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#EndorseThis: Chris Cuomo Grills ‘Extreme Vetter’ Congressman

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#EndorseThis: Chris Cuomo Grills ‘Extreme Vetter’ Congressman


After the bombing Saturday night of New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood and subsequent discovery of many more bombs around New York and New Jersey, Donald Trump and his klan have been out in force, calling again for shutting down immigration from entire religions and regions of the world.

Donald Trump Jr., for example, who is openly buddies with a white supremacist, recently Tweeted a picture of a bowl of skittles, with the caption, “If I had a bowl of Skittles and I told you just three would kill you. [sic] Would you take a handful? That’s our Syrian refugee problem.”

It’s wrong on its face: many more terrorist acts are committed by Americans than refugees or immigrants, and the bowl of Skittles, as reported by the Washington Post (and mentioned by Chris Cuomo this morning) would have to be one and a half olympic swimming pools large to accurately represent the risk of an attack. Also, though a poisonous Skittle may kill you, personally, there is no terrorist attack large enough to kill all of America, and deaths from terror attacks are a minuscule threat relative to things like heart disease or unstable living room furniture.

But when Chris Cuomo interviewed Trump surrogate Rep. Sean Duffy this morning, it was a bizarre display of just how irrelevant these facts have become.

No matter how frequently and accurately Cuomo insisted that our vetting system for refugees has been thoroughly effective (no Syrian refugees have attacked the United States), Duffy changed the conversation.

Ultimately, without the facts on his side, Duffy tuned to public opinion about “hot regions,” which we can assume from his description means any country with brown people in it. “America wants you to keep them safe,” he said, abdicating responsibility for his policy decisions to reflect reality.

It sure would be helpful if politicians like Duffy stopped letting the blind, politically-potent fear of their constituents drive America’s immigration policy.



  1. Zengo September 20, 2016

    Skittles, huh? Travon Martin anyone? Racist assholes

  2. Leftout September 20, 2016

    No Syrian refugee has attacked the USA us says Cumo.welll how about an American Afghan who was outed twice by his own father to the FBI and the FBI did not pursue this NJ bomber . This guy goes to afghan 6 times !!!! The FBI is a gang that can not shoot straight ! All is lost ! To think our government could not do anything !!!

    The only Trump alternative is not to have anyone come into this country at all from terrorist areas until they prove themselves , that they can behave . Am I wrong??!! what is another left wing suggestion ???!! ????????????????????????

    1. johninPCFL September 20, 2016

      Since 2000, Americans have killed other Americans over 200,000 times.
      Since 2000, terrorists have killed Americans fewer than 5000 times.
      All of the terrorist murders in Europe have finally caught up with Tim McVeigh.
      Priority issues?

      1. Leftout September 20, 2016

        Those stats are “non hate crimes ” between loved ones, Europe is just getting started, Hungary and Black Poland have no problems, they were smart , they steal chickens from one another and eat much pork that keep Moslems away. You have no sense of European cultures .

    2. jmprint September 20, 2016

      We need to get rid of all white supremacist until we are sure we won’t have another mass shooting. Where do YOU suggest we put them?

      1. Leftout September 20, 2016

        Chicago South side would be a great equalizer for both sides , me thinks. Let go after each other for one weekend , should be self limiting.

        1. jmprint September 20, 2016

          OK, so what I am reading from your response is that you are acknowledging you are a white nationalist. Are you?

          1. Leftout September 20, 2016

            No , you are illogical here, I said if there are white supremacist you should mix them weekend shooters in Chicago since both do not regard life highly , both problems solved, I am not a white supremacists in any way , I am a Bigot only .

          2. charleo1 September 20, 2016

            How does one be a bigot only?

          3. Leftout September 20, 2016

            I wish that all would live within the guidelines of an invited guest to this gracious country and abide by the idealism, that built this land of Americanism, a unique gift of welcome , where one can make and not just take , similar to our grandparents who came with self determination , I am bigoted against all others .

          4. charleo1 September 20, 2016

            You are a nativist, or Nationalist then. But don’t bet against the goodness of the vast majority of people. Or think that we don’t have more things in common among us, than things that are fundamentally different. And no, that’s not a pitch for open borders. And yes, we do lock our doors at night. But people really are just people wherever they come from. History’s trash heaps are full of Nations, and small minded men, that failed to recognize that.

          5. Leftout September 20, 2016

            I am an American homer indeed. I want everyone to enjoy the opportunities that can be EARNED here in the spirit of self reliance and ability to choose your course and not cross
            Another’s fence . All others are in non compliance should make sail elsewhere. Surely some need a Helping hand, but we all can relate to that and be fair and helpful. I am glad we agree ?!

    3. charleo1 September 20, 2016

      Yes! I suggest you build you bunker, build it deep, and don’t come out until the bugle blows.

      1. Leftout September 20, 2016

        One does not need to live in a bunker if dangerous animals are separated from civility. I live bunker free , Moslems should be placed in them until the bugle blows, til they learn to behave in the American spirit. The NJ bombers father has had the testes to speak up, and he was not taken seriously by the FBI after 6? Visits to his homeland , that is the height of incompetence . Is that not bothersome?

        1. charleo1 September 20, 2016

          You’re actually scared of something that is far less likely to kill you than being struck by lightening, or catching that brain eating bug. You’re 300X more likely to die in a car accident, as be injured in a terrorist attack. I had someone tell me today that he’d be willing to give up some of his civil rights to, as he put it, “stop the madness.” To which I ask, which Rights? And how do get them back once you’ve given them up? Perspective my friend…. Perspective.

          1. Leftout September 20, 2016

            One can avoid lightning and be in control of your car , but Moslems are evidently unpredictable ???? and should be simply excluded till they become enlightened . One does not have have to give up any rights except giving up the rights to Moslems to entering this country , simple, costs nothing. Moslems are not interested in rights ” except to be a pain in the butt.

          2. charleo1 September 20, 2016

            Like a lot of the total crap Trump has said, the Muslim ban is never going to happen. It’s just campaign fodder. First because it’s wrong, would prevent absolutely nothing, and it’s antithetical to the way in which a major economic and geo-political super power functions in an interconnected World. It’s not reality based.

          3. Leftout September 20, 2016

            The Moslem Ban is totally legal for national security reasons from These terrorists countries , no congressional wrangling needs to enact since it is a presidential action needs for security , unequivocal . What are you concerned about in this matter, you seem frightened that these Moslem will hate ?!?!! us , they are totally consumed by their subjugation to the stupidity of Islam. If they are so consumed let them pray 5 times a day and get laid w thier many wives , what more can they need , except to slap their women around a bit if they do not put out…. Seems even feminists like a little rough stuff…… Personal notes .

          4. Thoughtopsy September 20, 2016

            You appear to be ignoring the fact that Islam is a religion. There are already millions of Americans… born in America… who are Muslim.
            I’m not sure what your point is in light of this fact… but it’s not very sane.

            Are you saying that if an American exercises their right to freedom of religious worship they immediately become less than a “normal” Christian American? That their rights are now somehow less than yours?

          5. Leftout September 20, 2016

            Evidently the newer crowd are a bit more reclusive and nonassimilatable even after 2 generations in their host countries as even in Europe !? Islam is a subjugating ideology as well as a barbaric religion and and has not been able to reform. Even the stubborn Jews became less primitive over the years. Christians and most Asian religions? were the only sects that are based on humanism and common respect .

          6. pisces63 September 21, 2016

            My family has been here since slavery. first you created whips to help us assimilate. Then you created jim crow, black laws, lynchings, beatings, bombings, etc. WE were born here and still do not get full respect as citizens. Jews is the one religion that considers it a sin to kill and try to live by it. Christians preach thou shalt not kill and then murder with impunity because, he was not like us, did not pray like us, look like us, etc because it was their God given right under the 2nd amendment. Islam had nothing to do with a black church and 9 dead and the subsequent church burnings. Guess who I watch?

          7. Leftout September 21, 2016

            My family has not been here since slavery and do not condone such . Jews are nice non fighter in general except in Israel where they have learned to kick ass. God sort of have is the thou shall not kill stuff not Christians, who were essentially Jews in disguise. So you be wrong. Islam Only burns churches in Egypt and such places to smite the Christians for thier evil ways of pacifism, but even Jesus got pissed off at overindulgence.
            Evil Moslem men kill and others of low intelligence , not Christians , as a matter of philosophy .

          8. pisces63 September 21, 2016

            I’m not speaking of the middle east. I am speaking of America. the incidents I noted happened here and were committed by white Christian terrorists. They even taught and preached it in their pulpits. Some still do. Look up the apology out on line from the southern Baptists to us for the things they either have done or condoned. As a black woman, excuse me, I watch them closely and after the black church murders of 9 black members by a white man, my point is proven. I do not live in the middle east and that fighting has been going on for almost 2,000 years.

          9. Leftout September 21, 2016

            I feel your pain, and have much empathy for you all. It was a bad time in history and people can obviously misinterpret the bible at will , the olde Book was written with the limitations of men.

          10. Jim Samaras September 21, 2016

            He was referring to a post of mine stating that a few of our rights would be diminished in order to “stop the madness”. Freedom of religion is and has been an inalienable right since the founding of our country but never before has a religion been not only that but a form of government that is directly against ours such as Islam. The madness is the Islamic religion and if we must eliminate it for the greater good then so be it! It’s freedoms like that that we must change in order to survive as a nation. Where does it stop is the elephant in the room however so I understand the fear among the libs.

          11. pisces63 September 21, 2016

            It fell in Germany, big time. It fell in France, July 14, 1789 Viva La Bastille, I can name you any number of other countries where someone like him took control. Granted we have checks and balances. The worse part most of you do not understand? He can do nothing without the approval of congress. NOTHING. build a wall. Cut taxes. Deport millions, all things that would triple the debt in no time at all and we won’t count that bogus leave for new mothers. Really?? Not pay for it? He keeps using that lying republican mantra, cut taxes and create jobs. Bush’s tax cuts, still in force, created nothing. His bailing out the banks did not create one job, instead we continued to bleed job losses all through out 2008. No matter what he wants if Congress watching the bottom line says no, forget it and he will never have to votes if he overrides them with a veto. None of you ever thought of that did you? They do not like him. Will not let him run amok. Think of hoe formidable that would be both democrat and republican, independents voting as one against him. What would you do , then? Mexico is NOT going to pay for anything.

          12. Leftout September 21, 2016

            I agree, well summarized , Islam is mind control over less
            Intelligent beings sadly . If that is the level of Moslem thinking then they have to be removed unfortunately.

          13. Jim Samaras September 21, 2016

            Grizzly bears kill very few humans every year as well but if one were in your house you would want it removed wouldn’t you charleo? Or would you just co exist knowing your chances of being killed were, say less than 1%?

    4. Thoughtopsy September 20, 2016
      1. Leftout September 20, 2016

        I agree lawn mowers , toddlers and busses should be banned. These situation are expected and can be avoided by excercising awareness of these things.
        Moslems are not predictable, a woman in Oklahoma ? Of all places was Beheaded in a shopping mall parking lot, a Student from seton Hall Univ , NJ was Stopped by a jihadist and shot because it was his duty, Boston, Ft hood , orlando , San Bernardino , all People enjoying a Normal Day and out of allahs butt comes a deranged Moslem bent on creating /wanting raisins in heaven.

  3. Meg September 20, 2016

    If Cuomo’s familly member had been injured in one of the attacks, I wonder if he would voice a different opinion.

    1. johninPCFL September 20, 2016

      No. You are in much more danger from your neighbor. 30,000 Americans are killed each year with guns, 15,000 by their friends and neighbors. By way of reference, fewer than 5000 Americans have been killed by terrorists since 2000 (including the world trade center murders.)

      1. Meg September 20, 2016

        Proves a point. We have enough criminals of our own without bringing more in from other countries.

        1. johninPCFL September 20, 2016

          Albert Einstein was a criminal?
          Ayn Rand was a criminal?
          Steve Jobs’ father was a criminal?
          Your priorities are really screwed up. I understand why you’re so petrified of your neighbors now.

          1. Meg September 20, 2016

            Sorry, try that on someone else. I have great neighbors!!

          2. charleo1 September 20, 2016

            How do you know you have great neighbors? Who vetted them? Or maybe they just look like you, and that’s the test? This Country was founded on a fundamental belief in our fellow man.
            It is paranoid Authoritarian regimes that trust no one.

          3. Meg September 20, 2016

            Have had the same neighbors for 20 years. If I don’t know them by now, I never will.

          4. charleo1 September 20, 2016

            Well, maybe you never will. And that’s the point. How does someone extreme vet another person? What does that look like, as Trump suggests, besides blatant demagoguery, nativism, and
            overt racism? And what does it say about America having a religious test in order to enter the Country? Say about how a few terrorists are allowing a demagogue to perhaps change America This should of great concern to all Americans who love freedom.

          5. Thoughtopsy September 20, 2016

            Pity they don’t.

        2. Anna Maria Yoakum September 20, 2016

          After awhile it becomes quite easy to spot trolls and I’m willing to bet that Meg is one. What I can’t figure out is are most of these trolls just a bunch of school kids that are having fun being silly, or are they are just some of Trump’s uneducated followers?

          1. Meg September 20, 2016

            Bet a lot of the Trump followers are more educated than you.

          2. Thoughtopsy September 20, 2016

            I’ll take that bet.
            In a recent survey of Trump Voters:
            Link: http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/main/2016/05/gop-quickly-unifies-around-trump-clinton-still-has-modest-lead.html#more

            “65% think President Obama is a Muslim, only 13% think he’s a Christian.

            59% think President Obama was not born in the United States, only 23% think that he was.

            24% think Antonin Scalia was murdered, just 42% think he died naturally, another 34% are unsure.”

            These are the most fact-free, ignorant people gathered in a single demographic group.

          3. AgLander September 21, 2016

            And you consider yourself “edumacated”? Reading any one of your posts clearly eliminates that possibility!

          4. Anna Maria Yoakum September 21, 2016

            Russian Troll ….

    2. aboonaj September 20, 2016

      Cut it out, Meg! Americans are doing violence to Americans all the time! In comparison there are VERY, VERY VERY few immigrants — Syrians or otherwise — who do violence here. So, gimme a break and cut the baloney [or worse!]

      1. Meg September 20, 2016

        Yes, we have a lot of criminals in our country. Why import more?

        1. roguerunners September 20, 2016

          Maybe that should have been the mindset when your ancestors immigrated to America? Give it a rest. Your narrow minded view is just not who and what we are.

          1. Meg September 20, 2016

            Well, gosh. When my ancestors came here it was in a time when they were grateful to be here and did not want Americans to conform to their culture. Immigrants became Americans. They had to have a sponsor or be self supporting. Today we have to provide housing, food, medical care, education etc. There are American children who go to bed hungry and veterans who sleep on the streets and cannot get medical care. Sorry, if I think that we should take care of Americans before we try to take on the whole world.

          2. charleo1 September 20, 2016

            False charge. As these supposedly “ungrateful immigrants,” are assimilating, serving in our military, abiding by our laws, serving their communities, and employing many thousands in the businesses they’ve built, and the skills they come to this Country to offer in exchange for the greatest strength our Country has, freedom. What Country are you from that you do not realize this?

          3. Meg September 20, 2016

            Why don’t you take a ride down to Detroit and then tell me how they assimilate.

          4. charleo1 September 20, 2016

            Detroit is America’s problem. It’s economics caused in large part, are the same economic head winds that have affected the entire Country. It is when, “they” become us, that Detroit, and all of America becomes better off. That’s the way we see things if we believe in the motto, united we stand. Isn’t that who we are? Or is this a new-different Country?

          5. Jim Samaras September 21, 2016

            “They” ARE us charleo and I agree with your assessment which is why a Trump presidency will benefit the nation. Hillarys old plan is more of the same

          6. pisces63 September 21, 2016

            Excuse you. Detroit? Flint? they were the driving forces of America with the auto , steel, etc., industries. My husband and I visited Flint all the time in the 70’s. they were the wealthiest area in the US at that time with a 75% black population. Home owners, hard workers. Tell me, how would you fare if your job up and closed on you over night? Now picture it when thousands lost their jobs due to just Buick closing. Now you have service industry jobs that pay a pentence with very little healthcare to take care of their families. Detroit. Here, in Cleveland,, also. My husband’s job moved overnight in 1982. We were about to buy our first home. It took almost 10 years to claw back with my husband working minimum wage jobs and I got back into the job market. Will retire after 30 years soon, You remember that as you take that ride.

          7. Jim Samaras September 21, 2016

            You’ve mentioned all the things that a Trump presidency will attempt to change.

          8. pisces63 September 21, 2016

            HE will never anything except make this country a laughing stop has he pays his bills and fines with his campaign fund donations. Close to $20 million dollars, so fat. As the lemming continue to stroke his over sized ego, the fall will be horrible. Let me be blunt, it has nothing to do with his party affiliation, either. If a democrat I would not vote for him. Not for dog catcher. He is ignorant, lies all the time. says one thing in 1994, says another today and said the press lied about him. I cannot vote for an ignoramus, republican, democrat, independent, green party, no matter who it is. I have no patience with ignorance and stupidity but even more, I cannot deal with one who treats me in that manner and as a black woman, MORE SO!!

          9. Jim Samaras September 21, 2016

            Call him what you will but the sky will not fall under his administration. It never has and never will under ANY administration but I LIKE the fact that EVERYONE in politics despises him. He will end the graft and corruption that permeates our government and get the job done at 25% the cost of today. I respectfully disagree with your assessment.

          10. Guillermo Sanchez September 21, 2016

            He is graft and corruption!!! Would you please see beyond color as so many Republicans do. Look at his record. Facts!!!

          11. Jim Samaras September 21, 2016

            What has he have to do with color? His record shows himself to be a good family and business man. He has not been in public office all his life like the professional politicians that have produced nothing!

          12. Joseph Parker September 21, 2016

            LMFAO!!! Trump will be behind BARS for Fraud and Violating Federal Laws for using Charitable contributions for personal gain. How can he run the country while in prison?

          13. Jim Samaras September 21, 2016

            If that’s the case then I guess the Clinton Rules will apply to him as well….pisses ya off don’t it?

          14. Joseph Parker September 21, 2016

            Don’t wast your time pisces63, Meg, and those that agree with her, are Today’s Klan! They ONLY get news that THEY want to hear and deny reality and the facts at every turn. She knows NOTHING of the Founding of America, who built it, and the fact that SHE too is an Immigrant! She is a Lost Cause that will one day be gone from American society and us REAL Americans and Humans will live better in peace because she and people like her are gone from this planet!!

          15. Joseph Parker September 20, 2016

            When did your “ancestors” first arrive Meg? Got a clue as to when.., or did you just THINK us REAL Americans would take you at your bigoted word. (if you did, you are wrong.)

          16. Meg September 21, 2016

            Sounds like you are the bigoted one. Can’t stand for someone to have a different opinion than yours.

          17. Joseph Parker September 21, 2016

            LOL.., perhaps YOU need to read ALL the comments here.., to your Ignorant comment Meg. Hell.., I am betting you’ve never even been out of the State you were born in. As for me being Bigoted? Yes! I Detest and Abhor BIGOTS like you! Tell me Meg, are you the kind that will cross the street just so you don’t have to walk on the same sidewalk as a Muslim? An African-American? I’m sure you will say “No” but your typed words here speak Volumes about what type of Ignorant hater you are. Thankfully, your kind that is Dying Out here in this Great Country you so hate!

          18. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 21, 2016

            I get the same vibes from Meg as you. Something is terribly wrong with dear Meg.

          19. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 21, 2016

            It’s safer for all of us to have opinions different than yours. You’re part of the problem, Meg, and not part of the solution—unless your solution is “The Final Solution”.

          20. ceekee September 20, 2016

            Narrow minded, uninformed, misinformed, are some of the words that come to mind when reading your post.

          21. Leftout September 20, 2016

            Agee with you , people coming over in 1917 plus /minus werw glad to come and WORKED , thier asses off, no Freebees .

          22. Joseph Parker September 21, 2016

            You need to pick up an American History book “Leftout”. The Immigrants in the 1900’s were attacked by Bigots like you and Meg back then. Irish, Chinese, Africans, Muslims, Germans, Dutch.., you name it! To people like you, and back then, if someone does NOT look just like you and have the same skin color.., they are useless. You want to see “useless”? Look in a mirror as you are doing NOTHING for the Human civilization.

          23. Leftout September 21, 2016

            My grandparents were part of that group and there was some animosity towards groups , misconceptions because very few knew each other’s language and lived separately isolated from other non similar cultures . That is why we have china town little Italy etc , but then the younger ones started looking over the fence and saw some attractive opposite sex person and things started to change, most people were trying , hustling to make a living and drinking and had little time to know each other culturally. The kids grew up in a more diverse mix and soon asked what was the differences amongst us , we have mellowed into mutual acceptance because most were from similar values , Black, whities, Asians , as it turned out. Except Moslems of course… But they will open up as well .

          24. JPHALL September 21, 2016

            No, what happened was that the white immigrants learned English, and/or changed their family names, and learned to disrespect the non Whites to fit in with the WASP’S in charge at the time.

          25. Leftout September 22, 2016

            Surely some “Freudenbergersteins ” and “czernikowskis ” may have changed their names for convenience and hide their heritage in some cases, but they did not LEARN to disrespect non whites. Most did not know what a non white was. Most people react to what they see and experience as in profiling perhaps.
            These Europeans, Asians except Latinos learned English, and the Irish , who can only speak English clearly when they are drinking with Polocks and Italians , seems that Whiskey makes one understandable. ….personal notes.

          26. JPHALL September 22, 2016

            You are truly a sad person. Your need to denigrate others proves you own inadequacies. Subject: Re: Comment on #EndorseThis: Chris Cuomo Grills ‘ Extreme Vetter’ Congressman

          27. Leftout September 22, 2016

            I am not denigrating , I am speaking of my colorful family and friends and myself who did not speak a word of English in kindergarten . We all came from different backgrounds and made it ! In spite of ourselves we were all successful in our professions and had fun doing it , with no whining, now we look back and laugh at ourselves and the whiners.

          28. Thoughtopsy September 20, 2016

            Yep it was that Golden age, when all white people worked their asses off, obeyed all the laws, never got in trouble… and were wholly supported by Asian and African American slave labor….

            You might want to re-examine your rose-colored glasses there, white person.

          29. Jim Samaras September 21, 2016

            Slavery was over by that time and those people you mentioned lived a MUCH better existence here than in their motherland.

          30. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 21, 2016

            Wrong again, Jim. Geez! Is everything bad that happened to black people a thing of the past with you? That’s why I find you such an irritant because of this paternalistic attitude you have, and the foolish notion that we black people are so thankful that slavery has been outlawed, despite systemic racism in America.
            Wake up Jim and stop dreaming about being down South running the plantation in your head.

          31. JPHALL September 21, 2016

            But not discrimination or segregation. Non Whites were refused the right to own property, to testify, or to get justice in our courts. Ask the Asian immigrants, freed Blacks, and Hispanics from the mid 1800’s on about that.

          32. roguerunners September 21, 2016

            Well I was going to come back and respond to you when I read your ignorant, me, me, me response this morning in an email I received but I see my friends here have really given it to you but good. Just don’t have the heart to kick a fellow when they’re down. You have much to read and ponder if you could just open up that narrow mind of yours. Happy ponderings.
            And to my friends here…way to go! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

          33. Jim Samaras September 21, 2016

            Keep up the good fight Meg! Posts like this make too much sense so the only reaction is that you are an obvious bigot…lol

          34. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 21, 2016

            Wrong again, Jim. Her posts, like yours, reflects a subtle bigotry, unlike Donald’s which is out in the open for all to see and which you are OK with.

            Keep up the good fight? You’re out of your cotton-picking mind, Jim.

          35. Jim Samaras September 21, 2016

            Subtle bigotry…..boy you guys have these buzzwords down. Common sense is now subtle bigotry. I’m stunned at your interpretation of reality. I told her to keep up the good fight in hopes there are still some people who stumble onto this board who have common sense and can tell the difference between it and real bigotry. Trump will be president come January in spite of and because of the ignorance shown on this board

          36. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 21, 2016

            Meg, you have such a narrow-minded unChristian perception of humanity, and on the issue of immigration, that it’s an affront to what Jesus and all the other Messengers have constantly advocated and stood for—in case you need a refresher, it’s that all humanity are of one family.

            And here you come along with some bogus and shallow reference to your ancestors who quite likely were directly involved with the hostile take-over of the country.

            You must learn to view all of humanity as members of your own family, which was the Essence of the Message of Jesus, and is now being reiterated in emphatic terms by Baha’u’llah, whose Message as enshrined in The Baha’i Faith revolves around the axis of “The Oneness of Humankind”.

            Is there any chance you might be able to reconnect with the Message of Jesus? Or are you a worshiper of “Whiteness”
            and stand by the policy of “Keep Brown People Out”??

          37. Dona Lee September 22, 2016

            No, Meg. You are uninformed or have been provided erroneous information. Our immigration policies have changed often over the years. We did not even have any immigration policy until the early 1900’s. Before this, often people paid for their passage by bonding themselves. Other times, they worked on a ship to get here, or paid for passage with the last of the family funds. The Irish were the scapegoats when they came here to escape the potato famines. They did not have sponsors. The Italians were hated when they arrived. The Chinese suffered the same fate in the West. The Puerto Ricans also were despised. Blacks were granted freedom during the Civil War, but they were penniless and also despised. This country often rails against any mass influx. The first generation often does not learn the native language, but they love our country and the opportunity to become Americans. The latest underdogs have been the Latinos, not just Mexican and Cuban, but those from South and Central Americas. There has been a slight difference with this influx. And it is due to technology, not the influx. We have television now and Spanish stations flourish. It is not imperative for the new immigrants to learn the language. And lets face it, learning a language is difficult. I admit to not being fluent in any other language. I am not proud of it, but I am too busy to deal with it. This is the situation adult immigrants face. They work, they raise their family, and they don’t find time to learn the language. And the US changed the laws and now allows them to become citizens without learning English. As I said, immigration laws have changed often over the last century.
            Now as to two different situations. Personally, I don’t believe we should offer amnesty and citizenship to those who entered illegally. But that doesn’t mean they can’t sign up for a legal spot and take their turn to earn that status. I don’t think a damn wall will work. It is nothing but a waste of MY tax dollars to go into the pocket of one of the Great Pumpkin’s cronies pockets. Rather like the Bush administration worked. They can go over it, under it, or around it. Completely worthless waste of money. It will also impede the environment. Animals migrate across the border. I don’t want to screw with Mother Nature more than we already have.
            We could enforce mandatory e-verify. Making every employee and contractor and subcontractor submit their Social Security number or Green Card validation to their employer who would be required to file it BEFORE hiring. The system is already in place and being used voluntarily. Which renders it useless as the true criminals are the corporations who knowingly are hiring contractors to hire illegal aliens to work below minimum and they don’t use the e-verify system. All Congress has to do is make it mandatory for all businesses, one employee or more, include all contractors and subcontractors, lawnmen, maids, and caretakers. Game over. Those here illegally would go home. They would self deport because they would be unable to earn a living. But the corporations would be furious, so the politicians are not willing to make it mandatory. The expense is minimal. The system is already up and running.
            But you are mistaken if you think Illegals come here and get housing, food, medical, and more. I don’t have time to educate you, but I worked in DFS and the computers now-a-days, they don’t cater to those without legitimate social security numbers.
            If you are bitching about the 10,000 refugees we agreed to allow, they are being vetted through an extremely high security process. Most are women and young children. They were displaced and lost everything due to Bush’s illegal invasion of Iraq, where Sadam’s displaced Army became the rebels and ISIS that are currently destroying Syria, parts of Turkey, and Iraq. These people are our responsibility. Syria was a beautiful country. First world, very similar to many countries around the Mediterranean. Now their cities are rubble, their men killed by rebels and ISIS, and they want nothing but the chance to live. To live without their children dying in their arms.
            No, I don’t want to take care of the World. We can’t help everyone. But we also need to open our hearts to our fellow Americans, no matter what their color or previous nationality. And we need to open our hearts and help 10,000 refugees since we helped destroy their country. Most of Europe has accepted far higher numbers. They are overwhelmed. This was our fault. Our last president upset the balance in the Middle-east and caused this crisis when he illegally invaded a stable country with a legitimate government.
            I’m done teaching for tonight. I hope you research any or all of this information and start using reason rather than emotion to make your decisions.

          38. Beethoven September 21, 2016

            Years ago, one of the mantras going around was that most of America’s problems were the result of a failed immigration policy by the Native Americans.

          39. roguerunners September 21, 2016

            Yes. Thank you for pointing that out. Also illegal immigration started in 1492.

        2. aboonaj September 20, 2016

          I was going to answer you, Meg. But I have to tell you: roguerunners here said it WAY better than I would have.

        3. Brian A. Kirkland September 20, 2016

          Criminals come from all over Europe, too. We have this thing called the Mafia and the there are Irish gangs, too. Russia has a tremendous organized crime presence in this country. You can’t focus on black and brown skinned people who live close to or in Africa. That’s racism.

        4. ceekee September 20, 2016

          Dumb comment SMH

        5. aboonaj September 21, 2016

          Ridiculous response! But, then, I wouldn’t really expect better.

    3. Joseph Parker September 20, 2016

      Meg.., are YOU Native American? If no.., let ME show you the DOOR Out! You are an illegal immigrant no matter WHEN your parents, grandparents or great, great grandparents arrived here. Hell the U.S. did NOT have a true Immigration system until 1864. So, G.Washington, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, the Wright Brothers, etc., etc., ETC. are ALL Illegal immigrants. I know what portion of the Basket YOU come from and it is NOT the good half!

    4. Thoughtopsy September 20, 2016

      Not if he’s a sane, rational human being… and he appears to be so.

  4. Dominick Vila September 20, 2016

    The problem with Donald Trump, Sr and Jr, is not that some of their proposals don’t have merit, but the callous and insensitive rhetoric they use to present an argument. Comparing Syrian refugees, including small children who have endured physical and mental trauma, to candy, by comparing them to poisoned candy, highlights the lack of humanity that seems to be a genetic characteristic of the Trump clan.
    I think it is important to point out that none of the terrorists that have carried out murderous attacks on U.S. soil were from Syria. Generalizations, and immature expressions of hatred such as this, are the result of ignorance…or intense prejudice.

    1. Beethoven September 21, 2016

      Good point about the M&Ms. If you had a choice between a handful of M&Ms, which “might” be poisoned, from a 1-quart bowl of M&Ms, or a handful of Skittles from a 20,000 gallon bowl of Skittles, a dozen of which definitely were poisoned, which would be the safer choice? Another way of looking at it: You should never go outside during Ramadan, because you might be struck by lightning. The fact that you are as likely to be struck by lightning any other time of the year, is irrelevant (at least to these folks).

      1. Oraliatwinters2 September 21, 2016

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    2. Dona Lee September 21, 2016

      actually, both.

  5. jmprint September 20, 2016

    That’s what is wrong with the white nationalist they can’t see beyond the color.

  6. Brian A. Kirkland September 20, 2016

    Part of “keeping America safe” is continued immigration. And don’t people from Italy commit crimes and become mobsters? Don’t Irish people and Russians have criminal organizations that they extend to here? You can’t check people’s values.

    1. charleo1 September 20, 2016

      Also part of keeping America economically strong is immigration. Because we aren’t getting any younger!

      1. Leftout September 20, 2016

        Many college graduates are not yet hired ., older people are actually more marketable and are experienced and hit the ground running, we are doing thusly .

        1. charleo1 September 21, 2016

          Do some research on our aging population, and the huge monetary challenges of keeping Social Security, and Medicare solvent. As millions of baby boomers hit 65. A recent study revealed the SS program now provides most or all of the retirement income for more than 6 of 10 Seniors. Our private retirement accounts have been left vulnerable to corporate raiders. Statistics show that more than 50% of us now come to the end of our working lives with less than $10,000 in savings, and a mortgage we’re still paying on. Medicare, the only resource to our healthcare system for the vast majority at or over 65, runs deficits every year that consistently threatens it’s solvency. And has to be, “fixed,” by infusions of cash every few years. The picture for young college grads is far brighter, (if we don’t count the student debt that will blunt their otherwise positive impact on the economy for a decade or more.) Than the millions of Seniors that find themselves outsourced, or downsized by automation at 60 from a job they’ve had for 20 years. And your rosy contentions of employer’s attitudes about hiring older people is just not correct. The reality is, employers want youth. And the more specialized position, the less older people hit the ground running. Employers must make huge investments in their help, that will take years of service from that employee to recoup. On another note, at the lower end of the spectrum. The average age of a McDonald’s employee today is around 30. So the job market for Seniors is tough, and getting tougher. But there is this. Why should we expect people now to work until they fall over dead at the switch? So billionaire hedge funders can keep their unlimited 15% tax cap?

          ▪ By 2029, 20 percent of the population will be 65-plus, up from 13 percent now.
          ▪ 65-plus population growth will slow after 2029 but remain 21 to 22 percent of the population through the next 50 years.
          Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/national/article85981067.html#storylink=cpy

          1. Leftout September 21, 2016

            I agree with your stats , but if young people can not find good jobs why should we allow more immigrants at this time . The jobs that need to be filled are high tech jobs that need experienced workers that are already trained and is good for older People as well since their needs have been decimated by 30% lower incomes the past years. Also younger people have easy majors in non technical jobs as Journalism and Home economics , social sciences that leave one no where to go except clerical positions , looking at iPhones all day does not give you any technical expertise either.
            Medicare and SSN are partially funded By WORKERS and will get funded or else the congress has to explain the disappearance of 10 trillion dollars over the past several years at the expense of the working constituents .

          2. Dona Lee September 21, 2016

            Leftout, we NEED to educate our Americans in high tech. If they go to college and have huge debt, they graduate with degrees that don’t get them into a career. In Europe, (and I just returned from there) they educate through public college for free as long as the student maintains high grades and has set their focus on the job they will take when they graduate. This also applies to technical schools. So their citizenry is actually ready for a position upon graduation, whether from tech school or college or undergrad professions. Their teachers are considered professionals, level with doctors and lawyers and accountants. In our country they are nothing but baby sitters teaching to a test. Our citizens are not qualified for anything but a fast food job when they graduate high school. IF they graduate high school. Somehow being smart is not considered important.
            People revel in their stupidity. They didn’t waste time learning science, math, civics, or even English. They socialized, they dated, they cut classes, and they cheated. Then when they try college they take the easy classes, the ridiculous majors. How many graduates will really be marine biologists? Very few. Yet colleges all over the country have it as a major. Rather than teaching to the test, and passing them from grade to grade so as not to hurt their “wittle” feelings, teachers though out elementary and high school should be assessing students to see what they are good at, what they enjoy, where they should be applying themselves and then directing them down the right path. When they graduate at whatever specialty is their passion, they will enjoy their career, be proud of their contribution, and will make a heck of a lot more money than what we currently are educating.
            Personally, I find it difficult to hire a high school grad to do my office work. They are clueless. I don’t have time to train them. That is what school is for. At least in Europe, Australia, and Japan.
            You are rather clueless on Social Security. Congress has been robbing it to pay for two unfunded wars. That means the money it should have been accruing did not happen. That is why the GOP Congress keeps trying to privatize it. Then when it suddenly disappears, they will blame the market. After all, it happened after Enron and pensions suddenly disappeared across the country, never to be refunded to those who lost it all. Ditto in 2001 when the market crashed after 911. I lost thousands. Ditto in the 2007 bank crash. I lost hundreds of thousands and ended up in bankruptcy. I seriously doubt I have enough years to go to recover it all. But I am rebuilding. Just for the record, everyone of those crashes happened under the GOP deregulation rules allowing the global corporations to rape and pillage average Americans.
            You are playing for the wrong team. I don’t have any faith in our current system of government. I know the system itself is corrupt and to continue being a politician, the vast percentage of politicians have to be corrupt to stay in the game. That is why Bernie was such a powerful figure to many. He didn’t take money from Corporate Pacs or for profit corporations. He was an anomaly and I admire him. But we stand a better chance of changing things by moving forward with Progressives than we do by putting an authoritarian hateful BULLY in charge of the most powerful military in the world. He really does have many commonalities to Adolph. Adolph had many fans during his rise to power. He promised to make Germany strong again. To remove the shame of being defeated in WW1. He promised many things but they were all to be bought through hatred of the Jews. Donny isn’t any different. He incites anger, rage, and hate where ever he goes. He is nasty and rude. His wife is a slut. He is NOT a Christian in any measure of the word. He lies more than any other candidate in the history of presidential politics. (It was at 78%, now it is up over 90% of his statements) He is a racist, a bigot, and a sexist. All provable by looking at past lawsuits he has lost. He refuses to show his tax reports and has stated (I heard it myself) that if he released them, he would lose the election. I don’t care. I want to know if he has massive loans from Russian mobsters. I want to know if he paid zero taxes while we, average Americans, paid 15% or more of our income to provide him his big tax break. I want to know if he is rich? Or is he so over extended that it is time to go bankrupt for a fifth time? He is NOT a good businessman. He is not smart. He is not tactful. He is not a decent human being.
            And for this reason, I and countless others, will do everything in our power to ensure he NEVER sets foot in the White House.
            He is unfit and an embarrassment to intelligent and true Americans and my late husband, a Marine who fought in Vietnam, would roll in his grave at this draft dodging ignoramus being at the head of the GOP. Our soldiers did not die to protect our country and Constitution only to have this political Kardashian destroy it all.
            Everything I have stated is verifiable fact. I will not cite it. Each statement can be separately examined and has more than one source. I am an ex cop and a journalist of the old school where we research our work before publishing.
            I hope you grow a brain and a heart before the election. This country was not established by selfish people who weren’t willing to help their fellow countrymen. We NEED to go back to being a community that helps each other achieve higher goals, seeking new discoveries, and caring about each other. That includes health care for all and education for all. Yes, our taxes would go up. But our monthly expenses would go down, possibly even more than the taxes going up. And the nation would grow and proper. Our bridges and roads would be maintained, our industries regulated so they don’t harm workers, consumers or the environment. Greed and money are not the path to happiness. That seems to be something the GOP and the deplorables have forgotten.
            God Bless you and Good Night.

          3. Leftout September 22, 2016

            I agree with most of your statement except your emotional characterization a of a tyrannical hitter in our midst. Congress is corrupted by PACs and lobbyists lawyers and the people are sick of it . Both candidates have baggage, Bernie and Trump surfaced to hear the the voices and champion their respective supporters . They both exist because they had supporters that needed a focal point, not the reverse. Many candidates were in contention but they states the tired meaningless slogan erring ? And people did not respond to them. In the supported hearts there was a need for a change.
            Schools should be more vocation focused and expose students to living a practical life leaving theoretical concepts of sexuality amongst asexualsn for private times.

            I believe we can have free medical care As well as higher education for all. Our ten trillion dollar deficit should have paid for this at this point ….. Where is that money anyway???? Anyone ??? A nice story for the media!!

            Education does not have to be expensive and have large campuses and swimming pools, most courses can be had on line

            Probably both candidates can do a good job if we MONITOR THEM and question their every move . It is up to us, US!

            Bernie is right, the government is for the people and by the people, Trump also displays this , so I support his approach presently he may be gruff but he will be effective. Where were the others , but now, whining in the background! .
            I am with you 80%.

          4. dpaano October 4, 2016

            Thank you, Dona Lee….couldn’t have said it any better and wouldn’t have even tried! You hit EVERYTHING that most of us are thinking!

      2. Todd Nelson September 20, 2016

        Just for a short history lesson. There was no general immigration from 1925 to 1965. The US wouldn’t even take a shipload of Jewish refugees from Germany when the Nazis ruled. They were not allowed land and all ended up in concentration camps where over 85% died. The immigrants who came to the US during that time all had to be sponsored and have both a job and a place to stay. Most who came after WW2 were high tech specialists, like my father in law, who were brought over by companies such as Bell Labs, NASA, Lockheed, and GE.

        1. charleo1 September 21, 2016

          So, you agree with the decision to send the ship back? I do think Roosevelt’s bending to popular sentiment and refusing sanitary to the Jewish ship fleeing Hitler, can be seen as both a black stain, and cautionary example of what happens when we make cruel decisions for reasons that have no basis in fact, but are fear driven. My point was we as a population are aging. And if people want to keep their Social Security, and Medicare, we are going to need to get some younger backs in the mix. Or else we wind up like Japan. Aging, dwindling population, falling production, stagnant growth, a debt level twice their average total output, and rising.

          ▪ By 2029, 20 percent of the population will be 65-plus, up from 13 percent now.

          ▪ 65-plus population growth will slow after 2029 but remain 21 to 22 percent of the population through the next 50 years.

          Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/national/article85981067.html#storylink=cpy

          1. dpaano October 4, 2016

            I assume you mean “sanctuary to the Jewish ship fleeing….” but I get your point.

          2. charleo1 October 4, 2016

            Yes, absolutely sanctuary. You are so kind to read my posts. Thank you!

          3. dpaano October 5, 2016

            I NEVER miss yours or Dominick’s posts….I learn much from them….sometimes even stuff I didn’t know! Keep up the good work!

        2. pisces63 September 21, 2016

          Some more history lessons, the Jews sent back had nothing to do with quotas. It had to do with humanitarian reasons which we ignored and continued that ignorance with Japanese concentration camps. Germans basically roamed at will. They ate in restaurants, went to movie theaters that my black people could not enter. Most who came after the war were Nazis, too. They dumbed down the Nuremburg trials because they ‘needed’ their help to fight communism. How many of those murderers were admitted, here. Stop the revisionist history on the St. Louis and others. America had apartheid against Jews in this country at that time. Restricted in colleges and universities. Judge Ginsberg only got into Princeton because she fell into that 10% quota for Jews. For blacks, zero. So considering how they were treated here, I am not buying into the sponsor BS.

        3. Guillermo Sanchez September 21, 2016

          My family and I are immigrants!!! We came to the U.S. from Mexico in 1958. I know of many families just like mine. What history book are you referring to? BTW, yes, legal immigrants. The whole point of the Republican point is people of color are not welcome. The racists have come out of the woodwork and are represented by Donald Trump. As pisces63 points out above, let’s look at all the domestic white christian mass murderers in the last ten years. Who let their families in the U.S.???? Need better vetting of white immigrants!!!

        4. JPHALL September 21, 2016

          Do not forget those German scientists, so of who were true Nazi believers, who were brought here and helped create the US space program. But there were many others including Nazi war criminals who we have been expelling for decades.

  7. Jon September 20, 2016

    When you have no facts to pound on, pound on the table. The Trump campaign has been pounding on the table from the beginning as he never had facts to back up his ridiculous claims. Lies are not substitutes for facts.

    1. plc97477 September 21, 2016

      And yelling louder doesn’t make them facts.

  8. Todd Nelson September 20, 2016

    It is really too bad that most on the left have become members of DENSA. It is the opposite of MENSA. The liberal IQ is barely above functioning idiot. What Donald Trump Jr. was illustrating has been used before except M&M’s were used. ISIS, and our intelligence agencies, have said ISIS would infiltrate the refugees leaving Iraq, Syria, and other regions controlled by ISIS now. As we have seen in France, Belgium, and the rest of Europe, terrorists have infiltrated the refugees and killed many. The head of the FBI has said there is no way we can vet the refugees coming from a region where there are no records. Since such a great job was done vetting the bride of the San Bernadino shooter,(she didn’t even give a working address) we can only expect more as she wasn’t even a refugee. As the number of refugees goes up, the odds of Americans getting murdered by ISIS infiltrators goes up as well. If the FBI could actually keep Americans safe, this might not be an issue, but the Tsarniev brothers, the Pulse shooter, and the Chelsea bomber were all known to the FBI as terrorists, and we were shown the FBI can’t even stop those they already know about, much less those who slip by the government vetting. Now we find out the government just gave American citizenship to, at least, 800 people who were supposed to be deported. How many other mistakes have been made by our government, we will never know. This shows the proof of exactly what Donald Trump Jr. was talking about comparing refugees to Skittles.

    1. pisces63 September 21, 2016

      You think that’s it? As a 67 year old black woman in America, I have more fear of white Christian terrorists, like the ones following Trump and calling him their savior. THEY would go back to lynching us, blowing up our churches, shooting more of us in our welcoming churches. I see Tulsa’s black wall street, no Syrians. 4 little girls in a church, no Syrians, I could go on and on but my main reason for not wanting him, he knows nothing. He knew nothing about Brexit. Knows nothing about anything in the middle east, except ISIS. I do not believe he has ever set foot in a church other than where he was asked to speak. He has not religious affiliation, bet you!! He’s dumb as rocks and it insults my intelligence to think white folks want and ignoramus but hated having an intelligent black man as president. Yet, it is typical. In this country, a black man would have to 10 X better than the dumbest white man and still not qualified by some of your standards. I liken it to the Lindbergh ideology. He supported Hitler. How did that work out for the world?

      1. Dona Lee September 21, 2016

        Thank you, Pisces63. You are correct on every account. Mrs. Clinton is a Lutheran Sunday School teacher, Donny shows up fro Easter and Christmas. He has no morals, cheated on his wives, has broken numerous Commandments, doesn’t know the Constitution, nor International Law and isn’t willing to learn. Anyone who needs to constantly TELL people he is smart, is full of malarkey. I strongly suspect his IQ is lower than the average and I guarantee he will never allow an independent group to test him. Mrs. Clinton is smart and has proved it over her career as has President Obama. They have never felt a need to tell people they are smart. Nor have they felt a need to brag.
        I do want to state that not all white folk, in fact I strongly hope it isn’t even a majority of white folk who believe the ignoramus. As Hillary said, half his followers are deplorables. I am ashamed they believe it is acceptable to show their bigotry and hate due to Dumb Donny spouting out his ignorance. The other half are angry and afraid of the establishment and global takeover of our government and fear with Mrs. Clinton there will be no change. They may be right. But the change that ignoramus offers is far worse than a continuation of our plutocracy.
        I hope that somehow, enough Progressives get involved this election to swing the Court and Congress far enough to the left to make some progress and take back our government from the Global elite.
        If not this election, then the next. Eventually we will have Elizabeth Warren in the White House.
        And President Obama has done an exemplary job against a stacked deck. Far better than his predecessor who nearly destroyed our economy and foreign policy.

      2. Daniel Wright September 22, 2016

        Thanks for proving that you listen very closely to Democrat propaganda.

        1. pisces63 September 23, 2016

          Of the Jews, he went on to say, “Instead of agitating for war, Jews in this country should be opposing it in every way, for they will be the first to feel its consequences. Their greatest danger to this country lies in their large ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio and our government.” The speech was met with outrage from numerous quarters. Lindbergh was denounced as an anti-Semite. His mother-in-law and sister-in-law publicly opposed his views. Civic and corporate organizations cut all ties and affiliations with him. His name was even removed from the water tower in his hometown of Little Falls, Minnesota.
          Say again!! I spoke of no party but religion. They were white Christian terrorists. some were ministers like the one who led the murder of the three civil rights workers. I know OF trump as a buffoon, ignoramus, loud mouth who knows nothing. I wonder if they have taught him to heel, sit, roll over, etc, for this debate, Monday. What stupidity will he pronounce. As a black woman, I am now a noun to him. The blacks. Here I thought it was an adjective black Americans. It was not a church fire, a church bombing. Hundreds of our churches have been burned, bombed and are still being burned by white Christian terrorists. Didn’t mention the 9, did you? Those then democrats are now republicans trying to take my vote. some wanted to repeal the 14th amendment. Not from democrats but from reading and living history. I have lived a lot, too and that includes trump long before he ran for anything or lied on the black president because his sorry ass wasn’t one.

          1. Daniel Wright September 23, 2016

            I see a hateful spiteful racist,anti-Christian in you. You have your reasons for your bitterness but your hate is blinding you. Someone your age is set in her ways. I am 65 myself and not a kid. Your post shows that you bought into the “the parties switched” lie so this IS about politics to you. You believe that Muslim immigrants are not dangerous. Wrong!! I study Islam. Islam and western freedom are oil and water. The 14th amendment SHOULD be repealed. No one wants to start denying black people the vote that is bull. Illegals are misusing that amendment to take advantage of us and taking jobs young blacks should get at the start of their working years. As for the birther movement,look no further than Hillary’s ’08 supporters. Here is a history…………..http://www.politico.com/story/2011/04/birtherism-where-it-all-began-053563. AS for Democrats,Republicans,racism and the KKK,here is a wise man telling the truth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_YQ8560E1w

          2. pisces63 September 26, 2016

            First you’re a liar on the voting suppression. google coulter, leader of the young republicans and many others whose first issue was to suppress our votes. the parties did switch after civl rights and Johnson warned we would lose the south. they are now republicans, all red states that were once blue. I’m lying. You delusional half wit. Jessie Helms and Strom Thurmond left the democratic party in 1948 because of early civil right movements and became dixiecrats. After Johnson signed the voting rights act and civil rights acts, they left all together and became republicans. Within a few years the whole south and their elected officials were republicans and use their klackker hatred to deny a black president his due starting with bigot in charge McConnell and his minions. I am a Christian but I would NEVER blow up a church of yours. Kill someone and bury them in a dam, etc., etc, alllll the things you white idiots did. Be delusional in your history revision. I lived through it and watched it as I watched them take those little girls from their church, operative word, church, like what just happened in North Carolina, us, 9 dead, I believe. It never ceases to amaze me how you numb nuts cry hatred when you’re cornered or cry racist to a president just because he brought out you innate racism and intolerance. Kirk Douglas wrote a column in the Hunting Post and Lord, it fits all you Aryan nation ass holes.

          3. Daniel Wright September 26, 2016

            Yes that Johnson said that he would have those nig*ers voting Democrat for 200 years and he was right. Ypou lived through Democrats terrorizing Blacks. The partys switched my azz. OI am right about you falling for propaganda. I am done with you. That You are happy on the plantation the Democrats have created for you. You are so happy you don’t even notice those chains on your arms and legs. Have a good life. OH before I block you for good I have a gift for you. It is a link to the five most racist American presidents that shows what they did to earn their places on the list……………enjoy.

          4. pisces63 September 26, 2016

            I have a college degree and a great job as does my 4 sisters. two have masters. We have 7 children, 6 h are college grads and the 7th next year. No teen pregnancies. No drugs like you heroine addicts, no criminals and no welfare. both my parents and our children were born in two parent homes as my grandchildren. My son is a computer graphics engineer and our children are 3rd generation college grads. You go live on a plantation. Myrtles I hope so that angry ghost slave can beat the hell out of you as they do white folks all over the south on those hallowed grounds. My parent, share croppers kids from Louisiana came north in 1947 and by 1957 owned their home as we all do. You take that lie and shove it hard and deep and then rotate. Be delusional on your own time.

          5. dpaano October 4, 2016

            Pisces: May I be the first to apologize for the actions of a few of my fellow men and women. Please note that not ALL of us are like that….not all of us are racists. I’ve always been taught that we are all the same and that’s it’s just a matter of the color of our skin. My parents were very adamant that we didn’t grow up hating our fellow men and women because of the color of their skin. So, please, I apologize for those who DO hate for such a ridiculous reason and ask that you know that we are not ALL that way. I also believe the same about the American Indians, who were treated shabbily by our government and run off their land! We should ALL be ashamed of how we’ve treated our brothers and sisters in the past and currently!

          6. pisces63 October 5, 2016

            Don’t dear. When you live to be 67, you discern the difference. I am one of those black women who learns from experience. Plus I have wonderful parents who were Louisiana born but never taught their five girls racism nor homophobia. I learned from meeting people and loving history. I am an Anglophile, the history, literature, etc. Yet, I love ancient cultures, also, Greece, Egypt, Rome and others. It makes me sensitive to others who are considered ‘different’. I have white friends, latin, black, Islam. I even have friendly enemies on social media. One, on FB, in Oklahoma, white male, I love to death but is an idiot. One of those dynamics where we could go have a drink and not agree on anything and go back again on another night. Go figure. No, I rant at the truly delusional and that includes other blacks, BIG TIME!!

          7. dpaano October 5, 2016

            I understand and agree…..I’m 70 years old, and my parents were from wherever….just common folk. We moved from Texas to Compton, CA in 1946 (when I was 3 mos old), and while we lived there, I was basically the ONLY white kid on the block and in kindergarten. I didn’t even know that African Americans were different until we moved from Compton. When I was in the military, I went to basic training in Anniston, AL in 1964, and when I went into Anniston to do some shopping, I was appalled at the way African Americans were being treated….it was nothing I had ever seen or encountered before. I ended up just getting back on the bus and heading back to the base to have fun with my friends (some of whom were not allowed to even go into town). Needless to say, I was ashamed of the way that people were treating other people! Now, I have good friends who are African American and good friends who are not……as long as they don’t screw me over, they will ALWAYS be my friends. I think that’s the way with any person that you meet…..they are good until they aren’t. Even my best friend is married to an African American man, and I love him to death!!! He treats her like a queen and always has. If he didn’t, it would be a WHOLE different story! Anyway, keep up the rants when they are required!!! You are an awesome person in my book!

          8. pisces63 October 5, 2016

            So are you, my lady. So are you.

          9. pisces63 October 5, 2016

            Plus, I love Broadway cast albums and I just cannot get enough of ‘Hamilton’. the songs. The stories of the founding fathers, especially they Burr/Hamilton dichotomy is awesome and will leave you in tears by the end. Hamilton would fit the term ‘ghetto’. today and THAT is what’s so surprising.

          10. dpaano October 5, 2016

            I can’t wait to see it and hope that it comes to Los Angeles so I can buy tickets. From what I’ve seen on TV about it, it should be great!!! Keeping fingers crossed that the stage play does come here to the Ahmanson Theater.

          11. pisces63 October 5, 2016

            Same here in Cleveland’s Play House Square where we have our own chandelier. They’re saying 2018, Lord I hope not.

    2. Leftout September 21, 2016

      Beautiful expose’ of FBI incompetence , a once great organization , now restricted like the rubble of Generals created , at the behest of Obama.

      1. Jinmichigan September 21, 2016

        Right, you should take a civics lesson to understand who controls the purse strings in this country.

        1. Leftout September 21, 2016

          The people control the purse strings but the congress seems to open it to their own use.

          1. Jinmichigan September 21, 2016

            Like a said, a civics course couldn’t hurt.

          2. Leftout September 21, 2016

            An ethics course for congress would be the best one can hope for.

        2. Daniel Wright September 22, 2016

          A civics lesson on the constitutional restrictions on the president would be a good start for you.

          1. Jinmichigan September 23, 2016

            Well, there’s always impeachment. Good luck with that.

    3. Jinmichigan September 21, 2016

      Skittles is what the White Supremacist are using to show the hate in their hearts. Fear mongering at it’s best.

      1. Jon September 21, 2016

        You are right. Donnie Jr’s ties to white supremacists are well known by now. It seems likely that he got his poison skittles analogy from his neo-nazi pals. The analogy was first expressed by one of Hitler’s favorite authors. Julius Streicher, who was eventually hanged at Nuremberg. Streicher wrote a book comparing Jews to poison mushrooms. In his book, Der Giftpilz, or The Toadstool, a mother explains how one Jew can destroy an entire population. Sound familiar?

      2. Daniel Wright September 22, 2016

        Right you are. Jihadists don’t exist. They are just characters on TV.

        1. Jinmichigan September 23, 2016

          Yeah, the same as black people.

  9. plc97477 September 21, 2016

    Has anyone else noticed that the repugs seem to be major cowards. Afraid of everything.

    1. Daniel Wright September 22, 2016

      Have you ever noticed that Democrats have the common sense of a house fly?

  10. useyourindoorvoice September 21, 2016

    No what he was illustrating is that you need to use ignorant visuals and one liners to keep the Trump Sheep in line. Pictures and hate. I will not ever understand why his supporters are not insulted by the way the entire family and campaign talks to them as if they are idiots. Lies on an hourly basis. If I say it they will believe it is the Trump Motto. And sadly they do or just do not care.


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