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Endorse This: Trump Drops An ‘Anchor’ On Ted Cruz

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Endorse This: Trump Drops An ‘Anchor’ On Ted Cruz



Donald Trump is taking the strangest post-debate victory lap of all — from the Fox News debate he dramatically skipped. And while he’s at it, he’s celebrating all the heat that his hated rival Ted Cruz took on immigration — and invoking the ultimate insult.

“He’s an anchor baby — Ted Cruz is an anchor baby in Canada!” The Donald exclaimed at a rally Friday. “But Canada doesn’t accept anchor babies — they just waited a long time.”

Just for Trump’s information: Canada does in fact have unlimited right of citizenship by birth on Canadian soil — or “anchor babies” as they are offensively called.

Trump seems to be so tied up in hating on Cruz, that he’s even getting mixed up with his talking points. After all, Cruz had to have been a Canadian dual citizen in order to renounce his citizenship a year-and-a-half ago!

Video via NBC News.

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  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 29, 2016

    “Trump seems to be so tied up in hating on Cruz, that he’s even getting mixed up with his talking points…”
    This is a helpful window to peer to to get a glimpse of what afflicts the Right Wing in general. Its very philosophy, and raison d’etre, is based on the fallacy of “race”, the corrupting influence of “hate”, the negative force of “paranoia”, and the primeval motivating force of “greed”. Divisiveness and malevolent tendencies are its prime motivational tools.

    An “anchor” needs to be dropped on the entire encampment—perchance, a knock on the head will help them all to regain what they’ve lost somewhere in their dim past.

    On another front, Carson laments the lack of education by the American voters—he is hardly in a position to point this out, given the shallowness and narrow focus of his knowledge of world affairs and of his Religion.

    Also, consider the rants of Palin who blames the current President for the mental state of her son.

    No need to expatiate on the lack of insight and knowledge on the part of others in this Greek tragic-comedy called the Primary Season.

    1. nana4gj January 29, 2016

      Right. Their Republican Governor in Michigan not only denied Medicaid Expansion to his people for access to healthcare, he also made sure they got sick for life with unsafe water supply.

      That is some Death Panel, no?

      1. Irishgrammy January 29, 2016

        Gov. Snyder announced he will “permit” Medicaid expansion for the “children” of Flint, ain’t he swell….however if you are an adult I presume you are on your own, can’t have health insurance (especially Obamacare)for those living under the poverty line with the federal gov. paying 100% of the premiums for Medicaid expansion for those pesky adults, because when you hate the President and “Obamacare” with unreasoned insanity, well then, even Snyder’s self created poisoning of Flint residents is just a bridge too far for him to agree to Obamacare for all those residents of Flint let alone the entire state of Michigan!!!!……(snarc big time) My concern is and will be until addressed is if the Flint River water was toxic enough to corrode the lead pipes and make them leach lead into the drinking water, what the Hell is the exposure to that WATER to ones body for the last two years of that water being ingested until the state finally admitted it was unsafe. I see cancer clusters in the coming years in Flint and no one seems to be addressing this! Snyder and his minions belong in jail…..

        1. Independent1 January 31, 2016

          And Snyder is just one of a number of GOP governors who have led their states down the road to deterioration that has noticeably worsened the lives of many of the citizens; even those who voted them into office (fortunately not as direly as for the residents of Flint). Some that come to mind include: Perry, Scott, Walker, Brownback, Christie, LePage and Fallin.

          1. Irishgrammy January 31, 2016

            Totally agree!!! Brownback and Walker, are really failing their states and constituencies! I do NOT understand after what Brownback has done to Kansas how the heck he got re-elected for a second term…….that’s purely party politics blindness on steroids and Walker is right behind him, Wisconsin being 49 in job creation and misery index! I read somewhere Scott Walker is running for a 3rd term, unreal!!!!!

          2. Independent1 January 31, 2016

            Yes, it’s mindboggling to me that there are so many voters that are so clueless about the destruction that some politicians are creating within even a state, that they will blindly vote these destroyers back into office.

          3. Cloudherder February 3, 2016

            For some reason they think the President of the United States has unlimited power over everything and is totally responsible for everything…. All while screaming States Rights!! The irony. It hurts.

        2. Cloudherder February 3, 2016

          Worse than the methane and natural gas being pumped by the thousands of tons into the air here in California for the last few months that they say is the worst natural disaster ever but no news source talks about it at all?

          1. Irishgrammy February 3, 2016

            Am following that situation as well, am a Native Californian and was born and lived my first 21 years in San Fernando Valley, went to California State University at Northridge not too far from this fiasco. AND of course the powers responsible “guaranteed” they knew how to handle ANY and ALL possible “accidents” that could happen…….hummmm, sounds exactly what BP Oil said about their ability to control any possible oil leaks under the sea……NOT! Again greed and the almighty buck takes first while public health and environmental safety are ignored along with a lot of insincere lip service and outright lying……In fact the only news person I have noticed mentioning this natural gas catastrophe at least weekly has been Rachel Maddow!!! Thank God for her or we wouldn’t have heard about Flint, she got hold of that story and simply did not let go!!!

  2. greenlantern1 January 29, 2016

    Mexico was an American ally during WW2!
    Ever read about the AZTEC EAGLES?
    Ever read the SPOT RESOLUTIONS of President Lincoln?
    The memoirs of President Grant?
    What did they say about Mexico?
    What was Eisenhower’s heritage?
    Were they great veterans or not?

  3. yabbed January 29, 2016

    The Republican candidates are so weak that a joker like Trump is going to be their nominee and it will be the end of the Republican Party for decades. And it could happen to a more deserving bunch of mindless nincompoops.

    1. Independent1 January 31, 2016

      Let’s hope those ‘decades’ really do materialize; America cannot afford to have the GOP holding the country back any longer. America has already fallen far behind many other countries on the planet in a number of ways: longevity, healthcare, infrastructure, high-speed mass transit, just to list a few of the ways.

  4. FT66 January 29, 2016

    Go Trump go. Once you beat Mr. mano a mano (Cruz) in Iowa, you don’t need to attack him again. The job will be done.

  5. nana4gj January 29, 2016

    details, details, details….who needs them?

    One’s as bad as the next in this bunch. No defense for Trump or Cruz. Shameful.

  6. Fred_Furrer January 29, 2016

    What is the meaning of this sentence:

    “But Canada doesn’t accept anchor babies — they just waited a long time.”
    Who waited a long time for what? I am confused.

    1. Cloudherder February 3, 2016

      Obviously Trump has been talking to Sarah Palin too much lately.

  7. Dave B. January 29, 2016

    “Just for Trump’s information: Canada does in fact have unlimited right of citizenship by birth on Canadian soil — or “anchor babies” as they are offensively called.”
    Tell that to the Vavilov brothers.

  8. Andrew Armstrong January 29, 2016

    It’s the fact Cruz had to renounce his Canadian citizenship after being a U.S. Senator for the last 4 years, not to mention his Federal and Texas government offices before that, that is disturbing and clearly a violation of the Constitution. He should be charged with treason.

    1. Erica Stuart January 30, 2016


    2. Vlad Pufagtinenko February 16, 2016

      We’re glad to be rid of him. Please don’t send him back.

  9. Erica Stuart January 30, 2016

    What is amazing about this “birth” issue is that we hear not a word about what they did to Obama. That crowd sure owes Obama an apology before accepting Cruz and I am not a Democrat nor Republican, so, decency is left to we the people to speak up.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 30, 2016

      Well said. Strictly aligning one’s self with one party or another is not a sane option given the decay of the entire structure.
      Rather, the best thing to do is to choose the “lesser evil”, until the entire system of governance in the US can be rehabilitated from the ground up.
      We have a sort of good foundation, especially in light of “systems failures” in other parts of the world, but the framework needs a major overhaul.

  10. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 30, 2016

    A victory lap? A lap down a city block would wear him out. This entire group needs to be given individual “walkers” for their exhausted and atrophied brains.

    Let us now take a moment and pray: “O God! Please bring down the curtain on this farce —Amen!”

    On another note, “The Three Stooges” were supremely more sophisticated than this motley collection that has forced itself on our senses. But that’s just my opinion.


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