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Endorse This: Bernie vs. Big Money — And A Bowl Of Pasta

Endorse This

Endorse This: Bernie vs. Big Money — And A Bowl Of Pasta



Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is kicking off the media tour for his presidential campaign, and doing it in style: with a nice pasta dinner — and some strong words for right-wingers in big business who attack his progressive agenda.

Click above to watch Bernie’s comeback to the most outrageous charges from the right — plus some pointed words for a certain other Democratic candidate who travels among people of wealth. Then share this video!

Video via CNBC.

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  1. Rightazz May 26, 2015

    someone I cab vote for

  2. Rightazz May 26, 2015

    Someone I can vote for

  3. Alvin Harrison May 26, 2015

    Someone I will vote for!!

  4. Daniel Jones May 27, 2015

    I do not question the morality of money as an institution.

    It doesn’t have any.


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