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Endorse This: Look, It’s Super-Jeb!

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Endorse This: Look, It’s Super-Jeb!



Jeb Bush has now been reduced to this. At a campaign event in Miami over the weekend, the ex-frontrunner had to show just how far back his GOP loyalties go.

Watch as Jeb demeans himself by attempting his best Clark Kent impression. But will it be enough to steal back some badly needed campaign energy from Donald Trump, who has already succeeded in turning the Republican contest into a comic book melodrama?

Video via CNN.

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  1. anothertoothpick September 14, 2015

    The Cold War ended despit Raygun’s arms buildup, not because of it–or so former President Gorbachev told his authors.

    1. Blaine Coleman September 14, 2015

      You’re right, Reagan didn’t “end the cold war”. The cold war ended because the Soviet Union couldn’t even feed its own population. It also lied repeatedly about its military and industrial strength. Analysts in the 1960’s predicted that the Soviet Union would collapse from within no later than the 1980’s. Reagan just happened to be in office then and took credit for its natural demise.

      1. TZToronto September 14, 2015

        I saw a special program on the CBC a couple of years ago that ascribed the fall of the Soviet empire to blue jeans. Young people in the Soviet sphere were fed up with the sub-standard jeans being produced there and would pay big bucks to get a pair of used Levis. Of course, this was just the most obvious symbol of the inability of the countries in the Soviet bloc to provide quality consumer goods to their people.

      2. Bren Frowick September 14, 2015

        Reagan was NOT in office, actually. That is one of the many myths surrounding his presidency. The Soviet Union did not collapse until well into the HW Bush administration.

  2. Susan McGraw Keber September 14, 2015

    I am not a Jeb Bush or Bush fan but this strikes me as pathetically sad. Is this what the candidacy for President of the United States of America has become? A reality show farce? This is undignified and un-presidential. Button up your shirt and act like a the world leader you are asking Americans to elect you as! Shameful and sad.

    1. FT66 September 15, 2015

      Desperate people do desperate things. Jeb is in that mood.

      1. Susan McGraw Keber September 16, 2015

        This is true. All the more reason to behave in a dignified presidential manner. Consistent with the position one seeks. Truth is, Americans have had their fill of the Bush oligarchy. We know who and what they are and have done. Jeb will undoubtedly step down after tonight’s “performance”: perhaps not tomorrow, but in the future I don’t envision his being nominated.

  3. DOC September 14, 2015

    So the Rep. been jumping up and down over a lie???

  4. Dominick Vila September 16, 2015

    Tonight’s GOP debate is a do or die for more of the wannabes running for the GOP nomination. After this “show” only the top 3 or 4 will have a realistic chance of winning. The rest will fade away the way others have in the past.
    There are bound to be plenty of attacks directed at Trump, unfortunately most will simply enhance his image as most viewers are likely to see them as evidence of desperation rather than demonstrations of qualifications or a vision. Trump is not ahead because he is the most qualified, because he has a relevant record, or a vision. He is ahead because he says what is in his mind, and after decades of soporific speeches from career politicians, a lot of people like that. In the end, people will vote for whomever they believe is most qualified, most likely to strengthen our economy, create jobs, and keep us safe.


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