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Endorse This: The Ballad Of Leonard Nimoy

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Endorse This: The Ballad Of Leonard Nimoy



Legendary actor and director Leonard Nimoy passed away on Friday, at age 83. But in addition to his signature role as Mr. Spock on Star Trek, there was also a lighter side to the pop-culture icon.

Click above to watch Nimoy in a 1960’s musical tribute to The Hobbit — then share this video.

Video via YouTube.

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  1. Allan Richardson February 28, 2015

    I’m sure he liked filming that cute little song better than his Star Trek “day job.” In this video, he was the only cast member WITHOUT pointed ears!

    We’ve lost a great actor, director, AND communicator; his narratives with the Western Wind group for the High Holy Days, Passover and Hanukah have been real treats for music loving Jews, and Gentiles like me alike.

  2. Mary Wells March 3, 2015

    On 12/15/10, Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was murdered by illegal aliens using rifles provided to them by Hussein Obama’s criminal marxist regime.


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