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Endorse This: The Actual Reagan Record On Iran

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Endorse This: The Actual Reagan Record On Iran



With all the talk from Republican candidates against the ways President Obama has negotiated with Iran, on issuing ranging from weapons reduction to the freeing of hostages, the most remarkable thing is how they keep citing the example of their great hero, President Ronald Reagan.

So last night, Rachel Maddow gave everyone a nice little history lesson in how Saint Ronald actually dealt with Iran to get hostages freed in the mid-1980s — and it wasn’t pretty.

“And not only did President Reagan negotiate with Iran to try to get those Americans freed,” Rachel explained, “he negotiated a deal that involved illegally shipping Iran a bunch of weapons. In secret. And did I mention it was illegal? And it didn’t work!”

That’s right: Iran did free three American hostages — but then they just took three more, in order to get more weapons from Reagan again. And the administration lied to the American public about it.

“And it was the biggest scandal of his presidency — and one of the larger and more salacious presidential scandals of all time, particularly since it resulted at one point in the criminal indictment of most of the president’s serving national security staff.”

Video via The Rachel Maddow Show/MSNBC.

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  1. JPHALL January 19, 2016

    The truth is always stranger than the Republican fiction.

  2. bobnstuff January 20, 2016

    The republican party and conservatives are history challenged.

  3. Sundance98 January 20, 2016

    The story is pretty deep. It goes like this: Carter screwed the pooch hard on everything from the economy to the Olympics to the Iran Hostage Rescue Team to claiming that the time had come for Americans to “expect less”. We got a huge gas crisis with the Arab States….we got the most weakened position ever in the cold war with Russia and finally Reagan came in to do a bunch of stuff “behind the scenes” to stop the bleeding. We got the Hostages back because Reagan/Alexander Haig/Cap Weinberger et. al,
    called Brezhnev and told him: “We have your launch codes…buster!” Tell your Iranian buds to release our hostages or you could have some serious clean-up to do!” Also, behind the scene they told Iran that they wouldn’t be getting any of their held funds and assets back anytime soon…unless they released the hostages the moment that Reagan was sworn in. They did this right after the election in November of 1979. This is why one of the Reagan axioms was: “You would be amazed at what you can get done..if you don’t care who gets the credit.” The Shia population in general was very westernized and the Reagan Administration knew….it was the Sunni’s who were the true danger in the Middle East to US interest…. Saudi Arabia/Iraq and the like.

    1. johninPCFL January 20, 2016

      The Carter recession had its start during the Nixon years with the return and decommissioning of 1/2 million servicemen. Laid-off Boeing aircraft engineers went to work for Seattle gas stations during that time. Remember Ford’s WIN (Whip Inflation Now) buttons?
      Carter imposed the kind of government spending cuts the GOP calls for today and the economy spiraled toward depression. Reagan answered the spending cuts by unleashing the largest government spending programs since the Vietnam war ended. He got them by working with Tip O’neill in Congress.
      Those programs took the national debt of $400B that he inherited from Carter to $4T in eight years, a feat not matched again until GWB and Obama. But hey, we got millions of $700 hammers, $1200 toilet seats, Star Wars missile defense, and the undying love of the Ayatollas from it, right?

      1. Sundance98 January 21, 2016

        *Yeah, selective memory works for us too! Carter had Billy Beer, Carter had Hodding Carter…Carter had Bignew Brieizinki….Carter had the worst administration in American history. Carter couldn’t hit ass with both hands…..Carter made Gerald Ford look almost worthy. Almost. Come on fellas, was sitting in a coffee shop in town in September of 1979…..the Russian fleet two miles off our shores of the Pacific. The talk was…..”The Russians are invading!”. As bizarre as that sounds, at the time it was plausible. Johnny, by the way – Gerald Ford preceded your Jimmy and Roslyn…. At least Betty had to go into Rehab ….and finally…..Al Haig said it right: “Those Rusky’s will have to come through me!” The best news conference in history: The attack on Gaddafi in Libya……when Cap Weinberger said: “No, that is not our fighter plane..that is the tail of one of our missiles!”

    2. The lucky one January 20, 2016

      “Also, behind the scenes they told Iran that they wouldn’t be getting any of their held funds and assets back anytime soon…unless they released the hostages the moment that Reagan was sworn in.”

      That part of your screed is almost true. Except that they were told NOT to release the hostages until Reagan was sworn in. That is an example of treason since only the president can negotiate foreign policy. Your quote of Reagan not caring about who gets the credit is laughable, wanting the credit is why the Iranians were told not to release the prisoners until Reagan was in the WH. Also he never stopped crowing about the collapse of the Berlin wall despite his deserving no more credit for that than did his predecessors. By the reasoning of the Reagan deifiers Bush was solely responsible for 911 since he was in office when it occurred.

  4. Otto Greif January 20, 2016

    It wasn’t illegal.


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