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#EndorseThis: “A Closer Look” At The Troubled Trump Transition

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#EndorseThis: “A Closer Look” At The Troubled Trump Transition

Seth Meyers on the troubled Trump transition

With the advent of another Republican misadventure in Washington, late-night comics may again provide the penetrating and focused reporting that we all need. Seth Meyers brought it on Tuesday with “A Closer Look” at the foibles of the troubled Trump transition; he has sharp words for the Donald, special adviser Steve Bannon, and even daughter Ivanka — who apparently sees the constitutional transfer of power as a great opportunity to peddle her branded jewelry.

They’re incompetent, inelegant, malevolent, and dangerous — but they’re still good for a laugh.



  1. dpaano November 16, 2016

    Trump is still not my choice…..every time I see his face, it makes me nauseous! Unfortunately, I opened this up right after lunch…..excuse me, have to hit the head!!! Lunch was good while it lasted!

    1. Vern Davis November 16, 2016

      I guess you are one of those idiots that wanted a corrupt lying woman to win the election. You must be proud of Hillary for letting four good Americans die to save her butt, and deleting 30,000 plus emails to save her butt, and taking millions from her foundation to maintain her poor status. I did not want to live in a Socialist country so I voted for the only person that could stop that from happening, Donald Trump. Looking at your picture a few throw ups would be good for you so you should thank Donald.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 16, 2016

        No, Vern—It’s you who’s out to lunch. And you’ll be out for a while, stuffing yourself with the crud of Trump. Are emails that important you, or do you just have a fetish about emails?? Maybe the thought of 1000 or more emails causes your loins to quiver.

        1. Vern Davis November 16, 2016

          Well dear old AARON I don’t have to worry about what Trump will do for America, and I knew that Hillary was so crooked that my Sr yrs living in the USA would be very stressful. You liberals don’t care what Hillary has done as long as she keeps your freebies coming. I think America should be for all of us not just you lazy Democrats that don’t want to work. And I haven’t used a cloth on my server yet so all my emails are still there. I didn’t have anything to hide like Hillary did.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 17, 2016

            Well Vern, it looks as though your advancing age has caused you to retreat into a narrow frame of mind where you can only see the world in terms of “liberals” and “conservatives”. Or maybe this constraint you’ve imposed on yourself is simply the result of exalting partisan-politics to a god-like status.
            For example, your obsession over Hillary’s emails is an inordinate fascination while at the same time you blithely overlook Trump’s transgressions.
            That oversight and jaundiced view occurs when God is secondary in your life and “conservative political values” become your focal point of adoration.

            This myopia is based on politics is a natural outcome of a materialistic view of the world, and the ascendancy of materialism in the world is due to the waning influence of Christianity and other Religions of bygone eras in the affairs and thoughts of us humans.

            I suggest humbly that you realign your vision and concentrate on how Baha’u’llah and the other Central Figures of the Baha’i Faith redefine the world and nature of humanity. Start at http://www.bahai.org for an introduction

          2. dpaano November 17, 2016

            Aaron: I agree with you wholeheartedly. People like Vern have become one of the “them” vs. “us” group. Instead of being one nation, they’ve chosen to split it up with one group pitted against another, and that’s wrong and won’t help this country move forward at all. I feel truly sorry for these people…..they’ve been brainwashed by the alt right conservatives into believing that anything that people that AREN’T considered on their side think is totally wrong. Unfortunately, those of us who know better know that Democratic presidents have done more for this country than Republican presidents…..it’s a proven fact if anyone wants to check any fact-checking website. The Republican presidents also spend more money during their tenure than Democratic presidents, and they’ve raised the national debt AND the deficit each and every time. But, again, you can’t convince Vern or anyone like him/her any differently. We just have to ignore them and hope that, in the future, they learn that they’ve been led down the wrong path.

          3. dpaano November 17, 2016

            What “freebies” are you talking about??? Are you talking about her hope to make college tuition lower so more of our young people can get an education and find jobs? Are you talking about the charities that the Clinton Foundation have donated to, and the many good things that they have done for women in third world countries? I’m not sure what you mean by “freebies” and you might have to enlighten me, if you can.
            As for the e-mail question, that’s already been hashed over time and time again and nothing was found that would cause her to be indicted despite what Trump said. She never did anything that other Secretaries of State didn’t do in the past; i.e., Powell, Condi Rice, etc. Just because the GOP made such a big deal out of it doesn’t mean she did anything radically wrong. But, you believe what you’ve been told because you’ve been brainwashed to do so. But, it doesn’t make it so.
            Not sure what you mean by “lazy Democrats,” I’ve worked since I was 16 years old (and I’m now 70 years old), and I even served in the military for 23+ years (have you done as much?). I sincerely doubt you’ve done as much as many of us on this site have done in our lifetimes.

          4. Vern Davis November 18, 2016

            That is why she deleted them so nothing could be found! “DUH”. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.
            I am 78, served in the Navy, and have had a job since the sixth grade. Mr Powell told Hillary he did not do what she has done, and to leave his name out of the BS. You and I both know Hillary is one lying, conniving, crooked woman that does not like the average legal American, and if you stand in her way you are in deep Do Do. You must be one of the good Democrats, I don’t know any of those, and there certainly aren’t many of them in Congress. The Dems ask people to be tolerant if things don’t go their way, but look how wacko the Dems go if things don’t go their way. How many folks hit the streets when Obama won. We were not happy having a Muslim President, but we did not go out and destroy things. Trump will probably save the future for these crazy folks out destroying people’s property. But they are Dems so we expect it of them. Oh and go check out the charities that the Clinton foundation donated to. i know you won’t try to look up the truth so I did it for you.
            Read below!
            The Clinton Foundation spent less than 6 percent of its budget on charitable grants in 2014, according to documents the organization filed with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in 2015.

            During the 2014 tax year, the tax-exempt foundation spent a total of $91.2 million, but less than $5.2 million of that money, or 5.7 percent, was granted to charitable organizations, the group’s tax filings show. The Clinton Foundation raised nearly $178 million in 2014. The organization’s charitable grants also declined significantly when compared to its donations in 2013. Compared to its 2013 charitable grants of $8.8 million, the Clinton Foundation’s grants in 2014 declined by more than 40 percent, even as its revenue over the same period increased by 20 percent. According to the tax filings, the Clinton Foundation is currently sitting on $354 million in assets, including $125 million in cash or cash equivalents and $108 million in property or equipment.
            Now go have a great day, and thank the good Lord that Trump won the election.

          5. dpaano November 18, 2016

            No, I don’t know that Hillary is a “conniving, crooked woman,” so please don’t include me in your little club, okay? As for serving in the military, I spent 23 years in the U.S. Army. As for Powell, it’s interesting that he also had a personal e-mail account and he’s been asked many times by our government to provide his e-mails, which he has NOT done. What’s that say about him?
            As for the riots….I would have LOVED to have seen the riots that would have occurred if Trump had lost the election!!! I bet we would have seen cities go up in smoke! So, don’t talk about the riots going on now….which, by the way, are actually peaceful protests in most cases. Secondly, President Obama was NOT a Muslim president….despite the lies you’ve been told. But, you keep believing the BS that the GOP throws out at you….keep being uninformed!
            The Clinton Foundation, by the way, has gotten A+ marks from Charity Navigator and other charity followers. The Trump Foundation, on the other hand, has been given F’s…..can you explain that? Apparently, you aren’t aware that the Trump Foundation has given NOTHING to charities and has been used by Trump and his family for personal expenses; i.e., a 6″ portrait of himself, a football helmet, legal fees, etc. If that isn’t questionable….what is? The Clinton Foundation, on the other hand, has given much to third world
            countries, helped starving children in the United States, and I could go on and on. Needless to say, they’ve done MORE for this nation and other nations than the Trump Foundation!!
            I refuse to “thank the Lord that Trump won the election” because I think the Lord is turning in his grave at what you’ve thrust onto the American public. The day will come when you will realize the mistake that you made and find out that Trump lied to you and won’t be doing much of what he promised he would do! Just hang in there, okay?
            Oh, by the way, Trump didn’t win the election…..Hillary won the popular vote by over 1.3M votes. Trump got the Electoral College votes, but they don’t show the real wishes of the people. It’s interesting that Trump said the Electoral College was “rigged” until he found out that they were handing him the presidency. Hypocritical as hell!!!

      2. dpaano November 17, 2016

        No, Vern, I’m a U.S. Citizen with the right to vote for whomever I choose and calling me an “idiot” is ridiculous on your part! First of all, Hillary did NOT let 4 Americans die to save her butt. If you knew the story, you’d know that ALL of the so-called questions about Benghazi were found to be untrue. Secondly, she did NOT delete 30,000 e-mails to save her butt…..again, if you read a valid newspaper (one that wasn’t a rightwing rag), you’d find that this did NOT happen as the GOP conspiracy theorists maintained. Additionally, if you’re talking about the so-called “missing money,” again, if you read the newspapers, you’d know that this money was NEVER missing…..it was an accounting error that Hillary had nothing to do with. The money NEVER left the State Department at all. As for living in a “socialist country,” you already live in a socialist country. Apparently, you do not know the actual meaning of “socialist,” or you would not say that. So, please go back to reading and believing all the conspiracy theories that came out in this campaign and continue to be brainwashed into believing lies that were told and that have been CLEARLY found to be lies. Try to find the truth rather than reiterating the BS that was put out there by Trump’s campaign advisors….all of whom are alt right conservatives!
        As for my vote…..I respect the fact that you voted for Trump. It’s clearly your right, again, to vote for the person that you feel would do the best job. In that light, I don’t consider you to be an idiot, but I DO consider you to be uninformed and biased based on the fact that you’ve been led to believe everything that you were told despite the fact that none of it was true. Do your fact checking before you believe everything you hear, okay?
        Thank you for voting…..every vote is important and it’s a right that we all have.

        1. Vern Davis November 18, 2016

          So she didn’t save her butt when she let the four American’s die, then why did she let it happen. You better do some research on this story. And she deleted 30,000 plus emails for the fun of it, even after Congress told her to turn them over. Do a check on the amount of money that was given to charity from the foundation collections. Read below about the Clinton’s.
          “The Clinton Foundation financial fraud began with the illegal disaster relief efforts started in February 2001, when Clinton started chasing donations for Gujarat, India, without IRS authorization and subsequently substantial funds went missing, diverted from helping disaster victims by a bevy of scoundrels, including Rajat Gupta, now incarcerated,” Ortel wrote in a new report.
          I guess idiot was the wrong word, should have said gullible fool to believe all the Hillary BS. You have the right to vote if you are a legal citizen and can prove who you are.
          Check and see if Venezuela is a Socialist country. Then you will know what Socialism looks like, and this is what Hillary would have done to the USA. You have been brain washed by the Liberals. Hillary and Obama have turned this Nation into a Racist Nation like we have never seen before, and thank goodness Hillary won’t get to finish her homework.

          1. dpaano November 18, 2016

            Actually, Vern, you should do YOUR homework. As for the 30,000 e-mails, she didn’t delete them….one of her assistants did it unbeknownst to her before they were aware of the request. As for the Clinton Foundation being a fraud…..you might want to check to see WHY the Charity Navigator lists it as A+. And, why don’t you look into the so-called Trump Foundation, which is only a personal bank account for the Trump family…..why doesn’t anyone seem to care about that?
            As for being a “gullible fool,” I would say that you are the one that is the gullible fool…..you have been brainwashed to the point that you believe EVERY conspiracy theory that was put out there during the campaign, especially about Hillary, but you fail to look at all the problems that were found about your hero, Trump. How quickly these were hidden under the rug!
            As for turning this into a “racist” nation, explain to me why all of the choices in Trump’s team are all alt. right individuals….the most racist group in America. Hillary and President Obama are not racists and have never been racists.
            Please crawl back into your hole and continue believing all the BS that you’re told. One of these days you’ll find out just how wrong you are about your idol! Until then, just enjoy your life because it’s going to change drastically, and you won’t like the way it ends up!

          2. Joan November 19, 2016

            She did not “let four Americans die” anymore than the then Sectutary of State let many more than four Americans die in Beruit or Lebanon. Why do you not value those lives? What could she have done that would have saved those lives? Are you aware that Trump deleted e mails and shredded documents that he was under court orders to produce? Are you aware that the George W Bush administration deleted 100s of thousands of e mails – many of them related to the war in Iraq?
            Seems to me you are outraged about the loss of only SOME American lives and the deletion of only SOME e mails.
            Out of my desire to be compassionate to the ” bubble people”, such as yourself, I will not tell you what to do with your fake outrage on behalf of service personnel or your outsize concern over only Hillary’s e mails.

    2. Paul Williamson November 20, 2016

      We refuse to even look at that lying corrupt fat orange blob on TV, Its going to be a long year until he gets impeached. This is the successor to FDR, Lincoln, and George Washington?

  2. Otto T. Goat November 16, 2016

    The lugenpresse said Trump’s campaign was in trouble from the start to the finish of the electoral contest.

  3. sherry.caton November 19, 2016

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