One side is accused of being a liar (Hillary) and has been proven to not be, and the other (Ben Carson) is a blatant unabashed liar and they say he isn’t. I swear, Republicans are crazy as bedbugs.

      1. Blueberry Hill November 7, 2015

        How true! The lying GOTPers always lie and and claim the Dems are lying, when it is the Rs doing the lying. They are so accustomed to blaming everything bad they do onto the Dems. Luckily, we know they are unabashedly liars. Ben Conman isn’t just a liar, but a grifter too. Now he’s been caught and even lied in a book he is making money off. He should refund the money to those who bought his book of lies. Yes, the Rs are as crazy as bedbugs, They want it all for themselves and to treat the rest of us as peons, even their voters who must be dumb as rocks to keep putting these morons in office. What a pathetic bunch of losers.


      2. itsfun November 7, 2015

        Telling the world a video caused Benghazi and her family it was a terrorist attack is not lying? She is a proven liar.

        1. Jeffrey L Mooney November 7, 2015

          Crawl up out of that deep dark Fox hole. Secretary Clinton never said the video CAUSED the attack, there were demonstrations and riots all across the Middle East in response to the video and it may have been a factor in the attacks. Both Secretary Clinton and President Obama stated that the attacks were Taliban connected terrorist attacks the very next day.

          1. itsfun November 7, 2015

            She lied and you are completely wrong. Hillary and Obama held onto the video story for over a week. Obama sent people to lie on every Sunday morning news show.

          2. Jeffrey L Mooney November 7, 2015

            I’m in no way wrong. The emails are not contradictory. The video did cause riots throughout the Mideast and it was never directly blamed for the attacks only that it MAY have been a contributing factor. Deny the facts and distort the truth all you want, that’s the “right” way after all.

          3. Independent1 November 7, 2015

            Here lowlife STOP THE LIES!! Do a search and find all the links that prove that the VIDEO WAS PARTLY THE REASON FOR THE BENGHAZI ATTACK!!

            Obama and Hillary DID NOT LIE!!!!!!!!

            From samuel-wade.com:

            Well, now there’s someone else talking about the video. And he’s no Liberal. Nope, he’s actually the terrorist mastermind himself, Ahmed Abu Khatallah, who was captured by the U.S. on Sunday. According to the New York Times, Khatallah said that he was motivated by the video and wanted revenge against Americans.

            The Times reporter, David Kirkpatrick wrote,

            “What he did in the period just before the attack has remained unclear. But Mr. Abu Khattala told other Libyans in private conversations during the night of the attack that he was moved to attack the diplomatic mission to take revenge for an insult to Islam in an American-made online video.”

            So one of the favorite Republican attacks on Obama and Hillary about Benghazi might have just crumbled like cheap chalk with the capture of this terrorist.


          4. paulyz November 7, 2015

            Whatever! But the fact remains, she LIED! And took 2 years after ordered to release her emails to do so, after deleting & obstructing.

        2. Independent1 November 7, 2015

          When are you going to stop with these lies??? The mastermind of the Benghazi attack HAS ADMITTED IN AN INTERVIEW THAT THE VIDEO WAS PARTLY BEHIND THE ATTACK. And it’s not just that, that was the initial message that was being sent back via diplomatic channels from Benghazi as the reason for the attack.


        3. Cloudherder November 10, 2015

          You don’t remember the video? It caused all the other attacks that occurred in those days. Why should that one be any different. AND it was confirmed by the CIA. You just WANT to think she is a liar, when your field of idiots are the biggest pack of liars I have ever seen. Look into it on unbiased websites that have credibility.

          1. itsfun November 11, 2015

            She tells her family and foreign governments that it was a terrorist attack and the rest of the world it was a video and you don’t call that a lie. What is it if not a lie?

          2. Cloudherder November 15, 2015

            It was both you doofus. What, were 12 when it happened? Or did they let you out of your cardboard box in the basement?

          3. itsfun November 15, 2015

            She lied plain and simple. All of your name calling and childish remarks won’t change that…She lied.

  2. Carolyn1520 November 6, 2015

    He’s already established he is “creative” with the truth. There’s no police report on record either when someone allegedly pulled a gun on him at a Popeye’s Chicken when he was interning at JHU.

  3. Otto Greif November 6, 2015

    The Illuminati are going to destroy him for telling the truth about the pyramids.

    1. JPHALL November 6, 2015

      Otto: Do you ever tell the truth? You obviously have never traveled to Egypt and seen the pyramids for yourself. They even give tours.

    2. Sand_Cat November 7, 2015

      Now, now Otto. Where’s the “substance” in that post?

      I assume it was an attempt at humor. Actually, maybe I’ve misjudged you: maybe all your posts are attempts at humor.

    3. Independent1 November 7, 2015

      So you too think the Egyptians came up with some mechanism for suspending stone blocks in the air such that the pyramids could actually have large amounts of storage inside for grain?? Pyramids which are nothing more than mounds of rocks piled up on top of each other?? Wow!! You’re now approaching the level of insanity that Paulyz (and Ben Carson) seem to be reaching..

      1. paulyz November 7, 2015

        Hey Dummy, absolutely no comments either to me or about me, remember Pendejo? Don’t put false words in my mouth A-hole. Pyramids are burial sites for the Elite.

  4. jakenhyde November 6, 2015

    Carson is a liar on many fronts. He has also claimed that he was offered a full ride to West Point. That has proven to be a big lie. Does this guy EVER tell the truth?

    1. Bill November 6, 2015

      The GOP play book-lie, cheat, steal. He seems to have the first part down.

    2. paulyz November 6, 2015

      Story has been debunked, but Hillary IS a proven liar. See you jumped on the Liberal bandwagon huh, guilty till proved innocent, unless it’s a Liberal Democrat, then it’s innocent even if proven guilty.

      1. jakenhyde November 6, 2015

        You need to read the story. It was about Carson…not Clinton. I didn’t jump on the liberal bandwagon. Carson’s own people admitted that his story about West Point was a blatant lie.
        There are no police reports of his alleged stabbing of another youth. How does he explain that?
        He said that he had a “full ride” to West Point. There is no such thing. One usually gets nominated by one of his congress people for admittance to one of the military academies. And if he/she is accepted, he or she is inducted into that particular military service organization. There is NO tuition. How does Carson explain that?

        1. paulyz November 7, 2015

          Carson had the highest ROTC score in Detroit, which youze should be proud of, which led to many wanting him to join, but he wanted to become a Doctor. Carson stated that he was asked, and could have been offered a scholarship but declined. Typical headline reading, low-info Lib.

      2. Sand_Cat November 7, 2015

        “Debunked” by the lying and delusional right-wing press, I’m sure. I guess his campaign is in on the conspiracy, too, since they admitted his “scholarship” to West Point was a lie.

      3. Independent1 November 7, 2015

        I still think you’ve been shooting yourself up with the bad stuff. Your posts have become more insane lately – if that’s really possible. (All your posts have gone from one level of insanity to another.)

        1. paulyz November 7, 2015

          Quote by Independent 1, the Illegal Alien, admitted Communist Dummy, “I absolutely will have no further discussions with paulyz”. Guess a liar has trouble remembering his own falsities.

      4. itsfun November 7, 2015

        She is a proven liar. Politico has changed their headline. Dr. may have taken the chance for a free education as a scholarship.

      5. Jeffrey L Mooney November 7, 2015

        Nonsensical right wingnut BS.

  5. Sand_Cat November 7, 2015

    It’s all just a misunderstanding: Ben was talking about his debate performance when he mentioned the “pack of lies.”

  6. itsfun November 7, 2015

    Doctor Carson owes all of America a complete explanation. Politico has now changed their headline. If he is proven to be a liar, he should immediately resign from the campaign for President. I also believe Hillary should resign from the campaign for lying about Benghazi. We can’t have proven liars in the White House. How can anyone ever believe anything that say again?

    1. Jeffrey L Mooney November 7, 2015

      Hilliary never lied about Benghazi. The problem with her is that she leans too far right. We need a true progressive in the White House. Sanders 2016!

      1. itsfun November 7, 2015

        Didn’t you watch the hearing and see the 2 emails about Benghazi from Hillary. The were 2 hours apart and said exactly the opposite of each other. She lied and it was proven. Now take a look at the disclosure document she signed.

        1. Jeffrey L Mooney November 7, 2015

          One email (from an unidentified Embassy official) stating that the video was not as explosive in Libya as elsewhere in the Mideast and another saying the attack was a terrorist attack is in noway contradictory.

          1. itsfun November 7, 2015

            The emails were from Hillary to her family, the president of Egypt. Another email from her went to a completely different group of people. They are her emails. She lied, the whole world knows that. You are just so far to the left you can’t even believe the truth. You just act like it didn’t happen if you don’t like. Are your favorite books 1984 and Animal Farm?

          2. Jeffrey L Mooney November 7, 2015

            The emails regarding Benghazi are all from her server and again do not contradict one another the one about the video was to her not from her. You don’t like the facts and deny the truth Fox Fairytales will support your fantasies I prefer to rely on facts to determine my views you can keep your “beliefs”. My favorite novel is Dune by Frank Herbert which (unintentionally he said) directly parallels the situation in the Mideast today. 1984 and Animal Farm are also great reads.

      2. paulyz November 7, 2015

        Wow, are you out there in far-Left field.

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